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Dreams starting with the letter M

Maggot coming out of your tummy


Mistaken identity murder

Murder chase

Met a women wit two heads and one head floated of


Maggot in mouth

Mice bite

My bf gave me yam to eat in the dream meaning

Meaning dead mother giving you apple

My husband washing my feet in dream what does it mean

Meaning of three-leaved yam in a dream


My son being shot

My phone is on fire

My crush is crying in dream

My aunt put spit on my eyes

My mom is dead

Meaning of buying white beans with pink spots

My bunch of job keys fell into a pit latrine

Making medu vadas in the dream

Meaning of native choke in dream


Missing buckets

Munishwaran in dream

Meaning of walking with a white lady in a dream

Meaning of friend to dash you clothes in dream

Meaning of dreaming 3sacks

Money lost and found

Meaning of removing necklace in the dream

Man swallowing a big snake

Moving and deceased husband is in my dream

Medicine dream interpretation

Male young boy

Make young boy

Meaning of my boyfriend gave me kumkum in dream

Missing significant others

Mad haitian man

Marrying a disabled person

Mount uhud


My friend is madara

My mirror has disappeared from my home

Moon disappearing

Meaning of eating meat and teeth falling apart in dream

Mother dream seeing u with another woman

Mirror missing from my bedroom

Manage password

My dead family member was my shadow

Meaning of seeing yourself dead and your soul leaving the body in a dream means what

Meaning of makoti in a dream

Matching costumes

My mom selling my stuff

Mutant rats




My bf getting beaten up

Meaning dream appraisal rehired

Meaning of dreams being in a. front seat some one driver

Miss my brothers wedding


Marry a millionaire


Meaning of a child hanging in a dream


My late mom helped me kill a wathog

My dead mother helped me kill a wathog in the dream

My late mom and i killed a wathog in the dream

Member of parliament

Mold on ow cases and blankets and trying to clean it up

Moving in to an old house with lots of hidden rooms and and artifacts

My boyfriend rescuing me from a killer

Music girl

Mucus membrane during pregnancy


Mi padre me regala un movil

Meaning of old lady giving money

My father give me a car key for my birthday

My granny drinking tea

Mother cut buds off a flowering bush

Madiko katika ukuta

My husband and i going on pilgrimage

Mental break down

My boss visiting my family

Moustache beard blessed

Mongo dream shillong nombar


Mad house

Milk in my mouth


My mother wearing my t-shirt

My mom wearing my t-shirt

Meaning of boiled and peeled eggs

Man snatching food from form other man

Meaning of the symbol of wife engaged in prostitution seen in drem

Monstruos que te asechan

Male cock milking

My dad a hobo

My ex husband give money to me

My boyfriend stab himself in my dreams

My boyfriend atab himself at my dreamm

My boyfriend stab himself in mh dreams

Mating with wolves

My girlfriend does not know who i am

My dad got promoted in his job

My pant is torn suddenly without my notice, i felt embarassed in front of other people

Monitor lizard numbers

Man three piece suit with microphone on top of his head

Making tasbeeh

Making gas eeh

Mattress with burn

Mother exposing privates

My family member turn into a demon in my dream

Missing an exit

Marigold flower in shivling dream meaning

Mountain full of flowers

Missed the train

My father was shoot by gun and becomes dead

Meaning of the symbols of boyfriend, exchange, phone in dream

My son being angry

My brother is fighting with my husband

Mimpi di kutuk oleh istri di kutuk kutukan adam dan saat itu terdengar bunyi guntur yang kuat

Mimpi di kutuk oleh istri dengan kutukan adam dan bunyi guntr

Mimpi di kutuk oleh istri dan menyebut saya akan di kutuk kutukan adam dan saat itu terdengar bunyi guntur dan kilat yang besar

Mimpi di kutuk kutukan adam

Meaning of dream of me kissing my ex in a car

Meaning if ground dividing seen in a dream

Making tamale dough

My father faked his own death

Magic kingdom


My update tool bar not showing anything

My fiance giving me a food

My crush wanted to kill me

Model boats

Male with female organ dream

Monkey praying

My ex boyfriend proposing

My year of birth on a chalk board

Monkeys on a diapher with pupu

My wife flirting with guys

Machine fixing

Mud in kitchen floor

Mud in the kitchen and dirty

My son got that job

My son got the job

Monolith in my dream


Mange on a cat

Meaning of hearing bees sound in a dream

Meaning of hearing bees sound in a gream

My pastor comes to my house he is actually a bishop he brings another bishop to my house then through the door my pastor calls my name i open the door if you see there are two bishops, the bishop who was called by my pastor holds my hands and asks if you are fine.

Meaning of pouring palm out on the ground

Mountain falling on a person

Meaning of seeing a gasket in ur gream what it means

Meaning of dreaming seeing peeled boiled eggs

My ex girlfriend and her current partner were fighting and i was in the car with them

Mum signed 3million to my husband

My left removed and i was holding it and observing it

Menstrual blood covering your clothe in a dream

My enemy kissing me

Meaning of plugin ripped mango in my dream

My late son wrote me a letter explaining he was ill and wanted to keep quiet about it. had a good family life and we must carry on living a happy life with no tears

Meaning of symbols of leg bleeding in lucky dreams

Meaning of a dream when your boyfriend is promising you money

My dog ate my dinner

My dad killing someone

My sis in law kiss e

My sister already die girl i saw in my dreams wearing my black dress with his pregnant belly what is the dream meaning

Mimpi cacing keluar dari betis

Moving somewhere new

Moving in somewhere new and upgrading


Meaning of dream about seeing a panga

My mon cut her hand

Marrying co-worker but have feelings of friendship

Mannequin hand

Meaning of sore

My boss wearing a specific church regakia

My boss wearing shembe uniform wearing



My ring gemstone broke

Maquinas de cocer

Married man seeing oiling his dark thick hair

Must save the universe

Meaning of eating udara in dreams

Meaning of dry beans in a dream

Meaning of beans in adream

Meaning of someone buying beans

Mom poisoning you in your dream

Mehndi getting ruin

Mehndi geeting riin



Meeting mom

Male with female generative organ


My wife biting my toe

Monster hunting

My father distribute his money

My servant was asking me salt in my dream

Meaning of dreaming yellow and white snake

My dead mother asking for a gauva, she said she is hungry

My family members attacked by physcopath and ask help to me

Monster eating dog

Making copies of a book for my father

Mother in white suit

Missing the target in football

Meaning of having a dream holding gari and sugar in it hands

Mechanical bird

Meaning of dreaming when giving my girlfriend honey

Mat in a dream

Meaning of dreaming of bleeding nose

Man with deer skull

Met mijn hoofd in de muil van een leeuw en elkaars tong aan het likken

Mother having good legs

Mongoose and cat

Making love in the dream or romancing

Misshaped bresst

Murder of brother in law

My old crush

My crush with his phone

Musical set of instruments

My mother as a young person

Mother young

Mahogany wood trim on doors

Meaning of someone putting money in my snickers

Medical exam results

Michael caine

Meaning of begging in dream means in islam

My family put me in a coffin

Meat shoes

Mate contemplates cheating


My baby girl fell in an underground hole with water in it

My baby girl fell in a very deep hole with water in it

My ex waiting for me to say goodbye

My father has three children with another woman

My father killing people in my dream in islam

My truck going under water

My mum giving me jollof rice in a dream

My boss borrowing money from me


Moimoi in dream

Meliat berang berang

My dead mom waiting on my aunt

Meaning of vomiting cowries in the dream

Meaning of shaving armpit in the dream

My clothes

Me in a group of people, clones of ourselves trying to kill us

Meaning of climbing a plum tree and harvesting ripe plums

Mask skull

My colleague refuse giving me a bottle of win

Meaning of being atttacked with cutlass in a dream

My ex husband

My boyfriend going abroad

My father and me working together at horse track

Multiple shooting stars

My daughter falling in a pit latrine

Meaning of number seven eight three one in a dream

Meaning of washing silver pot in a dream

Milk coming from left

Meri yawat

My crush calls me sister

Meeting ur soul mate

Missing a shoe


My clothes turning into an orange, black and white snakes print

Mustard flower

Missing ring

Missing my diamond ring

Meat delivery


Many empty coffins with crosses

My teacher fixing my teeth,the old gap

My three yo getting shot in the head

Medical college

Missed party


My deceased dad was backing up wanting me to hug him

Married my dead ex husband

My boyfriend was sucking my wen running

Me and my family getting shot

Melting ricotta cak

Maid washing her undergarments

Making ham heaps

My employer wearing my clothes

Maid washing menstral soiled garment

Man wear pantie

My pastor my side

My pastor touches my side

Man in a bear suit outside windows and covering them

My ex and i together in his car

Mouse droppings

My mom who passed away


Miscarriage dreams

Mushroom growing on my head

Meaning of seeing frizzing red meat biblically


My son getting shoot

My daughter was raped by someone i know

Mothering law dead

My deceased father was outside the coffin just jumping around as if he was a puppet

Meeting someones family in dream

Meaning of dreaming climbing down from the tree


Missing brother appearing at home

Mutilation of others

My exs

Moon smiling at me

My husband gave me raw meat in the dream

My husband have me raw meat in the dream



Man gave me sampaguita flower

Moulding block in the dteam

My sim card has been blocked

Meeting millionaire

Meaning of water mixed with anointing oil

Margaritas in a garden

Margarita in a field

Mad woman attacking me

Mocked for not giving your seat to someone below your status

My self daughter ex husband

Me daughter ex husband

Moon sitting on my lap

Muthi dream

Male on top of me

My wife gave birth in the dream

Man transforming into a woman

Mother and son hanging on a tree

Market price

Mother kill

Medico della pest


My ex smiling at me in dreams

Mother eating your food

My mother eating the food i cooked

My teacher beating us badly and angrily

Mushrooms growing out of skin

Mum leaving

My cycle stolen

My armpit hair

Moon with ring

Making fire for grill

Making fire

Monotonous motion

Mother sinning

Making a hole in the wall

Men trying to kill me

Mimpi waria

Meaning of dodging stones

Man holding twig

Meaning of drying up cassava with my dad

My friend take off her niqab and jilbab

My father building ahouse

My dead father calling my name in a dream

Machine, falling

Medical results

Meaning of pooping

Mulberries on and around tree

Musty in a dream

Man in cloak

My friend sweeping my house clean

Mandarine tree

Music symbol

Membayar trafel

Man sodomizing his son

Ma sodomizing his son

Many white worm in my tooth

Meaning of 6pm in a dream

Maggots coming out from vegina

Mattress truck


Mom picture camera angry

Mom ruins my picture

Man having a threesome with girlfriend and another man

Mahangu pant

Miss cruise ship


Meaning of using a rake in dream

Moon shahada

Meaning of my spiritual grand father laying hands on my head

Mothers roof leaking water

Meaning of the inside of the chicken

Meaning of buying fried cassava

Meaning of peeling ripe paw paw in the dream

Mimpi anjing makan dari piringku

My husband gave me money in dreem

Messy bed

Money being on the matress cover

Meeting dead uncle at wedding

My male friend was taking selfies of me and him

Mom, cloth,wearing

Male child with plenty shining hair

My late grandmother gave me three rings in my dream

Meaning of dream a bout burying someone you buried long time ago

My one year child hit by a track he did not work for one five minetes but he work up after that

Mango in dream

Making ridges by hoe

Mermaids saving me(a girl) from drowning

Me holding up a little girl filled with alot of sores on her legs

My dead dad in a dream

Mother double

Mother own me something on dream

My sons girlfriend is pregnant

Mouldy toes

Meaning of cutting down palm tree

My husband want to drink my urine

Money in the bed

Mehendi application

My hair being pulled

Manuel well

My deceased husband urinated the bed where i sleep

Man licking woman ear

Many snakes in dream, non biting

Mantra in dreams

My girlfriend kissing with someone else behind my back

Mehendi applying in dream but after wash no color

Motorcycle accident with your love ones

Man head of human and body is dog


My ex trying to kill me or my new partner

Metal coins in a field

Many boys fishing

Meaninf of calamansi in dreams

Mustard seed on a cloth meaning

Moved into old house in disrepair

My nan and her new boyfriend people knocking on their door for money

Missing my deceased husbands birthday

Missing important dates


Married rock star

Monkey trying to get in

Mny. dead father keeps . asking me to . go with him

Missing menstruation

Missed her period

My girlfriend missed her period

Mould on foot

My husband gives woman pink roses

Mountains crumbling

My pet cat being injured

Match without box

Mother does

Match stick set

Match stick that

Mean seeing in

My mum wearing a white dress wrong side and brother also wearing white

Metal falls out of tongue

My sister getting a dui

My cap came off my back tooth

Meaning of cleaning of fish scales in your dream

Mother who died talking to me

Many spider eggs

Missing box

My husband rearranged inside kitchen cabinets

Mother inlaw pinching my nipple

My wife left

Meaning of wearing blue and white dress in a dream

Man masterbathing

Mafia city wars gangster games

Meaning of dreaming about a white woman in my house

Murmuring complaining bitterly

Meaning of dreaming my crush deep tongue throating me


Murugan and vel

Meaning of amasi

Meaning of prekese

Mosquito in ear

Mom being proud of you

Maths problem in a dream

Meaning of african star apple in a dream

Meainh dream interpretation

My cousin committed suicidal

My phone fails inside well in a dream

Male pastor putting on a long skirt

Metallic silver snake in my dream

Men wearing uniform zion church

Mother selling human parts in dream

My friend is a demon

Missing teeth in a dream

Men with jembe

More men come to dig and balance your house

Metro oolice slap me

Meaning of melancholy

Meaning of getting a gift from the president

Meaning of buying onions in a dreqm

Me advancing someone

My father rejected me

Marriage preparations

My infant fell and broke is rib

Mobile phones no

Murder in train

My boyfriend forgetting my birthday

Medical screw in foot

More light

Mosquito bed net


Meaning of reducing the size

Meaning when when i dream of my husband having gonorrhea in my dream

Meaning of color pink spiritual

My dad beating me

Metal tape measure

Meeting woman in resturant

Muscle flexing

Middle finger turning to a a middle finger with two nails

Maopane worms

Maana ya ndoto kuita kiuza mchele

Meaning of dream selling of rice

Mother at bus stop

Mowing the grass

My crush wa shouting at me

My girlfriend wears a wedding dress in the hall

My girlfriend wears a wedding dress in the ballroom

Missing court

My kitchen being flooded in the dream, what dose it means

My enemy huged me

Meaning of praise and worship

Making porridge

My dead grandfather asking me for money

Mental institute


Meaning of bitter kola in the dream

Moldy chicken

Matches going out

Meeting a six month old baby

Mom shot and died

Making love to dead husband

Meaning of dreaming eating plum

Multiplying cats

Meaning when someone gives you a belt in a dream

Mother drowning in bathtub

Medical treatment

Malnourisjed lion

Marang fruits dream

Mom doing laundry

Mom washing clothes in my dream

Marrying a second wife

Mushroom shaped internal organ

My husband married a second wife

My boyfriend dream of my ex so angry and frustrated

My boyfriend dream of my ex so angry in our house

My wife dream about accident

My babies trying to eat thumb tacks and the tack goes through his lip

Murder of women

Magots coming outof private parts

Many parcels in a dream

Meaning of blood,accident and vehicle seen in a dream

Me and my girlfriend ware hungry

Many against me

My child being poisoned

Marring a dead woman


Meaning of leso in a dream

Meaning of dreaming husks heaped up

My losse my prgnancy and number six zero six

Maple syrup dreams

My late father was eating from my lunchbox

My exs mother killed me in a dream

Mating of goats

Meaning of see harvested sofou in my dream

Meaning of having having african pears in m my dream

Meaning of seeing african black pears in my dream

Meaning of see harvested black plums in my dream

My hand in dog mouth

Me apuntaban com una pistola

Meeting formal governor of my state

Meeting governor m

Metallic bed

My crush called me

My crush invited me to his house

My crush invited me to his house i meet him

Mum dream

My brother died in my dream

My mother giving me a fish in dream. means

My late mum

My late mim

Missed last day

Mom killing dad

Mom chopping up dad in a dream

Moth turns into a owl

Moth turning into a lechuza

My aunt in the bathroom and im in there in the tub while shes on the toilet. she stands up and accidentaly flashes me.

My son girlfriend is pregnant

My child playing with a yoyo

My boss taking a picture of my leg

Melihat kedua kaki adik telah diamputasi

Man in brown robe praying for me

Man in brown robe praying for you

Meaning of eating bread and coconut in the dream

Muddy horse

Me shooting a dog with seven paws

My mum brushing my dogs hair

My mum with my dog

Meaning of buying palm wine with someone in the dream

Makes advances toward me in a dream

Me getting creamated

Meaning of selling cabbages on your dreams

Miniature dogs

My friend missing his right arm

My girl friend see me buying her a shoes in dream

My defacto psrtner hearing me call her name and she wakes up

My eye ball with spider

Mucous in eye

My mother inlaw returning a gift she has collected

My mother inlaw returned a wrapper gift i gave her

Man putting money in my pocket or pursw

My baby different races

Meaning of dreaming to getting a visa

Meaning of lost charger in the dream

My wife jumps in ocean after a black dupatta

Muddy blocked drain

Muddy booked drain

Marriage pregnancy

My mother had a hairy ear

Man and woman fighting


Makeup on man

My grandma was upset about missing stamps


Man in mask using gas

M murder

Maggots in gums

My wife fighting in the kitchen with my new wife

Morning dreams



My friend raping my ex in front of me

My mother strangling me


Mary and jesus christ at the sea

Marrying wealthy man

Mago jackfruit

My wife dreamed when am building a new house

Meaning of buying spoiled yam in the dream

Meaning of used pad in a dream

Meaning of cleaning a garden

Make dua

My family and i are out in a weather of hailstones raining on us and we were busy picking up the ice excited

Myself as a charlie chaplin

Mucus on wound

Meaning of lying down next to my teen idol and my daughter was watching with my grandddaighter

Mesnimg of my daughter watchimg me lie down nexf to my teen idol

Maa baglamukhintemple in dream meaning


Michelia repeatedly

My deceased brother giving me a drink

Me preaching in a market

Men cutting branches from my lemon tree

Multiple turtles under a weeping willow

Mother in law planting

Mark in the forehead

Maggots crawling in and out of your body

Mortar in dream meaning

Man leaving

Man leaving but gives you a diamond ring

Mountain covered in black cloud

Making dua in sujood infromt of the kaba

My son got shot in head

Murder spree

Monkey pet

Me and my husband husband harvest cassava for dream

Marrying a fat ugly woman

Money stacks

My son handcuffed

Manila tamarind meaning

Millet dreams

Meeting a handsome man

My son falling in a pit latrine

Myself who is a widow pregnant

My crush but he looks shorter than real life and it was at my school and i go to all girl school so in my dream it changed to co-ed. we met after we both got out of our classrooms

My dog swallowing my leg in the bathtub

My father is dead but i dreamed he got murdered

Magic face moisturizer

Mother throwing my clothes away

Monster fish bite my feet

Mandi garam

Meaning of picking guava on a tree in a dream spiritually

My girlfriend kissing another man

Millitary helicopter

My dad shot my mom is my dream

Meeting a president

Meaning of colourless liquid in a dream

My foot was my hand

My husband being shot in the chest

Meaning of dreaming cows fighting

Man being murdered hangings rope

Meaning of a death father celebrating his son birthday and dreamer has in mind that the birthday passed already

My friend digging my closet in a dream

Make you jealous

Mam trying to make you jeslous

My daughter being raped in a dream

Meaning of dreaming of a mlb player

My late father giving me unclear water

Mimpi pipa air dan dinding

Meaning of muff

My own foot is in cow dung

My sister getting kidnapped

My sister getting kidnapped ed

Mother abandoning a child

Mother give me gold jewellery as a gift

Me mistakely breakinv my laptop screen

Meaning of dream about speinkled water from pipe

My friend falling in my dream


Mimpi melihat istri di perkosa

Melihat istri di perk0sa

Moth on my throat

Mimpi dicambuk setan

Mimpi melihat ayah yg sudah meninggal badannya terbakar sampai kulitnya terkelupas.

Monkey hug me

Mass burning

My mother being raped

Mom cloned

My wife dream about being given a demon oil by a priest

Meaning of a green snake

Mice being swept away

Message that someone has died

Manual driving

Mimpi melihat ratu kerajaan

My wife wins the jackpot for one zero zero millions

Money in a boot

My dog dying

My dog doing

My dog suingara

Man serial assault

Man in white clothes

My husband was wearing three pair of shorts

My husband broken foot

My cousin went to jail

Mother being robbed

Maggot coming out of somebody stomach in a dream

My daughter in the lord giving me money

My wive giveaway my kid

Maggot biting me

Miscarriage to a doll

My auncle give me money in a dream

Mud cliff

Meaning of your sister being bitten by a white snake in the dream

My boyfriend gave me two nzu in the dream

Mom telling my secrets

My dead mother beating me in a dream


Majipu au mapele makubwa ya usaa

Masquerade in islam means what

Mad man and woman trying to rape me in my dreams

Man me on the shoulder

My family ignoring and disrespectful towards my bf in my dream

Me being accused for stealing money from my mom and being investigated by police

Me being accused for stealing money from

Me being investigated by police for stealing money

Meaning caught my boyfriend with another girl in bed

Memotong ekor kucing

My boss giving me wayches to choose from

Meaning of carrying a child on the shoulders

My back axel and tires fell off my car

Moon destroyed the sun

Melting a baby dream meanwhile ironing it

Melting sun

Meaning of a mad man touch physically

Meeting single dad with his sons

Moon on low and on fire, road burning

Making love in pit l latrine dream meaning

Making love to a man

Making love to a movie star

Moving seats

My ex was taking pictures of other girls

Miss someone

My wedding ring breaking

Meaning of a cancelled trip in a dream

Mango dekha kya hoga teer number shillong


My surname in the dream means

Meaning of dreaming of big welding box

My sister touch my private part

Met my ex

Meaning of a golden staircase in a dream

Mother giving me an open envelope

My son shot dead

My so shot dead

Maggi cube

Mobil phun

Meaning of ripe pear

Mother throw the clothes of her daughter with her

Make up on the face

Mrestaurants near me

Melihat buah pir

Missed my moms birthday while everyone was waiting on me

Meaning of my late mom giving birth

Mix of water and urine dream

My right shoulder was burned

Mad person passing a message to your about wealth

My boyfriend give me his car and car crusher crushed it

Meaning of eating dry banana leaf in dream

Meaning of siging dollar three times signature

Mimpi bumi terbalik

Man at the end of my bed

Man at end of my bed

My spectacles breaking

Midget cooking in kitchen

Marriage proposal in dreams

Meaning of dreaming of raw biltong


Marrying a coworker

My grandma giving my boyfriend blowjob


Making car

My husband dying and me crying in the dream

Mimpi nasi di rendem

Mimpi di fitnah orang

Meaning of exploding egg

Marrying two woman in dream

Making strudel in a wagon

Mimpi tali pusar anak di potong

Meaning of someone warning me not to propose to a lady friend in a dream

Money in dear

Mum tsunami

Mating two birds

Monsters killing people

Milk flowing from the left what does it means

My gf with a kid

Mimpi mantan istri dipenjara

Mimpi pasangan dipenjara

Mimpi istri dipenjara

Meaning of someone telling you to lend him money

Money in my pocket in dream

My mother and my boyfriend being a couple

My dad truns into my husband

My heart being eaten

Missing friend

Mom gets tourtured

Mom gets your tired

Mentaly unstable child

My friend dreamed i was being stalked by someone

Maggots on scalp

Millepede in my ear

Man with octopus tongue wrapped around my neck

My son being arrested and harassed by the police

Meaning of dreaming with a burning charcoal jiko

Meaning of garri in dream

My bed has a stranger lying on it

Mencuri kuningan

Muddy lake water

My brother give me a stone in my dream

Meaning of killing ants in your dream

Mom buying a daughter a dog

Man with a tail

My face distorted

Moms boyfriend tried to kill us

Me and my boyfriend were stabbed to death by strangers in dream

Money in bag

Meaning of picking ripe palm fruit

My neighbor brought a bouquet of red bougainvillea

Meaning of buying a car in a dream

Meaning of seeing honey in a dream

Man with white eyes

Making dua in dream in islam

Meaning of buying isam

Making love with dead ex husband


My dogs eating black baby birds

Middle of a triangle

Maggots and cockroach s crawling out my bum

Meaning of red herbiscus drinks in dream

Meaning of herbiscus petals liquid

Mother does not accept my boyfriend



Making food for a couple

Man kill nife

Mother falls down on broken stairs

My girlfriend being hurt

Married women dreams about being pregnant

Moss water swimming

Monitoring exam

My dead dad holding a crying baby

Man being ok with you posting them on social media

My kid falling in latrine pit

Mom uncovering son from white cloths

Mimpi menyapu kantor yang kotor

Morning sunray

Mountain melting

Mimpi dicium

Mimpi tentang tetangga yg sudah meninggal

Melihat kapal

Melihat kapal berada di atas gunung

Melihat kapal di atas gunung

Men protecting me

Men rescuing me

Me chasing my mom

Money in bible

My infant baby is walking

Matam in dream

Meaning of gari in the dream

Motorcycle tyre

My son young crying

My crush sucking my and kissing my lips

Me failing to hear the voice of my father near the bank

Male and female system dreaming

Meaning of cleaning dried tears in my face in dream

Meanwhile of cleaning a dried tears in dream

Mimpi masuk wilayah kurungan tahanan

Mimpi masuk wilayah tahanan mau di bunuh

Making a abcean phone call

Mimpi masuk wilayah tahanan eksekusi

Move items with mouth

Movie night with crush

Mixing pap and milk

My boyfriend in a dream

Mom rearranging furniture

My sitting room was filled with new appliances including a ceiling fan

My sitting room was filled with new appliances

Monster eat my newborn baby

My enemy gives birth to a baby boy meaning

My palm stained with dark oil

My mom dream dat her sister is crying in the dream meaning what

Mud bathing


Marrying the devil in a dream

Mucus coming from eye

Mango tree in dream

Mangosteen plant

Meeting prince and princess

Meeting prince william and princess

Mother in a chair

Moving furniture

Moving furniture to make it fit

My mom got murdered

Muddy road as obstacle

Mimpi membersihkan sarang laba laba

Meaning of fetching water from tape inside church eveloment

My mum getting hurt

Microphone cover

Moving to a new house with dead husband

Magic circle

Magic cricle

My mom carrying my father coffin

Many guests lots of food

My dead relative appeared in my dream and then disappeared

Me dying in battle

My grandfathers death being my own

Man choking woman you save her

Man with white painted face carve a cross in my face with a knife

Male friend, chops coconut

Matching hand tattoos

Meeta dream location

Maa parvati with sindoor on her nose

Meaning of licking palm oil in the dream

Military general

My boyfriend bringing home a toddler girl

My boyfriend bringing home a baby

My heart beat slowly

My body is rotting

My father is sick

Mother in law sleeping in one bed with his son who is your husband

My husband slapped me on the right cheek

Meaning someone own me money

Moulding something with sand

Married around a river side

Moulding cake with sand

Mad man giving food to someone

Meaning of putting something on the head

My bother is wearing medical cap

Meaning of a dream taking a child to kindergarten

Meaning of distribute suger cane in the dream

Meaning of a dream taking kindergarten

My sister fetching corn for me in dream

Meaning of the symbols of married, lady, without and bindi seen in a dream

My dream do not always end meaning

Meaning of a dream carrying a pregnant girl on the bike

Missed a wedding in my dream

Meaning of dreaming of a mad woman trying to enter your home in a dream

Man my ear

Ma kali idol is bruning

Many black cows in that area and a huge statue of a black cow

My wife removing goat skin

Meaning of fighting with your brother in the dream

Meaning of dreaming about dry maize

Meaning of dreaming about thatching bundles of grass

Meaning of dreaming about thatching bundles of ga

My deceased mom watching me cutting melons

Mouldy place office

Mold in the bathroom

My elegant home

Mango in pregnancy

Mimpi menyapu sampah di kelas

Myself dead in kafan

Massaging shoulder

Multicolored diamond

Molding human being

Mimpi bertemu pastor yg menyembuhkan org sakit

Mouse was sucking my blood

Mouth swelling

Miniature statues


Magnet pulling you out of your sons grave

Meaning of rain and big splash at the hill