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Dreams starting with the letter N

Number one four in dreams

Not knowing someone is a twin

Navy ink running out of my eyes


Not wearing clothes

Needing to go to the bathroom

Not wearing scarf in the dream

Nightmare during pregnancy


Nut and betel dream number

Neon lights


Najasat dekhna

New clothes and long new shoes

Number for meeting


Needle and thread and to be cut by it

Not being hired

Nandi talking with me

Nandi giving milk to me

No escape with my son evil person at door knocking

Neam tree

Naagalingam poo comes in dream

Numbers on a wall

New cars for the country

Not studying for a test

Not studying for tests

Night sky with white clouds

Night clouds sky

Nephew crying

Not knowing wife well

Nice decoration on my bed prepared by my partner

Need to give baby in sun water to drink

Nine of club card

Neighbor cleaning my house

Net under you

Not able to see driving

Nephew sick in grandmas dream

Nephew sick

Nails, beauty and make up

Neamotode in dream

Needle in arm dream

No drawing blood

Nose wax partner

Not signing

Needing bathroom

New uniform new school

Narrow escape

New hear dreams

Neurologic cat pet

Night dream of visit to madina

Never see boyfriend in my dream

Not able to set a clock

Neck piercing

Neck piercin

No husband

Non muslim having dream of shahada recitation

Nit being able to protect yourself

Nail pins sole foot

No back tires

Number eight four five

Ngilwa nesigebengu

Nearly being shot

Nine suns and a bright rainbow in the sky

Nightwear in public

Not being allowed to or else countdown get faster

Niemand gelooft mij

Not being served at a restaurant

Night party

New blinds

Not lit until

Non believers

Naloose nga ngude eddalu


Nengey pair urine jana

Not finding where i parked my car in a dream

Nimeota naona barua ya kikazi,na imesainiwa na boss wangu wa zamani,nini maana yake

Nino wearing green

Nino with red

Nino wearing and

Nino red and

Nightdancers wanting to eat me in dream

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesifazane engine oswidi abehlukahlukene

No tongue in mouth

Neem flowers falling on you and noticing their fragrance

Nine six six two nine

Not wearing foot wear in the dream

Number of shirt ties

No shoes in public

Nancy pelosi


Not recognized

Not seeing

Number two one

No 9rivacy in public toilets

Non harmful snake

Ningas kugon meaning

Not helping someone because of suspicious

None bleeding stab wounds on the back of my hands and wrists. to save my friend from getting hurt

None bleeding stab wounds on the back hands and wrists. to save my friend from getting hurt

None bleeding stab wounds on the back hands and wrist

Non bleeding wounds

No wheels on car



Name written on a doormat

Number sign of of carabao in a dream

Number sign of carabao in a dream

Netting fish

Noah and muhammed

Nino atocha

No doors

New desk in your study

New black slippers

Ntjeti cloth different colours and meaning

Ndoto ya kusaini kiwanja kikubwa kinauzwa

No under wear in the dream, meaning

Ndoto ya majipu na mapele makubwa ya usaa

Nearly hit by bus

Number plate meaning

Nine eight

New deck of cards

Not going on a date

Not going to meet someone

Not showing up to a date

Not oneself in grave alive being buried

Not cheating on your bf


Neglecting a child

No i

Neighbour thief caught

Not picked for marriage

New water mater in dream

Negotiating vehicle price in a dream

Nine eight nine eight three eight three eight four three


Nhận định về sự thờ ơ

Not breathing

Night drem ghost teer no

New shoes dream

Not having a ticket on the train

Nickel wrapped in tape with a rolled up paper with a name on it

No shirt/bra

Not able to reach for apple

No four dog

Not being able to find a toilet

Number shillong

Nervous system

New baby born in shillong teer dream no.

Numb fingers

Narrow unpaved path with hills

Nephew running away

Niqab dream

Neighbor winning the and quitting his job

Nowhere to sit

Navel herniated

Nidhivan, vrindavan


Not being given a free gift

New money

Not prepared for a performance

Numbers7-one one

Neon green bananas

New house dreams


No drean

Number two eight

Not lactating

Number represents water

Nerves, forcefully pulled out

Nylon cord




Ngiphuphe nginabanye sigqoke ngubo ephuzi no green zesonto

N c

New teeth growing dream

New mairead wife number

Nose with mucus

Nan turning to dust

Needles in fingers


No children

Not invited to your neighbors party across the street from you

Nacked dreams

Name being called in dream

Narasimmam fighting

New animal enters house

Name of countries

New watch dream number

Noor macca

Not being seated in a restaurant

Not take lsd

Nice food with ants

Nice food with insects

New bought white dump truck

Nake praying for some one

Neil polishing

Naves eoman one leg

Nose with four holes

Neighbor who is an enemy closing their job before time

Not being the father

Nuke dream

Ndoto za kuon shimo la choo

Night dancer chasing me

No bath

Number seven three

Number three zero zero

New digital camera

Not lending money dreams

Number dream interpretation

No home

Need to buy one sack charcoal meaning in dreams

Need to buy one sack charcoal

Nominating on an island

No deodorant

New possibilities

Name on tombstone

New and latest phone as gift from a celebrity

Not able to talk

Nephew in law

No speaking

Not speaking

Not waking up

No eysight

No cell phone service

Notes in bottles

Not prepared for an exam

Nail polish falls off fingers

News of death of a family member through a phone call from someone you rarely talk to

Neglecting something


Noahs ark

Needing liver transplant

Nasira ang rebulto

Numbers of beaten madman by policema on lottrey

Not remembering and others do

Ncing around the light and the skirt was blown up by the air but it was covered in a minute by my hands

New finger

Not prepared for a swim competition

Ngipha ngisemfuleni isitiba

Number symbol of jackfruit

Nose boogers

Ninja attacking in my house and killing

No freedoms

Natraj god

No bedroom wall

No bedroom wal

Not being able to get help for my ex husband

Neem dream islamic meni g

Not redeemed yet

Nobel prize


Nephew gets hired for a job

Native american indian child

Nzungu mbishi

No engine

Numbers to n triangles

Necklace present

Non successful abortion

New work place

Name written wrong

Not being served in a restaurant

Not able to call a person

Need air

Not wearing my gold bangals in dream

Not being able to see when dri

Not being able to see when driving

New saree gift by mom

Nice biting feet

Nido king

Nurse going to draw my blood

Number of dreaming alive friend but already deceased

No trousers on in public

New dog brings back duck

Nails in the ankle

Needing to use the toilet

Needing to see

Nose like pinnochio

Neglected dog under a bed

Neglected dog under bed

Native with feather

Native elder

Na mahram

Non mahram holding your hands

Necked girl

Newborn baby girl with teeth


No hot water

No ceiling

Necked neighbor

Neighbor having herpes rush

Neighbor ex

Numbers related to dream of dead ex husband

Nobody would bandage my feet after cutting them on broken glass

Nobody would bandage my seats after cutting on broken glass


Night sky and day sky together

No soap in the shower

Name marked

New vaccine

Neighbors dog being out of fence

Need to pee but all toilets are overflowing

Needle stabbing my feet

New fast car pearl color

Nice silver ware

Namaz direction changes in dream

Neighbors garden


Numer one five zero

Number of rabbit

Nine ovlock at night

Nine pm

Nacket girls see in dream

Navy blue kitten

Newly deceased person wearing white clothes but dirty hands

New house slanting

Needles and yarn

Navy and white dress

Need to buy daughter new clothes

No communication with family

Nysc uniforms

Nail splitting

No feather bird

New building houses

Nine two number

New luxury home

Neligent meaning


Natives sponge

Newborn with cancer

No water in the ocean

New job title

Neighbours house renovated

Not being able to cross the road

Numbers money talk

New moon i saw in my dream

Nail varnish bottle

Nepa staffs in the dream

Non mahran

Nails in my head

New phase

New stage

Not taking exam

Noon dreams

Not beging served

New clothes as gifts

No privacy in bathroom

New purple saree

Nebula and blue lights


Nails bed

Nails in bed

No through roads

No plates

Nroken dishes


Nocary shop



Nose dream of something coming out

Not allowed to see wife anymore

Not allowed to see my wife

Non muslim reciting quran

Non muslim woman massaging muslim manager man legs an stating she wants to be with him

Nightmare of boyfriends parents


Newborn and mud



Number associated with carbon paper

Nalalagas na buhok


Nurse told me i was four months pregnant in front of my mum

Nurse told me i was four months pregnant

New floor in a building

Not done packing for a trip

National championship

Not sitting with the dead

Not sitting

Not taking an invitation

New sports car


Net in front of face

Not attend school class

Neighbor giving me food


Nails in arm

Name of allah written on wall

Number for hyacinth

Not remembering partners name

Never ending string pulled of my tooth

Nine eight three two eight four four four eight five

Native american man watching me with folded arms

Noone in the world except me

Number two four

Number one six

Nandi and lord shiva walking together

Never ending cleaning and mess keep popping up

New watch wearing

Nicki minaj car conversation

Not providing

Number, death and woman seen in a dream.

Name gloria on paper

Native american girl

Need glasses

Native tribes

Not able to perform hajj

Nose being pierced with a ring on it

Narrow w path in woods lin ed with yellow leaves

New denial

No money

Not human

New and old buffalo in farm

New ans old buffalo in farm

Not being able stop car while driving

Number one zero

Nail clip


New trousers on someone else

Non mahram man holding tip of my fingers

New zealand pegion

Nieces wedding

Number combination

Not paying my fee

Nightmare of people being killed

Nail stuck in palm

Neem and coconut garland in drei

Never ending white string out of your ear

Nearly killed

Not able to cut wood

Not able to start a fire

Nine diamound

Nail in ankle

Nightmare of me falling off a bus

Numbers associated with tangerine

Namaz dreams

Needle and papers inside box seen taken out from soil

Native american face painted

Never ending day light

Not being able to switch on the lights

Not being able to switch on the lighets but then having someone help me in switching it on

Necat person pea in a basin

Nakhuun me nailpaint dekhna

New penties

Nephew injured on the foot

Nose bleeding black

Numbers and symbols

No money in wallet at the aurport

New carpet on the stairs

Nine zero five

Not talking to spouses


Nightmare of a centipede

Not finding your ticket

Need to rescue animals

Non muslim turning muslim

Not able to lit diya

Number three six nine

Night rain

New pantyhose with run it

Needing to get nails trimed

Newt in face

Night and turned daylight

Nuke and bowling

Nake girl and my boyfriend

Negotiating car price


Not being invited to a wedding

Nipples being sucked

Norrfolk pine tree seeds

Ngigqoke iphinifa elisha


No handshake

Necklaces in a jeweler box

National rifle association


Need to wash hair

Number for mangoes

No sun

Not having enough money to pay

Non muslim saying shahada

New king size bed

Newborn dying

Nettle nut tree bearing three fruits

Number represent fighting woman in


Number one zero.in a dream means

Ngumbi flaying

Nuts and chips

No internet

No wifi

Not enough food for party

Nursing a horse to health

Name in a sign board

Nasal cannula

Not finishing salah in dream

Nagkukuha ng malunggay

Neighbors baby pee on my clothing

Needing to urinate but there public toilet is all bloody

News about father in law went on holiday and dead

New air pod dream

Not being my parents favorite

Not being the favorite child


Nomads with clothes

New born cat


New generation written in the sky

New generation

Not showered

Nine zero zero,zero zero zero


Not able to scream

Nail in the foot

New headboards


Nanit we

Native american chief on a horse riding slow in my backyard

No windshield dream

Newborn baby teer number

Numbers about green and fertile mealie fields


Ndi nne mama

Nine month old baby

New car by in dream

Number four nine

Nightmare about being beaten to death by ex boyfriend

Nana ka logo ke sath gle milna

Nandi dream

Neem tree and peepal tree together in n dreams

Number one nine meaning

New apartment surrounded with friends

Not seeing a face

No control

Not being able to contact the police

Native american huts

Native american meaning of entering a beautiful hut

New cloth




New baby girl bron


Nazi school

New born got baby

Number six ,five,zero

Not picking son from school



Nice looking enamel

Number of a dead person

Not allowed in a group photo

Not able to dress up on time

Nice view

Not having identity card at check point

Never ending block buildings

Neighbors being shot

Not being able to save a baby from falling

Nursery bed

Nasserry bed

Nothing is ready

Nimbus clouds

Number three in my left hand

Non mahram

Number dream nine two two

Nun attacking you

Night time on highway

Not guilty verdict

Not guilty

Ngiphuphe ngidla nyama yangaphakathi

Neck bones


Newborn baby covered in muck

Newborn baby in muck with worms all over the baby

Name and book

Not wearing hejab in a dream

New employments

Number one nine

Nose and eye injury

Nipple with mold

Noah arc

Niece doppelganger

Neighbor starving

Native american indian in full head dress

Neighbor renovating home


New born baby cry in dream

Not knowing

Native american attacks

Nine and ten

Nanganak na uod

New job for a friend

Numbers related to the grave

Neighbor sell all his things

Neighbor selling everything he owned

Nails metals

Nutmeg dreams meaning

No pool admittances

Nails impaled in feet

Nightmare holds the pen

Name of a dream of a spotted cow

Number for hearts


Not being wanted

Near a river

Nipa hut dream meanings

Not having correct attire as a wedding guest

New wounds behind legs

Neighbour house on fire

Nose job

Nuclear bomb mountains fires deceased father

Nose plastic surgery

No gifts given at wedding

Neighbor killing me in wreck

New visitors in the dream

Not being given food by family members in a dream for two days what does it mean

Nanaginip na my 3rd eye


Night club twerking


New technology

Not serve food in the dream

Nose hairy

Native american women singing

Not wearing hijab in dream

Not remembering school schedule

Number equivalent

Nagalingam flowers in dream

Not enough food for guests dinner party

Nazi lazer

Newly married couple comes in my home

Newly married couple comes i. my house

Normal size men then midgets

Number two meaning what in dream

No tea bags

New person dating

Naughty female child

Napkins falling in the toilet

Ny cousin was in my dreams with water

Name of office park

Number four in dream

Not going to class and then having exams

Nipple feel off

No money to buy food for family

Not paying your bill at a restaurant

New house as a gift

Negative associations with snakes

Navy blue dress in dream

Neon colors

Not finding a toilet

Neighbour moved out overnight

Note paper

Not know my lines

No speaking just quieted


No houses or people

No connection

Naughty kids

Navuka kwenye maji yaliyotulia, nimelipia gari yangu msimamizi wa feri anakataa pesa hadi nilipombembeleza sana. nilikua na mke wangu lakini hatukusimama pamoja ndani ya kivuko

Nas the rapper

Number of shrimp

Number one one


Neglecting patients

Nurse forgetting patient

Non muslim man praying salah in my dream

Not able to find god

Neglected children

Navy couch

Neck out of joint

Neglected child

Nacked people


Not being human

Neck turning black

No floor

Necklace and charm bracelet

Nine nine

Never reaching a destination

Near miss car accidents

Number ten

Nachos with cheese

New garbage can

Narrow unfamiliar reroute

Niece being raped

No seat at the table


Nabiyude name akashathu kandal

Needles on head

Not being able to serve a volleyball

Numerous newspapers


Not being resurrected

Nose repaur

Nose reapir

Newspaper shop

Not able to speak even if trying a lot

Nettle nut dream namber

Nagalingam flowers

Nightmare of a demon in the dark a light coming from a door

Not admitting to spouse

Numbers for bus stop dre

Nose diving airplane

Numbers for cake dream

Numbers one five.seven

New beginnings

Nun trying to kill you

Needing assistance buttoning a shirt

Next day i go to work and my colleagues tell me tat i m terminated from the job

No water in the sea

Not being served at a resultant

Number for rhino

Name of city

Name kevin

Number associated with dead man

Nine nine names of allah

Number seven two

Neglected and bullied by friends

Numbers falling off watch

Nuclear bomb radius

Name felix

Number zero

Nuke bomb

Not given part in a play

Number one two

Nine goose eggs

Narrow straight road

Not being able to turn off tv

New mexico

Nature sounds

Not enough room to swing golf club

Not receiving forgiveness

Nut in dream and what is the lucky no.

No paying for your car

Narrow road with steepy sides

No transportation

Naughty pixie

Not able to go walk on bridge of sirat

Not finishing the bridge of sirat

Neck cuff

Non smoker but holding a cigarette

Not smoking but holding a burning cigarette

Needle dream interpreter

Nail stak in shoes

New house fireman pole into pool

Necked woman climbing the tree

New transplant meaning

Naval palam

Navy doctor

No plate buffet


New babies, school functions, deserts, playing in mud

Not flies in ears

Not giving sister cloths

No shirt dream

Navel with ink in it


Number girlfriend

Nose ring breaking

Nipples growing

Negotiating money

Nasal mucus removal from baby

Neigbours house is on fire


Nose slit


No one hears me

Needy in dream

No network

New ihpone from father

Native american and

Needles carpentry

No eyelids

Nine hundred

Nine zero zero

Ngiphuphe mlunguwesifazane

Non stop long call

Nelli fruit tree

Notated and string

Notated string out

Nonflowing fountain

New house dream

No ceiling in room

Needles in bellybutton


Numbers metaphors

Nuts out of ear

No service in a restaurant

Navy blue bedding

Number of four eight mean

Noone recognise me

Number one zero zero

Not having bus fare

No leaves on tree

Nightmare of my character

Nose blocked by snail

Niece creepy

Niece in two different rooms

New empty home with curtain.closed behind my while washing dishes and a tv going on and finding a huge written sign with various information like a unknown social security number social sewashing d

Not recognised keychain on my bag

Number written on

Number written and

No covering

No dowry

Nailing a window

No face in dream

No one can hear me or see me

Narrow canyon on thin ice

Not paying a cop back

No hand shaking

New house on a cemetery

Nakakakita ng multo sa panaginip

Number two zero

Nine six number hanged on wall in dream, lucky number

Number eight

New waitress job

Now job waiting tables

New waitress job overwhelmed

Name adonis

Number seven in a dream

Name spelled differently

Never died

Numbers associated with snakes in a dream

Not being able to light diya

Neighbour house is dismantled

Not talking to spouse in a dream

Number of broken pool table

Not saying it

Nun with black eyes and black mouth

Neighbor taking flowers from your yard

Newbu aachar seen in dream


New workplace

Not being able to open eyes being on a bus

Nfl players

Nail being cut with my hair

Needle in heart

Non muslim friend being muslim

Northumbria fluid

No faucet

Not enough drinks glasses

Number for truck three ball

New plates

New dresse

New lover

Non veg and

Non veg in

Normally breathing under water

Niblizer machine


Notes and coins on ground in dream

Name written on paper

Not wanting to go overseas

Not being able to see

Nice face turning evil

New curtain

Need homen dreams

Number one four

New night wear

New night ware

Nzu dream

New puppies poop

New puppies poop nice yellow and cream soft

Nermaids with tails cut off

Not having control of yourself from someone

Neck bruise

Near miss accident


Not wearing trouser in the dream

Nambar of one three nambar dreem

Needle blood dream

New quince

Numbers when we dream of trains

Naval fruit trees

National anthem

Nail in feet

Nails in

Non poisonous snake immersed in milk


Newborn boy with alot of phlegm



New clothes with holes

Name engraved on glass


Nine red headbands

Nba young boy

Name removed from list

Nest of snakes

Nails coming out of ear

North direction

Needles and money coming from mouth

Not seeing your open shoes

Necklace of gold

Nightmare girlfriend lost her fingers

New marble floor

Net on roof

Natrual disaters

Not getting in

No to lunch invite

Not in army uniform during war

Not paying for your food in a resturaunt and then walking out

Not paying for your food

Number one seven

Not open ackee

Narrow way with flowers

Neem tree get burned in branch


Neighour removing carpet

New growth hair

Not dream real that if flower fallen back ward from god what it indicates

Nipa hut w/ light

Nun waking up me

Nun wearing black cloth

Number eight drem

Number eight in my dream

Nicked infront a pastor

Not packed and ready for a vacation

New chappals

New toilet dream

Not being remembered by someone


Not being served food

Native american girl rescue

Not being able to park

Negotiation dream

Navel and ants

Navigating a falling bridge by boat

Numbers spoken to me

Navel piercing opening removing fat

Nine/one one

No plates for food

Navel being stabbed

Navel spiders

Nun with black eyes

Naughty children fighting dream meaning

National anthem in dream

No tickets

Not bringing right clothes for trip

Needles used to close my with something in it


Name dream

Not finding my hotel room

Needing to wash your hands

Not see person face

Not see face

Norwegian folk dress

Neighbor dead

Name badges

Not giving someone water

Nun with white dress

Numbers symbols meaning

Not enough food to go around

New wooden doors

Need to cough back cant

Ninja winner

Ninja or samurai

Nail poser

No water, building a kayak, the jungle

No helmet on bike

Nests and driving

No light

No rooms left

New driveway being constructed

Needles in face

Napier grass meaning in a dream

Nipple pulled

New stove and fridge


Neighbors husband

Neighbor husband


New covering for the floors

Night without and


Nightmares with fictional characters

No fences for protection

Newfoundland dogs everywhere trying to get in my house

Newdoundlog dogs all around and mits trying to get in the house

Not paying your food grocery bill

Neck breaking after getting hit by bus

Not able to write want i know in a dream

Numbers in lotto

Number one three ball


Not being able to run fast

New crown

Number one three


New luggage bags

Navigating unfamiliar territory

Not being seen or heard

Name peter

Noise in church

Nephew wrapped in white looking at me and cleaning


Nightmare about a ex dogs a stove and running to the car

Not belonging

Neapolitan pit viper