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Dreams starting with the letter F

Falling into a puddle backwards and nearly drowning

Four one four

Faceless black cats that get human faces

Fishing on a fishing boat

Fake flower on the head of a girl

Flying alone in an airplane

Finding three york in one egg in a dream meaning

Fish hanging from the ceiling

Fishing and catch a horse

Friend going abroad

Fixing a dead bulb

Friend taking of her hijab

Finds out has ma

Fishes in lake

Flying in plane

Frog num

Frostbite toes

Face doscoloration

Frank pain flowers

Faceless girl kissing me in dreams

Flirting with pastor in my dream

Father beating his daughter

Faceless women talking to me in my dream

Fighting my dead parents

Falling and becoming unconscious

Fox totem

Frying pan dirty

Footsteps licking

Fell inside a soakaway

Fear not shared by others

Female lion attacking you

Fried meat

Finger being cut

Fish,nake frog

Flower bath

Father beating daughter

Futuristic city with bernstein bears

Fortune cookie saying i will meet my soulmate this year

Floating bike in sea

Floating hand

Flooded road with many exits

Following a dead person running from danger

Father in law walking ahead of me but no communication

Finding a gold earring

Fight with bull with one broken horn

Fence cut down

Falling out of a window

Female and female love

Fried chips with ketchup

Floatation toy

Frying in air

Fighting with dad

Finding a ring in my pocket

Friend sucked down drain in dirty water

Family outing earth quake

Four bottles

Found a large pounamu necklace in my dream

Fixing a motorbike in a dream

Fetching tap fresh clean water

Fathers illness

Feeding her and deceased father.they.were.swallowing.the.food

Falling continuously

Fatal accidents

Falsely aquest

Fight and crowd burning man

Foot in ghee

Flying combat

Flying alates dream catching

Fetching out different type of fish from the well

Fetching fish instead of water

Family members empty cardboard house hollow walls

Flower canopy

Fingers a girl

Father having a stroke

Falling from window

Friend, poor, gang, school

Frog skeleton

Fence with missing boards and dogs coming into the yard

Feeding cripple kids

Falling to knees

Fixing toilet seats

Four leg animal with yellow eyes

Friend being sneaky

Flying tooth

Format president

Fishing metal rod

Fromer prime minister

Falls out

Full chicken dream meaning

Failing to clean menstrual blood

Fox cubs

Flood carried my two slipass

Fighter jet falling and i rescue pilot

Fighter jet falling rescue pilot

Flashing blue red and yellow lights after a loss

Flashing light

Flashing multicolored lights

Frozen egg bursts in my hand

Foreboded meaning

Feather down

Food plate fallen

Fire turned in to a lion

Five o clock shadow

Five oclockbshadow

Food.in a coffin

Flow or river dream

Finding male discharge

Four handed man dream

Four handed man in a dream

Finding a friend that committed suicide

Fort lauderdadle

Fluttering wings

Finding a bear cub

Flying and then someone pulls you down

Fish in poop

Foolish man in dream numpet

Fat person bei g skinny in a dream

Four different people trying to be like michael myers in my dream and they meet the real one and they all try to get me



Fight everything and everyone

Feet of deceased mother

Fish with out tail

Following dead mother through muslim camp

Following dead mother through a refugee camp

Four one eight four

Fish bone in bottom of leg

Forgetting to pick up daughter from daycare

Finding dental floss

Filthy restroom

Forced marinate

Fungus in my hair or scalp

Flooded backyard childhood home

Fields with green sorghum

Finger a lady virgina in the dream

Finger a lady in your dream

Five dead woman teer number

Fighting over a bracelet with a friend

Fixing water tap

Face skin getting ripped by someone

Food exploding

Father gets shot

Fluffy goldfish

Found a wallet

Falling into trees but very gently

Friend and her ex getting together

Falling pants

Fighting with a diceased

Fighting with a person died

Feeding white chicken broken egg

Foot ring

Fish bones and scales

Finding key

Flower getting crushed

Flexible stretching

Forced to do things

Fighting off

Forborne car

Fron yard

Frog kept in a bottle

Finding poop in a plastic bag

Folding cream curtains

Full copper pot water

Falling in the pit latrine nad coming out

Fruit falls into water

Felling a tree

Food pounding

Falling of a used sanitory pad

Feeding a young lady with a snack

Filling clean water in drum

Floating words

Forced to play games in dream

Facetiming my crush

Facetiming my crusg

Fire in tagalaog

Finding precious gems in ice

Flying through cloud

Fuzzy purple orange poisonous cater ar

Female giving me

Female giving one

Friend turning into a snake

Family leaving me

Fire around house

Feeding food

Family killing people

Freinds shrinking

Feces in my mouth

Fenugreek leaves

Feeling allah presence in a dream

Falling into a dip borehole

Finding a lost direction

Finding way after being lost

Finding way from being lost

Family and members

Future current and

Fixing clogged sink

Feeding prisoners

Feeding a dead family member

Freeway signs

Fall down stairs w grandma

Feeding in mameraid with fish in the dream means what

Feeding a water spirit with fish in dream means what

Fake person

Fighting with kinner

Fly low on electricity wires

Fishes in freezer

Frozen uterus

Foot, gigger, removing

Fishing in flooded river

Feeding grandchildren

Fasting in the dream

File nomination for election

Frog eating pastry

Foreigners speaking a foreign language

Finding matches

Frying eggs and burning them

Fixing an oven

Fixing a broken oven

Forced and entry

Farmers tan

Fat shamed

Flower pit

Forgetting to watch your toddler

Failing to cross a river

Find arecanuts in dream

Far got snake bite in dream

Falling in water and reaching the bottom

Forgetting a certificate in promotion interview and allowed to attend and bring evidence of certificate later

Finding out i have a brother

Flying with an angel in a dream

Finally being alone with some one and they disappear

Fish chasing

Friend with sunburnt face

Fox friend

Female demons

Fire coming at of my hand in the dream

Figuring out that ex remarried

Four two room old house/mansion

Fiance bathinga child

Falling on the bible book

For a lady to pluck an african velvet tamarind in dream

Finding wild truffles

Finding a purse

Found my lost cell phone

Finding cell phone in freezer

Female socyors

Firefly in dream and also blue electric flies what does it mean

Fighting with wife in dream islam

Fighting with madman in the market

Five dead horses

Finding treasures in ocean

False finger nails

Fake nails falling off

Fetching water from a well dream

Face less woman

Forgot to pay rent

Fante kenkey in dream

Falling in hole of the toilet

Feather across and

Four three in dream

Four three

Falling in my dream

Foot, injury, wound

Feeling nauseated in a dream

Frog and snake are fighting

Framing of enemy laughing at me

Fall down from a high spot and shattered

Force fed

Fist punch while protecting

Falling in dirt

Friend being shot and killed

Funeral meat

Found diamond in the rain



Fire out of mouth

Falling and landing on something

Fake fur

Fake death dreams of my dad

Family staring at me

Family staring at e

Flying and lifting up high

Flying helicopter

Four betal leaves in dream

Feeding someone with blood

Fungi nostrils

Fungi growing out of nostrils

Flowers growing in my hands

Flying with my arms

Flying with my arms flapping

Flying with atms

Father of my child

Fruit on the ground

Frog boiling in a pot and trying to hop out, i help it and bathe it in milk

Feeding cow grass

Friend in tux

Four suns and four moons

Flying in a warehouse

Face half covered with worms

Four elements

Forgetting where you live

Fighting with someone in dream


Father killing mother with knife

Fishing in river

Flood water drown my clothes

Former usa president in bed

Falling out of

Falling eye dream

Frequent dreams of being a school prefect

Fire arrows at y house

Fire going out of control

Flogs me

Father-in-law showing me silver rings

Fighting with ur daughter

Fighting my dead sister

Faking your own death

Falling into a pool of oil


Food and money

Forcefully kissed

Food with money

Five zero zero bill

Funeral poster

Fighting with my stepson

Female sheep gift

Fruit theft

Falling fruits

Found my daughter beaten with distorted face

Fighting friends

Falling through

Finding dead

Finding broken police lights

Fihe out of the see at the banks of homes

Four brown spiders

Father passed a dream

Firing of grass and logs

Friend being rich

Failed abortion

Fat friend is skinny in dream

Face swelling

Floor dream interpretation

Four chicks

Forced to have surgery

Finished ghee in dream

Fall off a roof

Flags england kits dream league soccer

Frozen man

Fathers flat cap

Fire in water

Face allergies

Fungus in foot

Facing up to a bad spirit

Feeding a pizza to a stranger and eating the same slice meaning

Father giving red chilli and rice to me

Father pointing towards the mountain

French vanilla creamer

Former principal

Forehead four

Family turning in demons

Forcedly marring someone i know him

Five apartment rooms

Filling a foundation with sand

Flying in old school in underwesr

Friend giving me old clothes

Forgot license

Fighting with my mother who is dead

Foot nails with fungies

Fight phonecall cheating kitchen breaking things

Falling quran

Frying of bean cake in the dream

Frying akara in the drea

Firing rpg

Falling white candle

Fetch h0t water in a dream mean

Flight stewardess

Father slaps my brother in dream

Fire straw

Friends at separate tables

Falling inside sokaway

Falling inside okay

Fat person sitting on chest

Face on back of head

Falling elevators

Father pushed me off really tall building

Feather duster

Feather duster dream, meaning of

Floating above a muddy river

Find sister

Family member interfering into my personal business

Flying a white balloons with no strings?

Friend boyfriend is cheating

False wall

Foot cut by glass falling on it


Fox eating squirrel

Feeding baby animal

Frog biting my love ones toe

Father in law giving me key

Flowing tap water

Fight with co wife

Flower falling from the gods photo in dream

Former judge buying lot of alcohol

Fighting god in my dreams

Flashlight in my eyes

Fear murder

Fighting a roman legion soldier and winning

Floating on a pool noodle

Five moons two suns in the sky

Forest tattoo

Fighter planes

Full and falling water in water tank mean

Full rainbow

Faxing documents

Father killing someone

Fire lamp stand


Fear of falling in water slide

Farm building

Flying off with another man

Feeding people when you are eating

Father and son at a fishing hole

Fighting fake pastor in jesus name

Faces in cloud

Fancy fabric


Feeding blueberries to someone

Finger in a jar

Fingernail splitting

Fire and ice

Fruits meaning in your dreams

Fail to take picture with phone

Fighting with husbands girlfriend

Failing to take picture with phone

Faking my own death

Friend crying number

Face at me

Finger stained with red oil

Fight old lady

Filling the tires with air

Falling from a tall building and not dying


Forgetting to click on at work

Finding broken nail clipper

Fresh coffee beans

Falling fron moon

For a pawpaw tree to be cut down

Family sad

Frozen fish in a dream

Full sack

Floot of water

Fight with grandma

Falling in love with a murder

Floating box

Feeding camel

Feather across forehead

Fingers pruning

Father late night buying ice cream

Foot grip

Fake adoption stolen trust

Friend dreamed that a celebrity was kissing my feet

Fixing shapes of cylinder tube to stand straight on a place mean in a dream

Family chaos

Foot arch pain

Fighting with an ex friend

Feeling my crushes energy

Fighting and stabbing a witch in my dream

Flower in plastic bag

Finding money in pocket

Fighting with a hoho

Following my mum to a garage then she struggles to close the door with a snake to her ankle

Four freind

Father sels his house

Floor cleaning

Feather and hair

Fungus in head

Feathers dream interpretation

Faded green clothes

Fly in nose

Forgotten prophecy

Finding letter opener

Feces in sink bathtub and toilet

Farve beige

Froozen snake

Fix hair in mirror

Fake diamond in ring

False teeth on a necklace

Fruits staples

Fruits and breadfruit

Fighting with hyenas end killing them

Fallingbostel in deep toilette

Falling to ground

Father in suit standing at door

Fruit tree ancient not eaten dream

Friends taking pictures recording surrounding

Fake bank statement

Female standing urinating luck number

Falling on garbage dumb and rain is falling

Falling in a pit latrine and being safed

Flogging a boy and the boy is not crying meaning

Flyng moth

Flaying with african winnowing basket in dream

Flaying in winnowing basket

Friend involved and

Feeding your pet tiger raw meat

Faster to run backwards

Family suicide attempt

Forearms full of scraches

Fire revolution

Falling down and

Failing in school and dreaming being the top of the class at the same time

Fresh milk cream

Flood and fire

Flour being thrown in fun

Flying lion dream

Feeding a crow grapes

Frozen star

Fried jacks

Four five min of time

Friendly goblins

Flowers at old house

Frozen pig

Fighting with machete

Fist fight a stranger then they run away

Fish in sea

Fighting warthogs

Flying animals

Flying cow pink cow

Face clouds griffin

Frying potatoes

Fire in a city

Floating slippers

Fingering my girlfriend

Fiance having a fear with another woman

Four eyed black dog with brown eyes

Fly people

Frozen apples

Finding a white purse

Folded note

Fighting with deceased

Family court

Falling off scooter

Feet changed into maimed tail

Fighting family member

Friend diying

Father giving out money

Flask drowning into water

Flask drowning in water

Former first lady

Father in law hitting boyfriend

Fly through trees

Food on firewood and fire immediately stopped

Finding lost bank card

Finger chickens

Fly high to a guy

Field of blooming narcissus flower

Fighting a gorilla

Father marriage

Flaky rash dream

Feeling someone poke your rib

Food dresm

Fante and asante kenkey dream.

Father as a governor in dream

Four headed snake

Falling in dam

Fighting a phoenix and killing it

Fish and number

Fire circle on the ow

Floods dream meaning

Four nipples on one boob

Father is sick

Father getting sick

Father is sick and i concious


Footin. cast

Family on cruise ship

Family member getting robbed


Fighting for a child friend deacse

Fell cow followed you

Father in law and snake

Father in law snake

Flying an airplane

Friend n i break a glass table

Fish in a fishbowl

Four chairs

Fox and dog breaking up fight

Four sets of brown rosary beads on four wooden chairs. one set of rosary beads fell to the ground

Five headed chicken

Familiar person in my dream

Fainting at a wedding

Feeding my boyfriends son to a snake

Finding a cup

Fortune cookies

Failed to climb the roof

Following girl though the bush

Finger in the but

Finding gold in a tub of water

Fish and pigs


Finding a lost object in your dream meaning

Falling off floors

Forgot my child

Fishing in muddy water

Fishing in a muddy water

Friend selling her housr

Fight and escape from lion chasing

Fight and escape from luon chasing

False people

Friend asking for wrapper in dream

Found my missing socks in my dream, it was a little dirty but i wore them with a new shoe

Food and forest and some one leaving

Flying red bees

Flying bees

Fruit bible and


Fermented cassava tubers

Fruit what does

Foot being pierced

Fighting for money

Finding a lost wedding ring

Family dies in dream

Face peeled off and stuck to a tree

Flower dream interpretation

Frying gari in a dream means what?

Friend shooting leg

Flying white horse in the cloud at night

Forg dreams in shillong teer number

Flush down the drown

Four orange stars

Fighting a pastor

Four bright suns

Fish and water and shrimp

Falling plate of food

Faded t shirt

Fried peanuts

Fight with witches

Foot burn by boiling milk

Floating down river

Friend in wedding dress

Five zero dollars

Feeling your heart rate change

Flying wearing a black dress

Feeding bread


Fluffy snake

Fast food cup

Father raping mother

Fruits dream interpretation

Family mem hitting head and cracking skull

Face mask person

Finding ganesh laxmi

First holy communion

Fried silver fish


Friends bathtub

Finger dream interpretation

Frog swimming on top of water

Flying in a dream without wings

Findy foreign money

Finding house key at graveyard

Fat sheep

Fish from nose

Face and towel

Feeding meal to my ex

Full plates of food

Food processors

Fighting dajjal

Flood after fire

Found a drowning boy performed cleans he came back to life

Four legged baby

Four legged

Family member running after you on fire

Forgot to turn my headlights on and driving my car


Farm cutlass

Found cutlass in water

Friend giving me a blessing

Frog jumps to me

Fast growing iris flower

Fingers getting sliced off

Falling swords

Finger falls off

Feeding papaya

Frog coming out if me

Foretells fortune will favor your efforts, and you will enjoy your opportunities to satisfy your cravings for certain pleasures

Father write something at school

Fireplace ashes

Falling breaking and

Fighting a giant squid with a brother

Fire burning on a fireplace

Falling on rotten gabbage and some gets into the mouth but you stand up and walk on the gabbage towards water tap

Falling on rotten cabbage and some gets into the mouth but you stand up and walk on the cabbage towards water tap

Friend having baby

Footwear missing

Footwear missing / lost

Fighting in death until dead

Fixing my nail the dreams

Friend wearing soldier uniform

Fishing small fishes


Famine pad

Friends boyfriend cheating

Finding childhood clothes

Flying brown duck

Falling from bed

Father got shot and died

Friend becoming my boyfriend

Fifty and ten naira in the dream


Flashed stranger

Flashing private prts

Feeling i cant get back to destination

Family replaced

Feet with socks on

Forgetting to pick your kids up from school

Fightinng sister in law

Floor with holes

First lady in my home

Finding pure silver bars

Finding pur silver bars

Flowers growing on floor in my room

Fresh catch squid

Fresh squid from sea

Falling statues

Flying dogs

Flying metal dogs

Floating over my house on a large log

Flushed toilet

Forgot all choreography during dance performance

Fat headless cow

Field of roses

Fish monster in a dream

Friend sucking thumb and sitting on someones lap

Four beers bottle

Four beer bottle

Face ripped off

Friend liking my crush

Friend liking my crush and stealing him

Family member going to hajj

Falling cotton flowers on body in dream

Falling cotton flowers on baby in dream

Falling object to someone

Following into house

Fruit peach tree

Flushing puppy down the toilet

Fidelity car in the dream

Falling of a very high building

Funeral wear in church

Facing monsters

Flying over the sea

Family laughing and smiling

Fish spine

Found two fish under my bed

Family of hedgehogs

Friend taking bullet for you

Flax seeds are bolining its means

Fiance gives other woman white and yellow flowers

Feeding orphans

Food pastor

Fighting spirits


Finding a dog

Flavoured yoghurt and

Fighting cops

Flavoured yoghurt in

Fire bus

Finding your earring in dream

Fighting a teacher

Foundation stones being stolen

Forgetting to pick kid up

Five zero cents

Friend reading ramayana

Fresh green mealies in the garden and pumpkin leaves

Fast light face

Fetching water from a barrel with a bucket in a dream

Fetching and water in a container and two white dove was drinking some of the water

Falling meteor

Finding list items in a dream

Fried githeri

Fish and air

Floating fish in

Fairy with in a human form

Fufu and palm nut soup

Floating fish and

Fish in the

Followed by dead people

Falling of kumkum

Fire dream interpretation

Fajer prayer

Frying pan lid

Feeling someone infront of you in dream

Fetching water in the river which is not completely clear

Fetching water from a river using plastic bag

Frog molting in my mouth

Flying objects in the sky

Frisbee game

Fone haus kwap

Followed by raccoon

Father eating popsicles


Future flying machine

Four people one samosa

Father in suit

Fat wallet

Female victorian writer

Flood and messing parson

Finding plate in a river in a dream meaning

Fight sibling

Falling through bed

Farnichar katting wooden dream number sillong teer

Friend pee


Floating red and white ows on a river

Felix name

Flash of blue light

Famous person wasting away in your dream

Frying maize, bell pepper and sugar means what

Frying maize

Frying corn with different color of bell peppers

Finding weapon

Feeding a falcon

Falling rocks from mountain

Family pictures

Frog turns into snake

Fingers bent to right

From tall to short

Fighting till blood

Forgotten a charger means what

Flowers growing from wall

Floating coffin

Fake jewellery

Fall allow friends

Friends and eat

Fall to allow

Fake cow costume

Family member walking with a chunk of their body missing

Fried ants dream

Food has unthawed

Father in dream with documents

Frozen peas

Frozen fish filets

Friend eats shoe

Friend eats stiletto

Five zero cent silver coin. with pic of msn

Flying dream interpretation

Frogs coming from my body

Food in dreams

First my boyfriend came at my home then i went out and saw many lions then he went out and sudden i saw lion running after him he came running and fainted

Finding an eagle feather

Friend had dream i was in hospital pregnant with boy

Friend getting eaten

Frogs climbing in ear

Frogs in ear

Falling house dream

Fetching clear water

Father and son quarrel

Fixing your hair

Five times prayers)

Frying and eating plantain in the dream

Feel asleep in board meeting

Filling empty coke bottles with water

Feeding a horse in a dream

Fajr salat

Fast flowing overflowing river

Frying puree

Fetching water and i saw blueberries blossoms and fall into my bucket

Fish madeof roti

Father run away from me

Father sucking my

Friying garri in the dream

Fighting pregnant women in my dream

Fighting pregnant

Frosty morning

Friend replacing you

Fighting with no power

Found a twinbladed axe

Family covered with armed man

Forced to give away a pet

Fleeing a protest

Fly insects

Flooded backyard raining

Finding your wallet on the ocean

Forgetting fruit salad

Forgot to feed cat


Finding money at the bus

Fighting with devils

Fresh sore on face

Falling and breaking

Floating enemies

Fanta liquid

Fresh juice

Finding a ganesh

Five meaning of eating palm oil and cocoa yam in s dream

Father in my cloths

Finger biting in a dream

Fresh vegetable and green worm

Flower swing

Fighting factions

Four baby lizards in dream

Four lizards in dream

Fish all over walls

Fish on walls

Field of white poppies

Flying and see fruit trees

Falling clitoris

Flat iron on fire

Fead crayfish

Family was in a church for thanks giving and they all wore white in a dream what those it mean

Finger lost

Foundation of a boundary wall means what in a dream spiritually?

Floating glass

Ferret giving birth to three babies and homeless

Figs fall from sky

Figa fallin from the sky

Find money in trash

Floating in a bubble in the sky

Fixing someone broken finger

Flowers dream meaning

Foil paper.

Food served in temple

Flower falling from god photo backside


Food in a lunch box

Family betray

Found gold in shape of corn grains

Fire inside a door

Fried chicken rice

Fire breathing bird

Forehead by a

Finding wet moeny in wallet



Find rock

Freddy cougher trying to kill me

Frogs and spiders

Found money in box spring bed

Fell off skyscraper

Fingers caught in mouth

Fake leader in a dream

Finding someone whispering in your eyes attractive

Flying over cematary

Frogs jumping

Flies eating fish

Fighting jinn with quran

Fire woods saw in my dreams

Friend being homophobic

Floating in outer space

Friends death from falling

Friend falling from height

Friend falling from ice

Failed suicide attempt in a dream

Falling in quicksand

Flying deer

Flamingo attacking me

Film shooting

Friends in mosque

Friends inm

Frie ds

Fighting a fox

Feeding snake to eagle

Friend talking bad about you

Fire in dream

Frying roti

Forgot to pick up my child at school

Frying parata

Firefighting tools in the forest

Fire ax

Fallen column

Fallen colimms

Fallen ars

Falling in a deep hole of sand

Four nostrils

Feather shaped dagger

Friend hitting on your boyfriend

Flood of fried ukwa

Fury snake

Foot toe falling off

Fighting with known person

Fish string ray in dream

Father in coffin

Fish hook numbers

Fighting of two bulls in a dream

Fish hook in the dream book

Finger, pointer

Falling in eggs

Father giving gold

Failing breathalizer test

Fetching water from a tap in a bucket

Fetching water from tap in a bucket for a visitor

Face cap in a dream

Falling fruits from tree

Fake earring

Friends with co wife

Flour fire

Fractured jackfruit seeds

Father took files cover

Father and wife

Fallen in a big sufuria with oil