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Dreams starting with the letter A

A wrist watch

A dream about picking sheanuts

American house

All white armor

And coal dream

A wedding picture


Airline buildboard

Airline direct sign


A ghost covering your mouth

Al baqarah one four three

A mad woman begging me to buy her food in my dream

A man cutting his stomach with a knife

A man cutting his stomach

An eagle attacking you

Another girl in

Another girl video

And call dream

And outside dream

Albino woman peeing in the center of a place

Albino woman

And appearance dream

Appearance dream interpretation


A guy kissed me on the forehead

And saw lot

A big bird being tied ul

And feathers dream

A dog going blind

About a dog

About a strange dog going blind on one eye

Autism stabbing

Authority tootook m son




Attending wedding of a rulers daughter

As a woman


Army plain

An old man

An irla

Attending a meeting

A date being mean about paying for something

Animal shape shifting dream

A bird exploding

Attacked by a goat with two heads

A woman genital organ being licked in dream

An old man kissing your forehead

Alone in cave in forest

And members


A toilet build with straws

A strange man asking me o accommodate him in my house as a woman

A woman winnowing maize

A girl with three s

Asking someone for their phone number

Albizia lebbeck tree

Attending puberty function in a dream

And camera dream

A demon putting semin into a cow

And head dream

Air leaking in dreams

An ex partner

A mermaid

Animal vertebrae

And wood dream

And delicious dream

Amla tree in dream

A buffalo head was cut

Anime convention

A guys smelling my neck

Acused of stilling money

A rope giving to someone

An unravelling knitted jumper/sweater

Amasi in two bottles

Avocado falling from a tree

A friend robbing and killing you in a dream

Avocado dream by pregnant woman

A lady offered me an apple

A ihlathi

Anow mountain meaning

Angel ascending to heaven

A friend graduate

A spiritual meaning of a single lady demanding onion from a single man

A spiritual meaning a single lady demanding

A guy that you like


A dream of partner having boil on genetial area

And coin dream

About getting feet done

Arabic text

A green stick

And insect dream

Apple cores

About a green

Animal growing branches

A bull attacking me

Animal den

Am aboy but i dreamed about boy

A dack swallowing snake

Abandon island

A orange and gray snake trying to bite my butt

A guy sodomizing you

Already peel cassava

A cale cut in three pieces

Anaconda trying to eat your mother

A king cobra trying to eat your mother

A dream about millets

A dream about snakes

African black pear

Allah hafiz

Academic certificates

About my sister

Anak terkena cacar air

A house on top of water

A lady refused to sell maggi to me

Arms crossed in dream

Abusive pimp

An old boyfriend

Ama china

A lovers ex

Arranging house things in order

Arranging more wash clothes in hangers

Arrange in hang my laundry

Army want to kill a person with cutlass, but beat the person head

Attempt to kill a lizard in the room

Alive women dead in dream

Applying lotion to a dead person

A cat eating small chicks

At rahman

A female pastor kissed both cheeks while smiling

A deceased person wanting light

And attacked dream


Aso oke in the dream

Airplane driving on the road

Airport lost

Another car is in my driveway

Appraisal in the dream

Apache indian

A strange man sucking my in a dream meaning

A strange man sucking my | dream

A friend gave me kolanut in dream

A penguin is branded on the eyelids with a red circle shape

An apology from your lover

Airplane and ocean

A friend ending the friendship

About someone looking my private part

A bursar

A man raping a cow

Almond cookies

A nun was belting me with a learther strap

Alien trying to kill me

Adam garrett seeing aliens invade neighborhood

Adam garrett

Abandon kittens

Angry with mother

And light dream

A dream of eating githeri

All four tires gone from my truck

A person across an ocean

Alive fish in food

Adder falling from tree

A dead father alive and angry

A wife

A house document

Aurat ka apani yoni dikhana

Armed rober trying to murder my fiance

A class room filled with women

Apple thrown at me

Attacked in shower

A dream stand

About tamarind fruit

And stand dream

A man asking for your name

A strange man asking your name

And terms dream

And visitor dream

A white ribbon been unburied

A baby girl throwing up

A male child wearing purple

An insect entering my nose

A child wearing purple brought to me in the water

Accident car

About glass bricks

A she goat bow in your dream

A green snake with hands were playing with me without harming me and supporting me in everything.the dream is so positive and i enjoyed them

And rubbing powder on leg

Applying sandalwood perfume

A man spraying perfume on me

And died dream

A lot of maggot in a toilet you want to use

Adult going back to school

Artificial k cloud

Aerial walkway

Acne all over the body

An woman and aman dead and re lifeu

Alligator eating cats

And stabbed dream

Arabic translator

Are you in danger

A friend was a teenager again

A sick friend healthy again and happy

A girl dreaming about zina with mother

African chewing gum fruit

Applying oil on someone else in your dream

A deased family member tells you to follow her

A man of god give me job to work on a call center

An altar boy

A dead person wilted in my dream

A woman feed me a piece of chocolate

A man so obsessed he kills everyone but not me

Armed guards

Anointed forehead and oil seen in the dream

A card in my door

A mad man getting healed in a dream

A crocodile eaten a dog

A fish that is silver

And fruits dream

Ask for sweet

Angel spreading wings

A yellow card

A demon showed up near my bed


A fly laying eggs

A person demanding for a jerrycan in a dream

Animals and bouncy castles


And bag

Allowing people to eat your food including meat, rice etc in dream means what?

And finger dream

And relative dream

A different job

Agriculture exams

A touch that feels real

A living person speaking to the dead

A round table with some missing chairs

A cursed land

An apostle in your dream

A small boy disvirgin a small girl

Alighting from the bus in the dream

Argue mother


Atma in dream

Anthurium garden

Ash being poured on me

A dead person sweating

And attacking dream

Amputated feet

A party with familly and friends that passed away

A head without body smiling

Abundance of food from sea

A child dies

And bags dream

An old script

A swat team point a gun at you

A psychopath entering my gouse

And floor dream

As a woman you see your self wearing man clothe

A lamb in dream

Applying butter on my head

A cow sucking your blood on your hand

Ariye your name in a dream

And bite dream

About kapre playing with my nnay

Attack on family including me by a large number of people

Awaken from dying in my dream

Aak tree


A men flirting with my wife



Allahs names

Alive child being dead meaning

Angry pastor in the dream

Apostles kid

Applying kajal to my eyes

Almost got stabbed

A friend selling cosmetics and i was looking through it

An unknown person died in my dream and i even heard him scream in the grave

Attending class room in my previous islamic school or madness

Attending class room in my previous islamic madness

A friend wanting to snatch gold from me

A man i know wanted to sodomize me

A mother dog eating its baby dog

Alligator biting my ankles

Asking crush why he didnt respond to message

Asking for a bag of ice

A man from my past

Affair with brother in law

Almost getting bit

Attending soneone else will reading

A snake with feathers and image bite my right hand

Agave harvesting

A babies room

A babies nursary

A dream of eating shear butter

Approval thumbs up like sign as hand gesture isolated over whit

Allah comes to dream

Alive person dying

Airplane falling fron the

Ayyappa mala in dreams

Anaconda bucket water frogs

A dead elder giving bee

A shadu anla ilaha illalah

Abduction by giant aliens

Archangel raphael saying his name in my dream

Amarula dream drinking

Accidentally flush dog down toilet

Ants coming out of my nose

Angry old men

Ash box

A deceased person in their ihram

An interest

Aunt in a lilac dress

Ask to talk

Accident four wheeler

A ganesh laxmi

Angry to own wife

An ambulance conveying the dead

Airplane flying around the bedroom

Asking my parents for my hand in marriage

A widow giving you black bag and a black charger meaning

A purple color snake

Arrested by military

A cow sucking your daughters hand

Attending my crush church

A bad coconut seller

A street vendor sold coconut to me and charged extra mone after

Attic floor

A boy collect mangoes

A baby goat

A gate leading to the underworld

Anys in milk

Angle deep in water

Ankle deep

A deceased friend staring at me

A dead person is watching you

About my friend

A dream chicken legs

Air dream interpretation

And mosque dream

A girl trying to stab me

A new famil7

Alot of snakes and one biting me

And fire dream

Ashes in the left hand

A three legged horse

And restaurant dream

At a play place, lost

A great sword with flowers in its blade

Asking someone to move out of my home and two children

A house with lots of bathrooms

A best of snakes hungry

A waman wanting to wash my clothes

Asking for sadza in the dream

A guy asking for one five onions to lure his victims in to where he kills them

A new born child falls nail and dies, then laughs

Apartment penthouse

A cow in our car

A woman dreams that she bought betulnut at rs eight zero,lucky number

Aggressive bull

Almost being shot with a family member

A car without three wheels

Airborne ceiling on fire


And spinach dream

African gum

A friend wanting we make out but it turn to reconcile talk

A house down from a larger house

Ankle broken

A dream where by you were been told of particular lotion to start using

A photo of myself with my lover who one four years older in a photo together infrom one nine nine five

A female asked me if i wanted yeast in a text message.

A toddler kiss


Amputation of legs

Always dream of my boyfriend while pregnant

Attending a red and white wedding

Accidentally killing kitten

A mango tree

Allow friends eat

Allow friends and

A man wearing a red suit

Abundance of sanitizer

Airplane broken window passenger sucked out

Airplane window broken passenger sucked out

And clouds dream

And flying dream

After the food came to eat leaving and going to the tolait in dream

A childs white casket

A glass of white wine

Attacked and hen

And person dream

Attacked by a

And sea dream

Angel devil character

A big decoration falling from ceiling

A cabinet trying where shelves are slanted

A married women getting married again and crying

A vietnamese person

A red cow standing in my house


A white woman carrying brunches of a tree with green fruit

A carabao swimming

And boulders dream

A large millipede

A person giving me butternut squash for my garden

Accidentally asking how are you

Asking money, gave money


A girl giving birth and died after meaning in dream

Affair with teacher

Army shoot people

Angry god in my dream

Army friend taken you home

About going to heaven which jesus

Applying oil to my leg

Arti dalam rumah lantai sdh lubang two

A widow requested by her late husband to wear sindoor

Angel putting armor on legs

A dead employer in the dream

Am bathing for my brother in a dream means

Accident a bike crash in a dream

A ex-partner making love to you

A gun

Arson did not burn down a home and the aronist was mad

A small child in bed with me and upon waking the middle of the bed was scorched predominately

A baby walking who has not started walking in physical

A camera set to record being destroyed

Alligator wanders away

A phone number on an advertising board

Alive fish no water in a platic bag

A toilet that flushes itself

A phone number on a bill board in a vission means

A baby kiss

A bee kiss a your girlfriend

A queen bee kiss a girl

A wife in her dream sees her husband getting second marriage interpretation

A swallowing moon

A man giving apples

Ano ang kahulugan sa panaginip ang nangunguha ng dahon ng malungay

Ayyappa devotees

Animals in trees staring at you in your dream

A dead mother asking g for sowing needles

Applying lip balm

Amputated own legs

A friend give me coin money

Attack porpoise

A friend hanging with an enemy

Attack dolphin

Attending a mass


And hen dream

A school friend ignored me

A baby being shaken

Another woman trying to steal my husband

A guy i know return my lost slippers to me in my dreamo me n

Asking god for forgiveness and running away and calling for help

A friends s

A clean vacant house in my drram

Arecanut in dream

Around table with death people

An album mimicking you in a dream

A person dieing


A frozen window

Adopted a little toddler and walking in the road with her

Avoiding ignited by dream in islamic religious interpretation

Aarthi to god

A girl polshing my shoes

Arguing with son and girlfriend

After razor mark used a paper to cover it in a dream

A car wreck

A wreck

Afraid to be caught without makeup

An ex fell into a pool and i did hlr

A lot of old air conditioners

A broken circle

An unmarried teen dreaming about getting married

Apha utshani bokufulela

A car not reversing

A crows shadow over someone

A dead man come and kiss me in my dreams number

Attached by ducks


Accusations of being gay

Another dog attacking my dog

Arguing with neighbor


Among the whites people

Among the whites

A widow wearing mangilsutra in ghe dream

A lizard disappear with your slipper you threw it

A fairy is killing me

Angry horses in the cage

Angry horses running out of the cages

Animal teeth

A dead women

Ash pot, cremation, plane,

About someone u love

A hut

Axe and door

Ax and door

A guy pampering me

A guy wearing a barong then lower pajama

Actress in film shooting

A moving building

Archer man

A road cracking and splitting that follows me

And wearings dream

A husband dreamt his wife was planning to marry another man

Arti mimpi dikasi daging sspi sama suami

A fake women asking for food

Aventurine stone


About swallowing a microchip

A dream about a boyfriend

A dream about a beer

Announcement that my wife has died

Announcement of my wife death in masjid

Allah ko pukarna in dream


A person confessing love to me

Apple tree in dreams

Ask me to cum in her

Arguing with deceased father in a dream

Applying kauai in eyes

A stranger gave me three fortune cookie in a dream

Aghori saying chant shivmantra

A broken bow

And teeth dream

Able body in wheelchair

A guy i like introduced me to his family

A guy i like introduced me to his siblings

A plant growing on ur body

A plant growung

Accidentaly dead persons face

About toy marriage

Award from a prophet with antenna

Albino twin

A friend kisses a cheek

Attacked chicken

A doctor pouring oil on lift leg

A goat kept biting at me

A bottle of tea

A cow biting my hand

A prisoner in a dream

Asafoetida dream means

A cats cut off tail


A friend on kayak

Arrived on a kayak with a boy

A person with no nose

Attending a lesson in a nurses uniform

Attacked by a buzzard

A dried bound of wood, a name written on it my mother dead in a dream

Airplane fallen on the top of the roof of the house

Airplane on the top of the roof of the house


Alineacion de los planetas significado espiritual

A femal i like came in to my

A girl covered my eyes and kissed me

Alto accident


Angel kissed me in dream

Animal footprints

An sadhu was my feets

Attacked by a witch

A place on fire in the air

A dead relative holding a knife after finding a lot of money

A cow in

About someone else

And heights dream

And have fear

And cow dream

A visit of a pastor and his wife in your home


Ale gator

Ayakkabılarımı arıyorum ruyada

Arti mimpi orang meninggal mintak kulit telur

And roses dream

Applying fertilizer on maize

All my teeth falling

A bag being opened

A friend setting you up to kill you

Ants coming out of a bag

A shark eating a snake

A dog eating your clothes dream

A cat with a goat face

A light shining of the dark


A cat eat a lot of fish in my house

Animal blood on hands

Amaphupho ngamasonja

Arm loosing

A dream with , meat, slaughtering a cow, spinach, a green field and also eating cooked meat

Attacked by skeleton

And sleeping another

A cat in dream

A cat in swimming pool

A friend begging you food

An eye in my bellybutton interpretation

An eye in my bellybutton

An eye in my novel

An eye in my belly button

Attending unknown wedding

Ants seen in dead body

Animal leggs

And wear dream

And vomiting

A knife chaser

Applying haldi kumkum to mangalsutra

A handsome man at an open door

A female friend giving you a muffin

A person disappears

Abraham boepens



Airplane water leaks

A kitchen wall made up of tiny little drawers

Aam ka juice peena

Attacked by birds

Assistanting in cleaning a murder

An island in the clouds


A man dress with black chase me

Attacked by a dove

A kid poisoning my mother with poison ivy

A prophesying to you dream


And rearing dream

A black coin

Attempt at kidnapping me but failing

Amputation of a mothers hand

Arti mimpi suami makan rayap

A red string in my dream

Arti mimpi memberikan bra pada org lain

A female requested for my number in a vission means

A boyfriend bought a dress in dream

Asian girlfriend

A dream about a bee sitting on a chair arm

A dream about a single blue bee

A bee

An agressive shapeshifters trying to harm me

Aint christopher

Abroad friend came to live near my house and we met

Asking friend why stalking

A baby boy peeing on my face means

A baby boy peeing on my face mrans

A white finch and a green tropical bird flew into my window

A cross carved in an orange

Amniotic sac birth

Asking not to wait for him

About late uncle that died many years ago

A dream abt a mad woman

Angry deceased grandmother

Aunty telling about pasupu tilakam

A rich man gave me one thousand naira in the dream what does it mean?

Antioch name



Attacking cow

Albino weasel

Ada satelit yg mendekat lalu menjauhi

A dream that my husband has come back home from abroad

A bird urinating in me in dream

A dead person eating

Aloe vera juice in a dream

A dream of fatching water

A couple eating bread and eggs

A little boy

Accidently shaving eyebrow

A bathtub overflow of water

A bathtub

A tub

A guy in public handing me his phone to put my phone number in it while someone is laying on my shoulder

A guy in public handing me his phone to put my phone number in it while someone is sleeping on my shoulder

A man with rings is killed

A guy in public handing me his phone to put my phone number in it

And ilallah dream

Amputation of leg

Abandoned movie set

Army recruit

A colorful bird turned into a colorful woman

Armpit worm

A boy you

A machine that dying my laundreis

A lady cutting my dead fathers hair

A woman undressing herself

A hospital patient

Accidentally dieing of sheeps

A decapatated dog

And home dream

A fat whitea fat white brown spots having do you know my eyes but three in the body


A woman give birth and move to a new home in islam

Almost hit by a bus

A person reading my personal diary and me crying because they read it.

A person reading my personal diary and me crying

Arabic coffee in beautiful blue cup

Abandond wide concreat road

Accepting drink from dead uncle

A husband giving you babies clothes

April nine

Arti mimpi saya naik perahu dan terbalik dan saya selamat

Asked ryan reynolds to prom

A plate of stones with a few grains offered in a function

A house with many rooms

Achi in dream

A fixation

A girl with golden hair and white dress

A house of white stone

A lot of dirt and roses

A dead person with a brown shirt who ŵants to take a picture with me

An ex lover giving me a cassette

A door gets smaller and smaller every time i go through

Almost got raped

A big black dog biting you

Asking to mention full name in dream

Arm grab dream

A divorcee getting married

A child was crying in dream and then i went to him hugged and consoled him and later took promise from him

A pastor selling meat

A kid eating pap and milk mixed together

As ending to the sky while driving

Arm squeezing dream

Arm is being squeezed by your girl


A girl kid

Algae in dirty water

And cloak dream

A red dot on my head

A dog eat the head of a chicken

And cloud dream

Azan in husband voice

A pregnant lizard


A party with friends and family that passed

A crocodile following me in a dream

A demon taking my one of my family members

A big yellow snake

A tattoo of a eye on my body

A baby with a black eye


Animals giving birth and dreams

A mud grave

A person being burnt with cigarettes all over .

A person being burnt with cigarettes all over

A pack of hyenas chasing me and my family

Asking for help and not getting it

And riv dream

Acquaintance ripping down ceiling

A fountain under construction

A well underconstruction

A lady trying to poison me with s

A little girl standing at the top of stairs

Apa arti mimpi kapas

Always seeing dogs in dream meaning

A house disappears and then reappears as new

A ripe mango picked by a bird

A man in my dream told me to watch the black phone

A boy at my school upset me and i was crying and another boy behind me cried with me and the reason was me crying.

About ring

A take other staff and returned it


A friend take me to his house

A hugethumb on the left hand that has rot

A scary ride

Always dreaming about ex lover

Alwals dreaming about your ex

A strangers jacket on my cycle

A snake giving birth whole hiding and chicken feeding on the snake babies

Areca dream

Avoiding someone in dream

A women who can turn into anything then harm you

Abandoning my dead mum in the hospital

A woman is sharing her glass of milk with me

Aunt smiling and clapping hands

Asking my account

A little tombstone

A broken tea pot head

Animal turning into a child

A dead personcoming back

A origem do nome ingrid

Ants in a mango treees


Ants in a mango trees


A gathering

A friend having fibroids

Al friend wearing your shirt

Airplane and water

A bowl of rice

Applying tumeric powder and kumkuma to gadapa


A bag in the dream

An item being replaced

A stolen box

A contained fire going out of control

Ancestors wearing black clothes in dream

Animals chasing

Animals coming out of water


A non muslim going to hajj

A friend dreaming that i have a big garden of casava and maize then my son is very sick and am not minding

An elephant in water


Animal jaw

A friend in bed with me

Animal on leash

Animal give birth

A person who is alive, dying and rising from the dead

An elderly person saying namaste in my dream

A psychopath

A powerful psychopath

Alady gave me money in adream after praying for me

Apples shapeshifting

Academic certificates wet with water

Animals being affectionate

A silver snake

A two zero rand

A r20 note with a packet of potatoes

A crack in a drinking glass

Accompanying the dead in the dream


A pregnant iguana

A black ant inside a bread show me the tree

Apne purane kpde sapne mai dekhne ka mtlb

A fashion designer used tape to measure me for clothing styles


A dream about fetching water in a jerrycan

A dream about fetching water i a jerrycan

Auto rickshaws dream number

A crab in the mouth of a frog

Amaphupho nezincazelo

A person gifting fish in a dream

About a dead person thanking you

A white and dark brown cat

A jin chasing me

An eagle and a nest of eagle eggs and two of the eggs hatched

Air being blown in the mouth

Animals in food

Animal foods

A hand sign to drink water

And clothing dream

Arti mimpi di potong

Alian space ship shooting my head with beam

Armpit hair in a dream

Armpit hair ina dream

A child falls in the toilet meaning in the dream

A night terror dream with a person from your past

A dream of a boyfriend joining national youth service

Arti mimpi berantem sama abang tiri

Aaj maine ek tectore ko fat taa huaa dekhaa

A grade dream meaning

Argument with your mom

About marura oil

Above your head


A white glowing cube and i reached out for the cube and it came to me

Almost raped but saved

Artinya mimpi memberi al- qur an kepada wanita

A man dream and seeing his daughter giving birth on a stone

A snake trying to bite me but did not allowed it

An woman turning into a man

A previous event

Atalas butterfly

All rooms in the house full of clothes and bags

About bestfriends crush

A white car

Adult son was deaf

Adding hair

A dream about a conversation on where to shelter if a bomb went off

Aclean shiny kettle

A man dead his teet number today show

Alive person having bath with dead person

A child gave me a bag of potatoes

Ants allover the cake

A white doctors coat

Ants in cake


A talking head

An empty kraal

Alliance home yo my home

Arti mimpi ketemu telur dalam kantong plastik


Anishagam for amman

A mouse eating clothing through a hole in church


A rabbit and a mouse in a dream

A soul baby

Abandoned animal


A woman kneeling before me

A with a seminarian

And mom dream

A bike with

A pooping turtle in your dream

Ants crawling in shoes dream

Aggressive cat

A pig run towards me fast n my feet

A cat walk in my hot open oven n sat in there quietly

A kiss on

And neck dream

And one dream

Airplanes landing in path near me

Airplanes flying over my head before landing

A bear with a man head

Avoiding spears

Affecting dream very busy

Access denied dreammean

Automobile dashboard light

Are resisting advice

Amethyst meaning

A friend charm my husband

Angry mom

A teddy bear bite me

Accidentally shooting

April fools day and i got fooled

A chick hatching in my hand

Arm getting chopped off

Arm chopped off

After rainfall to come out to sleep outside

A pregnant lady delivers a dead baby

Attacked by a fisherman

Ants on ow

Attacked by a tree

A man telling to get a tattoo of a white buffalo upside down with a sword cure around it

A mad woman

Animal statues given to me by elderly couple

Almost kissing crush

Angel red eye is dream

A swarm of birds going after a swarm of grasshoppers

A dead grandfather was waiting for me to die


Aghori scolding me in my dream

A dream of seeing my brother in-law being given yellow clothes by another rich woman,and when i asked him if the woman was his girlfriend he said no.suddenly he started acting awkward he leaves me,while i dragged along following him,

A dream meaning

A pair of bull

A bee cut me

A girl tell a boy that he has hiv

A queen mother

A dead chicken without feathers

A man asking for my hand in marriage

A bunch of banana

And giving food

A little boy giving me food in the dream

Applying alta to your feet

A black hawk with red face

A lack hawk with red face

A man getting one fish

A person seeing a donkey dying

A new car

About five peso coin

Abandoned party

Alighting from a bus at my destination

African sumac tree

African sh

Animal masks

And poop in a dream

Ash that is black came from mountain

Argue exfriend

A bird with no feet

Arti mimpi kaki kiri gatal

Attacked by dove

A dream of harvesting ripe coffe

A bird went missing

A friend told me of noahs ark in a dream

And down dream

Abused animals

A bee in a dream

A wedding cake falling down.

Accidentally killing a goose

A boy washing a pot for you

A line of crawlingbeetles

Appetite runner

A red gold n brown dresser

About being adopted

Abusive ex husband

Apha umuntu ezikakele

And snakes dream

Asked to go through a hot door

Avoiding police

Army laying me down and demand money for my release in my dream

An trying to collect my good by force

Archana coconut seen in dream means

A woman dreaming of seeing the husband on overalls

A tournament

A lion and a black panther fighting

Aunt selling human meat

Amasi ephupheni atsho ntoni

A very beautiful red calf

A cat and stomach dream meaning

A cub drinking milk

A cub drinking milk with my hand

A cub drinking mil with my hand in my dream

A lot of helicopter flying