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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter D

Dreaming of being blown by dust on the face

Dream someone mark a cross on my forehead

Dreaming about disease

Dream about a land litigation

Dreaming crossing a river with a woman

Donating a blood

Dreamt l saw a man querreling with a woman

Dreaming praying to my husband stomach while holding a bible

Dreaming washing the class velender and teacher gave me gither

Dreaming of a pragnant woman sweaping my shop in a dream

Dream of a sand paper tree and its leaf on it

Dreaming of puss

Donating bags

Dream of having dal chawal in function

Dreaming about seeing a guy disgorging a small girl

Dreaming someone want sewing socks

Dream of monsters

Dreaming of st anthony statue

Dead ask you to do something

Dead wants you to talk

Dreaming about jigars

Dream of eating roasted plantain

Dreaming while removing jigars from foot

Dream of making ridges in the farm

Dream of a womaniser

Dreame number rhino

Dream i was sitting next to well full of clean water

Dates fruits turning white

Death body number

Dead person cleaning the house

Dreaming while cultivating a flat land and others planting

Dream of cultivang land using a hoe

Dream drinking a smooth soft porridge

Dream number so many boy

Dream no boy so many

Dream of getting flogged in classroom

Dream meaning quiting school

Dreaming eating a raisin bun

Dreaming of a friend in clean clothes looking fresh

Dreaming eating orange

Dreamt my fence was gone

Dream of cattles in a krall about to eat

Dreaming about cattles in a kraal

Dreaming about myself putting hair gel on my hair

Dream meaning of cashew seeds

Dream of burning electric plugs

Dog freezes in the cold

Dreamt was walking my daughter to school

Dream about drywall matemba

Drying matemba

Dream lending your car to someone

Dreaming about matemba

Dreaming about drying matemba

Distributing sesame seeds

Dreaming marking exam papers for learners while i am a learner

Dreaming my brother running mad

Dreaming of having a school assembly

Dreaming when spraying

Dream meaning of seeing a mad man buying from you

Desert with mansions dream


Dream of filling soil to sunken graves

Dreaming of eating human intestine

Dead magnolias

Delivery baby dream meaning

Detained and taken to military prison

Dreaming about mermaids

Dew drop

Dream about giving someone sanitary pad

Drilling holes in head

Drinking jaggery water in dream means

Dream getting an international passport and visa

Dream about my exam date is already ended without knowing to me

Dreaming of prregnant white cow

Dreaming a man with clear face

Dog bites my hand and i break its jaw

Dreaming about an ex lover and new lover

Dreaming of water uphill

Dreaming of baby snakes

Defecating in cemetery meaning

Dogs swimming under clear water

Dirty small circle of water

Dreams about pin in my hair

Dream about blind doctor

Dreaming of someone who died calling you while you in a taxi to stop a taxi

Dreaming of a guy praying for me

Donkey coming out of water

Dreams about the khoisan

Dream of yourself father telling you he bought plantain for you

Dreaming about eating soil

Dreaming while putting on new clothes

Dreaming with penguins

Duke game chess kit wooden shoe

Dreams of burning palm tree

Demon named maria

Dream meaning of oil bean

Death bees in mouth

Dill salad

Dream about someone having a birthday

Dead person asking for fruits

Double headed kitten

Dreaming of drinking marula

Dead person holding hands out to you

Dreaming being inside a kraal with cows

Dream of a departed mother

Dress on backwards

Dreaming of driving fast a white car

Dreaming of a cash transit car why does it mean

Daughter pleasuring my husband in front of me

Dreamed about a spirit entering my body

Dreaming of the sick person being well

Dream seeing a king in your dream

Dream of belly exploding

Dream of my father sick in a critical condition and when i started praying he came back to life

Dram of meeting a friend who lives abroad

Dreaming rain and father blessing me

Dead mom being happy and dancing

Dreaming a golden airplane

Dead relative wants you to go with them

Dream of someone giving you umuthi

Dreaming about butternut

Dream of taking national exam

Dark sea with waves

Dreaming diggingout gold and silver

Dream of wearing a smock meaning

Dead bourd

Drinking condensed milk

Dream that my dad sells our house

Dead grandma holding a baby

Do toilet

Dreaming of yourself pregnant when you are not

Dream of kuli kuli

Day and year

Dreaming excreting pink poo in the dream

Dreaming about getting cylinder gas

Drinking an uncooked eggs mix with milk

Dream helicopter

Dream about burning refuse and washing toilets.

Dream about monkey taking off your shoes

Double six in dice

Dishing white sadza in plates

Dream seeing rhododendron

Dreaming am a personal assistant

Dreaming of silt

Dead, grandmother, asking and sweets seen in a dream.

Dreaming of a shed

Dreaming of fence on fire

Dreams sloping on mountain

Dream of eating milk and porridge

Death in a crowded

Death of men

Dead dad in my dream

Dreaming with a fairy tale person

Dead spouse winks at you

Dream meaning of evaluating saokaway

Dreaming of aakhongi bezlobola

Dead. woman

Dream about half cow half human

Dream interpretation big

Dreaming of queuing on atm

Deceased dad asking for new shoes

Dreamt of killing bat

Dark tunnel orange light white glowing triangle

Dream of a black hyena chasing me

Dream of shouting hallelujah

Dead person with one leg

Diseased mother seen as sick in a dream

Deceased sister in law giving birth to twins

Doing a poo on your wedding day

Doing a poo in your wedding dress

Dream of curtain rods being kept from being sold

Dream interpretation mattress

Dead person giving new baby clothes

Died but came back alive

Dead person doing adan

Deep cut on body

Dream interpretation soup

De viande soupe

De soupe et

Dream someone eating my feces

Dreaming of vomiting worms

Dominoes blank means

Dreams about having babies

Dreams of pregnancy

Dreams about falling in love with disable people

Dream of chips

Dreaming chips

Dreaming about to give birth

Dream about ackee

Dream of receive open ackee fr someone who died

Dead pursued

Dead for follow-up

Dead walking

Dream meaning of a sagoma avoiding to talk to me

Dad washing floor

Dream of wearing leg glove

Disposing a body

Disco with crush

Digging into a grave

Dog in trap

Disintegrating silver ring

Dirty clothes in my room

Dream of everything scattered in my house

Dream about eating green papaya in islam

Dream mopping the road

Dead dad calls my name

Dead bro waman

Drinking anointing oil in a dream

Dead father in suit

Dark curly hair

Dead woman who is still slive

Dream of borrowing mortar

Dreaming grave shakeng

Dream of having a surgery

Deceased mom all dressed up in green

Dreaming of being a school class leader

Dreaming about ur dead mother biting ur hand

Dreaming been bit on my hand by my late mother

Dragging a mortar

Dream stealing maize

Dream stealing maizr

Dead person spirit entering my body

Dreamt picking money from the dusbin

Dream ploughing

Dream ploughing a land

Dreaming that someone has got a lot of money

Driving into shallow water

Deficating in wlile people are watching

Dedicating in people

Dreaming of your brother with out eyes

Dreaming of seeing condom

Dream that have stolen someones husband

Dream interpretation overcharged

Dream about taking dance classes

Dream about taking dane classes

Dream of white horse

Dream of getting my belonging back

Dream of my belonging recovered

Dismembered head in the microwave

Dreaming of a calf

Dreaming picking peri peri

Dreaming of walking in the sand

Dreaming of sesame seeds

Dead asking for more candles

Drawing clean water from a well

Dreaming of given birth to a eunuch

Different animals running in a singke road.

Dreaming holding a baby girl after finding her at the cemetery alive

Deceased father not speaking

Dreams of water and separation

Dreaming my dead grandmother drunk giving out money and throwing up

Dream about my s leaked on social media

Dream number wood

Dream picking ripe passion fruits

Digging anthill

Dog in wheel chair

Dream of my dead mother cutting nails

Dreaming planting vegetables

Doing gardening

Dreaming of many pulpits laid down

Dreaming of bag being carried away by flood

Dream interpretation cater ar

Dead husband is alive and sweeping the yard in the dream

Dead friend gave me his new phone no

Dream with dead mother

Dream interpretation raw

Digger machine


Drop baby

Dream of milking a cow

Dream of bluetooth connection

Dream interpretation rainbow

Demon sucking my

Dream interpretation horse

Dream of being in the group of people in the presidency

Draging a cow

Dream of seeing a belt

Dough kneading bread

Dreamed i was impaled

Dream that my young daughter had pubic hair

Drink can

Dreaming of my son and his girlfriend

Dream somebody wearing my clothes

Dream meaning of star fruit

Dream about hickey on my husband neck

Dream of a saw

Dreaming my husband wearing barong

Dream interpretation muslim

Dream about different guys cutting my hand with blade

Dreaming a sheep gives birth

Dead smelly dog

Drinking garri in dream

Dead mother wearing white

Dead mother bleeding from mouth in dream

Dream in a garden where you saw flowers been planted of the same sizes and all green in color,then i cam i planted a very big flower that is bigger than every other flower in that garden

Dream of you seeing jesus christ giving me a white clothes, with the one two apostle in it

Deam on court cases

Dram.of legal cases

Decreased mother visited me

Dreams of a prophet promise to tell you something

Dream tha ur mum gave u unripe plantain and u woke up and lost ur pregnancy

Dream about broken cutlas

Dream about someone selling bush meat and local gin

Dreaming like in makkah

Dream of eating soiil means

Dead snake with blood on it

Death of a daughter

Dream of slippers been stolen

Dreaming of giving birth at home to three babies

Deceased father chasing me

Dog bite in the butt in dream

Dog bite at butt

Dreaming of eating cooked matooke

Dreamt of three graves

Dreams of three fresh graves

Dreamt of three fresh graves

Diana asleep in circular bed

Dreaming of boyfriend ignoring me

Dreaming talking to prophet at prayer section

Dead sister says she wants to have her house cleaned

Dream of dog chewing off hair?

Dteam of dog cutting of hair

Dream about plucking afang leaves

Doing facial and becoming more beautiful

Dream eating ungali and matumbo

Dead boyfriend cheating on me

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend loving you and treating you so well

Dream of talking with journalist

Dark skinned man with blue robe with gold trim holding a dove

Dark skinned man with blue robe with gold trim

Dream of military saluting for you

Dreaming of husband giving vegetables

Dreaming of carrying someone over a pile of mud.

Dream about seeing someone really skinny

Dreaming your self on periods but you are not currently there

Dream of useskhathini

Dreaming of a cake with steps

Dream of praying basketball spiritual

Dream that my boyfriend got another girl pregnant

Dreaming of going to the toilet for several times, then at last seeing a hen with many chicks while still going to the toilet

Dreaming of going to the toielet the seeing a hen with so many chicks

Dream about elongated rice cake

Dreaming someone pounding mahangu millet millet

Dreaming someone pounding mahangu

Dream eating posho and beans

Dreaming of gathering betel nuts

Dream interpretation shaking

Dream of shaligram

Dreaming about clear blue sea with oil pastels

Dream my dead mother give me food

Deceased person photo

Drea.ing of naughty child

Dreaming of naugthy boy

Dreaming of parents not accepting the love

Dreaming of someone killing fish

Disappointing surprise birthday

Dream of seeing an human vowels

Drinking burukutu in a dream

Dream interpretation purple

Dreaming vomiting egg yolk

Dog in a freezer

Dream interpretation pouring

Dreaming of seeing carabao

Dream of my last father holding his hand

Dog attacking a bear

Dreamt of offering flowers to transgender in dream

Dreaming about becoming a second wife

Dreaming about some you like romantically

Dreaming about the same person

Dreaming of buying donuts

Drinking from a water fountain

Dreaming of a person already dead saying that he saw that person who is alive with tears in his eyes

Dream interpretation thermal

Dream interpretation smothering

Dream about plucked tamarind meaning

Dreaming of bible falling apart

Dreamt about being loyal to my boyfriend

Driveway palomino horse

Dreaming about mose

Dried mapane worm in a bag

Dried mopani worm in a bag

Dark clouds morphing into birds

Dead mom wearing

Daughter death by garbage dump truck

Dream about my daughter dying by a garbage dump truck

Dreaming about cooking mukgodu

Dream see a guy your going to meet

Dream see future husband

Dream see a husband

Dream that a prince is your boyfriend

Dream see a prince in a house

Dry lake swimming

Dream see a prince

Dreamt that my rented house was demolished

Dead father bit my face

Dream interpretation oil

Dream of dead father with new haircut

Dreaming of eating kolanut

Dreaming of kolanut started growing

Dream of been chase by a masquerade

Dream of unibrow

Dreaming of jesus christ in the last supper

Dream of being sprayed by water hose

Donating rice grain to people

Donating raw rice in dream to needy people

Dreaming black cow chased by other in the kraal

Dream of mothe

Dreaming of a black cow being chased by other ox in the kraal

Dreaming of cows lobola

Dreaming of futurelife house being messed when built

Dinner with richest family

Denying eating meat

Dream number bad bird

Daughter shot and killed

Dream white blood on the horses head

Dreaming about some one licking my hand

Dream fighting with my dad who is dead

Dreaming with beans and maize

Dreaming with ngitheri

Dream of child with three eyes

Dreaming my phone broken by my friends what does it mean?

Dreaming of me and my friends taking about the power of the mountain

Dreaming of myself with friends on top of the mountain

Dreamt rescued my colleague from fire

Drinking iron nails

Dead and floating

Dream about having roomates

Dreaming with exes frequently

Dream of pooing with a death husband

Dreaming of yellow and green mangos what doe it represent

Dreamed of cleaned and seasoned gar fish

Dreamt someone goes to hajj

Dream of cherry blossom

Dreaming of somebody that hates you wanting to go out with you and u refused

Dream of wearing black top

Dreaming about sheep tribe

Dreaming of a three legged pot

Dream of an address

Dreamed about choking on a snake

Dog killing crow

Dreaming of two dogs in my old house living there

Dreaming your dead grandpa

Dead pwt

Dream meaning of giving out palm oil to fetish people

Dream of someone deleting my name from where i wrote it on a paper

Dreaming of beating your deceased mother


Dream of fighting old enemies

Dream number brainjal

Dead mother wearing my shoes

Destroying an old shed for a new one

Doing prayers on top of kaabah

Drinking palm wine in my dream

Dream of electric cooker

Down a drain

Dreaming of happy shillong teer meaning

Dreaming of eating imifino?

Dream of mad woman given u massage

Dreaming about being the presidents bodyguard

Dream about worms

Dream of paying transport fare for myself and people

Dreaming of crossing a flooded broken bridge

Dream of bitter karela tree

Dream about eating a milk tart

Dreaming of me finish school

Dreaming of croissants

Dreaming of walking with green grass filled with water

Dreamt of my bathroom on fire

Dead mother in dream going up in buidking

Dream of orange snake in a celing

Dream of tap running in my bucket and the blueberries blossoms and fall into my bucket

Dreaming of seeing a sangoma in a dream

Dream of turkey following me

Dream of receiving a gift in the dream

Dream of receiving a gift from a mad person

Death man numbers

Dreaming playing stringed instrument

Dreaming singing number

Dream about dead mother in hospital

Digging a grave n getting a gold

Dreaming riding a donkey

Dreaming of matching pair of cushion covers, meaning?

Dog in temple

Dreaming seeing a pair of covers for the cushion, meaning?

Dreams of vomiting

Driving heard of cattle

Dead and relative

Dreaming about our ship was crash

Dream cleaning a doorstep

Dog eating sunflower

Drove a car down an elevator

Dream of red gift wrap paper

Dreaming president laughing at someone

Dream about old men putting water in your hands

Dreammeaningplucking mushroom


Dream of being attacked by a weasel

Draming for ex boyfriend

Dried sea

Dream interpretation salawati

Dyed red hair

Dead husban want live wige come with him

Dreams about cows heads

Dream of my son who wear a beard had clean shave

Dead person showing rage in a dream

Driving a donkey

Different types of animals following me and i am leading them

Death masks

Dreaming about my radio being stolen at my house

Deceased want to hit me with long belt

Dreaming eating sadza and fish and kapenta

Dreaming that am eating porridge

Dreaming of donating blood

Drinks dream meaning

Demons and portals

Dreaming you are wearing a blue uniform

Dream of losing pictures

Dustpan and brush

Digging a hole in the ground and finding water

Dreaning in the sea and waking up

Dreaming of my two month old grandson walking

Disabled child at birth

Dream see river maid

Dreaming of seeing holes

Dreaming a face on the skin

Deer, eyes, forest

Dreaming a face appearing on a finger

Dreaming a face appearing on the hand

Dream of being bath by my sister

Dream of cutting blisters out of feet

Demolished house dream

Dream of cracking eggs in a bowl

Dark entity try to enter through stomach

Dream of a string hanging from my mouth

Drawer shut on hand

Dreams of message received in code

Dream of someone pouring me alcohol in dream

Dream that my parent has cancer

Dream that i have cancer

Dead dad heals my newborn baby in a dream meaning

Dead father saved my baby in a dream

Dream a cup broken

Dark grey stingray

Dressing of an accident wound

Dog fight cat

Dog cat fighting

Dog and cat fight

Dream of a person face extremely black and moving out of control means

Dream of being in africa

Dream about sliding down broken tube

Dead uncle at dinner

Dreaming shoplifting razor and felt guilty, then struggle how to turn it back

Dreaming of picking fruit on ground

Down pour of rain

Dreaming about an aggressive dog bleeding


Dreaming of seeing five zero cent and one rand

Dreaming if giving my cousin chips only for her gift and i am crying

Drinking coconut in a dream

Dreaming being at church

Dreams with scars on face

Dreaming within garden while capturing some wild live dear

Dream of death and mad people

Dream of seeing your teeth clean and white

Dreaming of maternal house

Dreaming of someone coming back from abroad

Dream of having an affair with prince harry

Dream receiving iron

Dreaming of black nazarene

Dreaming someone giving you a rash

Dreaming of being together with someone i never talked to

Dream of somebody giving me egg to swallow

Dreaming that you are a different ethnic

Dad wanting food

Deleting images on phone

Driving on sinking road

Dreams of picking guava leaves

Dreaming of dyeing your hair maroon

Dreaming of dying your hair maroon

Dream of snakes on someones body and a snake touched someone with is mouth three times

Dreaming of you getting vitiligo

Dream about packed, dry groundnuts

Dreaming of a leaking church roof

Dreaming of a new payslip

Dry fire wood on a heap of sand

Dreaming about a block building

Dreaming of giving someone coin change

Dream i heard the name jessica out of my uncle mouth

Dreaming that seeing someone digging deep removing out things from the grave of disease

Dreaming of a green parrot

Dreaming about a jerry can full of water

Dreaming about your sister giving you a full water jerry can

Dreaming that seeing someone digging deep pulling out things from the grave of disease

Dreams of reciting surah yasin in casting demons in someone

Dreaming buying fried cassava

Dreaming that seeing someone digging putting out things from grave

Drinking of anointing oil in the dream

Daughter wearing red beautiful saree in dream

Dreaming of cleaning mud of your foot

Dreaming of cleaning mud of your shoe and foot

Dream of restoration

Dressing in a yellow long dress and long open in front black silky like coat

Dreaming that received a white envelope w lots of checks i gave my mum one

Dream of feces covered with sand

Dreaming of walking to office building to submit cv

Door locked in a room

Door locked ina aroom

Dirty sugar

Dreaming a bowling pin was a phone

Dreaming about saving someone that is badly hurt

Dressing a child

Dream of a damp wall

Dream connecting water pipe

Dream of smashing grapes

Death man my dreem no

Dad had a dream i had a daughter

Dreaming of green curtain in my house

Dead relative renovating ur house

Door with loose screws

Dead father falling in toilet

Dream of seeing a blur sparks what does it mean

Dreaming seeing someone complaining not having money

Dreaming of someone complaining not having money

Dream of a person complaining about not having money

Dreaming my father giving me land

Dog entering room

Dreamt of my own feet being covered in black

Dream of pumpkin and tomato

Dreaming of having injury in the dream

Dad moving away and not telling me

Dream of threw away the bunch of keys

Dreaming of washing hands on a running tap water

Dream of becoming cristian bishop

Dreaming of serving a king food and he smiled at me

Dream healing bowl

Dream of three women dressed in black on a bridge

Dream of the end of the world

Drema of mother

Di beri cincin oleh mantan

Dream of putting aloe vera in hair

Dreaming about being able to change what people look

Dreaming a bold

Dreaming about shembe someone is telling you about your problems

Dead grandma admiring my sisters babysin

Dead grandma admiring my. a y nephew

Dram of dark figure in the hallway, dead grandma admiring my baby nephew saying she loves him.

Dream about get hit in my car by a diseal truck

Dreaming about toned shoes for an expartner

Dreaming of deceased dad


Dead person plaits your hair in your dream

Dead person posits your hair halfwayin a dream

Devorced wife

Dreams of husband buying plane ticket to come home

Dream of carrying a jembe

Dead crayfish

Dream counting peas

Dream of bathing in a creek

Dreaming of roundvel house

Dead grandmother dream in pregnancy

Dead person asking for a lipstick

Dream dog bite my private part

Dreaming myself getting married

Dream of my mom being angry with me but not my mo.

Demon killing my mom

Dreaming of lord vitthal

Dead parent bath

Dream means of female cousin

Dream of a person in a vegetative state

Dreaming about red meat

Dreamt about my husband and ex and didmt know how to choose

Dangling legs from ceiling

Dreamed my daughter was possessed and tried to kill me

Dead-sister-gets-married in the dream

Double left fingers in my dream

Dreaming of packing palm kernel

Dust on wooden floor

Dog and cat fighting

Dreamt chicks coming from a sack

Dreaming of siying a holes in a wall

Dreamed with my deceased son saying he was waiting for me

Dream meaning of wearing church uniform and eating orange fruit

Dead girlfriend

Dream of packing parents home up

Dead husband helping me counting money

Daycare inspector

Dream about cleaning sheep intenstinee

Dreaming about over weight people

Dog waring mask

Dream of holding white nylons

Dream about dog having scabies meaning.

Dog has scabies in a dream

Dream of mustache on a woman

Dream of walking w dead sister

Dark blue ocean

Dreaming of ababy stools in your hand

Dreaming of love

Dream of grass

Dable women

Discouraging friend

Duppy but not one of family members

Dreaming of a young child drinking tea but it change to water

Dreaming of a young child drinking tea buh it change to water

Dreaming of someone with ripped pants

Dream about getting lost in strange town

Dream of eating from the pot

Dream interpretation oral

Death sister dream number shilong

Drem about gossip

Dream about my co wife crying whiles about to wash clothes

Dream number seing wrong signature

Dream having huge discharge in the private part

Driving down construction road

Driving down unfinished road

Drinking warm custard

Demon possesion of a friend

Demon poessio

Dream of someone peeling cassava

Dreamt i cracked an egg over the skillet and it was full of blood

Dream having a flask and it breaks .what does it mean

Dreamt of wearing nysc uniform

Dream having a flask and it breaks

Dreaming of a yellow big snake

Dictionnaire des reves


Dream someone give me his paper during the examination

Dreaming about duck like head snake

Death women come at home

Damaging an ornaments

Documents were stolen

Dreaming if a huge unknown dangerous spider

Dream about given a powder milk in dream

Dead person asking to come with them

Dreaming of mopani nworms

Dreaming in field with a baby eating fresh maize meal

Dream police beat my son and arrested him for

Dreaming bying a watch

Dream police arrested my son

Dream of a friendly lion

Dreaming of saint joseph

Deceased mother flowers

Dreaming of dwarfs resident in your compound

Dream meaning of a pastor drinking alcohol

Dreaming of putting poop in your mouth and flushing it

Dream of baby boy vomiting

Dream keeping chickens that lay eggs

Dream poultry farming

Dreaming im.selling scrapt iton

Dreamt of seeing cake in my dream

Dreaming im.selling scrat ion

Dreamed koeksisters

Dreaming of being in group of chinese

Dream number for one zero zero

Dreaming of my boyfriend cooking for me

Dreaming cleaning sufurias and scrubing them

Dead mother demanding money

Dropping coin into toilet bowl

Doorstep islam

Doorsteps broken

Dream of halva making

Dead relative on the clouds

Dream of amasi

Dream of tentacles being cut and flush

Dreaming yourself eating amasi

Dreaming of the past

Dream of goodbye to a past love

Dreaming of your ex crying

Dream of a past goodbye

Daughter missing half her arm

Dog killing a rabbit

Dream of maize with weevils

Dream of maize weevils

Dreaming of a stranger carrying a dead body to my work place

Dream wearing wedding dress

Dream overeating

Dream of someone beating my dad

Departed mother in dream asking for money to buy a car

Dreaming of blood in the toilet bowl

Dreams of doors closing

Dead person giving cucumber

Do not ignore the archer

Difficulty playing piano

Dreams inside of dreams

Doves in room

Dog babies some dead

Divine mercy

Dreaming place

Dream of giving somebody cloves

Dead husband cleaning my house while my present husband walk out with a towel

Dead husband cleaning my house

Dreaming someone mooping the floor

Dream meaning of you jumping in a hole

Dream of holes meaning

Dreaming of a woman asking another woman for a dress

Dreaming of giving someone a black and white dress

Dream of soursop tree

Dream number mushroom

Dream of a shoe box filled with snacks

Dissapointing sympathy

Dissapointing sympathx

Drinking poisonous water

Dreaming of a sick person healed

Deer killing someone

Diamond eye

Diving into water with girlfriend

Dream seeing and smelling alot of dead fish

Dream about the planet saturn

Dream about the president of the us.

Dream about running from police

Dream of killing a bat in house

Dreams of killing a bat meaning

Dreaming a snake went under car

Dream of a fish in a bucket

Ded person telling sick

Dried flood

Dream about armoured bank car

Dream about bed

Dreaming about african chewing gum

Dream about given a cowrie shell

Dreaming of seeing yam lotto numbers

Dream about leaking milk

Dream calendar


Daughter standing next to my bedroom

Dead brother come to sister in a dream talking about his feet

Driving a big truck

Dreaming of my crush being taller than me

Driving a monster truck

Dreaming of bags of cement

Dream of clams

Dreams with celebrities

Dreams about royal blue cars

Dream of a cemetery on fire

Dream that you eat nutmeg and you feel like electric current running through your body

Dream of some tangle gold necklace

Dream is water in your feet

Dream of picking broken egg shells out of your food

Dream of picking up broken egg shells

Dream of locking yourself in a house

Dream of throwing someone out of your house

Dead father eating in dream

Dead person appear in the dream as sick

Dirty cotton buds

Dreaming you have broken a charcoal stove

Dream about my dad committing suicide

Death certificate in a dream of urself

Deleted all my photos

Dreaming of ex brother inlaw

Dream of cooking and eating dead body

Dream meaning of a panga

Dead person teling you to give a paper to someone

Dreaming of s

Death accident of uknown

Dream harvesting ripe cocoa

Dreaming being anointed oil by a child you dont know

Daughter in law and her family in dream

Dream come true

Deceased mother and fish

Dreaming of driving a black mercedes benz

Dreaming giving a phone to a white girl numology

Dreaming seeing two white girls numology

Dreaming of a black boy eating fish bones numology

Dreaming of a white girl pitching an eye numology

Dreaming eating rice numology

Dreaming eating fish numology

Dreaming of a sword numology

Dreaming of a slasher numology

Dreaming bumped by white lady numology

Dreaming of a big gate numology

Dream in tortoise meaning in islam

Dreaming of a white girl giving me a phone numology

Dream of an traditional healer

Dreaming of someone cutting hair numology

Dead relative pooping

Dreaming of plants numology

Dead peolpe

Dreaming of dead celebrities

Dream blue plastic chairs

Dreamt of myself picking orange on a tree

Dream of wearing late fathers hat

Dreaming of a white man numology

Does eating pork in dream have effects

Dead grandfather in dream


Dreaming of a single white horse funeral

Double sided rose

Dreaming sitting inside a military bud

Dreams of of wearing tored cloth

Dreams of wearing a tored cloth

Dream of wearing a tored cloth.

Distributing pens and pencils to learners in relation to searching teaching post in real life.

Distributing pens and pencils to learners.

Dream speaking in phone

Dreaming about drinking water from a leaf

Dreaming about peeling matoke

Dream of eating maas

Dream of my bf babyma/gf n i riding the same car n going to the same place

Dreaming about selling bone meat

Dads bruised eye

Dream nurse visit me

Dreaming of the holy quran

Donkey fith

Dream of booby traps

Dream meaning of eating beans and ripe plantains

Dream of pouring alcohol in your woun and drinking some

Driving a van with empty seat with a sword

Dreaming about the seven trumpets

Dreaming you moving with donkey pulled vehicles in high speed

Death dancing green dress


Defending dead husband

Dreaming vomiting black and red beads

Dead person eating a food

Dream meaning of buying uziza leaf

Dreaming of someone running mad

Dream eating pap and turnip

Dreaming of cleaning the cobweb in the house

Dreaming of cleaning the copweb in the house

Dream about salary increase

Dog biting your feet

Dream of everyone dying

Dirty brush

Dream about toys marriage

Dreaming about pork meat (had)

Death men dream namber

Dreaming pounding maize

Dreaming of a home

Dreaming about someone staring at you

Dreaming about an aswang

Dead mother cleaning rat poop

Dreaming of my dead grandfather asking for water to bath

Dream about someone who left return back in the dream more beautiful with fine clothes

Dream of black face

Defending islam

Dead friend is at party

Dream of fetching water inside a bucket and the water was pouring away

Dreaming ironing a trouser

Dreaming given brown sugar

Dream of tallest people and big bodies

Dream of arabic writing in the sky

Dreaming your partner dying in car accident

Discover unclocked door

Dreaming meaning of seeing rain

Dreaming meaning of building a house grass

Dream about helicopter ride

Dream of eating pounded yam

Dream of having centipedes coming out of your clitoris

Ducks in a puddle of water

Duck in a puddle water

Dog lucking my finger

Dreamed o a friend who got beaten

Dream of a big kite in my hand meaning

Dream of seeing zombies

Door handle co.es loose from the door

Dream of picking something from the garbage or refuse

Dialadipated known temple

Dialadipated known templw

Dream about someone pooping on a grave

Dark armpit indream meaning

Dreamt of raw leg meat of a carabao then cooked it

Doing lunges with dumbbells

Dead son diving into calm water

Drink and coke

Dream oh huge hole

Dream interpretation uphuza

Dog being murdered

Deceased dance teacher

Dream interpretation cats

Door light open

Dream of lot of boys i know being nice to me

Deceased loved one on a red horse

Deceased father gifting daughter with white dress

Dreaming of a live snake

Dream interpretation moose

Dream of walk pregnant

Dreamt of my picture on notice board

Dream waking up from a dream in my dreams

Dream being in a dream

Dream about god bright light

Dream about god

Dream about waving to ourselves

Dog bite arm

Dream interpretation miscarriage

Dreaming of red scarf

Deceased sister wearing wedding white shoes

Demon kiss

Demon kissed me in dream

Dark night and angel wing

Dreamiu with white shirt stained meaning

Dog smell my ass

Dog sniffing my ass in a dream

Deceased call on phone

Dead perrson

Dead sister in-law

Dream have a keg of palm oil

Dream i seem jesus tomb

Dream i seem the door tomb of jesus and i seem jesus face

Difficulties in climbing stairs

Dream of the dumb speaking

Dead mom ask to give her red bangles