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Dreams starting with the letter C

Car sinking in sand

Cleaning house a death person

Creek flow changing directions with hundreds of snakes everywhere

Chased by drug dealer and murder meant to be me

Children hanging

Crisp paper money

Child asking food in dream

Cockroach trying to enter my private part in dream

Cockroach entering private in dream

Colorful mushrooms

Colorful mushrooms in bath tub

Cutting taro leaves

Chasing me with a hammer

Checking on piece of plastic

Coughing up human flesh and hair

Carrying a mop and broom

Cut bird legs

Congratulations balloons

Choice and fruit

Color, spirit and light

Cleaning daughter face


Childrens swing

Child defecating

Cat and kitten eating

Car go teer nambar


Cauliflower growing in yard

Climbing icy steps


Car mot

Car having mot test

Cleaning sludge sludge river

Correcting money on a mudy place

Clearing a wardrobe

Cows eating green maize in field

Cooking fat

Cow head on fire dream meaning

Cow head on fire

Cow horns on fire

Carrying a meat

Carrying a horse in the desert

Child crossing street

Called dirty

Cooking pap on fire n pap dispeated

Cutting plastic bag

Captured wild hare

Cotton n green grass

Cooking with papers inside stove

Cotton on grass

Cracking of arm skin

Confined spaces

Caught by swet vairad

Curly brown dog

Car pedal accelerator disintegrated

Cat eating humming bird

Curtains wide open

Cat coming to you and cuddling you

Car buried underground

Cow and fruits

Collect money

Collect money from different person

Circular space ship with red light beaming down

Cooking oil by

Colour and islam

Crack three white plates

Cooking oil and

Container ship

Cleaning a table

Coal plant

Coleslaw dream interpretation

Children killed by gun

Collecting white money from someone you know in a dream

Ceiling collapsing because of water

Coconut falls at the back of my mothers house but when i broke it open it was spoiled

Colbolt blue glass

Colbolt blue

Chaos violence

Car service

Cutting feet nails

Crush older

Crush parents are mean

Cooked lima beans

Cure black magic

Collapse of wall

Cotton string

Car filled with water and autumn leaves

Climbing down a rope ladder

Cooking fufu with my ex girlfriend

Crossing busy street

Ceiling melting

Carrying a cows stomach meat and vegetables

Cut buds off a bush

Carryon bag

Carry on

Car is flat tier and demage and some said my son is ill

Crosses around my house

Covered with a bible

Cutting betelnut tree

Chipped manicure

Collect green grass with my friend

Cut on my nose

Chichs emerging from the ground

Cockroach in a dream

Car with out engine

Collecting scripts in an exam

Cooking millet porridge in a dream

Carry someone while flying

Ceiling and white

Crush eye contact

Car accident people

Child in accident

Child ran in street called wrong name


Cat urinting on me dreams means

Centipede toilet

Confronting grim reaper

Confronting death

Coop plotter

Canine tooth

Car lights stolen

Cutting down trees and seeing an ocean

Carrying non food items

Chased by evil

Cutting up cake

Child commiting a suicide

Crocodile with no eyes walking

Combing locs

Cultivating a land

Conducting deliverance

Cervical surgery

Cooking pot with fire under it

Christmas party invite by dead father

Chasing friend

Catching wild partridge

Cut off finger

Cold skuse

Car wreck.

Chest kiss

Crows falling into water

Car on its roof


Creature with human head and dog body

Chanting god name

Cow number

Containers full of raw rice overflowing

Carry yam on head

Car overheating dream

Cloud castlw

Castle in the clouds

Caressing big dog

Confessing a sin to a priest in a dream

Curtains closing

Closing curtains

Cooking wisks in dream

Car ancient

Cikoo ock

Cousin brother and his wife talking to me

Collecting alote of gold


Carried on motorcycle

Catching two bush meat in the dream

Cleaning roots


Car rollover while drunk

Choosing the right way

Carry rice

Choosing right way

Carry bag of rice

Cow chasing in the dream

Char coal

Cleaning up two children covered in poo one eating poo

Copying your wedding dress

Cats and dogs in a dream


Cutting foot

Cooked butternut dream interpretation

Cooked butternut

Cutting a purple cake

Climb sand tower

Cut injury

Cut on right foot


Cows destroying a maize field

Car booth open

Children in forest

Carrying clean water in a jerrican

Chasing criminal

Cubs tiger

Crow sitting in bathroom

Christmas time

Crush waving at you

Cleaning intestine worms and poop from your partner

Coper wire given to me in dream

Cutting towels

Caring a baby on your back

Celestial body

Carrying jugs of milk

Clotted menstruation blood

Clotted menstrual bllod

Catching flying termites in a dream

Clear water poured head

Clear water poured over my head

Customer verbal abuse

Crab in my hand

Cleaning fridge

Cutting a hedge

Cleaning out a fridge

Cut of shoe

Cat and mongoose fight

Cat and mongoose fiht

Catch yourself cheating

Carrying pap being wrapped

Cock dream

Cats tied up

Carried up

Coming across a castle

Coming across acastle


Church bomb

Cloud butterfly

Car attacked by deer

Catching and throwing a magpie out my house

Chariots running scared trying to save someone arena

Credir card stolen dream

Cutting of throat

Cuts and rashes on wrists

Cracking egg and dead chicken inside

Cracking egg and dead chicken insixe

Cow for food

Child raping another child

Christmas train

Crowd ruining moment

Chakra stenen

Carrying a very skinny lady

Carrying baby in a dream

Cleaning up after a party

Cake with insects

Climbing stairs jn a hotel

Cow fighting rhino s body

Crying and cursing someone

Comforting me

Chase by man on skateboard

Clone of myself chasing me to kill me while i hide

Crater lakes

Claiming a plum tree and harvesting ripe fruit

Crying and talking in my fathers grave

Contaminated with feces for pigs

Chased with cutlass in a dream

Cleaning a dirty tray

Coming out of burning fire unharmed

Curd full clay pot

Children holding hands

Cancer dream

Cutting a pepper

Chasing carabao number

Coins on my toes feet

Clown face

Children eating beetroots.

Cathing ants

Crow biting my finger

Circling a parking lot


Cat killing the bird

Cat chasing mouse dream

Cats and mice

Collapsed ground

Chicken and bugs

Crystal candle holder broken

Children wearing red in dream

Child calling the

Child c

Ceiling change new

Chicken died

Climbing third level

Crossing a border with car

Crossing a border inside the car

Companions of prohet

Crescent waxing and waning crescent

Coconut flower dream had males what happened

Coins falling on the ground from your hand

Car with stripped back tires

Corpse in water


Clumps of hair on floor

Cars falling from sky onto loved one

Crossing river without bridge

Child eating drity sanitary pad

Covering windows of home in parchment

Covering window in brown paper

Cutting electric light

Cutting g

Cutting ecyric light

Cave with light at the end

Clothes peg dream meaning

Clock tower fall

Chickens getting head cut off

Cant move after you notis somthing wrong

Cow pees on child

Copper colour dress

Carry long pole in the dream

Combing a lovers hair

Children missing fingers

Car being destroyed

Children many

Calling out to mom

Cooked in dish washer machine

Cooked viriaty of veggieplaced in in dish washer

Cooked food in washing machine

Counting alligator pepper

Called but switch off

Camel entered in home

Closing my late fathers eyes and he opened them again standing up inside a coffin.

Cannon ball flowers


Carrieing a baby

Cleaning broom dirt

Catch up hens eggs

Catch-up egss

Catch-up egg

Carry heavy ga kenkey for selling in a dream

Cathing egg hen

Cashew fruits on tree

Chewing khat in a dream

Coconut beans

Chucky doll

Continuous dream of being pregnant

Catching eggs

Cathing egg

Calf nursing

Calf suckling finger

Calf sucking finger

Cutting sheep

Christmas pack

Cluther broken

Catching f

Cooking okra soup

Closed door with light under at top of stairs

Ceremony in a dream mean ?

Chopped off limbs

Called asshole

Colourful lights

Circle break

Cards of one zero diamonds

Crabs, octopus and blue shrimp

Cooked rice over flowing

Contacy us

Cat in a cage

Co wife chasing me

Cover mouth with my hands in dream

Cover mouth in dream

Covering mouth to stop water from flowing out

Climb brick wall stuck at top

Chopped body

Cooking in three legged pot

Changes in people

Crying at wedding

Climbing down a rocky hill

Children eating rocks

Collecting gooseberry in dream meaning

Convinience store

Clocked man

Cutting a tall grass dream

Cat kiss in the lips

Cutting tall grass in the river

Crush being very sick

Climbing on palm tree in dream meaning of

Chicken in my house

Cherry juice

Cherries falling

Church seeing a little girl run around

Cigrette jalana

Capturing the thief

Cruise ship storm

Crying on dads grave

Cookout with friends

Cookout with coworker

Coughing big chunks of plem


Calotropis gigantea

Cleaning hear wax in the dream

Car that is on a descent

Child choking on a bottle lid

Croackoches in body


Cat massage

Cooking snail with soup in the dream

Cooked donkey meat

Cowries attached to ones hair

Colleague commits suicide

Cold water on head

Charnel house

Co workers playing darts

Catching mother bush fowl

Clay pot saving money

Cooking pumpkin leafs in dream

Considering to buy a new drinking glasses

Cutting nappier grass

Cutting off eyelashes

Cut plantain tree with unripe immatured fruits

Cactus fruit

Cunnilingus performed on me by an childhood male friend that i love.

Coughing up worms

Coughing up white worms

Cage with god

Cut by a sickle

Curved bird beak

Cherry cough drops

Crochet hooks

Carrying basket full

Car rolling away backwards

Child cleft lip

Clothes dream interpretation

Canceled travel

Cherries fruit

Crush being unavailable

Crazy homeless man

Climbing skyscraper

Car driving through you in your dreams

Catching monitor lizard in a dream

Carrying three loaves of bread

Carrying bread

Cashmere sweather

Clumsy playing basketball

Cooking chapati in a dream

Cutting plant

Cut wilted money tree branches

Cut off the sandals

Cooking frogs

Cow bring sick

Computer name

Cleared stream

Cut forest

Claw hammer

Cow fighting a snake and the snake dies

Climbing bookshelves

Climbing bookselves

Chipkali ko marna

Coughing teeth

City of gangstars

Carrying firewood in a dream means what

Clicking picture of mountain

Chair broke while sitting

Cutting out eyes

Changing baby dream

Car taht lost control

Crane killing

Cat running

Catching a bush buck

Clothes and meainh


Crow with flower in its mouth

Cutting cloth in a dream..

Cutting cloth in a dream.


Children calling your name

Colliques co

Cut in the neck and blood flowing

Cement hole

Cheating resulting in pregnancy

Cutting someone with knife


Complicated but comfortable house

Crocodile biting my elder sister on the foot

Cooler in a dream

Cheetah trying to attack but tiger attacks it

Catching fish in small water

Christian scissors and cutter




Cuts all over the body

Chased by a doll

Cutting someone hand

Cluttered house

Chestnut in islam dream

Cat trying to come through window

Cleaning mentration blood

Cure for cancer

Cooking for an ex boyfriend

Carol burnet

Cupboard banging

Cleaning floor


Costumes tic

Clothes getting wet in the rain

Carved mask

Cutting myself hair incorrectly

Certificate torn

Chasing me with a gun

Cuting dog head

Chug soda and crush the can


Christmas tree dead

Children chasing after you

Cellphone data

Cousin, female

Car accident killing spree

Cats clawing me

Childhood house missing windows

Car wrecked

Car speeding away

Car stallijg

Carrying baby all time in my dreams

Clay in dream

Cow defending me

Calling a friend on the phone

Car accident children

Child dream about kangaroos

Carring ucansi mat

Catching big fish in muddy waters

Carring ucansi

Choking and not able to breathe

Collecting money from floor

Cooking okpa in the dream

Car dream nbr

Cuts on face

Cobaroad dncing in my dreams

Cutting potatoes


Crusty and dried eyes interpretation dream

Catching cat fish in a tream meaning

Crashing mud fish dream interpretation

Covering gravel in a dream


Crush kiss my feet


Collecting money dream

Collecting toothpicks

Catching live bush fowel in a dream

Coin falling from hand

Crush foreheads

Chased by goose

Collecting clam shell and seeweed for foor

Construction dream

Circus dream

Chestnut horse dream

Cow drowning in water

Cheque bounce

Crops destruction by wind


Crush fingers

Cement block fall on head

Collecting gifts like tea bread and coconut in the dream

Crush talk

Cabinets and clothes

Climb a mountain

Chest of drawers, bottom drawer, the word death

Cut by knife

Cooking, fried, chicken meat

Cow:s head raw meat

Church doors swinging opened at funneral

Cow, deep and water seen in a dream.

Calf bitting

Cold breathe on the back of your neck

Chased by shadows

Caring for a very drunk mother

Confronting inappropriate behaviour of one person another

Canker sore on the inner lip

Construction workers

Chopped off males private part

Crying in honey

Coyote cub bites

Cooking oil intainer dream

Clay in a dream

Cions on founds

Car full of lilies

Crow turns into woman and marries the dreamer

Crow turns into woman abd marries the dresmer

Cook bone under my feet

Crow turns to woman and marries me


Cooky and raw meat together

Cooked meat and raw meat together;

Carry baby

Carrying on back mother

Carrying mother on back

Clown in your dream

Carrying boyfriend on the back

Car hit by lightning

Coffins in my house

Cat suckling on my finger

Climbing roof top of home what does dream number

Climbing roof top of home

Cups falling off a shelf onto son

Coin on the fire

Choked by mother

Clear oil

Car hood up

Corn seed sow

Chasing after mother

Crushing walnuts

Carrying a sleeping handsome baby boy

Carrying a sleeping baby who is handsome

Carrying a child on my shoulder

Carrying of a big cat fish with bowl on my head

Carrying of a big fish with bowl on my head

Corner of a wall

Cat littler and ow

Cutting my palm x using cutter

Cutting my palm x

Children and bear

Cannibalism and not liking human meat

Churning milk

Collapsable roof

Cleaning sand from ears

Cutting branches from lemon tree

Clocks and falling

Cows our abd loin chasing

Cloths floating in water

Car crushed

Could not find my dog and was outside on ground crying with someone laughing at me

Cloths and water

Clear dam

Cylinder gas


Closing the river

Chest tightening

Coughing in a dream

Carob pod

Cousin getting married

Chicken legs fried

Child in an oven

Carrying mat


Cocasion man

Cat with a broken jaw

Cleaning piano

Cruise ship flying upwards from the sea

Climbing a thin rope

Corn germination

Cutting of hands

Crisscross spots of white face of male

Coffee pot gift

Cooked cows feet

Cows feet in a dream

Crisscross spots of white face

Cow feet eating in dream

Chase and fall into soakaway in your dream

Cresent moon with lots of stars

Chequered dream meaning

Cannot get into the store

Carousel ride

Climbing a mountain but climb down as the track was blocked

Carrying someone on my back

Childhood friend kissing dream meaning


Chickens pecking me

Came a road flooded with a calm mud colored water

Came a road flooded with a calm brown colored water

Chanting hamnuman and demon

Catching a fish in mud

Cutting someones head of by me

Counting money bundles

Crone with me inside a chapel with large crowd and a closed door

Climbing down a hanging stairs with a boyfriend holding my hands

Cows chess you

Carrying dog on shoulder

Chinese clog shoes

Cutting down part of boy

Chickens pecking through bottom of bathtuub

Caught fish bait hook and line

Couple picture

Climbing something tall and getting stuck

Cat eating a baby

Chicken poxs

Cockroaches all over me

Creepy man holding my hand

Child getting lost in forest

Child getting lost and coming back in a forest

Car driving weirdly

Creepy old couple griping at me

Canceled plans

Clear flames

Cleaning a bathtub

Coiled black snake

Cut off birds foot

Car floating down a river

Church people wearing black

Cooking inside blair toilet

Coffee grain

Cash ocean

Calling allah for help

Crayfish selling in the dream

Can a package mean pregnancy

Curd wasted

Crossing clear river with crocodiles

Child with dirty fingernail

Current of water

Crying on fathrs tomb


Covering murder

Caring and eating a dead body though everyone is against it but i insisted

Caring and eating a dead body

Cats hanging out in the trees

Cats in trees

Closed jack card

Chewing a wet stick in a dream

Crocodile lay egg

Carrying note book from church means


Climbing coconut tree

Child attack by cheetah

Cow eating neem tree

Couching up a tumour

Cleaning alter of god

Chop down tree


Clean wineglass

Caught my boyfriend with another girl in bed.

Cooking spoon

Computer clock

Cleaning your tongue

Cousin walking flowers pop up

Cancer star sign

Crow attack me

Chicken lice on the clothes meaning

Chased by people wearing black and some gold

Curtain with octopus

Cremation ground

Cut shoe

Celebrity giving you a gift

Chosen to lead


Chubby white girl


Cuuting a cloth in dream

Cut by glass

Christian female dressed in hijab saying a dua muslim standing next to her

Cutting brick

Cabbage, dying, ressurecting

Cooking burnt food

Carlly hair ghost

Characters from social media

Cleaning makkah

C-section of baby girl

Calm lion

Car standing still

Church woman

Cracking an egg with a chick inside

Carrying a sachet water on your hand it fell off and disappeared

Camaflouge snake

Child huggin me

Chewing and spitting money in a dream

Cat litter box

Counting bananas in a dream

Chain broke

Cyberpunk hotel

Child genuis

Chicken being eaten by red ants

Cell phone elevator

Cooking zobo in my dreams


Custard apple inside blue in color

Custard changes inside colour

Change el kibla in a dream

Cheeta attacking

Carry a blue bucket filled with clear water

Cow face

Coral snake tangled in hair

Carrying my crush

Catching husband cheating

Carrying your deceived mother on your back

Crush wearing dress

Cat killed by dogs

Celebrity dream

Cat killed the bird in dream meaning

Control plant growth

Clambing a huge wall in the drem

Cor roxa significado espiritual

Cow in truck

Cow in small truck

Crochet work dream


Catching guinea fowl

Coin and soup

Co worker gets transplant

Cleaning gunk from bodily organs


Crushed can of soda

Carry dad on your back

Centipede in my ear

Conjoined fingers

Cockroaches in shoe

Clorine teeth

Cooking dolma for you in dream

Causing decapitation

Collecting old wrappers for my mum in dream

Cat poo

Chased by a ghost

Child tying rope around my legs

Covered faced maidens

Competition dance

Catching big fish using net in river

Clock indicated by a dead people

Chased by goat

Cupen cod


Catching very big fish

Cocking curry


Carry mother

Car rolling away from me

Cry of owl


Car trading

Cutting fish in to slices

Climbing jack fruit

Coaching para emprendedoras

Chills cold

Cold chills


Crystal turtles

Covered by green lanket

Catching candy in dream

Catching candy in a parade meaning

Cooking poo

Claw machine games

Cutting pig in dream

Clearing drainage channel of water passage

Cut on the head without bleeding

Cutting a dog in half

Chines food

Carrying crystal vessels

Carrying glass vessels

Cleaning jerry can inside

Crow with broken wing

Calling and talking with my boss by phone

Chain length fence

Cow and giat eating seed in a farm

Chasing away a dinosaur

Clear rushing water

Car wheels stolen

Challenges ghost into a fight

Called by a different name

Carrying a heavy special large stone

Cowries meaning of dream

Crocodille biting hand

Ceo falling love with me

Charred and burned animals baby elephant and baby seal

Collecting of garri

Carrying a broom in my hands

Cat and fish

Clitoris being sucked

Cross on other face

Children from intruder

Close one murdered

Choking father

Color terracotta

Crumbeling house

Corn in ear

Camping trip

Coming down from slippery stairs

Cut palm kernel tree


Carried away by the water

Canned apricots dream

Collecting hair

Catherine james mwigune

Cutting logs

Crow biting hand

Crow biting fingers

Chicken farm

Clothes with leafs on them

Cat peeing in my hair

Coworker leaving job

Case number

Carrying the chalice, paten and ciborium to the altar during mass

Cut parcel

Collection of phone number

Catching of fish

Crumbling plaster

Crush asking me questions

Crush in dreams

Conversation with women

Collecting materials for sewing in the dream ,

Cross and circle in the center in the sky

Cross and circle in the center

Carabao on sea

Cursed painting

Cows white skin dried and hanged

Chocolate cka

Child in initiation school

Cow refused to enter the house

Cow turning into human

Cow turning into

Chery blossoms flower

Cleaning of childhood flooring

Cleaning chicken intenstile

Cap gifted

Condoms in born agains

Crawling to escape



Closing your eye while swinging

Convert religion

Chapati bnate dekhna

Combs dream

Child falling in gutter

Carabao,tied and roped

Car derms

Coins falling out of the sky

Communion bread in the dream

Cooking meat outside

Cooking beans and plantain

Cooking for a pastor in a dream

Cat eating chicken which was served for me


Calling out to god for help

Cooking casserole give by a man

Cleaning feet sand

Cifre și semne spirituale

Crocodile eating raw meat

Covered by landslide


Climbing rock wall

Controlling water with your hands in a dream meaning

Curly haired cat

Cop and k9

Chocolate strawberry

Clown fish

Clear water river

Covering up a murder girlfriend committed

Child support court dream


Caught a bird to save it.

Cock tied to my husbands clothes n he is planning to leave

Christmas tree doll in my dream

Crush kissing

Celebrity gift

Cut slippers in the dream meaning

Cot slippers in the dream meaning

Cleaning out snakes from my body

Cutting people on the neck

Cleaning out blood from my ear

Cat killing a bird

Cat in freezer

Cow biting

Children in dreams laughing at me when i am a child

Cooking f or feast for me

Cop car with no tires

Chicken hatching

Chasing six lions

Chloribe dream

Cat swimming

Child falling down stairs dying

Carrying a white bowl of fluid

Carrying a white bowl of fuid

Caravan turning round and spinning

City cleaning

Cult escape

Crying while worshipping god

Car new road

Children behaving badly

Crispy brown pancakes with golden ring

Clean house inside

Cooking soup with dry fush

Cassava bean dream

Casava mixed with beans

Chased from goat

Coconut seed

Cuddling man

Cousin dying

Child being eaten

Chanting lord shri ram

Chanting hanuman chalisa in scary dream

Chasing a witch

Cheating on my husband

Correction, blueink , meneye

Correction, blueink , men eye

Climbing wall in dream

Chameleon fighting with a cat

Crack in wall

Cinnamon milk with alcohol

Cursing by woman

Cheetah eating snake

Chickadee birds drinking water dream

Crow bitting finger and fly and die

Cooking bitter gourd in dream

Cow cut half but alive and swiming

Cow swiming with wound


Closing a door on evil

Community chest


Cleaning tha toilet bowl

Chewing sugar cane dream meaning

Contrary meaning

Choking on your fingernails

Come back to earth

Cheap alcohol

Completely mad loves me so much in dream

Cloth washed in the river taken away by flood

Canned food, dirt floor, broom

Cooking shoes

Cutting fish or filet of fish

Clnumbing white rocks

Collecting fruit from dust bin. what does it mean

Colorful big bird

Coughing up stomach