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Dreams starting with the letter R

Receiving a call to invite for an interview

Rotten onion

Reading torah

Roasted chickpea

Reading torat

Red life jacket on a desiesed husband

Reoccurring dream about moving

Rescue a bird

Rotten apples

Ripe plum what number dos it mean

Raging fire in the rain

Roasting a ram head

Receiving a white ring

Received pens

Running from a cannibal

Red cloth falling in a dream

Red necklace

Receiving phone call for interview

Rooms being stripped

Rats coming out of my mouth an bits me

Red hen with chicks

Rain plus baby

Rummaging through junk items

Receiving money from prime minister

Receivong cowrie

Red curtain in dream mean

Root bound potted plant being repotted

River dead and

Run someone over with your car

Run over a person

Red colour and

Receiving foreign money in dream

River dream meanings

Right side of your body

Rearing catfish

Right finger

Raven nest being torn down..by someone

Red bow

Running excerise

Radiation exposure

Reticulated python

Receiving garri in the dream

Red shirt boy wearing

Rooms muddled in house

Raining white eggs

Removing a heart

Ring given to someone else

Receiving a key car as a birthday gift from my father

Road dream number

Roselle drink in a dream

Red oil on head

Receiving quran

Rat on leg

Receiving gallons of palm oil


Receiving dried cat fish from your mother in the dream what is it mean

Reciting tashahud and dying

Receiving bible

Right ear cutoff

Receiving vibhuti in dream

Riding in beautiful car number

Riding in beautiful car

Receiving new shoes

Running away from your wedding

Riding a bicycle with faulty brakes

Red black and yellow cloth

Removed tumor

Romantic kissing a girl on lips

Rubbing lotion on person back

Ripe pepper

Rich man with a hook for a hand

River and rain

Runing from a river

Rain and a big river

Razor blades used as a weapon

Receiving white color vibuthi in dream

Red dresss

Reaccuring dreams

Red earth road

Refusing to drink alcohol offered in a dream

Refusing to drink alcohol

Receiving a good amount of cooked food

Recieving a good amount of cooked meal from a friend

Right pocket

Red sage

Red car crash friend acquaintance

Rotten plantain

Raw meat in clear water

Rain on a beach

Rund dream meaning

Rust stain

Riding ostrich

Repeating days

Riding on a motorbike

Rv coming apart

Right way

Receiving sachets water in a dream meaning

Radhe radhe saying in dream

Removing a nose ring

Repeatedly dreaming of getting temporarily blindrd by sunshine

Running from a dictator

Rice sweet in dreams

Red patio furniture

Recurring deja vu

Rock pulling

Rat bites hand

Running water electric


Repeated suicide attempts

Rope around neck

Red velvet gown

Refrigerator falling on me


Rice cracker

Repainting furniture

Road lanes

Rotten chillies

Repeating same scene

Red material under a bed

Rope tied to legs

Really giant person and really small person

Rope tied to leg

Riding in boat

Rat biting my foot

Rain snakes

Raw egg on floor

Rock and storm


Running after a hat

Rising from deep water

Rhinoceros skin dry in dream

Rhinoceros skin dry

Rhino body see in dream

Rhino body see

Rice harvesting

Rings list and found

Runing away from husband

Ru ing away from husband

Returning home poor from abroad

Returning home poor from overseas

Running towards sea

Received sindoor from temple in dream

Reading gita

Roll over car wreck

Roll over car crash

Ringing in ear

Rain falling through windows into room

Red thing on ceiling

Room mate steals from me

Rubbing head with muthi

Repossessed car

Reattaching body limbs in a tub of running water

Road lined in totems

Road ends on a pier

Raining rocks

Robbery home invasion

Room completely in blue

Random men trying to kill me


Received dollars and unshelled udara seeds in dream meaning

Receiving sacks of charcoal

Rubbing white powder on my palm hand in dreams spiritual meaning

Rubbing white powder on palm in dream spiritual meaning

Rubbing white powder in dream

Rubbing white powder on my palms in my dream means

Receiving bras necklaces and some pants with different colors

Running away from an idol

Running jumping and swinging

Running jumping and swimging

Running jumping and flying

Reject husband


Recive white flower from anoyine

Receiving apples from neighbours

Received raw meat in the dream

Red apples on a tree

Refrigerated beef underground

Receiving a blouse as a gift

Riding upside down

Razor lips

Rotten pork

Recieving lotus seeds

Radish dream

Recieving letter in dream

Running water river

Receiving medicine in the dream

Receiving blood through drip in a dream

Running in a open space where are black horses,then black donkey and black horses follows you back

Replaced with androids

Reciting surah al duga in dream

Robot dinosaur

Rice dream planting

Risha de vries


Recivig sheep gift

Running faucet

Running kitchen sink

Rice in trash

Roman numeral ring

Results of test, medical

Request, cremated

Rudraksha and moon


Rudraksha falling from the moon

Repair eye glass in the dream

Received ash gourd

Running away from something/someone

Red. vest

Receiving carrots

Replacing a tiles with another one in my hand

Receiving a bread as a bleassing from a pastor

Red wine tasting

Running down with deceased

River taken your shoe away

Rever de voir une voiture rouler

Ratchet straps

Receiving simsim in a basin

Running with a briefcase

Rickety trees

Removing grass from the filed

Removing stalk from pepper in the dream

Remarrying the same person in a dream

Rhino chasing family and killing mom

Rubbing oil on my legs

Running away from prison with your friends

Robotic fly

Raw biscuits bone in a dream

Red joker dreams

Rooster falling out of my butt

Red joker

Running from uncle

Recieving fresh frozen fish in a dream

Red and white beaded spiritual necklace

Red and green beads

Riding a speed boat

Religious fight

Roasted yam and oil

Running from demon

Rice, meat, potatoes and lemon

Rape and islam

Rooster urinating on me

Rooster peeing on you

Rufusing a hug

Receiving money from someone while comfortably standing in the rain

Receiving holy quran as a gift

Red cover

Remove a land boundary pole or mark

Rotton shoulder

Rotton arm

Received tambula

Running away for killer

Running from east to west

Removing white discharge

Receiving condolences

Royals giving a little something

Royals giving something g

Road in the sky falling down

Removing road block

Running away from soldiers from soldiers in my dreams

Red and dress

Red dream interpretation

Rubbing gel

Rubbing nose dream

Rubbing dream

Ringworm on forehead

Redish orange rooster

Riksha three whular

Receiving gift from teacher

Red, white , blue

Room full of soldiers

Relatives selling ancestral properties means

Raw mangoes

Radha krishna separated because of me


Received cd in dream

Red faced husband

Random flower plant inside boyfriends house

Red and white ballons offered

Retaining placenta


Return from a holiday


Rash face

Responding to questions correctly in the dream meaning

Rapped by two horses

Ruins of but green red lily plant in soil

Red lily plant in soil

Red lily plant under soil

Racing in snow

Red and white beads spirituality

Refusing to take an oath in a dream meaning

Returning old broom to my ex

Rain coming through the roof and you are with passed away relatives

Ripping colorful surghum

Religious future

Receiving burseries

Running in the desert alone

Receiving a bunch of matooke

Running from spider

Rudrash being snatched away

Receiving money from the pos machine in dream means what

Return of a gift

Rainfall water on outside pavement

Record of names

Reading the writing on a old tombstone

Recovering a stolen bag

Releasing a trapped bird

Rewinding time

Robbery with death

Reburrying a relative

Reduction in your hairline

Receiving toffee

Running away with a man

Receiving meat at the butcher from your ex man

Receiving dandelions

Receiving gifts while in bed

Red rosary

Robbers in dream

Rain the snake then man appears in items

Russian meal

Recite astagfriullah

Rolling van

Red gabbage

Reindeer in ocean

Removing long pins from your brain

Removing long pins from your head

Road lines

Race track blocked drain no left shoe

Repair broken windows

Red hand

Ring in charge of a huge high class restaurant

Rescuing small animals

Rescuing a girl

Recieving a book and pen and cup as a gift

Removing uniform

River took my one slipper

Recieving meat in dream

Repairing a bicycle

Replaced in the dormitory

Rice eating dreem nombar

Receiving birthday wishes in dream


Riding motorbike with mom

Removing gold bangles from hand

Receiving lighter

Rented a house full of dirt

Receiving fruits in a dream

Refusing to smoke

Receiving bouquet

Round hole wound

Rounding up cows

Recognizing a man

Rejecting bite of food

Rubbing powder on the face in a dream means what

Roof going to cave in

Roots coming from the ground to kill you

Red car roll accident

Reacuring mom abandoned me in dream but is already dead


Report of a brown horse and cow fighting

Raven on my shoulder

Running away from a husband

Reciting surah asr

Reciting ya fatahoo ya karimo in dream

Rubber bullets

Random entity appears to me

Random entity appears but if i stare something bad can happen to me

Rock abstacle

Raring poteto

Road blocked

Raining water overflowing into a swimming pool

Raining water overflowing in a swimming pool

Rain water overflowing into a pool

Rain water comes by down and overflowing the oool

Right arm stiff and unable to move

Rosting corn

Receiving condoms

Reptilian alien

Rezo blade cutting my finger

Rain eagle apple tree daughter

Rib cage pain

Red oranments

Running buck

Receiving a hand made wedding invitation

Riding a bicycle with a child

Receiving a gift back

Receive foreign currency in dream

Rose necklace


Remove foreign object from my body

Roach beetles coming out arms

Running with speed with a flash of light

Red can

Received used shoes in a dream means

Running towards a fire

Raspberry porridge

Random person thanking me

Returning lost items in a dream

Receiving picture from deceased person

Running nine zero miles a hour on a highway

Running very fast on a highway

Repairing a piano

Rats eating the sapodilla in my dream

Removal man

Reciting ayat al kursi

Receiving money onbehalf of someone in dream

Receiving money as a waiter in a dream

Radha krishna idol in dream

Red crystal ball

Running from someone scared in a hospital

Received a new shoe as a gift from my husband meaning

Running a red traffic light

Receiving pepper from someone

Removing of broom stick in my stomach

Rashes on baby palm

Rams tied down

Robert and snake

Receive dress in dead

River changing its course

Rice field with husband

Rap girl

Rusty water bowl

Receiving spoon and fork

Royal blue socks

Red hot box

Removing earthworm from body in a dream

Roads blocked by water

Rip a frogs leg

Removing furniture cleaning


Receiving your photos from a woman in a dream

Rebuking spirits

Ran over a piano

Rotten apple tree

Romantic female teacher

Received flowers from a lady

Refuse to sign contract

Receiving quran and gift seen in a dream

Red garden eggs means

Removing a sitting governor by former

Red wine s ing

Red ants eating chicken

Recieving holy books from prophet in your dream

Red squirrel

Riding a bicycle with persons in roads and muds

Recovering money from someone

Radhe krishn

Roman giant soldier

Red symbol in forehead

Running out of cole

Rocks growing on head

Running from large bird

Receiving a shiny gift

Removing thorns from your feet

Receiving sugarcane

Receiving cinnamon rolls

Red flower tree

Reciting surah chapter nine of the holy quran

Rain lightning then rainbow

Receiving coconut from a dead person

Raven on shoulder

Receiving jaggery

Recieve bible

Rat leg

Rosemary oil

Radio tower crumbled

Running after a car then my girlfriend came down and started running back to me

Running after my girlfriend in a car,the car stop and she run back to me

Refusing to go on an errand for someone in a dream

Root growing in hips

Root growing in hipd

Red xhilli

Riding bicycle while carrying my daughter

Riding a pink scooter and stopped for a woman to undo my tangled yarn

Refridgerator too full

Royal satin blue dress

Rescuing injured dogs

Reject hug

Ripe mangoes on tree

Running from someone or something in my dream and always being afraid to the point of sleep paralysis

Rocking side to side

Release prisoners from prison

River takes away possessions

Receiving a drip in a dream

Room spinning

Red eyes in the dark

Robotic arm

Receiving baby moving doll

Rudraksha tree in dream

Running between two running cars

Red swollen legs

Rocks from the sky

Running barefoot on your wedding dress

Refuse hug

Removing mucous from your mouth

Running from people in slow motion

Running away from fellow gamblers

Rattlesnake bitting my daughter


Reverse driving in dreams

Ripping a man arm

Removing dried marigold plants in dream

Rice and beans together in a pot

Rain is raining on me

Rubber plug

Rat droplets

Rubber stopper

Ring on fire

Removing thorn from hand

Rescuing a child from falling

Rocket dream disease

Resisting eating dead vulture in a dream whiles other eat it

Repaired watch


Rabid rox

Repossessed furniture

Red palm oil on the ground of my compound

Rotten limb

Raja kepiting

Ramayan book dreaming

Running on four legs

Riped banana placed on a fence dream

Ripe bananas plate on a fence

Riped cocoa in the dream

Rash on scalp

Recieving ripped money

Ropa y accesorios de mujeres empoderadas

Running away from gay

Really large green beans

Rat stealing

Running away from red sea

Receiving miniature stautes made of jade

Receiving five zero zero naira in the dream

Removing door

Removing dolr

Rice and toilet together

Removing snake from your vargina

Removing coconut of its shelf and eating

Ripe cocoa fruits on tree

Rearranging funiture

Raccoons biting

Rubbing my head

Ridges with hoe

Receive gift from small boy

Reaching for someone

Razorback pig

Red gem

Removing a pin from my ankle the length of my whole body

Removing a metal rod from the heel that was the entire body length

Red gem ring

Reunion school

Receiving something from a dead person

Releasing many snakes from my body

Rocket fire at me

Red smoke along the floor

Red smoke traveling horizontally

Reading greek

Reading greej

Removing hijab

Rot bone of a living man


Rain on skin


Removing honey from a beehive n e bees come and land on ur head

Rice with water serve

Rhino angry

Reading in dream

Rotten goa

River taken away your clothes in a dream

Receiving crude oil

Red inside a caravan

Roaring cat

Red rubber bands

Red rubberbands

Red circles

Red rings on floor

Red telephone booth

Rinsing cloths with clean water

Ram, laxman and sita returning home

Removing laundry from washing line

Removing clothes from washing line

Receiving generator as a gift

Removing of clothes from the fence

Royal house in the dream spiritual meaning

Receiving eko or agidi in the dream

Rotten fruit in car

Ripped bra

Receiving a coffee seedlings in dream

Receiving a fruit seedling

Ran from goat

Received money from a dead

Rejected from modelling

Recieving green stone from man

Removing a big jigger from my big toe

Receiving headband

Raw chicken leg full size

Running with tiger and mouse

Rabid raccoon

Running from monster in a destroyed world

Rust plane flying see

Raining tissues

Riding a white horse with out a saddle

Rolling dice

Removing bees sting

Raincoat and dogs

Riding on white elephants

Rattle snake and egg

Riding on white elephant

Red tika on forehead

Rainbow butterfly

Rubbing muscles

Rubbing shoulders

Rugby t-shirt dream


Red colour on husband face

Run over by car and i call for help.

Receiving bitter cola in the dream

Rats digging hole in yard

Rocks in boot

Rabbit and babu rabbits and eggs

Right hand being cut off and replaced

Receiving bulky money cash

Receiving money as gift from godfather

Receiving gift from godfather

Receiving coins

Rescuing a duck

Repair of leaky roof

Ragi cereal

Run down apartment

Removing roadblocks

Raven protecting me

Red jewelry

Running a red light

Robing powder on your face

Rat in bath covered blood

Repair shoes

Receiving dates in dreams

Relative bringing old clothes

Riding a giraffe

Receive sardine dream

Red fruit flowers stain my clothes

Running to bathroom

Rotating head

Receiving reacharge card from a man in a d

Rhinoceros dream interpretation

Rash on my son

Received spoon as a gift

Roof less house

Rain meaning in church

Roasten chicken

Receiving lemon leaves

Receiving a green lemon

Receiving sweet bread

Running happy money for cooldrink

Refuse to eat in dream

Renewing vows

Renewing vowls


Rootcrips like camote

Running from violence


Restaurant with business aquaintences

Restaurant and business cards

Riding a horse in the ocean

Reading nana in street

Run in a black dream

Reliving day in dream

Red mentle means

Rushed to packed for school but left a part of the uniform at home

Restaurant job

Receiving rose wreath for someone

Returning your bsg

Road danger

Racing my girlfriend

Receiving sim card in dream

Rainbows fountain

Rape escape


Riding a llama

Repeated dreams

Rolling thunder


Reciting durood

Removing maggots from my left palm

Right arm writng about you

Removing burning charcoal from the mouth

Repairing train tracks

Reoccurring dream that my purse is gone

Roller skate on right foot

Receiving holy koran as a gift and you wrap it give it a new cover

Received new cloth from tailor in the dream

Rejecting money in a dream

Rich women

Ripping out my tongue

Running white rabbit

Rice becoming more in a dish


Rejecting promotion at work

Received a bottle of wine

Ripping things in dreams

Running from death

Received an alert

Red crocodile

Running in the bush in dream what dose it mean

Recieving kumkum in dream

Receiving jap breads

Receiving melons egusi as a gift in a dream means

Rearranging teeth

Removing window from the house

Removing ticks on my body , by using sun

Red colour in dream

Recovery lost documents

Reuniting with old classmates

Rabbit two

Refuse to lend money meaning

Running away with a group of people from individuals who want to attack me

Running away with a mod of people to get away from attackers.

Running on four limbs

Running on four

Receiving three six zero zero zero note in dream

Reciting allah akbar in a dream

Removing bangels in dream

Romoving bangels

Rejected the marriage proposal by my family

Running without a shirt

Rats bite you

Rat and cat

Running on molding blocks

Red bright door

Riding bike narrow path

Ring toe being amputated

Receiving money for funeral procession

Rumours of a false death

Reading an article

Reading an unfamiliar word

Red convertible beetle car

Running from law enforcement

Rain of slugs

Rabbit bitten by a snake

Red beaded coin purse

Red and white bathing suit

Rusty pliers

Roaches and worms

Running from a time bomb

Rose quarts on the ground

Red rabbit

Running away from a flooding waterfall

Rudraksha cracked

Rain fall

Receiving two big white garden eggs in dream

Rainfall in kaabah

Rejecting boiled eggs in dream

Raw cooked meat

Raw cooked meet

Receiving a gift from a guy

Removing oil ffrom coconut fruit

River of blood with cousin and all their love ones trying to save themselves, flowing away out of control

Refusing to give your dead mother a toiletry bag

Rats in bath water

Red candle broken

Red berries ready to be harvested

Reading droud shreef in dream

Running with rope

Red rose dream

Receiving paper money

Riding a bike near the sea

Receiving a lot of money from customers

Reactive coconut

Receiving three shirts as a gift from my lady boss

Receiving three shirts as a gift

Received soil very chain with love symbol on my neck

Rinsing soap out of hair

Rinsing soap out hair

Replanting plants from pot to soil

Replanting plants from pot to soi

Rebuilding a house mean

Running from a cow

Reciting istighfar in dream

Reciting istigfar in dream

Robbing house

Right arm being grabbed by a friend

Receiving kolanut from someone in a dream

Rats attacking dogs

Recommended surgery

Recalcitrant son

Rebillious son

Rocks and stones on road

Red kumkum falling from my hands

Rhino attack man

Red kumkumapowder falling on ground

Rattlesnake going up an oak tree

Rattlesnake and oak tree

River with lack of water

Riding bike with flat tires

Receiving money from an old money but you return some cause you think he might need it

Riyazul jannah

Received a gift

Running through s very dirty road,messed up with poops and vomits

Red diamond

Raising five fingers up

Room full of wands

Raccoon attaching me

Rescue a woman from an evil man

Running down a lane..butnhaving to stop and then run again

Receiving a wallet from someone in dreams or along with other eatables things

Rooster dream

Revealing a stone path

Removing a toenail

Raw rice and

Rose engraved in silver spoon

Rice and dreamm

Rat skeletons

Received a gift of a basketball and net from a friend

Ringworm dream

Red string connecting to a soul tie

Ringworm on right ankle

Receiving a sheathed sword

Royal blue coat

Red boiler suit

Reaching into a toliet bowl that has urine in it

Red light from hands

Rings on beach

Roasted yam dream meaning

Rejected by an ex

Reciting kalma shahada in dream

River clear wster

Red siafu in a dream

Rescuing baby

Removing a stick from ones leg

Rescuing a drowning baby

Rats fighting on me

Removing a paper from around your head like it was use to measure your size for a crown

Red velvet cake

Remove pictures/art from wall

Remove boc fly

Rocky mountain narrow path

Removing box fly

Ripped in half

Red hands

Riding whale

Ruptured cyst on back

Right hand following me

Red gold ring

Ripe soursope

Raiser killing dream

Rolling vistas

Rusted bullet

Receiving a bag full of rice

Removing clothes from a washing line

Relative bleeding from their nose

Red chili

Received yam in a dream

Roof falling off

Rubbing of water on the face

Roti dream no

Roti dream

Red hole in my stomach

Red stoma hole on my stomach

Ringing in ears

Received clock

Removing snails from the wall

Rubbing salt ib hands dream islam

Received torn money

Receiving silver chain in dream

Running to find someone

Running cold tap

Receiving books as gift on my birthday

Romantic with platonic friend

Red car accident

Red meat in my hand fed others

Reoccuring dream about someone who died by suicide

Roasting pear in a dream

Roti eat dream no

Reason of not eating unwanting medicine s in dreams

Reading the first kalima

Rescuing a little girl after a tornado

Raining on a chicken in a vision

Red snake come to my hands


Remove jeans

Removing my wedding ring because my husband impregnated another woman in dream meaning

Running from gun

Red lipstick dream

Red snake with yellow eyes

Receive a gift from president in a dream

Receiving a ring as a birthday gift from a male friend

Raw chicken as gift

Red swollen gums

Reciting surah al rahman

Refridgerator broken soiled food

Redeem code

Receiving a pot from husband

Receiving a gift from a dead president

Red boxes

River following with white water

Roasting pear in the dream

Running and hiding from police

Ruining jumping train trails

Rotten toe nail falling off

Rings three lotus dragon

Rash on leg

Received a gift from someone who has passed away

Roasting a man and serving

Receiving baby in your dream

Receiving baby in the dream

Receiving a baby in dream

Rape dreams

Rice cover over a pregnant belly in dream

Rotted food in fridge

Rifle and habdgun

Receiving baby item in the dream

Rare wrapped oreo

Received money from a madman

Reschedule md appointment

Roasted sweet potatoes

Roasted potatoes

Removing a big toe nail that was rotten to reveal new pink skin

Removing bugs on body

Rotten bananas

Reborn baby


Resuscitation drill

Robbery car

Rtc cars

Rotten wierd fish

Raw cut meat in dream

Rat in house seeing in dream

Repairing a damaged metal cooking pot in the dream

Red dot dreams

Running from leprechaun

Road machine

Red and white sanders

Red and white sanders shoes

River water with faeces

Red and white cow

Receiving one pair of husband brown shoe

Receiving my partners one pair of shoe


Red colour sea

Rope bondage

Ripe bondaggr

Round turret

Riding a motorcyle

Rust colored

Riding in bicykle

Rifing in bicykle

Rape and pregnancy

Red water from tap

Regular day

Red lipstick, red dirty shoes

Relative women start reading cards never did before

Rushing to catch a plane

Rotting bag of meat

Roaring of whote

Riding a car with dead parent

Riding car with deceased loved ones

Red markings

Recive sugarcan in dream

Reciting surah kafirun in dream

Racoon attack

Raccon attack

Red n green chilli

Ridge gourd dream meanings number

Removing disc

Running late for appointment

Receiving red packet for good deed

Red small cow in dream

Red hifer in dream

Running for a plane

Red thread in needle

Relative in gold suit

Removing a tick

Repeat dreams

Recieving a wristwatch as gift

Riding a helicopter

Reciting the first kalimah upon waking up

Red lock box

Receiving money from boyfriend

Ruin work place

Riding a bicycle in a bush

Receiving money from mother in law in a dream

Reciving quran in dream

Releasing faeces

Rescue puppies jets

Radha krishna smiling at me

Rattle of china ware in dreams

Rsttle of china ware in dreams

Red dress by elevator

Rocks and microorganism

Receiving milk

Removing obstacles

Removing sticks

Removing sticks from a mouth

Roses with thorn crown

Riding a tricycle with my ex boyfriend

Rotten onions in adream

Red fire cloud

Receiving false teeth and a dead animal

Receiving money from the state governor what does it mean

Rescuing dog from a car