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Shark bitting my butt

Man say he want to make love to me

Haram mosque

Silt water

Wearing a crown of thorns and bleeding heavily from head

Sand falling from hands

To dream of red water

Birds turning into human

Injured on motorbike

House like a maze

Running out of car gas

What does it mean when someone in your dream keeps bumping into you with something?

Seen someone being shoot by gun

Seeing fowl in water mean what

What does it mean when i dream of someone being obsessed with me?

Sangoma throwing orange stuff in my room

Dreaming sweeping the streets

Butterfly cloud

Brother went insane

Told to burn rosemary

Babul tree

Brown long snake comes through an plug hole in the wall and goes out through an another wall hole.

Brown long sanke comes thorugh an hole in the wall and goes out thorugh an hole

Being exalted

A resting cow beside a resting dog that has a snake in his mouth in your room

Mad woman throwing dirt in my shop

Long purple robe nobility

A resting cow beside a resting dog that has a snake in his mouth

Number one four in dreams

Long purple robe two red stripes

Back row of chairs

Dreaming about someone giving you hanger

Receiving a call to invite for an interview


Bone lady

Rotten onion

Facelessman lovee

Eagle on staff

Doors without knobs

To dream gas tank on e

Reading torah

Torat reading

Bittten by a rottweiler

Bittten by a dog

Roasted chickpea

Reading torat

Dream of being in a gang

Shoot outs and killing people gang related.

Dream of meeting your long distance boyfriend

Red life jacket on a desiesed husband

Pulling hair out of throat

Hair stuck in throat

Maggot coming out of your tummy

Losing a white shoe

Seeing two women fighting in a dream mean what

Seen my dead mother getting out of her coffin

Dream about dead celebrity

Car sinking in sand

Dreaming of friend filing

Washing hands with blue soap

Plucking gooseberry in dream

Fall in hole with serpent

Fall in hole with snake dream

If you dream of fighting with a cat

In hole with snakes dream

Falling into a hole where their are snakes

Dream of scrambling and suffocating a cat

Cleaning house a death person

Snake in a bush

Flowers planted

I had a dream that i was cooking a pinecone

Seeing seraphim flying

Kid on school roof

Water moccasins in dream

Creek flow changing directions with hundreds of snakes everywhere

Dead pastor falling in dream

Glitter all over body

Sharing the bed with a prophet,meaning

Husband gives house keys

Bitter coffee

Dream about crush leaning on my shoulder

Someone i love was drinking bitter coffee

Found money on floor


Found five pence on the floor picked it up and put in picket

Seducing girl

Poisoning a horse

Slit throat murder

Dreaming with dead grandmother calling me to go with her

Throat cut mistaken identity

Pastor eated food in my house


Mistaken identity murder

Friends murder meant to be me

Chased by drug dealer and murder meant to be me

Murder chase

White wet dress

Met a women wit two heads and one head floated of

A woman asks me to pass her hat to her

Killing a guinea fowl

सपने में दिखे पति और माफ़ी के प्रतीकों का मतलब

To see a see through hat

If someone is shearing groundnute to

Door remove

Theft of drivers license

I dream of three white ladies two are american the other one from belgium

Gas lamp in dream

Fast flowing water river

Fast flowing water near river

Dreaming a child who is disrespectful

I dream of my white lady in abroad crying

Dreams about someone underestimated me

Husband give a saree to his wife

Goldfish in tank swimming in chicken soup


Dead person washing pots

Falling from a ride

Falling swing baby

Angry relative

Butterflies protecting me

Seeing five floes

Being nud

Sadism of dreams

Attempted carjacking

Hand bones shattered

Tattoo rainbow

When someone runs away from me?

Trying to eat baby with fork and saving it

A baby sucking your

Shot in the left side rib while been conceived

Dreaming of a bird giving high five

Maggot in mouth

Family other

Warped furniture

Tree trunk stump

That someone is seat with me in a bus

Doctor touched my face

Reoccurring dream about moving

House i grew up in

Kill robber

Children hanging

Fruit ripening on head

Time travel capsule

Dancers gymnists on stage

Bed bug

Time travel machine

Swallow goldfish

Short stature doctor

Employer say in dream she got lots of money she will give me some

Crisp paper money

Playing gun rummy

Small ows

Dreamt of digging in a dumpster and finding clothes and shoes

Pink bed cover

Pick up small girl and women

Scars on s

What do it mean to see packer in you eye in you dream?

Kissing boyfriend

Black man with white eyes

Mice bite

Dead parents and boyfriend

Child asking food in dream

The meaning of the symbols of millions, bank and account seen in a dream.

Seeing praying thahajjud

Grandmother car accident

Praying thahajjud

School bombing

Writing rhymes in my dream

Baby in pool

Ex boy friend and current girlfriend

Tornado storms then clear skies

Wound pus squeeze

Rescue a bird

Hole in left leg

Doa mahfil

Cockroach trying to enter my private part in dream

Cockroach entering private in dream

Colorful mushrooms

What does it mean when u boyfriend buy u a new clothes?

Colorful mushrooms in bath tub

Someone protecting you from a gun

Dreaming of being at school and it changes to dreaming of water

Dreaming of wat

Ex boyfriend with room closing in

Cutting taro leaves

My bf gave me yam to eat in the dream meaning

Singing under ube tree

Knife mouth

Leech, blood, shower

Big dog attacked a puppy to death

What does loitering at school mean?

Ear lobe or nose fall off face

In my dream i watch a ship capsized

Getting a period after being menapausal for years

Feeding a fish

Chasing me with a hammer

You are choking g on food

Checking on piece of plastic

Eating a bowl of my teeth

Feeling anxiety in a dream about family

Two beer bootle

Black worms blood shower butt

Butterscotch candy dream

Hair out of ear

Golden cloak meaning

Meaning dead mother giving you apple

Sharing salt to people

Seeing grandparents laugh in a dream

Violet aura

Dreamt of healing mad person

Dreamt of hearing

Pink yarn

Skating one leg

What is the meaning of some one to drink red oil in a dream?

On highway i eight zero in wyoming

Dream of baby cloths being stoled

That does it mean for some one to drink palm oil in a dream

Dream of baby cloths being stolen

Hijacked in a mall

My husband washing my feet in dream what does it mean

Pee on someone

Coughing up human flesh and hair

Hallelujah saying in dream meaning

Hallelujah saying dream meaning

Brown snake being attacked by black scorpion dream interpretation

Dreaming someone close to you have a rash

Lady bugs in my hair

Selling cassette tapes

Taking bath in a dream

Emptying out your closet

Digging tunnel find diamond

Zero five/zero five

Bitten in the bum

Puzzle of a house

Withrawing money from bank

Carrying a mop and broom

Daughter losing a baby tooth

Family ignoring me

Dreaming about someone delivering gift.

Family vacation without me

Someone opening a door for me

Wan sitting on my face

A doctor poisoned me

Being a soul guide

Guide for souls

Drawing water from the tap on the mountain in a dream

Seeing empty gallon of palm oil in dream means

Drawing water from the tap in a dream

Lost my belt

Son taller

Going down an escalator

Son taller than me

To dream about

Labia majoraplasty

Long brown snake

Seeing my son grow taller in the dream

Cut bird legs

Burning of cooking pots on stove

Rotten apples

Tying wrapper in dream meaning

Ripe plum what number dos it mean



Swallowing a fly and spitting it out

Unhappy marriage

Breaking guitar strings

Seeing some of my friends in dream

Seeing some of .1q

Seeing familiar faces

Vulture soaring

In a school bus

Albino women and men

Three leaved yam

Congratulations balloons

I dream about snake plant

Kneeling and begging someone in the dream

Meaning of three-leaved yam in a dream

Dreaming of albino women and men

Raging fire in the rain

Three-leaved yam

Three-leaved yaw

Wife without hijab

If the horn take into the tree

Okuloota nga osika enswa

Fishing on a lake with deceased ex husband

Writing name on paper

Dog catching and eating snake

Steep steps

A child carrying flag in a dream


Gasoline on bus

Praying for the dead and they got back to life

Being the teacher

Exploding glass

Dream of someone giving me bedspread

Dream of a bedspread

Dream meaning of pouring bottle of wine on the head

Plucking pumpkin leaves

Burned hair straighte

Choice and fruit

Danny draem model

Stealing a table

Women dancing

Women were lined up in red and in a trance

Sky blue aura

Color, spirit and light

Sky and clouds

Dream of running away from celebrity in airplane to my red cadillac car

Washing elephant

Brown long snake via wall plug.

Dreaming in pastel hues.

In a bout getting splashed

Dress in front of people

I got dizzy and confused and fell down a enclosure and my exes family found me

Dizzy confused and falling


Bug flying in your hair

A dream about my cousin who passed away. we was playing and he wasfollowing me

Bug in hair

Harvesting black plums in a dream means what what?

Friend committing murder

Sangoma showing me muthi on a dream

Not knowing someone is a twin

What does it mean to be disflower in dream?

Dreaming dead person give me flowers

Bag of cater ars

What does it mean to be disvirgin in dream?

Dream of filling drums with clean water

Bag worms

Dreaming about buying stasoft

Roasting a ram head

Leading worship songs in your dream

Wrost a ram head in the dream

Dreaming of finding a very big turkey from your store and glies away higher

Wrosting a ram head meaning

Snakes wedding

Yellow and purple

Pink dress being oroned by my grandaughter

Baby being attacked by a spirit

Dream of rooms with no walls

Baby blue diamond ring

Water being thrown in my face

Gravel floors in a house

Splashed with water in my face

Cleaning daughter face

Gold ring with blue stone

Husband protecting me

Deceased mom pregnant

Spotted frog

Seeing yourself with immigration officer in dream


Dreaming of child with down syndrome

White clothes stained

Firing a gun

Firing a guy

My son being shot

Buyi g recharge cards for phone i. your dream

Being seduced

Turning on and off lights

Doll come to life

Receiving a white ring

Demon in church

Dreaming my late brother asking for money


My phone is on fire

Received pens

Hand robbing a store for money

Tiled road

Dead person going on umrah

Fowl attacked me in my dream

I dreamt that a guinea fowl was chasing me

Dream about eating alligatorpepper and kolanut in a funeral gathering means what

Childrens swing

School building floor

A single marble fell to the floor

Wife sleeping with best friends husband

One marble dropped to the floor

In my dream i see my friend wife branding a red peppe for me in the dream

A marble dropping

In my dream i see my friend wife granding a red peppe for me in the dream

Eating on the floor

Dreaming that you are cooking for your mother inlaw

Eating eggs off the floor

Eating off the floor

To dream fetched termites hills

Seeing alligatorpepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means what

Dream of seeing my wife friend branding pepper for me in the dream

To dream about termites hills

Dreaming picking up maize grains from river sand

Child defecating

Eating a cooked mudfish from which other animals are emanating

Seeing alligator pepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means what

Seeing alligator pepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means when

Dreaming of harvesting sugar canes

Test for illness

Cat and kitten eating

A cat and a kitten eating

Someone wife ask me to help folding blankets

Dreaming of ugobela wakho

Dreaming of a floating white ball enter my body

Girl working at pick pay groceries ask me to help folding blankets

To catch a dove with your own hands trying to kill it bt never die and release it to go

Dreaming of a floating white ball enter into my head

My crush is crying in dream

Car go teer nambar

Husband molested a child

Someone close to me digging flowers in the garden

Someone close digging the flowers out the garden

Dead give you a wedding ring

Teer bycycle dream number

Spit on eyes

Selling grounded melon in a dream meaning

Affair with pastor

Spit put on eyes in dream

My aunt put spit on my eyes

Put on weight

Ex wife stalking

Posture and back

My mom is dead

Two zero zero money

Meaning of buying white beans with pink spots

Witnessing a shooting, murder

I dreaming of a old comb

Fighting monsters and demons and saving people

My bunch of job keys fell into a pit latrine

Beating me up

Holding yellow candle

Someone in bed with you

Break in neighbor

Shuttle cock


Seeing a native doctor

Laptop in water

Hanging snakes

Eating plantain and kontomire stew

Cauliflower growing in yard

A friend with medusa in his head

Kidnaped by rebbels

White beach

Silver pot

Dreaming of rebbel fighters


In dark


See person transform into something else

What is the meaning of dreaming about nightdancer chasing me in a dream?

Someone killing me with koodothram

Dream about having long nails

Slippy ice

Scenery changes

Climbing icy steps

Making medu vadas in the dream

Stash of coins

Person changing

Dreaming of killing a tortoise in my house

Sleeping in forest snake on top

Ladies room

If you are the playwright in a dream what does it mean

Thatching a hut house



Running from a cannibal

Lion hunting a cow


Dream of three snake one bite my wife but she kill the three snakes

Two men break into my house

White shima

Spraying money in dreams

A guy cut banana tree


Human and the dead eating rice in a dream

Red cloth falling in a dream

Navy ink running out of my eyes

Dreamst of seeing a dead person eating rice and fish

Meaning of native choke in dream


Sleeping on a thumbtack

A yellow snake with eggs

What does it mean dreaming my trouse broken between my legs?

Snake come out while cooking food


Car mot

Car having mot test

Swollen lip burst

Red necklace

Seeing actor and actress in my dream

Friend transferring work to a distant place

What does it mean when your mom slaps lyou?

Cleaning sludge sludge river


Pastor gave me flower in my dream

Oyster attack

Gold rocks found

Receiving phone call for interview

Missing buckets

Bathing with a lady outside

I saw a snake in my dream with his mouth wide open

Dream about bathing with a lady

Falling off a bridge in a car while driving being submerged in water and being rescued by strangers

Flood and bridge

Someone buying a fake phone

Dreaming of myself preaching

Dream meaning of a grey clean wheelie bin

Correcting money on a mudy place

Eating jollof rice

Hand bag gift dreaming

Clearing a wardrobe

Someone giving you coconut

Vagetable oil sales in the dream

Munishwaran in dream

Selling vagetable oil in the dream meaning

Cows eating green maize in field

Selling vagetable oil in the dream by someone

Seeing someone becoming short

Someone giving you a gift of alcohol

Seeing skmeone become a miget

Your crush being in the same room

Seeing someone decreasing in height

Hair cutting shillong teer dream number?

When your mother buys you a phone for $eight five and she asks how you will give her back her money?

Tie gele for someone

Jinn house pin down

Infant sucking my fingers

Hearing a hello being shouted

Preparing a hot bath for husband

Buying biter kola in dream meaning

What does it mean when someone snap you pictures in your dream?

Talking to a king in a dream

A sweet conversation with a king

Buying biter kola in dream

Slapping a child in my dream

With boss daughter

When your family member kills somebody?

Ijazi lengwe black and white

Escaping flood from alligators and snakes

Picking snails from river

Snail in river

To have your lips peeled

Seeing pregnant woman

An elderly woman in need of help

Buying frozen dead fish

Everything suddenly changes

Babies swimming

Meaning of walking with a white lady in a dream

Searching for shells with daughter

Dreaming of mom flying rice

Rooms being stripped

I see my prime minister shekh hasina in my dream. we were speaking

Dream seeing momflying tice

White dress menstrual blood

Meaning of friend to dash you clothes in dream

Door fell on me

I see my prime minister shekh hasina in my dream. whats the meaning of

I see my prime minister in my dream. whats the meaning

Cooking fat

White nylon bags

I was washing a white dress and it turns into a blue dress

Pasto giving a bible

Yellow bird turning into fire

Meaning of dreaming 3sacks

A dress changing from white to blue

Cow head on fire dream meaning

Dreaming received 3full sacks

Cow head on fire

Sikh nan come home in dreams

Elope woife

Blocking cow

What does it means when one sells fruit in the dream?

Money lost and found

Cow horns on fire

Eating with a prophet in a dream in the church

Trying on bras

Shillong teer dreams number brinjal

Taj mahal in the dream

Someone trying to attack me with beer bottles

Bike car and cycle

Someone trying to attack you with beer bottles

To two brown horses

I nyama yangaphakathi

Always fighting with uncle in a dream

Lady call

Carrying a meat

Black, snake, crossing and bridge seen in a dream. search dream

Phone getting stolen dream meaning

I always dream about my uncle fighting with him

Dreaming of someone looking at you

Dream of mickey mouse hands floating in front of my face


Phone getting stolen

Golden fish from tank in bowl

Dreaming of premature eggs

Carrying a horse in the desert

Gold apple

Dreaming about a madman your virginia and it mad me upset

Child crossing street

Dreaming of wearing a doek

Called dirty

Seeing and eating dagaa in the dream

Sheep and blood dream meaning

Seeing my cowife pregnant

Daffodil bulbs

A man death and burning

Sister in a black dress

Meaning of removing necklace in the dream

Flower falls backwards from god photo


Alady along the lake shore carrying baby on her back

Owl in the same room as me

Stabbed with a sharp needle in the hand

Stabbed with a fish hook?

Eggs falling on the ground and one breaking in my hands

Work cleaning

Blemish and black spots

Seeing your self pooing on bush

Dreaming maas

Younger men

Seeing you getting married

To disvirgin a girl

Rats coming out of my mouth an bits me

Man swallowing a big snake

Eating pasta with sauce

Getting bit by fleas

Healed wound and black spots

Dreaming of scones on your birthday

Not wearing clothes

Seen time table in the dream

Moving and deceased husband is in my dream

The boys tells me,she has rude and cheating on me

Dream of raking leaves

Dream cooking pap on fire and pap finished whilst am still cooking

Floating out of my body

Medicine dream interpretation

Cooking pap on fire n pap dispeated

Red hen with chicks

Dream of about to eat yam and pam oil

Male young boy

Make young boy

With partner and his best friend

Bro and sister

Distribution bread

Yellow rabbit

Eating chill bajji

Cutting plastic bag

Captured wild hare

If you see panchamrit in dream

Cotton n green grass

Dream of having four eyes

Dead boy alive seeting on bycycle

Meaning of my boyfriend gave me kumkum in dream

Dream of buying

Missing significant others

Buildings turning upside down

Gream of guru rinpoche smiling n talking with me

Buying and medicine

White shaggy rug

Of buying medicine

And medicine dream

Dancing with my daughter

The meaning of the symbols of cow, meat and intestine in a dream

Wearing my friend blue cloth in dream means

Cooking with papers inside stove

Cotton on grass

Mad haitian man

Ex prime minister sitting in your house

Loved one disappearing from a photo while looking at it

I dreamt my room was very dark and i felt someone climb in bed with me

Full moon inside a triangel

Yellow rose on shivling dream

Marrying a disabled person

Looking out a window and someone watching me from outside

Getting fish from dirty water

Flying away with bed

Getting fish from water

Dreaming about the president

Mount uhud

Someone put condom in your hand

Outside movie

Seeing evil spirits in dream

Pig face on a dead person

Dead person with pig face

Family members deaths

Painted flowers

Buying grinding machine in the dream

Shoe clean

Thigh infection


Being bold enough to speak

Seeing the statue of st.joseph in the dream wearing golden color malai on his neck

Dream of seeing a seer

Hour long

My friend is madara

Godzilla movie

Dream of my ex die

Deceased mom eating watermelon


Bumps on leg

Dreams of you sweeping in the classroom whilst other are sitting

Dream of charging my phone

What does it mean if i see dead people cut there finger?

Being in playhouse with someone

Old boss find you

Dreaming of boyfriend waking from coma

Bloue and white clothes

Dream of your ex died

Stabbed with knife in foot

Dirty sleepers in a deam

Jumping into the swimming pool

To see leopard in a dream

Seeing a chimera during battle

Needing to go to the bathroom

Rain plus baby

Shami flowers

Rummaging through junk items

Folder being placed on my head

Peeling skin on your hands

Fire burning brooms in the dream

When we dram about mother smiling for love mrg in dream?

Dr among about poopin ceiling fall into my head

Teacher flogging in a dream

Dreaming of my teacher flogging me

Dreaming about my ex boyfriend

Seaming about an ex

Dreaming that you have been ruptured by jesus and tht jesus appears in the clouds

The meaning of the symbols of reciting, hasbunallahu, wa, nimalwakeel seen in a dream.

Dream of wetting bed


Smoke in the house

Drilling hole in head

Dreaming of plugging jute leave in your dreams

Flight from danger

Drill through the head

Birds flying from danger

My mirror has disappeared from my home

Attacking with needles

Fainting in dream

See blood in bathtub

Flying swans

Moon disappearing

Bathtub filled with blood

Dog bite the lips

Floating bullseye

Blood bathtub

Bird murmuration

Bird mums ration

Two cows were fighting in dream with a small calf

Husband wife fighting

Hair conditioner in dream meaning

I was cupid

Meaning of eating meat and teeth falling apart in dream

Cracking of arm skin

Dream seeing your son

Mother dream seeing u with another woman

Mirror missing from my bedroom


An army shooting at me

Avocado means

Ow caught fire

What does it mean when we see our dead father in white clothes in dreams?

Snatching manglasutra in my dream

Dream building local grass house near water

Dream building local grass house in swarmed area

Book of ramcharitmanas

Dream about little brother hitting my mum

Boyfriend mom kissed my cheek in a dream

Not wearing scarf in the dream

Islamic interpretation of leading prayer dream

Going to hajj with husband

Swet vairab

Confined spaces

Caught by swet vairad

Some one is trying you to get you out from house

Dream of victor being pulled.

Bathing with salt dream

Girlfriend feeding me

See splattered brains

See splatted brains

Seeing a bear and dog in my dream

Seeing brains

Invited into someones home

Welcome in

Someone is been arrested

Invited in

Knocking on your door

Smell of leather

Finding cassava and bring home

Having with own sister

Gold st

Getting shot by a jew

Manage password

Three comodo dragon

Curly brown dog

Dirty water in a bath dream

Someone is stabbing

Prime minister giving me money

Shaggy brown

Car pedal accelerator disintegrated

Receiving money from prime minister

I saw a comet and after pigeon flying so high and cathes fire on its tail feathers

Cat eating humming bird

Death women dream mening


Sacks of chicken feet

Ice on the mountain

Fighting a big black bird

Receivong cowrie

Amputate a toe

If someone gave me bouquet of leaves

Eating chocolate cake

Blue panther

I dream of people gathering eating mopaneworms

Islamic views on horses turning friendly yowards you in a dream

Heavy newborn baby

Heartbroken bf

Having a son

Having a daughtee


Green citrus tree become

My dead family member was my shadow

Gold n

Gold in

Egg dream interpretation

Giving someone a book

Bubbles on a person

Giving birth to girl

What does it mean when u dream of carrying a toolbox?

What does it mean to carry a tool box?

Deceased taking a shower

Dream interpretation rice

Tearing cap

Hiding from an angry tiger

Meaning of seeing yourself dead and your soul leaving the body in a dream means what

And egg dream

Heavy chains for gate

Red curtain in dream mean

Partner belting you with chains for locking the gates

Interpretation rice and

Feet maggot

Root bound potted plant being repotted

Curtains wide open

Cat coming to you and cuddling you

Dream about taking holy communion in the church


Holding banana stem

Given a silver horse tooth

Golden g in the sky

Fighting a baboon

Guy not shooting

See my enemies

Draining ocean

Iphinifa spiritual

Devine mercy

White lillies

Iron nails in my back


Baby and cows

Fighting a cow


Scary dream of a talking head on living room floor what does it mean

A headless head talking in the floor of a living room

What does it means when you dream about someone you and they are hiding their face in the dark?

Dry lips kisses meaning

Giving my dead dad green chillies and r100 in my dream

Giving my dead dad green chillies and r100

Meaning of makoti in a dream

Looking for directions

Book shelf fell on mom

Killed ex husband and his wife and kept bodies

Killed my ex husband and his wife and kept bodies

Killed my ex husband and kept his body

Baby has decease to his bone

Dreaming you are being abducted in your own automobile

Seeing yourself giving azaan and get criticised by several other men

Dreaming you are being abducted in your own car

Female giving azaan

Praying for a demon possessed baby girl

Dreaming of getting demons out of a female baby

Ex grilfriend

Horses water and children

Intervention of exs

A dream about a big snake swallowed a sheep

Helping an enemy

The meaning of the symbols of jewish celebration

Dreaming of supervising exams,in a classroom

The meaning of the symbols of jewish, celebration

Snake kills mongoose outside my door

Injury to left palm

Sword falling from the skyon to the ground

Guyabano fruits

What does it mean to dream about people wearing shawl?

What does it mean to dream about people wearing shawl knocking?

Someone lunging at me

Fingers and toes falling off

What is the meaning of wearing suit in the dream?

Family drowning in a tsunami

Car buried underground

False teeth. breaking

Dream of drinking nail polish

Cow and fruits

When you dream of someone giving you a dirty look?

Two sunnyside up eggs

Dreaming that i have falling in a toilet

Dream meaning of sharing pap to people

Ordering a veal for dinner

Nightmare during pregnancy

Body itching all over


Boyfriend peeing in his sleep next to you

Collect money

Collect money from different person

Hearing snake hissing loudly

Matching costumes

Circular space ship with red light beaming down

Four moon

A kid with six eyes

In a dream seeing i have build a house in water

Dreaming of a calabash

Preparing to clean

Seeing pap boiling in pot

When a pregnant woman dream two eggs?

Yourself bathing with honey in your dream

Buying african pears(ube) at the market

Flooded river dead

Someone ask me a question

Seeing my ex wearing a red cap in a dream

Fighting a fat woman

Why am i having dreams about me fighting a fat woman?


Letters disappearing one by one

Head on chain

Interpretation giving cooking

Pap in the pot boiling under it in a dream meaning

Cooking oil by

Two rosaries

Brother losing hair

Girlfriend hurt kittens eyes

Girlfriend hurt kitten eyes

Interpretation red colour

Hurt kitten eyes

Interpretation bags and

Colour and islam

Interpretation crossing flooded

Oil and woman

River dead and

A dog chasing you and then humping your leg

Adult chasing you and then humping your leg

Dream interpretation crossing

Hair clipper

Spider catching a rat

Pulling snake out of my throat

Hairs on my lips

Birthday celebration and deceased mother

Batt with honey

Taking sand from a graveside

Dream interpretation bags


Dead and person

Theft of clothes

To see blood in snow

Snow and blood

Run someone over with your car

Crack three white plates

I had a dream of a baby falling into a drain from my hands

Oil by woman

To see you self as a baby

Run over a person

To run someone over

Supervisor dresses in kazoo

My mom selling my stuff

Red colour and

Jumping off a cliff with girlfriend

Brown hat sitting on a shelf

Cooking oil and

I killed an wild animal in my dream

What is the meaning of plantain trees falling in a dream.?

Dreaming pickin eggs in dream

Someone hiding

Wound on my feet n bleeding

When you dream gathering rice with a broom at your workplace means?

Bags and water

Giving cooking oil

Mutant rats

Old people elevator stealing

Dreaming eating grilled peanuts

Failure to kill

Deceased husbands body on a bed

Saying yaseen

Dreaming of a house that is slowly swallowed by ground

Finding out you have a rich father




Steps and blood

Brown sheep to keep at home


Boss dumps dirt on my head

Waves of fire in the city coming towards us

Waves of fire coming towards us

Container ship

People bit

Stop loving someone