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Dreams starting with the letter B

Birds turning into human

Butterfly cloud

Brother went insane

Babul tree

Brown long snake comes through an plug hole in the wall and goes out through an another wall hole.

Brown long sanke comes thorugh an hole in the wall and goes out thorugh an hole

Being exalted

Back row of chairs

Bone lady

Bittten by a rottweiler

Bittten by a dog

Bitter coffee

Butterflies protecting me

Being nud

Bed bug

Black man with white eyes

Baby in pool

Big dog attacked a puppy to death

Black worms blood shower butt

Butterscotch candy dream

Brown snake being attacked by black scorpion dream interpretation

Bitten in the bum

Being a soul guide

Burning of cooking pots on stove

Breaking guitar strings

Being the teacher

Burned hair straighte

Brown long snake via wall plug.

Bug flying in your hair

Bug in hair

Bag of cater ars

Bag worms

Baby being attacked by a spirit

Baby blue diamond ring

Buyi g recharge cards for phone i. your dream

Being seduced

Beating me up

Break in neighbor

Bathing with a lady outside

Buying biter kola in dream meaning

Buying biter kola in dream

Buying frozen dead fish

Babies swimming

Blocking cow

Bike car and cycle

Black, snake, crossing and bridge seen in a dream. search dream

Blemish and black spots

Bro and sister

Buildings turning upside down

Buying and medicine

Buying grinding machine in the dream

Being bold enough to speak

Bumps on leg

Being in playhouse with someone

Bloue and white clothes

Birds flying from danger

Bathtub filled with blood

Blood bathtub

Bird murmuration

Bird mums ration

Book of ramcharitmanas

Boyfriend mom kissed my cheek in a dream

Bathing with salt dream

Blue panther

Bubbles on a person

Baby and cows

Book shelf fell on mom

Baby has decease to his bone

Body itching all over

Boyfriend peeing in his sleep next to you

Buying african pears(ube) at the market

Brother losing hair

Birthday celebration and deceased mother

Batt with honey

Brown hat sitting on a shelf

Bags and water

Brown sheep to keep at home

Boss dumps dirt on my head

Burnj g stones

Brown injured horse see in dream

Bit finger

Bettlenut dream


Black bag with important document slippered to the river and flow

Black labs in dreams

Black playe

Being appointed into cabinet

Brown labrador bubble bath stranger women

Broken fridge, spoiled food

Brown gram in a bag

Black jeep

Boys children

Bird up pant leg

Big fat hairy worm in my bag

Broken pearls and a dove

Burnt couch

Bucket on my head

Blue linen shirt

Burnt black toast

Burnt toast under a grill

Burning bread toast several times

Bible verse ecclesiastes

Boss taking to my family member

Beer bottle dream

Blue eyes crying

Beard blessed long

Bone happy excited

Blessed long bone

Borrow plastic in dream

Being chased by a masquerade

Baby walking without crawling in a dream

Being in a different province

Bottle glass

Buying sister a wedding dress

Bird in the sky threw to me a pencil

Butterflies glow

Buying papres

Blue popcorn


Buying used bag

Blank shooting means

Black female cow feeding green pasture

Being given an old shoe by my boss in a dream

Bike driving

Body parts changing

Buying coconut in dream and later get attacked

Brown chameleon in dream


Banging windows

Black snake bit my son

Baby cow in dream

Being on a date with someone and it goes wrong

Bablical meaning of someone urinating in your mouth in the dream

Black yellow and red cloth

Black yellow and red

Black, yellow and red color

Being touched by strange man

Blueberries in dream

Bite finger

Black tear of a saint statue

Being overcharged for food

Blue and white beads covered my head

Being blocked by my boyfriend

Biting younger

Biting my tongue

Boyfriend meets family

Buying arrow roots

Brown snake swallowing doorknob

Burn money

Blood when wiping after poop

Body temperature hot

Bird up pants

Black snake with some injuries

Burnt chicken tenders

Barefoot in street

Blooded tooth

Being in the wrong music section

Blood coming from decayed tooth

Bought food items for someone

Bitten on the bum by a snake

Being accused but not at fault

Blue envelope

Blood on sanitary pad

Bucket of money

Blue njeti dream meaning?

Being called an empath

Baby boy with teeth

Boyfriend being out of jail

Brother outed by his lover

Body cut open to see kidney

Black devils

Black devi

Bug crawled in my ear

Breaking rubber seeds

Bug went into my ear


Black body hair

Bit by snake in genitals

Bottles of running alcohol


Blue woman with three eyes

Brothers gf pregnant

Bucket of crushed ice

Brus driver

Baby boy with freckles

Black gutter water

Bettle nut dream nuber


Being given animal intestine

Being prophesied by my pastor

Black ink on my phone

Being farted on

Being given foodstuffs to cook with in a dream

Blood on toilet paper after bowel movement

Brother giving you coins

Bread board

Bag of rice fall on my head

Bun and cheese

Being lost in a school and cant find wat out

Broken cups in dream

Brushing teeth using chewed stick

Bag of wet money

Black payee

Biblical meaning of beads

Being crushed by mother

Bright pink cat or kitten

Burning left leg

Being given a spice by a young lady

Baboons mean what in a dream

Broken deer antler

Boyfriend dirty shoes

Bambooo tree fall

Bad work review


Blinded by sunshine

Biting by a mad woman in a dream

Being reveneful

Big house without locks

Being chased and hiding from putin

Buying palm kernel seeds

Biting someone on the left hand

Biting someone on the left h

Big bird skeleton or bones

Black scabs on a body

Baby in fire

Being cut with cutlass

Broken bone in the right arm

Buying second hand shoes

Being old

Buying hen with cheeks

Beard scissors

Beer game

Baby shower for wife

Barn owl in my doorway

Boy pussy

Being blocked by a cat

Big things like foods

Both pants leg rolled up

Brown spotted cock

Biting of lower lip

Broken door refrigerator

Bishop is dead dream

Bf wearing black clothes

Bishop denying to give communion

Being killed by indians

Being killed by

Bloodstain weeding

Bee dream

Boss showing pictures

Bodies being dumped

Barbie and spiderman stickers dream meaning

Barbie and spiderman stickers

Brown purse

Blood contract

Baby solid kitten

Black ink in mouth while droning

Being in the mosque

Bathing toilet water in your dreams

Billy joel

Black mold in freezer

Bugs burrowing in skin

Burry your dead pet

Beating yourself

Broken shaky finger

Busy working

Building wall by dead men

Being given a q-tip

Burning of dupatta in temple in dream

Bump head

Bum head

Briars in fish tank

Brother got his girlfriend pregnant

Bird in cage


Blood on undergarments

Brown train

Blurred color face

Birthed a dog

Babies and a person who has died

Brown pants

Baby girl falling in pit

Blood from.mouth

Black swan killed

Blood on driveway

Beheaded child

Battling a demon with a knife

Being swallowed by a fish in dream means


Building a lego ship on sand

Bean pudding

Boyfriend and me in school

Black plastic gift

Broken key to my home

Boyfriend got his job back

Broken chuda

Blue lion picked up fallen kitten

Braiding moms hair

Being humiliated at work and laughed at

Bathing baby girl

Baboon spider jumping on me

Boyfriend dreaming of girlfriends late husband

Boaboab fruit

Braids is what numbers in

Buying a roasted ripe plantain

Buttock injections

Baby with down syndrome

Blind using makeup

Bright orb coming through wall

Burying a white envelope with money in the sand

Bear skull, flowers, decorating, high school, resin flowers

Baby wrap in plastic

Boy of twelve

Being disgusted by a girl

Being kissed by an older woman

Beautiful red flower bledding

Burning of god cloth

Blanket in the sky

Boyfriend licking my vegina

Bathroom pervert man

Being soak in water

Being soak in watee

Blood coming from under the door of a temple

Buying a new generator in the dream

Building a toboggan

Buying bbq sausages

Buying grilled sausages

Baby climbing a wall

Being chased after and caught


Break married

Both husband wife dreaming same

Blood in toilet f

Blood in

Blood acnee neck

Blond hair in black hair

Black water of sea

Black sky and white stars close to m

Black magi,

Black hair with silver stripe

Bird tat

Bird outside boarded window

Big head a

Be as tin

Bathing your husband

Bathing in dreem

Black scarf head covered

Black magice

Black lady graveyard

Black l

Black goa

Becoming mother


Brother almost dying

Baby book

Black horse missing leg

Black and silver snake chasing me

Blue bird nesting in my hair

Biting your toe off

Biting yo toe off

Being chased by ocean

Bath tub with running water

Black fag

Black tongue see on a pet

Black chicken decapitated

Bee buzzing in left ear

Black trees

Black wild boar

Bugs coming out of mouth

Boyfriend touched another girls private

Blocking leaking holes on the wall

Beautiful waterfall

Broken fish tank and children around

Bees on honey

Boy group

Blue bandana

Birthday gift and beautiful flowers

Blue towel in a dream

Behind someone

Bees and dead relatives

Booger in someones nose

Buying prom dress

Buying prom

Brown leopard print isiphika

Betel nut in shillong dreem

Burnt farm land and live snakes on it

Being possessed and dying

Birds and bees

Buying kolanut in dream

Bad spirit in animal form

Blind lion fighting with a tiger

Black rabbit with red eyes charging at me

Black rabbit red eyes coming at me

Boyfriend turns into snake

Bad news about my friend

Buying tapioca

Boom slang

Biryani rice

Black nightshade vegetables

Black eagle

Being shown minerals in a dream

Beating some in dream

Beach fire

Blue and white cloth meaning

Beak doctor

Black buffalo attacking me

Boyfriend kidnapped

Being at a rubbish dump yard

Blue sweet potato peel

Baby dropping off stairs no injury

Betelnut dream namber

Betelnut shop

Broken hair accessory

Broken hair clucther tha i use daily in my life

Burning ur own clothes from iron in dream

Broken porch fence

Broken balustrade

Being given a wallet with money

Black and white cow in a dream

Burn maize farm with roasted corn on fire

Big bird taking child away from you

Bike chain break

Blue lace agate crystal stone

Being trampled on

Bandy snake bite

Baby frigs

Black spots on wall dreaming

Brother paraled but i dreamed i seen him walking

Brothers tries to kill me in dream

Body limbs

Burning passport

Behavior dream interpretation

Bed child

Boyfriend not wanting to see me

Buying the electronics in dream meaning

Being mad at my sister

Burning a fire

Bandages on boyfriends leg

Being blamed for someones death

Baby climbing wall

Bathing a dead baby

Bird inside ear

Broken arrowhead

Being hired as a servant

Baby on oxygen

Being chased in church

Being chased by a male and female lion

Bucket of blood

Body exposed

Borken glasses

Burning mountain

Boat ride to murder mystery dinner

Black bag man

Buy black handbag for man

Buy black handbag

Biting warts off body

Black eyed newborn baby girl

Baby wheezing

Bird in bed with me

Bloody tissue

Breaking an urn and eating it

Blackberry clobber

Barking frog

Brother ran over

Brown with black spots snake

Black cube of smoke

Bit by a groundhog on my toe and finger

Being kissed on the nack

Both cat and snake together biting you

Blood on left hand

Buying tiger nuts

Beautiful, black and brown happy head conjoined dogs

Being late for flight

Burying someone you buried long time ago

Being chased by mother in-law with a knife

Boyfriend. give me oil


Being in a museum

Black cat barking

Black yoks

Black egg yoks

Black egg yolks

Beaten by a mad person

Buying a cutting grinding machine for steel

Blood clotts

Been stept with a knife in your dream

Been step in a dream spiritual

Being loyal

Being selected as a prefect

Baby bunnies and baby foxes

Beeing followed

Beaconed by a spirit

Beauitful scenery


Big head of another person

Being forcefully injected by your boss in the dream

Black cows in temple

Buying akara in my dream

Black long pant

Buying a horse

Being attacked by goat

Bundles of dry grass

Blank tarot card spread

Buying cupcakes

Beting my family member

Buying kolanut

Black panther chasing

Bathing a baby in the dream

Being expelled from group chat

Boyfriend is biting my fingers

Basket full dirty

Basket full with

Boyfriend girls bathroom

Bething in the deam

Black arm in your dream

Big snake and water

Building a utility room

Broken wing dove

Black hexagram

Being a pool

Black fish turning into white

Big worm out of thigh

Birthday of a friend

Being robbed of money by a gang

Boiled green beans

Beautiful large white butterfly

Beautiful large white moth

Brooch with city

Being in a ferry

Blocked by a car

Bear sitting

Big house hidden rooms

Being skin

Burning colf

Bird plum tree

Being in a line for food

Burned body spirit saw in dream

Black eyes and black magic

Biblical trasparent snake in dreams

Blue silo

Black jack meaning

Black and whited colored shirt

Black tomatoes

Biblical mean seeing

Baby at ritual as sacrifice

Box and lit


Blue robes

Being haunted in dream

Biblical stick match

Box that not

Bunch of sewing needles in my foot

But in eye

Blessing dream of grandpa

Blocked stream cleared into clean heavy flow

Bed as gift

Beef rustle

Black scabs on head

Buying a car engine

Black man with ice blue eyes

Bit by turtle

Bathing in the ocean

Braaing dried meat

Bilva tree

Braces falling off

Broken glass wodrope

Black jack an a white cloth

Being in sugarcane plantation, you cut and eat a sugarcane

Brother has car accident

Buying a fake iphone

Blue gown in a dream

Baby with wet diaper

Being in the salvation army

Being on a shaking ladder

Black which

Bird from the mouth

Blue saphire

Beautiful walls and decorations in my dream

Being coaxed to follow a man upstairs

Being coaxed to follow a man

Building work

Building alterations to a house

Building chimney

Baby with blisters all over his body

Buying a malt drink in my dream

Broken religious relics

Broken religious relivs

Broken window wipers

Bird tapping on window

Baby falling from a roof

Bayawak-sa-panaginip ank ang ibigsabihin


Blue lipstick

Been urinated on in a dream by a madman

Boy cycling

Big black chicken

Bear and a tiger

Bee in my house in dream

Broken pupil

Bees in my house in dream

Bald women

Building kraal

Boy urinating

Baby crack from eggs

Black circle white six

Big truck loaded with sugarcanes full

Buying iphone

Being in a with someone else in my dream even tho i already have a partner in real life although we are arguing a lot

Burning oill

Being slapped by yo boss in adream

Being a prisoner in dream

Bus almost hitting

Burned skeletons

Boy stress

Blue rodent

Blood tranfusion

Buying old clothes

Betel leaf seen in a dream

Blood injected in my body by my husband

Blood injected in my body

Being a student and always with ex schoolmates

Burning hens

Better view

Broke. image

Black colour flowing in head

Black patch on scalp with black liquid coming to forehead

Bug biting your left hand

Being punched in the arm

Building a mosque in a market place

Black clothes in a dream

Broken working tools

Blowing a breath of fire

Breathing a fire

Being let go from authorities

Being innocently arrested but let go

Black heels pink bow

Brown horse with two heads on each end of its body

Biting skin around thumb nail

Being able to pull meat out your stomach in blocks

Being able to pull meat out your stomach in books

Burning quran pages

Beating cassave leaves in three mutton

Boyfriend and plants

Blue.lucky number

Brother in law cheating on sistet

Broken turtle shell

Buying cosmetics

Biting a human cheek

Bat dream nuber

Braiding my own hair

Be biten

Birth children

Baby white cow head

Baby constipating

Blood in bath tub

Bloody bath water

Boyfriends grandmither in my deam

Beautiful black and blue bird with plumage speaking to em

Being chased by ventriguist dummy

Buying data bundle in a dream

Boyfriend hates me

Being bit by an ugly fat red and green serpent

Bit by a red and green poisonous fat snake

Bit by an ugly snake

Bald and bleeding

Being bathed with raw eggs in a dream

Burlap walls

Been bathed with water by an elderly men

Being chased in a car

Burlap covered walls

Bush chicken and small chicken also eggs what does mean

Bush planted on a barren plain

Bush planted on a barren plane

Bobby pim

Big fat cow

Blocked comunication

Betrayal by therapist

Buying turtle charm in dream

Bruising around one eye meaning

Braiing fish

Body covered by light

Burning child

Bruning child

Bad child

Boy baby turning into a girl baby

Blocked drain by hairs

Boss gives you a new phone

Burning necklace

Being chased by a woman with a cutlass trying to cut off your head

Beard shave

Borrow my lip balm

Black idol of hanumam

Biblical meaning of eating chapati in my dream

Buying okpa and eating in dream means what

Boy. two. girl. video

Balloon in home room

Black spots in food

Braai stek

Boyfriend looking and talking to other women

Burning coals on someone grave

Bulldozer and construction drean

Barbie car dream

Biblical meaning of someone handing you garlic

Broken knife blade

Black water dream

Black water in well brusting out

Bull and horse fighting deadly

Bath in dream

Biblical meaning of dreaming about removing jigger from the feet

Bedkar pesapkarahi hai

Bedke pesap karna

Billi ki poonch alag hote dekhna

Baby inside hole

Baby with black button eyes

Back tooth falling out

Being with a cows

Baby angel flying in the sky

Buying jet for my mother

Brown hooded robe man praying for me

Brother getting in an accident

Big harmless dog

Boyfriend ejaculate in me

Blackjack plant dream meaning

Buying bitter kola

Buying riped palm nut

Blue baby clothes

Blue baby clithes

Black muscovy duck flying

Black urdi dhal

Being cut by knife

Black hoarse

Bull crippling someone

Bollywood movie

Boyfriend going to another country without telling me

Being inappropriately dressed in a dream

Being saf

Brass rod

Blood from naval

Baby different ethnicity

Boys with knifes

Bike in a dream

Boyfriends deceased grandpa

Boyfriend massage anyone you know


Burn broom

Broom burnt

Big tie

Being mocked

Brother dying in a dream

Bride bus accident

Baseball cap backwards

Blood shower

Buying a new clothing

Braces falling

Bottle gurd

Bird n nest

Black and white seed

Broken mirror aksidently

Being spat at

Buying palm wine

Breaking silver anklet

Black dog enter the house

Black dog eating frogs

Bear mother washing son washing machine

Black dog hanging upside down

Bringing dowry

Being stoned by many monkeys

Being stone

Buganda bounderies

Buganda map boundaries in red color

Blood cough


Black hoodie

Black dog trying to bite me

Baby grows fat

Black hole between eyes


Being accuse of stealing wine and you know who steal the wine

Blue siwasho

Birds eating my seeds in the garden

Birds eating groundnuts or seeds what does it means

Blowing your nose

Book about sacrifice

Braless covering a patient

Beating up another person

Being a priestess

Being a spriestess cleansing

Burned chicken legs

Bird eat hand

Being chased by people with there tongues on fire but not consumed

Banana peppers

Being served roasted meat

Best friends breakup w/her boyfriend

Best friends breakup

Baboons chasing and eating people

Bowel of porridge

Brother tore me out of a picture

Bilav leaf

Bel patra leaves

Buying ice block pure water in dream

Bunch of cocktail openers

Butt sniffed

Broken red bangle

Blender and engine

Being chased by your husband

Being molested by demons

Bite and arm

Buying maternity dress

Being given a check

Bread making and flower

Being given sand in drea

Baby coming from sky towards me

Become scholar

Butterflies in sky

Bed with flowers

Bed with growing flowers

Bombing neighborhoods chihuahua huge dog water park

Breaking of kola nut in the dream

Being gifted a white chicken in the church

Being in a house with it sinking

Being chased by a killer

Blue and white rope

Buying nose pin in dream

Bloody bath

Buying a tractor

Buying a plant with flowers

Black magic toy made with toy

Buying and keeping frogs as food

Burying dead body


Baby elephant and dog walking in bambu

Being served a lot of meat without the bone

Being chased by my family

Breaking up dream

Birthing a heart

Brutal rabe

Baby with golden hair

Boyfriend forgets my birthday

Broken curling iron

Black magic by some one

Being lashed in a dream.

Burned bodies

Burned people

Bent gun

Boyfriend dreaming of my late great grandfather,and me coming to meet him before we met

Bones transfer

Bella flower

Bathing in oil

Bathing three eggs after breaking them

Black and white stripes

Black and white strip shirt

Being injected with nine needles on my leg

Big chocolate chips

Bench knocked over


Bleeding from the finger

Black flies in a dream

Been no one in a quee

Being friends with two asian girls and being happy

Boyfriend getting killed

Broken cord

Black labrador retriever

Being at the airport

Burning food in oven

Broken glass in your mouth

Building where they store gas

Barat ka aana aur dwarpoojan dekhna

Boyfriend get a passport and left me

Being shapeshifter

Broken driving license

Boiled eggs in dream

Broken porcelain horse


Boardgame cheat

Board game cheat

Bathing with red palm oil

Being whipped

Buying a watch

Buy cola nuts

Being friends with a monster

Brahmin boy in dream

Black anaconda snake

Bougainvillea flower in dream meaning

Broken egg on the hand dream

Baby without face

Being given land to build your home

Being chased by an ape that is interested in me

Buying and staying in a palace

Baby underwater

Bird eating a bird

Beating cows in dream

Bees and babygender

Big numbers

Breaking metal

Baby with six fingers

Being give oil in a dream in islam

Boss giving watchs to chose from

Boss gift watch

Bother die

Book of law

Being pulled under bed

Back tires collapased

Back of car collapsed

Black and white sheep

Black skinny two headed women

Being given a puppy

Buy red oil in dream

Bloated stomach

Bout snick

Bags of dirty clothes

Being drunk and a friend helping out with mental health

Binding feets with scarf

Balcony looking at sky

Being sodomised

Borher dying on motorcycle

Bowl with a spout

Band teacher

Being shot with an arrow on the chest

Black bird eating someone dead

Barefoot in urine

Baby with measles

Burn crow

Burning crow

Baked ham

Being given a sack of mandazi and eating

Blau socks

Blau sock

Being teacher

Bull attacking someone

Broken cross pendant

Bruises, arms

Burning a small spider in its thread of web

Burning a small

Beating enemy

Beach in your dream

Been given milk

Been given eggs

Been given mandazi

Burning a used pad

Branch growing out of belly button

Bleeding from hand muscle over the ankle

Buying recharge card in dreams

Barthing with mestural blood

Being refused food at a wedding

Being given bread to eat by my grandmother.

Buying bangles in dream

Books being swept away by the river

Bath with clove water in a dream

Biter cola

Building altar

Beast had attacked on us

Barnbara a beans

Budding 7th finger

Back skin peeling

Bumi terbalik

Big ugly slug

Barren land in dreams

Borewell machine

Basment cousin sick

Bee inside ear

Being denied food by family

Bugs mating

Boyfriend being beaten up and then crying

Being given a seahorse to your partner

Black hooded women in the road that cause car to crash

Being shot at with a fake gun by someone famous

Being shot at with a fake gun

Broken bullock cart

Big white rat bite my hand

Big white mouse bite my hand

Beautiful shaped mountain

Bear eats pet


Bleeding from my stomach

Being loyal in a dream to your bf


Bow hunting

Bitten by a snake in a dream

Bathing wrap

Being a passenger in a car

Butterfly knifes

Brushing long hair outdoors

Black magic with bones

Black magic with bons

Burningchacoal jiko

Blue ring octopus sting

Big yellow moon

Blue jay attacking

Black bee means what

Bugs in a dirty city

Bedroom with wardrobe bed dressing table

Bathing with husband in a tub

Bulan oecah

Bulan meledak

Body disintegrated

Being kissed by an evil entity

Brown ring

Brother inlaw shampooing lawn

Being lifted up in dream

Blurred boy looking at me

Blurred boy looking at me the background white