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Dreams starting with the letter U

Unhappy marriage



Ukujahwa umlungu

Uhanjwa yishongololo

Urinating non stop

Ugibele itaxi

Unsuccessfull get the job

Ushintsha ingane inabukeni


Uncle comes to house and leaves envelope

Ukugezwa unyawo

Unable to lighten diya

Urinating in the toilet but wet myself in real life saw strawberries blueberries and avacado in a dream lsu


Ubuhlali obumnyama

Using a walker to walk

Urad daal



Unusable kabi

Urinating babies

Unhappy person wearing oversized black wedding ring

Unmarried seeing mangalsutra in dream

Urdu school

Using bang

Unfaithful lover

Ual relations

Unable to find an empty stall to go to the bathroom

Upside down airplane trying to land

Upside down kiss

Upside down skillet

Undeliverable mail

Unplayable mandolin

Using a red pen in my exam

Used sanitary pads clean to throw away

Ultimatum with a partner

Using chewing stick in the dreams

Unable to see

Used condom

Unearthing a white worm grub

Upside down plates

Unbraiding my hair myself

Unexpectedly seeing an acquaintance going through breakup

Upside down coffee


Using a face polishing machine

Umrah dream means

Udla iyndoni ezimnyama

Ukuqabulana nonlungu

Unfinished fence of a balcony

Urinating in a tub to wash face

Ubhala itest

Unpolished pearl in a ring

U ravelling sweater

Ukuthula izimpahla kulayini

Umuntu omaziyo eshaywa

Uninvited guest come to house

Underwater in accodent

Un plaiting someones hair

Unbraiding my hair myself in my dream

Until the end

Usb cable

Ujahwa umuntu weslisa

Unbraiding my own hair

Using toilet in front of others

Un wanted guest in my house

Upside down cups

Upside-down room

Unintentionally getting a baby in a scared situation but the baby is not scared or hurt

Unripe lychee in a tree in a huge amount

Used teabag

Upstairs stomping feet

Ukarabati wa redio katika ndoto

Use fire extinguisher to stop fire on stove

Unable to move in dream

Unkempt lawn

Uncle and my brother drunk and fighting over a generator means what


Urination in dream

Ukubona izayoni zifake izinto eziluhlaza satshani kusho ukuthini


Unintentionally breaking fast in your dream while you are fasting

Ukukha amanzi

Uvula cut off

Unwanted man

Unknown neighborhood with lots of houses and open garages

Untangling a necklace



Underground market

Unplanned pregnancy

Under the bridge dream meaning

Unable to cross the river

Unripe plantain eggs sauce

Urinating and deficating in pond


Unlocking someone else from handcuffs

Uhual truck

Unlocking a door with a code

Urinating in a stream of water

Ual attack

Using peri peri for ritual

Undoing ball of yarn

Unwanted hug

Ual cross

Unable to cross the river dream meaning

Unpaired sleepers

Unpair sleeper

Underground water getting into your house through the floor cracks

Unknown old lady watching then chasing me in dream

Urine on mybed in period

Underwater bra

Ur boss firing a bullet

Ur boss handing agun

Ur boss shooting a bullet

Urine sprinkling

Untangling braides for friend

Using a snake as a bait

Unbraided my hair in the dream

Udla inyama yenkukhu yangaphakathi

Unmarried women putting sindhoor

Unknown pregnant woman gives me money

Under parts of body infection

Under spotlight on stage with audience tear filled

Unmarried girl see her baby boy calling her mom in dream

Ultra sound of a baby inside your belly


Unknown girl dream


Uncooked porridge

Using a weapon

Unmarried girl put kungumam in her forehead

Unkown children

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Using bathroom as shelter

Ual bath with neighbor woman

Unable to breathe in my dream

Unborn pig

Urinating in the bedroom

Ukucutha inkukhu

Ugly christmas tree

Urinate and cleaning urine

Upside down cross dream

Upside down print

Unable to climbing the small hill

United state of america

Urine and faeces floor covered


Un married girl wearing the mangalsutra in dream what does it mean

Unable to answer the phone

Urination in masjid

Unknown strangers are riding on the roof of your house with a bicycle, then fall down



U owen my dream

Unfamiliar apartment

Unraveled dental floss

Underground train tracks

Uncle getting killed

Urine bleeding on tour

Urine bleeding

Urine bleeding and cancer dream

Ucles batching nieces dream numbers


Ukiota mtu kashika jembe

Unknown girl smiling

Unborn baby foot print

Umnakwenu nizwana

Urine catheter

Ugesi ukhanya

Ukuohupha ugqoke iphinif

Ufakwa isiphandla ko malume

Unwrapping a large gift

Urinating in the pitlatrine

Unmarried muslim girl dreaming of being married to a well know muslim young man

Upside down wine bottle

Uncooked rice in poo

Undercover police taking your car

Uphelwa umuntu wenzelwa umemulo

Unmarried girl getting married

Used condoms


Urinating and pooping

Urinating wife by husband in her dreams

Umeingia kwe nyumba ya mtu

Unlit matchsticks

U killing soldiers in a dream

Urinate cat

Urinating on bed in dream

Udara appear in my hand and i share it

Uncle want to stab me

Unknown address

Unfinished jumper

Unusual church service

Ubuhlalu bunqamuka entanyeni

Using a neighbors toilet or bathroom in a dream

Uk visa

Ual desire dream

Unmarried girl wearing mangalsutra

United kingdom

Urinating inside the church in front of many

Unknown sounds

Unrinating in front of the church door

Untying in a cow in a dream

Untying a cattle in a dream

Unleavened bread in a dream



Used office supplies

Used office suppolies

Uphahla at a crossroad with tree around

Udla nyama eyosiwe

Unexpected guest dream meaning

Uncle angry

Urinating uninflated balloons

Ulutha dal

Urinating near a grave

Uterus removed

U see other people are drowning

Urinating at mens cr with colleague

Urinating at mens cr

Udon noodles

Uncombed hair dream interpretation

Unappetizing noodles

Unknown baby

Unfairly judged

Unwelcomed in a house

Unknown girl hitting me with a shoes

Unburying a grave of love one

Unburying a love ones

Uninvited strangers walking into your home

Uninvited guest walking into your home


Uphuphe wenzelwa umemulo

Urintinating maggots

Undug up corpse then put the corpse back in.

Unmarried girl mating in dream

Uprooting herb

Urine and kidney stones

Utensil drawer and many dead spiders

Unemoto emhlophe

Underground dwelling

Ubuhlalu obomvu nobumhlophe

Unable to walk in shoes

Udayisa ugwayi

Umlungu wesifazane seen in a dream

Unblocking on social media

Ual affair with someone you k ow

Ubuhlalu obumhlophe no blue


Unknown people sitting next to me at a table

Unable to find office

Uterus as an organ

Unripe plantains in the dream

Urinating standing

Ugly woman face in window

Upside down watch on right hand

Ual acts

Unknown workplace

Urinating on someones face

Uv test of hiv showing positive

Using plastic surgery teeth

Upstairs railing


Upper deck

Urination in purse

Ugqoka iphinifa

Used food salesman


Urgently smudging home

Urban pond clear water being sucked in

Using sand

Using sand to off fire in dream

Used sugar cane under bed

Unfaithful hisband

Ur clothe falling into toilet

Unriped plantain

Unknown young boy in white clothes

Using phone to snap my own picture

Unknow handsome sheikh

Unknown young sheikh in deeam

Unable to light diya

Unknown tarot cards appear in deck and turn to ash

Ual shame

Unknown hot guy tried kissing me and i was about to kiss him but i stopped

Ugly hand

Ugle hand

Unknown person staring

Unknown people wearing white shawl and t-shirt

Uda seed in dream


Utensils in water

Ually transmitted diseases

Underground std clinic

Un born brother named khalida

Untied or loose shoe laces

Ugali na nyanya

Underwater dream

Using palm tree to fly

Uprooted a yam in the dream meaning

Urinating dream

Upside down church with pentagram on door

Udine a knife

Upsidedown flower pots

Untidy rope

Used broken toilet bowl

Upside down baby

Uncle rolled his truck over several times white truck

Uthelwa ngebhakede elinamanzi

Using the toilet in public

Ukuthula izimpahla ocingweni

Unknown spirits

Umntu othandana naye ushonile

Unreal or far away

Uncompleted house

Use key to unlock a door

Unlimited power

Urination on foundation in a hole

Umbethe ubuhlali red,white,

Unopened christmas presents

Ukudabukelwa isicathulo

Under ground building

Ugogo ozala umama ejabule

Ual dream with my deceased uncle

Ulunywa ishongololo

Unknown job

Unable to find my clothes

Under dressed in important meeting

Uiy try i planets rjgmsshuehqrhrrghffhfbcbgi tr as v is in four rr

Unknown families

Uriel archangel

Unruly children leaving behind


Urinating of a floor of a friend in a dream while arguing

Urinating of a floor of a friend in a dream

Under the table

Upset at furniture damage

Ual intimate with boyfriend

Ufo and alien face

Unable to write a exam

Upside down ganmamhome

Uprooting mushroom from a farm

Uncle dead in open casket starts moving

Uprooted pamm tree in the dream

Unable to sing on stage

Ual tension

Unlit oil lamp

Uncooked pap

Unable to buy something

Under siege

Unexploded bomb near my mother

Uma ukhonjwa ngesbhamu

Uma ukhonjwa nhesbhamu

Unloaded gun

Using grain to capture chicken in the dream meaning

Ual penetration

Uprooting groundnut and am packing it

Unable to remove tight clothing

Used a cardboard box to cover a broken glass door

Using earthenware bowl to fetch water means

Up close to the sun

Ufake intambo emnyama ekhanda nasemqaleni

Unable to cross river in a dream

Una amiga casi muere

Unable to write an exam

Uncle asked for horse meat

Umrah with boyfriend

Ufo flooding and multiple moons

Usukelwa inkomo

Under a bridge

Unable to fetch water in a well

Unknown person tries to get intimidated

Uniform not ready for school

Urinating in bed in a dream

Upside down ship

Uddara missing

Umuntu ingasekho egula

Underground capsule

Ual encounter

Using stone as shoe

Using a slide

Urine up the wall

Upside down turtle

Unable to control my 2nd grade classroom


Uprooting saplings

Uprooting tree saplings

Unclogging a pipe

Umbrella ibn sirin

Using public toilet while others watch

Undress a ow


Unmarried girl giving birth to girl child

Ur dead father gave u an empty calabash in ur dream

Unveiling dream

Uthwele ibhakede linamanzi uwakha empompini

Ual drem with cusine brother teer number

Ual drem with cusine brother

Ukwesaba ebusuku

Uterus being torn out of your body


Urine blood

Urineting blood

Unloading dishwasher

Unattended bacon left cooking on stove

Unsafe house

Unknown cat licking my feet

Unbraiding my hair inside church

Unbraiding inside church

Ur boyfriend giving out his old and tone clothes in de dream mean what

Ukha ugwava esihlahleni

Ugezwa and ngomuthi

Uncooked flour

Unusable toilet

University ruled split into factions

Unicycle driven by a female friend

Using a hoe that came off

Urine on the floor

Unmarried girl wearing white scarf and holding baby boy

Unmarried girl wearing magalsutra

Urinating inside the pit toilet

Upside down flower bouquet

Ur phone burning

Uniform with ex


Unkept smelly hair

Unable to save a person drowning

Unable to save a drowning victim

Unstable construction

Ual orgasim in dream

Unsteady stove

Using toilet infront of people

Unwanted affection, anger when express

Upside down tree

Unwrap mummy

Use denotes fear, frustration and anger which you have repressed and kept

Urinatinh maggots

Unhappy with foreigners

Unable to get into pool

Unknown person killing elephants

Up rotting green onion

Urinating on woman

Unblockable sunlight

Using turmeric to wash face

Ushering in a church

Using tablet in dream


U see a child bitten by a snake

Ually harrased by a shopseller

Upper level

Ual organ woman

Umembeso dream

Ual intercorse

Upside down doors

Unripe pawpaw on the tree in the dream

Unknown woman pricking my butt

Unloading home goods

Using teller to withdraw in the bank

Unpack baby clothes

Uda seed

Usually dreamed of riding vehicles

Uncoordinated movements


Untold dream


Under water cemetery


Upset dead grandma

Un ripened fruit

Uvukwa umoya

Ufake isiphandla esibomvu

Unborn baby foot print on belly

Uvukwa isithunywa

U membeso ka sisi wami

Umcimbi womembeso

Ubuhlalu obumhlophe nobu blue

Unsuccessful sales

Ugeza amakaka

Unmarried girl seen mangalsutra in dream

Unmarried girl seen manvgalsutra in dream

Udla ama snacks

Ukuthula iwashing elayinini

Unexpected windfall

Uhamba emobeni

Unable to complete simple tasks

Ugly covering on windows meaning

Ual abuse child

Ugly house on a hill


Unnatural weather

Urinate in dreams

Un tie your hair

Unripe pawu pawu in the dream what is it mean

Ubuhlalu obukhanyayo obubomvu no buhlophe kusho ukuthini

Uhamba amacimbi

Unknown girl was praising my beauty i am boy

Unable to fertc water

Unable to turn off tv

Unable to button shirt sleeve

Unique sun

Urinating in kitchen dream meaning

Ur crush brother tell u that his brother is looking for ur sister

Umntu wakho ekini

Ubuhlalu obumhlophe nobumnyama

Ubuhlali nobumnyama nobumhlophe

Upper body

Upper body nake

Unable to hear what people are saying to me

Un my field of rice plant a group of cows was eating my rice plant

Ushaywa umbani wezulu

Upside down meaning

Umbilical cord tired around my neck

Unable to reach destination

Under skin spot

Unlock iphone europe

Umbrella in the wind

Ugly woman kissing me

Ufo landing on my house

Ufo landing on my house\\\\

Ufo landing at my house

Under ground ty mel

Ugqoke sidwaba

Ukuthwala ngomndeni

Using an axe to split firewood and using same axe to tear your dress

Uprooting lemon tree

Umbrella gift

Ugly hampster

Undertaker kills people

Usa quarter

Urinating outside , wet bed, baby

Unhatched bugs

Uneven length of legs

Unmarried woman seeing dream of wearing a silver ring by a man she is in love on the ring masjid is carfted meaning in islam

Upside down smiley face

Unopened umbrellas in box

Unearthing grave

Unraveling hat on your head

Upper back meanings

Unlit white candle

Using palm branches to cover face in a dream means

Unable to remove knickers

Upper floors

Uncontrollable burping in a dream

Ultra scan

Urine on formal dress

Unexpected a lot of saved money

Untie goats in the farm

Ukudla amakinati

Unknown person misbehave with mom in dream

Using a tap over the bed

Umoya in a dream

Unknown and

Unknown men what

Urad kali daal dead relatives ka mangna

Unknown and men

Unfamiliar house

Uncontrollable belching

Unable to pull swords from a body

Uniform found in a dream

Urinating crabs

Unplaiting hair and trimming it

Unpaied slippers

Unknown visitor

Ufo dreams

Using raw egg as gel

Uza utshwala besilungu kusho ukuthini

Ukuhamba emngceleni yomoba


Ual teasing

Under the skin of your leg

U are in a car while a duppy is saying something

Ugqoke isidwaba senkomo

Uninvited guests in house

Unable to transfer money in the dream

Umbrella birds

Uma u phupha o dlala ibhola ne zihgane

Under bedclothes

Unable to drive

Unwanted sec

Underwater ruins

Under water roses scuba diving

Uncle speak to me in a dream

Uhpa ngesosha

Ubuhlalo obubomvu n white

Unanswered question

Unable to perform basic skill in sport

Un skinned a live cow

Umemulo celebration

Universe collision

Unknown child praying over me

Ual threesome

Uphill pathway

Unclean bodies


Unable to save house in a war

Unmarried girl wearing diamond mangaksutra

Urinate in adream

Unable to chew bread in a dream


Unwise engagements

U dream and someone want to use you rituals meaning?

Under the sink pipe bursts

Ugly bady

Unknown animal in dream

Unknown anima

Used sanitary napkins in dream

Unwanted new polyamory s

Urine branches

Unknown person driving

Unmarried me see thali on my neck in dream means?

Unhooking a fish and letting go

Unable to read

Unquenchable thirst

Upside down glass

Uncle at front door

Ugly leg

Ual dream with a pastor

Uncle giving me coin money and gold

Unknown person blowing

Ual assaulted on public bus

Unyazi lwezulu wave hand to me

Ukudla izindoni ezimyama

University of colorado

Ukukhipha isicabha somnyango sinembobo

Upper back, middle back, lower back

U haul trailer

Underarms being tickeld in dream


Unwanted break into my house

Uncomfortable floating and cannot go down

Underground train station

Ukubona izayoni zigqoke izingubo zazo eziluhlaza

Uphw uwasha amasokisi

Using the left hand to point with

Using scissors yourself

Unmarried women having a daughter

Ual pleasure

Unripe mango fall on the right hand

Ushering protocol

Urine in a cooking pot

Urinr inside a cooking pot

Uncooked white samp

Unknown guy alwys rescue me in my dreams

Unknown man wants date

Urad dai grinding

Unable to move forward

Unable to catch up with people

Unable to catch up

Unqwambe ngesikhumba sengwe

Unknown ladly giving me red saree

Ukugqoka imvunulo in your dreams

Unable to penetrate

Ushers dream

Unceasing blue urine

Ukuhlakula phambi kwendlu

Ugly older woman

Ugly girl freind

Ukupupa indoda yakho ime ngaze pambi kwabantu


Uprooting a tree

Urinate on grave

Ukubona izayon

Untying hair

U pooping a fish

Umbrella from a deceased


Ur ex telling his or her problems to u

Used menstrual pad

Urinated up on

Uninate on you

Ubahlalu obumhlophe nobu blue

Unknown woman pregnant and her whole body is transparent like a see through glass

Unknown decent highly qualified people meeting in my bedroom

Unprepared for a trip

Ual intecourse videos

Ual threesome with ex-wife and current wife

Uncontrollable crying and screaming

Uprooted coconut trree along with untimely blooming of gooseberry tree.

Uprooting banana plant


Ur head pastor chasing u out of church what does it mean

Upper jawbone no teeth

Unprotected in a dream

Urn of twin brother

U shape objects

Ubuhlalu obumnyama busho ukuthini

Untangling ball of strings

Under skirt


Uprooting mango tree

Urinating on a person

Upstream swimming

Urine on flow

Urine in a bucket

Unable to find my house

Urination in a dream

Unable to sleep in a dream

Unmarried girl seeing her boyfriend with mangala sutra

Unprepared wedding

Uncontrolled drop in an elevator

Using a key to come into my home without permission

Uncle consoling you

Uncle relaxing you and saying to wait till april

Ukhonjwe ngesibhamu


Uncle shot dead nan


Undersized shoe

Unknown hug from behind

Unlinking my parents so my life can be wonderful

Upheka imifino ufake impuphu

Uterus full of sperm

Uterus full of seman

Ukugeza empompini


Unbraing hair

Unknown specie

Using a staff to jump forward

Ukupupha ukha amanzi èmfuleni

Upstairs house

Unable to finish a simple task

Unavailable because of geography

Unmarried lady

Unborn baby

Urine on your clothes

Uploading status on phone in dream

Unknown family seen in dream

Ufo abduction

Upside down bike

Utter alahu akbar in a dream

Uph befun ukuthwal ngawe

Upkaka spiritual meaning

Uk four nine dream post meaning

Urinating with black ants

Unknown young man romantic and ex husband present

Ukudla amasi

Ugly scary animals

Using me for a trophy wife

Urine splash on you


Unkown person

Upga kunomcimbi ekhaya


Unkown dead person calling my mobile


Ukuthenga imoto emhlophe

Ukupupha ugqoke inzilo

Ubuhlalu obublue nokumhlophe

Uncontrollably spitting out colorful pearls

Using cat to chase me means

Upside down on bridge

Unknown dead person eating apple and kept one apple for me in dream

Unknown dead person eating apple and kept one apple in dream

Unusually successful in business

Un inivitedstrangers all around my house

Unable to remove blackhead

Unicycle getting bigger

Ubhala igama lakho ephepheni


Urine problem

Uncle died dream

Urging clothes

U-shaped dream meanings

Uterus falling out dream


Upnayan sanskar

Uprooting maize in a farm

Under table

Uprooted trees


Ur ex sitting over u abd punching y

Unmarried girl sees her brest milk

Upgrade on flight

Untying goat

Untying black rope knot

Unfreeze people

Urinate on me

Ultimate on me

Unknown persons threatened my life

Upside down helicopter

Unknown girl is saying her name

Unlocking padlock in a dream what it means

Underworld dream

University admissions dorcument

Ulwandle in xhosa meaning


Using a public toilet


U can t run

Upside down walking in a dream

Universe be with me

Umbilical cord shooting out my mouth

Untangling a chain

Unironed t-shirt

Unending work

Upholstering chair

Under the skin

Unburing grave

Ual abuse

Ubuhlalo red and white

Urinating in bush

Using a gun

Urine pawawa

Uvukwa idlozi in a dream

Unlimited no2

Ubuhlalu okumhlophe nokubovu

Unplugging drain

Uprooting sweet potato

Unusual long hair strand coming from body

Ular patuk

Upside chair broken

Ual dreams

Urine in toilet

Unheimliche zimmer

Ukudla izindoni kucazani

Unpreparedness to see a friend

Unwanted people backyard

Uncle getting back with his ex

Ual invitation

Unbraiding a pregnant woman

Unattended food left cooking on the stove.

Unattended good left cooking on the stove

Unknown neighbour

Urination inside a diaper


Using force to collect money

Using opposite direction with other people



Umnakwenu seen in a dream

Unmarried daughter wearing mom mangalsutra in dream meaning

Uvukwa yidlozi esontweni

Urinate in plate

Urine dream meaning

Using bathroom

Urinein the office

Urinate in the office

Uproot and house

Ual organs

Uncovered butts

Unlocked the dream meaning

Unfair trial

Unripe berry

Unable climb and

Upside down kiss while rubbing your desired lovers feet

Un băiat care sărută o fată

Urinating maggots and blood


Ual acts with friend of spouse

Ual dream with friend of spiuse

Usus ibnu seerin

Ukuthula izibgubo



Underground dreams


Unknown group surrounding home

Udara tree dream

Umuntu empathises

Up ahead of every one and put medal on u

Unknown thing in dark

Uphiwa ugologo

Unconscious dr revives me

Ur foot a head

Using pit latrine and someone else fell into it

Undressing women

Ukyphupha wakha umkhukhu


Using of blood to bath

U umuntu ekuthelela coke

Unhanging clothes

Unbuckle belt



Uphuphe ufake isiphika esibomvu

Ugly lady with spider

Unknown girl shakings hands with me

Undressing dead people clothes in a coffin and wearing them

Underwater rocks

Ugly fruit

Ual curiosity

Ual advancement

Ual advancement from cop

Unknown man who wants to marry me

Unirating on a grave

Uniform shirt missing

U need to take pictures with a phone but realise it has no battery

Upside down house on fire

Underneath a bed water

Ual partner fainting

Urinating under a tree

Urine cooking small pot

Umuntu othandana naye ekushaya

Unmarried women sees a mangala sutra in her dream

Untucked shirt

Uncontrollable tap water

Un invited guests

Unhealthy horse

Ukugqoka isiphandla

Unmarrid girl wearing toe ring in dreams

Ual with a guy

Upside down cross in marriage

Ual dream

Untying a fish

Upside down clothes hang meaning

Urine sprinkle on someone

Unripe pawpaw

Unrelated dead person taking photos of me


Use a quilt as a ow

Ual infercourse

Ual desire

Ukuhlupha jgh

Ukuhlupha jghul

Ukugqoka imvunulo

Ukubalekela amabutho


Urges wearing

Unrep shea nut fruit

Ubuhlali obu blue and white


Uncle asking me of my birth certificate

Unknown enemy girl, sucking

Unknown girl, sucking, enemy

Ukha indoni ezimnyama

Unplanted plants

Ubuhlalu obubomvu nobu emhlophe

Unblocked me

Unique shiny car

Ugali and goat intestines

Uranium glass

Unknown person entering my house and hiding

Utility closet

Umncimbi ekhaya

Ulinganisa ingubo yomshado

Uprooting huge weeds

Untying my teeth with a rope as a christian

Ukudla ujeqe ovuthiwe

Uncovering lies

Under bed of worms


Unknown dead bodies dream mean

Unmarried girl being pregnant or giving birth

Urine a snake

Unruly guests

Using pestle to fight

Underneath street lamp vast darkness all the way around

Umbhathiswa isphika sengwe

Umntu ekhulelwe and eteta

Unshelled bold eggs

Unable to make it to work

Unable to setup tent roof

Untying someone

Uneka izingubo zokulala

Unknown girl carry me on her back

Under the sea

Underwater rope

Used sanitary pads and dirty cloths inside the church means

Umuntu wakho efike kini

Unknown person trying to misbehave in dream and killed by my mom

Using cutlas to killing someone in a dream

Use chewing stick to brush my teeth in the dream

Uziza leave in dream

Unwanted people in my house

Unable to find things or people

Upside down dog head

Unknown man without a nose

Ungrateful family

Upside down image of goddess

Ugly face

Unnecessary sacrifice

Urine to put out fire

Unhappy little girl

Ukuneka izingubo zugqoka

Unable fetch water

Unable to fetch water in the dream

Ukuhlinza inkomo

Ube fruit dreams

Uhamba endleleni eyehlelayo

Ual organ

Unknown faceless girl

Unable to control class of unruly school children

Unlock grilled door

Unsheathed sword being purchased

Uprooting cassava in the dream with pregnant meaning


Using lemon and river water to wash body

Unsafe chimney stack

Unsafe chiney

Uncle dead running away

Urinating of feet after dreaming about them

Unknown person weeding in my yard

Used smelly sanitary pads litters floor

Udla uxakuxaku

Uncle in a plane crash dreaming

Used receipt book

Umemulo dream

Unfriending a friend