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Dream Dictionary - A to Z

Dreams starting with the letter D

Dream of meeting your long distance boyfriend

Dream about dead celebrity

Dreaming of friend filing

Dream of scrambling and suffocating a cat

Dead pastor falling in dream

Dream about crush leaning on my shoulder

Dreaming with dead grandmother calling me to go with her

Door remove

Dreaming a child who is disrespectful

Dreams about someone underestimated me

Dead person washing pots

Dreaming of a bird giving high five

Doctor touched my face

Dancers gymnists on stage

Dreamt of digging in a dumpster and finding clothes and shoes

Dead parents and boyfriend

Doa mahfil

Dreaming of being at school and it changes to dreaming of water

Dreaming of wat

Dreamt of healing mad person

Dreamt of hearing

Dream of baby cloths being stoled

Dream of baby cloths being stolen

Dreaming someone close to you have a rash

Digging tunnel find diamond

Daughter losing a baby tooth

Dreaming about someone delivering gift.

Drawing water from the tap on the mountain in a dream

Drawing water from the tap in a dream

Dreaming of albino women and men

Dog catching and eating snake

Dream of someone giving me bedspread

Dream of a bedspread

Dream meaning of pouring bottle of wine on the head

Danny draem model

Dream of running away from celebrity in airplane to my red cadillac car

Dreaming in pastel hues.

Dress in front of people

Dizzy confused and falling

Dreaming dead person give me flowers

Dream of filling drums with clean water

Dreaming about buying stasoft

Dreaming of finding a very big turkey from your store and glies away higher

Dream of rooms with no walls

Deceased mom pregnant

Dreaming of child with down syndrome

Doll come to life

Demon in church

Dreaming my late brother asking for money

Dead person going on umrah

Dream about eating alligatorpepper and kolanut in a funeral gathering means what

Dreaming that you are cooking for your mother inlaw

Dream of seeing my wife friend branding pepper for me in the dream

Dreaming picking up maize grains from river sand

Dreaming of harvesting sugar canes

Dreaming of ugobela wakho

Dreaming of a floating white ball enter my body

Dreaming of a floating white ball enter into my head

Dead give you a wedding ring

Dreaming of rebbel fighters

Dream about having long nails

Dreaming of killing a tortoise in my house

Dream of three snake one bite my wife but she kill the three snakes

Dreamst of seeing a dead person eating rice and fish

Dream about bathing with a lady

Dreaming of myself preaching

Dream meaning of a grey clean wheelie bin

Dreaming of mom flying rice

Dream seeing momflying tice

Door fell on me

Dreaming received 3full sacks

Dreaming of someone looking at you

Dream of mickey mouse hands floating in front of my face

Dreaming of premature eggs

Dreaming about a madman your virginia and it mad me upset

Dreaming of wearing a doek

Daffodil bulbs

Dreaming maas

Dreaming of scones on your birthday

Dream of raking leaves

Dream cooking pap on fire and pap finished whilst am still cooking

Dream of about to eat yam and pam oil

Distribution bread

Dream of having four eyes

Dead boy alive seeting on bycycle

Dream of buying

Dancing with my daughter

Dreaming about the president

Dead person with pig face

Dream of seeing a seer

Dream of my ex die

Deceased mom eating watermelon

Dreams of you sweeping in the classroom whilst other are sitting

Dream of charging my phone

Dreaming of boyfriend waking from coma

Dream of your ex died

Dirty sleepers in a deam

Dr among about poopin ceiling fall into my head

Dreaming of my teacher flogging me

Dreaming about my ex boyfriend

Dreaming that you have been ruptured by jesus and tht jesus appears in the clouds

Dream of wetting bed

Drilling hole in head

Dreaming of plugging jute leave in your dreams

Drill through the head

Dog bite the lips

Dream seeing your son

Dream building local grass house near water

Dream building local grass house in swarmed area

Dream about little brother hitting my mum

Dream of victor being pulled.

Dirty water in a bath dream

Death women dream mening

Deceased taking a shower

Dream interpretation rice

Dream about taking holy communion in the church

Draining ocean

Devine mercy

Dry lips kisses meaning

Dreaming you are being abducted in your own automobile

Dreaming you are being abducted in your own car

Dreaming of getting demons out of a female baby

Dreaming of supervising exams,in a classroom

Dream of drinking nail polish

Dreaming that i have falling in a toilet

Dream meaning of sharing pap to people

Dreaming of a calabash

Dream interpretation crossing

Dream interpretation bags

Dead and person

Dreaming pickin eggs in dream

Dreaming eating grilled peanuts

Deceased husbands body on a bed

Dreaming of a house that is slowly swallowed by ground

Dream of a thief holding a knife with the helmet on running

Dream deceased father


Dreaming women and child on her back

Dead brother asking for water to drink

Dreaming about my boyfriend searching for me and protecting me.

Dreaming about someone searching for me and protecting me

Dreaming about coffines

Dream of snake entering your house

Dream my cat tooth falling

Drawing marmaid death

Demon blue

Dream interpretation wild

Dreams about oro

Dreaming of the ex and a snake

Dreaming your farther as a giant

Dreamt of having a hole in tooth but was eventually filled

Dreamt about cooking for my mother in law

Dreamt about cooking for. my mother inlae

Deaf babbies

Down syndrome baby boy

Dreaming of laying in a grave

Dream about a guy asking me to be his girlfriend

Dead mother dream trying to wake you up

Dream of spitting out fish

Drowning cows

Diya going off in front of god

Downhill street

Drunk foreteller

Different size pizzas

Dream of two heads

Dreaming about old currency

Dead person praying

Dead grandma working with me

Dreaming about maintanance of taps.

Dreaming receiving a lot of money

Dreaming of someone walking with no legs.

Dreaming holding a beautiful baby

Dreaming of a 50rand

Dream of lady with balck face

Dream of torn passport on the sis

Dream of buying green leaf

Dreaming my husband to decorate new duve on the floor then from no where a child with it from it

Dreaming of shear butter meaning

Dreaming about a girl swimming in the water full of worms then i drink the water

Dream the tap of the bathtub was running clear then turns red

Dreaming about talking care bosses shoes

Dreaming buying old clothes

Dirty foot bottoms

Dream of sister seducing partner

Dream of two five cents

Deceased dad tells me that he forgives me for not giving him a piece of cake

Dream of father getting beat uo

Dream of marble meanings

Door not fitting in frame

Dream about music playing in mosque

Digging in the ground and water comes out

Dream of being with deceased father alive with cologne

Dorsal fin

Dorsal fin out of water and tail

Dreaming eating green grapes

Dream about dying person

Diamond missing from engagement ring

Dreaming of a talking wall

Dreamt that a relative had finished building two houses

Dreaming of wearing a red dress(seshweshwe)

Dreaming my granny drinks tea

Dream about seeing a big

Dropped toasted bread on the floor

Dreaming of wearing defferent shoes

Dreaming wearng different shoes

Dream plucking pepper

Dreaming out of deep sloped

Dreaming about a late father holding on to you without letting go

Deceased relative in pink

Deceased relative pink

Driving car dream

Dream a hole in my house

Dead cow mooing

Dreamt of st christopher necklace

Dreamt of st christopher medal

Dreamt i covered his wound

Dreamt of a war wound bleeding

Driving a dark blue car

Dream of giving a white handkerchief by a prophet

Dream of buying wrist watch

Dream interpretation long

Dreaming of walking in a forest

Dream interpretation hindhuism

Dead kite bird

Dead pet fading

Dreaming a passport being ruined at border gate

Dead body of my passed away sister

Dreaming with sewage and trying to urinate in that dirty

Dreamt that someone want to steal my phone

Dream interpretation skinwalker

Dragging someone by the hair

Dreaming about someone that has died long ago

Dreaming of being handcuffs and later get released

Dead body floating down river

Dethe man

Dreaming of an albino baby boy

Dream is eating yam porridge in a restaurant

Dream about gatden fork

Dreaming about two earths

Dream about my wife going back to high school

Dreaming about the church to be dirty

Dream of where someone give me money after i helped the person and i rejected

Dreamt eating chapati means

Dream when a passport is torn in pieces

Death men number

Dreaming snake

Dreaming of earing aweets

Dog attacking snake

Dream of meat pie

Dreaming of someone got skin cancer


Dawah dream

Domen tellsyou to be quit

Dream of unwrapping unknown human head

Dreaming of dry maize

Devi idol falling

Dream about girls wearing traditional attire and they about to take you away

Dreaming of placenta falling out from my body

Dreaming of your husband wearing a jersey front at the back

Dream of holding a colander

Demonic thing putting figure from left hand

Dream where im marrying my boyfriend but without a ring

Dreaming of someone being bite by a crazy person or mad

Dream interpretation painting

Dream interpretation thick

Dreaming taking wine in a gold cup with a group of people

Dreaming about my late grandmother haversting her garden

Dreaming on a taxi

Dreaming about an old lady

Dead person giving cloth in dream

Death by spear

Dream of killing multiple snakes

Dream of taking care of patients in hospital

Dream of a dog sucking sucking human

Demon knocking scared son no escape

Dream holding a baby girl

Dogs or wolfs

Dead grandfather is sitting quietly

Dream old friend

Dream about my body is covered in red cloth

Dead father seen as a statue

Dream of mother

Dreaming of the number five

Dreamt escaping from arrest twice

Daughters boyfrienf

Dreaming my sister trying to harm me

Dream about a my dead aunt wearing a wedding dress

Dream of coup

Deceased father visiting in a dream

Date gone wrong

Dead person giving something that others want

Dream of the same school with my fiance

Demonic ape

Dreaming about your past

Donkeys and cats

Dream about harvesting of rice

Drain water

Dreaming of someone washing your feet

Dreaming of someone lending me money

Dreaming of two white ladies

Dream number for drill

Dream preaching in a large hall

Dreamed about devil when i was real young

Dreaming dog bites my son gently

Dog bites my son gently

Discolored ring

Dream of sm1 wearing a white dress and going upward

Dreaming my

Drowned in a river

Dreamt of the kkk

Dreams of being demoted at work

Dream about mushroom in a farm

Dreaming of dried meat

Dreaming of seing a lot biltong meat at an old place i used to leave

Dream of children laughing and bringing you a gift

Dreamt i was walking near a river and rain

Dead person going to be hanged

Dreaming of not having transport fare

Dreaming someone telling me to blow some white powder

Dream of fighting a white lady in my room

Dreaming of a faded photo of myself

Dead father called her daughter to come with him

Dream of peeing black urine

Dreaming about washing clothes in a stream then water carries the clean clothes

Dying then staying behind as a ghost

Driving with no wheels

Dreaming meaning blue glass

Dead father faked his own death

Dream interpretation by mumbi

Dream about fitting new dress

Dream about cooking and servings the president by mumbi

Dead uncle giving jackfruit in a dream

Dead uncle giving me jav

Dream of beating a madman n breaking is head mean


Dream of pouring alcohol down

Dream of having stock of mandazi

Dead person catered food pepperoni

Dream of buying a political party regalia

Dreaming same dreams same place

Dead father invite to birthday party

Dream about double cab full of people

Dream about my ears being black

Dead sister cleaning for me

Dream of conductor

Dreaming of a beautiful cake with tan icing

Driving a go-kart at night

Deceased uncle gives me food

Dismemeber a cats head

Doniting tile for the temple

Dream passing through the tornado

Dream passing through the tonado

Dream seeing some one taking charcoal from your house

Dream seeing someone taking charcoal from your house

Dry cryfish in dream

Diaper with poop

Detmold dream

Diapher with pups

Dead mom sick in dreams

Dream of eating kpomo

Dreaming of helping my step dad to cook chicken on a stove

Dangs opem

Dreaming of halve smoke cigarettes in my hands with money

Dog with the head of a human

Dreaming of hiding

Dreaming having a baby shower wearing white clothing

Dreaming of bungalow

Dark cowries in dream

Driving with my trunk open

Dreaming brewing maheu in dirty kitchen

Dreaming brewing maheu in the kitchen

Deceased dad unrecognisable

Deceased dad not recognising

Dream of eating githeri

Dreaming mud in the kitchen at work

Dream an enemy hiding your shoe

Dancing tango with a man not my husband


Dead loved one darkness

Dream about a woman virginia is not smiling properly

Dream of car

Diriving airplane

Dreams meaning of eating utazi leaves

Driving plane

Dream of gold fire

Dreams of receiveing plenty of puffy

Dead father holding two kids

Dream of some girly give buckhorn leafe in dream

Dream when boss you put my cv is tourching my private parts

Dreaming brewing maheu

Dream of someone putting pegs in someone hair

Dead person is dead again

Dreaming a relative becoming lame

Dearm of dead sister is sick

Dead person sick in my dream

Dream of kissing a girl classmate who was my friend

Dog kissing me

Dream about being a senior prefect of a college

Dream of someone breaking there neck

Dreaming eggs on a tree as fruits

Dreaming when a goat is giving birth

Dreaming of a chicken without feathers

Dreamed about my deceased grandmother

Dreaming my husband wearing new heavy shoes

Dreaming eating dog meat

Dogs meat

Dreaming being chased by people you do not know

Dismembering and eating myself

Dreaming my late mom planting

Dream meaning of eating pigeon eggs

Dreaming a chinnese woman in a university or mall

Dreaming we were fighting against a monster

Dream translation where i give greeting and leave

Displaying madness

Dream of bitten money

Dirty tap water

Dream sleepy with woman

Dead fish with wings

Dead father takes you shopping.

Dream of my brother and his wife threw their own baby

Dreaming your ex boyfriend has a new lover

Dreaming seeing yourself ugiga

Dreaming with eyes shut

Dreamed about ny late father cutting down three trees

Dead toking phone

Dance into a trance

Dreaming of marrying a celebrity

Dream of manufactured home splitting apart

Dream of my mobile home splitting apart

Dreams of my double wide mobile home splitting apart

Dreamt about myself in an aero plane and later in a hotel

Dreaming of killing hyena

Dirt coming out of navel

Dreaming seeing a hare

Dog sucking my brest

Dream of wood

Dream of my sons xgirlfriend

Dream of new corrugated iron

Dream about your daughter in-law passed away but in reality she is alive

Dream of fomer president

Directing and acting a movie

Dream of a dead person trying to lock a door am trying to open

Dreaming about chines man

Dreaming about chineas man

Dreaming about giving a tied pig water to drink

Dream about hole in front of my shop

Dreaming of eating pap and fried chicken lucky numbers

Dream meaning of cleaning cobwebs

Dreaming a sangoma talking to me teling me i have a calling

Dreaming about a dead man walking

Dream of blowing a trumpet

Dream of climbing hill top temple

Drinking gingerale

Dream of being in a box

Dream of it

Dreaming of eating pizza in a restaurant, with family and asking a fair price for everyone

Dreaming of eating a pizza with family and asking for a fair price for everyone

Dead cobra snake

Dead husband wanting a divorce

Driving in a golf cart with my sister who slips or falls out of the cart and rolls down the grassy hill on the golf course

Dream a prophetess is sleeping in my bed

Drinking auger water in a drea

Dreaming a prophetess lying in my bed

Dad giving me bracelets as a gift

Dreaming of having suprise party

Dreaming of dou of dough

Dreaming of dough

Dream of cut on right foot

Dream with a huge cut under right foot

Dream with a huge cut under my right foot

Deceased mother,new

Dreaming about my deceased mother buying me some new clients thes

Dreaming you are in war

Damaged pi toilet

Dreaming pumpkin leaves in field

Dreaming of a snake in my salad

Dream meaning of cows destroying maize field

Dreaming in a business enterprise

Dreaming of an atm machine

Dream of a deceased friend showing up

Dreaming of an empty old school

Dreaming of seeing clothes on the line

Dream that am giving people holy eucharist

Dream of deceased father playing with child

Dream of sailing in a big ship with family like first time experience

Dreaming of a crusade

Dreams about seeing a empty pen spiritual meaning

Dream receiving big property

Dreaming of brown mud

Dreaming of person that dies who has black scabs on his body

Dreaming about goat giving triplet baby birth

Dreaming of someone giving me nido and milo

Dreams about someone else wearing torn clothes

Dream of getting reliesh from the farm

Dream of cutting someone with a cutlass

Dreaming of a gift of new shirt

Dream of my elder sister having a pet lion and i was with them

Deceased father and i asked what are you doing here

Deceased father rocking in rocking chair laughing

Deceased relative and snake in a dream

Dreaming about your daughter died in a fire

Digging my father from his grave

Dreaming when you give dogs raw meat

Dream about missed perid

Dreamed that my brother was blind and i was mean to him

Damaged right hand

Dreaming of finding white stone in road

Dreaming of finding white stone in a river

Drifting in sea

Dreaming sinking ship with my loving dog

Dream of ship sinking with family but the captain use technique. to save the ship to sink with my loving dog

Disappearing magic dust

Dog running from me

Dream of people giving me gifts

Dream of someone gave me a toothpaste

Dead asking to make food

Dead asking to make paratha

Dreaming that i will lose my little boy then me crying

Dead father give money.

Dad being a murderer

Dyeing golden hair

Dreaming that my crush moved on

Dream about someone shooting your head

Dreaming white round cloude bust what does it means

Diseased ex hands me note after pulling me out of the pool

Deserved husband

Dreaming of a dead child

Dream mining of close to the prime minister

Dream of steering fish

Dead person say his house is dirty

Dream of a brocken leg

Dreaming with a snake and killing it

Dreaming with snake

Dream of women and little girl at work named lydia

Dreaming about a girl i used to like

Dream about spaghetti

Dreaming when your s are sagging and one is taller than the other.

Dream about deceased mother having a party this happened right after my first granddaughter was born

Dream number woman

Dream about deceased mother throwing a party, (this dream

Dreaming of an entiurage

Dream one one

Drunken son

Dry arceca nut dream

Dream of bodies being dumped in an abandoned house

Dream giant grain of sand

Dream puja preparation


Dreams of having bowel movements

Duple ganger dream

Dreaming of your father talking to him

Dream of seeing someone kill a dog

Dream about visa interview in america ambasador

Dreaming of sister and hamburger

Dreaming of sister and hamburger a dream

Dream someone throwing sand on you

Dreaming if me singing in the church zion?

Dreaming of me singing in the church of zion

Daughter living unhappy marriage

Dragonfly landing on my head

Dragon fly landing on my head

Dream of a man waiting for me when i go to a restroom

Dream of a man waiting for me when i go to restroo

Dream gift of cock

Dream death parents giving gold

Death dad giving gold chain to son

Deep crying

Dreamt we are keeping chickens at home for selling and the house was with so much house properties.

Dream you are given cock

Dead person celebrating his birthday

Dream of reaping tomatoes

Dream of on anouther planet

Diging foundation in dream meaning

Dream of being carried by a man

Dreaming seeing a dead person bathing with clothes on

Dream meaning of a very big room filled with building materials

Dreaming bathing a dead old grandma

Dreaming your talking to yourself as yourself in the dream

Dog eating human

Dreaming shopping food with girfriend

Destroying mosque

Dead men drive hurse

Dead men drives a horse with fam

Doing garden

Dead men building a wall and driving a car with family

Dreaming while sitting with a wife of the president

Driving in boiling water

Drinking wrong soda

Drinking soda with a friend

Drink g

Dream about ex boyfriend plotting to kill me

Died grandmother gives a baby boy

Dreaming of seeing onion

Dreaming of snow falling looking out a window

Dismembered cat

Dream of swimming in dirty water

Dream of white plates meaning

Dream mobile

Dreaming of rich people

Dreaming seeing a bird in your bed

Dreaming of a secret gather in a church

Dreaming about christiano ronaldo

Dreaming about cr7

Deceased mom looking for mittens


Dead person invites you to go with them

Door for young people

Dream about a lady gifting me sanitary pads

Dreamed of a big black snake in a bare tree

Deceased bought a house and put on property

Dreaming about udid wada

Dreaming about udod wada

Dreaming when fetching a firewood

Dreaming when swimming in a river

Dreaming of bicycle that has broken part s

Dreaming of getting stabbed multiple times in the hands

Dreaming of being an anime boy

Dream of me seducing a girl

Dreaming of unripe paw paw

Dream about two mens

Dream of a bag of wet rice

Dog eating human baby in dream

Dreaming eating pearls then you found out is rotten

Dream about creepy woman with dark hair looking down

Dream about finding out a green cult

Dreaming a blackbird bites you

Driving on the road around animal stools

Driving on the road around the animal poop

Dehorning elephant dream

Dreams of avocado

Demacating a land in the cemetry with guidance from people you know and some you dont know

Death of my grandaughtet

Dead body rotten

Dream about my husband committing suicide

Dreaming about seen green mahangu in the field meaning

Dogs chasing me but not catching me

Dreaming of worms on a cook fish

Dream about eating fried cockroach

Dream sharing crayfish

Dreaming of peaceful happy angels in the clouds

Dreams for many sweet

Dream of being in a cave

Disrispectful child

Dead person asking for someone alive

Dead grandma asking betel leaf

Dreaming about paying more money in the dream that others

Dream my mom appearing from the ground wearing my clothes

Dream of a former president in love with me

Dreaming of mould on your ow and on your walls

Drinking pap in the dream

Destroyed septic tank with flies

Deceased husband crying in a dream

Dreaming of a tall tree bearing beetroot fruits and picking seeds under the beetroot tree

Diversion in dream

Dream wen skating with a soldier not in uniform

Dream of being given your own lost ting

Dream of company uniform

Daughter fails test

Dreaming making soup

Dreaming about jewelry and fruits

Daughter break up with boyfriend

Dream of death more

Dream of signing your signature inside the church walls

Dream broken ship in warter

Dream of daughter marrying her ex

Dead one

Dead mother wearing all red clothes and diamond bracelet

Disorganized table

Dream about someone giving me a perfume

Delivering newspapers to hospital

Dreaming praying for my dead mother

Dreaming praying for the dead

Dream about being at the edge of a clift

Dream about hairy armpit

Dreaming of receiving gift as mangalsutra

Dog urinating my blanket

Dream of giving assignments to the class

Dream of being a class leader in high school

Dead grandparent giving me a broom

Dream of land lady with her family

Dead love one

Dead inviting

Dreaming of eating sand

Dreaming of washing hands in flowing water

Dreaming of crossing both big and small rivers which are dangerous

Dreaming of large amount of water from underground

Dreaming that i was giving my crush a dirt look

Dreaming when my decease mother is vomiting

Dreaming of removing jiggers in your body

Dream taking thorns out of my hands

Dark bruise on leg

Dead s ister

Drawstring inserter

Dead person selected some cloths

Dream about my sick dad in the hospital

Dream of being a giant

Dreamt of seeing myself flying

Delivered a child

Dream plastic mesning

Dream abouth nu son wropped in plastick

Dice crumbling

Dream of slow rising tide flooding the landscape gradually

Dead person together with living person

Dead person together with living person both wearing white

Dreaming preaching

Dry kiss\\\\

Digging out the coffin of my dead mother

Deceased walking away from you

Dreamt that my hand, finger and fingernails were black

Digging for treasure

Dreaming of deceased parents

Dream of wearing a blue traditional dress with gray blanket

Dream animal that gives birth

Different animals giving birth seen in a dream

Dream of buying tapioca

Dream stolen my bed sheets

Dream about your late mother

Deceased father misbehaving with me dream

Dad in coffin struggling to breath or talk

Dreaming of girlfriend cleaning my mothers house

Deseased mother

Deceased mother with dioreah and vomiting

Deceased mother vomiting and diorea


Dropping crystal

Dangerous dreams in cold weather

Dead asking food

Dreaming building a house sinking

Daughter kidnapped

Dreams about eggs

Dreaming of receiving pay

Dreaming of other men

Dreaming about entering a new house

Dream yourself very tallf

Dream yourself very tall

Dream with man you love

Dream tin

Dream of house onfire and my jewels was s

Dream of baby in trouble

Dream of a

Dream about qurbani n talk abou

Death of one/

Death and gathering of people

Dead person doesnt want to be barried

Dream of crossing a bridge fill with water in a vehicle driven by a driver

Dead person coming

Dead person angry on alive person

Dead came back to life

Dead body of dead relative

Dirty wood

Dreaming being barefoot in a toilet

Dreaming about giving an apron to someone

Dreams about holding slasher

Dead pastor giving a glass of wine

Dead person asking me for white duptts

Dreaming about having a fair with a politician and your family bowing down for him

Dying my hair green

Dreaming a child is released from jail

Dead person being rained on

Dreams with shooting stars

Dreamed seeing a heap of harvested sorghum in front of me

Dreaming the chicken feet are tired

Dreaming being helped by old man

Dreaming of attending mega crusade

Dreaming of white goat

Dreaming of ancestors cloth

Dreaming of mama mary and jesus child

Dead body in running water

Dreaming with water in islam

Disembodied limbs

Dream of my crushes pictures

Dreaming of breaking your fast in islam

Demon chanting

Dream of jumping into sand

Dream meaning of seeing dead aunty

Diamond watch

Dream meaning of been short with gun

Dream of being shot and dying

Dream meaning of picking four coconuts

Dead boyfriend phone

Dead boyfriend cell

Dream deceased boyfriend cell phone

Demon using your face in dream

Dream about airplane

Dream meaning of my name missing on shortlisted list for interview

Dinning in my neighbours house

Dream of your brother come back from ablord

Dreaming about blue ink and the evil eye symbol

Dream of training for a medical nurse

Dream of killing snake

Dream of fixing mimbar

Dreaming for a mad man in the dream means

Dreaming for the mad man in the dream

Driving into a sand storm

Dream about my unborn baby having autism

Dreaming of a girls s

Dying person in a dream say red carpet

Dream of home decorations

Dead husband is alive and leaving me

Dreaming of passed grandfather

Dreaming of bees on a curtain in ur room , seeing honey on the swamp of bees

Deceased best friend

Deceased grandmother yells my name in my sleep

Dead mother-in-law smiling

Dream my adult son as a boy child accenting healing from a spiritual healer

Dream about running with a bible

Dream of a long grub

Dog showing his teeth

Dream see myself sucking pussy

Dog swimming

Dremming chuma

Dryer machine

Dead mother spiting water saliva on me

Dream of ex family meeting

Dream of husband

Dream of getting arrested at the airport

Dreaming of having two wives

Dream of being arrested

Death of a friends father

Dead person with lice

Dreaming a white presidential helicopter

Dreaming of getting a usb

Die slowly

Died slowly

Doll making

Dreamt when my wife had bought me new shoes that fit me

Dreamt when my wife had bought me new shoes that would fit me what does it mean

Drinking tea dream

Dream about eating mukimo

Dream of draging water from the well

Dead relative giving a papaya

Dream about ancient jain temple

Dead man gave me sampaguita flower

Deadline man gave me sampaguita flower

Drrams milking acat

Dog sniffing private part

Dreaming of eating african polony meaning

Driving a car filled with sachet waters in the dream

Dream meaning blue pencil sharpener

Dream meaning of eating green bitter leavf

Dreams of picking oyster shell

Dream about plugin orange and eating

D meaning, when you see a stove , a lamp and a gas cylinder in your house

Dreaming of a big house covered by red polish

Dreaming about a minister

Dreaming of people of high status

Dreamt of drinking beer

Deformed hedgehog

Doing a skin polish of my face

Dream that elon musk touches me while my husband sit with me

Dark figure with red eyes

Dream three person discussion

Dream giving money to some one

Dark figure glowing eyes and smile

Dreaming kissing white lady

Dirt in the house

Dream of giving bath to three children

Dream that my father died meaning dream

Dreaming about seeing two fishes in my stomach

Dreaming of wearing a green dress and peacock feather shoes

Dreaming a frog being got in the trap for shilong teer ticket

Daughter baby

Dreaming about another sick person getting healthy

Dream in dream

Drugged bad rapped

Dreaming of drinking water from a broken cup what does it mean

Dog protecting from snakes

Dream of sliding down safely from a high place

Daughter and her ex husband

Dragging key

Dream meaning of marked returned test paper with good marks

Dream of a very dark night with a full moon with writing

Drygin bottle fullof liquor

Dancing with my dead mother

Dreaming broadcasting sorghum seeds

Dreaming of children playing

Dreaming of feeding an infant and the child vomits on my face

Dream pounding sorghum

Dream giving mony to some one

Dream komodo dragon eating chicken

Drill noise

Dining roo.

Dream of amahlabusi

Dream about giving birth

Dream of hanging baby cloths

Dream of tying the shoelaces of a person who died long ago

Dreaming being poured by water

Death by plague doctor

Deceased father with a baby

Dandang besar bahasa insonesia

Dream cleaning blood from the road accident

Dandang besar bhs indobesia

Dream being of being with five men but strangers

Dreaming of quarreling with my co wife

Dream my sister failing out front teeth

Dreaming of sheep intestine inside the fridge of my house

Dreams about old man throw money

Dead grandpa gave jewelry in dream

Dead father amputee

Daughter said she hates me

Drainage from nose

Dream toilet beef

Dream about picking termits

Dream walking in a open space where are black horses and black cow and black horses follows you back meaning

Dreams of going back to high school you left two zero year back

Dreams of going back to high school you left two zero year bacl

Dream about my sister kissing my boyfriend

Death meaning

Dreaming being in a plain

Dream of some one dead

Dream meaning of unlocked door lock

Dead mom beating me with a cutlass meaning of that

Dream of partner had a hickey

Deceased mother showing me a gold ring that we share in common

Dream of receiving a white lingerie

Dead mother wearing perls

Dying in volcano

Demons and fighting with them

Dream of receiving a two pieces of bread from your friend

Dream of seeing your friend selling porridge

Dream of st. vincent

Dream of wearing clothes in public

Dark figured person with blue eyes

Dark figured with blue eyes

Deviled eggs

Dreaming of girls wearing uniform

Dreaming of a crying baby

Dreaming of doughnuts

Dream about irresponsible

Dead man kicking football

Dog with white handkerchief

Dying father dream who already died

Dreaming of my dead father dying

Dream about bloody egg yolk

Dead uncle alive again

Dream for white dress

Dream of umnazaretha

Dream of umnazaretha dress

Dream of things on your eyes

Dreams about walking a rocky path

Dream of family in home poop came from pipe

Dream of aligning a car

Discussing own funeral

Dry sweet potatoes

Dry clothes

Dreaming of someone pooping in the kitchen

Di tionzry

Dead person ask you money

Dream duha

Dreamed i was a cheer leader

Dream of vomitinh

Dream about head being electricuted

Dead giving haldi and kumkum

Dreaming of yourself picking up green small naartjies on a tree

Dark room alone with him

Dreamed of my husband throwing worms at me

Dream of parallel universe

Driving backwards down a hill out of control with no brakes

Dream of getting married with lots of delays

Dead animal comes back to life

Deceased husband wearing grey

Dead chicken covered in vines

Dream in moving truck

Dream of eating with a prophet

Dreams about cracking of stone

Dream of others cant move

Dead father gave me coke in the dream

Dreamd lord rama hanuman sita and lakshman temple

Dreaming been up a palm tree

Demon goats

Dream see frozen fish

Dream of catfish

Dreamed of seeing bunch of plantain

Dream of friend of mine ejaculate on a toilet seat

Dashboard lights

Dead father saying goddbye and be happy

Dead father black new bag

Dreaming of growing dreads

Drill sound

Dead husband clothes dresser

Dead husband without shirt on

Dreaming you have extra fingers

Dreaming a thief giving my things back

Dreaming praying for someone

Dead husband wearing two hats

Doctor see herself in doctors dress

Dreaming singing

Dream i saw different styles of lady hats did not put them on

Dream i saw different styles of lady hats

Different styles of ladies hats big and small

Dead person slandering

Demon. appearing. with loud female evil laugh

Dead person giving onions

Dead person giving me onion

Dead woman carrying a baby on her back

Dead sibling and living sibling dressed in white

Dead siblings

Dreaming playing with a madwoman

Deer killed a dog

Deer killed a puppy