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Dreams starting with the letter M

My boyfriend and i in church

Meaning of a dream of seeing big maadazi made for friends but you had to eat

Money and hair in pocket

Meaning of dreams telling my father to pray for me

My slippers break into two equal parts

Me play in the pool with my dead brother

My dead brother playing with me in the pool

Meaning of rotten coconut in a dream

My pets peeing in my car


Maize eating

My brother committed suicide

Mother calling me politely far

Miniature pony

Meaning of eating roasted corn in dreams

Meaning of cooking and eating okro soup and pounded yam with three people

Mencabuti bulu ayam sudah mati

Meaning of swallow egg in dream

Meaning of swallow roll egg in dream

My boyfriend enters my home

Me on soda marketining van

Me in my

Mountain crumbling down all around

Melihat jalan banyak tanaman pagar selama ini tidak ada

Mimpi senam

My eye was blind in my dream

Money, re-living the dead and blood on cotton near ear part

Meaning of seeing midnight sun

Meaning of boyfriend hasking a cup of water

Mimpi digigit setan

Meaning of purple puto

Meaning of shooting yourself

Mother burning hands

Mom burning hands

My ex girlfriend called me babe in my dream

Meaning of selling building materials

Mother with tape over her mouth

My girlfriend dream about her mother giving her purple flower while we were together?

Meaning of given a cameleon in a dream but did not take it

Meaning of given a cooami

Meaning of fallen banana trees seen in a dream

Meaning seeing coconut in the dresm

Mum kiss my right eye and told me to open my eyes

My sister drowning

My ex partner proposed

My mother was trying to kill me

Making things happen like magic

Mom being shot in my dream

Maze meal

Mimpi memanjat pohon cabang dan patah

Mimpi manjat pohon cabang

Mimpi panjat pohon cabang

Mimpi manjat pohon cabang patah



Maka za

Man in walls

Meaning of rotten coconut in dreams

Moving concrete vstairs

Mom nose cut iff

Moms nose cut off

Making my deceased mother paint

Murder in a mosque

Meaning of cow in a dream

My boyfriend kissed the head of my sister dream meaning

Man hurting a boy

Mom calling for help in your dream

Meat and money

Mustard s ing

My mother cut my hair

Money in soil

My arm was broken

Maggot coming out of the private part

Mom hugs you

My my friend kept his hands on my intentionally while i am realise and start crying.

My friend kept his hands on my breath intentionally while i am realise and start crying.

Makkah not able to see kabah

Meaning of refuse to take ground nut from someone in the dream

Miscarriage in making cheese mozzarella

Misscarrige and making cheese in dream motzarella

My deceased partner moving out the home


Meaning of my passed father calling me

My passed father calling me but i cannot hear what he says

Millipede comes out of

My wife and i in a argument whit a white line between us

Meaning of being congratulated in a dream

Mimpi melihat mantan pacar telanjang

Melihat mantan pacar telanjang


Meaning of tourbillon seen in a dream

Meaning of dreaming a gecko

Maroon cat meaning

Meaning of dreaming vetez mombassae

Maroon cat meaning in a dream

Monkey litter

Meaaning of small fishi

Maize dream nmbr today shillong teer

Meaning of eating dry kapenta

Maize drawn namber

Meaning of carrying three leaf yam in the dream

Meaning of selling garri in the dream

Meaning of giving people drip in the dream


My sister was run down by a car

Men women

Monkey becomes cat

Monkey turns to cat and back to monkey

Meaning of getting old clothes

Meaning of sky blue

Meaning? a woman help you to carry load in your dream

Meaning of the symbols of picking money and ground claim seen in a dream

My boy frend bay mobali phone

Me make banana crispy

My widow friend got married in my morning dream

Man with pigs head

Meaning of unripe pawpaw

Meaning of dreaming a heap of charcoal black

Meaning of extracting palm fruits in the dream

Meaning of seeing three leaf yam in dream

Memetik buah markisa

Moon and sun falling from sky

My child seeing a gost

My grandma washing clothes

Motorcycle will not stop

Maize plant burning

Many turtle

Meaning of the symbols of mobile, phone, caught and fire seen in a dream.

My guardian seems to be in an argument

Me and my ex being in the same church and him looking at me

Mum losing weight

Machete con barro

My partner found unresponsive on floor

My alive grandmother dreams of her late husband in the car with an unknown toddler

Mad woman gives you a child in dream

My grandma got passed away holding a white envelope

Me running as a child around my dad on his birthday

Mother board in the sky

Movie screening

My dead mother whos died falling down the stairs

My dead mother falling down the stairs

My doctor and deceased mother were there having tea

Movie theatre seats

My dead mother being hungry i

My dead mother hungary

Mercury sustance

My best friend was not aloud to hang out with me ever again

Mom washing dishes

My mom tried to kill me

Men without pennis

Man watches me as i sleep

My mom refuse my proposal

Mobility aid

Mobility aid in dreams

Mushroom growing out of hand

My deceased husband drove away from me, i cried yelling for him to stop the truck

My husband drove away as i tried to stop him

My loved one drove away from me as i chased him

Moving away from bitten by a snake


Mobil home

My dead husband and i fixing a toilet

My ex slapped me

My ex slapped my mom

My lover leave a message to me

My brother being arrested

My freind put money in to my pocket

Many a

My dogs in the backyard and then bears come and starts attacking them

Meaning of head injury in the dream

Moaning worms what lucky number

My partners house

My dog brings a live fish to me in my dreams

Me and another girl, but we are children, suicide, setting a girl on fire

Medusa in a dream

Meang of thread colors

Medusa on the cliff appear in my dream

Medusa appear in my dream and her snakes kissed my feet

Meaning of getting a belly piercing

Meaning of ibhayi in a dream

Maggots come out of my hair

Menstrual ke samay bhagwat geeta kaa padhne

My mother inlaw given me a bag of clothes in a dream

Mother in law given me my dead mother bag of of clothes

My deceased mother called my name

Marriage with a dwarf

Milk coming out of my s

Mountain dew

Meaning of a dream where someone tries to steal my phone

Mouth wide open

Meaning of dreaming receiving a doll as a gift for my daughter

Meaning of slamic dream that your father is forcing himself on you

Meaning of the symbols of living, uncompleted and building seen

Maggots under skin

Maraming bunga

Meaning of the symbols of buying,eating and sits seen in a dream

Mom agreeing for love marriage

Marinated cooked fish pieces in dream

My mother peeling coconut in my dream

Man dreams twins from another woman

Meaning of fetching water from a well in the dream

Murdering mother by accident but trying to hide it

Murdering mum by accident

Mad man in love it me in the dream

My son being sodomized

Marring a man

Mimpi leher luka

Monster at the ceiling

Many cows in herd and one dead in a dream means?

Meeting together

Man giving you surprise in your birthday

My friend give birth a baby boy


Meat mincer


Mencuci daging

Meaning of throwing stones at someone

Meaning of throwing something at someone spiritually

Monitor lizard dreams

Mother swept away in a flood

Mechanic bugs coming out of stomach

Mother in burning house

Man lying faced down

Meaning of the symbols of white, powder and hair seen in a dream

Meaning of six thousand in dream

Mother giving fried

My dog running into traffic with snakes

My crush kissed my hand

Mimpi pohon alpukat tumbang berbuah lebat

Man in a pink suit

Menstruating dog

Man pulls my leg to straddle him

My deceased mother told me am pregnant

My deceased mother told me am

My ex husband being a homeless

Mother forest

Mince beef

My phone screen was totally broken nothing was showing

Mimpi makan di tempat sampah

My girlfriend giving her brother head

Missing bottoms in public

Moving kichen

Muddy animals

Moving household

My baby being physically molestes in a dream by a police

Missing my way in a bush and was struggling to know the way in a dream

Missing my way in a bush and was struggling to know the way

Missing my way in a bush

My kid

My organs falling out

Man kissed my forehead

My dead father bit someone

Mango tree germination

Male and female sleeping together



My mother being skinny


Miniskirt bite

My ex boyfriend beaten by some guys

My girlfriend dealer

Meaning of a bat in my hair in my dream

Meaning of the dream number seven

Mango falling from a tree in hand

Many native women

Maĺl or town

Meaning of someone giving me muti toe theew

My phone falling into a pit toilet

My sister saw me and my boyfriend in the dream he was wearing animal skin cloth and wearing black gown

Meaning of dreaming mingling posho

Makan daging monyet

Makan daging monyet di panggang

Marula fruits means in the dream

Many many people dreem number

Man fighting dream number

Man a girl dream number

My enemies are happy

My enemies are happy in my dream

Meroon beads means what

Men fighting for my attention

Meaning number

My house collapsed

My soup pouring on the ground in my dream

Mama mary statue broken in dreams

My husband wearing

Meat stuck in teeth

Mobile give fother

My father bitten by snake

My name announced

Maggots in mangoes

Meaning of baby man

Meaning of two yanger

Meaning of listening to musing with my deceased mum



Male dreaming of a female protecting him from evil

My girlfriend dreamed of my deceased father

Memberi hadiah sepatu baru

Meaning of selecting crayfish in the dream

My deceased sister

My so driving a electric car

Maa kali kill me in my dream always

Maa kali kill me in dream

Man cleaning my windows

My clothes were thrown on floor by husband

Meroon ntjeti

Mole attacking me

Margot on a clean pad

Meeting a teacher in a dream means

Meeting a teacher in dream means

Manjal iduvathu pol

Milk with blood

Missing a wedding

Meaning of a man wearing agbada in a dream

Monster bite arm

My deseased husband leaving me without telling me

Massaging oil in private parr dream

Meaning cheetahs

My husband bring another woman home

Mophuphe umuntu ejabule ophilayo

Meaning of seeing my dead grandmother and a snake

Missing an arm

Marrying a police man in a dream

Money and beautiful pebbles gift from deceased dad

Missing a factime time call


Mimpi piring hilang


Meaning of aomeone else living in the house tou rented

Mountains of sand

Marrying a widow

Making tea for my late mother

Meaning of walking in the forest

Meaning of sharing sanitary pad in my dream

My father and his late brother gave my late sister a fringe in my dream what does it mean

My ex husband makes our house empty


Moon sun and light in night

My dead mother wearing my hat

My dead mother wishes me to go with her

My son came back to life in my dream

Mimpi berkelahi pakai linggis

My husband chopped body in a bag in a garbage smelling very bad

Man make up

Man with two different

Meeting a black nun

Maize meal and water mixer

Mold on walls

Money given in a dream

Money given in a dream to me

Meaning of the symbols of beat shoe seen in a dream.

Male presence

Monkey in a trap

My wife dreamt that am dead

Mahegony tree

Man gives me onion and he taste it

Man gives me onion

My enemy calling me in the dream

Mother being swept out to sea

Meaning of buying electric gadget in dream

Mangal sutra in neck

Meaning of killing a chameleo in a dream

Meaning of encounter insane person in the dream

Milk flood

Milk rain

Main egrang

My wife torn trousers in the middle

Man and son

Moon glowing purple

Mom talking about ex boyfriend like he is still my boyfriend

Mahalakshmi footprint

My husband licking my vigena in dream what is the meaning of this

Me and my friend being kidnapped and held hostage

Many cars in my yard

Man dreams of being a woman

Menolak uang

My wife saw a baby boy in her dream.

My wife saw a beautiful son in her dream

Mimpi kaus kaki sebelah kiri tiba-tiba hilang di kaki

My father is sick...and i dreamt taking care of him

Matooke and ground nuts

My bongs breaking out of my sight

Mud and rain coming into a house and someone cleaned it up for me

Magic flower

Moon sun flood

Meaning of puff adder and lizards in my rooms

Mother dreaming

My wife shaved my beard off and i saw my clear face in my dream

Meaning of broken earthenware bowl

Meaning of seeing a green maize fild in a dream

Me and my loveable husband

Meaning of the symbols of buying eggs

Mad fish symbols of mad fish and seen in a dream

Mga taong nag babarilan sa panaginip

Mencari pemilik perahu

Mengambil perahu tanpa beritau tuan perahu

My friend saying you are jealous of me

My son fell in a sceptic tank

Mother wearing a white dress

Meaning of periwinkle in the dream

Maze of pictures

Melihat pohon besar

Melihat pohon besarn

Melihat pohon besarnya

Meaning of blood work

Mom sabotaging

Meaning of carrying palm kernel in a dream

My ex turned into a demon in my dream

Maggots on sick dog

Mother in law giving daughter in law white traditional clothes

Meaning of dreaming ukhambi

Me kissing my biology teacher in my dream

Mutant white tabbit

My big old father is about to die and old me underneath his house and i felt hard to shout out

Muslim drinking alcohol

Muslim drinking alv


Maple orange leaves

Milk coming out of left

Muje mere sapne m tin safty pin di thi bhai ne

Magician card trick

Moving to new home

My husband was my brother

Mango that has maggot on it


Mad mother

Money number

My waist bead cut off in my dream

Muffing a girl who is your friend

My elder brother wearing mu cloth in dream

My already dead father was not talking to me

Marriage proposal from an unknown man

Meaning of boiled shoes in the dream

Mean doctor

Maina bard drim numbar

Marrige sisters husband

Marrying when am a minor

My dead father driving my car but gives it a knock

Man standing over boy


Mad man tried to pape you

Movable wall


Mimpi istri di perkosa orang lain

Male in preganancy

Mother wrestling a tiger

My boyfriend moved in with someone else

Making origami of bird

Monitor lizard around home

Making ridges and plant yam

Moving prayer mat

My phone catch fire on my hands in my dream what is the meaning of that

My parents renewing vows

Making vermicelli with hands


Meaning of this if someone is eating pap p

Meeting your ex

Meaning of selling smoke fish in the dream

Meaning of anchoring mc in a dream

Meaning of being given fresh bay leaves in your dream


Misbehave dream

Mimpi melihat istri diperkosa

My wife dreamt that another man stole my golden crown

My wife dreamt that sone

Man loosening woman hair

Memberi daging kepada orang lain

My father spank my son

Metal padlock locked

Mother disrespected

Mother saving bird from black snake

My friend was giving me new gift

Meaning of catching white ants wings in a dream

Mother cooking bean food in a dream

Meaning of seeing a bag of garri or selling garri in the dream

Marrying two men in wheelchairs

My dead mother and i were driving separately to meet at a shopping plaza where i could exchange my shoes

My father was reading my personal journal

Meaning of some one given you bangles


My husband giving money to me

Mimpi orang lemoar granat

Mercury planet

Mimpi melihat mantan pcr

Menstural blood filled with magott in the dream

Meaning of an ex-boyfriend wearing torn clothes in a dream

Many tokoloshe in a dream inside the house

Mouse poo

Mouse poo on a trap w no mouse

Mimpi berada di rawa rawa

My old friends who i am no longer friends with were cutting my wrists and shooting me

Mangoes in a dream

Man, woman and child

My child having white hairs

My child was having a siezure

My girlfriend give me in food in a dream what does that mean

Meaning of deleting unworship music in a dream

Marrying ex husband

Melting building

My bed was stolen by friend in my dream

My deceased mother gave me a pregnancy test

Milky tears

Missing prayer and

Meaning of dream giving a vehicle key by church leader

Man with

Main piano di gereja

Milk s ing

My dead father in law and two dogs

Money and flowers

Mother giving me fruits

Meaning of rotten mango

Making love to blind man

My gold ring are broken

My sister murdered someone in dreams

Mobile phones be on fire

Making food for someone

My left little finger shrank

Mimpi kenari yg banyak

Missing seats in a car

Meaning of woman selling sports wears

Mangala muki dream in kannada

Mother gave a phone with a message dream meaning

Meaning of a friend giving out boxing workout

Meaning of first lady death in my dream

Meaning of washing race in a dream

My father become governor in my dream

My husbad phone burned with fire dream

My husbad burned with fire

Meaning of dreaming eating smocked chicken

My dog bite man in the private part in my house

My aunty lossing so much weight

Malfunctioning elevator

Milk tart dream meaning

Meaning of buying jeans trouser in dream

Meaning of a ripe rotten mango?

Meaning of frequent dream of living in. slim

Meaning of removing cobwebs in the dream


My dad drilled a hole into my skull

Motorcycle falling in water

Maggots and hole in dog

My son with a girlfriend

My friend dreams of me having a lot of kapenta fish

Meaning of frying puff puff in dreams

Mushrooms growing on my scalp

Mom falling rivier

Mom falling in rivier and not able to breath

Marrying random boys

My ex holding a new baby

My s had more than one nipple

Meaning of killing grass cutter in my dream

My friend wearing the same clothes as the dresm in real life

Mating lion

Meaning of sleeping with a mermaid

Mimpi membasuh kaki ayah yang sudah meninggal

Mustaches shaving

My wife ran away in a dream

Meaning of applying butter on the hair

Monster dream

Mother strangling you in your dream

Marrying a ghost

Moved in to a house

My dead father playing with my son

My uncle asked me for a golden spoon to eat

Mimpi tak sengaja mencium jenazah

Meaning of dreaming a wooden rectangle table with no things on top of it

Murder of crows

Meaning of seeing dead meat in the bush

My dead fiance gave me a bouquet of pink roses and sat a ring next to me and proposed

My dead fiance gave me flowers and sat a ring next to me as a proposal

Milkfish harvest

My desired girl cooking in my kitchen

My mom being fat

Melihat banyak botol kosong

Moon on my bed

Meaning of country name written in the sky

Mating cow and bull

Moving to a worse house

Money in shoe in my dream

Money in shose

Maggot coming out my nose

Menaburkan garam keliling rumah

Man running

Making mud stove

Meteor rocks falling from the universe

Making out with a guy

Mouth full of bones

Mouse hiding

Melting gold means

Mother mary as a statue in my house

Meaning of a hill

Male dreaming about paying loyola for his girlfriend

Man sitting between my legs

Men masterbating

Meaning of woman

Meaning of old man running

Meaning of old man in a dream

Meaning of dreaming of carrying baby on shoulders and walking under under the rain

My dog fighting a bear

My mother is driving and me and my brother are also in the car where we see snakes everywhere on the road and when returning with my sister and mother and brother the road is empty

My mother was beaten by someone

Man with hood holding a sickel meaning


Melihat banyak tebu


Meaning of drinking water in a dream but still fell dry in my mouth

Mother raped me

Mother raped me and called it exploration

Meaning of the symbols of bigfoot and chasing seen in a dream.

Mad woman picking leftover water

Meaning of receiving new wrapper in dream

Misplacing items

Mad woman in a dream

My wife having an affair

Mouse seeing

My sister telling me that rosary will help me in a dream

Meaning of cooking joluf rice in toilet bowl in dream

Mafarkin tasbee ya tsinke a musulunci

My friends dad who has cancer hugs me in a dream

My daughter dream when she feeding chicks

Meaning of handle a spoil yam in a dream

My friends dad who has cancer in real life in a dream

Man in black next to man in white

My son hair was barbed in my dream

My son hair was cut

Mushy ground

Maize lucky number and meaning

Mandazi in a dream

Mimpi bai badan tak sedap

Meaning of plucking riped oranges in a dream

Miscarried twins

My dad writing a will to me

Meaning of plucking ripe passion fruit

Mistress was kissed on cheek

Math class with son

Many snails on tree

Mum in coffin

My dead parents cleaning house

Meaning of seeing your mum turning fufu in a morter as you pound in a dream

My friend was a talking cat

My partner ignoring me

Mother buying a building for a shop

My late mother poop a green poop

Meaning of receiving alligator pepper seed in the dream

Me and dad in a car

Mars red

My husband wearing a foot of woman shoe

Me and co wife in the same room

My grandmother who is dead was eating and feeding me some raw onion

My husband withdrawing money from the atm machine

Melihat gong berguncang-guncang dengan keras

Milk shake

Mimpi istri diperkosa

Mythical animals

My dog waiting for me

Mother washing her red purse

My mom doing cartwheels

Mom doing cartwells

Mom stealing from my family

Mother washing her bags

Mountain burning

Malnourished babies

Maggots eating my feet

Melting candle wax

Meling candle wx

Mimpi suami selingkuh dengan ipar perempuan

Milk flowing from a

Mirror hair

Means death

My brother build a permanent house

Mario party

Mango offfered by dead relative

Moving to an unknown house and wanting to move back to your current home

Meaning of seeing my brother carrying a dead cat with margot in a dream

My to brothers fighting


My mother got arrested for stealing

Mother in law dream about wife pregnant

Mark on my face meaning

Meat grinder dogs

Meaning of eating cooked beans and fried ripe plantain

My boyfriend died

Mean of seeing a lot of birds sitting around my house a dream

Music in dream

Meanin of a stranger lovin me

Milk vessel

Mormon cult

My partner dream me coming to the river with shamrock plant and i was making a vow with it

Meaning of buying eggs in a dream

Male dog sucking me

Money with hole in the basket

My dead father punched me in my face

Meaning of a girl carrying a water bowl on her head asking for someone to help her down and the water pour on the floor

Making papad in dreams

My late father building a new house

Moroccan lady

Mouse getting on me

Mouse jumping on my back

Missing stair

Mud crab

My dad shot someone and then shot me in the neck

My car borrowed by someone

Mother cutting my hair

Mama kamshika mtoto alf kuna carpet jeusi

Mimpi makan cangkang telur

Meaning of crown on a pregnant woman

Meaning of seeing someone you know lightning fire with paraffin

Marrying with evil servant and giving birth to evil servant

Millies in a vision

Muscular abs

Meaning of narrowing escape

Mad man eating m

Mad man eating my food

Mouse on hand

My wife is dead

Meeting fammas

Man merging into a woman

My friend crying

Meaning of plucking two roped paw paw

Meaning of lots taro in the dream

My late mother give me ring

Mother and father death on my dream

Monkey with long hair

Monkey carrying baby

Moving star in a dream

Mimpi lidah sendiri terpotong

Moharram saw in dream

Meaning of ant in my wound in to my dreams

Meaning of dreams tht i was cleaning my father graveyard

My wife gave birth to triplet in the church

My mother attempting suicide

Maggot in my feet

My deceased father bring us food

My dead mum beating me

My late mum beating me merclesly

Menjual kambing

Mimpi menolong ibu dari bahaya

My children drowning

My car is inside s pool

Minerals in my hand



Meaning of answering query

My sister and my husband in bed

Mold growing in my home

Mustard seed meaning

Mustard seed

Mother choking me

My cats ear falls out

Missed call from exfrined

Meaning of the symbols of spiritual and panga seen in a dream

Man holding guitar in dream

My child pointing a pistol towards me

My crush hugged me

Missing a train station stop

Mole fall off

Matter in a old classic mustang

Matters in car

My brother had sent with me and i woke up wet

Mad person in love with you

My dead mother was washing my body


My mattress was covered in stains

Mimpi melihat anak anak d ikat tali

My late father asking for a cup of water meaning

Mother strangling me

Meaning of light pole falling in a dream

Meaning of seeing a boy pant and top

My husband went back to his exwife

Me chasing crush

Mother walking away with suitcase

My head of department kissing me in a dream

My sister dream that my wife was covered with old stain of blood and fresh stain of blood

My wife was covered with old stain of blood and fresh stain of blood

My mother gave me huge bread and cut some small part

Moving into home with previous owners stuff still there

My mother serving me food in a dream

My friend started dating her ex again

My friend got back with her ex and locked me in the car with him

Mimpi tidak memakai ikat pinggang

Menggendong suami

Meaning of catching bushmeat with trap in my dream

Mucus eye

Mahi mahi what does it mean

Mother abandoning her toddler

Mum handing my neck n press me down dream meaning

Mouse in bag

Meaning of someones lips in a dream

Mother what number is that

My boyfriend was taking measurements to make a dress for me

Me driving a bus

My bf got a tattoo of his ex face on the back of his head

Married woman applying kumkum to each other and showering akshata

Mother giving beautiful clothes to daughters

Marriage dream meaning

My leg skin dicoluratino

Monkey with two small monkeys

Marriage in dream

Mimpi mecahkan pisul

Meaning of combing of hair


Meaning of eating bread and coconut in the dreams

Meaning of buying sachet water in dream

Married woman dreams of getting married to someone else

Meaning of dreaming with a cobbs inside a casket

Meaning of receiving a frame gift in a dream and is someone you love

Man with horse legs

My sister she wear sport cloth and shose

Mimpi guci pecah

Meaning of red ants being washed away by rains

My dad giving me food

Meaning of winning a car by raffles in a dream

Me and my gf pooping ourselves

My body in sandalwood paste

Meaning of harvesting a ride cocoa

Maturation and being scolded

Marriage and death in same dream

Meaning of the symbols of tying and thaali seen in a dream.

My friend came to my home and gift a makeup box

Make-up box gift by boyfriend

My father killing someone random person

Mad woman bites you on the hand

My father death

Meaning of a barran woman

Meaning of killing cockroach in a dream

Maggots coming out of my virgina in my dream

Maggots in garbage

Many dog

Mother showing and

Missing an appointment

Mother dreaming of daughter

Man with voodoo doll

Man is my wife

Money on floor

Mother crazy

Maize flour and body oil

Meeting my longtime cousin in the dream means

Me and friend attended a wedding and were not given food. i suggested we go cause i can cook

Mom drowning

Me and my boyfriend are spies

Man wearing blue eye makeup

Mother in law tounge kiss my husband

Meaning of bounty tissue wrapped in graphic paper

Meaning of dreaming receiving uncooked cassava and sweet potato

Millipede inside a pot of rice

Missed desk at work

My mom giving a homeless person food

Maize flour dream interpretation

Mother watching you

Meaning of pouring garri into a basin in dream

Meaning of dream fish bone stuck in your hand

Man kissing man

Many books and special pink one

Meaning of the symbols of a bull mating a cow in a dream

Males can

My wife laughing at me with her friemds

My douther is putting me pink color lipstick

My douther is putting me pink color lipstick on mother

Mouth with missing teeth

Meaning of picking bush market in the dream

Mother cut her hands in my dreams

Mother giving jwellery

Mother sick and dying

Mingoling stick

My sister and my dead mum with toilet

My step sister and my dead mum with toilets

Mother is already death and see her dying in dream

Meaning of dreaming one zero zero

Meaning of having pregnancy in a dream what does it mean

Meaning of catching ngumbi in a dream

Meaning of fried ants in a dream

Military soldier training

Men catcalling

Men objectifying women

Mini figures

Mother watching you work

Mom at office

Many worms suddenly gone

Many ants

Meaning of seeing water in my bag

Marking scripts

Moms old neighbours

My face with someone cold hands

My brother throwing a snake on me and i find myself eating it raw

Man eating maggi

Meaning of leopard attaching the family member

Meaning of my handbag full of water in my dream

My handbag is full of water

Mountain dogs

Molested invincible individual

My mother in law was very naughty with me after her death i dream she is scared with me

My trousers in a field

Mum was holding a thick working chain

Mum h

My death mother pregnant in my dream

Meaning of dreaming a word kindred


Message threats

[email protected]

Making injra in dream

Meeting political leaders lucky number

Meeting political leaders

Mopane worms growing big

Men death

Mean to see

Man asking for ambulance

Methi leaves in dream

Mass shooting at mall

Membeli batu indah

My deceased father falling down the stairs

My friend and her ex getting back together

My dead mom yelled in my ear that she hates me

Meaning of a man putting a ring in my shoe

Meaning hen laying eggs in a dream


Mother calling my name after sergury

Money falling in latrine

My sister in law was sleeping with me in bed and confess her love to me

Moving door

My dog falling from a roof

Me and my daughter in a bus

Man wearing a white suit

Meaning of holding a bible with your barefoot in a dream

Meaning of pouring

Mother sleepong woth boyfriend

Moving aeroplane

My husband had hickeys

My dead mother saying in my dreams that i have cancer

Mini elephant

Missing tire off car

More rooms and doors

Mom in hospital

Meaning of cashew nuts in a dream

My ex came and kissed me on my forehead

Mouth full of waxy substance

My husband buying for me three pairs of shoes, what does it mean.

My husband buying for me three pairs of shoes

Mating horses in dream

My bed unmounted and put outside

Mom chekcing my phone

Muscular man dream

Missed cruise boat

Meaning of removing white discharge from my eye

My brother besten up

Meaning of a dream seeing an old woman giving u inyanda

Meaning of receiving expensive cloth in the dream

Meaning of weeding in my farm


My father gave me a ring with my birth stone and it had pictures of my daughter made inside the stone

My mom give approval for my love marriage with my boyfriend

My dead father gave me a ring with my birthstone and the stone had pictures of my child in it

My father gave me a ring in my dream

My eyes blinking

My dog had three eyes

Mat gone

Mirror teleport

Mom disappear

My mom painting a house in silver and blue

My mom painting a house

Me as master of ceremonies

My son attached by mountain lion in dream

Monsters and windows

Maskmelon in dream

Mean of your boss floging you in dream

My son caught and arrested

My kid digging a hole and i want to scold her

Meaning of be flog by boss in my dream

My own head dead

My dads beard was falling out

Massage dream

Married women crown on her head

Making love with a colleague

Moving out of our home

Moving out of our house

Moving from house to another house in the dream

Mom is old and frail accompanied by a tiny size girl

Move to brazil

My co-worker turned in her two week notice

Marrying cousin

My dead uncle asking for an urn

Mencuri sabun

Mouser named person

My crush calling me sister in dream

My crush calling me sister

Morganite ring

Masjithul aksa in dream

Meaning of fighting a giant in my dream

Meaning of defeating a giant in my dream

My wife getting another miarrige

Maize and garden

Make up in morgue

My dead mother calling my name

Motorbike prts stolen

My father sick despite being healthy

Meaning of cutting of hand in the dream

My dead dad saying to leave and l go to teach

Meaning of hip bone being removed

My house being destroyed by very strong winds

My home being destroyed by very very strong winds

Meaze meal