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Dreams starting with the letter R

Rubbing vigana

Roast meat

Removing school uniform in dream

Raining, water with blood

Roasted corn smell in a dream

Riding a brown horse is afraid to go through puddle of water

Rain is falling on someone in a hole that is deep

Running away with your kids

Red water in a close jar

Refusing to sign

Ruined house on the edge of the cliff

Ripping lips

Running from a school mate with a knife

Receiving an expensive necklace from my boyfriend

Remembering i own properties

Receiving rudhraksha

Receiving rudhrakshs

Riding in an older lincoln continental

Red cabage

Red cabage leaves

Red white and blue horse dream

Removing a youth service corper cloth in a dream

Removing a youth service corper cloth in a dream and going out

Running but legs were pain

Rising up to the sky

Run-down house

Receiving a gift from a small python snake

Rejecting food

Rejections food

Return ring

Recieve jaggery

Receiving an avo in a dream

Recharge phone

Recharging phone

Repeating something actual in the dream


Repairing wall

Red ribbon square present

Ripe mango falling on ur head

Robert theledi

Rain beating someone in dreams

Rats eating bad chicken

Rug rolled

Running away from security at night

Red headscarf

Red headscarf with white dots

Received money from a prophet in my dreams

Riding a bicycle in dark

Rash on top of legs

Rice gift inside an ocean

Red card

Removing my ring from my finger and give it to someone

Returning a business back

Receiving the wrong medicine

Repair an electricity in a dream


Running away from a group of gangsters that wanted to fight with me

Receiving bitter cola and throwing it away

Receiving medal from married woman

Rejected visa

Red alligator trying to bite me

Raining from ceiling and windows in house

Rice husk

Running down hallways

Receiving money from king

Road impassable

Removing nails from my shoe

Roast potato

Receive old money in my dream

Recieving money from dead friend

Red and white paper

Receiving blessing from a dead father on your marriage in a dream

Restaurant burning down

Receiving a white rose from mother mary

Removing dead body frm street.meaning

Removing dead body frm street

Repetetive dream

Repetitive dream in same dream

Rat black

Receiving kola nut in the dream means what

Removing paint dream

Removing paint cream

Rats with tails

Rescuing an owl that is covered in ice

Rescuing an owl and fish covered in ice

Receiving a gift of wrist watch

Racing in pool

Raced in pool

Red and black kitchen curtain


Repossessed caa

Raw cassava

Riding motorbike with deased mother

Remove roof dream meaning

Roof trusses loosening

Red tshirt

Red tsirt

Removing iron nails from the teeth

Receiving a gift from your father in a dream

Rock foundations moving

Ridge gourd plucking

Refusing to gamble

Refusal to be led astray

Rail yard with a train

Removed torn shoe

Red mango in dreams

Red saree woman

Roasting meat in dream

Rooster tail feather

Ripe pam fruits

Receiving the gift of palm fruits from a man in the dream?

Red light green cross

Removing pins from hands

Refill of cooking gas

Retrieving stolen money in a dream

Receiving a trophy

Red coat and money

Ripe nesberry

Removing carpet to reveal red shiny floor covering

Red ant on green grass

Rain hitting my skin

Running with a tank

Rotten meat in dream

Removing g chewing gum off shoes

Removing locust

Roaches in shower

Rotten eggs with maggots crawling on it

Red colour plate water

Red colour water in plate in dream meaning

Red colour water in plate in dream

Refusing shoe

Rough boat ride

Rats, oven, flooding

Radio distortion

Rolls royce black ghost


Red feather boa

Red eye white rabbit

Rescuing baby kangaroo

Removing bangles from my hand in dreams

Receiving a bible as a gift in the dream

Reading a note from mum and dad that have deceased

Ring worm on my child

Raw meat in late moms house

Running through group of dogs looking to attack

Red paper dream meaning

Red water flushing toilets

Removing possessed ring from my fingers

Removing possessed ring from my hand

Receiving fish from some one

Radha krishna idol in dreaming

Refused medical help

Receiving new silver wrist watch?

Real life attack and years later nightmare about it

Roman clock

Removal of a white wig

Removal of a white wig from my head

Removed grass

Rabbit and two

Receiving gift unknown

Rabbit two white

Rat in the wall


Releasing birds into the sky

Rim tim tagi dim

Red beard man

Rabbits and chickens

Ruby and emerald gold ring

Receiving a smoke fish from someone

Refusing to be dragged inside the bottom of the river meaning

Ram sita

Rapid eye movement


Repair if concrete discussed with deceased husband

Reading wifes phone

Receiving a coin from a man in a dream

Receving the news of the death of a dead person in a dream

Rotten fruit dream

Receiving money from my mom in dream

Round and sweet fruits

Red violet fruit

Recharge card to load by a celebrity

Red and green paste

Rotten avocado in dream

Raped by ghost

Relative wanting water in dream

Reddish sperms in a dream

Reddish sperms

Run from being chased

Receiving trophy in the mail

Red circle with triangle inside

Raven attacking me

Roti making dream

Red flashing ememergency lights in my face

Rotten alive body

Red jacket in dream

Red paving

Removing pus of my right foot

Ram and sita in marriage

Riding a small bicycle

Round in dream

Rose gold quartz

Rose gold quartz emanating from the body

Relisting in the military

Rock with my name on the bottom

Receiving huge amount money bank account

Red gold dress

Rearrange house furniture

Reciting ayatul kursi against people possessed by evil attacking me at the house

Refuse marriage

Rooster drown

Rash on forearm and hands

Running into a flood

Red and green snake coming after me

Red ryes

Red and green cheery tomato plant

Red sticks

Rever de manger l banne plantin mure

Rever de manger plantin nure

Rats in swimming pool

Ruined buildings

Ruined houses

Rabbits and snow

Raven flying through closed windows

Receiving chana and gudh in dream

Riding on black horse

Repaering generetor in a deram

Receiving a gold wristwatch in a dream meaning


Receiving land documents

Removing staples from hand

Red robbin eating a black snake

Raw yam eating

Received and wear new face cap

Robin birds attacking

Running away from a whirl pool

Reading while stammering meaning

Red mango dream

Robber gave me money to let him go

River bridge

Rose turns dark and it burns

Rose in a wine glass

Ripe jackfruit found

Reducing sea water in dream

Ram paduka

Right eye sewn shut

Reaching for someone but cant grab them

Red rash all over the body

Reaching a hug in a dream

Reaching a hug from a dead family member

Roasted and fish

Rejected and alonw

Raw bird legs

Refusing to sleep with someone in a dream

Rubbing her nose with mine in dream with the one i love

Return a turkey i bought

Roasting rabbit in the dream

Recharge and card

Racking dirt

Red stitches

Rough waves in sea


Ringriver dye

Receiving ankara in a dream

Running and out of breath

Riding a bicycle with a friend who has training wheels

Relations feel real

Receiving a piece of corrugated roofing sheet

Removing iron sheets from the building

Reading out loud

Red oil pour and ground meaning

Roommates being mean and revolting

Rich man asking for money

Returning keys

Receiving perfume from your x

Rope breaking

Receiving bellies(fruits) from someone

Running away from somebody

Right leg peeling off the skin


Ripe oranges in a dream

Riding a bike with soo many whote flupy dogs and puppys wi

Replacing a door

Red blood from virginal in dream

Received envelope with three old stamps inside

Received old stamps of value

Rabbit and feces

Railing dream interpretation

Raw cake

Removing lawn

Resurrection had come

Ring being removed in a dream

Received trousers from the minister

Rescuing a live cow from drowning

Rotten maize

Rescuing a brown towel from drowning and bringing her to land

Rolled up paper burning smoke

Rolled up paper smoking

Red, white and blue

Reciving thambula

Repairing sofa

Running away for no reason

Roasting dry fish

Running from chicago party

Receiving a work complementary card in dream

Rubbing oil on feet

Ringworms in a child

Rotten pawpaw, tomatoes and pumpkins

Red writting on red paper

Repair catering van

Reiceiving a sd card

Removing spider webs

Removing curtains from windows

R pendant in dream

Red painted rock

Refuse money

Robbie williams is my boyfriend

Ron mm



Running to the hospital

Red serpent

Remember the baby with

Rina strauss

Running away from robbers who wants to kill me

Receiving money from the leader

Robotic transformation for fighting

Receding hairline female

Robin being hurt

Ri g

Running barefeet

Rotten gslvanize

Royal blue warfare battle

Reciting surah rahman in dreams meaning

Real gold turning fake

Rats running away from garbage

Red silk dress

Raccoons chasing you and catch you

Robotic hand

Robbery ar home

Rubbing my dead grandmothers legs

Rod of authority

Receiving roti from dead person

Roof of mouth peeling | dream interpretation

Rattle shaking

Recieving sweets from dead in drwam

Rubbing aloe vera gel on the hair

Rebet dream number

Run for charity

Red leech

Receive cooked meat in a dream

Rubbing oil on

Rubbing olive oil

Rubbing oil and

Recieving white cloth as gift in dream

Receiving crayfish in a dream

Receiving a boque to the little boy

Released boil dream biblically

Receving a ribbon pink rose boque

Ring finger cut off by me and been eaten

Removing ring in sleep

Road turned into green grass

Road turned into grass

River never carry my slippers in the dream

River of cooking oil

Running cooking oil

Rod with black not spiritual meaning

Ram sita laxman

Receive three cartons of ice crocker fish in dream

Romantic near me

Receiving sunflower and jasmine garland from temple

Roastef pig

Resign from job

Renting my house

Repeatedly losing something

Riding a small saucer with a. hild

Riding a same saucer with a. hild

Ridding a little razor with a child

Running in between running giant horses legs their trying to trample me a redblack and white giant horse

Recieving chocolates

Ripe mangoes falling on you

Renovation of childhood home by unwelcomed strangers

Remodeling a home

River taking away my old shoe

Red barn

Receiving a staff via from a pastor

Running after deceased

Red chura

Running for shelter

Repeatedly pulling stones out of mouth

Red post it notes

Roasting and eating maize in a dream

Running hands together

Red glow green bracelet

Rain leaking into your house

Rocks falling out my stomach

Removing dead body from grave

Run down building

Receiving a green plant in ur dreams

Refuse to respond to greetings

Rotating crucifix

Rotating cross

Riding three wheeler rickshaw

Rich man being attracted to me

Run away marriage with my boyfriend

Red tape water

Rotating and eating maize

Receiving haldi and kumkum

Rotten dead dog

Roofing the house with new iron sheets

Roofing ahourse with iron sheets

Receiving lock of hair as gift of saint

Radha krishna statue in dream

Recitng quran in dream

Reciting a bible scripture

Red snake yellow belly

Remarrying my husband

Running over a rabbit

Running alone in the drea to get old slippers

Running without slippers to get old slippers

Red black and white cloths

Running on lake water

Reviving chocolate and jewelry from crush

Rolling in dreams

Rattlesnake in toilet

Rain coming inside the house and blanket getting wet

Raining dirt balls on me and i was running

Rainbow turtles

Receiving international call

River dream

Red flooring


Recording a video

Road full of snakes and my family excluding my sister is there and when my sister comes the snakes disappear

Ring measurement

Running power in the dream

Red oil stain on white shirt

Running through cemetery


Red hat girl

Running and hiding from deceased mother

Razor dream number

Removing ur cap for a man in a dream

Running away from a creature in a dark hallway

Recite fariha at grave

Removing black wool in my teeth

Removing tiny throns from ur feet

Repaired plastered wall falling down on me in adream

Receive a sim card in the dream

Red jersey

Ride a motorcycle

Removing insect from teeth

Repairing a shoe myself dream

Rats running around fighting with each other

Raw meat in a backet

Raw meat in a basin


Renewing wedding vows

Rope around someone neck

Ripped flag in the dream meaning

Red headboard

Red and white rooster

Riaz up jannah

Rolling on d ground in d dream

Red sari

Raccoon in dream

Rudraksha spiritual meaning

Red eyed man

Relegion ed

Running ants eating one peg of garl8c

Removing clothes out toilet

Removing clothes from the toilet

Recitation of surah al asr

Roaming in a mid construction house

Running in an endless corridor

Rice dactkry

Red bird gift

Red bird gist

Receiving a dress as a gift

Receiving blue dress

Road trip across the country

Road trip across the usa and i end up in australia

Running over my pregnant wife

Removing tortoise shells in dream

Running after a girl in an flowers and greenery field

Running after my crush in an greenery field

Reading quran for your decades family

Receiving a holy book containing god name, what does it mean

Relative mad



Removing rings from your right hand

Red lehenga red chuda and saw husband getting married

Received leafy soup and ate

Right arm was black

Right arm was

Removing bangles of both hands in dream meaning

Rotten chicken

Rhino number in dream

Reading a sign

Repairing shoes

Rolling in dream

Receiving a clean cup of water

Receiving flowers and chocolates from an identified person

Receiving and losing money same time

Removing many mushrooms in a dream

Repairing of broken phone

Repairing a wrist watch

Rudraksh rosary

Rainbow crystal bracelet in shower

Reve de cueillir des mirliton

Radha rani comes at home in dream

Re of hair in the dream what does it mean

Red diary

Running from the cops

Repotting plant

Recycling plant collapse

Ring cut

Removal of ear rings in the dream

Receive a several gold chains in the dream

Rebuilding graveyard

Red juice in a glass

Red pine straw and vampire

Red and white blanket

Running from a friend

Reconciling with my daughter

Receiving two star maggi cube in a dream

Running stomach dream

Roasting sweet potatoes

Red mobile

Read g.big mobil phone

Risenshine amla


Raining water

Receiving gift from pastor in dream

Rice seed

Returning money to someone

Ring box green

Roots growing in a suitcase

Relaxing hair

Record player vinyl

Running around slope pitts

Runaway bus

Receive money from a priest

Reading my own blank dnr with my husband present



River and death

Rats in water

Rough water- lost- driving

Read al aziz in dream

Revans enters your body spiritually

Received a red pen in a dream

Red pen in a dream

Reading architectural plan in the dream

Rich man visits you at home

Running away from crazy person

Receiving food in a dream

Receiving food package in a dream

Red melon

Running white horses into the sea

River moving quick

Road vanished while driving

Rat shit in dreams

Rejecting a hug in drem

Running in dark

Radha krishna swinging

Repairing a tombstone

Removing lips

Removing a snail from it shell

Returning back the tasbeeh to me

Riding a buffalo

Rooster biting on the leg

Removing thali with permission of my dad because not to feel embarrassed infront of my friends.... but i am not married

Rubbing shea butter on a friend in dreams

Rice and oil dream

Red and cloak

Ripped belt

Running around in building looking for someone

Raven comming out of mouth

Receiving money from unkown

River take away my shoe

Receiving boots

Ripe,rice and farm

Ripe rice farm seen in dream



Rough water crashing vessels

Reuniting for minutes

Red sabut chilli

Rotten fruots

Reserved seat

Running away from mountain lion dream

Rescue child from drowning

Receiving the bible in a dream

Rabbits running across the road

Riding on rooftop of the bus

Rebuking demons in my dreams

Recently deceased relative ignoring you in dream

Removing bee stinges from hands

Riding a bicycle on a flat land and after after finding a slop of land

Red sphika with white cross symbols which spirit

Rejected in interview before interview me

Rotting draw

Received vibhurhi

Replace ball joint

Received too many jewelry but rejecting dome in drrams

Received too many jewelry but rejecting

Removing worms from my nipples

Raw coffee bean

Red cardinal in your backyard

Red wooden shoes

Reciting surah kafiroon

Resting head on shoulder

Receiving i love you

Racing in a swimming pool with my family

Receiving tofee in the dream

Round white s

Red bean

Red bean coming out of my nose

Riding bikes at night

Rat clothes eat


Removing features from chicken

Removing pin from cat throat

Receiving something

Recieving sometning

Removing dandruff out of my long thick black hair

Removing spider web frm my vehicle

Removing sand from stock pile

Received food from other

Rding on a bus with my crush and he hands me a piece of paper

Rding on a bus with my crush

Receiving a sweater from an ex

Reciting hasbunallau waniimal waqeel

Red hot charcoal

Rubber bullets in a dream

Ring bracelet

Royal blue nails

Rasogolla in my dream

Raw pap pore away from your hand in the dream


Reading out names

Rabbits number in teer

Rice paddyy

Removing a jiko from water

Rude celebrities

Rubbing oil on someone chest and back

Recite ziyarat in dream

Restraining order

Removing grass from the church

Ridi g a bike with two flat tires

Running out of school

Red bath water

Rats in a dream

Running somone over

Rooster skeleton

Running away from avalanche

Rainy weather

Removing fish bone from my teeth | dream interpretation

Reve bouteille de parfum

Rotten grain


Ripping skin off your heel

Running with an empty wheelbarrow

Red petals

Red sour grapes

Red eye lids

Riding a banca

Redress and way forward

Riding my horse bare back and galloping away to get away from a horrible situation

Robot arm

Return home country from abroad before work contract finish

Rat walking on me

Receiving water from step mom

Rubbing lemon of face

Rat bite dreams

Robbery of my honey by thief

Ripping seat in dream

Robin upside down on a wire

Round circular house

Repairing curtain rod


Ripped bible in my dream

Rowdy are coming daily i am killing them

Rude children

Relative who has passed riding a unicycle and crashes

Rooster mating a hen dream meaning

Red datuk

Racist child

Rude child on sidewalk

Racist rude child on path

Rooster escape from house

Rolling node

Reciting durood e ibrahim in my dream

Road accident avoided

Rosted grams

Receiving crayfish in the dream

Right big eye woman

Red scalp

Ram paduka in dream

Rain in ship

Remarry your spouse in the dream

Remarry the same person in the dream

Reparing mobile

Reparing phone

Remarry in the dream

Round up cattle

Rubber bands in mouth

Red beans dream

Raining huge icd blocks

Roots and plant in right leg by knee


Raw meat carrying

Roll of nickels

Rescue bird from fire

Receiving cake from my grandma

Red water in the dream

Ripped jaw

Rat eating my panties

Red color dream

Red dream

Road diversion

Rebuking spirits in my dream

Red hen in dreams

Rabbits falling from sky

Refrigerator missing iin kitchen

Road changing

Red snake with blue streaks in house with lions outside

Red snake with blue streaks

Round hose

Red roundly crystal

Rice in the dream

Rotten food in a refrigerator

Ripe plantains

Registering at a school

Random boy suddenly appear in my dream

Red gram dal dream

Receiving eucalyptus leaves

Roasted chana spreading everywhere

Rice and water dream meaning

Rockstar has eyes

Roses submerged in water

Received torn money in dream

Reading quran near grave

Refusing to drink water given in a cup by someone ina dream

Refusing to drink water given in a dream

Running from gunshot

Roasted pork in the dream

Rivers flowing in opposite directions

R50 dream

Roasting goats ovals

Removing feathers on chickens in dream

Ring down sink

Ring falling down a plughole

Recover lost phone

Receiving jasmine flowers in temple

Recover lost ohone

Removing thorns from hand

Rinsing mouth at river

Reciting dua ina prayer

Reaccuring dreams about dead lover

Red chickens and cardinals

Radio announcer

Rain ice

Rice and sugar giveb for you

Rust screws

Reaching for something in a white satin bag

Red runes

Right upper thigh burning

Received pants dream

Received pants as a gift

Rain fall with stones


Right leaking blood water and milk

Ronda el house


Rabbana atina fid dunya dream

Rabbana atina dream

Rabbit in toilet

River going upwards

Riding a bike and the bike gets burned in a dream. what does it mean?

Reciting la illaha illah

Running home

Rotting onion

Red cow in a dream

Ronald reagan in a dream

Refused to give water in dream

Recuurent intense thoughts of a person with unfinished problems and conversation

Rock art painting

Ring fell in a river

Rejecting invitation

Reading yaseen

Received dirty money in a dream

Rs one zero zero

Rotten food in

Rotten food and

Recitinh inna lilahi in dream

Resisting signing a contract

Removing callouses from feet

Rotten crops

Ruined crops

Red engagement ring

Runningaway from drugd oldfriend dealer.

Receiving jasmine flowers garland from temple in dream meaning


Roof dream meaning

Receiving a dress from a dead aunt

Receiving henna powder

Receiving henna for unmarried girls

Red black white feathers

Rotten black milk in a container

Running in the datkness


Rabbits in my dream

Robbing my gold chain

Repeating dinging sounds in a dream means

Repeating soft dings in a dream

Rough icy road

Rude nurse

Receiving a ring

Roofing sheets dream

Roofing ironsheets

Roofing sheets

Receiving food from old neighbour in dream

Repaired broken window glass by a deceased parent

Refused to be handcaffrd

Received a curtain as a gift

Repairing a ring

Return of your son as a kid

Reheating baked cornbread

Religiius school

Receiving plants as gifts

Rate bite

Receiving, bunch, unripe and plantain

Ripe paw paw

Repairing a leak in a water pipe dream meaning

Repairing a leak in a water pipe

Richman holding cake

Richman luck number

Richman holding fish cake

Rich man holding cake dream number

Rubbing me of money

Racing someone in a swimming pool

Recurring dreams of killer whales chasing me

Role of a student mean what

Ring with blue stome

Ripe mango and chery tomatoes dream during pregnancy

Rice flaxes

Receiving kungam turmeric and coconut flower in dream

Room filling with smoke

Removing hair from clothes

Reoving hair from cothes

Receive gift from dead relative

Receiving coin from a man

Removing torn cloth

Removing a fish from mad

Raven wathching

Rice and water in dream meaning


Rotten meat dreams

Rubbing alcohol in mouth

Rice and field

Rope over ocean

Rusty wired fence

River carrying my shoes away

Rent sign

Rain beating ones clothes in a dream

Roasting arrow roots

Raising the dead

Recording a clock as a gift

Reading la holewala quwata illa bills in dream

Repairing a cracking wall in the dream

Running named with my part er from a crowd

River full of grass

Restricted and panicking in layers of tangled singlets

Restricted in layers of clothes

Relaxing hair in a dream

Removed snail shell in the dream means what

Received chicken as gift

Receiving chicken is a dream

Resuscitation baby

Restaurant boots

Raising a flag

Rice and beans with stew

Rice and vea

Riding an elevator

Red letters on white blouse

Receiving dandelion



Running in tar



Removing leeches with salt

Red begonias

Rabid racoon

Rotten betlenut

Rejecting gods


Red house in dream

Rice turn to maggots

Rental from tenant

Removing cobwebs on the wall

Removing soil from around a plant

Resting head on someones shoulder

Romancing a fellow woman in my dream in my dream

Reciting ziarat ashura

Red light bulb on my head

Rat jumping on you

Red bumps on arms

Received many gifts from one person

Receiving a foreign call on my phone

Running up on a snake in the road

Rich mom

Red beads in dream vomiting


Renovations of my old school

Rice a d ben eaten in the dream

Red colour in face of girl

Refinishing hardwood floors

Returning a bag in my dream

Red cross in a dream

Refusing airplane

Receiving akara in dream

Recting quran and crying

Reciting quran and crying

Rotting fruit dream meanings

Riverside temple

Rice in adreem

Rice plants in adreem

Rice garden

Recieving razor blade in a dream

Rope in neck

Reading comic book

Rice plantation in a dream

Rice field in a dream

Romantic partner being cranky with you


Rotten meat with maggots

Riding motorbike uphill

Remembering locker combination

Ruined blanket

Racing in a challenge passing through like a small tunnel

Robot chasing you in the dream

Red envelooe

Riding motorcycle with dog

Rubbing glue into face

Red palm oil


Running and hiding away myself from a madman means

Red water flooding my house and world

Receiving a letter from the dead

Rat in a pot

Receiving a phone number

Receiving grapes from the dead

Red and buffello

Rooster and hen mating

Rowdy young children

Releasei g someone tiedup

Red pliers

Received a land

Reverse slippers

Receiving old envelope

Road accident involving trucks

Road accident of trucks

Returning shoes to store

Russell wilson

Receive white kola nut

Running and laughing children

Red dress engagement rings

Red fairies

Returning a gulf cart

Rent collection

Riding in wagon

Receive stone with two symbols engraved

Remodeling a church

Ruff sea n bit by fish

Roast and green breadfruit

Red chunni gven to me on karwa chauth

Receiving furtiture as gifts

Rudraksh in dream


Rocky path

Red mosque

Rabana atina

Rash in scalp

Running water and wispers

Roman me

Rotting vegetables in fridge

Receiving money from dead father in law

Ringed shaped clouds in dream

Reciting there is no god but allah

Rubbing, red, oil, body seen in a dream.

Rush in hand

Running into the white clouds

Red lightening lines

Red lighting bolts

Rejected cooked meat in my dream means

Red rosary interpretation