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Dreams starting with the letter F

Facelessman lovee

Fall in hole with serpent

Fall in hole with snake dream

Falling into a hole where their are snakes

Flowers planted

Found money on floor

Found five pence on the floor picked it up and put in picket

Friends murder meant to be me

Fast flowing water river

Fast flowing water near river

Falling from a ride

Falling swing baby

Family other

Fruit ripening on head

Feeding a fish

Feeling anxiety in a dream about family

Family ignoring me

Family vacation without me



Fishing on a lake with deceased ex husband

Friend committing murder

Firing a gun

Firing a guy

Fowl attacked me in my dream

Fighting monsters and demons and saving people

Friend transferring work to a distant place

Falling off a bridge in a car while driving being submerged in water and being rescued by strangers

Flood and bridge

Flower falls backwards from god photo


Floating out of my body

Full moon inside a triangel

Flying away with bed

Family members deaths


Folder being placed on my head

Fire burning brooms in the dream

Flight from danger

Fainting in dream

Flying swans

Floating bullseye

Finding cassava and bring home

Fighting a big black bird

Feet maggot

Fighting a baboon

Fighting a cow

Female giving azaan

Fingers and toes falling off

Family drowning in a tsunami

False teeth. breaking

Four moon

Flooded river dead

Fighting a fat woman

Failure to kill

Finding out you have a rich father

Funeral death

Food offering

Family friend abroad came back visiting

Falling off a tall ladder

Flushing dog down toliet

Fighting over cookies

Flowers growing from brain

Farther handing you a sword

Farther handing you a dwarf

Flies on food

Family of the buccaneers

Ferrets playing

Flex rods for hair

Fourth number

Foot hair

Flying fish in the air

Fish turn into cat

Finding a key and you dropped it

Flowers growing in your hair

Fake gold chain

Fake plants

Father beating three white puppies

Flirting with a man

Failing to save goals in football game

Frozen chicken

Finishing up paperwork

Fetching clean water from a dirty well

Fall and hit my head

Falling and hit my head in a dream

Falling and hit my head

Force out

Fungal disease in ones brow

Female fight

Fighting the grim reaper

Five shivling

Feeding grass to cows

Floating in mecca with your love

Flower pot nursery

Fish attacking

Fig in dream

Friend gets grobed by stranger

Frozen still with headlights approaching

Fanta in dream

Friend successfully doing your dream job

Family reunification

Friendly strangers

Friend exgirlfriend

Fly on food

Fangs open

Forgetting work

Full maize meal seen in a dream

Fragrant meat

Friendly big dog

Fighting bears and tigers

Father take you shopping

Family member crying

Faeces on sidewalk

Finding something lost

Fruit cake

Finding kittens

Feelings of friendship

Falling uterus

Friend in dark clothes

Four blood moons

Fired for no reason

Friend delayed

Facetime call from someone you cut off

Falling from the ceiling to the floor

Food prep

Flowing with milk

Forgot to pick child up from school

Floating and walking

Food stalker menstruation clotted blood

Food stalker blood

Finding an overstuffed bank envelope of money

Feces doorsteps

Feces door steps

Family not liking boyfriend

Feces with magots full in large area

Flying above landscapes and trees

Folding blankets

Father going to umrah

Falling and die from building

Falling of hunuman ji idol

Friend is a serial killer

Floating hat

Flower chasing to hurt me

Finding a baby in trash can in white cloth crying

Forgot to clock in at work

Fiery prison cell, donkey

Fishes falling from the sky

Fire cross dream

Fishing in the morning

First i see. him looking at me smiling when he pass me then he come and sit next to my friend with his phone

Fail to find a vein for drawing blood

Finch with blue

Fox following

Face being ripped off

Forgetting dog somewhere

Flea bites

Folding blanket

Frog climbing on the wall

Father trying to rape me

Forced marriagr

Fifty miles

Froze danger

Fear and sadness

Food waste

Falling of shipping container

Forgetting to go to work

Forgetting to go to old job

Feeding horse in a dream

Farming with ur dead father in a dream

Fixing of nail in the dream

Fighting in bile entity

Fighting invisible source

Flood carry one leg of my slippers

Find myself in a dirty environment in the dream

Fitting with dog what does it mean

Foaming skull

Flood with beautiful lilies

Fighting with big rats in my dreams meaning

Family not responding to my presence

Family split by fork in path

Falling fro

Falling f

Falling in a dark hole

Falling fron

Falling h

Facial hair burning

Family preparing to go varanasi

Failed pregnancy

Fixing the teeth in an old teeth gap by your teacher

Female showing s

Faking pregnancy

Feeding cattle

Floors crumbling or holes in floor

Found quarter from one nine four one

Flamingo flying towards me

Fish attacking you

Finding another man with your girlfriend in house and he tells you his name

Found lost item

Four unused and one used condoms in my boyfriend wallet

Four unused and one condom in my boyfriend wallet

Four used condoms in my boyfriend wallet

Family doctor visiting socially

Flashing purple images

Fresh market

Fathers fce masking the event

Father face drawn hiding boyas face

Field of yellow flowers

Feaild of flowers

Fish clouds

Flying when you are in bed

Flying with.a bed

Famos peopel

Family member shot in the head

Falling through ice into deep water

Falling foundation

First boyfriend drinking shooting guns

Feeding tiger

Friend is shot with bullet

Feeding cow male

Femail death

Filling grave with sand

Forgot to put trousers on

Full moon pink

Face exfoliating

Feeding a rat


Fasting seven days

Flying swifts

First in line withdrawing money at an atm

Fallen neem trees with root

Father s

Fishes in dream

Family member helping with nightmare

Father killed by a nun

Falling in a toilet but you dont fall

Family member in a fight

Family fright

Floor falling out from under you

Father amputee leg

Father amputee right leg

Fighting a beast

Family replaced with androids

Friend kissing my sister

Fingers sprouting butterflies

Father was instructed to chant the ya devi sarvbhuteshu mantra in my dream

Fairytale and qater

Fish hook into my feet

Frozen time

Flying low to the ground

Fingers swelling


Forgetting to

Forgetting to put on your uniform for work


Fighting your husband mistress in your dream

Fighting your husband side chick in your dream

Floating on wood with other people

Fighting with my neighbour yet is my enemie

Friend with inta

Flood water rising

Flying in your dream

Fear of being late

Find dzi

Five zero naira note

Fat dreams

Friend shorter

Five baby daughters born to u

Finding a girl

Fat kid being being bullied

Faceless husband

Fiance choosing another girl over me

Friend left a whisle

Faceless dream

Fish with a coral snake

Feather peacock

Funeral wake

Flying plane overhead

Feeling your pet rub your leg meaning

Fishing and collecting jewelry in the sea

Falling in a seal tank

Full with dirty

Fried ground nut with shell in the dream

Full dirty and

Family members being shot

Flying as a bird in your dreams

Flashing whole chicken down toilet

Fingers being burned

Fish clothing

Frogs in stomach

Forgot where parked automobile


Forgot where parked car

Find lost car

Fungus in the mouth

Friend and ex partner

Falling in walking

Flies in my nose

Finding nice fruit

Father riding bike

Finding a lost item in the dream

Frozen bear dead road

Fly in my nose

Finger dismemberment

Father in law said to cook carrots and corn

Finger tip flame

Finger tip light

Fighting with a hen

Fertility doctor

Friend offering cup of milk in dream


From below

For got to wear pants only wearing shirt

Finding the area of a square in a dream

Four armed lady dancing

Fish coming out of ear

Following shabby looking man

Flood water red drums family mountain

Falling front teeth with meat

Fingers snapping

Family in tv moving to california

Flat people

Friends grown children playing piano

Forbidden dreams

Face is decaying

Flesh of horse

Fox drinking water in a dream what indicates

Fox drinking water in a dream

Finding a lost white blanket

Fighting brother with explosives

Family member cleaning

Feeling compassionate for the earth

Feeding someone to a vampire

Fighting with a prisoner

Fighting ex wife

Fish ate small fish

Falling and being pulled out of pit latrine

Fat friend

Failure to collect rent

Family of bears

Found sister dead and a dog was eating at her dead body

Five card tarot card reading

Flooded kitchen in the dream meaning what

Fox eating birds

Five foot

Father driving off a cliff

Falling into the water but no hurt or water

Four years boy


Family fighting

Flying horse with man and baloon

Feeding my son onion

Falling from hight

Fall hair

Four eyed dig

Falling in a river with clear water

Feeding mad person

Failing math exam

Feeding a mad person in a dream means what?

Fish gills on the side of my neck

Fool moon

Forgot duas in prayer means

Fox pooping

Friends being kidnapped

Front handsprings

Falling and saved from a pit latrine

Fighting dream number

Floor caves in

Fighting yourself in a dream

Friend asks for help removing xmas ornaments

Fallen testicle dream meaning

Feet in cold ice water

Fighting off threats

Father is back from dead and talking with you.

Foals and lover

Fishes swimming like pisces

Forgot to clock out in my dreams

Fingers falling of

Family taken, fighting, cant move, stuck

Fighting your sister-in-law

Fish in the dream

Fleets of cars

Faces are melting

Fight bears

Feeling sorry

Foggy outside

Forty leg

Future spose

Fire in your house

Found a goat

Fighting father son


Falling from a high


Flower in graveyard

Fruit in dreams

Flowers fallen from god idol in dream

Ferocious shark eating lot of people

Flying on your dream


Five fish

Fish on white sands

Fungal infection head

Foolish talking

Four feather

Flying around in a room

Fat hen sitting on me

Flock of dark birds with big peacks landing

Four eagles

Face gold paint dream

Fruit in plater

Filosofie topics one zero

Feeding the dead cake

Fruit in the tree

Flying headmonster

Flying head moster

Flapping wings means

Farting my lungs out

Farting my lungs

Former president about to bless some few peoples

Food, hair in

Fried drumstick

Floating light ball

Friends in high school

Feeling of being hit in my chest

Finger fungus

Facial wound and bruises

Foggy rail road with people with letter heads

Fry bread

Friend engaged

Flying bird tie up with a robe on it leg

Feeding cats with fish

Flour and bread making

Face cream that makes your face perfect

Fish bite dream

Four white horses

Falling into another world

Foreigner woman in a dream

Feet of iron

Falling from a cliff into shallow water

Fetching water juice from the well

Frames with outdoors

Fairy generator

Fighting vampires with a cross in a catholic church

Fire from gasul

Fingers rotting

Fighting with cows

Found a half bird half rat in my house dream

Foot or toe touch while sleeping

Foot or toes being grabbed while sleeping

Fridge top shelf

Feet of dying

Father snake

Forgetting to punch in a clock

Fighting my ex new girlfriend

Fighting ex new girlfriend

Flipped blanket

Face whitens you hardly distinguished as yours

Feet crossed together

Foot tangled togethere

Former president giving dollar in a dream

Former president giving dollars in a dream

Flashing red and gold lights

Feeling of nothingness


Fall die ladder

Food crumps

Four soldier and lots of people

Falling from higher places

Famous precher

Finding cash in the ocean

Flesh falling off arms

Fish bone

Furniture being dragged

Fins growing on fingers

Fire and number one three

Friend bus

Feeling fear

Forced overdose

Flood carrying away clothes

Feeding a cat

Flower clump in a mud island

Friend trip to abroad

Foreign paper money

Foreign marriage proposal

Failing a course

Food inside the coffin

Friend flirting with someone

Fire on door but not burning down

Farming with brother

Falling of a seat

Falling into a volcano erupting

Falling into a lava

Fillings falling put

Four man wearing white robe

Forgetting rent payments

Flying on carpet

Flowers flying

Feet cuddling

Flooding in your home

Family killing family

Fgribs fruit

Front seat of a car mean

Fired from a job

Feeding seed to my fowls

Falling math exam

Fighting people with three s les

Ford groundnuts as gift

Finding a ruby in a cat litter box

Finding a ruby

Flying crow enter the house from kitchen window

Father trying to kill his daughter

Fire woods

Four four

Four four,six four,six five,six six

Flying in a dreams

Fighting and winning in a dream

Falling ghee in dream

Friends in dreams

Fire wood meaning in dreams

Fly digging in skin

From the back

Father in casket but bees all over his face

Feeding rat

Falling and trapped in a pit

Family house collapses

Feeding an old woman

Flowers in vase

Fight back immortal

Flowers growing from ankle

Finding kidnapped people in dreams

Finding friends

Foul smell in dream

Frontal nudity

Floating in pool

Friend dreamed i was stalked by ex

Friend dreamed i was stalked by ed

Flock black crow biting whole body

Father been blind holding a stick and another person holds him

Five heads and one body

Finding silver

Friend pranks me with death

Feaces rubbed on the body

Facing a lion faceless people

Frying plantain

Friends separated

Filling front pockets of an old red and white pin striped suit case

Fridge being too full

Fight husband in the dream

False teeth full of worms

Forgetting a bag and looking for it

Frog and poop

Five five nine dream meaning of white flecks in my hair

Feeling tired

Forgot someones birthday

Frying buns and also eating buns in the dream

Fighting a witch in a dream

Fishing line in stomach


Friend falling in love with classmate

Fish fingerlings

Fish bone one inside leather from the one they break small one from it

Feeding black dog


Full moon that looks like a half skull

Fire embers in night sky

Fire embers falling from the sky

Five zero zero to one zero zero zero tons of water meaning

Fruit bowl falling

Fish bites hand and leg

Fighting with someone in my dream

Fingerling fish

Fat lady in dream

Flood, fireworks, water

Fall inside escalator

Fetal position pains

Fetal position and afraid of father

Father angry

Father angry at me and sisters

Flying a cat in a dream

Faster than a train

Forced date

Forced to blind date

Friend, stabbed, knife

Food falling off your plate

Fetus in freezer

Food without paying

Fake tooths falls out the mouth

Fake crown tooth fall out mouth

Frozen cat in freezer

Fentanyl and

Fishing gear in a crate

Floor falling in

Falling down toward water

Friend barred from market

Fnaf freddy dream in house

Fiance had hole in back

Falling into septic tank

Finding a lost person in pond

Fetching edible worms from palm tree

Friend walking behind her ex

Friend in pink bunny costume

Fighting in different dimensions

Flirting with evil

Friend and his uncle killing a goat in drea

Funeral of two woman

Fighting back an abuser


Friend has baby boy

Four blonde women standing on a statue of a mermaid surrounded by water

Floating boat

Fire works in the sky

Forgetting bag in church

Fresh kale ,sukumawiki

Front tooth fell out

Following about from cliff

Flour mixed with hair

Fighting my late father in the dream means what

Feeding papaya to someone means

Friend that no longer los my friend and she is overwhelmed

Feel and see the earthquake and fire

Flying with the ballon

Filling bottle with palm oil in dream

Fourth eye

Female friend having golden hair

Frame string broken

Friends attending all white party

Frozen shoes

Friend killing you

Following with gun

Father died in river

Father hands broken

Fish biting me

Floating away from enemies


Food van

Forgetting passport at zir

Fenced in dogs getting out at new house

Fighting a white alligator in the snow

Funeral home wake


Frying catfish

Fried catfish

Frostbitten toes

Flower pot broken

Friend talking behind your back

Food to eat in coffin

Franed art as a gift


Flying insects that sound like bees

Fuel depot

Flying bees attack

Flying ants stacking me

Failing contraceptive

Food to deceased family

Force teeth out

Followed by manta ray

Ffresh picked big green avocados hidden after picked to be taken by relatives

Falling coconut tree

Friends introducing their girlfriends to you

Father is trying to kill me

Felling lost

Foam all over dress

Finding a baby in river

Fence behind a church

Five zero rupees i am taking

Fifty rupees taking

Family disliking me

Friend baby boy, mushy peas for hair and eyes then blonde hair and blue eyes

Fire falling from the sky

Filling up the form about what going on in my life

Full of lorry with carcol in dream

Faecal incontinence

Fake gold deean teer number

Fighting with goat

Finding a something lost

Flying aeroplane dropping gifts

Flower came out of nipple

Flower came out of

Finding a money under the owcase

Falling of lower theeth dream

Forgetting someone birthday

Fighting with my brothers girlfriend

Fictional character becoming you

Four eyes mother in dream

Flying rusty plane in a dream

Frozen meat in a plastic bag

Falling things from the sky

Failing in school

Finding money im my younger brothers trouse m washing

Finding moby

Fruit loops flying out of a butthole

Fish spawn

Feeling confident

Fetching water from a grave

Five suns and moons

Father vomiting

Falling high heels embarrassed

Finding husband desperately

Family member pregnant

Feces in a bucket of water


Fat dog meat in a dream

Faces moving toward me

Finding taweez

Finding tawed

Finding your husband cheating

Falling to your knees

Fungus orange

Five zero cent coin

Foot prints in the snow

Family members shot

Family quarreling

Film director

Feesies on onesself

Family car crash on cliff

Fighting with another woman for a man

Flower pot with flower

Found ring

Fighting on a grass

Four gold balls heading my way

Falling object from bird

Falling of baby from building

Falling of babie from building

Falling. backwards

Fixing kajal

Fixing kahal

Flying birds with flowers

Flyring bird with flowes

Fish in a calm water

Female python with eggs

Frog running up pant legs

Falling in volcano

Full load of truck with palm fruit

Forgetting verses

Forks spoons knife

Fighting girl friend

Faded shirts

Fighting with your side chick

Fati hui saree pahne ka sanket

Flower bed

Falling in love to the girl in your dream

Full or blood

Friend avoiding me

Finding my child and seeing her being tease by boys

Friend murdering another friend

Feces from an elderly woman

Feeding bird water

Food chuk my throat in dream

Fish bone struk my throat in dream

Fly larvae

Former chief gives you money

Fighting with ancestor in dream

Flying wings

Forgetting clothes when on holiday

Father fell on ground

Found abandoned child

Friend has given birth to a baby boy and your giving two zero zero zero to ababy

Friend has a seizure

Friend hurt

Flowers suddenly disappeared

Fear of heights in dream

Flowers covered in blood

Flowers covered in half blood

Fix road

Fat boss

Foot with wound and water gushing out of wound

Fixing horae shoe

Fighting my husband lover

Faggots in dreams

Face spitting out body parts

Face of a horse

Foot burning

Frying silver cyprinid in a dream meaning

Fried banana

Food stamps

Farming mushroom

Father waving me while holding a bag

Fighting bad

Film location

Fire wood teer dream

Falling asleep in sick persons bed

Falling asleep in my dead grandpa bed

Fear in next to be killed

Fighting and kill the people in dream means

Friends try to kill ma


Fire in masjid

Family disputes

Feeding beef ravioli to son

Fighting mother

Family stuck in a pipe

Family died in a pipe

Family putting curse on family

Forgotting my handkchief in a prayer mountain

Forgotten motorbike kept safe

Fasting day

Feeding a giant cuckoo

Fighting a buffalo and you kill it

Feeling that someones watching

Finding stuffed animals

Flying snake in my dream

Food stole

Fixing hair in the dream

For a woman to dream that her cloth is thorn

Floating downstream

Family diagnosed with serious disease

Falling coconut tree in to house roof and the coconut are every where in ground

Father dead in

Father dead and

Front teeth with gap

Feet scratching

Feet in sand

Flour roti to some needy

Face burn with hot oil

Feeding hubby

Famous person giving me money

Feeding a mad man and in the dream

Former jobs

Full moon going around in a circle golden light around it

Flowing with the flow of stream

Floating in with a stream tide to the sea running away from people who are trying to kill you

Floating in with a stream tide to the sea

Friend holding newborn baby

Fire lighter

Friend cheating on me

Find mothers gold amethyst pendant

Fake snakes

Fever grass

Fateyko milk

Father buying luxurious

Fire on the shoulder

Father buying a

Fungal , mushrooms in

Fungal on a tree

Family picture

Fetching water in a river which is not all that clean to bath

Fetching water in a river which is not all that clean

Fighting a goat

Friend cheating on her boyfriend with her ex

Four pezones

Feet black

Future telling

Friend designed my home

Fish skeletons

Feeling excitement from pulling a cork

Following someone i know

Following a dog and saving it from drowning

Fluffy cat

Feeding wild horses apples

Fire burning nose

Father bringing another woman home

Feminine power

Fragments or broken pieces of earing

Falling on bed dream

Fearing of family safety

Fleeing in game

Five knocks in dream

Fighting in a game

Father deceased and bees

Father calling my name in a dream

Fleas in bed

Father hung himself

Fight with colleagues

Fish net

Flooding truck

Funeral purler

Freckled baby

Feeding porpoise

Full face peeling

Followed by a mad person

Fart on face

Fabric stain

Face with some missing

Friends giving gifts

Farm mud

Forced to get into a grave

Fear of falling from a helicopter

Farm shed collapse

Falling of stones from sky

Fresh leaves in a treee

Finger in bum

Fierce dog blocking my way

Falling from hills

Falling in a pit of faeces

Falling in a septic tank

Friendly crocodile in my bed

Friendly crocodile baby in my bed but i was scared and kept chasing it away

Fly and ear

Finding a new jacket

Framing of people wearing white dress and green dress what does it mean

Frying meat outside in a dream

Falling arms tied to sides

Fletcher cut off in well

Fixing drips in your hand by doctor in the dream

Furnal procession

Foot se mawad aana

Ferris wheel falling water

Falling in a dirty pit

Falling in a dirty trench

Found a baby crying and you told the guidance to carry the baby and the baby became happy as they carried the baby

Four chickens three yellow cats one dog in a pen

Friend dancing

Fighting maternal uncle

Five rice

Fence raccoon

Five sacks of rice

Falling off a helicopter

Fried groundnut

Fried kulikuli

Fishing while not getting any of the fish

Father killing mr

Forgiveness they not involved

Fallen fence or wall

Full closed diaper

Full closed diaper on the tree

Fighting monster in dreams

Friend has crush on me

Friend sues

Friend sues someone

Fudge full of eggs

Falling in cassava

Floating in waters

Fishing line in my feet

Friend standing in front of my car

Former workmates, biometrics

Falling into a black hole

Fighting and throwing sand on the person

Fruit symbol.number

Friend lending me miney

Fixing of motor tyres in dream

Frog under my skin

Falling down stairs and trying to grab the railing and it disappears

Fighting a t rex

Fighting with husband then separating

Finding sihr in my home



Finding diamond earrings in the street

Four zero four zero

Five two zero

Fighting a black shadow


Falling squirrel

Four zero zero zero zero worth of damage

Five zero dollar bill

Fire in kitchen

Fat babies

Flying green snake on wall running behind me

Friend being decapitated

Fox attacking my dog

Fox attacking my dog; bit off his foot

Frightened mother

Fighting dead father

Friends backstab

Flying child

Friends turning

Friends inopropriatly

Fruit with bug

Freeway best friend crash

Fetching clean water from a pipe

Failing in studies

Feeding dead grandfather

Forgot to feed a baby

Fire in a circle

Flog by a masquerade


Falling of the plate with food

Falling into a river of crocodiles

Fungus on thumbnail

Floor collapsing

Four nipples

Fire works with someones face on

Funeral invite

Filling falls out

Filling falls lit

Five dollar bill

Finding hair on bed dream

Fields of golden barley

Fall all teeth

Friends in my house

Forget wedding ring on wedding day

Falling babies

Forget wedding rings on your wedding day

Finger turning black

Football icon

Football stars

Fighting with a brother

Flooding kitchen

Food try to eat in the dining table

Feeding man of god

Fire burning a mattress

Flying over pyramids of egypt

Father sad

Father mather

Fishing without bait

Full of yellow mangoes in one basket in my hand

Fishing in dreams

Found a money and hide

Fave skeleton

Found a notes and hide