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Dreams starting with the letter B

Blown by dust on the face

Being given muthi to use in a dream

Being backstage

Being offered gold but not excepting it

Blind man driving

Black lower legs

Blood from feet on bedsheet

Belt turning into a snake

Being chased by a gunman

Burning charm

Breaking pottery

Buying of guinea fowl meat in a dream means

Being ran over

Breaking car glasses with ball in dream mean

Burst and open soak away in dreams

Black dog with a snake tail

Burried people

Books descending from the skies

Being fondled by an elderly couple

Brother in a police cells

Beniseed dream meaning

Beach and boyfriend

Buying fried coffee bean

Black jelly creature

Buying a door mat

Being a prefect in a dream

Burning electric wall sockets

Burning of wall sockets

Boiled mixed vegetables

Be a passenger in a vehicle and crossing river

Blue snack means

Bug flying into my eye

Becoming a president

Being drugged by a car

Beer for lucky numbers

Butterflies magnolias

Being chosen chief wife

Being chosen by a chief as his wife

Bitten on arm

Best friend died

Bad ivy needle

Burp mouth

Being bitten by baby

Baby vultures

Black moles on hands

Black forehead and nose

Black spots on my hands

Black fingertips in a dream

Burned bus

Bought a haunted mansion

Boyfriend buying me clothes

Being immature

Baby turtle bites you

Broken chandelier


Breaking a safety pin

Broken quartz and

Black stain in uniform

Burning someone picture in the dream

Burning city goat heblack cataded demon

Burning city goat headed demon

Being given strawberry

Beating someone till they bleed

Bear killing a wolf

Broken rib of father

Bluejay feather

Being called a slut

Blue precious stone

Being told your soul sisters

Being in trouble

Buying gift from haj

Being surprised when you see someone in your dream

Bible, christ picture

Badminton dream meaning

Bowl of water fallen off my head

Being cut by a panga on the ribs

Being cut off by high tide

Baby born with no arms

Buying green leafy vegetable

Burning a pice of paper

Buying plates in a dream

Being attacked by bird

Blue stain on the floor

Boy pick mango

Beast touch

Being touched in dream

Blank al quran

Buying banana cue

Big floating fish

Being a nurse

Bible soaked in the water

Bleeding and eyes

Being chased by the federal government

Biblical interpretation of holding bolo strike to the pipe

Bed filled with soil and my wig was placed on top

Burning and fire

Boar head

Bed burning and

Burning with fire

Being pinched in the thigh

Being swept away in a river

Books and biro

Bed burning with

Black snake in a wedding


Buttocks and wound

Be quiet and put hand over mouth

Blue handprint on scalp

Black bassist

Bug flying into mouth

Broke a reason thermos

Broke flash

Baby bleeding from mouth

Baby cat

Black smoke surrounding house with you in it

Baby cat bite

Big moon close to the earth

Being gotten by night fall in a farm

Blue gold cougar

Buy okoro in the dreams means what

Banana and number

Black arms reaching

Broken badminton

Being called pretty

Being a policeman

Buying gala in dream

Brown hawk

Bed being moved out of my house

Buying snail in dream mean what

Blood left cheek

Bad habits

Black figures grabbing me holding on

Black nazarene in my dreams

Breaking out in hives on my forearms

Burning camphor

Be burned

Burning bald scalp boiling

Baby head separate from.body

Bathroom in disrepair

Buying a fish without head

Baby being locked in car

Bee stuck in my ear

Blue bags filled with lollipops

Boy urinal

Boiling milk then it s and turned black

Body turning blue

Being hit by my bf

Blue fish meaning

Boat going down quickly and me in it finding it hard to breathe

Belly button pus expressed

Being giving chinchin in a dream on the day you are meant to fast and you eat it

Bear and fighting

Bald men in suits

Being chased by warthog

Being dressed nice

Baby vomiting tapeworm

Blow fire

Best friend sleeping with husband

Boyfriend and his mom

Black ghosts in dark dream than white ghosts in light

Body beat

Being very tall

Boiling red jelly

Broken cutlas

Bucket of water fall from my head

Blood on top of serpent

Bathing on the road side

Black book dream meaning

Blank face girl

Being stoned at in a dream

Broken wings on a airplane

Buying car to my friend using his money

Blue robe with gold trim, dove, man

Black mustard

Buy gutting fish in dream

Buying and eating fried plantains

Bumps on the eye lids

Bumps on my eyes

Bumps on rye

Being given money by former employer

By the roadside

Brown snake being thrown by your ex

Breaking on the

Bathin in faucet with someone


Being stuck in black air

Big bogey

Big bogies

Bucket carry by flood and wantem to search

Burning a butterfly

Buying snacks at a gas station

Broken circle


Being driven in a car by a priest pass suffering people , and demolished neighborhood

Be accused of stealing

Baby refuse to eat in dream

Beach with your

Black trouser and white shirt

Being given a glass of wine

Bite face

Being an inspector

By a hen

Bitten by a black snake

Boyfriend kissing his sister passionately

Being raped by stranger

Black mist surrounding

Being neighbours with my biology teacher

Black mask zombie running dying

Being attacked by

Burn holes on a wooden stool

Burn holes from smoking on a stool

Beautiful long haired cat

Bicycle with balloon wheels

Black clover leaf

Black being with white mask

Black ostrich kissing my face

Buying uncooked rice

Buying evaporated milk

Born blue

Blue baby

Broken virginia mary statue

Beads and dancing

Black mouse in white milk in a teacup being pored out

Bad new

Barefoot in public toilet

Blood smeared on my face

Being scared to get caught madturbating

Bottle teats

Buying incomplete grass thatched house

Black bag present in the dream

Black robe trimmed with gold

Buying diamond earrings

Bowl of fruits

Boyfriend bald dream

Been chased by a duck in the dream

Bag hang in a dream

Bitter gourd tree

Begging in a dream

Buy bamboo shoots

Build own house

Before i saw the dream yesterday, i was disappointed in my lover. then i saw in my dream a man who was bothering her with me, threatening me with a gun. i think he is crying and he asks me a question that is not related to my life.

Being given mandazi

Bunch of betelnutes dream number

Bunch of betelnutes

Boyfriend in bed with new lady

Birth and died after

Birds mouth

Bunch of betelnuts dream numbers

Betelnuts dream numbers

Betelnuts numbers


Bunch of betelnuts

Bunch of betel nuts

By i le

Buying rice of rs five zero zero

Buying of rice

B be ring list

Buying a marang fruit

Baby carseat

Belly button coming out with liquid

Been among white men in the dream

Boyifriend is marring

Black sable

Bull calf in a dream

Black pig holding your leg in dream

Brahmin boy

Buying from fruit seller

Bitten by hayena

Being bitten in the head

Breaking glass of water in a dream

Being enthroned with a wooden stick on my hand, seated at a chair , all family members attending and obeying

Brown an black spots snake

Blue berry muffins

Big giant waves

Boyfriend dead mom

Business sold

Being wrapped in blanket and sprayed with perfume

Biting knee

Bright sun blinding me

Being chased by the grich

Being chased down stairs by the grich

Bad razor

Braking the cup in a dream

Being chastised in a dream in front of important people

Buying vegetables in the market in dream

Big snakes wrapped around cows in the fields

Broken bottom of a mug

Biting someone face

Buying fresh tomatoes in the dream

Bamboo uprooted?

Blackheads nose squuzing gunk

Blood coming from someone mouth

Bathing in well water

Broken glass teapot

Being in the toilet

Burst tyre due to nail

Boyfriend gives watermelon


Being good friends with someone that bullied me

Bee in web

Bee in seb

Black sink hole

Banshee in black veil boyfriend walked to it

Brother being a murderer

Black scores on ceiling

Being kidnapped and robbed

Bungee jumping of a tall building

Burning of neem tree

Burning of neen tree

Beach covered in snow

Buying sourpop and sycarmore

Blue snake friendly

Bush pig in my dream the meaning

Broken wine glass and wine being poured into it

B egg ing overloaded

Buying too much

Bugs and baths

Bugs and toilets

Baby milk formula

Baby and bobcat

Braaing fatty meat

Blue and white polka dots

Being dragged on the floor

Broken kitchen cabinets

Broken ketchen unit

Baby elephant bathing in a dream

Beating up someone innocent

Blue head covering

Broken gear

Becoming destitute

Been locked in a asylum

Borrowing the rice

Black topping in a dream

Bhagwan ki photo toilet mei dhekna

Bite by dog

Bertemu mantan

Baked nice scones

Becoming pregnant

Becoming prefn

Baby crawling up on the wall

Boat and sea

Being chased by a wild, jumping white horse while further behind a black horse is jumping and playing without chasing

Being chased and got shot by a soldier and die

Being lost cannot go back to a certain place

Bird inside my body

Been in a bush ube tree plugging then and putting in a basket when it was filled some children took along and i was still there plugging and licking them

Bugs crawling on you

Bird in nest throwing eggs

Born baby in hands

Boyfriend building a baby crib

Brother fighting

Bring carried out to sea

Blown over rocking chairs

Black guy doing yoga

Being dropped from the car

Broke soft drink bottle meaning

Baby with a rash

Body lotion symbols

Boss talking to you over the phone

Brother involved in crime

Bhrahma dream meaning

Brokan chair

Baskett ball means

Bee in mouthafrica

Being swalled by a whale


Beating with bat

Being in a veldt

Black robe with red faces

Bating nacked in dream meaning

Big turtles walking on rocks

Backed in dream

Big turtles

Bad turbulence on plane dream

Bottles filled with clear water

Bathing elderly man

Bathing with ashes and coins

Badly made food

Biting styrofoam

Black and white stripped sweater

Boyfriend kissing someone

Blood stains in pants in dreams

Blood stains in dreams

Blood in an egg

Blue container in a dream

Bats hatching

Broken table tennis bat

Bloody pad in dream

Breeding ducks

Buy egg from shop

Bone of a spinal cord

Bicycle been stolen out the school

Boiling clean water in a clean sufuria boiling on the bed by its on

Black panther and tiger

Boy with vaishnav tilzk

Breaking steal rod

Black harly cater ers

Bees under skin

Bird transformed into woman

Birth time

Black spots on skin

Blue egg inside the shell

Buying combs in a dream

Bersentuhan bahu dengan orang lain

Being given a pearl necaklace in a dream

Being cut by a small knife

Broken pieces of dentures

Boyfriends dad got mad at me

Bycycle dreem no

Brinjal,dream number

Bite nose

Buying a purse

Blue sapphire broken ring

Bus traveling dream no

Blood on the tissue in dreams

Baby lion in dream

Boyfriend liking someone

Big black bird flying

Bloody paw print from an injured animal

Bycicle siting two man

Boyfriend put ring on my finger in my dream

Blood stained veil

Bycicle ride

Bycicle ridding

Bmx bike

Blur people

Broken photo taped together

Bald love interest

Buying snake neat for myparent

Bubbly blood

Building on a door with a male friend

Building with a male friend

Being given plants as a gift in a dream

Blue goat

Being chased by a boulder

Boulder falling on you

Bad church dream

Baking powder dream

Being pulled in my dream

Bed in bathroom

Bone knife handle

Broken down water park

Brother and ladder falling

Being kissed by an ex boss

Black dog with red eyes

Bull attack to my daughter

Blood clot in dream

Brother in law shot himself

Blood and flash

Boss cutting my hair

Blue ladybug

Being best friends with a unfamiliar face

Braided grass rope

Baby girl pee in dream

Black finger tips in dream

Being pulled into the sky

Big green garden with eating fruits and sister and cousins

Botfly larvae embedded into my forhead

Bleeding from toe

Being civil with someone i hate in life

Blood transfudion

Bathroom shower leaking thru light fixture

Bad ordor

Brown horse in bag

Boy bathing

Boat recked

Burning of my white clothes

Buying iron sheets and loosing them

Broken diamond bracelet

Broken diamond bangle

Baby sucking a bottle

Buying eggs for a deceased in the dream

Buying eggs fir a deceased

Big tow nail fall off

Bird shit car

Buying yam in the market

Buying a plate in the dream

Big fall

Black woman wearing white beads

Being in possession of coconuts

Bear attack my dog

Being given two black stones

Bathing with your dress on

Buy a new door mat

Bathing with midget

Blanket dreams of a dead person your cover

Being thin

Being slim

Baing kissed in the ear

Burning snails in dream

Birds under blanket

Broken candle means

Being injected by doctor in the dream

Being a stalked a tiger

Being forced to convert to

Blowing sankha in dream in front of many people

Bird turning into snake

Being close to baseball field

Birds with no feathers

Broken hanging bridge

Beautiful blue eyes girl

Bought a new phone

Breaking sankha pola

Blues surgical glove

Bus ride argument

Being chased by a monster

Brother trying to kill brother

Baby racoon biting my finger

Black night gown

Black wave

Big black spider climbing

Bought purple puto

Bright light surrounding me

Being famous in my dream

Being stabbed on ass

Burning charcoal on a brazier

Being in a class/school in a dream

Bow lwgged

Big foot helping you dig a water well in the mountains

Been attacked by a camel in dream

Broke my shoe

Buyin of teff grain

Bit on wrist by coyote

Boyfriend pinched my bottom

Bow tie paint

Buying sapphires for daughter

Bloody cloud

Baby in car no car seat

Being together with someone you hate

Being together with someone you have already broken up

Black siluhette

Black silohette

Bear fox and ferret

Bee stuck in web

Boyfriend picking up in arms

Become rich

Big curly haired brown dog

Bee stuck in hair

Bugs coming out of s

Birth bags of fruit preserves

Bleeding flesh

Borning of farm lawn

Borning farm grass or bushes

Borning farm grass bushes

Blue spark

Burning garbage infront of motorcycle

Being offered a purse and not taking it

Bees sting in butt

Bbq human flesh

Burning bark

Bible floating in the air

Big cat eat fish

Buried under sno

Buying of snail in the dream

Buying medicine for someone

Being in al rawadah in a dream

Bodybag flying

Being a wanted alleged killer

Broken eye pupil

Bing dragged by feet

Baduli death number

Being in a foreign country as a black woman in a cafe in an all white space

Boy girl fighting

Being scared to cross a bridge

Biblical meaning of seeing goats in an act of metting

Black cloth tied to my waist

Beggar friend

Boy no face

Bull shark

Buying two tea flasks big and small one

Being raped and beat

Buying padlock

Black tourmaline gem

Black landsat with children aboard and glass hearse drawn by black horses

Bucks fizz dream

Being bitten by a ferret

Bellybutton interpretation with an eye in it

Big bird trying with not clear eyes trying to chase you

Boyfriend falling out of window

Boss giving me money in a dream

Baby index finger

Being put into a grinder


Boil on eye

Being chased by a dogs

Bear attacked me through window

Bro second wife married

Bright gold light in box

Black bird blue feathers

Blister on my legs in dream

Black plum under plum tree

Building falling in the ocean

Branches falling off a tree

Broken christian cross

Big tree withered, and small tree blooming

Boy in a mask

Bottled and water

Beautiful multicoloured bird

Being on a wood ship on the clouds

Boiling water being taken

Being restrained by seatbelt

Big noses

Blood in a bathtub

Being able to jump high and find out i can fly

Being shot in the back of the head

Being protected by a nun

Broken shiva statue

Biblical neon lights

Base boards

Baby shoe in a dream

Black figure and red eyes

Bass fish me

Blonde cat in my house door

Birds resting on tummy

Blue mouth

Being sacked out of class in a dream

Birthing a dragon

Big snake in water

Black hand grabing

Best dreams that talks about success

Brake light not working

Benang kusut

Broken plates and cups

Buying crap and shrimp

Bird eating animals

Bird changing to a dog

Beating sahir in dream

Boils in the eyes

Being sold shoes of a person that is dead in a dream

Being scared of a clown

Black and white tree

Baby red hair, combing

Brothers who are dead

Brick as a gift

Black snake with golden eyes

Black spot circle

Blowing dust

Box of matches

Bit off

Buyinĝ kafan for other

Beetal leaf in dreams

Buying sufuria in dreams

Black eyed monkey

Bleeding oranges

Beyaz saten tulum abiye giymiştim , davete gidecekken uyandım

Bitten by half dog half tiger

Battle thank

Battle tank

Baby boy in dreams teer prediction

Blue lord shiva

Bleeding body and cut off toe

Building destroy dream

Be given a court summons

Being summoned to court

Bleeding from your body in a dream

Broken compact powder

Badi mummy telling about paspu tilakam

Berenang dengan orca di sungai

Bean flour in the dream

Balloon house

Birds dream

Buying of copybooks pencils in small store

Blowjob dad father

Buying waatye

Boy wearing red cap

Brick blue fireplace

Black circle fire pit in a square fireplace with no fire

Brother being possessed

Buying pap for some one in a dream means what

Broken green crayon

Baby shower and shoe

Baby peeing on me in dream

Boyfriend giving a blow job

Being on a drawbridge

Being pregnant same time as your ex wife

Birds egg dream nambar

Bees in water

Blood pouring down the right side of my face

Broken god picture

Breaking anointing oil bottle

Buying and drinking fanta in the dream

Boy glowing blue

Boy with glowing

Brown paperbag

Boiling green beans in dream during pregnancy meaning

Bind demon

Breaded shrimp

Brown crocodile

Bat trapped in spider web

Buying brown umbrella

Baby wearing blue clothes playing with me in dream spiritual meaning

Boycycle dreem no teer ji ji

Boycycle dreem no teer

Boss in dreams

Body scan

Burning rubbish on the floor

Body parts seen the sea water

Bull charging a building

Boat riding a large wave

Being tricked by a friend

Being told you have the angel of death around you

Biblical rock wall building

Becoming a transformer

Brown eggs with black spots

Bath tub of water

Black silhouette in the corner of my room

Broken roof tiles

Bull pooping in a dream

Bbymother and daughter

Brother inlaw taking shower in my housee

Bear attacking my dog

Blister head

Burned in dream

Bath clothed

Barging in

Being attacked by a beaver

Buying of wall clock

Baby vomiting blood

Boy with blonde hair

Being in a haystack

Blue morning glory

Bitten on ankle by fast lizard and husband was hesitant to help take it off me

Baby sitting in car seat

Black fishes fillets and vegetables


Beaded braided hair

Being with the bride only on her wedding day and she attacks me

Bolo with snake symbol

Bolo with dragon symbol

Black hissing snak

Barn owl and raven playing

Being to close to the edge of water

Being close to the edge of water

Butterfly earrings


Beach with big waves

Blood on the wall family next to me

Black wallet equivalent number

Bridge at sky

Bear kills dog

Broken childrens rocking chair

Buying two goats and paying cash

Being dragged through the hallway into the dark garage by a demon

Bear kills dog eat him

Buying of pepper in the dream what does it means

Bathing children in dream

Bathing your own children in a dream meaning

Burning toast in toaster

Bright blue car blocking the road

Burnt trouser

Brushing teeth with razor

Blood on someone hand sky splits in half black

Black smoke movie from right to left

Buying watch

Buying watches but ended up nut buying because of not liking it

Bedroom consists of a small bed and a king size bed. i am awake and lied down in the small bed. whereas in the king size bed there is my crush sleeping in the middle of her two colleagues


Bringing in many rotten paprika home

Beating people in a dream

Buying moto in the dream

Baby snake falling from sky on me

Burning cables

Bird watching

Buying a second hand bedding an shoes in a dream

Burnt roti in dream

Best friend dad dying

Broken hip

Brother hiding in the oven

Bycle tire follow me

Bycle tire

Bubbles in dream meaning

Buford slurpin on that slop

Boyfriend ejaculate inside

Bath in river ganga dream

Blur face dream

Blue hearts

Beautifully child in dream in islam

Beautifully child in dream

Buying two condensed milk in the dream

Baby fall on fire

Broken kaba

Baby eating his feces

Bats and snake together

Big temples

Being a passenger in a white car

Big evil bat

Being humble before others

Being in a new place with deceased brother

Being in a new place with decreased brother

Badger and a fox

Breat feeding five monkey babies

Blue ribbon on a person

Body with many clothes

Black hooded and

Bleeding art

Bring frozen baby to life

Bad smelling of urine

Baby in a car seat

Bolo and knife

Big black hairy cater ar

Being bitten by a deceased person

Baby girl six eyes

Being chased by a man in mask

Brother being stabbed to death

Break down a bed

Buy groundnut oil in my dreams what is the meaning

Buffalo attack

Blood clots and

Blue present

Black maimaid in clear water,

Black skopion

Black woman with red saree

Braiding hair in dream

Bed sleeping next to someone

Bus, classmates going on a school trip with out me

Bird biting you

Being punched in stomach

Being pursued by gunmen

Bird biting thumb in dream

Blue demon marking on face


Banging head on mirror meaning

Black and white isiphika

Bird pecking and following me

Being stamped by a stranger

Being stamped by a strander



Bleeding from vaginia

Black mask

Baby kitten with fleas

Black bird spitting fire

Boyfriend acting different around you

Boyfriend going deaf

Boyfriend going dead

Big and riv

Black and grape

Bathing with charcoal in a dream

Baby has mouth full of teeth

Being prayed for

Being delivered from your sickness

Becoming winner of a reality show

Bleeding from eyes in dream

Being killed by marine life at a water park

Bear handing me lots of money

Bathroom with stranger

Broken ignition keys

Being stalked by friend

Being trapped in a maze

Broken peephole

Boards in a fence

Being bit by a bunch of ticks

Birds on cages

Branches dream interpretation - branches dream meaning

Big lamprey

Baby clinging to me

Being approached by a tiger at night

Being unjustly accused

Baby licking me meaning

Bite head off fish

Bugs on my dog

Bumps all over legs

Being kissed by an owl

Being taught to protect myself in football

Boyfriend had seizure

Boyfriend seizure

Baby in a white dress

Black panther attached

Boyfriend pregnant someone dream

Bluebird feather

Bald patch girlfriend

Being covered with a green cloth on the face

Body part peeling

Black and white dream with dead family members


Bird shit drop my back

Bird ahit drop at my back

Bird ahit drop on my back

Being robbed by thugs

Black line on hand

Being saved from drowning

Black stone wall

Brinjal teer dream number

Brown monk robe

Buying cooking oil

Buying vegetable oil

Braai chicken what does it mean spiritually

Bring a bald cat to life

Battle among people

Building in a river

Bathing in kitchen

Being raid or confrontation with police

Buying palm kennel in the dream

Brother running me down to kill me

Bieng chased by a bird and trying to hide from i ebhind a wooden door

Been chased by a bird

Bird catching a big fish and i took it

Been chased by a brush turkey brid or chicken

Being served beer in the dream

Buying an airline ticket

Baby teeth growing

Bubbling mouth

Buying egusi in dream

Big revir and boat

Boyfriend i know

Being denied access to lay down with my boyfriend when the bed is neatly prepared

Bloodied axe

Buying a milo beverage in a dream

Banana tree in dream

Brother is killed in dream

Brother beheaded by animal

Beaten by my elderly brother

Beautiful coloured carp in clear water

Burning embers placed in the palm of your hands by god

Boon is back

Being evaluated

Bent car keys

Bus fall in water but no passenger inside

Birth if he-goat

Black bird red feathers

Burning panties

Being in a factory with engineers showing machinery and functions

Buying sachet of water in the dream

Bright blue orb entering my body

Bruises on knees

Beatboxing in a dream

Bottle gourd plant in dream

Buddha relics

Boyfriend giving coins

Boy friend giving me cons while kneeling

Bread and salt

Brown dogs in cage

Bloody egg yolk

Being the

Being a

Blood drawn in a dream

Black crow feathers

Berjalan sama adik membawa lentera dimalam hari untuk menemui ibu

Big dining room table

Broken baby bed

Baby cot breaks

Baby cot break when baby is put in it

Broken cor with baby inside

Blue leather shoes

Buying meat for someone

Been lifted a taonga

Black crow in my lap

Break up in

Buying of two goats and paying in cash

Big white gray bird flying towards me

Biblical meaning of white towel

Belly hanging to knees

Broken and restaured object

Being chased by smurfs

Big clean house

Being a hit man

Bag, furry

Bed gift

Bed ad

Bandages, removal

Birth of twin capricorn girls

Bandages, face

Bird stealing food

Box with a lock

Being handed emeralds

Beautiful young girl and nicely clothes

Buying snacks/food

Blue and yellow feathers

Breaking jelwery

Buying paintbrushes

Black rosary

Blood clot dream


Besi dibakar

Business partner asking for help

Bathing with clothes on from a bucket in public

Blood on the big toenail

Blood on the big tppoe

Blood on big toe

Bleeding from big toenail

Big toenail bleeding

Being attzcked

Being killed by psychos

Black belt meaning

Blood red sky

Beautiful hijab lady

Bareback horse water gallop

Bobby pin dream

Barefoot in dream

Bath of cold water

Being dragged under the water

Beheaded dead bird

Bathing dead dog

Booking flight

Buying beans in a shop in the dream

Big walging elk

Bag search

Being pickpocketted

Brocken shoes

Bloody knuckles