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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter D

Dreaming of property getting disorder in a room

Dreaming going to a beach but find out it was a pond not beach

Dream to see a restaurant build on water

Digging cassava on the farm

Dog eat orange fruit

Door open or closed

Dream they wanted to kill me with witch gun

Dwelling clear water

Dream where my new neighbor holding me on my neck not to talk

Dreaming of lossing my slipper

Dreaming also and large fish

Dream about my husband fighting with mighael jordan

Dreams of another woman sleeping in my matrimonial bed.

Dreaming of bees stinging me

Dream of seeing tomatoes and apples means

Dream of hair turned into gold

Dream of broken bangles from hand

Dream of a dettol

Dream about someone speaking on behalf of me

Dreaming about wearing jewelry

Dreaming about ur mom being choked

Dreaming of your mom telling you, you have body odor

Dead but sick

Dream of cowry in my body

Dreaming of killing monitor

Dream of seen soya beans seed

Dream pulling out mucus from my mouth

Dreamt messaging my dead dad feet

Dream about digging up an unknown grave that was concealed

Death dody of boy number

Dead father with dead big brother

Death lady shopkeeper means shillong teer

Dream of papaya at riverside meaning

Drinking water with small.frog

Dead husband evict me from our house

Dream were two men are fighting and one killed the other

Dream of daddy

Dreaming about my slippers floating on water

Dream of playing football game

Drinking water from a dirty pot

Dream of picking coins from a well

Dream interpretation of kissing a lion

Dream of urine mix with water

Doing pulls ups

Dead person shows off her private parts

Demolished tuktuk

Dreaming of eating with the prophet

Dreamt of two white guinefowls visiting my house and i tried to catch one ,what does the dream mean in islam

Dream meaning of killing a snake from the old house where we migrated from with my parents ol

Dream eating barnbara beans

Dead uncle came

Dreaming of a snake on a sea

Dream of raw biltong

Dream polishing four different shoes

Dead body in a cage

Dead person asking food for him

Dead white sheep without blood but still moving

Dead sheep hanging in dream islam

Demons coming in my house

Dreams of gauri shangkar rudraksa falling down broken

Dad raped me

Dead spouse hitting me

Dreams catching a chicks in rain

Demon symbol in forehead

Dream ofgirlfriend

Dream with wife

Dead person in dream protecting you

Dad crying no money

Dreams of ceilings moving around

Dropping apple pie

Dreaming about getting ready for your wedding

Dead holding knife

Deceased person coming from water

Dreaming while urinating in a shameful way

Dead uncle waving

Dreaming of my husband giving me a green soursop

Deceased husband hit me

Dream of sister making rotis

Dream of neice being pregnant

Dream of nice being pregnant

Dream about my dead cat alive

Dead father in pain and crying

Dream about documents to b completed

Dream carry a bucket of clear water

Dream of not wearing slippers

Dream about old and dirty slippers

Dream of rats and birds

Dream about chili pepper plants

Deceased mother giving me a bottle of scotch

Drink fa mm

Drink fa m

Dreaming roasting maize

Decease parents wedding anniversary

Dream in ghost

Drop sauce pan

Dream meaning of petchay vegetable

Dream of wealthy man with skin problems

Dad holding my phone

Dream of deceased sister staying in a mansion

Dreaming of killing snake with teeth

Dreaming about my sister asking me to buy her new shoes

Dreaming learning toddler how to walk

Dream of died father shows his illness

Drimking tea with condensedmilk

Dog wanting to suck your

Dreaming of people praying in a certain house

Deceased husband giving you raw chicken

Dreaming of cloves

Dirty mugs

Dolphins vare flying into the sky

Dreaming of searching for clothes in wardrobe for children and not finding any

Discussing with ur co-wife

Dream of someone taking your food

Dog licking your bottom

Dream of sweet cleaning

Duck eggs hatching

Dropping cake

Dreaming a dove

Dreaming blue dove that i catches in a water

Demon playing family until i discover its a dream and they want to trap me

Dream cutting bad spot of cauliflower

Dad peed in his bed

Dreamingflowers and nice paving

Dreamingflowers and nice

Dreaming of three big black african pot on fire

Dreaming od

Dreaming of ring

Dry raisins

Dreaming of leaving daughter behind

Dream selling ring gold and get profit

Dreaming of buying beans

Dream of backness inside a house and the yard outside

Dream of everything black

Deceased husband impregnates me

Daughter in law came to mother in law haouse alone

Door swinging open

Dream i had a door from a church

Dream inside a house made of gold

Dreaming of of the tap water

Dog getting out of cage

Dinning table set with multiple silver forks and knives

Dog sticking up crystal

Driving with a van tsunami sea

Deer running on hind legs

Demolition of temple

Destruction of temple

Dream of seeing self in mirror

Dream of dragging a girl

Dream about teaching student

Dreaming of dry chapati and soft chapati

Dream about mopping house

Dreaming about meat

Dreaming of a black window

Dream a pastor giving you bronze and silver coins

Dream of drinking a soft drink

Dreaming of myself in a different world with a diffrent family

Dream about me in the village some people are praying and they are praying outside

Dead mother in law asking for a cup of tea

Dream of me pounding something for my self and my sister in two different motels

Dream of plucking different green to give my sister

Dream teller mood

Dream being smeared by poop and later washed away

Dreaming about a white lady fighting for me

Dream about dead person lying in your house

Dreaming deceased grandma

Dream of one zero/one zero/three zero/fire from elcticity

Dream of buying pirewinkle

Dreaming of digging sweet potatoes

Dreaming about fresh okra on the its tree

Dead mother blowing smoke into my mouth

Dreaming of chapati

Dreaming of bags of mealie meal

Dream of swing your lady freind earring nurses dress

Dream of seeing your lady freind wearing nurses dress

Dogs eating

Dreaming about urine in water

Dreaming while looking for an iron to iron a wrinkled clothe

Dreaming been romantic with ex boyfriend

Dream my sister paying a bill for me

Dreams of seeing marriage of husband and his sister

Died woman near by house

Dressed in school uniform in a deam yet you no longer schooling

Dream of roti

Distributing food to widows in a dream

Dream of calabash in water

Dream of swimming with a calabash in hand

Dream with blood stains meani

Dreaming of a family wedding

Dreaming of zobo drink meaning

Dream of plucking ripe mangoes

Dream about unknown guy pampering me

Dream of running from someone that is trying to hurt me and afraid to see their face and i never see their face

Dreaming frying

Dream of sorghum

Dog and goat mating

Dreaming of breaking broom stick

Dream avoiding being caught in mud

Dream being chased by my ex husband

Dream of catching very big fish

Dream being adopted by someone

Dreaming about you have come rich

Dreaming pastor writing

Death in old neighbourhood

Dream about taking pictures with a former president meaning what?

Dreaming praying in the river

Dream of throwing coins

Dance lift

Demon you

Dead guru disturbed in dreams

Dreamed my boss congratulating me

Dreaming of green leaves in a pot

Dream omena

Dreaming of a flooded river sweeping away cows in large number and fish left in swamps

Dreaming of a dog with six legs

Dreaming of younger sister engagement

Dream of a big snake which swallowed an animal

Dreaming of someone building a brick wall

Dreaming someone steal my bible

Dreaming of grinding corn in a posho mill

Dung flies

Driving a private care with my brother

Dream of someone eating crocodile

Dreaming doing a laundry for ex boyfriend

Decapitated child

Dream of dark figure back eyes speaking to me

Donning green garmets

Daughter flying in wedding dress meaning

Daughter wearing wedding dress and partying

Drinking milk with egg

Dreaming of your ex boyfriend carring dry grass

Dreamt exchanging big money with small money

Dreamt exchangibg

Dreaming carrying a baby climbing steps

Dreaming going on steps with out a problem

Dreaming of dry grass broom

Dreaming a big snake biting father and mother

Dreaming my boyfriend getting back with his baby mama

Drinking water and fasting

Dream of flirting and romance in friends group with unknown girl

Dreaming of termarind

Dreaming of myna bird

Drying white clothes

Dogs chasing group of goats

Dreaming about someone vomiting purple

Dreaming of a dead sister and accidentally s s water which spreads across the house so fast

Dreaming animals eating my clothes

Dead lizard in my cup of tea

Dead luzard in my cup of tea

Dreaming of a dead lizard in my cup of tea

Dream you seeing bird floating on water

Dream collecting firewood

Dead big snakes

Dhol bajate hue toot jaaye

Dreamt of a fat lady

Dreamt of my late mother

Dreaming you peeing in an old toilet

Dad hitting

Dead man show in dream and chating with him, then what is the relation with teer game

Dead man show and chat with him

Dreaming a white chicken what does it mean

Dreaming male lamb sheep while pregnant

Dreaming a white hen

Dream about sangoma

Dream brother in laws is attracted to me

Dreaming about a pug bite me on the lip

Deceased father j in a wheelchair

Dreaming about a witch under the moon

Dreaming about a witch riding under the moon

Dreaming about going to take a bath

Dreaming about in the church wesring black

Dream someone proposes to you

Draining my pool of water and the person draining it does

Dead relative pulling your ankle meaning

Daughter calling for mom

Dream fruits grow in your fingers

Daughter saying ma

Dreaming of preparing your self to go to your introduction and you first go to the toilet


Daughter defecation

Dreaming food burning in the kitchen

Dreaming of food burning in the kitchen

Dream about sad baby

Death by insecticide

Dreams of seeing traditional healers

Dreams of being inside the water

Dreams of police

Dreams of being under water

Dreaming of muddy dark brown liquid flooding my house

Demon killed me

Dismantled car with garbage and poo

Dead brother having a baby

Dream of a woman and a child in your husband room

Dreaming about a person not looking like how i knew them

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend not looking like themselves

Dreaming of traditional ceremony in which an animal has been slaughtered and lots of peopl eating outside

Dreaming people eating meat outside in your yard

Dream while catching fish with my friend and then river dries

Dreaming about soaking in ice

Dehydrated cat

Dream about someone peeling your skin off

Dog attacked by hawk

Dreaming of me recovering cast iron skillets

Dreaming of your car being hijacked by thugs with guns no hi

Dreaming of your car being hijacked by thugs with fire arms

Dreaming while you are driving a borrowed car

Dreaming of picking ripe peppers in itts treds

Dreaming while seeing purple color all over you continously

Dreaming while you are blind and u being helped by friends with a walking stick

Dreaming while you are walking around the in the market place with no purpose

Dreaming while someone is at the bus stop

Dreaming while you slapping a friend

Dream of dead person asking for a bigger blanket

Dream of gecko tokay

Dead friend with midget beside him il

Dead uncle giving me money for gas

Dream anointed with oil on your feet and eyes

Dream about shiny clothes

Dreaming my late husband wearing torn and dirty clothed

Drigs and dogs getting into it

Dead rotting person unknown in dream

Dead rotting persin

Daughter gets a new boyfriend

Dreaming of my dead daughter

Dreaming losses money

Dream i burped and people smelled it

Dreaming that the clouds are red and looks like it wants to rain

Dificating in a pit lateime

Dreaming of the name mandy

Dreaming of my child having a mental breakdown

Dead father giving curd

Dead grandma saying my name in my dream

Dreaming being prayed for by a prophet

Dog poop in bed

Dead brother in law meeting

Dreaming of being at your in-laws and cooking

Damily renunion

Dream eating with ghost?

Dancing in street

Dreaming of my car being stripped

Dream of sott

Dream about fight with mom boyfriend

Dreams about predicting a baby girl

Dreaming of urinating and coming into reality

Deceased kissing me


Dream of slaughter hen

Dream of little virgin girl being raped

Dreaming of eating with a dead person

Dreaming u have a meal with dead person

Dead relative tries to visit you

Dreaming of a pit of gold nuggets

Dead uncle talking to me

Dreaming receiving a bank card

Dream of dead sister giving me house key of my brother

Diving into a pool

Dreams of potatoes and leaves

Dreaming about giving raw meat to someone

Dreaming of holding a bottle of drink and chameleon is coming out from it.

Dried leaves on seat of car.

Dream about my sons ex wife

Dry blood on chest

Dream of my wedding

Dream of my death

Deceased person saying they are cold

Dog hip bones

Dreaming seeing white ant coming out from anthill

Dreaming about being slender

Dream of saying good bye to someone from the past

Did t cook enough for guests

Dream of my late mum went trip with me n want to buy joss sticks

Dream of my brother getting married again wedding day

Dream of my late mum web

Dirty woman in dream

Dreaming of ur child falling in a bathroom?

Dreaming a n eagle an

Dream of rubbing white powder on ones face in the dream

Dreaming of lying together in bed with a partner and he is very sick

Decapated head in fridge and

Decaptaed head in fridge

Dreaming donkey

Dreaming with skyblue in spiritual means

Dreamt of me pruning grass

Dreamt pruning flowers in a garden

Drunk patients

Dream of embracing a dead person

Dream about a broken watch repaired

Daughter wearing yellow

Defending someone being choked

Dreaming having rashes and dry skin on arms and chest

Dreaming about other countries

Dead man,family member

Dating a priest meaning

Drunk fight

Dead relatives asking for water because they too thirsty

Deceased boss offering me a job

Dream two two


Dream of a beautiful full length mirror

Dream of arguing with my wife

Dreamt about fighting my wife

Dream of selling kenkey

Dead snakes and dead birds

Diamond or gold

Dream being given bags of maize

Dream preparing fufu to eat and pushing it in wheelbarrow

Dream of people walking with suitcases

Dream of being broke meaning

Dreaming of me being broke and my brother being rich meaning

Dreaming white beads,

D friend

Dreaming about a palm tree being cut into pieces

Dream of killing mosquito

Deceased spouse getting married

Dreaming of turtle eating fish in an aquarium

Dream of bird in house

Dream of a bus

Dreaming of being in a nursing training class

Dreaming of three pairs of shoes

Dreaming wear jumpsuit green and black jackets

Dream eating sorghum

Dreaming some one wearing a blue coat and trouser

Dreaming some wearing a blue and a trouser

Death person give batel leaf

Dreaming of another girl giving your boyfriend a silver coins

Dream of. boarding a leaving boat

Dreaming of alot of traditional healers preparing seremon for my arrival

Dream of shaping something

Dream of. boarding a leaving boost

Dream meaning of i given a fear woman a bench to seat under a tree with shade

Dream where i use sand to shape a cake

Dreaming of a train killed people

Dreaming of animal eating your food

Dream cutting vegetable leaves

Dreaming while drawing apicture of acar

Dreaming having a conflict with your best friend

Dreaming of fighting with your best friend

Dreams of buying food

Dream of a tractor and disc

Dream of a tractor disc

Dreaming of brown snake with black dots

Dream brother is gay

Dead person offering yogurt

Dreams of carrying water on a bicycle four j

Dropping cooked rice on the gloor

Dreaming seeing myself on top of a mountain surrounded by white smoke kind of and something looking like an angel

Dream of playing a yoruba wooding game called ayoolopon with friends

Dream about phyllanthus the meaning

Dreamed ramayan book

Dreaming myself in a beautiful colourful garden and people excited to see me

Dream that talking with women

Dream of making gbanga oil

Dreaming of banknotes

Dirty eyeglasses

Dream of being in a market that sells cloth

Dream interpretation about lady, giving and sindoor

Dream of tryingto facetime friend but hes in a meeting

Dreaming of fade passport picture and information

Dreaming of seeing my fade passport

Dreaming when you are cought by the soldiers

Drinking of sobo in d dream is it good or bad as a woman

Dream of old woman shearing dry meat to me and other people means?

Dream of old woman shearing dry mean means ?

Dreaming with multiple moons one with a golden crown

Dream about digging a pit latrines

Dad sitting on a bench

Dream of worms in apple juice


Dreaming of someones eyes looking at me

Dream of bought a big aeroplane

Dead food

Dreaming a person photo hanged with garland

Dreaming a photo hanged with garland

Dream of transforming a doormat i to a wall frame

Dreaming about white ants

Dead mother holding baby and my skin was peeling off

Dead body sung a song

Dream someone stealing my check

Dream of having a medical blood test

Dreaming talking to a former dead president

Dreaming of serving food to older male cousin

Dreaming of serving an older male cousin

Dreamt of dried white cow skins

Deck bed

Dreamt of inhaling perfume from someone

Dead parent brought alliance for my brother

Dead person is giving me a mat to take rest

Dream entering a gutter

Divine mercy dream

Dream honey rebirth

Dreaming of a blackarant soda

Dreaming of a soda

Drinking a clean sachet water that fell on the floor

Double swastik

Dead women in dream

Dreaming finding your man collect a phone number

Dreaming my boyfriend buying me a new clothes

Dream interpretation about brother, going and crazy related.

Dream of praying for a dead person

Dream of praying for a dead person who committed suicide

Dream of number one zero zero zero

Dead person hold the candle

Dreaming that a contract was given to your cousin instead of you

Dream of someone cutting your wrist

Drinking visine

Drinking visinw

Dig bite me

Dancing in a graveyard

Dream of cooking frogs

Dead father giving sundried fish

Dream about a friend father death meaning

Demonic entity

Dreaming of my child in a well with chain

Dream of happy countryside

Dreaming of pommerac

Dream of popping blood

Dreaming of someone toking to you

Dreaming of cat eating food

Dream that my friend died in a car accident but she came back

Dream about the need to clean the house bush

Dream of shooting someone in self defence

Dream about father being ill and asking for foodp

Dreaming of iron rods

Dreaming of two big toes in the mouth of a snake

Dream of seeing presidential convoy

Dreaming about my private body part meaning

Dreaming about some one inserting herbal inside my private body part meaning

Dreaming of bunch of jinns chasing you and waiting for you infron of your house

Dreaming about some one inserting herbal inside my private part meaning

Dreaming of old habits

Deseased husband getting court letter

Demon eating my liver and kidney

Dreams of being between many skeletons

Dreaming about losing my phone but find it at last

Dreams about my ex bathing at my maternal home

Dreaming of dog without harming me

Dreaming of dod

Dreaming about passing a dog without harming you

Dreaming of virgin mary broken and sto nino

Drinking mixtures of cold milk, suger amd drinking chocolate

Dreaming about being disgusted by someone

Dreaming of looking at a loved one sleeping

Dreaming about a large amount of skittles means

Dream of drinking zobo

Doors that open to stairs going down but leading to nowhere

Dream about saint anthony showing me the lost refrigerator

Dreaming gabbage

Dreaming a onion

Dream my ex boyfriend painted his nails blue

Dream of a broken campus identity card

Driving to a rate shop

Deceased loved one closing door

Dreaming of your man going to pay dowry for someone else

Dad calling me

Dreaming being saluted by many people

Dreaming walking i a crowd and everyone will be giving you away

Dirty but

Dreaming angels blowing trumpets

Dream about almost cum

Dreaming with the president

Death person holding a white chicken

Dream of sucking a woman

Died relative giving you flowers

Dream when u are in mud

Dream when u are in mad

Dark yellow urine

Dying horses drowning

Donkey meat eat

Door with bullethole

Dreaming eating paw paw in christ

Dream on my right harm trying to hide but i do have have one

Dreaming eating mango

Dreaming given money to buy bread and eggs

Dream of been gifted with toffees

Dreaming of narrow path

Dream of my father being friends with my boss

Dead friend in a tuxedo

Dreaming of collecting brown money

Dreaming of infant child walking

Dreamind of your sister hurting your son

Dying thies

Dream about mirrors

Dreaming ironing a jean

Dreaming of shaved head

Dreaming about a man with a third eye in between his eyes

Dog holding someone hair with his teeth

Dream of broken dinner plates

Dream of dog digging hole

Dreams about people who died

Dreaming about buying maize for brewing traditional alcohol

Dreamed about my dead uncle giving blessings to me

Dead person searching for you

Dream with a parrot

Dream of a girl you know asking you for money but not now

Dog killing a duck

Dream interpretation of intestine eating in. a dream

Dead relative but alive and sick

Dove flying through hair

Dream of someone wearing torn clothes

Dreaming of someone giving me pink siwasho

Dream of white dress

Dream with opposition leader

Dream of eating chicken at a church dinner

Dream of illness

Dreaming od dried bogart

Dream of someone put me in a garage

Dreaming like was driven in my boss expensive car

Dead people singing in choir in all black

Dreaming of jumping a

Dream of a toothbrush on the seat of a car

Dophar me hanumaan ji ko sapne me dekhna

Doing makeup in the dream

Dreaming of uncooked samp

Dream of enemy asking for forgiveness

Dead relative celebrate birthday

Dog kills goat

Dream about getting piercings

Dreaming of hat

Dark skin girl

Dream that a side of the yard is clean

Dream that somthing is clean

Dream of two rams head butting each other means

Dreaming of a ex getting married

Dreaming parents

Dating crush in dream

Dead brother wreck

Divine revelation

Dreams about masterbat

Dreamt praying and being told to write what l desire

Dream eating soil

Dead father reciting the quran in dream

Dreaming someone forcefully putting something in your mouth means

Dreaming of a death adder pretending to die

Dead adder pretending to die

Dream of mom

Dream a deceased friend ask to phone him back

Dead beetle

Dreaming of intercouse

Dreaming of my dead father being dead again

Dough kneading

Death skin

Dreams of you being sick

Dreaming that my foot was bleeding

Dream meaning of paying for my late father

Dreaming of slaughtering a springbok

Dog human

Dog turn to human

Died baby swimming

Dead grandmother wearing white

Dreaming of seeing my boyfriend injured on the head

Dreaming of taking oil bath

Dreaming of losing a scholarship opportunity

Dreaming of a dirty looking ocean people swimming on it

Dream of defecation

Dreaming feaces

Deceased in alive hospital bed

Declaration of jesus

Demon person with black eyes and face

Dead grand dad

Dreaming of going abroad

Dreaming of my son in prison

Dream of being at church

Dream of getting married to a whiteman

Dreams of carry a unmarried in the dreams

Dreamt of cows

Dream of distributing halwa chana

Dream fencing petrol

Different?colors of snakes

Dreams of stealing coins

Dream picking vangueria infausta burch fruits

Dad ill

Dreaming of presents

Dad collapses

Dextrose in hand

Dreaming of my teacher holding white papers

Dreaming of broken dentures

Dreaming of broken plates in a bucket

Drinking garri, milk and sugar

Dreaming of a high statue in a form of a lady

Dangerous tree on an embankment

Dream of eating snail

Dream about eating green pepper

Dead husband came and play

Dream about eating boiled cocoyam with pepper and red oil

Dream of driving grader

Dreams of my mother causing car exident

Dream fighting a man on a ladder and push him down


Drum of water meaning

Dreaming telling a motor cycle take me royal house

Daughter had a seizure

Dreaming my kid sister being arrested

Dream of fresh peeled groundnuts about to be fried

Dream eating washed chapati

Dream seeing ashes by my bedside

Dreamt my son falling in a toilet

Dreaming of my son in a latrine but i entered in and i find him alive

Dreaming about la hawla wala quwata in dream

Dream of eating rotten cater ar

Dreaming tsunami

Dream maimed

Dreaming smoking marijuana in a dream

Dreaming of an eye opening on my navel

Dream on head washed with milk

Dream about cocacola

Dream of getting money from grandmother

Duff in dream

Dreaming some river and color is skyblue

Dreaming a river and color is skylue

Da vinci

Dreaming beating your husband and girl friend

Dream being bitten by a pig

Dream chewing pawpaw seeds and cloves

Dream of me sharing gifts to children

Death , rebirth and again dead

Device on chest

Dreaming about eating cooked banana

Dreaming while baiting a fishing rod with a snake

Drug syndicate

Drug sumtndicate

Drug syndigate

Dreaming my pastor is kissing and just want be with me

Drug marfia

Drug ring

Dream meaning of a price seven rand ninety nine

Dreaming seeing my boyfriend curriculum vitae

Denial of prasad

Dreaming cooking sadza

Dreaming of my boss having a stroke

Dead animals in a river

Dreaming while teaching people in another country and in a strange language

Dead asking for money

Dreaming of someone being swept away by water means what

Dream of shifting from one place to another

Dream of cutting rope

Dreaming of vice president

Dream perfum shops and stores to buy

Dreaming about being engaged

Dream preparing food for pastor but the plate breaker with food

Dreaming of eating three leaves yam

Dreaming of receiving a large amount of money

Dream of waitressing

Dream if wolves

Dream preparing food for pasto but the plate fell down

Dreaming where the copper pipe is

Dreaming of saving fuel

Dream with three people

Driving on wring side of road

Dream of killing a lion

Dqeam about riding motorcycle in darkness

Dream that soldier ant is bitting my hands

Dreaming of graduating

Dreaming seeing small jaguars

Dream of ground nut cake

Dream someone attempt ti steal your car

Dreaming see elephants

Dreaming about popping puss on right arm

Drea when eating sweet potatoes and gnuts sauce

Dreaming of sneak meaning

Dreaming of butterfly in your back

Dancing singing meeting people in my dream i never met before are went to dance school new dance

Dream a toilet

Dead goats hanging in trees

Dreaming of salt

Deceased mother, snake thrown out room

Dreaming of floes

Dreaming see isiwasho wai purple

Dishonest business

Dreaming of eating cow omasum

Drwminv about watching solar eclipse

Dreaming about blue flowers that glow in the dark

Dream about lighting a green candle

Dreaming of the military

Dreaming of cockles shell

Domesticated crocodile

Dark energy push backward

Dead person begs for coffee

Dreamt of eating popcorn and groundnut

Dream meaning of trying to taste beans porridge

Dream about albino

Dream of dead person using the bathroom

Dreaming my family in a tall and beautiful building

Dream my family in a building with glass all over it

Dreamt of my old boss

Dreamt of my kld boss wanting to talk to me

Dead person poopy

Dreaming of your father unhappy

Drempt of my estranged son


Dead animal come back to life

Dead possum

Dreaming of myself with a male private part while i am woman

Drowning raven

Dream of being handed a large quantity of $one zero zero dollar bills. used $six zero zero dollars to pay a bill

Dreaming sm1 giving and inject me after i feel weak

Dream of bus is burnt but not the money

Dreaming of your home being broke in

Dreaming of sleeping in a dream

Deaming of dinosaurs

Dreaming of encountering raptors from jurassic park

Dismantle dreams

Dead buffelos in water

Dreaming you do not have enough food at your party for your guest

Dream about a dog eating ring

Dream of your boyfriend helped you adjust your high heel shoe to your comfort and he presented it to you

Dagger in right wrist

Dream of the person i knew forcing me to marry him

Dreaming of a prayer shawl

Dreaming of cracked heels

Dream of killing a monitoring lizard beside a river

Dreaming eating food

Dream seeing a family member cutting bushes out of your house

Dreaming of receiving school certificate from a friend means

Dreaming of giving birth to a baby boy

Dad just died and i keep dreaming of a slot machine and if it hits he does not die

Dreams about larva in eye

Dreaming of peeled melon seeds

Dreaming of a friend asking for money

Dreaming of planting rutabaga

Dream drinking palm wine

Deceased mother helping her alive brother clean yard

Dreming of getting married

Difficulty waking up

Dreamt bitten by a cat and dog

Dreaming of wild figs

Dream of someone being mentally disturbed

Dancing green towel

Dreaming of crawfish


Dream your drowning

Ducks turning into humans

Dream you are under a tractor

Dream with dead body smelling and wrapped with white cloth

Drunkard man

Dreams of a man on a horse

Dream of dead person but with blue eyes

Drunk man fighting

Dream of my husband kissing another woman

Drinking oil

Dream meaning of a drunkard man attacking me

Dreaming about removing thorns on a slippers

Dream someone did a somersault and hit their head

Dream seeing your self in the bush looking for a way

Dog out in the snow

Dream about cooking frogs

Dreaming being hiv positive

Drawing a picture

Dreaming of your late mother saying she was thinking about your young sister

Dream i was swimming in pool

Dreams of fat unskinned dog

Dream of ex boyfriend pulling my ears

Dreaming of a late mother happy

Dreaming of a lady mother happy

Dreaming of notes money

Dream meaning of drinking beer

Drinking water from glass

Dreaming of chayote in pregnancy

Dentures breaking into pieces

Dentures breaking and falling out

Deer with one antler

Dreamed my child given a big tshirts at school

Deceased loved one wearing pink in dream

Dream about people cutting each other with pangas

Dreaming your house destroyed by heavy rain

Dad moves into your house

Dreaming of being in love with strange man

Dreaming of a deep pool of dirty water

Dreaming of a broken washing basin

Dust from walls

Dreaming of potted ivy and elephant ear

Drinking cold glass of ice water

Daughters boyfriend died in my dream

Dead person offers u a ride

Dream of fruit trees

Dream amman

Dreaming bad of ex

Dead person offers to take u home

Dodging the bullets fired af you

Dreaming of my sons friend and his partner

Dead friend giving me ice cream

Dreaming amasi what the meaning of it?

Dove attacking me

Dream nd cum in reality

Death of a sister

Dream giving a friend sugarcane

Dreaming giving a friend sugarcane to eat

Dreaming giving a friend sugarcane

Dream of a dead pig

Dead mother wearing a white dress

Dream of buying boiled eggs

Dj khalid jumping out of my window

Digging ip buried big silver fish

Dream one two

Dream about a man showing up at my home that look like three of my exes put together

Dream of my ex boyfriend crying

Dream of my ex crying

Dream of black cats

Dream of black cuts

Dreamt of frank sinatra

Dreaming in a beautiful car

Dream of snake chasing a rat and catching him in my bed

Dreaming of kissing the prime minister

Dreaming of dating a punk guy

Dream about selling freezits

Dream of my ex being my neighbor

Dreaming abou feeding quintuplets

Dreaming the grave of mother mary mother of jesus

Doing pendicure for your mom

Defecate on oneself

Deceased son trying to wake them up

Dental pick shoe horn

Dream of crayfish

Dreaming of mom smiling

Dreaming of jet

Dreaming of private jet

Dreaming of chopper

Dreaming holding eggs

Dreaming of expensive cars and gold

Dreaming someone knocked down by a car

Dreaming myself in a white taxi

Dreaming of chicken eggs

Dean person giving you beads

Dreaming of my brother running mad

Dreaming a bus moving backwards

Dreaming catching fish

Dreaming being given two bibles

Dream of mom talking unconsciously

Deceased husband is missing in my dream

Dream of someone talking out of their head

Dream meaning ship

Dead point to you in dream

Driving a dead person

Dream with dead relative in market

Ducks bleeding

Ducks breading

Dream in dirty water

Dry maize cob

Dream of four golden balls in a dream

Dead family member awkwardly falling down stairs

Double bass instrument

Dream of baby sleeping in my arms

Dreaming offering curd to shivling

Demon with his face pink in color

Drivning car

Dream for building house

Dreaming of stretch marks on buttocks

Dreaming saw fish in the parcel

Dream of my late grandmother with menstruation blood stain on the back of her skirt

Dream of drinking sprite

Dreaming that my mother is dead

Dreaming of your girlfriend wearing wet skirt

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Debit card broken

Dream with school

Doing urination in dream

Dream about roses

Dreaming a kerosene stove

Dream both me and my wife clothes are in the washing machine

Dreaming of a cow sound

Dreaming of a dog attracted to me

Dreaming of a cow making noise

Dream about cashews

Dream of busca means

Dreaming about two old men falling into mud

Dirt coming out from ear

Dream about digging a pit latrine

Dead people in cages

Dreaming of dad

Dreaming of dead dad

Dream meeting ex president

Dream of trapping hyena in my homeland and those hyena were fearing me

Dreaming of conducting a choir

Dream with rice

Dream about someone neck bleeding from wound

Dream of heart and lungs being pulled out

Dream meaning seeing steve harvey his my boss

Death woman two man see her

Dreaming about the world is going to end

Dream of an orange snake on jack fruit with other little ones on another branch

Dying angelfish

Dreaming about termites

Dreaming of the calm water and fishes in the water

Dreaming roasted chicken

Dream mob justice

Dream about pouring petrol in bottles

Dead man chasing me

Dead person giving you torn money

Dead man chaseme

Dead boy waking up from coffin

Dead mother complain about property and cars

Dead mother poop dream

Dead mother covered in poop

Dreaming multiple moon at the sky

Dream of being chased by a mad person

Dreaming your bishop wahing your menstrual blood from your penty

Dreamt that i stole a pack of eggs from someone and was seen in the act

Dream of a hand burn by water

Dreaming of your deceased grandmother giving you cashews

Dream with someone trying to bewitch me

Dreaming about someone refunding u money

Dreaming of a vegitables in the garden