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Dreams starting with the letter E

Everyone in black

Eating potatoes and chapati

Eating meat in grave of someone in dream

Eating meat in the grave of someone

Eating in a party

Eating of native chalk

Eating of eko native chalk

Eaten cocoyam with red oil

Empty cylinder

Everyone calling you crazy

Everyone judging you

Everyone callings you crazy

Ex girlfriend feet in cement

Escaping prison and get caught again

Exhume a body

Eating marshmallows

Ex kids makeup used lotion

Everyone ignoring me

Ex pareja e insectos

Eating yogurt in dream

Eating unripe paw paw in dream

Evil entity dragging me around

Earthen ware broken in a dream

Eating cook egg in dream

Enemy gives bread in my dreams

Envelop in a dream

Eating papay

Eating raw egg yolk with spoon in a bowl

Eating fish and play rammy

Ending new beginning

Escapism means

Enema dream

Et de viande

Else buttocks and

Else buttocks wound

Earthquake broken house

Eating fermented rice

Eating a fermented food

Eating cooked tuna fish in dream

Electric staple

Eyes on a skinny leg

Eating of kola nut in the dream meaning

Eat human heart

Eagle and owl flying over me

Ex bringing dried flowers

Eating kenkey with my boyfriend

Earthquake victims

Eating bush mango in the dream

Eating ugali matumbo

Eating ashes of deceased and chewing down on a piece of bone

Eating and chewing down on something hard

Eating a squid

Eating fufu only in the dream


Eating and spinach

Eagle feather breaking in a dream

Ex boyfriend bring me a coffeepot

Eating vegetables with family members

Egg, black berry, newborn babie

Eggs and wild hen

Empty tub

Eel toilet

Eel snake

Electric eel snake

Eating fry chicken

Eating frog legs

Eating feather

Eating a fern

Eating cloves in a dream

Eating of nzu /native chalk in my dream

Eating okro

Eating okro during initiation

Eating mosambi fruit in dream

Entering temple with shoes

Eating idly with widow friend in dream

Eating home baked bread and drinking milk

Eating lobster tail

Evergreen trees warm light water

Eucalyptus tree in dream

Eating mandazi in dream meaning

Electrical arc

Eye bruse

Eating snd being searmed by gnats

Eagle feathera

Eating kolanut in your dream

Egg shakes in mouth

Eating in a small restaurant with parents

Exchange car with my exgirlfriends boyfriend

Escaping a snow avalanche

Eating crab in my dream wat does it means

Elephant fudk

Evil ghost

Eight ball in the corner pocket in front of me

Ex boyfriend number

Egite lady carrying brunches of a tree with green fruit

Eight fingers on one sand

Eating with rich people in my house

Expired green peas

Ear pierced

Eating charcoal

Eating on a train

Egg chicken alive

Eating a milk tart

Eating jolloff rice in ur deam at the church what does its mean

Eating fufu with palm nut soup

Eating khichdi dream

Eating dry cow skin in the dream

Eating bread with someone

Eat wormwood

Eating rice paddies

Eyes lit up like lightning

Excelling in baseball

Ex grabbing my cheeks

Ex giving you cake

Eating red apple form the tree

Eating steak dinner with cousin he eats half


Eating meat with friends

Eating pig meat

Eye mouth sewn shut

Eating soil dream

Eating yoghurts


Earthworm transform into snake

Ex husband laughing at me

Eggs inside a tray

Elephant dream meaning

Electric tape

Eating soil with your family

Extra s

Eating own flesh of legs

Eating rostered palm fruit in the dream

Estranged wife

Elephant came to home but his face was damaged

Excess skin

Eating bloody food


Eating a goat meat in a dream meaning

Eating pounded yam in my dream meaning

Ex husband molested child

Eating white posho

Eye on someone forehead

Elephant, eating, human and head seen in a dream

Eggs without shell

Evil reindeer

Ex takes shoes


Enemy gave me a rose


Eating fish head

Eating moringga leave

Encountering two japanese company kaijus of godzilla vs jiger (toho company and daiei films company)

Eagle on hand

Eatin green leave in a dream means

Eating cowpea leaves

Electric wheelchair

Eyes on trees

Eating crumbs

Evil girl in dream

Eating tuna

Eating oil rice

Eating puf puf in the dream

Eating puf puf in d dream


Entering a bus in dream

Ex husband commits suicide

Eating leftover

Eating left foo

Eating ostrich

Eating ostrich meat in a dream

Eating momo in a dream

Eat rasmalai in dreams

Eat rasmlai

Eagle catching prey

Eagle catching a frog

Ex spouse in shower

Ex talking to my sister

Elephants in dreams ridden by scantily dressed women

Eating popcorn in dream

Ex boyfriend tried to put voodoo on me

Ex boyfriend tried to put video on me

Eating my cooked hand

Eating cashew nut

Eating tender meat

Excreting blood in the dream means

Ex with ugly new gf

Eating ripe avocado

Egg shell pieces

Ex brother inlaw

Exercising demon with rolling pin

Exume grave



Earthen pot upside down

Eating cooked elephant meat in dream

Eating jacjfruit

Eating young ones of acat

Eating food in temple in dream

Eating meat setting near grave

Enemy being aggresive and swearing

Extra teeth in your mouth

Exhuming dead body

Eating centipede islamic

Ex boy-friend wearing my jacket

Ex husband remarried

Exchange watch in dream

Eating dolphin meat

Eating dolphin

Ex lover taking poison

Eating roasted human body

Eating of roasted himan body


Eating roasted plantain and yam in the dream

Exploding light bulb from energy

Echoing screams

Ex husband grabbing my hand

Eating nectarines

Else neck and

Ex girlfriend wearing all black

Evil spirit dragged a person

Exquisitely made expensive black handbag given to me

Else having their

Ex stalking me and then rape me

Eating jackal meat

Estranged family member in dreams

Eyebrow cut blood

Eagle poop

Estranged sister commits suicide

Ex boyfriend sucking my nipples

Entering a cafe in a foreign country and everyone staring at me

Eating in gurudwara

Elephant fruit tree dream

Eating posho in dream

Escorting a friend to the airport

Ex buys me groceries in a dream

Earth shaking dream

Eating food but while waiting for the best i end up getting half of it

Eggs with eyes

Eating together with my ex ang her artificial tooth fell off and laughed

Eating porridge with millipede

Eating dumping garbage

Eating on dumping

Ex wearing female clothes

Eating walnut

Eating r

Enemy holding stone

Eating in front of

Enemy is getting fat

Ex husband had sore

Ex who died in my dream chatting with me

Extreme places

Eating bugs in dream

Eat grave

Eye injury on someone else

Eating kenkey and shito in a dream

Elevator turning in dream

Eyes in dreams

Eating dog food

Eating bilitongo in the dream

Eagle attacking piegon in dream

Ex wife with new ass i slap

Eating rotten fruit with dead friend

Eating pink worms in chocolate

Elephant sounds in dream

Eating of bread in dream

Enemy wearing white dress

Escape collapsing toilet in a dream

Elegsnt navy blue and white dreex

Entering a cage full of people wearing white clothes

Entering a cage in a dream

Ex lover sitting on my lap

Eating of tiger nuts in the dream and garri

Eating of tiger nuts in the dream

Eating of tiger nut in the deeam

Ex girlfriend washing clothes

Eating colanut in dream

Electric blue on stomache

Eating mussles

Enemy giving you a gift

Ear wax removal

Earth worm crawling on my back skin

Eating wild animal in a dream

Eating amala and ewedu in a dream

Exploding birthday cake

Escaped from being smashed by a train biblical dream meaning

Evil young woman

Eating a cooked live dog

Eating jeans

Entering heaven


Exploding bridge dream

Exchange cars

Eating white mouse in dream

Ex and cocodrilo

Egg with three yolks

Embalming dead people

Eating noni fruit

Ex giving ring

Ex saying its just a break

Entering the wrong class

Eating human clips of hair

Eating human blood

Eating of beans and plantain in the dream

Engagement bream mean

Exchange item

Exchanging clothes with girl in dreams

Eggs a milk together

Eating humans head

Eaten by bunny

Eating a samp

Eating with someone who is successful in drea

End of world dream

Ex boyfriend sinking ship

Exchanging cloths

Exchange cloths in dream

Eaten partially

Eating mouldy bread

Eating fabric

Eating plum

Ex-husband wearing a black wig

Eats yam and red oil in dream

Eşin başkasıyla evlenmesi

Eating black and

Eating palm kernel in the dream

Entering an underground maze with a low beam white lamps. going crazy after a while of being alone running through the maze and then crying and giving up

Enter a underground maze

Eating egg rolls

Eating food from a toilet

Ear wax getting excreted

Eating tortoise meat in the dream

En yakın arkadaşımla sınəf arkadaşım sevgililrrdi

Eating girl

Elephant watering farm

Ear cutting in dream

Ear cutting dream

Ear rings lost

Eating potatoes with chicken

Empty black bucket in a dream

Eating fufu in dream

Eating braai chicken in dream what does it mean spiritually

Eating bean and posho in a dream

Eight cows for lobola

Eyes enemy grey

Empty and clean house and an un arrange house

Eyes enemy

Eating clay soil in a dream

Eating food in dream that contains fresh neem leaves

Ex husband and sister on bed

Eating of semo with people in the dream means what

Eal fish catching

Eal fish

Elephant got killed

Eating eba and soup

Eating with dead mother

Espresso martini

Eating tilapia fish alone

Eating tiger brain

Entering a garden

Electric wire just leaning on stick

Eating muti

Eating gol gappa in my dream

Eating snail dream

Evil twin sister

Eating something with friends

Explosion that caused my sister is car to flip but my car was protected

Eating italian food

Enemy in a dream

Ex becomes neighbor

Evil bear


Eating fried plantain in dream

Eating cake with hair in it

Earth in bedroom

Earth gardening squar

Eating wisdom teeth

Eating gizzard with a friend

Empty big dam

Egg white

Eating red cola in a dream

Eight months pregnant dream

Eating right and

Eating tiger meat

Entering a dead woman closet

Eight headed

Earrings gift given and taken back

Eating cow tribe

Eating poisoned rice and chicken in the dream


Exra teeth

Eating raw prawn

Eating with rich people

Elephant head cut off by doing some rituals

Eating demo swallow and okro soup in my dream

Eating a raw stock fish in dream mean

Eating kulikuli

Electrical appliances

Erek erek mimpi orang tua laki laki meninggal

Eating real honey in a dream

Eating betel nut in deeam

Eating a blue band

Elephants falling from the roof

Eating big prawns with family

Eating fried beef dinner


Elephants falling from sky

Election won by one vote

Empty body

Eating chips from a traditional healer and then my skin developed boilers with marula seeds in it

Eating in adream

Ex boyfriend and masterbeution

Ell fish dream number

Ex boyfriend baby dream

Emptying kitchen cupboard

Eat okpa in my dream

Eacaping falling power lines

Empty dream

Eating ravva ladoo in dream

Ex girlfriend dad talking to me

Endless maze

Eating periwinkle in dream

Extraction out of body

Eating pounded yam with draw soup in dream with people


Eating meals in dream

Exchange of my phone to another in the dream

Ex husband number

Eating oats and yogurt

Every female in my dream had my name

Empty kraal

Eating and washing offals

Eating fresh passion fruit from the stalk

Eating food in washroom

Exhaust dream parrot

Eating food with my leaders

Eating a watch strap

Eating eyeball

Eating gauvafruit

Evil wind

Egg sack

Ehg seck

Enunciation of a word

Eaten by giant beaver

Escalator death

Elderly man drowning

Ear text ear

Ear wax in

Eating a alive raven

Eagle rating a baby birds

Eagle ray

Elderly mother remarried

Evil spirit sucking my air out of me

Eating beans and gari

Eating a human leg

Eat a cat

Eating lots of fruit

Eating a human hand

Eating egg with salt and oil and was also giving money

Eating tortoise meat in dream

Escape of water

Ealing mukimo

Eating silver fish


Eye lid tattoo

Eating fish meat

Eating bread in a dream

Ex in dream

Eating crab in party

Eating my own heart

Elephant leg tied in dream interpretation | dream interpretation

Eating mealie meal on a dream

Eating poisoned food dream

Elephant current shock death in my dream islam

Eating meat in the dresm

Ed from behind

Ex boyfriend in dream

Eating dust in a dream

Eating a dust

Enemy giving you money

Everyone is afraid of me

Eagle attacking a white hen, then starts to attack me when i help the hen

Eye mucosa

Eat baby

Eating string

Eating simba chips

Eating mango in my dream

Eyelashes down

Eyelashes falling sown

Eating apple was sweet

Ex husband washing

Eagles carrying of my cat

Eating fried yam with oil

Eating apple in a dream meaning

Egusi that have peel in the dream

Egg from your stomach

Experiments on you

Experiment on me

Eating saffron in dream


Eating cloves in a dream meaning

Ex partner disappeared before i can say anything

Ex disappearing before i can talk to them

Eating snail or snake while pregnant

Eating head of chicken

Eating yogurt and corn rice

Eating yogcurd and corn rice

Eating curd and corn rice

Eating aadun in dream means what

Eating fish and curd

Elephant with baby

Eating rice and crabmeat with lots of butter

Empty big city

Eating a fried cassava

Eating a cassava

Ex having white hair

Ex having white hair in dream

Eating my right

Electronic stores dream meaning

Electronic shop dream meaning

Eating with my friend of roosted plantain with red palm oil in a big pan

Eating raw fish in a dream

Eternal damnation

Everything going wrong

Eating spaghetti in red tomato sauce

Eating bones

Earlobe in three pieces

Eggs without yolks

Engaged to an old woman

Egg of crow

Escaping from the crash and electric shock

Ethnicity dream

Eating akara in dream

Entering someone elses home

Embalming brain

Entering a small door

Entering a very small doir

Eating spider

Eating a live kitten

Eating a hippopotamus

Eating dead flesh

Eating karah parshad in your dream

Eating apple in dream

Elder sister in dream

Eye sore

Eyes on my feet

Earrings braking in dream

Ek droom ek sluit die hek

Eating white sperms in dream alone

Eating sperms in dream alone

Eating three raw eggs

Eating three rawaw eggs

Eating jackfruit in dream lucky number

Eating yellow apple

Entering and house

Eko pap

Extinguishing burning house with water

Eating grand nut in a draem

Escape from falling tree

Eating apple in a dream

Electrocuted dog

Exercise girl

Everybody knows me

Ear drum

Eating termite in a dream

Energy transfer

Eating boil eggs in my dreams

Eating cat poop stool in dream

Elephant chasing dream

Eating corns on dream

Eating fried groundnut

Empty shell pistachio in dream

Eating god meat n a dream

Eating god meat in deam

Eating sweets and

Egg with blood

Eggs being broken

Ex friend apologizing

Eating bees

Ex boyfriend disappear

Engaged to donald trump

Expensive wine tasting

Exotic and cars dream interpretation

Echaper a un danger avec ma famille

Engine in a dream breaking

Ex sleeping with myother

Eating my own feet

Eyes roll back white

Eating prime winkle in the dream

Eating cooked cat meat

Elephant passing tool

Eating a living human body alive

Eating human fresh

Eating reptile in dream

Elephant falling down

Eating raw ridge gourd meaning

Enemy wearing wedding dress

Ex boyfriend smile

Eating goat meat

Eating bread and drinking tea with milk

Eating rotten guava in a dream

Earrings lost n found in black soot

Eating ugali a d kales

Eyelid cut of grand child

Ex boyfriend eating food

Eagles on a tree

Ex being selfish

Elephant fighting snake in water

Eating a cooked periwinkle in a dream means what in real life

Eldest daughter job

Ex girlfirend

Eating soils

Ex hair

Empty gallons

Ears being sucked

Enemy is pregrant

Euphorbia plantation

Eating hyena meat

Eating miniature person

Eating fish curry in dream

Evil spurts

Escaped bird came back

Exhanhing phone number

Egg broken in hand accidentally



Eating sand in dreams

Enter to my house and find out that it is changed

Eating my own fot

Eating a bitter yam in the dream

Eating pani puri in dream

Elder brother house warming ceremony in dream means

Eating biscuits in morning hour dream

Eating with a teacher in dream

Electricity light

Experimental treatment

Experimental cure

Experimental drug

Eating of plantain

Exchange of a samsung to an iphone but when the two owners are there

Entering keke in the dream

Eating soap in a dream

Eating with a dead sister

Eye brows are disappearing in dream

Escape possible car accidents

Eating two boiled eggs

Ex boyfriend coming back

Elemantary school at night

Elifant in water

Eenemy kissing me

Eating nshima with others

Eating pupu

Eating baby shit

Eating of rice

Eat a rice and beans with meat

Egg yolk on face

Eating a monkey brain

Ex husband tossing frisbee

Eaten kitten

Eating frozen fish

Ex boyfriend he was singing

Empty theather

Eating fufu in the dream meaning

Eating mattress foam

Enter my home

Eating fufu and vegetable soup

Eating raw cassava in sleep

Eating slicing bread in a dream

Escape from something in a train

Ex s house


Eko in dream

Eating tilapia in a dream

Eating bitter yam esuru in dream

Enemy become friends

Elephant trunk upward

Eating avocado in dream islamic interpretation

Eating pap cake

Ex mother in law in dream

Eating sweets and raw fresh tomatoes

Eating raw pork meat

Evil eye disappears in my dream

Echanging tops with a friend

Enemy giving a ripe banana in a dream and you eat

Empty dusty fish tank

Enemy gives food

Emu digging

Eating fufu that has salt in it without soup

Extending a sword

Eyes lid stucked or glu

Eating rice with mutton

Ex husband with guards

Exes in a dream

Eye balls stomach

Eating meat in the village from unknown person

Eating a salad in a bag and it had bugs in it.

Expensive thick drink in the dream

Ex lover in new

Ex with new lover

Evil eye breaks

Ex in bath with new lover

Eating banku with pepper and fish with a pregnant woman and a friend

Enemy sweep your floor

Eyes turn grey

Eyes gray

Emperador egipcio que estuvo con jose

Eating white butter

Eating pounded yam in a dream means what

Eating jollof rice in dream

Eating shima with kampeta among people with my daughter

Eating java plum

Ex wife intoxicated heavily asking for help

Eating sweet potato raw in dream means what

Elephant giving birth elephants babies


Ex partner ask me to marry gim

Estaba con two chicas y hablo con una en el sofa entonses la otra chica viene y me chupa el dedo gordo del pie y la chica con la que estaba hablando me hace masajes en el otro pie

Ex boyfriend acholic

Evil mad scientist

Eating fruits in a dream

Eating pawpaw

Eating fish head in a dream

Eagle hunting my dog

Ex wearing a weeding dress

Earth worms in hair

Eating g self

Eating rice wit ants

Eating from the dust bin in the dream

Ex get me a diamond ring and got pregnant

Eating with rich man in dream

Eating alligators pepper in the dream

Eating cooked tasty meat in a dream

Elders telling you that your food smells

Eating three pieces of junk fruit in a dream

Escaping leopard attacks

Eating fufu and palmnut soup means what

Eating a pomegranate

Eating cooked palm fruit in the dream

Ear infection purple

Escaping a dictator

Eating, blood, sanitary and pads

Eating jujubi fruit

Ex boyfriend peed on me

Eating ugali and vegetables

Entering a bus in a dream nd the bus but faulty after on the way

Ex girfriend telling you she is pregnant

Escaping from robbery

Electrical fence

Exprimer ses sentiments

Eat jaggery

Ex in church

Ex in moustache

Eggs dead and

Eating of abacha in dream

Ejaculation of a friend

Earth explosion and fire in a dream

Eating an apple in your dream

Eating food from my grandma but she has passed away

Eye puss

Empty pantry

Eating of periwinkle in the dream

Eating cater ars

Eating periwinkles in the dream

Eating sugar cane in dream what does it mean

Eye and mouth stitched closed in operation

Eyes and mouth were stitched closed in operation

Ex boyfriend with his mough wide open

Ex moving in

Enter a bus with empty seats

Eating left foot in dream

Ethan james

Enemies house

Emerald green and

Eating white sweets

Eating half bread in dream

Exwife cult

Ex-wife and her cult

Ex husband using

Extra limb

Eating bone in the dream means

Employer calling u in a dream

Envelope made of parchment paper

Eating a hedgehog

Eating rice and stew in the dream

Extra eye

Ex boy friend nher mother

Eating pricey pear

Eating my enemy food in the dream

Ex husbands family members

Escalade mortelle

Eletrical wires

Eating food happily

Eating marula fruits

Expired chips

Egg see in dream number teer

Excess of money received

Eating insects in a dream

Extraction of milk

Elephants and cows

Eating my body parts

Eating with chop sticks

Ex trying to come in window and you keep them out

Eight one eight one eight one

Eating cooked ofals

Earth on dream

Eating tasty food at my secret restaurant

Eating tasty food at special restaurant

Eating at restaurant

Eating bunnies

Exchange of rubber slippers

Eating an ostrich egg

Evil hell

Entering haunted house in dream

Eating egg white

Eating with the dead

En irantha kanavar ennidam panam kettar

Eating menstrual period

Eating meat and ugali

Eating green grams

Ex boyfriend with children

Eating in dream and adding salt

Entering a car with other people in the dream what does it mean

Eating mashed matooke in dream

Eating cassava in dreams bible meaning

Eletricity globe on n bright in the house

Eletricity on in the house

Eating emo in dream

Earing vada in dream meaning

Egg throwing from nest

Empty merchandize

Ex girlfriend in dream

Ex killed himself

Ex commited suicide

Eating wara curds milk

Eaten by tree

Ear injury

Elephant stamp

Eating toast with honey

Eating raw animal brain

Eating dry kapenta in a dream

Eating iru in a dream

Eating fried yam dream meaning

Eating red apple in dreams

Eating beans and rice

Ear salamanders

Ex showed me his garden

Ex with his hood down

Ear toothpick

Eating red lychees with my deceased mom

Eating your dog

Eyebrow growth

Eating raven meat in dream

Egg with tree yolks

Exchanging phones

Elderly woman with snake eyes

Eagle comes to bring rainfall and then flies off by showering pink petals

Eating raw parsnip

Emotionasl dream

Eating egg yolks

Ex boyfriend shaved short hair

Empty bottle of wine

Eating pink powder




Eating nshima in dream

Eating trifle

Ex boyfriend giving perfume to your mother

Elephant in forest

Empty oil gallon

Eating bread and alarm

Eating black olive on the olive tree

Eating together with dead person

Exploding stars

Electric company

Elephant carvings

Ex broke up with me

Eating chicken roll

Eagle water

Enemies pins and needles in dream back at grandparents house

Enemies in dream

Eating cassava in a dream means

Emerald green curtains

Eating wild fruit

Ex goat

Eating white rice in a dream meaning

Empty fridge

Eat heart

Eating cowheart

Eating periwinkle in a dream

Eating spaghetti and sauce with people

Eating a fat pig like demi

[email protected]

Eating boiled egg in dream

Eating egg in dream

Eating oats with milk

Eating yellow bread in a dream meaning

Eating peppe in dream dreams about dry crayfish

Eating bush meat

Electricity outage

Eating pap and vegetables

Exchange cars with someone in a dream meaning

Evil meatball

Eating fish together with your father

Eating fish with father

Eating matchboxes

Eating matchbox in adream

Eating chocolate with a worm in it

Eagles and owls flying in a flock

Eye with no pupil

Eyes with no pupil

Eat butter bread dream number

Eating of coconut flakes

Eat spoiled egg

Empty water gallon

E sister in law


Escupir en la cara

Engagement broken

Eggs in my hair

Ex boyfriend wearing orange shirt

Eating of palm nut and its spirituality

Explosive diarrhea

Explosive shitting

Eating wakye

Eating blow cassava in dream

Eat bitten in dream

Evil baby

Eating ber fruit meaning spiritually

Eggs with baby chicks inside

Elephant ocean

Elephant barbecue

Eating an animal tongue

Eating chinese food

Eating ugali greens

Eating okro stew and kenkey

Eating a raw pork

Eating a pork in a dream

Eating unlimited curry

Eating a lizard in dream

Eating human heads

Eating with white man in dream

Eating with white man in dream meaning

Eating dry coconut in a dream

Eating guava in dream


Empty money vault

Empty safety box

Empty safety boc

Eating restaurant

Eating fried onions

Elephant noise

Eating craboo

Eating latex

Eggs in one bag and broken eggs in one bag

Eating lemon


Eat7ng bugs

Eating food in dustbin

Eating crocodile in a dream

Eating cooked bird in the dream


Eagle tattoo on chest

Elephant blessing in dream

Eating steel wool

Eating a snake in m dream

Ex engaged you in dream

Eating collard greens in dream

Eating a peach

Eating moi moi in dream means

Eating squid

Elves teach you something

Elephantism in adream

Eating tuna fish in dream islamic interpretation

Evil dolls following you

Ex girlfriend walking away

Entering a kraal

Evil gift

Eating bread and egg together in dream

Eating and s ing food

Eating human corpse

Eating pomo

Exposing your secret

Elephants and gorillas climbing hills

Everytime i dream about my childhood house

Empty coconut

Eating roasted plantain dream meaning

Eating in tiger nut in the dream

Ex girlfriend being raped

Eating gulab jamun in dream

Entering white light in body

Eating iftaar

Eating jamun fruit in dream while pregnancy

Enermy named gideon

Eating jollof rice meaning

Eating black fruit

Eye on fire

Eating ripped pawpaw

Eating cooked liver

Eating human feases

Eating human dung

Eating shit