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Dreams starting with the letter A

A resting cow beside a resting dog that has a snake in his mouth in your room

A resting cow beside a resting dog that has a snake in his mouth

A woman asks me to pass her hat to her

Angry relative

Attempted carjacking

A baby sucking your

A doctor poisoned me

Albino women and men

A child carrying flag in a dream


A dream about my cousin who passed away. we was playing and he wasfollowing me

A single marble fell to the floor

A marble dropping

A cat and a kitten eating

Affair with pastor

A friend with medusa in his head

A guy cut banana tree

A yellow snake with eggs

A sweet conversation with a king

An elderly woman in need of help

A dress changing from white to blue

Always fighting with uncle in a dream

A man death and burning

Alady along the lake shore carrying baby on her back

And medicine dream

Attacking with needles

An army shooting at me

Avocado means

Amputate a toe

And egg dream


A headless head talking in the floor of a living room

A dream about a big snake swallowed a sheep

A kid with six eyes

A dog chasing you and then humping your leg

Adult chasing you and then humping your leg

Arti mimpi memberikan uang

Ants and water

And coleslaw dream

A dead person pounding with motar

A farther looking like a giant

And pigs dream

Aso akisa oju ala

A car was given to me in my dream

A hole cut in the couch

Apartment, dog, walking, family, scolding, ferret, pen

A dream of about to catch fishes in a stream

Appointed minister of education

Awake but still sleeping

Antique wood floor

Am doing my neighbour funeral

A dream about a wall talking

A turkey laying big eggs

Attention seeking dreams

A man giving me twoushroom

Armpit and hair

And powers dream

Accident in the tolet: lucky number

A man exit from toilet and met a wife,she too wanted for toilet and met an accident over there lucky number

A man exit from toilet,a wife came from home and met accident on the way to tolet lucky number

Amber eyes

Ash wednesday dream meaning

A frog bite on the leg

Alam e abbas

Aloo paratha dream number

A little girl saying mommy you have another one coming


A wolf butting your back of your body

And white dream

Architect dekhna

A ceiling white

A friend watching afar while sitting in thr middle of the road

A dog sucking human

A friend returning pencil and eraser

Almost driving off a cliff

Adding sugar to stagnated farm on dreams means

Adding sugar to stagnated farm crops


A dream about harvesting coffee from garden

A goalkeeper in a soccer match

A carabao vs dragon and a sword

A pair of shoes fall inside water in the compound

Ash wednesday mark on forehead

Ash wednesday dream

Arguing with an old woman

Ayat karima

Avacado in a dream

As a girl had a dream about a man giving her a mark on her ribs

A female neighbor drowned in a river


About a tokoloshe chaising me

A calm crocodile

A lady bathing me as a man

Arguing with my stepsister

Attacked bite

Against you

Axe in a tree

Alot of empty boxes

Alot of empty boxes in the front of the house

Air being sucked out of my body

Aliens flying to earth

Arguing in dreams

A deaceased person as a doll

Apply cream in my own hair

A lion kissed my head in the dream

A mad, scared girl running away from me

A pastor of the past

A pastor of the pass

A dream in the old house


Animal changing to human

Athena weave

Auto exedent

Acquaintance dying

An indian was trying to kill me

A lobola wish on me dream meaning

A woman with no hair at her center head asking for help


A sprite

A sprote

Another man removed cap from my head and wear it

Asan dream


Asked my daughter to be my maid of honor

A dead person teaching you quran

Aluminum crushing sound

Abducted by aliens

A rat eating a hole out through a live pig

A women pushing me in the water

A man named samuel


A baby but it was growing backwards

A net

A friend drowning

Accused of being drunk

Agbada dream meaning

Another woman

A cat with a third eye

As a gift

A man wanted intimacy with you

A man wanting intimacy with me

A man knelling before me

Alien aircraft

Axe chased split in half starting head

Attic to ancestor

A bag of coconuts

Ants refrigerator

Assisting someone who is scared and sad

A snake in the mouth of a woman

A lady gave me a bottle of drink in the dream

A dream of seeing people being poisoned

Alcohol in masjid

Angels in the clouds

A dream of shutting many people

Arguing with your parents

Arm in sling

An old lady

An old lady blocking your way on bridge

An old woman was fighting me and she also bite me

An old woman biting your in a dream

Almost death

Apa arti mimpi lidah berdarah dan terluka

A friend dreaming you you in a plane crash

About the cat killed a birds

Attention back

Animal that gives birth in your dream

A member of parliament praying for you in a dream meaning

Angry birth

A boyfriend ask for food

A head without a body in a bag

A mn holding my waist

A thief trying to break in and i stop them

A broken spoon given by your partner


Afallen small crow truggling to get back to life

A left woman open shoe

A heart


A child freed from jail

Abondonded pool

A dead person blessing you

A girl in room was hiding

A girl carrying me from the front

Airplane in your home

Asking for meat

Anointing of my hand in the dream by my pastor

A purple blouse

A nun wanting to kill me

A nun wanting to kill mr

A lot of bees on honey

All my deceased aunts and uncles were ina car at the hospital to see a man

Attending a passover feast

A friend texted

Asian sweets



Assisting me to fetch water in dream

Arabic teacher

Amex meeting your dead parents

A snake with a cat head

A secret about past

Adream of curring ababy on aback

A lady praying for me

A blind man puff meaning

A goat peeing on me in a dream

Accused of being raped someone

Anointing oil pouring on the ground

Adult of age four zero and above dreaming of being in an government owned elementary school

Account number


An atm

A dream of my cousin sister win a

A dead past lover

A sky full of stars

A big leaf left on my car

A plague doctor

A thorn on

Arti mimpi liat dandang besar

Angry donald duck

About being stabbed in bottom of back and all the he blood draining out of ur body

A job

A inner glowing translucent mountain

Attic dream

A white ant crawling on me

A person says a specific year from the past

A person says a specific year

Aan holding twig

An open front door of a house and inside was my mother who passed away and i kept trying to hug her

A man hug me while im sleeping

A man soaked in pouring rain

And behavior dream

About irresponsible behavior

Aggressive dog pitbul

Aggressive pittbul

Aggressive pit bull


Arti mimpi makanan d ludahi orang lain

Ask someone to recite sura jumma in dream

Arrangements for death

A dream of eating shea nut

A child show me news paper that my child is been rape

About being pregnant then i had the baby in my arms and the boy that got me pregnant was there and he was protecting me n the baby bc a gang

A cat kissed me

Alighting a bus

Am lifting brown monkey in my day dream

A very loud bang like a bomb hit the house

Amabutho meaning in a dream

Animal killed my dog

Animals in house

A priest pouring an anointing oil in my mouth in a dream what does it mean

A black shade of a man attacking me

Applying for job

Amniotic fluid leaking with bleeding

A girlfriend urinating

Applying relaxer on your hair

A man to have a long attachment hair

Angry about my mother throwing a birthday party

Applying cream on your body

A rich man comes to my house but my house is very dirty so i clean up for him

A.queen and her son is taking care of me in the dream

A witch loving you in a dream

A gift from a witch of an oar


A friend give me palmwine to drink in dream, what does it mean

Allergic reaction like rashes

Alcohol but not me

A loved one

A person you know personally

A clean river under a tree in dream means what?



And clothes dream

A fox attacked my dog

A plant glowing and not wanting to be touched

A ploughed field

Always get to see that my mom is missing and has gone somewhere

A lot of worm come out from my palm hand

A loved one falling off a ladder

A dream of someone who has passed and they are wearing gloves

And thousand dream

A woman dreaming of her dead father

A pastor applying shaving cream on me

A new born dragon in a dream meaning

And line dream

Always in school

And lit end

A dream stick

And hair dream

A match stick

Arguing with president

A piece of board with woodlice tracks


A new born baby with dracula teeth

A dream of a fight between snake and cow and the snake dies

A dream of a friend coming back from abroad means what?

A friend fits my shoes

Afraid and see multiple lions surround you

A woman lying in hospital frozen

And red dream

Another realm

Another deminsion

Animal with three eyes

And meainh dream

Asking for posho


About someone selling my building materials in my plot of land

Animal testing

A cow sleeping on your bed and not waking up

A dream running away from a zebra

A man cutting unripe plantain in the dream

A dog feeding her puppies


Angel kneeling and red rose

A swan

An old woman gave me three slips of papers with drawings

A guy cheat on me

After running from breakup i saw hanuman temple where i stay for few hours and then old horror lady was worshiping the lord hanuman asking about her health after i again ran into another hanuman temple after getting outside with my brother

A dream about an english subject dream

Animals being stolen

Arguing over a property boundary

A brown horse with two heads on each end of its body eating grass

Arrested by police but gotten let go

A man assisting you in the dream even when you are not married

A professor gave me three books in dream

A little girl with a candle light

A bag from the sky

A bowl turning upsidedown in my dream

Allergic face rash

Angel no. one zero seven six

Abandoning former dog


A dead pigeon

A girlfriend in my dream

Animal sacrifice and killing

A white woman who is a helper

A key

Abundance of coins and money in a dream

A man with a gun

A dream about a dead man walking

Alluding a car

Animals in your car

A car been clamped in my dream what does this mean

A woman did black magic on me and my family

Arguing about my spelling

Apni shaadi dekhna

Apne crush ko dekhna

About accident

An egg entering the vigina

Ab two zero:two two two

Afghan hounds

Amber rock

A drunk friend

A chicken stuck their head in my butt

A light through a crack in the ground

Angel of death flirting

Airplane eating |

A track as means of transport

A blue clear lake

A mysterious square object in the skies

A baby boy fell into a well

A man saddle with horse in the sky

Aghori baba saying you will die

Attacked by gorilla

Atm, dispensing, lots and money

Alternate realitz

A little pig with grass growing out of its skin

A child is going up stairs with light and suddenly disappeared

A man in brown robe praying with me

Aunt giving haldi kumkum to me

A dream of fetching water in a jerrycan

Arti mimpi ayah terluka di kaki

Apple orchard

Air steward

An overflow of milk in the dream

A typewriter moving without anyone

A person giving you pawpaw in a dream

Ancestor taking you to river

A messy room with a plant knocked over

Asked for offering

A hug from a stranger


A bomb in the ocean

Aeroplane no wings

Angels flying over the ocean playfully

A property close to the sea

Apples and eggs

A feather put in your mouth

Application letter for a job writing meaning

Application letter writing meaning

Avoiding toxic food


A collision with a car was avoided, after a stranger gave an injection in the back, a woman took off her clothes while running away

Asheta garbu

Asheta garbuu argu

A grave being filled with water before burial

A kral with cows and calf that i was chasing so it goes to the kral

Appointed minister

A black neck

A snake hanged in cow horn

A four people like a demons who have stolen statues of bhuddha from chortens in their previous generation/life?

Advising the president

An owl with eggs

A dog attacking lions

A dead baby

Alga rhythms

An astronaut quits a job

Alien creaks open a door

Attacked wolves

Attack by a white scorpion

A circle wound in middle of man hand

A hot plate


Abusive person died

Am dreaming when i was fatching water for the beach with gallons

A sikes ladder

A person leaving

A woman carrying child crossing a river

A picture of dead mom and dead sister riding a brown horse

Aeroplane dream

An egg exploding

Applaying hair food

A person gave me sand in my drea

Ash coloured dress

Army uniform

A g church was dancing in my dreams

A little girl whistling

Arum lily cut too short for a fase

A big whole in my yard

A girl with a key

Astrologer tell me i will get rich soon

About to be flog with a cane in a dream before i wake up

Animal eaten

Animal being eaten by another animal

A child got lost in dream

About unfaithful

A blue frog ring been given to me.

Apa arti dari mimpi melihat almarhum ayah badannya terbakar sampai kulitnya terkelupas

A black cat vanishing

A spirit is leveling up

A cheatah running away from me

About to replace my front door

A man paying for my bills

A woman talking about something and i am surrounded with the red strings

A person gives you clothes

Attack on public place

A big truck blocking my car door

A ceiling that closes and people are stuck in ikea and it feels weird

Animals falling from the sky

Asking someone for there phone number

Argumentative children

Asooke in the dream

Ants food

Art gallery dream meaning

A black horse and two camels

A horse and two camels

A toothless dog

A wolf dying

Arrow in my throat

About to be eped


Al sharpton

A different entity dropped six babies wearing yellow and white baby overalls from the sky, i woke up jumping.

Angels giving

Angels giving a flower

Acused of pedophilia

Angel with a trumoet

Asking for a job

A different entity dropped six babies wearing yellow and white overalls from the sky, i woke up jumping.

Anonymous package received

A lot of dead bees

A different being dropped six babies wearing yellow and white overalls from the sky and i woke up jumping.

A dream about poop

A dream about graces

Arm put lump

A bird driving a car

Airport pick up

Accused of killing someone

A four five kg salamon fish cleaning

Alovera plant became cat

Ant bear digging a hole in my home

About to stab someone and very angry

Athma and driving

A bucket of pee

And sucking my

Amharic alphabet

Always alone





A woman askunv a man to marry her

Arguing with spouse while putting up chairs

A white image man blowing air in my mouth

A friend unplatting his dreadlocks in dream

Arti mimpi semanggi berdaun empat

A friend has a sore with pus on their face

Allergic reaction, gasping

Aeroplane fly over house

Apple star

Areoplane fly over house

A woman in church stares at you

A man dreamt that he was driving a car with no number plate

A snake eating a parrot

A maggi cube

Aeroplane in dream

Ate wolf meat

A woman dreams delivery to a child, lucky teer number

A woman dreams that she gave birth to a child, lucky teer number

Applying sandalwood pack on my face in dream

Arti mimpi buah pir di meja ada yg curi tapi ke tau an

Ants eating chicken

Abussive dad

A deceased person gives you a glass with ice cubes

A woman flog someone on the head in a dream with a broom

A woman flog someone on the head in a dream

Aroplane flyover house


Aroplen meanings


About a sick lady

Arti mimpi menanam wijen

A dead person breathing

A dead person breathing and getting back up in her feet

Acid in a bottle

An unknown buried man

Alive husband dead in dream

Al8ve husband dead

A mad person poured me oil on my body in my dream

African wax fabrick

A dead dad trying to rape

A dear dad trying to take me

A cracking tombstone

A phone

Almost falling into hole

A current newborn walking in a dream

A mother is advice by his child teacher means

Apostle tells me to deliver the word for people in a dream

Agingwhat does it meani to see yorself older in your dream

Asked me to be his girlfriend

A man and a woman wearing same outfit in a dream

A whole

And licking my neck with octopus tongue

Abino person

A bus trip in a dream and collecting money means

A tight squeeze

A dream of someone knocking on your head

A kpop idol kissed me

At my parents house


About collecting old wrappers for someone

Asking a president of my country for a job

Artificially inseminated myself

A baby urinating

A lot of peopel dancing in the house

Am enemy try to surprise me with red bougainvillea

A lady sucking manhood in dream biblical meaning | dream interpretation

A woman exchanging raw food with a man

A lady fully dressed with ornaments and green sadi , had a pooja thali in her hand and looking at me with a smiling face and started worshin

A dreamed about a couple and a baby with them in bed

A stranger without permission sucked on my tits.

A stranger without permission sucked

A friend and me in a triangle the rocks hangout

A circle of stones but your friend in the middle with you

Amount of cash

A person wishing bad on you

Avoiding sticking in mud dream

Affraid of falling

A president funeral

Applying to study abroad

Adream about micheal jackson

A figure took me to save people from murder

A scream and moths came out the mouth

A hot air red balloon

Ask plant in dreams and tabeer

A mad man you

Angry because some people stole from them

Aunt who still alive but in a dream she dir

An ex with severe leg cramp

A woman in red

Arecanut farm

Auguste clown

A friend dressed in sunglasses with her back turned

A baby was crawling and suddenly his leg snapped off

An ex not looking like themselves

An animal shrinking

A hawk on top of a lifeless chihuahua

A hawk pulling hair from a chihuahua

Animals eating unknown new born baby

A nickel wrapped in clear tape

A specific person dies

A woman saying one glass eye

A seriously ill woman who speaks to me

A boil in the eye

Ascending wet crumbling stairs and railings

A bear outside my house

At airport for going on umrah with the deased grandmother

A house on acres of manicured land with surrounding forest heavily guarded

A labryinth

All right-leg shoes

A turban colour skyblue in spiritual

A call from an old friend

Alone at a wedding alter

A dream of being carried by the water

About people from the past

Adult as a baby

Angel with broken of wings

Arranging three mortars in a dream

An abuser has a gun

A dog was slaughter

A new boy was admitted into my class

A purple sweet potato

Alien probe

A black stranger talking to me alone but as if we were in a group

Alliance for my married beother

A man dress with women clothes meaning

A woman kill a man in a self defence

Abscess pouring pus out

Abscess on the chest

A man stroking my ear

An old seed covered under a boul

A celebrity trying to stab me with a knife

Amla candy

Audition for a tv show

Arti mimpih tukar menukar mobil

A mad man kissing you a girl

A brown calf

A piglet laying an egg

Adding bleeched oil to grinded cassava in a dream

Acid attack on someone else

A baby with its head detached and still alive

A person cleaning sand from your feet

Adult acting like a baby

Ate 3plums in a dream

About your sister in law not trusting you

A shop that sells potions

A person is being died on my hand

A person is being died on my lap

About a woman your husband is in love with

About your cowife

A wife dreaming removing the roofing sheets and take them away

Alcohol, broken glass

A green and white snake


A man lacking my fingers

Armed forces trying

Animals dressed up

A black snake vomits both dead and alive fish?

A small boy gave me a lamb doll and tree doll as a gift for new year

A two one-year-old boy is standing in front of the mosque, the eid moon is rising in the sky, eid mubarak is written in the sky, the boy is wearing punjabi clothes.

Andrew written on a package

A seat

Animal blood

A older man

A magpie came to me as i was looking out my opened window hovered bowed its head and blinked both eyes and flew off

A baer


And saving

Alguien que abre una puerta

A dog being shot by a tranquilizer gun

Attending someone else weadding

A bank statement with one zero zero zero zero seven seven

A small doll wearing pink dress


A lizard

A big moon

Anger towards parents

Apha wenzela ingane iphathi

A dead person giving me an egg

A person handing you a peice of cloth

A gecko jumping on my face

An infant with sores on the face and neck

A woman u know give you coconut in your dream

A girl stealing your man away from you

Arti mimpi keset sobek tengah

A woman gives birth to a baby boy for me i

Aunt and nephew fighting

A person sleeping in the maze

Angel with a sword

A person is sleeping in the maze

A living room

A store

A pregnant girl

Airtel number

Adotpted brother

A dream of me washing clothes and my mother-in law call and walk with me to her home?

A pair of maina dead

A dead sister taking me photos with .y phone


Almost thrown in ocean

Abandoned house with animals in a jungle

A cat vomiting worms

Accidentally breaking my fast in my dream before the time

Accidentally breaking my fast in my dream

A shoe dream waiting list

A mad woman falls in love with me

A mountain lion and a panther were fighting one another over me and my ex husband for their food in dream..?



A car breaking and falling apart

A person outside window watching

A person outside the window watching me and i went to sleep on the side of the woman but she leaves and she talks with her sister about me.

A man with a balloon on his knees

A scorched purse

A pregnant woman picking snails in the dream

A green towel moving without anyone it

Accident by car and i call for help.


Aka amasi ephusheni

A friend doing dangerous acrobatics

A dead friend giving me yellow and pink roses

Arm grabbing a female

A star made of glass

A bruised butt

Abandoning your child

A ground hog latching onto me

A groundhog latches onto me threatening to bite

A black and copperhead snake together

A black and copy a snake together

Armpit pimples

A lot of chickenpox scatter in my both legs-dream meaning please

A bird feeding you



Ants eating fruits in dream

A plate fell of your hand mistakenly and broke

A dead body being found after years and i was involved in the murder

A car that has mud inside

Animal s dream

A dog wants a with me

Another dying heart-attack

Asian men

Arrows raining from sky and killing thousands of people

A friend who is dead, is alive ib my dream, face ubseen, but shooting our house with bullets anf i was seen in the dream in a state of trauma

Accident palm fruit vehicle

A fish that was gold

A man sweating milk

A garden of millet not ready for harvesting


Auzubillahi mina shaitan

Auzubillahi mina shaitan razim

A girl pours water on me

A snake biting newborn baby

A girl asked for my number in a dream

Airport goodbye

African star apple

Arranging cassava

A friend telling me l should follow her to tell me something and ended up in a abandoned big room with stretcher bed and ended up sitting on a fireplace a fireplace

A friend telling me l should follow her to tell me something and ended up in a abandoned big room with stretcher bed and on a fireplace

Abandoned room with stretcher beds

Attending a festival with someone

A witch and she burns

Annaporani god

Arti mimpi ayah bunuh diri

A shop opening with new owner

A to z dream meaning

A friend move in new house

A child being beaten

About a male

A revolving door

A dream of someone almost dying

Accident a boy

Audio rekshi with women and child

Acidentally poisonned

Arti mimpi membawa jergen kosong

Acting out of character

A deceased friend sending a message via email of unknown person raveled up in a blanket

Actors playing joseph

A dream of small eggs in my mouth like bacterial

At the airport in my nightgown

A dream of very small eggs in my mouth like bacterial

Ark,s life

A prophet

A dead person bringing clothes to someone

Aura colors

Aura energy

Almost got rape

A lover being homeless

Alphabet n dream meaning

Almost died given a second chance

A turtle being killed

Another woman in my kayak

Apply turmeric and kumkum on my face

A car was that was buried the dirt was coming of

A bird flapping its wings

A dead step parent giving

A dead person you know giving you keys

About a jin

Angels riding in a carriage with lions pulling the rooe to run on eclipse time

A wound on someone who died

A wound on some one who passed

A wound on some one who dead

A goat being slaughtered

A dead brother with a nice trimmed beard

Asked to remove a kneclace with a cross

Angry aggressive male

A friend who is pregnant

A lady disvirgining a fellow lady in a dream


A dream about my dad sucking my

A black thread inside a needle

African dance dream meaning

A meaning of the symbol s of son, runningad in dream indicate

A single girl seeing her getting eagment

A woman with white beads on both hands giving you four zero rands notes

A woman from water giving me three green apples

Abused women with scares on her body and old blood on her chest sitting with a man

A brother changing your curtain rod into finer one

Arguing with brother

A cows lying on the street

Angry white dog

A gold chair


A dead person in wet clothes

A strong wind blowing as am sleeping

A person shooting at everyone

A dusty sheet in dream what it means

Appearance of words in a sky

A married woman contesting for a few

Appearance of numbers in a sky


Arrow shooting dream number

Applying for us visa

Applying for visa

Aciddent cut

A dog kissing me

A dog kissinf me

Algae sticking in hand saw in dream what it mean

Armless mother

A child waking me up

Anointing oil poured to the ground

Army and protesters

Attending a funeral and when it was over people started fighting and i tried making things peaceful then met with my ex and told him i have been so lonely

And sister dream

A man dreams of a strand of hair

Animals nose

A cat without a nose

A dream number

And number dream

Attacked by indians

A tree where red cloth is tied


Animals crawling out of a hole

A lady telling you that people are going to kill you

Abandoned crossroad

A police officer arresting a person

A ball fly toward someone

A dog eating a snake

A woman gave her name jewel

A snake bit me

Axe in a cat

Al quds

A girl having a crush on me

Arti mimpi makan cacing di buah

A lion opening gate

A luxurious car

And car dream

Anger roblox boyfriend

Antebellum south

A friend getting back with her ex


And eggs dream

And lipstick dream

A blue bird dream

A bunch of key

Adult children as kids

A lot of vegetables sandwiches

Ambulance driving

A lot of candles set by someone else

After seeing leopard change to human then finding bite marks on leg

A cow

Apprehensive friend

Angels and god seated on his throne

A little boy giving me fresh fish in a dream

About getting raped by my uncle

Animals in my house with light up trees in distance

A rush of excitement

A breath light at the entrance route to my room meaning

A man gave me a fry meat in my dream

A dead friend kiss you in a cheek

A dead friend kiss you a cheek

Appetite meaning

About want to get revenge

A small snacke with black spots

Anxiety of family getting hurt

Asking for forgiveness in dream

A dream of picking gold

Already dead father at a funera with his three alive childrens at a funeral

Already dead father at a funeral with his two daughters and son

Attacked by a dead person

Accused of killing aomeome

A lot of eggs put together in a birthday celebration

A strong wind that brakes palm trees in the dream

A red star

A snake starring me in the eyes

Applying sketch on hand in dream

A brown rat catches a brown mouse

A brown rat catches a brown mouse in a house

A light brown rat catches a light brown mouse in a house

Applying lotion

Arguing with girlfriend in public

Ambar ka shapanavdekhne se kya hota hai

Apartment that anyone can walk into

An old woman falling in love young man

A gorilla and a chimpanzees

A gorilla and a chimpanzee

Amabulanja written in an attire amahiya or amabhayi

Amabulanja rotten in an attire amahiya or amabhayi

And other colours

And isiwasho colours

And pink dream


And pink isiwasho

A breaking of a bottle of balsamic oil mean

A guy is drying his clothes

A rabbit catching

Another woman pregnant for my husband

A cabin

A flower blanket

About to hang oneself

Accused of killing

Arabic letter sheen

A girl showing me her

Arranging get-together

Animals trying to get in

Animals around my house

A yellow heart

Attacked by black sheep

A large number of small fishes

A steanger helping you

A very sick person in my dream

A water fletcher to cut off from me in a well

Asking for coffee

Ancient bush that lead to shrine

Advice of surgery

Astranger cutting me in a dream with apanga

Asking for bottle

A twins dreaming about two adults twins

A hot woman selling me juice

Adult family as babies in a treehouse

An enemy mocking me

A woman asking for help

Arguing with a decreased person

Accidentally falling of kumkum from my hands to floor

Arti sedang memilih jarum jahit si toko

Angel trying to kill me

A person that was deaf started talking to me

A spider going into your eye by a worlock

A royal centurion

Arti mimpi gereja

Arti mimpi gereja baru warnaputih

Abusive, father, recurring

A cow got out

A cow get out home

Airgun broken

Angel in a horse drawn chariot

Angel riding a chariot coming to get me

Apni jeebh kti dekhna

Abdominal wound

A dream means

A dream about cleaning the feces of your son

A dream cleaning the fences of your son

And beating dream

Ant coming out of hand

A died friend asking for food


A ring broke

A little boy eating his own poop

About a little boy five years old eating his own poop

Arti mimpi di gigit kambing

At a restaurant trying to order food but keep getting blocked


A parakeet

A man you

A meal with old school friend

And horse dream

Angels dream

A decapitated donkeys head


A donkeys head cut off

A victim of a raid in a foreign place

Alcohol overdose

A full set of strong white teeth

Attack in home

Animal tongue

A women dreaming someone doing ruqaiyah on her husband

A dead person holding my ankle

Asking someone for help and they say no

Asking for someone for help and they say no

A hole with

Action figures

A crocodile eating baby kittens

A person from your past

Aunt in dream

A duck laying one white egg

Alta goddess feet walking in dream

Airplanes dropping bombs

A dead picking up four stones

A talking cat turns evil and wants to hurt you

A deceased person brings me a small dog.what does it mean

Ambulance sirens