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Dreams starting with the letter E

Eagle on staff

Employer say in dream she got lots of money she will give me some

Ex boy friend and current girlfriend

Ex boyfriend with room closing in

Ear lobe or nose fall off face

Eating a bowl of my teeth

Emptying out your closet

Exploding glass

Eating on the floor

Eating eggs off the floor

Eating off the floor

Eating a cooked mudfish from which other animals are emanating

Ex wife stalking

Eating plantain and kontomire stew

Eating jollof rice

Escaping flood from alligators and snakes

Everything suddenly changes

Elope woife

Eating with a prophet in a dream in the church

Eggs falling on the ground and one breaking in my hands

Eating pasta with sauce

Eating chill bajji

Ex prime minister sitting in your house

Eating chocolate cake

Egg dream interpretation

Ex grilfriend

Explosion in sky

Ejaculation in my dream

Ex boyfriend and friends dating

Envelope in a black bag a fall to the river


Eating and coleslaw


Ex-wife dating my best friend

Ex wife dating my best friend

Eating clothes by a mouse

Eating lima beans

Eating jackfruits

Eating ugali and cabbage in a dream

Escorting someone to their new house

Ear and bees

Emerald duck in field of daisies

Emerald duck in field of flowers

Elephant eating sugarcan

Eating in the drea

Embassy in dream

Eagle soaring

Eatin pork but you didnt know that was pork and after split it

Eatin pork and after split it

Excited saying got

Ex taller

Entering an uncompleted building

Eating yam porridge in the dream

Eating snails in a dream

Eagle crashing

Eating a cockroach in a dream

Eagle nesting

Empty jerry can

Ex boyfriend drinking alchohal

Eid in dream and we are happy the time in our dream

Elephant uprooting a tree with its one leg tied to that tree

Ex eating with family

Electrocution death

Ex girlfriend with a luggage

Eating ceramic cup

Eating crocodile

Exploring weird modern office building

Eating meat and biting my tongue

Eight dream meaning

Eating food in bathroom

Envelope blue

Eating periwinkle

Eating grasshopper in a dream

Ex fighting girlfriend

Enemy hiding shoe

Enemy stealing shoe

Eating fresh bread

Encountering danger on a holiday

Eyes changing colors

Egyptian mummy in a biblical context

Eating sweet rich curd

Empty bottle beer

Eating rotten bread in your dreams meaning

Ex turned blind

Ex boyfriend asking for money

Eating ogiri in dream what the meaning


Eating cooked cocoyam

Eating soya with someone

Eating yam in dream meaning

Egusi melon seed

Eating something bitter in dream

Escape from rape dreams

Everthing isperfect

Exchanging clothes with someone

Eating water leaves in the dream

Eating bird

Entering house

Eating my pinky finger

Eating my severed pinky finger

Evil curse

Eating pig snout

Eating poop in dream

Ex girlfriend is a prositute

Eating unripe cashew nut

Eating a centipede

Ex husband with another girl

Ex husband with a girl

Energy fusion

Exchanging your wife with another person in your dreams

Eating green guava on dream meaning

Eating idili


Eating food with you

Eat kuli-kuli in the dream

Eating rotten fruit

Evil coming out of mouth

Eating white yogurt

Eating white cream

Eating orangg

Eating oranges

Eating and giving locust beans in dream

Ex boyfriend busts in my house with his uncle and wants to talk

Eating ekuru in the dream

Eating efo in your dreams

Eating efo riro you cook in the dream

Ex boyfriend together again

Empty file cabinet

Entering toilet without shoe

Exchanging personal items to a higher devil

Escape from someone

Escape from danger; take a flight

Extra hand

Eating pet tortoise but not head

Eating in dream?

Eating tangerine in my dream

Ex giving me water to bath

Egg dream teer number

Eating cooked yam and red oil in d dream

Eating akara bean cake in dream

Exchanging my car with someone car

Eating small fishes in a dream


Eating meat in dream

Elder lady

Engagement ceremony

Eating very nice cooked with lot of people at my home

Evangelist joshua integration s

Eating gari mixed with beans and palm oil

Enemy fired from back

Eating cashew on my dreams

Empty pink couch

Escaping rape dream

Eagle attack me in my dream while i was going for praying in krishna temple


Earthern diya

Engery comming out of right hand

Evil spirit in room

Empty cans

Eating leg and muscles in the dream

Eating someone feet and muscles in the dream meaning

Eating leg and muscles in the dream meaning

Eating with man of god in the dream

Eating sand from a house in the village

Explain death

Eyes, rolling

Eating grape

Eating black hair

Eaten by closet

Earthern pot

Exam paper marked with ticks of red pen

Eating pussy dream

Eating ceramic heirloom

Eating a vase

Eating vagine

Eyes sewn

Elephant not eating dream

Eating borcht, different varieties.

Eat icheku in dream

Eat cheleku in dream

Eating good cooked donkey meat

Eating garden egg in dreams

Eat ostriche boiled egg

Eat ostriche egg

Ex husband house is being foreclosed

Ex wife crying

Entering old houses through closet doors

Eating shillong teer dream number

Elephant fighting a whale in the water

Eating food with a cousin in dreams

Eating ugali with kales

Eggs inside the poops

Eating dark rich soil

Easily jumping high and landing safely

Eating cockroaches in dreams

Electricity pole in dream means

Eyes of dog

Eyes of animal

Eyes of animal with black hair

Eating food in graveyard

Eating a jollof,rice

Eating a jollofrice

Ex partner pursues your friend

Egg with ground meat

End dream interpretation

Escape on boat with family

Ex dating my sister dream

Eating wrotten meat

Escape being attacked

Empty glass plate

Eating samosa in a dream

Ex husband masterbathing

Eord repent

Eating african salad and fried fish

Evil withc

Earth flooding

Eating oil bean

Eating proccessed oil bean with a group

Eating proccessed oil bean with a group of people in a dream

Eagle dog

Eating a fritter in a dream

Eaten by a lion

Eating mulberry in dream

Eating flesh

Eating the food alone

Elephant eating jackfruit

Eating the remaining food

Eating from kaaba

Eating aloe vera in dream is good or bad

Eating roasted meat

English test

Ex-boyfriend stealing from you

Exchange of partner

Ex-husband and his girlfriend

Elephant fighting the cow

Extra fingers in my hands

Escape to go in jail

Extreme snow storm above roof

Eating bitter cola in the dream means what

Eating gold money coins

Ex boy gives me a pair of gold shoes

Eating roated maize

Eating apple in the dream mean what

Elderly women giving me food

Eating soil in dream

Election fever

Eating chocolate and vomiet

Eating internal organs

Eating the world

Eating tortoise

Eagle carrying dog

Eaglet carrying dog

Ex partner telling me his gay

Eating in an airplane | dream interpretation

Escaping with a man

Eating chameleon meat dream

Ek larki bedkar pesap karraha hai

Eye bro w s

Eating jamun fruits alone from the tree .

Eating mango as you are with cows

Eating bread and coconut together

Eating slice bread and coconut

Eating slice bread in the dream

Eating bread and coconut in dream

Eating bread and coconut

Enter chinese temple

Eating fried meat

Eels in a box

Eye ball had spider

Eye ball with spider

Egg with black worms

Elevator four th floor

Eagle on a nest with cat nearby

Eagle on a nest

Eating food with people in the dream

Eating raw lizard

Eating bean seed in the dream

Eating cow intestine

Eating intestine

Electric fire starts burning

Eating arrowroot in dream


Eating octopus without not cooking in

Eating octopus without cooking in dream

Ex lover small girl old friend exchanging shoes can of spray cheese black friend manipulation

Eat in socks

Eating rice in shop

Eagle attack a dog

Enemy wearing your white dress

Eye with wings

Eggs in refrigerator

Eating roasted corn and grand nut in the dream meaning

Ex gets back with me

Eating a goat head

Eating cashew

Eating cooked cassava in dream

Elder pregnant

Evil doll attacking

Emptying a refrigerator

Excrement in bathroom

Eating boiled cow feet

Eating tiger nuts

Egg baby chick dead

Equating exercise

Ex boyfriend and brother


Eating dates fruit in dream

Eating black soup in the dream

Eunuch wants to get married

Eating cooked tree lief yam

Eclipse of the sun and moon

Eating chole bhature in dream

Ex boyfriend fingering me in a dream

Eating small round bread and coffee

Ex was gay

Eating elephant

Earings in dream

Elephant giving sugar cane

Eating garden egg

Eating oxen

Emrald braclett

Eating plantain chip with yellow colour

Egg being swallowed

Eagle attacking dog

Eagle flying backwards

Entering wrong room

Exboyfriend bring three kids to see our kids

Escape flight

Eating green cardmom in the dream

Enity moving the earth and nobody sees it but me

Eating man panis in dream

Exploring maze

Eating curry chicken

Enlightmtrashwd aleuent

Evil version of myself

Evil eye bracelet breaking

Eating okpa in a dream meaning

Evicted from a place without fault

Eating kola nut mean in the dream

Eggs exploding

Eating and picking wild fruits

Ex breaking up with me

Eating kolanuts

Ex boyfriend, and my bathing suit orange


Enemy.saying their pregnant

Ex boyfriend shot but lived

Eating of roasted bush meat in the dream

Eating fritters

Eating and serving green papaya

Eating the bark of tree

Eatting cooked okra

Exchange of cell phone in the dream

Eating bitter colar in the dream

Ex wife dream of.sleeping with brother

Empty plastic bottle

Elder brother house warming

Eating food from your pastor

Everyone disappears

Eatting unedible food

Eat cloth

Ex boyfriend giving me shoes

Eating unripe plantain with eggs sauce

Escaping king kong

Eating claw

Eggs on the tree as fruits

Explosive sun

Earth crumbling underneath your feet

Eye shape pendant

Eating feaces

Eagle catching snake

Eagle catching two snakes

Eating dead

Explanation of a gold shoes

Eating mopane worms in dreams

Eating palm kanel in the dream means what

Eating mango with maggots in it in the dream

Eating with your both parents

Energy rising from belly button

Ex boyfriend paya a lobola for me

Ex boyfriend and a friend very tall

Ex boyfriend friend

Ex husband and my late mother

Eagle killing gecko

Evangelist you

Ex girlfriend sitting in bed

Ex friend met in rain and v had a good time

Ex sick

Eating an empty egg shell

Eating an egg shell

Escalator accident

Eating heart

Eight five zero

Eating gold necklace

Emerging from water

Eating styrafoam

Eating all kind of sweets such as cake pies fruits strawberries

Eating all kinds of desserst in a dream

Eating sweet grapes

Enter a bus and collected my balance before highlighting

Enter a bus and collected a change from conductor

Extractie with money shooting somebody

Eating pork with others

Eating ripe java

Eating raw meat with the deceased

Eating with the deceased

Eating jackfruit leaves in the dream

Eating cat head

Excited about a kitchen utensil

Exp wife teer number dream

Exp wife teer number

Ex asks help

Eating yam and stew with a friend in a dream

Escaped from blood oath covenant

Ex wife height

Ex wife is tall

Ex wife taller

Ex wife taller then me

Eating bread and akara in dream means

Eating, milk and sweet seen in a dream

Eagle biting and i killed it

Eating mukimo

Emotions of shadows


Eagles was attacking snake

Elephant give birth in a dream

Eating mushrooms growing from my hand


Ek car ka behna do ladko ka baik se behna

Ex wearing a red dress with diamond design

Exchange of five zero zero notes in shop

Expensive meat


Ex wearing all black

Ex took me out to dinner

Ex grocery shopping in his underware

Ex buying grocery

Eating of roasted palm kernel in the dream

Eating langer means in dream

Eating a bonsai tree

Eating with prisoners in a dream means

Ex girlfriend sitting behind me

Ear rubbing

Eating frogs in my dream in mistake

Eating with your ex

Eating spiders hidden in lettuce

Eating green lettuce filled with black widowspiders

Eating green lettuce filled with black widows

Explosion dream

Empty toilet paper rolls


Earth ring water dearm meaning of numbers

Ex boyfriend insisted and drove me to a car dealership

Eating rice ball and palm soup

Eating cassava in dream meaning

Eating of animal tail

Eating fufu with a pastor

Eaten by clams

Extea growing foot

Extra foot on oneself

Extra growing foot on oneself

Eating fresh corn

Eating food with my father who died longtime

Egg hatching into bird

Empty room turned into a complete bedroom

Eat clam

Exterminate insect from hand

Earthquake and fire

Ex husband wedding

Extra eyes

Eyes in the back of the head

Exhumed grave

Eating sticky rice with water

Ex coming to birthday

Egg yokes

Egg yokes on wall

Eating bun and cooking



Earth rise

Egg sac

Eating rice and beans at the same time

Ex sweating

Ex in restaurant

Eclipse and explosion

Eating cathe means?

Eating with ur brother s and sister s in a dream means

Eating of cakes

Every end of the month of ramadan i have this extraordinary dreams

Eating soursop in the dream

Escape danger


Escape intruder


Enemy giving me a gift

Electric big yellow fish

Eight chapter of sun tzu

Eating fried dead body meat

Exploring brain

Erect nipples dream

Erect nipped dream

Elements of nature

Eating peal eggs

Eating rice, eggs and,sadin

Engine gone

Ear getting cut off

Eid ka chand

Extra toes dream

Extra toes and upsideown foot dream

Eiye etu

Eating chicken with familiar faces

Exam hall but left the exam

Eating cake with ur dead dad in the dream means

Eko or agidi in the dream

Elephant and rhino attack of me

Embedded cord in right hand

Eating matooke and beans

Eating food inside a confin

Eating watermelon and vomiting

Eating chocolate and vomiting in dream islamic

Eating with beloved mom

Eating cooked rice in roza and spitting it in dream

Eating frog dream meaning

Elekes being cut off

Ex girlfriend giving me trousers

Eating inedible items

Eye hurt

Eye injury dream

Eating of white yam in your dream

Eating something by mistake while fasting in dream

Eating chocolate sweet in a dream

Eye pyramid

Everyone ignores you

Everyone ignors you

Evil duplicate of my dog

Eating stinkysmell meat

Eastern bandy-bandy snake

Embarrassing fall walking in heels

Elephants lined up in row

Eating porridge in the dream

Eating white locust

Escape crime

Eating a roasted alligator in my dream at the church

Eid prayer in dream

Eating an ox

Eating paratha of wheat during dream

Esther tonir kan kwap

Eyes on tree

Eyes birch

Eying salt

Eyeglasses floating in water

Eating pomegranate and salt

Eating bad fruit in dream

Eye rolled in head

Er is iets wat ik niet weet, maar ik weet niet wat ik niet weet gedicht

Eating a tiny horse


Eaten alive by wolves

Eating cooked cow skin and horn

Exams invigilator in a dream

Eating a

Elderly death man

Eagles catching a deer

Eating and vomited my enemy food in my dream

Elephants russ all man number teer

Elephants russ all man

Everyone being shot around you

Eating green snake poop

Eagle rays fish

Eating of frid bread fruit with visitors

Eating fried bread fruit and ground nut in dream

Erich von manstein

Electric wire fall upon me

Eating white clay

Extract money ( coins) from ground with your old neighbor

Ex business partner

Eating pomelo

Eating termites

Eating bread and mear

Empty writing book

Eating cooked meat and seeing pregnant women

End of days

Elderly couple in different places



Eating hot coal burns mouth

Eating red chard

Eating hot charcoal

Eyes of lightening

Exhausting work before sleepover


Entity chase

Execution chair dream

Employee in your dream

Eyes inside of both ears

Eoman one leg

Ears blocked

Escape rape

Eating alligator pepper in a dream

Early budding

Early budding vines

Ex boyfriend seen pregnant

Ex seen pregnant

Entering a big kraal in a dream

Emergency call

Ex in a cult dream

Eat pepper soup meat

Ex-boyfriend car

Ex in a car

Eating fingernail clippings

Eating fingernails

Escort a woman for death sentence

Enormous tree falling

Empty winnowing basket dream

Ex-wife possessed and attacks others

Ex bald head

Erasing writing

Eating cooked corn in dream

Eating while you were supposed to be on fasting

Eating alligator pepper dream

Eats cotton candy

Eating out with class

Ex wife farting on me

Eating rust and wake up spitting in real life

Ex boyfriend saying he never meant to hurt me saying goodbye

Eating half cooked eggs and vomiting

Eating the ram stomach

Extension in dream mean whatever

Each other in

Eating porridge yam

Eating dried fruits

Eating meat in a dresm

Eating cooked fish with enemy

Exposing ex husband as a father

Eating raw fish in dream

Eating cooked rice and beans stew

Eye stitches

Escape from the rapist

Eating palm fruits

Eggs dream interpretation

Extracting a pimple

Eating cashew in dream

Eye in a toe

Enter through my back

Eating a crabapple laying in bed

Eating a green apple

Extinguishing fire at front door of my house

Emo person

Eating cooked heart of animal

Enemy home gets raided

Eid al fitr

Ex boyfriend being drunk

Eating of palm kernel in the dream

Excorting someone in a dream

Eat kulikuli

Ex wife and kid

Eating a meal with my dead father

Eye of the typhoon


Eye orange colour

Eating chicken poo

Esi and pink

Ex husbands wife pregnant

Edge of a building out side

Eating a poisonous leaf

Ex with ex best friend

Empty match boxes

Eating gum tree meaning from the tree

Eating a dog meat in my dream

Eye glass frame snapped in half


Eating cooked meat with your family

Eating uncooked rice

Eating both ripe and not ripe jack fruit while pregnant in dream

Estranged son in a dream


Eating a head

Elderly father as a baby

Ex husband cut my hair and put into ziplock bag

Entering house full of cowdung at the door

Eudhu bilahi mine shejtane rajeem

Eating fish alive

Escapeing from tiger and lion together

Egg yolk dream

Eating chicken stomach

Eyes with legs

Earrings fell inside river dream

Excessive hairy nipples

Earth, sun, spaceship, alian

Ex wearing red dress

Eaten by a boar

Eat lobster bisque

Eating carmel head

Eating lighter

Eating a very big cherry that is very large

Evil children running dancing around my bed

Eggs in trees

Epsom salt falling into my eyes

Eating soil in a dream

Ex husband with an other woman

Earning pay reward from school

Ear pain

Eat honey

Elk tie up

Enemy monster

Elecitity socks people in my dream meaning

Eating eggs and bread

Expressing milk from nipples

Eyebrows thin

Eating roasted meat with three others

Eating suya in the dream means

Eyeliner application

Eye stabbed

Ex husband died

Ex giving u money

Eating jamun indream

Elephant bathing

Eating beetroot

Eating fried groundnut in the dream means

Eating egg yolk in dream

Eating bushmeat

Entering a stranger house

Exposed leg bone

Eating akara and bread

Eclipse and dragons

Eating cream

Electric transformer on fire

Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids secret

Eating madazi in a dream meaning

Eating an apple in a dream

Eating roasted ground nuts and simsim in the dream

Eating cooked human meat

Eating cook human meat

Ex baby mother

Ex dealing two joker cards

Eating samp with a lady

Eating food with brahmin family

Eating white rice and beans

Eating silver

Eating sushi

Ex killed someone

Ex husband wearing female clothing


Earth quack

Eye swells up

Earwax dreaming

Emoty burd cage

Exam supervisor

Exam invigilator

Eating roasted corn in a dream

Eating semo and jute in dream

Eating a donut in a cave

Endless string from teeth

Empty square

Empty suitcase

Ex boyfriend wearing wedding ring

Emerald n gold colors in shape of a cross

Eating a dogs ear

Eating samosa in dream

Ex being shot and killed

Elephant on fire

Eyes black liquid

Eating and seen sweets in your dream

Empty block

Elephants tied up

Eating guava direct from a tree

Eating with dead relative

Eating bun and cheese in your dream

Empty chariot

Eating snakes on white cloth

Eyes closed and pus coming out

Egg and money

Egg and momey

Eating hand skin

Eating food on the floor in dream

Embarrassed by relative

Eating sunflower seeds

Exchanging cars with someone

Escorting a person

Eagle flying tiger

Ex boyfriend chasing me and trying to shoot me

Eating mrenda

Eating seed

Eating cabbage seed

Eagle and hen

Eating mulberry in dream with boy

Eating cocoayam

Eating peanuts with certain family members

Eating butter food with your mom

Eating with your mom in a dream mean ?

Empty cart pushed by someone coming

Exhusband hiding

Eating betal nut dream number

Ex boyfriend stalking me

Escaping from a chasing lion

Embrio lele dalam telur ayam

Eating sweet with children mean

Eating donuts

Ex boyfriend neighbor

Execution murder

Execution style murder

Exsecurtioner style

Eyes turning fully white in dream


Elderly aunt getting pregnant in a dream

Ex had another baby

Ex boyfriend high schoool


Ex lcoer


Eyes changing from black to grey

Electrical outlet on fire

Eating sparrow in drem

Eating sparrow in dream

Ex husband says he still loves mr

Ex husband dreams ..

Ex boyfriend shower

Electric stove being left on

Evil punk circus

Eight dots in a circle appear on my arm

Ernest borgnine

Empty tank in the air

Escaping from gunshot in dream

Escaping from gundhi

Eatting human flesh

Eatting my best friends leg

Eating with a bishop and he leaves before me.

Eating with a bishop

Earwax falling out of ear

Eating cooked meat with family

Ex, lost my purse

Elevator exploding

Eating food with your deceased dad

Eating with your dead daddy

Escape from prison

Eating ukwa in the dream

Eating mango tree bark

Eating soft chapati

Eating dry maize

Eating dry un cook maize

Eating sticks

Empty up

Eight three six two

Evil nun killing a baby

Eating lacoste meat in dream

Explanation for faceless boy in my dream

Enough food guests

Eating seeds

End of itekaf

Eating cookies and cream

Ex getting someone pregnant

Eating with a girl

Eating owl feathers

Ex talking to other people

Embarking on a ship

Eat salt

Escaping the entrance of hell

Egyptian tutankhamun

Escaping strange house

Enemy looking for me

Eating a cashew fruit

Exposings ills

Eating sapota fruit in dream


Eight number meaning

Elevator tilts

Evil black cimarron

Eating with ex boyfriend

Eating pork spareribs meaning

Eating berries while talking to an ex

Enemy doing favour

Ex girlfriend and virginap

Empty dishes

Elephant and baby elephant

Ex so tall

Engaged to boss

Eye shut and sewn

Eye sewn and shut

Eating halo halo

Eating mashed kenkey

Ex mother in law admitting betrayal

Empty bucket moving away from me

Ex husbands old house on fire

Electric shock in a dream

Eating passion fruit

Eating samp in a dream

Elephant forest

Electric shock dream

Eating raw yams

Eating a beetroot salad

Eating moi moi

Eating roots which are bitter in your mouth trying to remove it but is not possible

Eating something which was bitter and you are trying to remove it

Eating jeloff rice in dreams

Eating a rat

Economic nightmare

Eating centipedes

Eating irish potatoe

Eggs and green tree plants

Eight fingure in right hand

Eating a kamias

Eyesight issues

Engine stolen dream meaning

Eating githeri with ovacado in a dream

Eating pitted dates

Eating egg roll in the dream what does it mean

Elephant moving backward

Elephant but

Eating fried fish flesh given by wife

Eating cashew fruit in dream meaning

Eating butter kola and lola nut

Eating saintry pad

Ex calling me on my phone

Entering in the toilet bearfoot and try to urinate


Empty room with trash in it

Expelling bird from throat

Eating chicken soup

Eight zero zero

Eating in a hotel

Ex boyfriend fakes death in dream

Eating mangosteen in the dream

Eating leftover githeri in the dream

Exam scripts, markin

Electrical wires starting a fire

Extension cords starting fire

Extension cords laying in water

Eased on oneself

Elder girl die

Eyes swollen meaning

Eating marriage feast

Eating jaggery in dream

Eating friec food

Eating icecream and walking in heavy raonfall

Empty house meaning

Electric shock in dream

Electric shock in head and spine

Eagle try to eat horse

Eating coconut in dream

Eating a meal with soldiers

Eating a rooting apple

Eating a bad apple

Enemy telling love me

Eating yam red oil and beans


Ex boyfriend killing me with a saw

Ears buttons

Ex texts you about new house

Entering esibayeni seeing cowm

Eagle pooping on me



Egg and blood see in a dream

Enemy wearing white

Ex watching me thru window

Eating with deceased dad

Egg dead embyos

Eating a toe

Eu g sucked in pond of water

Enlarged prostate

Enlarged testicule


Escape drowning

Eating cassava in dream

Expanding like ballon

Eggs in the bathroom

Eating sweet potatoes with others in a dream means

Eating a tail of a cow

Eating parts of a cattle

Eagle attacking a woman in my presence

Eating a rape pawpaw

Eating uncooked beef

Eating a snake neat

Eating a meat sneak

Eating meat at a funeral

Early morning dream

Eating a monkey

Eating soft bone in a dream means what

Eating and pounding of cooked palm nut kennels in dreams

Eating off the ground

Ear infection

Eating apple pie

Embarrassing ones self

Estranged half sibling

Eating and emptying food container

Empty food vessel

Empty containers

Elder putting tika

Empty food pot

Eating clouds with sunlight

Enemy giving flowers and balloons


Eyes filled with dust from a stormy wind

Exchange words

Earthquake happening

Ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend

Ex boyfriend being sued

Elephants fighting each other

Ex-boyfriend as in alligator