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Dreams starting with the letter N

Niece committing suicide

Not offered piza

Not offered food

Neck hole

Nail henna erased

Na mehram

Night dancers wanting to eatyou

Neighbors angry

Number two three

Not sitting still

Not picking up call

Nun attacking me

Number six in dice

Not able to.open eye

New environment beginning

Not having a ticker for public transporation

Nase berry

Not yet time to harvest the eggplant

Night fall is coming while your being stuck in a farm

Nightfall in a farm

Necklace with a cross pendant

Necklace with a cross

Neck snap

Number two zero seven

Name being yelled

Name ferdinand

Name gerund

Niece carrying a baby

Nail cutting device

Number two two

No electricity and weird weather

Naas dream interpretation

North carolina in dream

Number of people in a dream

Not wanting to eat

Not wanting to eat goat

Nikkah in dream

New bag gift


Nysc uniform


Nail in the bottom of my foot

Not getting promotion

Numbers for bag

Neighbor built a brick fence

Name ethan

Numbers for knocking on door

Not helping

Nun wearing white hat blackndress

Nose mucus

Native melon

Neck bullet sitting in car

Number two in dreams

Not being believed in dream


Nurse hug love


Not really being able to sleep, but see a snake crawling at the top of your door frame, not a real snake just the vision of one

News reporters

Nice picture of tiger in the sky tend into flames and fell on me

New dead

Nasty food

No exit

New curtains and tore curtains

New black men shoes

Neighbor sweeping my yard

Not looking up

Number and door

Number one zero five zero

New baby born dream number

New cooking pots

Net interpretation

Neck lace silver bronze coluor

Necklace dreams meaning and number of teer

Nickless for the drems

New bed bante dekhna

Not being served with food in a dream

Neck and broken

Not to take many clothes when travelling

Not giving visitors attention in a dream and feel guilty about it

Naputo na rosaryo

Nine two

Not getting result paper

Note from an eel

Not being allowed inside a house

Navel name

Night hawk

Nails in pizza

Necklace pulled neck

Neptune in my dreams

Nun black

Nice running in house

Native americans called the one two attacking

Nylon rope

Negatives of photos

Non-muslim, woman, wearing, hijab

Naik soedbot terbalik saya selamat artinya apa?

Neighbors performing hajj

Naik perahu terbalik penumpang berenang dengan selamat

Numer five two

Not wearing clothes after bath

Ndoto ya kufanya biashala afu unaenda mtoni

Not been let in to house where my husband is

Not able to light the diya

No examiner in exams

Number five interpretation

Non muslim reciting quran in dream

New house many times

Nightmare about pet

Number one eight

Nails being taken off

Number for mushrooms

Not resisting

Neglected hospital building

Neglected warehouse building

Neglected building

Numbers to play in lotto when you see a nun

Numbers to play in lotto when you see a lion and escape

No wheels

Number and money

Near miss hit by a small plane

Nine zero zero zero and seven zero zero zero meaning of shillong teer number

No stars in sky

No stars in sly

Not allowed to enter masjid

Numbers of everthing

Northern nigeria royal dressing

Nose pimple

Num er five

Nu ber two two

Not getting food on party



Neighbor burning themselves

Not exist animal creature

Nanaginip ng malunggay

Nestling in my dreams

Name written in a book

No shoes in winter

Not caught in a chase dream

Number three reversed

Numbers in the bible

Neighbor house been for sell


Ndivhuwo ❤️


New baby dreams shillong teer

Nice colourful blankets

No body on legs

Neon yellow

Narrow steps

No back door people keep robbing me

Neck dream interpretation

Naval leaking water

New blukets

Nose injruy

New white shoes getting dirty | dream interpretation

Net wax dirt

Nataraja statue in temple in dream

New lumber smell

Nursing a wounded animal back to good health

Newborn not breathing

Notice papers in a dream

Normal belt

New friends dream

Newspaper delivery boy in adream

Newspaper delivery boy in a dream

Not wearing school dress for a school event

New eine

Nail polish disappeared from nails

New shoes in the trash can

Neihgbor house burning

Neihgbor house borning

Niece in a car accident

No nose face

Narrow green carpet

Not able to talk in my dream

New wood cabinets

Nimeota naona manyoya mengi chini sakafuni


Neighbour house collapse in my dreams

Not getting a promotion

No kissing

Number of friends holding her baby

No room in the hotel

No stop

No stop signs

Number of catabao in


Numbers for wrist watch

Not being able to walk

Ninimaana yakuota ukiwa mdudu washa

Nimrod had waken up

Nigeria boy

Nearest man die before night

New house layout


No mirrors

Name taylor

Neck bite death

Nickels and dimes

New handbags from trash

News article

Not seeing the grooms face

New high school

Non food item found in meal

Not yourself

No hamds

Not being in agreement with sermon at church

Nipples bitten off

Nailing down the neck with iron nails

Nine five zero number

New key removed and replaced with old

Not invited to a friends wedding

Not having a tooth

Non muslim reciting shahadah

Non muslim reciting hahah

New house with awful neighbour

New beautiful rondavel

Neighbor building a house

Non muslim saw in dream in slash

New bed and a big black bed

Nigrafalls waterfall canada

Nigra fall




No convering

Numbers for monkey

Neglected horses

Not being able to open eyes

New bag old bag

Near death car accident

Non muslim wearing hijab

New born baby and mother

Not able to complete a task because of roadblocks

Nasal mucs

Not having pants on at school

Neat clothes

Nail on the head

New, smooth blue road built on ocean

Note in dreaming

Necklace strangling


Not having a left arm

Ngiphuphe ngimuka namanzi


Newborn rabbits

Nose ring broken

Native american painted horse

Nipple sucking

Non maharm in dream

Numero ng sunog sa panaginip

Nacked dream shillong teer number

Not looking at it in the eyes

Not shaving legs

Nightmare meaning

Native drums in my dreams

Needles stuck in my eye

Needles pulled from eye

Nikkah dream

Number one five

Nail spliting


Nice clothing

Number nine zero

New sim card with airtime

Number two eight four

Noah ark

Night time in a drea

Noose breaks

News of family member death

Nut see dream what will be the number for shillong teer

Nutritional food for losing weight

New babu girl born

Not being recognized by husband

Number of own death

Nose hurt

No one listening

Nail in nose

Not being accepted

Nudity, lost, scared

Name spelt backwards

Neck hurts

Neat closet


Native indian women with feather in hair




Nice put table

New blankets dream meaning

Newspapers floating in the sea

Number and letters


Northern light

Not having enough food for guests

Numbers of mushrooms dream number

Numbers of mushrooms dream no

Narrow boats

News of an accident

Navy snake

Navy and blue snake together

Nail skull relative

Nameplate with picture

Never reaching your destination

Not getting paid

No panty in public

Not making enough food for guests

Not making enough food for guseo

Neighbour refusing greetings

Nipple on neck

Naloose nga embwa enkomberera kitegeza ki

Nanaginip ka na may tumubo sa iyong palad na white bobble pin



Nuclear earthquakes

Nuclear earth quakes

Nacho chips

New empty laundry baskets

Neighbours house collapsing to our house meaning

Not finishing a school paper on time

No hand and legs skeleton

Never ending road

Nose remove from fave

Native american indian chief

Not got uniform for you child

Number for bitten in a dream

New fifty notes

Needle in bread

Needles and pins and rings

Nose blooding in a dream

Nursing animal

Number for white ribbon

Needle in throat and mouth

Needles sticky up out the floor

Neem flowers

Number one one three

Niece child pregnant

Name billy

Nose ingury

Not being able to put something together

Navel ring leaking water


No food and money

Next-door boy failing in exams

New blonde hairstyle in a dream

Naugty boy dream meaning

New borehole in dream

Not being able to find personal items

Ngidubula ubuntu ashone

Not given food in a wedding

Nursing a baby

Ngiphuphe ngithenga umuzi ne moto

Necklace of the virginity on it

Neon green car

Nose half falling apart dream

Nose half falling down

Numbers for climping mountain

New born baby lucky number

Nandi is attacking on me and and some people are tryinv to safe me in the dreams

Neglecting pets

Nails wounded

Naiks wounded

No door knob

Not doing the school work to write a paper

Not reading the book to write a paper

Not being ready for final exams

Neam tree with flower

New gym

Neighbours using my washing line

New born baby girl laughing dream

Nightmare someone was scratching hing me

Nightmare someone was s

Nun killing me in my dreams

Neck tatoos


Neket girl deat shillong teer numper dream

Number one zero dream

New phone case

Nurse told me i was two months pregnant


Nepalese people

Nipple with milk coming out while holding baby

Not being able to play golf

N lood face

Neked girl

Nailed down windows

Needle on dress


Number three written in red ink

Ntwana we dlodlo

Nuclear cloud

Night jar

Number six nine dream

No steering wheels only remote dream meaning

Never able to find anything to wear

Nx coms

Not wanted in wedding party

Nose bleed in dream


Niece dead

Needing hospital

Negative cable cut

Native indian dancing

Non muslim praying namaz

Not muslim wearing hijab

Nandi attacking in a dream

Nikkah dream means

Nikaah dream means

New soomaaliwasmo two zero two two four

Necklace choking

Negotiating vehicle price in dream

Not been able to pay for a bus ride

Neem tree seedling

Night dancer attacking me

Naged girl

Noix de palme

Not having the complete uniform

Neighbour wearing a torn dress

Nicely dressed

Nebula in sky

Net over toilet

No wiperblades on car

Native woman crying

Not washing hands

Neighbors in my garden

Necklace with a pendant sun

Not winning a competition

No one to talk to

Nail clippings in food

Name written in red ink

Number of the dead

Numbers of the dead

Not paying school fees in dream meaning

Niece dies in dream

Niece gets shot in head

Ness boss

New birth certificate

No hair middle of head

Number of giving birth to a baby in shillong teer dream

Night vigil

Niece throwing your gold ring in river

Noisey puppy

Nails being hammered in the gums

Nel kathir

Not being able to swallow s

No windows

Not finding anything

Navy blue curtains

Necklece clock

Nice sea waves

Nacked bathing

Not being able to meet the plane


Not receiving roti

Not avington enough food for visitors

Nail iron dream

Needle and blood

Not having enough food for visitors

Nail clipping by someone in a dream

Nipple and transparent fluid

Nira uganda


Nail in foot

Nice sharks

Newborn clothes for baby girl

Netflix and chill

Name written on gold

Nightgown dreams

Nine two zero hail mary dream

No seatbelt

Numbers etched in skin

No climax

Nazi germans

Netanyahu my boss zohar book


Number of dreaming prophet

Nipple covers

Neighbour house for sale


Nectarines flowing in clean water

Not prayed for in a prayer congregation

No face woman hair braded on the side

Nagini in dream

N plucking with my friends

Net dream

New staple wires

Native music

Not acting like themselves

Nose prick has been done

Nub index finger

Number harvest of sorghgum

New zealand tiaha

Name in dirt

Names in dirt


Negotiating for a land with hole in the dream

Neddles from hand

Number eight in dream

Nice orange peel but rotten orange inside

New solar battrey

Neighbor wants to borrow my water hose

Not able to answer

No doors in house

Not finishing task

Nephew shot and died

Neem flower in your dream

Nibble someone

Number four zero zero

No ears

Nagaabang ng sasakyan sa tabi ng bundok


Nose dive dream

November two two one nine seven six


Nail through the foot

Neglected my father

New job at seaside pier


Neighbour using my washing line

Numbers for dreaming

Not to hear

Numbers jewelry and

Negative energy in home

Next door neighbours house exploded but my house was still standing

Neck cut by knofe

New house without doors and windows

No no

Nailed closed door

Number two six

No vehicle on the highway

Ngiqhoke iphinifa elisha

Nails in my feet

No going to school

Nursing a celebritys child

Naitive indian woman

Nine of diamonds cards

Numbers seven and one one

Number for tongue

Newly painted house in a dream

Nose broken

Noisy knitting needles

Number for gold

Nothing left of house

New toenail in my dream mean

Name and may

Navel bleeding

Nipples with hair on it

New laptop

Nightfall in morning dream number

Night angel

Night angle


Neck marks

Nipples falling off

Nipples falling off after feeding?


Navy blue hat

No nose on face

New colths

Nurse folder


No bullets in gun

Non dominant arm veins

Nearly swimming with crocodiles

Necklace going down drain

Number one four in dreams

Not knowing someone is a twin

Navy ink running out of my eyes


Not wearing clothes

Needing to go to the bathroom

Not wearing scarf in the dream

Nightmare during pregnancy


Nut and betel dream number

Neon lights


Najasat dekhna

New clothes and long new shoes

Number for meeting


Needle and thread and to be cut by it

Not being hired

Nandi talking with me

Nandi giving milk to me

No escape with my son evil person at door knocking

Neam tree

Naagalingam poo comes in dream

Numbers on a wall

New cars for the country

Not studying for a test

Not studying for tests

Night sky with white clouds

Night clouds sky

Nephew crying

Not knowing wife well

Nice decoration on my bed prepared by my partner

Need to give baby in sun water to drink

Nine of club card

Neighbor cleaning my house

Net under you

Not able to see driving

Nephew sick in grandmas dream

Nephew sick

Nails, beauty and make up

Neamotode in dream

Needle in arm dream

No drawing blood

Nose wax partner

Not signing

Needing bathroom

New uniform new school

Narrow escape

New hear dreams

Neurologic cat pet

Night dream of visit to madina

Never see boyfriend in my dream

Not able to set a clock

Neck piercing

Neck piercin

No husband

Non muslim having dream of shahada recitation

Nit being able to protect yourself

Nail pins sole foot

No back tires

Number eight four five

Ngilwa nesigebengu

Nearly being shot

Nine suns and a bright rainbow in the sky

Nightwear in public

Not being allowed to or else countdown get faster

Niemand gelooft mij

Not being served at a restaurant

Night party

New blinds

Not lit until

Non believers

Naloose nga ngude eddalu


Nengey pair urine jana

Not finding where i parked my car in a dream

Nimeota naona barua ya kikazi,na imesainiwa na boss wangu wa zamani,nini maana yake

Nino wearing green

Nino with red

Nino wearing and

Nino red and

Nightdancers wanting to eat me in dream

Ngiphuphe umlungu wesifazane engine oswidi abehlukahlukene

No tongue in mouth

Neem flowers falling on you and noticing their fragrance

Nine six six two nine

Not wearing foot wear in the dream

Number of shirt ties

No shoes in public

Nancy pelosi


Not recognized

Not seeing

Number two one

No 9rivacy in public toilets

Non harmful snake

Ningas kugon meaning

Not helping someone because of suspicious

None bleeding stab wounds on the back of my hands and wrists. to save my friend from getting hurt

None bleeding stab wounds on the back hands and wrists. to save my friend from getting hurt

None bleeding stab wounds on the back hands and wrist

Non bleeding wounds

No wheels on car



Name written on a doormat

Number sign of of carabao in a dream

Number sign of carabao in a dream

Netting fish

Noah and muhammed

Nino atocha

No doors

New desk in your study

New black slippers

Ntjeti cloth different colours and meaning

Ndoto ya kusaini kiwanja kikubwa kinauzwa

No under wear in the dream, meaning

Ndoto ya majipu na mapele makubwa ya usaa

Nearly hit by bus

Number plate meaning

Nine eight

New deck of cards

Not going on a date

Not going to meet someone

Not showing up to a date

Not oneself in grave alive being buried

Not cheating on your bf


Neglecting a child

No i

Neighbour thief caught

Not picked for marriage

New water mater in dream

Negotiating vehicle price in a dream

Nine eight nine eight three eight three eight four three


Nhận định về sự thờ ơ

Not breathing

Night drem ghost teer no

New shoes dream

Not having a ticket on the train

Nickel wrapped in tape with a rolled up paper with a name on it

No shirt/bra

Not able to reach for apple

No four dog

Not being able to find a toilet

Number shillong

Nervous system

New baby born in shillong teer dream no.

Numb fingers

Narrow unpaved path with hills

Nephew running away

Niqab dream

Neighbor winning the and quitting his job

Nowhere to sit

Navel herniated

Nidhivan, vrindavan


Not being given a free gift

New money

Not prepared for a performance

Numbers7-one one

Neon green bananas

New house dreams


No drean

Number two eight

Not lactating

Number represents water

Nerves, forcefully pulled out

Nylon cord




Ngiphuphe nginabanye sigqoke ngubo ephuzi no green zesonto

N c

New teeth growing dream

New mairead wife number

Nose with mucus

Nan turning to dust

Needles in fingers


No children

Not invited to your neighbors party across the street from you

Nacked dreams

Name being called in dream

Narasimmam fighting

New animal enters house

Name of countries

New watch dream number

Noor macca

Not being seated in a restaurant

Not take lsd

Nice food with ants

Nice food with insects

New bought white dump truck

Nake praying for some one

Neil polishing

Naves eoman one leg

Nose with four holes

Neighbor who is an enemy closing their job before time

Not being the father

Nuke dream

Ndoto za kuon shimo la choo

Night dancer chasing me

No bath

Number seven three

Number three zero zero

New digital camera

Not lending money dreams

Number dream interpretation

No home

Need to buy one sack charcoal meaning in dreams

Need to buy one sack charcoal

Nominating on an island

No deodorant

New possibilities

Name on tombstone

New and latest phone as gift from a celebrity

Not able to talk

Nephew in law

No speaking

Not speaking

Not waking up

No eysight

No cell phone service

Notes in bottles

Not prepared for an exam

Nail polish falls off fingers

News of death of a family member through a phone call from someone you rarely talk to

Neglecting something


Noahs ark

Needing liver transplant

Nasira ang rebulto

Numbers of beaten madman by policema on lottrey

Not remembering and others do

Ncing around the light and the skirt was blown up by the air but it was covered in a minute by my hands

New finger

Not prepared for a swim competition

Ngipha ngisemfuleni isitiba

Number symbol of jackfruit

Nose boogers

Ninja attacking in my house and killing

No freedoms

Natraj god

No bedroom wall

No bedroom wal

Not being able to get help for my ex husband

Neem dream islamic meni g

Not redeemed yet

Nobel prize


Nephew gets hired for a job

Native american indian child

Nzungu mbishi

No engine

Numbers to n triangles

Necklace present

Non successful abortion

New work place

Name written wrong

Not being served in a restaurant

Not able to call a person

Need air

Not wearing my gold bangals in dream

Not being able to see when dri

Not being able to see when driving

New saree gift by mom

Nice biting feet

Nido king

Nurse going to draw my blood

Number of dreaming alive friend but already deceased

No trousers on in public

New dog brings back duck

Nails in the ankle

Needing to use the toilet

Needing to see

Nose like pinnochio

Neglected dog under a bed

Neglected dog under bed

Native with feather

Native elder

Na mahram

Non mahram holding your hands

Necked girl

Newborn baby girl with teeth


No hot water

No ceiling

Necked neighbor

Neighbor having herpes rush

Neighbor ex

Numbers related to dream of dead ex husband

Nobody would bandage my feet after cutting them on broken glass

Nobody would bandage my seats after cutting on broken glass


Night sky and day sky together

No soap in the shower

Name marked

New vaccine

Neighbors dog being out of fence

Need to pee but all toilets are overflowing

Needle stabbing my feet

New fast car pearl color

Nice silver ware

Namaz direction changes in dream

Neighbors garden


Numer one five zero

Number of rabbit

Nine ovlock at night

Nine pm

Nacket girls see in dream

Navy blue kitten

Newly deceased person wearing white clothes but dirty hands

New house slanting

Needles and yarn

Navy and white dress

Need to buy daughter new clothes

No communication with family

Nysc uniforms

Nail splitting

No feather bird

New building houses

Nine two number

New luxury home

Neligent meaning


Natives sponge

Newborn with cancer

No water in the ocean

New job title

Neighbours house renovated

Not being able to cross the road

Numbers money talk

New moon i saw in my dream

Nail varnish bottle

Nepa staffs in the dream

Non mahran

Nails in my head

New phase

New stage

Not taking exam

Noon dreams

Not beging served

New clothes as gifts

No privacy in bathroom

New purple saree

Nebula and blue lights


Nails bed

Nails in bed

No through roads

No plates

Nroken dishes


Nocary shop



Nose dream of something coming out

Not allowed to see wife anymore

Not allowed to see my wife

Non muslim reciting quran

Non muslim woman massaging muslim manager man legs an stating she wants to be with him

Nightmare of boyfriends parents


Newborn and mud



Number associated with carbon paper

Nalalagas na buhok


Nurse told me i was four months pregnant in front of my mum

Nurse told me i was four months pregnant

New floor in a building

Not done packing for a trip

National championship

Not sitting with the dead

Not sitting

Not taking an invitation

New sports car


Net in front of face

Not attend school class

Neighbor giving me food


Nails in arm

Name of allah written on wall

Number for hyacinth

Not remembering partners name

Never ending string pulled of my tooth

Nine eight three two eight four four four eight five

Native american man watching me with folded arms

Noone in the world except me

Number two four

Number one six

Nandi and lord shiva walking together

Never ending cleaning and mess keep popping up

New watch wearing

Nicki minaj car conversation

Not providing

Number, death and woman seen in a dream.

Name gloria on paper

Native american girl

Need glasses

Native tribes

Not able to perform hajj

Nose being pierced with a ring on it

Narrow w path in woods lin ed with yellow leaves

New denial

No money

Not human

New and old buffalo in farm

New ans old buffalo in farm

Not being able stop car while driving

Number one zero

Nail clip


New trousers on someone else

Non mahram man holding tip of my fingers

New zealand pegion

Nieces wedding

Number combination

Not paying my fee

Nightmare of people being killed

Nail stuck in palm

Neem and coconut garland in drei

Never ending white string out of your ear

Nearly killed

Not able to cut wood

Not able to start a fire

Nine diamound