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Dreams starting with the letter B


Bedding in the shower

Buying lots of toys

Being warned not to repeat the same mistake in a dream

Big pile of shit

Big pile of ahit

Broken painting frame

Barbecued snake

Being slapped by a dead friend

Been an imbecile in a dream

Buying shoe and hand bag in dream

Bulls sacrificed to god in my dream

Buying moi moi in a dream

Blue graves

Boyfriend sleeping with my daughter

Being stain in

Bird nest on the tree

Bent tail

Boil dream numbers

Baby milk


Babybib with the word milk writen on it

Bird tryung to steal another birds egg from nest

Breaking cots

Biblical chimney

Black glass windows

Burnt uncooked spaghetti

Barathi to god in dreem myself

Buying body cream and applying it to my face

Buying cream and applying it to my face

Bike accedent

Beer in mouth

Bilum gift dream meaning

Black cat tail

Baby daddy marrying another woman dream

Being a high-school football coach

Black leather pants on beautiful woman

Being lured in by a beautiful woman

Black toenails

Betelnuts eating

Bear eats snake that was attacking me

Bruise on skin

Bedroom door without a knob

Bathroom intruder

Being awkward

Bad day

Bugs on the ceiling

Black pudding


Bikes doing tricks on roof

Building a new home in sky

Brown white and black colour snake


Bank and card

Buying lollipop

Big truck fell i

Burn scars on face

Blue tent

Boyfriend holding ex hand


Buying tomatoes in the dream

Baby and pictures

Baby shower of husbands second wife

Brother and lover

Black wild hogs

Black pigs

Black hogs

Black boars

Bucket of pee

Blue knitted sweater

Blue knotted sweater

Broken sto. nino when i was cleaning

Blood face dream

Being pinched by a friend

Black bugs in my bed

Black bugs in bed

Buying red habanero

Back was swollen in the dream


Being given a warm drink

Broken pocketwatch

Breaking pocket watch

Been measured by someone, with a measuring line


Being in a christian painting with jesus

Burning right foot

Blood in an eyebrow

Bump on arm

Bonnet open dream interpretation

Bonnet open

Been given palm oil

Baby girl in dream

Being in hospital

Boyfriend overdoesing

Bent back fingernail

Buying white satee

Buying expensive watch in dream

Black birthmark on the face

Bathtub dream interpretation

Bar table

Big toe , pus

Baby goat poo

Broken earphones means in spiritual

Buying bags of grand nuts in my dreams

Black clay pot

Burning death person dream number

Burning of gods and goddesses picture

Black fluid dripping from gutter on me


Beans puddings

Black snake hiding

Bowing horse

Bride and groom

Buying someone atone school uniforms

Body and biblical

Being a nanny in my dream

Body in dream

Buying a baby bottle teat

Being late to class and lying to the teacher

Burning fingernails and fingers

Black card

Biblical dream interpretation

Being chased by a cowife

Black laced ow

Brown bread meaning

Blood in the forehead

Buck fighting

Buying scallops in the dream

Being pregnant means what

Being assasinated

Being assasinates

Black evil goat

Black evil got

Banana chips

Being evicted from apartment

Bullied then revenge

Boyfriend woth neck hickey

Brown shoes on wrong foot

Broken retainer in mouth

Beautiful icey ocean, mini worlds in the ice

Broken spoon in dream mean

Breaking a girls vaginity

Bubble wrap and mountains

Being suffocated by a plastic bag

Bitter kola in a dream interpretation

Buying a big cassava

Biludingi the house with my family house

Biludingi the house with my dead house

Big stain on dress

Burning cart

Being buried

Buy paraffin in dream in spiritual means

Borrow under wear to someone

Being chased by rats

Big silver wok

Burgundy formal dress

Burning fire wood in the kitchen

Bloody bones

Belel nut

By a priest

Blacksmith forging samari sword

Blowing push pen out of nose

Becoming a school prefect

Boyfriend mother and his sister hating me

Blue jay feather

Butcher someone

Being on the foot of death in a dream

Beetle bite in the dream

Blood stool in dreams

Bathing in muddy pool

Bull or cows

Barefoot raining

Bull attacking a kid

Bundles of coffee filters

Biting your diamonds of your ring

Bronze dress

Breeze in my

Burnt hole in shirt

Boat going over a dam

Baby poop in car

Blue and white dishes

Blue pomegranate

Being a friend with the person i like

Baby snapping turtle

Buying kids clothes

Bryson type door to door washing machine

Black ring right hand ring finger

Bitten by lizard in dreams

Baby climbing a tree

Borowwing clothes

Breaking bengals

Big snake turning into a cow

Brother in critical condition

Bodies on a burning cross coming up grom the ground

Bird made of grass

Broom and septic hole

Beating husband unknown girlfriend

Boyfriend and i left each other to walk on different paths

Bruise on side of body

Blood in eyes

Boarding a matatu

Bonless man

Beautiful body, outfit, lady wearing a beautiful dress

Broken mother mary god statue and photo

Broken mother may statue

Baglamukhi name

Broken charger lucky number

Being with a group of people

Banging teeth kiss

Beans tree drems number sillong teer

Buying baby walker

Brass cooker and brass plates in dream as gifts

Blue and chip

Back home

Buying a very large white onion

Being in a church

Bird hug

Bird bug

Beer falling breaking

Blue light on hands

Bright red bunny fire

Bird with clean eye

Bird with white eye

Borrowed money returned in a dream

Big hole in my right

Baby boy kissing cheek

Being lost and an old man and woman giving directions

Blocking a rive

Business collapsed

Bird in my lap

Being handed a spoon

Beating someone with broom sticks

Bathing your father

Bridal shower surprise

Blister on my eye

Biblical dream interpretation of seeing a lot of money under the ow

Burning the mountains by other people

Bird lice and baby lice on a human body

Bird attacking the back of my neck

Baby fell in toilet

Blood stone

Being gifted a mini tripod stand in the dream

Being pregnant and not going to fit wedding dress

Buying new furniture in your dream

Basketball uniform

Boils on left leg

Baby eating marble

Broken gold earrings

Being caned on my back by unknown school teacher

Buying many cigarettes in a dream

Brinjal dream no

Black snakehead

Broken taps

Being cut with razor

Being given a mat

Being given new floor mat

Big fish trying to eat me

Body male

Buying air freshener in dream

Boyfriend and airport

Blessed mother miraculous medal

Bloating limbs

Blating limbs

Bags of rice and bucket of fresh fish

Buying dolls

Being crushed by crowd

Brai lamb meat

Boiled egg dead

Being bless in front of church with pastor in dream meaning

Blue rain apocalypse

Brunette girl

Bathing in yamuna water

Being in a clean house

Boxes falling

Being drowned in bathtub

Beening held under water in tub

Boyfriend hid a vasectomy

Building a storey house

Broken bottom part of ank

Buying banga from the market what does it mean


Blood orange pee

Black blob / amoeba

Betel and nut

Butternut harvest

Buying a stock fish head

Buying a stick fish head

Bihu festival

Beating and chasing away a masqurarates

Being bit by three raccoons

Broken photo of deceased father

Black and white pattern on something

Buying a cow having two udder in a dream

Burning school bad

Bitten by a snake on the foot

Burnt wall

Burnt picture of my deceased son

Burnt photo

Bathing infront of a church in a dream

Bags of red chilli

Brown clothing

Black pird

Beach apartment

Buying a building

Boyfriend murderer

B, a, c

Beautiful known girl in dream

Black snake with white polka dots trying to attack me

Buying and drinking fanta in your dream

Blue tent driving like a car

Burned by plastic from a power line

Box of snakes

Big animals

Ballerina aptment

Ballerina apt

Being in swimming pool

Being in pool

Broken cellphone in wash basin

Breaking out of jail with cold feet

Being beaten by a soldier in my back

Black and white checkerboard

Braai pack chicken meat

Big ow

Bee stain

Beware of the red falcon

Baby with red glowing eyes

Barcelona kit

Bringing in laundry from the rain

Blood black lip

Blood black lips

Baby crawling on ground away from house

Breakdown of tasbeeh

Being chained to a bed by your necklace and breaking those chains one by one to get detached

Being given a muthi in the dream

Bloody toes falling off


Being fat and blind

Big toe cut off dream meaning

Big toe amputation

Burt ma hand on a stove

Butter and bread

Buying ripe mango fruits in a dream

Buying potash in dream

Bull mating acow meaning


Bad taste of meat

Buying honey and returned the red oil

Bag of meat

Black iron and

Bloody shoes

Bloody feet in shoes

Bus number one one

Brother come back home from abroad

Being fed rice and plantian

Bloody shower

Been given muthi

Block dots

Burn my hand and leg

Being with first lady in dream

Bitting lip

Bitting the lower lip

Black snake thrown on me

Burning sweet potatoe

Buying a lychee in dream

Boots stolen

Boyfriend in a dress

Been given a safety pin

Buying water for children

Blizzard eating a mouse in a bag

Black eye not eyeball

Being given locustbeans in a dream

Being given locustbeans in a dteam

Being give locust beans

Buying round of champagne

Bread and tea

Breaking palm karnak in my dream meaning

Boyfriend with temple

Bicycle downhill

Bicycle ex girlfriend down hill

Black staircase

Burnt nest

Baskets of ripped tomatoes seen in a dream

Breaking snail in the dream

Buying second shoe in the dreams means what

Being baby penguins being born

Blac alm

Bag borrowing

Boyfriend moving

Black and green clothes

Being impaled and feeling pain

Bamboo shoot and bending bamboo

Black chips

Botfly larvae in wrists

Bus teer dream number

Beat scat

Breaking ring

Beautiful babies

Being bitten by a cow on your arms

Blue and white floral dress

Beautiful sunrise

Boiled pears

Black and white stone

Boyfriend being arrested because of me

Bunch of loose petals

Bug behind ear

Biting arm in defense

Baby monkey in diaper

Black graffiti writing on a white wall

Being hugged by a deceased celeberty

Being hugged by robin williams

Big eyes watching

Being transferred from my place of work to a golden office

Brother in dark suit and tie

Baboon cooking

Black shadow running from me

Banana from the garden

Broken cymbals

Brinjal buy

Big snake on top of de roof

Babies graveyard

Beating up a guy

Bed in a church?

Bumped head

Betel nu

Butchering chickens

Boiling dog heads

Black metal hands and my father hug and kissed

Burned banana tree

Baby long hair

Boyfriends back

Big snake in the courtyard

Buying a leafy vegetables

Big fat clean pig chasing me

Biblical man shaving his beard and then i was drawn up to heaven

Be in a different house

Biblical interpretation of seeing foals in dream

Bitten snake and

Backing baby with white clothes in the dream

By snake and

Being chased by acat fish

Being chased by a huge evil snowball

Black file box with a name on it

Baby with down syndrome my sons child

Blood in a condom coming out my husband butt

Boyfriend walking towards me

Blueberry expansion

Being taken, orphan, all white, girls school

Bug bites on face

Boy hanging from ceiling

Burning children

Baby beaten

Being kicked in the head

Burnt horse

Bowing tree

Bird catching

Being chased by a drug addict

Baby coconut leaves

Big city, futuristic

Brocken light bulb

Black sea urchin dream

Blood on tissue from nose

Broken hanuman idol, death threat

Black soup

Being baptized

Boss being fired from the work place

Buying cows in a dream

Bottle gourd in dream

Boy with a white smiling mask

British woman gave me a ride in her car.what is the meaning???.

Blear eyes

Baby snake under your finger nail crawl away

Brother girlfriend gave him h.i.v

Brother girlfriend gave him hiv

Black horse face man

Bug repellant

Birth mark around the mouth

Buying of cutlass in a dream

Being beuty

Bitten by a black duck on hand

Bitten by a black duck with white beak

Being put into a trance

Bright headlights coming at me

Bitter guard in dream

Bury the dead

Burning candles room to room in dream

Black fungus on leg

Because re

Buying pens

Boiling snake

Boulder coming towards me

Building on fire friends help me

Bruise on arms

Bumble bee entering my room

Buying shoes polish dream mining

Buying shoe polish dream

Black man leading people to hell

Being spiked

Being pulled into a door

Buying toiletries for your dad

Black sand ocean water

Body cream in dream

Brother being hurt

Body glowing

Being stuck then escaping

Basket full of truits

Being attacked by a matchet

Being interrogated by police and getting searched

Broken flower vases

Baby born with beared

Brother electrocuted

Broken hanger in dream

Belly button licking

Biten by monkey. on leg

Bluetooth speaker gift

Biking by mother

Buying fried yam and akara in dream

Boyfriend another girls

Blowing to the face

Blowing to the month

Big shrine in dream

Boss quits

Being chased by the minions along with little kids, we ride a fan with half propellers with my brother for a half while but then we ended up flying by a big kite, as soon as we reached home by the storm and by the end i was embracing my baby siblings, a little female and a baby female

Being chased by the minions and in the end we got back home in a rainy day

Broke! statue of st. anthony of padua

Being watched while bathing meaning

Being spoiled

Brown labrador

Buying a dryer in a dream

Broken pegs

Big beetroot

Big beets

Beating a child merciless

Broken taabeeh

Baby with a beard

Boyfriend sucking on my toes


Bosnian pastry, breakfast, comedİan star

Being hit by a truck from behind

Buying sheabutter in dream

Being offered something to eating

Bathing in a choppy sea with a child with feet on a wall in the sea

Breaking an asanka in a dream

Brother died electric shock

Being black

Being given sesam seeds in hand

Back dream

Bag two

Boyfriend painting a new house wall in the cooler purple

Buying disinfects in a dreams spiritually means

Bullock heart

Beach water disappeared


Biblical meaning eating potato in a dream

Buying red bananas

Becoming a whore for gypsies

Bathing milk turmeric water

Bathing in milk and turmeric

Bowel incontinence

Bumps in armpit that look like eyeballs

Brown bear killing a black dog

Beans in the garden dream meaning

Being enlightened on fire

Being light on fire

Beautiful birthday cake

Bar of platinum

Being close friends with your crush

Being close friends with my crush

Bruise on the

Bruises in the

Breaking jewellery shop display

Breaking shop displays


Boiling bay leaves

Bouquets of red roses

Broken right hand

Buying a box of matches

Buying matches

Bus with no breaks

Boneless people

Being pregnant in dream

Baby dad getting married to a different women

Buying a mineral in the dream

Burying face in lap

Bats peeing on me

Buying beg of snails in the dream

Brother gifting gold

Beard only on women neck

Broken windshield wipers.

Being told i love the first time i saw you

Becoming enemies with relatives

Breaking out in hives

Burning fruits

Burning of fruits

Bamboo fence

Black dof in dream

Bandages on face of deceased

Big new white house

Black crow pecked

Boyfriend polishing my shoes

Blackbird in cage

Boyfriend kissing my dead sister

Betelnut picking

Bettalnut picking

Batelnut catching ground

Being in a market where cassava flakes are sell means what spiritually

Brain falling out of nose

Boyfriend and my brother in a dream

Buying sukuma

Burnt toast smell

Buying mustard seed

Black car dream

Burning hairbrush

Bishop priest died father in the church with live mom and daughter

Blood trao

Being told to pray with a stone

Bitten by monkeys

Big objects

Bada nadi

Belly bursting

Blood coming out of when feeding

Bathing dreams on a sink

Being in america

Butter knife in nose

Bug infested thumb

Being kissed passionateely

Benedict dream interpretation

Big office with cold blooded people

Brahma cow

Being licked by a near

Bear licking

Bathing my male child in the dream

Blistered feet

Bathing a girl and bathing myself in front of her father

Bath with honey

Blue envelopes

Buying mortal in the dream

Buying garri in the dream what it means

Blood transfusion in a hospital

Blood transfusion in hospital

Buying of okro in dream

Being bitten by a baby camel

Basketball shorts

Blonde bob

Bear killed my dog

Buying flight ticket for someone

Bathing in the river with my boyfriend

Being handed food

Bau kopi hitam

Buying second hand clothes and bags

Boyfriend wearing dirty clothes, being dirty himself, on a irty sponge

Black plastic bag in your dream

Bloody fecal dreams

Bites on my leg dream interpretation

Black dragon tattoo

Bleeding and foot

Big hat

Big strange hat

Baby lock in a room

Breaking in dream

Breakung dream

Bore water

Breaking in to homes

Being in a car with your mother

Broken statue of mama mary

Brick fence falling

Being in your in law house

Burglar barsput on a house

Burglar bars put on a house

Breaking glasses on table while riding on bicycle while carrying another at the back of the bicycle

Breaking glasses on table while riding on bicycle

Burn clothes while ironong in dream

Buying trailor

Burnt on feet by cigarette

Building new three hut

Baby face bleeding

Bank card broken

Biten on both palms


Being leaked by snake

Being given stamps by an old woman

Boulders dream interpretation

Brother suffocates my children


Brown spots on teeth

Bell door of kaaba in dreams in islam


Back of fruits

Barish ke sath barf girte dekhna

Big live fish in tub

Big clown nose

Bungy jump dream

Bird falls from tree

Boyfriend getting beaten

Baby and boy

Building silver staircase

Being told you can do anything

Being on a gospel crusade

Bull with one horn

Brother sleeping ex

Brother sleeping with ex

Billionaire in my home

Black billfold

Being in old job

Broken surf board

Battery symbolises

Being at someones back

Butterflies coming out private parts

Bond contract

Burning bacon

Bird flies out of mouth

Boyfriend got love bites on neck

Buying achaar in dreams

Boyfriend cheats on me with enemy

Being cooked steak

Buying round bread

Bruises on my legs

Being happy getting married

Beaver biting

Bowing down before entering a house in a dream

Brown sandals in a dream meaning

Brown beads bracelet

Bags of dry red maize dream

Big burning tree where call were made

Being told there crocodiles in that dam you in

Baobab fruits dream

Being nuzzelled by a horse

Being attacked by strongman

Back of a parked blue car

Broken motlamo

Bear blowing gently in my face


Blowing trumpet with no sound

Being force fed?

Bathing private part

Being in the holocaust

Blueberry crumble

Bushbaby bitten me in a dream

Broken wooden table

Being chasing of a carabao

Bug in a container of oil

Biblicle meaning of dawa

Barren soil

Blocked way by ocean

Boils hands

Blue crab wrapped around right ankle

Bathing the dead in your dream

Black spikes on toe

Body measurement taken


Bucket of different fruits

Becoming a bookkeeper

Being talked about behind my back

Blessings from dead

Breaking multiple peoples neck

Breaking multiple peoes neck

Breaking a creat of beer means what

Blood window

Buying a carpet from a japanese man

Being asleep

Bibilical dream meaning g of peeling matooke

Baby and walking

Buying colour full dupatta

Birt in a bathroom

Birth in a toilet

Being giving sea food i. my dream

Bunny painting

Being shoot

Black ow stitched with gold

Betel n nuts

Buying rakhi

Blue green dress

Ball of fire in the sky

Burnt finger tips

Bag of carrots

Behind you lions and elephants

Bird escape from

Being told your child has been in an accident

Bloody face child

Black folder


Buying a cooking

Being covered with a sheet

Being carried by someone on their back

Broken horseneck

Biting boyfriend

Birthday cake falling

Buying cocoyam in the dream

Borrow a jersey and i dremet that she return it teaared

Brick floor in a dream

Blowing nose bugs

Blue ceiling paint peeling

Blackjack plamt


Black dog would bite me and not leave

Bite from pig

Broken bones in left arm

Being given navy blue shoes

Being annoyed at friend

Being in a shopping center

Being in a mall

Being in an arcade

Boyfriend dream interpretation

Broken ruby stone in to three parts

Broken ruby stone in three prices

Boots with hole in sole

Breaking a guitar string

Being canned by your boyfriend in a dream meaning

Buying ogbono in dream i

Blanket and soil

Been chased by a gunman

Being downgraded at work

Buying big unripe plantain

Being annointed

Being annointed with oils

Black bird comes to me

Beating up my colleagues

Bird being eaten alive

Buying sarchet water in dream meaning

Belly button bleed

Branches dream interpretation

Breaking a pumpkin in dream

Bathing in the lake

Babies in plastic bags

Best friend running away

Being in a baseball field

Big fish chasing me and small fish biting

Bus traveling

Burn wound dream

Black and door

Being dragged into the ground

Brother killing me

Black spot on nose

Blister on face

Backyard war

Being threatened to be cut with a butchers knife

Being left a cat in a will

Boyfriend temple


Broken lightswitch


Black and hijab

Bird gifted me jewels

Best friend got with ex boyfriend

Burning g of a stack of blankets

Black yolks

Back to me


Bronze purse

Buckling floor

Bug infestation in house

Beating up my wife

Being chased by father

Burning from iron

Butning from iron

Being in class when you are done with school

Bent bangle

Buying liquor in my dream represent

Baby chair

Brother is gay

Black africa plums under a plum tree

Bright spot light coming from the kaaba in dream

Black ants in the house

Been chased by a hen and a dog

Broken tiger eye braclet

Black spots in eye

Being held by a thick vine full of twigs and thorns

Being held by a thick vine full of twigs and throns

Black cloth covering eyes

Bettle nut tree

Bed with woman

Big grass thatched house

Baitri chori

Bathing in a pond

Birthday cake was made by mum but it was destroyed

Bombs thrown at me

Building on top of a river

Building a mud house

Bathroom dirty toilet

Brother living abroad visiting

Bra and pant

Big papa we aiplanes in sunset

Blankets falling under bed

Black lentel in dream

Black dal in dream

Brown moles or dots on arms and legs

Biblical pink flowers

Bath tranform

Baby wound


Baseboards that are damage by rain

Buying stolen objects

Bare foot in public restroom

Basins of garri in the dream meaning

Black ink written on black paper

Baby spiders turning into kitten

Brown horse turning into a handsome man

Biting someones nose off

Backing two babies at time on ur back means?

Black snake hide in the home

Bug in j nose

Bees in nose

Black cloud of energy

Burning charcoal in a black bag including mobile phone in a dream meaning

Bird with human face

Bishop praying for us in a dream

Breaking a thermos flask

Brahman cow

Butta shea

Bruise in pregnant belly

Basil seeds

Bundles of grass

Being in a dirty water and old clothes

Being chase by imbecile

Burnt banana trees

Breaking your arm that has actually been broken


Boyfriend broke up with me

Baby nails

Blanket pulled down

Being weak an recieving male care

Best friend husband

Being in only bra and undewear in public

Bleeding from the eyes

Belly button ants

Broken mirror gift

Boat rack

Baby day care

Blue colored oranges

Bend water

Bat wings cut

Bear attacking dog dream meaning

Buying a new female dress in the dream

Best friend leaving me for her ex best friend

Blisters on arms

Busted pipes

Buying ham

Blood on legs

Blister on sole of feet

Bold bream

Boiling coffee beans

Boyfriend wearing a wedding ring

Broken something precious

Baby killed

Black, slime and mouth blocked

Black ers

Being crossed eyed

Bird ripped apart by a dog


Bathing at the cemetery in a dream

Betelnut tree

Battle nut tree

Being save by someone

Being in a bakery

Bloody weeding dress

Bathing in neighborhood bathroom without permission

Bird escape and

Bible verse to read after so ing while eating

Blood and sheep

Bloody water and sheep

Bloody waterpolista

Bloody water and sherlock

Betl nut

Beside ghost

Being a food critic

Bike breakdown

Burning of my pyjamas

Being given biltong by a friend

Beautiful blouse

Brown envelope with documents

Bees falling from my ears dream meaning

Bags of pet food

Blood stain on a white skirt

Being in childhood home

Bird biting and me saving myself but it vomits

Boiling water in a fridge

Buying baby items at store

Bath in grave compund

Bag floating in flowing water in the river

Being at a field

Burning rod

Bingo and a girlfriend

Being in an open

Baby pooping in church

Burn the tip of my finger

Balcony pushed

Being pushed off a balcony

Bathing with egg water

Broken back dream

Brother getting kidnapped d

Black birds three

Broken kilns or stoves

Brown sauce on fried eggs

Baby clothes in drawers

Broken blood vessel

Butiful snake

Baby girl dresses

Baby girls dresses

Bathing with three eggs of chicken

Blue mosque

Baby walking in my dream