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Dreams starting with the letter F

Feeding seed to my fowls

Falling math exam

Fighting people with three s les

Ford groundnuts as gift

Finding a ruby in a cat litter box

Finding a ruby

Flying crow enter the house from kitchen window

Father trying to kill his daughter

Fire woods

Four four

Four four,six four,six five,six six

Flying in a dreams

Fighting and winning in a dream

Falling ghee in dream

Friends in dreams

Fire wood meaning in dreams

Fly digging in skin

From the back

Father in casket but bees all over his face

Feeding rat

Falling and trapped in a pit

Family house collapses

Feeding an old woman

Flowers in vase

Fight back immortal

Flowers growing from ankle

Finding kidnapped people in dreams

Finding friends

Foul smell in dream

Frontal nudity

Floating in pool

Friend dreamed i was stalked by ex

Friend dreamed i was stalked by ed

Flock black crow biting whole body

Father been blind holding a stick and another person holds him

Five heads and one body

Finding silver

Friend pranks me with death

Feaces rubbed on the body

Facing a lion faceless people

Frying plantain

Friends separated

Filling front pockets of an old red and white pin striped suit case

Fridge being too full

Fight husband in the dream

False teeth full of worms

Forgetting a bag and looking for it

Frog and poop

Five five nine dream meaning of white flecks in my hair

Feeling tired

Forgot someones birthday

Frying buns and also eating buns in the dream

Fighting a witch in a dream

Fishing line in stomach


Friend falling in love with classmate

Fish fingerlings

Fish bone one inside leather from the one they break small one from it

Feeding black dog


Full moon that looks like a half skull

Fire embers in night sky

Fire embers falling from the sky

Five zero zero to one zero zero zero tons of water meaning

Fruit bowl falling

Fish bites hand and leg

Fighting with someone in my dream

Fingerling fish

Fat lady in dream

Flood, fireworks, water

Fall inside escalator

Fetal position pains

Fetal position and afraid of father

Father angry

Father angry at me and sisters

Flying a cat in a dream

Faster than a train

Forced date

Forced to blind date

Friend, stabbed, knife

Food falling off your plate

Fetus in freezer

Food without paying

Fake tooths falls out the mouth

Fake crown tooth fall out mouth

Frozen cat in freezer

Fentanyl and

Fishing gear in a crate

Floor falling in

Falling down toward water

Friend barred from market

Fnaf freddy dream in house

Fiance had hole in back

Falling into septic tank

Finding a lost person in pond

Fetching edible worms from palm tree

Friend walking behind her ex

Friend in pink bunny costume

Fighting in different dimensions

Flirting with evil

Friend and his uncle killing a goat in drea

Funeral of two woman

Fighting back an abuser


Friend has baby boy

Four blonde women standing on a statue of a mermaid surrounded by water

Floating boat

Fire works in the sky

Forgetting bag in church

Fresh kale ,sukumawiki

Front tooth fell out

Following about from cliff

Flour mixed with hair

Fighting my late father in the dream means what

Feeding papaya to someone means

Friend that no longer los my friend and she is overwhelmed

Feel and see the earthquake and fire

Flying with the ballon

Filling bottle with palm oil in dream

Fourth eye

Female friend having golden hair

Frame string broken

Friends attending all white party

Frozen shoes

Friend killing you

Following with gun

Father died in river

Father hands broken

Fish biting me

Floating away from enemies


Food van

Forgetting passport at zir

Fenced in dogs getting out at new house

Fighting a white alligator in the snow

Funeral home wake


Frying catfish

Fried catfish

Frostbitten toes

Flower pot broken

Friend talking behind your back

Food to eat in coffin

Franed art as a gift


Flying insects that sound like bees

Fuel depot

Flying bees attack

Flying ants stacking me

Failing contraceptive

Food to deceased family

Force teeth out

Followed by manta ray

Ffresh picked big green avocados hidden after picked to be taken by relatives

Falling coconut tree

Friends introducing their girlfriends to you

Father is trying to kill me

Felling lost

Foam all over dress

Finding a baby in river

Fence behind a church

Five zero rupees i am taking

Fifty rupees taking

Family disliking me

Friend baby boy, mushy peas for hair and eyes then blonde hair and blue eyes

Fire falling from the sky

Filling up the form about what going on in my life

Full of lorry with carcol in dream

Faecal incontinence

Fake gold deean teer number

Fighting with goat

Finding a something lost

Flying aeroplane dropping gifts

Flower came out of nipple

Flower came out of

Finding a money under the owcase

Falling of lower theeth dream

Forgetting someone birthday

Fighting with my brothers girlfriend

Fictional character becoming you

Four eyes mother in dream

Flying rusty plane in a dream

Frozen meat in a plastic bag

Falling things from the sky

Failing in school

Finding money im my younger brothers trouse m washing

Finding moby

Fruit loops flying out of a butthole

Fish spawn

Feeling confident

Fetching water from a grave

Five suns and moons

Father vomiting

Falling high heels embarrassed

Finding husband desperately

Family member pregnant

Feces in a bucket of water


Fat dog meat in a dream

Faces moving toward me

Finding taweez

Finding tawed

Finding your husband cheating

Falling to your knees

Fungus orange

Five zero cent coin

Foot prints in the snow

Family members shot

Family quarreling

Film director

Feesies on onesself

Family car crash on cliff

Fighting with another woman for a man

Flower pot with flower

Found ring

Fighting on a grass

Four gold balls heading my way

Falling object from bird

Falling of baby from building

Falling of babie from building

Falling. backwards

Fixing kajal

Fixing kahal

Flying birds with flowers

Flyring bird with flowes

Fish in a calm water

Female python with eggs

Frog running up pant legs

Falling in volcano

Full load of truck with palm fruit

Forgetting verses

Forks spoons knife

Fighting girl friend

Faded shirts

Fighting with your side chick

Fati hui saree pahne ka sanket

Flower bed

Falling in love to the girl in your dream

Full or blood

Friend avoiding me

Finding my child and seeing her being tease by boys

Friend murdering another friend

Feces from an elderly woman

Feeding bird water

Food chuk my throat in dream

Fish bone struk my throat in dream

Fly larvae

Former chief gives you money

Fighting with ancestor in dream

Flying wings

Forgetting clothes when on holiday

Father fell on ground

Found abandoned child

Friend has given birth to a baby boy and your giving two zero zero zero to ababy

Friend has a seizure

Friend hurt

Flowers suddenly disappeared

Fear of heights in dream

Flowers covered in blood

Flowers covered in half blood

Fix road

Fat boss

Foot with wound and water gushing out of wound

Fixing horae shoe

Fighting my husband lover

Faggots in dreams

Face spitting out body parts

Face of a horse

Foot burning

Frying silver cyprinid in a dream meaning

Fried banana

Food stamps

Farming mushroom

Father waving me while holding a bag

Fighting bad

Film location

Fire wood teer dream

Falling asleep in sick persons bed

Falling asleep in my dead grandpa bed

Fear in next to be killed

Fighting and kill the people in dream means

Friends try to kill ma


Fire in masjid

Family disputes

Feeding beef ravioli to son

Fighting mother

Family stuck in a pipe

Family died in a pipe

Family putting curse on family

Forgotting my handkchief in a prayer mountain

Forgotten motorbike kept safe

Fasting day

Feeding a giant cuckoo

Fighting a buffalo and you kill it

Feeling that someones watching

Finding stuffed animals

Flying snake in my dream

Food stole

Fixing hair in the dream

For a woman to dream that her cloth is thorn

Floating downstream

Family diagnosed with serious disease

Falling coconut tree in to house roof and the coconut are every where in ground

Father dead in

Father dead and

Front teeth with gap

Feet scratching

Feet in sand

Flour roti to some needy

Face burn with hot oil

Feeding hubby

Famous person giving me money

Feeding a mad man and in the dream

Former jobs

Full moon going around in a circle golden light around it

Flowing with the flow of stream

Floating in with a stream tide to the sea running away from people who are trying to kill you

Floating in with a stream tide to the sea

Friend holding newborn baby

Fire lighter

Friend cheating on me

Find mothers gold amethyst pendant

Fake snakes

Fever grass

Fateyko milk

Father buying luxurious

Fire on the shoulder

Father buying a

Fungal , mushrooms in

Fungal on a tree

Family picture

Fetching water in a river which is not all that clean to bath

Fetching water in a river which is not all that clean

Fighting a goat

Friend cheating on her boyfriend with her ex

Four pezones

Feet black

Future telling

Friend designed my home

Fish skeletons

Feeling excitement from pulling a cork

Following someone i know

Following a dog and saving it from drowning

Fluffy cat

Feeding wild horses apples

Fire burning nose

Father bringing another woman home

Feminine power

Fragments or broken pieces of earing

Falling on bed dream

Fearing of family safety

Fleeing in game

Five knocks in dream

Fighting in a game

Father deceased and bees

Father calling my name in a dream

Fleas in bed

Father hung himself

Fight with colleagues

Fish net

Flooding truck

Funeral purler

Freckled baby

Feeding porpoise

Full face peeling

Followed by a mad person

Fart on face

Fabric stain

Face with some missing

Friends giving gifts

Farm mud

Forced to get into a grave

Fear of falling from a helicopter

Farm shed collapse

Falling of stones from sky

Fresh leaves in a treee

Finger in bum

Fierce dog blocking my way

Falling from hills

Falling in a pit of faeces

Falling in a septic tank

Friendly crocodile in my bed

Friendly crocodile baby in my bed but i was scared and kept chasing it away

Fly and ear

Finding a new jacket

Framing of people wearing white dress and green dress what does it mean

Frying meat outside in a dream

Falling arms tied to sides

Fletcher cut off in well

Fixing drips in your hand by doctor in the dream

Furnal procession

Foot se mawad aana

Ferris wheel falling water

Falling in a dirty pit

Falling in a dirty trench

Found a baby crying and you told the guidance to carry the baby and the baby became happy as they carried the baby

Four chickens three yellow cats one dog in a pen

Friend dancing

Fighting maternal uncle

Five rice

Fence raccoon

Five sacks of rice

Falling off a helicopter

Fried groundnut

Fried kulikuli

Fishing while not getting any of the fish

Father killing mr

Forgiveness they not involved

Fallen fence or wall

Full closed diaper

Full closed diaper on the tree

Fighting monster in dreams

Friend has crush on me

Friend sues

Friend sues someone

Fudge full of eggs

Falling in cassava

Floating in waters

Fishing line in my feet

Friend standing in front of my car

Former workmates, biometrics

Falling into a black hole

Fighting and throwing sand on the person

Fruit symbol.number

Friend lending me miney

Fixing of motor tyres in dream

Frog under my skin

Falling down stairs and trying to grab the railing and it disappears

Fighting a t rex

Fighting with husband then separating

Finding sihr in my home



Finding diamond earrings in the street

Four zero four zero

Five two zero

Fighting a black shadow


Falling squirrel

Four zero zero zero zero worth of damage

Five zero dollar bill

Fire in kitchen

Fat babies

Flying green snake on wall running behind me

Friend being decapitated

Fox attacking my dog

Fox attacking my dog; bit off his foot

Frightened mother

Fighting dead father

Friends backstab

Flying child

Friends turning

Friends inopropriatly

Fruit with bug

Freeway best friend crash

Fetching clean water from a pipe

Failing in studies

Feeding dead grandfather

Forgot to feed a baby

Fire in a circle

Flog by a masquerade


Falling of the plate with food

Falling into a river of crocodiles

Fungus on thumbnail

Floor collapsing

Four nipples

Fire works with someones face on

Funeral invite

Filling falls out

Filling falls lit

Five dollar bill

Finding hair on bed dream

Fields of golden barley

Fall all teeth

Friends in my house

Forget wedding ring on wedding day

Falling babies

Forget wedding rings on your wedding day

Finger turning black

Football icon

Football stars

Fighting with a brother

Flooding kitchen

Food try to eat in the dining table

Feeding man of god

Fire burning a mattress

Flying over pyramids of egypt

Father sad

Father mather

Fishing without bait

Full of yellow mangoes in one basket in my hand

Fishing in dreams

Found a money and hide

Fave skeleton

Found a notes and hide

Flowing blood river

Found the jewellery in underwater in my dream

Falling above the sky

Fridge raided by two nuns

Fridge raided ny two nuns

Feed a hungry priest

Financial stability

Firing at soldiers in a dream

Falling from tree and land safely with my feet

Fading ear

Feed to dad dream

Fading ear on a dead partner

Figurine of the blessed virgin mary

Floor color yellow

Floot color yellow

Fused bulb

Flying deer with pheasant wings

Fungus infection spreading

Falling from bike

Flying a plane

Faded sepia colors n a house

Feet bump

Forget clock in at work

Friend missing body

Forgetting to take

Floating shoes down river

Falling of decay tooth in my dream


Feeling hand fulls of saggy food from clogged sink

Family members taken away

Fire inside brain

Fire inside skull

Fighting evil spirit

Fighting a fat person

Fighting a fat lady

Father blind

Falling of cliff

Feet melting

Friend tried to shot me

Four two

Faceless boy who i fall in love in my dream

Feeding headless dog

Feeding dog with no head

Feeding dog with no jead

Feeling safe in a library

F gold squares

Flood bike

Floating leaf

Fear of climbing down ladder

Frogs mating

Finding keys

Finding knife and needle

Finding keys and locks

Force retirement

Fridge, rotted food, bugs

Fixing house

Freeing birds from cage

Four blind black snake dream

Five five

Flying sheep

Floating woman head

Fight with old friend

Face wound

Found a lost door keys

Found me in torn clothes

Finding a kid locked away

Friend as a waiter

Feeding baby crow

Friend angry with you


Furious snake that is increasing size ready to attack in dream

Friendly india woman

Friends dies and turned into black coyote in dream

Flying and rain

Fruit gooseberry

Forgetting kids at school

Find medal g

Fried egg cockroaches

Fried eggs and cockro

Femeal deth

Female deth

Fidel castro

Fainting in clothes business place

Freasing to festhus

Fatching water from the well number

Fish living in aquarium filled with oil

Feeding crows

Floor tiles falling beneath your feet

Fetching water from a river

Fixing garden and showing to bishop

Fixing garden

Friend avoiding me at work

Freckles on face

Friends leaving me

Finding lost red luggage

Fat mouse catch trap

Fighting with a cousin

Face switching

Finding yourself sick in dream


Fingers dream

Fighting soldiers

Frogs under my skin

Face ripped open

Fear of crossing a border

Falling in love with a sasquatch

Furby penguin

Fruit inside toilet

Fighting and defeating a monster

Foundation of my home being dug up while inside


Fap between teeth

Fallen/broken fence

Finding baby calf in water

Fire alarm with no fire

Flying on top of an airplane

First i see sun eclipse then it was raining and i started recite sura mulk and slowly eclipse is over and i saw a sunshine

Fire and war

Fishing pole line tangled with others fishing poles

Fishing pole strings tangled with items

Fire moster

Finding a squid in my

Fight with imagined boyfriend and then kiss

Fight but at the and kiss

Fish scales in my mouth

Finish taking orders if fiod

Finish cooking

Flipping over in a fishing boat

Feet tied at ankle

Flying bird dream interpretation

Face of my grandmother but she was already passed away

Flowers and ground

Flowers and groun

Female lion scratches me


Fighting with brother who carrying fire

Fly in ear

Falling in a latrine

Fancy plates and cutlery

Fish salade

Fish salat

Fish sallad

Find out to throw away in the dream what does it mean

Fire extinguishing of a house

Food thrown on floor



Finger peeling off

Falling in water as escape

Fill bucket with clean water

Fertility treatment

Forgot item

Friend burns my new jacket

Friend dream i was rich

Father in law slapped me

Female stranger wearing same shirt as me

Flying bag

Fighting me and who

Founding honey in a dream

False tusk

Flower kumkum and saree


Fish in the aquarium

Feeling panic

Free mason symbol

Fire in husbands mouth

Fixing grave with dead

F lat bicycle tyre

Father and me having explosive diarrhoea

Freckles drawn on face

Fallen buildings

Fire bird monster

Fire monster beach hotel

Floor full of oil

Five dollars

Flying green tarp

Failing hitting head

Fence of snake

Father is a pedo

Falling off a skyscraper

Face changing to evil

Flowers in the glass filled with water

Four ladies in my dream

Feeding egg to cat in my dream

Flying upwards in a helicopter really fast

Falling through a puddle

Fish denotes which number

Flower growing out of right foot bottom

French kissing dog

Female hairy face

Fathima zahra seeing in dream

Fighting with enemy in mud

Falling branches

Former president giving me job

Footstep noices


Finding jewellery in sea

Following snake

Father and diarrhoea

Fighting craps in a dream

Fight of two lizard

Finding fire

Feral horse demon

Fight between brother

Falling stars ang money at the sky

Forgiving an intruder

Fleas on a dog

Falling down the escalator

Falling off the escalator

Forgetting to make kids lunch

Filling bags of sugar

Filling bags of dugar

Friend shooting everyone in house

Floating in water on top of unknown dark object

Face morph

Forest mudslide

Frost bite on foot exposed bones

Feeding a lot of children

Feet irritated

Fighting a demon

Fruits fallen from tree with hail

First trees laden with mangoes the. all mangoes fall down with hail

Falling down but baby in stomach is fine

Forgetting pe kit at home

Filling glasses with ice cubes

Feeling comfort from a hug

Fish on sheet of paper

Fat snake just eaten

Friend is a demon

Fish in belly

Flood in my store

Food preparation in mosque for charity purpose

Forgetting false teeth

Forgetting a phone in dream

Fighting a kid

Flying paper pla

Friend remove hijab

Fallen down the buddha statue in home

Forced kiss from behind by my ex

Fish black bite

Fish hook in nose

Four five number

Fire wood on your head

Friend dreaming of you having a baby announcing house full of children you looking skinny and beautiful

Fat cow in water

Fetching water from a pipe means

Friend giving me money

Father who is dead with blood on his teeth

Frozen whole duck


Fingers bending and breaking

Four buildings on a hill with angel music

Father i give my son money two hunread

Follow me elephant

Fingernail pointing stack on my forehead

Fingernail stacking my forehead

Fox licking fingers

Finding dimes in sand


Finding money in a flower pot

Facial hair on women

Friend afraid of me

Friend in despair

Food comes alive

Fling dish


Flying dish

Falling off building and died

Food crock pot

Fox kills puppy

Flora pants

Flowers growing that i had forgotten that i had planted


Fire and snow

Fish in the carton

Food dream

Friend going to hospital

Fiance coming back to life and marrying someone else

Fighting in your dream


Friend walking a dog

Fetching water from well

Falling frim heights

Friend gets boyfriend

Foreign child meaning

Frogs jumping out mouth

Finding someones lost ring

Finding handcuffs

Fitting a dress

Fitting clothes on others

Frying in my dream

Fighting means satan tempting alcohol

Fish what symbolizes lotto number

Finding medicine in alost bag

False knight

Fielding cricket

Full moon and saturn

Full and saturn

Family and money

Finger millet gruel poured on the table

Foreign silver coins

Forgetting my boyfriends birthday

Falling kitchen

Forceful marriage and crying

Five rondavels


Fox attacking a rabbit

Fighting dogs

Friend infecting me with aids

Friend infecting me

Fish turning into a bird

Forgot money to pay transport

Feeling air from can

Feel breeze coming from a can

Feel and hear breeze

Familiar boy

Familiar boy face

Fire feitare deram nambar shillong teer

Flesh disease


Feeling someone pusing my head while sleeping

Free black dog silver revolving pistol gold clock

Forcing someone to do against his wish

Fornication with bugs

Finding my front doir open

Flowers and vases

Friend kissing

Fire moon

Friend driving away in car

Field of green mealies

Fetch a ring

Forgetting my school location

Food seller refuses to sell food | dream interpretation

Fiery chest

Famous people praising me in dream

Fake friend

Feet being operated on

Folded cardbox

Find a lost object in your dreams

Finding a lost object in your dreams

Flying low to ground

Frog losing a leg

Fresh from tree ang eating green mango

Finance manager

Fingerlings swimming

Finding something in a drawer

Fighting with people in your dreams

Fighting in your dreams

First coming from mouth

Fixing your sheets

Fingered by a stranger

Fish and cat

Folding clean clothes

Fire hydrants and water

Feet and bed

Finding watch in unusual place

Father being a teacher at my school even though he is not a teacher in real life

Finding a wrist watch in the ground

Finding hidden wrist watches

Feather metal

Forgetting to pack for holiday

Finding enemies gold tops and returning it back to the enemy what does this mean in dream?

Flying around a maple tree

Feeling defeated by family members

Faces of presidentsin dreams

Faded photo in album

Fishing for tuna

Flowers in a dream

Falling of photo of a dead mother

Flint stone seeing in dream

Female god idol

Falling out of the back of a truck bed

Fish bite in foot

Fish that looks like a cat

Falling your chilf from the top places

Frogs in mouths

Feeding goat

Friend getting killed

Falling from a mountain

Friend behind you

Fighting to everyone in my class

Friends doing together

Finding gold watch


Feeding my baby boy

Friends imprisoned

Friend coming out as lesiban

Fingernails in bed

Flying bus

Four silver pots of water

Father holding spoon and crying

Featherless bird nailed to plywood feet first

Flying with brown horse tail

Forgot my passport in my dream

Front port

Floor breaking underneath you

Fake gold wedding ring

Falling inside water means

Father figure trying to kill me

Falling rocks blocking roads

Fighting two thieves stealing at my old s hit one with stone on the head

Four heads

Forgotten cooking

Floating across swimming pond

Father responsibility

Frog jumping into your shoe

Fetching water for my dead grandmother

Fire tank

Fingering belly button

Finding jars of silver coins

Finding change in a couch

Face paralysed

Fancy dinner with enforced manners

Falling in pit with dogs

Foot black

Finding baby girl

Found lost sandals

Former deceased boyfriend

Fixing broken glass

Fixing a broken cup

Flower s

Falling of white horse from the sky to the sea

Feed church with gizzard

Fire started from frying

Flooded mosque

Futuristic park

Fire and rain

Fighting and winning in dream

Falling cars and boulders

Forgetting to buy a birthday gift

Fish in a dream teer

Four strands of gray hairs on a hairy hand in the dream means what?

Former school

Former university

Fetching water from a tap

Floaded graveyard

Fight in mosque

Fish dream number shilong teer

Forest officer teer dream number

Forest officer dream number

Falling skirt and pick it up

Forest office

Four pigeon shadow

Fighting a celebrity

Female cum on males mouth

Floating brinjal in water

Fighting with your closed relative

Fighting with my mothers young sister

Fingers burning

Fungus toe nails


Fetching water from the river using bucked

Father having cancer in dream

Face become distort

Familiar someone face changed

Father molesting me

Frog catching

Feet peircing

Father selling his soul to the devil

Flying in a dream

Fighting a witch in my dream

Fighting a witch eight

Flood and rat

Female researcher

Fountain inside of a house

Family, possessions, fictional characters

Friend massaging my legs

Father and molestation

Friend escorting you then you keep on 4getting petty things like shoes and yet u r far with the friend

Family members shunning yiu

Family of origin not speaking to you

Finding furniture on the shore

Fabric with flowers

Flying but not making it very far

Freshly cut wood

Father on tv

Feeding sweets to a dead person

Friend going on hajj

Faceless boy lean on my shoulder

Filling water from pipe tap water means

Friend hates me but my other friend feels bad for me

Finding something

Finding a a way out of a building

Fixing up old residential house to resell

Fixing up old house to resell

Fish stew

Fighting my mom

Friend asking for eggs

Forgetting how to do job

Friend of san roque

Fresh apple pies

Feel loved

Fire and lightning in a black sky

Friendly cats

Feeding your dog

Fiancee wedding

Fulling from green grass roof wish my deceased mother

Father giving raw meat in dream

Falling hot water in my husband tummy

Feeding at very large pigs in dream what does it mean


Father committing and suicide

Food in poop