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Dreams starting with the letter C

Coconut rotten

Calling the name of the one we fancy each othe

Calling the name of the one we fancy each other

Crabs in my backyard, all joined together with mud

Creamer cup

Chris pratt

Carter kench

Cleaning the valender

Chanting jay shree ram dream

Carrying food on my head and it pours away

Curtain blowing in

Cut tree and

Cat dream numbar teer

Creating energy

Cat dog fighting

Cat under car

Catch ducks

Catching and keeping an eagle in my dream

Catch an eagle

Crying being beaten in a dream by police

Clothes falling from the skies

Covering a hole

Catch a frog

Crying in front of krishna in dream

Chasing a ball

Carrying basket in a dream

Cated edible termites in the dream

Crossed a river as a passenger in a vehicle

Clones of people

Chasing chickns

Crashing into a train

Civet cat dream meaning

Civet cat in dream means

Crap lobster and shrimps

Collegue onboard the ship

Cutting out babys tongue

Coke from the bottle

Celebrating christmas

Chase by iguana

Chased by a duck

Chicken man

Crash car in reverse

Commanding a ghost

Cow sucking hand

Cats seeing in dream in islam

Collecting coins on the ground

Cat oven

Checkin laying golden eggs

Child chair

Child in the room

Collect mangoes

Carbon ink stained in uniform

Cake with candles

Curly hair dream

Church by someone

Clothes garbage bag mowed over lawn and shredded

Clothes in garage bag get mowed over in lawn

Cuando le van acorta los dedos de los pies

Choking a turkey


Choking on a pineapple

Cats with two tails

Cat paw prints yellow

Carrying water to climb a mountain meaning

Confused in dream

Child and bathtub

Cooking human legs

Cut down filed

Cuuted field

Cats tongue

Chopped onion on the toilet bowl

Chosen from a crowd of people

Chanting govinda in a dream

Catching a barbel fishy in a rocky area

Cream color pants

Chicken attaking and bite

Catch bob

Charcoal face

Cat in ceiling

Colorful hats

Cooking cloths and eating them

Collapse septic tank

Continuos spitting

Comforting child in a dream

Combing some one hair

Climbing up a ladder out of water

Crucification dream meaning


Carqith human teeth


Cold treat

Cutting polony in a dream

Carrying a cross in israel

Carrying cross

Chicken s


Child hitting head in dream

Crowing out of ditch meaning

Crowling out of a pit meaning

Crush gives me blue umbrella

Cooking eggs given by my late grandmother


Cougar biting .y hand

Contract with death dream

Child nombar

Childhood bathroom in disrepair

Cut of three head

Covered in a rash

Cute boy


Cats and kittens in a cage

Car being ransacked

Child seen in dream

Cater ar and christian


Centipede under nail bed

Cake destroyed

Chambak flowe


Chambak flower

Chambak flower seen in gargen in dream

Cabinet of president

Cooking and eating in a dream

Cat running away car

Cyclone and granddaughter

Catching my boyfriend cheating

Crumbling key

Cutting cooked cassava

Cutting cooked cassava in dream

Cooking alive chicken

Caring for the elderly

Crying in dream and appeared in real life

Crying while thanking my dead mother

Crawling out of small space

Cow and urine

Clam biting me

Calling prayer

Cooked carrots

Child loss

Cows in floods water

Circular bed

Churma eating

Cows eating fruits in dreams

Choking a child

Cow eating snake

Chinese clothing

Color of socks

Courthouse dream meanings

Cannon on fire

Children and mistress bring home with my husband

Children and mistress bring home

Cutting waist belt

Circuit breakre

Candle still being lit in grave meaning

Chased by goblin

Cat eating milk

Christian in a bridal lahenga with veil meaning

Chirping birds in a dream

Clouds dream interpretation

Ca closed casket

Chicken and flying

Chief dream meanings

Chief treditional

Camping with family

Chili with tree

Cashmere sweater in a dream

Cutting hair with a sickle

Church belfry with water leaking

Cut on and clear water flowing

Cluster of grapefruit

Cousins wife came on to me

Climbing a palm tree

Crush marrying someone else

Cell phone melted

Collecting fried beef meat from a girl

Cement areas

Cheetah chasing and biting

Cerberus growling at me

Cat die in dream

Collecting tax in your dreams

Carrying bag

Cleaning sheep inestines

Crow killed

Chase by a sheep in a dream


Clit cutting off

Chinese unicorn


Chinese ancient lion

Cat escape


Calling lucifer

Cracked chicken egg

Crossing a flooded broken bridge

Caught someone performing witchcraft on me

Car crash tyre

Candel light

Chemtrail airplane


Cutlass and chasing seen in a dream

Colour snake swelling leopard

Carrying a calabash up for someone

Casper the friendly ghost

Coffee cream

Creepy smiling face

Catching colour fish

Cut head of baby goat

Cut head of baby hoat

Crocodiles and floods

Cousin riding me on a motorcycle

Caught a big eel in a dream and someone suddenly came help me killed it with wire.

Climbing a high mountain and on getting to the top of the mountain and saw a mother and daughter praying for me

Cat attacking and scratching my face

Crabs and seashells

Child falling from a bus window

Charging cat

Cliench has

Climbing stairs which leads to nowhere

Carabao dream what the meaning

Chicken cooking in a dream

Cats in dream

Cemetery candles

Cleaning door of haram

Cat running away my path

Cat running away the path

Cuhaa four roti kute gaya

Canon ball flower

Chains on a face

Cutting worms

Clay pitcher with water

Carrying a palm karnel seed passing a shrine

Crush sitting beside me talking and smiling

Cooking a human head

Cutting periwinkle

Cats swiming

Cooking a bundle of broom

Cutting off my beards

Cooking and seeing collard greens

Curly hair transformation

Cutting dry fire wood in the dream

Claiming tree in the dream and cut for firewood

Carrying long log

Child chewing cigarette in dream


Capturing dear in wildlife

Chicken sleepong

Clean hospital beds

Couple with someone i never talked to

Cobra bites from a dream


Collapsing road

Car wreck twice

Coffin box with holes

Calling person you love

Church meaning

Child fal

Cleaning many flask with different colours

Cat kiss

Cold war

Controlling sea waters

Controlling angry waters

Catching fish in the river with my hands while the water was flooding

Cutting of peoples head

Carrying a bucket of water

Carrying a water pot

Chicken cutting their head

Control baby

Cat decapatarion

Coat of many olours kin my dream

Car wrapped with garbage bag

Collapsed building

Canada visa dream

Cat mating

Catch a cashew

Cars chasing me

Cleaning a chicken and grilling it

Child falling into storm drain

Calling a friend on my phone for help and asking god for forgiveness

Catching a monitoring lizard in a dream

Children and animals

Children running and playing

Cripple governor dream meaning

Cueillir grenadia

Carried out to sea


Colored glass bottle

Cutting a golden stone on the left leg

Children dressed in white and black | dream interpretation

Clock in dream

Cement lady screaming

Cat with colorful wings

Cleaning out a trailer

Cat with beautiful feather colorful wings

Color brown feather

Crow into human

Combing pubic hair with dirty comb

Cooking yam porridge in dream

Cant open eyes

Cathedral burning

Cats licking blood off my floor

Cutting of close relative feets in dream

Crow over somone running

Child hits head on rock

Cheap shop

Carved face

Cpr on a newborn

Coughing green mucus onto hands

Crush with no clothes

Cutting a friend in a dream

Cabin built with flint by the sea

Cursing some people in a dream

Cooking beef meat in dream

Cooking feef meat in dream

Crop killing people


Cell phone getting in dreams

Calling nine nine nine


Cyclops cat


Cats with fleas

Cutting into pieces an old rag by a pastor

Cagefull of horses

Clean beach

Cleaning the bed and mattress

Calm gorilla

Carrying ashes in plane

Catching birds in dream teer number

Counting pins

Clock i side out

Chicken pox in dream

Cutting steak

Catch flying dove

Carb fighting

Colonial house

Cutting palm fruit from palm tree without palm leaves and fronds in a dream meaning

Covered by a white torn sheet

Covered by a white tin sheet

Car on the house roof

Catching a duck

Change seating position

Change seating position in dream

Communion in a dream

Climbing a cherry tree

Coming apart at

Clothes large

Curved dagger the blade looking like a steel feather

Cocoyam in dream

Chained angel

Climbing a mountain with a girl and i reach the top but she does not

Cut vagiba

Color spirit light

Current daye

Child shot

Cutting yam in the dream what is the lucky number of it

Cutting yam in the dream

Cat laying egg

Chick hatch

Candles to expensive

Coconut oil in my dream

Clean oil cosmetic

Child walking alone in dream

Clothes are plastic

Cake dream

Chase deceased friends

Cat bitting her nipples and bleeding

Collecting my phone in a dream mean

Catching a baby falling

Creature eating animal

Covered in hair dream

Catching big fish

Child bycle

Clothes on nails

Coffin, floating and flood seen in a dream.

Clothed bath with someone

Choosing colour of cloth in dream for someone else

Car that collect money

Chieftaincy title

Cheating wife dream

Chanting hanuman chalisa in dream while having a horror dream

Cauliflower in cabbage in

Cell phone call in the dream from a man

Cats and faeces


Celebrity in a car

Cows sleeping on my bed

Cleaning beetfruit

Crossdressing dream

Crossing river while facing the north

Chungu cha chai

Car sold without my permission

Crime tape

Caching prawn in dream

Chasing white horse

Carrying buckets of water and climbing hill with children

Crying because scared bu the leeches

Cousins head half explodes in house explosion

Coughing up peices of bone

Climbing up to stape

Cooking the wrong leaf in dream

Cooking the wrong leave in dream

Crossing mountain

Chanting jay shree ram continuously

Carrying a headboard

Crying with god in arms


Coconut tree leaves

Carrying a fish bigger than me

Cats and fighting

Catching barbel fish

Car driving around a motel

Cracked watch meaning

Cleaning rice in clear water

Celll phone burning in a dream

Cassava and ube

Color royal blue linen

Color royal blue

Cat urinated on me

Cleaning sand with hands

Cleaning the dining room

Crane jatuh

Clothes taring in dream means

Cat fighting each other in dream

Construction of big drain under the house

Construction below a house

Cat run away from my house

Cuting my baby neck

Cats eating a dog

Cat eating deathfish

Car opening door

Car horn or car alarm in dream

Climbing stairs with difficulties

Child chased by cheetah

Construction nails in wrists

Child ghost turning into alien

Cow dream interpretation

Concrete pit

Country western singer

Cardimom given by dead person

Cut slipper

Can dial a number

Curtains rolled back in a house

Cloths falling off

Colo blue

Cleaning cobwebs

Crossing a river but the bridge was very narrow but i made it

Clothing dream interpretation

Cat eat lots of fish

Candle in the dark

Candle by door

Cesspit meaning

Canot remember name

Chasing insects

Cat meowing my name

Children boy girl fighting in my dream

Catch birds at riverside

Catch birds

Cleaning urine bucket with clean water from a blue drum

Car brakes malfunction

Catfish in cleanwater

Cats in bottom of swimming pool

Cured pork

Climbing out a window

Crush kissing forehead

Color green of a snake in the dream means what?


Condemnation about me by my friends

Cluster in space

Cock in dreams

Catching a cook that was let out to run away

Caring and cleaning deceased grandfather

Cleaning and caring grandfather

Car without driver

Church shoe/ basketball shoe dream

Church shoe on one foot a basketball shoe on the other in a dream

Current partner saying your heart belongs to someone else

Cows nearly killed me

Castle in heaven

Calotropic plant

Clothes then it

Como hacer un ritual con el diablo

Club dance music

Child bitten snake dies

Champaka tree

Cracking and eating walnut

Cement pour

Cracks in kitchen door laminates

Coyotes being harmed by humans

Curing sick man by wizardry

Curing sick in with wizardry?

Cow in the water meaning in dream

Catching flying termites in the dream

Comfortable place

Colorful fish large

Cover being put over head

Car crash onto wall

Car keys locked in the boot

Car forcing another car off the road

Child vomit on my feet

Curtains with pockets

Crush wrapping his arm around my waist

Cooking a snake in the oven

Cowrie and conus shell together

Carving name into arm

Crush friends

Cigaret smoke

Cannot open my eyes

Cops dram

Chased and shot by cops

Chocking dream

Crying for father


Chciken turns into dog

Compound in dream

Controller by a spirit

Cat playing and scratching feet

Chimera in dreams

Cloth haul

Chimpanzee with black eyes

Cooked meat in a dirty toilet

Climbing a staricase

Crack ugali

Cat sucking your blood

Carrying a very

Cat purring in his ear

Co9 wife being pregnant

Chasing in the dream

Cow dog

Cloud passing through moon

Catching a blue planet in my hands

Chicken and egg

Curse by someones mother

Carry baby boy girl carry dream

Carrying beans in a dream means what?

Carrying machine

Crushed ribs under able to breathe

Cat headless off

Cola nuts falling around you

Children of my boyfriend

Cloak with kotuku(bird) on it

Children fighting in my dream

Cutting my ears with scissors

Check seven zero.zero zero zero.zero zero

Cut off and regrow

Carrying heavy books wishing some one help to carry books

Consoling my mother in the dream when she is is crying what does it mean spiritually

Cut bird

Crush getting married

Cleaning church and number

Cat walking on bed but no cat

Cog wheel

Clam opening up with a voice coming out

Cat spraying

Cat and birds invading house

Chosen among many people

Capsule meaning in a vision?

Ceiling mirror

Cow without horns in dream

Correcting a name spelling wrongly

Cat, compass, i.d.

Climbing in green grass

Cooking palm fruit in the deeam

Car being blocked by another car

Cat wearing a collar with a compass disk and i.d.

Camaleon totem animal

Cleaning up menstrual blood stains

Children getting hit by car

Crushs death


Cough out pieces of metals

Copper refinery

Cold air blown in my face

Cracking kennel

Crib mobile

Cosas que detiene tu crecimiento

Coworker bath sharing pastries

Co worker bathing pooping

Catching alligator gar fish

Catching alligator fat fish

Cotton and coughing

Caught spouse in affair and divorce

Competing against myself

Cow in the road

Climbing a ladder and letting go of baby

Carrying own mother on shoulder

Car dark windy woods

Carabao poop dreams

Carabao poop drrams

Cas finish while cooking

Cutting the head off a rabbit

Cooking and gas finish

Colleague dreams

Calling a woman name out loud in your dream and you wake up looking for her

Creating an art ice

Changed shoe

Cutting you open

Chased by pineapples

Cow, eid ul adha and cow chasing me

Choking a hyena

Cracking your head open

Chapati with ghee or oil

Cannot find wine glasses

Chain donkey leg

Chasing a monkey

Cricket on my face

Cat jumps in window

Crawling while carrying a baby

Causing someone harm

Child broke leg

Cracked big feet

Choking dogs

Cooking meat and rice in islam

Cooking meat and rice

Car in a dream

Cow entering home

Coconut tree n fruit in dream

Carrying a beautiful baby gir

Carrying a girl baby

Cleaning up sleepers

Childhood village

Climbing on roof

Car roll over with me and my mother in it

Climbing rope tree

Cambuk kuda

Cloud dream interpretation

Cloak dream interpretation

Chipmunk biting finger

Cut head off snake

Court of appeal

Cardboard people

Case in court


Close out of business on written on backboard

Cat bath


Crowd of people wearing white in church

Cat bite my nipple

Chased by a tortoise in a dream

Comforting boyfriend

Cow running

Clots and mouth

Cyber punk dream

Crush punching my hand and leaves, it hurts my hand and has a red scar

Cleaning enemy house

Crayfish or crawfish inside an dresser draw

Cube with symbols

Crow deer frog

Cutting cat head

Consult the entry for death, dead people and ill / illness for further clarification.

Couple walking big

Couple walking in

Cleaning my house with my boss

Cant see face in dream

Chased by komodo dragon

Charging donkey

Charging fonkey

Cockroach infestation

Cut laybia

Child sleeping stairs

Child sleeping on stairs

Coins in plant

Carrying heavy unopened books

Counting up ketchup packets

Cutting silver coins in half

Changing wahe guru

Call with bad news

Chasing out a skeleton

Crushed by a lorry

Climbing mountain dream number


Collecting mineral from someone in the dream

Collecting semolina from someone in the dream

Collecting semo from someone in the dream

Collecting water melon from someone in the dream

Collecting raw spaghetti from someone in the dream

Collecting raw spaghetti from someone

Child marching band

Camels come into my house

Cleaning toilet with poo

Cooking mung bean vegetables

Child pooping

Child pooping on pant

Chased by boy from initiation school

Carrying wood in your dream

Car moving

Car moving and not letting me get out

Crossing road with old man

Cooking black snakes

Candle peeling

Cookimg blaccvk snakrs

Crying in a white dress

Cloud made into a mermaid

Cut on left leg

Cows getting killed

Cow getting killed and crying

Cat mess up bird cage

Celling fixture fall down

Coconut fall hit on the wall and jump to you to catch

Catching coconut falling on air

Cumin seeds

Counting coons money

Cooking noodles for someone in the dream

Crocodile eats snake

Cinnamon drink in a dream

Cow catch fire i save him

Car taken by waves

Car taken bt waves

Crow molting

Colorful eyes and white eyebrows

Cant find the plastic bag i want to buy in a market

Cancelled concert

Canceled concert

Catching a squirrel

Catching a rabbit

Cat urinating on you

Caring for plants

Clothe falling in the latrine

Cops coming to the house

Crows eating bats

Cut plants

Cleaning lord shiva temple and foung pooja

Coins in mouth

Creepy old guy

Creepy music and then a huge wierd wolf

Crocodile running away and hiding

Cooking eggplant

Carrying someone s boot

Chasing light at night

Chewing gum stuck in hair

Catching softball with ex girlfriend

Car skidding o n icc

Choclate candy

Carrying mortar

Chased by lion after fighting with pig

Cutting up fish dream

Coworker dying

Child eating milk with chira to me

Child eating milk with chira

Curd rice

Choking in a dream

Crow eating mouse


Cleaning smooth stones

Catch a pegion

Cat fighting a crocodile/alligator

Cleaning urinals

Cat scrach

Could not take pictures

Chasing by lot of soldiers at night

Cheating on your wife

Chasing try to kill me

Catch a iguana

Catching a iguana

Coaching para emprendedores

Cat peed on my bed

Child eating milk with me

Child eating with me

Cutting a pig

Cat pooing

Cat defacating

Climbing down from a tall tree

Cremation burning

Cats being eaten by bats

Crying in front of krishna in dreams

Chain link dreams

Crooked picture frame

Cutting goat leg and bones meaning

Car driving in ocean

Croakroach bites my head

Camouflage snake behave in my dreams

Chewing crushed teeth

Chewing gravel

Chewing small rocks

Choking my husband

Choking my h

Closing eyes in a dream

Children in white

Climbing a hill with a girlfriend

Clothes blowing on the line

Cousin with tattoos

Crossing over turbulent or dark water

Copper ring wearing

Cut off face

Crumble cheese

Chased on a cruise ship

Couple hiding in spa bath

Choking on gold jewelry

Chicken coop on fire

Car head lights

Chest and cold

Cloth of gold

Cranberry juice

Cooking cassva in dream

Cheating in a test

Choking on big twists up wire and string not able to. get out

Chair falling from sky

Clams in hair

Converting to cristen

Cutting part of your eye out

Carrying mattress to and look for drinking water on the road

Carrying mattress to and look for drinking water i

Collecting lots of broken pieces of jewlery on the ground

Chairs flying


Child getting hair braided

Cutting indian bambo in a farm

Child is upset

Child with a toy

Clean and shinning kettle

Cutting vegetables leave

Cut of wings

Copper ring and

Cat licking my hand

Cat mating in dream

Chair thrown at me

Child asleep cold

Child in bin

Climbing jackfruit tree in the dream

Cows at the river

Chanting, maa, durga and mantra seen in a dream.

Chimney falling off house

Collecting pecans

Corns and bunions on feet

Cleaning menstrual stained blood belonging to other people

Cleaning menstrual blood stained pads

Cleaning a place with covered and uncovered sanitary towels

Conduct a school choir iscathamiya

Co wife dying

College dream numbers

College dream num

Counting down stairs

Colocasia plant in dream meaning

Caught at search in a sea house with daughter and brother during a.storm

Carrying bed my relative

Climbing a tree but i kept falling down but at the end i reached my goal

Cat brings dead rat

Cat caught mouse

Cat with mouse in mouth

Cheating on your partner

Cats vomitting worms

Chasing a deceased nephew

Chasing away from killers

Cat trying to leave through window

Combing your hair

Car falling on a bridge

Chest hair growing

Car with tinted windows

Crooked nail

Cat bleeding from neck by a duck

Caught in rapids

Car deceased loved

Child reaching arms out to me

Car with deceased

Cooked beans and rice in the same pot

Cutting of flesh

Crunchy wood

Cat and dog and mom

Child bleeding from mouth

Cannot close the door because who was outside broke it to let me see him with his new girlfriend dancing to slow music

Cats fighting

Cat suckling my arm

Cannot hear my daughter when she is speaking in my dream

Child lying down on the road

Car drove into water

Cleaning mirror

Chasing black cow

Coming out ear

Cows swimming and being bathed in the ocean

Crocodile, river

Chased by a tiger

Controlling man in dream

Capri sun

Climbing up bricks

Calling police on me


Coffee stained mugs

Cat eats your wedding ring

Cat transforms into dog

Crush smiling at me

Coy pond

Clothes smeling

Clowns dogs bighting me and mum ding

Cheating on bf

Chinese squatters

Cat peed on your bed

Concert location

Cancer illness

Clear water in a bag

Caring for people

Cares for people

Can of paint

Celebrity giving you a purple gold ring

Charcoal stove

Cricket ball playing

Charcoal on my hands

Clearing dream

Cancel wedding

Caressing with your crush

Coconut oil selling

Clothes being blown off the washing line

Cats in my garden


Climbing over a stone wall

Chicken blood

Clock hands moving fast

Climbing out of a deep square hole

Coughing blood in sink and seeing a blood clot

Chopsticks being pulled out of buttocks dream

Currying rice in sack on head

Caring rise in asack

Cat eating food

Cant remember hotel room

Crocodile in dirty water

Cutting my sisters hair

Catching two frog

Cooking and giving

Cow with leg cut off

Cloud of smoke with heavy rain

Crush putting ring in my fingers in dream

Cricket ball and stumps num

Cultivating and gathering firewood in a dream

Cooking giving and

Catching a live fish with hands in a mudy river where there are so many dead fish

Chainsaw man killing people

Crows attack me in dream

Childless man interpretation number

Childless man

Chameleon dreams

Calling by a dead person in dream meaning

Car problem

Convoy of big trucks passing by

Cracking up and eating dry palm kernel

Changing seats in class

Changing seats in xlass

Cleaning up crime scene

Collecting drumsticks from tree in dream meaning

Currly haired dog under bed

Captivating palm fruit in the dream

Crying pig

Cobra looking at you harmless

Cold hands on a dream

Chief is dead

Craving for rice cake

Child bitten by cobra snake

Cute bunny making a mess

Carnival rides

Crowded furniture

Clutter house dream

Cleaning a fish ready to cook


Cow getting run over

Cow got run over by truck

Colorful houses

Collard grew

Crying and tattoo on arm

Cross hair


Cats in your dream

Cat sleeping next to me in the dream

Choked by a spirit

Cheetah colred puppie

Crown pumpkin

Carrying something heavy on back

Chased while holding baby


Cat riding horses

Crawling beetles in a line

Carpet runner

Communial living

Carbon dioxide poisoning

Cooking a black cat alive over an open fire

Cooking a black cat alive

Car engine in backseat while car is moving

Coke and fanta

Cutting coconut tree

Cooler green dress

Cutting a blue towel

Chinese money plant

Chinese money plaant

Candles go off

Carrying your husband on your back

Chanting see ram in dream

Carry husband on your back

Chasing a mouse

Cooking party jollof rice in a dream mean what

Cat licking bottom foot

Carrying a bag of groundnut in the dream mean what

Chewing stick

Crocodile and hippo in a fight

Chewing stick to brush teeth

Cooking nshima in deeams

Cleaning stove burner

Catching eagle babies

Cutting branch

Charging cord

Cus of water

Crush getting with married someone else

Crush getting married someone else

Catch big fish in dream

Cheetah chasing rattlesnake