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Dreams starting with the letter O

Old woman giving ticket

One goat sucking a nother goat in my dreams

On a tall skyscraper and accidentally start falling off

On eye sight

One zero six meaing

Origami frog

Old manager

Old red bicycle

Old s

Old lady hit car

One of my face cheeks was swollen and textured in the dream then it later went away in the dream

One eye on the mirror

One.four five meter height in my dream

Own feces

Overflowing and milk

Open place i toilet

Other persons mind

Ocean water draining

October one one

Old lady trying to help me walk

One legged giant

Ocean filled with blood

O estranho

One red eye at the end of the dream

Obstacles road

One eye was hanging out of its socket

Oranges in a bowl

Own face but discolored with spots

Old rusted but in good condition car

Ow burnig

Orange sea urchin thrown at me

Of my old boss

Opening the trunk of my car

Older woman awoken/alarmed me in my dream

Older woman awoken/alarmed me

Old native men

One black rabbit one white rabbit

Okulota nga okula obutiko

Offering food to someone

Ovulating inside water in a dream

Opening doors with a key

Opening door in the dark

Opening door with a key in night time

Old blood on pad

Operating p o s machine ror transaction

Old couples

Old lady flirting

Own pet

Open vehicle

Office printer

One wanting to buy a match box from you

Orange overalls

Ostrich head trying to bite me

Overhead bridge

Owl coming to life

Old women entered my house

Old women with glasses

Old school building on fire in woods

Old school building on fire

One pair of a slipper fall

Over powered dream

Of digging and

One two one

One seven nine

Old silver ring wearing

Organizing clothes in closet

Old woman holding a baby


Out f body expetience

Other committing suicide

One zero numbers in a dream

Oid money

One two year falling off a bed and getting deformed

Opening a coconut

On bus

Old lady cooking sadza

One white eye

Own beautiful hands dream meaning

Overflowing poop

On dream i saw a man who i love most

Octopus on land

One pastor visited my home and eat food

On the ground

On the froumd

Oil coated


Opened safety pin

Ogres and fairies killing each other

Orange bathroom

Oil coming from my buttocks

Opposite cloth wearing in dream

Old friends meeting new friends

Orange snake come with small tornado

Operating an operation

Orkra in dream


One zero zero dollar notes dream

One zero zero dollars note money

One zero zero bill notes money

One person cutting many heads and blood flowing like river

Open the toilet dream shilong teer comin number

Old coin of shiny silver and gold

One buying match box from you

On water beside cruise ships

On my phone

On top of the tower

Old women wearing white hijabs

Open wound on buttocks

Of my dead daughter

Offered a vodka drink

One zero:four nine

Old friends visiting me

Old schoolmate

One large centipede

Ogbono in dream

Opposite side of qiblah

Orange super big sun rising from the ocean

Orang trumpet flower

On a horse that is out of control

Old friend adventurous big hair

Orange car in dream

Old people home

Overgrown roots

Old lady telling me to come to her,when refused her eyes changed colors,then someone touched my lower back


Oil on hand

Oil and hand

Olive oil on

On hand in

Oil and hands

Olive oil and

One small toe

One handed man

One four one four

Owning a beautiful car

Onions to my cat

Oil s

One nine eight five

Outside sleeping in the mosquito net

Old native american woman visits and brings gifts and money

Others driving on wrong side of the road

Owl hatch


Owl hatch eggs

Orchid plant comes inndream mean marathi


Old friends are all together in our old school

One of my relative guy died but in my dream i got married to him

Orange colour pant dream

Open place shower

One five march

One red and one black shoe

Owl eye

Orange food dream

Orange dress pregnant

One three one four

Old teammates

Old lady become baby

Older woman giving gift

Ocean and black sea grass

Ocean in dream with treasure

Oprah winprey

Oars fish

Original plants dreams

Opening a door with full of hangers

Origami flying birds

Owning a very modern house

Ow cases

Only person cooking

Ordering burgers

Opening empty box of earrings in a dream

Orang memakai topi merah

Old spoon

Of the ghost of either one of your parents, denotes that you are exposed to danger, and you should be careful in forming partnerships with ...

Old woman in a dream

One magpie

Ooking eggs

Organ floating in bathtub

Object smouldering from fire

One big eye in dream

Oil and water boiling

Old maid smiling ony you

Orange apron

Open mouth lion following


Owning a successful business

Overflowing of ocean

Over flowing of sea

Own home temple in dreams

Ow fight

Orange pepples

Over dose

Over dose and die

Outside of front door yellow silk waving at the bottom

Outside of front door at bottom a yellow silk fabric blowing

One nine five three nine two

Outsider and group of people


Opening gate

One leg of my shoe carried away by dirty flood in dream

Open emnpy grave

Orange hands

Of an old boyfriend

Own children playing in the rain

Ocean drying up

Orange roof

Of pants in my dream

Old friend gifting iphone in a dream when he got him self a new one

One eye baby

Over turned bus

Old man asking why cutting my fingernails

One two:three zero

Opening the tap and yellow water coming out

One-armed man

One armed man

One two nine, number in dream

One two nine

Offering curd in temple for abhishagam

Orangutan holding my right leg

Opening eyes when dead

Older woman dreams of menstrual blood

Overheating child

Old palm tree falls off and ice apple shatters in the dream. meaning

On the bed

Old cruise ship

Old toaster

Overhearing someone say i smell really bad

Oil bottle for

One nine four seven

Of my mom angry

Out kerosene in

Of pouring out

Old man and old women wedding registration

Oil bottle dead

Odd shoes dream

Ow covers

Observing audience

Other feet

One finding dzi in dreams

Of dead uncle

Other person lifting weights in my dreams

One two little birds are newly born in their old dilapidated cage an

Old woman sweeping my feet

Orange and black tiger chasing me

Open hands

Other person falling from a window

Old cc western saloon

Offering money and

Offering money in

Omena dream interpretation

Old woman deth

Opening a door to dead person

Onions on the ground of a boat

Owning a kitten in my dream meaning

One zero little finger on my right hand

Old s dead hanging

Orthodox priest dressed in bright red gold writing on his clothing

Occult ritual


One in dream

Offer a black stone ring an a dream means

Open cash register

Owl with lion head

Oversized shoe

Oversized shoe and a dog in it


One zero zero rs

Of having a fight with a jinn

One woman crying

Opening a community centre

One zero rupees seeing in dreams

One white cat and one white cat with brown spots

Orbeez dream

Other family

Occult initiation

Omrjallow one nine five seven

Open doors and entering

Old people home dream

One eight degrees

Okulota nga okwat enswa

Of being in

Of mice and men

Old woman with talons



Oppressed foundation

Outf fill.ofnfingernail clippings

Oil on walls

One worm in your nose

One egg one hand

Orange in a dream

Out of body seeing yourself below

Opening a padlock

Other people panic

Of my husband

Other love

Overflow vegetable oil

Old iron circles

Old man number

Of my phone getting hot gets bad

Old good looking woman lying in her bed peace kissing my hand

Oral sez

Other women hitting on my husband

One of my sons shouting out mum

Outdoor church concert

Old friends memories

Old fashion school

Other planet

Octopus choking my child

Octopus choking my chils

One year the cloth my wearing with sisciored

Opening with no door

One two bore gun

Oxford shoes

Ocean in my

Ocean and backyard

Opened door with bright light infront of meh next to a version of jesus and animals beside me



Oversized dress

Old unworking music instrument

Old broken music instrument

Oranges in a dream

On a swing with lover too high up and fast

On a swing with my girlfriend really high in the sky hearing scary voices

Of a guy you love and condoms laying around

Other country man came usa and shot my son front of me because he screaming

Oil ib dream

Out of control missile

Overflowing household items

Offering king red robes to god

Offering red robes to god

Ow case

Oil lamp been extinguish

Orange and white scorpion infestation on my walls

Old car and kicking someone out

One broken shoe in the dream

Ovulation discharge

Orange urine

Orange pee

One transgender and her two daughter talk with me nicely

Old friend lives in abroad came and visiting you

Ostrich pursing you

Of my sister

Oil rigs in ocean

Oranges or nectarines in a dream

Open entrance

Old death woman

Octopus tenticles

Octopus tentucl

Officer dream interpretation

Owing a church

One zero th floor

Onions meaning in dream


Owl visiting you

Offering white flower to shivling

Open a grave

Owl being killed

Old sofas made new

One zero zero zero dollar cost


Off roading

Orange crab

Overfilled drawer

Over ripped chery

Oil in bucket water

Onion weighing two kg

Of a army tank

Of a tank

Of deram taking a poop with blood

Open the door

Open door walk

Open door brother

Outside turns to

Outside turns women

Orphan boy and

Opening door want

Opening the door

Oiling my hair

Octopus dream

One seven number meaning in dream

Of beating someone up in a dream

Of a dead person in a dream

Of a dead person

Of falling in love with a fictional person

On another planet

On a colorful planet

One million check

Ovulation in a dream

Overflowing poop in a toilet


One dead man hanging from a tree

Onion garden

One is stealing ow

Open door at night

Objects coming to life, a warning from the devil, and my mother sacrificing herself

Old man divorcing a young woman

Old man young woman

Or cleaning poops

Ovaries hanging from your body

One zero zero zero zero amount drea

Orange grass plant

Opening different doors

Outside in the dark got bit by snake i snatched it out and started bleeding and pain a lil

Over powering a thief in your dream

Open wound on the neck meaning


Older brother being slaughtered

Orchid overgrowing

Onion leaf

Orange spiders

Old friend institute see

Old lady changes into gremlin

Orange juice and milk

Orande cooldrinks

Others wearing denim


Old woman raped

Others hair

Oversize shoes


Of a manual things placed



Old lady in black dress

Off loading truck full of cattle feed

Off loading truck full of stock feed

Owl man


One performing ablution in a dream

Onion potato

Of ex boyfriend leave you

Offering flowers to black shivling

Opening a door to a dead person

Owning mosque

One week four days

Organising a crowd

Organising an event

Organising memorial

Old grand mother death

Offering gold to lord shiva in dream

Over charged in the restaurant in dreams

Offshore platform

Oc head and intestine

Old rusty

Old woman, gift, ring

Oriental market

Ordeal flower in dream

Old record player

Of throwing used sanitary pads in the toilet

One of my ladies friend give a gold chain to my husband in my dreams

One of my ladies friend give a gold chain to my husband

Of dirty water heavy rain

Opening a portal

Oceanfront was dried out by god

Oriental box of fancy tea

Of a person intoxicated you kno

Orange cooldrink


Owl eating a snake

Ordination dream meaning

Overtaking and overspending car in dream

Ocean wave bring child body to the beach

Offering youre skin to someone

Old men fell down by bed

Orange crystal


Oregnant woman

Okra as a gift

Oysters and religious ceremony

On highway i eight zero in wyoming

Okuloota nga osika enswa

One marble dropped to the floor

Oyster attack

Owl in the same room as me

Of buying medicine

Outside movie

Old boss find you

Ow caught fire

Ordering a veal for dinner

Oil and woman

Oil by woman

Old people elevator stealing

Over valley

Old temple dream

Old work colleagues

Outdoor movie theater

Opening of doors and water

One nail in old wooden flooring

One zero one four five two zero

Old forest

Old woman kiss and suck my nipple

On my period, seeing my bloody pad

Of lord shiva

Own see in marketplace eating pokora

Oak rees

One six seven

Open arms towards me

Other side of road

One leg skinnier than order

Old friends enjoying

Orchids and keys

Older women wearing purple

Orange cobra fangs broke off without getting through with bite

On a refuse dump

Oversize alligator

Orange dead fish

One two zero zero written in white paper

One eyed giraffe

Orca attack

On a street

Or getting money owed

Old crush slapping my ass

Opening door and she said hi

One leg running

One one.one five



Orgonite piramide

Old house almost being destroyed

Okuroota ngo iwata enswa

Old poor house in dream meaning

Om namo narayana namah

One doctor just make cut on my leg

One two year old boy ask to live with me

Ordering meat

Offer money

Old lady, dog, milk

On the stairs

Obstacles in my way making me late

Old man jew wearing a black coat

Orange and white snake bite right hand

On teeth being longer than the other

Oatmeal cream pie

Opening door in sky

Odd boots

Old creepy neighbour following me everywhere and trying to kidnap me and kill me

Ordered a meal and it had hair around the plate

Operating room

Oiling hair

Office decorating

Office decor

Office dee

Office de

On my wedding day i decided to cancel so i called my best friend boyfriend to let them know he asked about my period

Orange bedding

Old wooden houses

Oil massaging dream meaning

Oil massaging dream

Octopus on stomach

Of a family member who you have fallen out with

One single tiles in my hand being replaced with another better one meaning

One strand of hairs transforming to dreadlocks

Open eyes

Oil and mouth

Old, weak trees

Old scraggly trees

Of an old rich man in love with you

Old best friend

One four zero eight

Old woman folding laundry

Offering datura flower to shivaling in dream

Offering flowers to shiva

Omnibus cloud

Of carrying basket

Orange tiger

Origami duck

Ocean dry

On horseback and diving under water

On a line

Of seeing a

On mountain

Ocean crystals

Overgrown nursery with thorn trees

One boy cycling and taking with me

Old photo albums

Old architecture

One hair growing out of the face

One eyed person

One six three nine eight

Open heart surgery

On a stage

Oath refusing

Old woman doing sacrifice

Old broom

One of the candidates killed another voter

One if the voters of the candidate killed another voter

Opening padlocks

Opening tummy to see insides

One trying to use me for money

Old mat

One rupee coin

Old maid

On legs

One seven seven

Openly flirting

Open ackee

Observing a girl being touched inappropriately

Observing another being inappropriately groped and confronting the perpetrator

Old fadhioned stagecoach

Only one shoe

Om namah shivay

Old woman and a walking stick

Ordering a drink

Offload firewood that you were carrying

Off water


Older version of somone

O que significa agua em sua casa

Old lady with no hands


On a journey came across the road with calm flooded water

On a journey came across the road flooded with brown colored water

On a journey came across the road flooded calm brown with water

On a journey came across the road flooded with water

Ostrich egg buying

Offloading goods in the market

Offloading goods for someone in a dream

Offloading submersible pump in a dream

One maniac killing few people with an axe brutally

Orbit golden

Orbit glass


Ovulation in dream

Old dead man carring a big bag on his head

One seven two seven six⁸

One seven two seven six

Old food on a table

Old woman wearing pearl necklace

One of worship that ive been attending i have dream being my neighbours and hug me

Ocean rising around a house on the beach

One boy mental

Okpa seed meaning

One slipper cut into two by tenant children

Old women in saree

Office staff joining

Oil stained white clothes

One five minutes

Ovetsalting food


Octopus strangling me

Old indian woman maid

Old woman peeing in a dream

Old handbag

Oilbeen fruit

Oxygen chamber

On old lady pinching my spine

Old friend as a solder

Old people kneeling down to greet me

Ordained priest

Okra tree

Offloading shipping container in a dream

Ocean temples

One day to live dream

Off loading matress

Open mouthed fish

Orange snake meaning spiritually

Of being lost

One leg in a platrine

One shoe torn

Offloading matres in a dream

Of purse got missing and find it

One nine one seven long bow

Open and wedding finger


Old house you lived in

O to



Orange fairy lights

Old frnd

Offing beer in a dream

Obstacles that pass on the road

Old woman in black cloak and head scarf

Odin and flying

Old friend grilling meat

Opening a door

Old fashioned movie couple

One follow to kill or kidnap with a gun

Old habits

Old quran

Office building dreams

Old childhood neighborhood

Old broken mortar

Ostrich running from bull

Oiseau blanc

Old kitchen collapsing

One sagging


Ow case bedsheet

On a balcony


Old fashioned times

Own land divided into two


Old dead woman

Of daughter failing exams

Olive three

On stage on spotlight positively affecting audience

On roller coaster

One line road dream nember

Opening a pig farm

One seven stray dogs

Of ex infected and bleeding

Outside party

Officiating a wedding

Open caves on mountains

Only child and got a dream about having a older brother

Offered ride by dead person

Offers ride

Open door small light and darkness in the room

Objects coming out from ear

Offering lotus flowe to shiva lingam

Object dropped on you from bird


Over talking some pepole

One leg shoe and one leg slipper dream

Others been shot around you

Okro seed in the dream

Old woman and partly blind

On date with prime minister

Object crushing you

Old woman yell with anger

Old sick dog

Old torn clothes

Old bird

Old multi colored bird

One men is died what is the lucky number

Organ is failing

Orgasim in dream

One red eye

One two tail machral fish and a school of dead banga fish

Old school friends all hate me

Our farther

Old home town

Old telephone

Old woman mad at me in dream

Old woman insulting me in dream

Owl with red glowing eyes

One leg woman

One zero thousands

Onion eat dream number

One parson

Old sneakers


Ocean dragging you

One leg sandal lost after church dismisal

On the roadside waiting to pick a passenger vehicle

Onion dream meaning

Ohio has

Orange circle shape light

Other in dreams

One two people in hooded red cloaks

Old work memories

Object on windowsill

One/four of bright moon

Of taking bundle of wood

Of a big whale like sea monster causing a tsunami

One ripe mango falling from a tree


Old man giving me in the dream

Open lock

One zero zero rupece

Orange and yellow light in a happy plce with a friend

Obituary son

Obituary family

Of being in a video game

Offering coffee

Offerring coffee

Oil putting on my hand in dream

Others applying g kajal

Orange crow eye

On dreaming that your kid is deaf

Of somebody giving

Onelegged woman

Other persons hand over mouth

Offering money

Object near miss

Old dead grandfather laughing with me

Of glases

One child injury another

One sibling injuring another sibling

Oil burn on feet

Old women face


Of the shoulder

Old man ploughing land by hand hoe

Orange dog in your house

Of someone drugged you.

Octopus purple box the devil potato ice cubes

Overflowing toilet peeing

Olive green and red

Offloading bags of cement

Owed four zero zero zero zero to someone

Older boot with tear in the sole

Overweight mother

Of a ex prime minister

Orange patterned shower

Old fling

Orange worms

Ones carrying firewood on the head

Old granny giving green flower

Orange three

One boy two girl dream number

Old woman dead dream

Old friend wearing my cloth meaning

One woman married two men

Organising utensils in house

One wife but two man in the dream

One white pig and other one black pig

Overnight move

One asking for a whistle in a dream

Orang di sedot

Other person smoking

One eight dead bodies on a golf course

Obsidian arrowhead


Old pants

Oil pastels

Ox pulling q cart

One way in

One road

One way entry

Old ghost lady

On a poco stick

On a pico stick

Ocean and gas

Ovary sold at shillings one two zero,zero zero zero

Old ledis

Old ledy

Owl with eagles beak talking to me in dream

Oral mouth

Office cabinet


One black bird giving birth

Old nanny

Office room


One seven zero

On a journey abroad

One person splitting in two

Of the virgin mary holding my hands

Open wound, right shoulder, blood

Open wound left shoulder

Ox roast

Of a dead loved one

Old chinese woman with green eyes

Other small people

Outside and on top of a flying airplane

On bus but missed stop

Over flowing toilets

One four four four

On wrong bus


Orange lipstick

Only hand of ladu gopla

Olive oil in

Oil dream interpretation

Oil in my

Olive and oil

One leg is shorter than the other

Ondlovu ilele phansi

Oil bottle broken

Out of your

Of your body


Orange and green

Old native indian sitting at the side of my bed with head down and eyes closed watching over me

Old indian lady native american sitting at the side of my bed with her knees my bed and her head down with her eyes closed as if she was watching over me


Own face

Own face younger happy

Owl bite

Othe head of monkey

Other head of a monkey

Ow in face

Old key and lock door

Old man white beard white hear

One death killing

Other head

Old man throwing a chair at the car

Operasi perut

Opening hole type in a stone

Opening in stone

Offer basket at the altar

Oil well blow out

Old man asking if i have delivered the message

Old ripped shoes

On a woman

Omen conference dream meaning

Oily water

Offering bel patta on shivling

On yacht

Octopus on my stomach

Octopus on my stomatch

Old man who take away my wealth

Oni dream meaning

Oni seeing after marriage dream meaning

Other as ghost

Ostrich egg yolk

Old friend give me money

On duty id hung on my burnt halfway in my dream, what does it mean.

Of seeing and speaking with an actress

Old friend of school days

One eye in cloud

One eye in cloud or smoke


One black mouse and one white mouse

On a boat in rough sea

Ostrich egg hatching

Opening front door and letting people in

Overflowing dam

Offered a job by the president in a dream

One armed politician

Okulota ng okongola ensenene

Old friends shillong teer

One mahish eating gass

Older healer woman telling me to use nettles

Older woman telling me about nettles

One braid coming out

Ox dreams

On top of sky scraper

Old man running

On the beach with my children

Old man with key

Old man and key from past

Oli pouring on the leg

Open mouth with a cross in it

Open mouth with a crossbow in it

One nine three six year

Old women soul entering my body


Open fridge freezer

Orange fish in ramen cup

Overcoming blocked stairway

Old lady smoking cigeratte

Owl speaking

Oil and water dream

Orange on snack

Old friend wearing a red shirt

Oil s s

Off fire

Opening a door for children to come out

One of my tooth was blue in my dream


Open papaya without seeds

One of my relatives was wearin ripped clothes , and i asked him why and he told me that he is more lighter

Once a close friend slaughtering a dove in my doorway

One hair strand grown on right palm


One getting a shave

Only one note played on accordion

On a motorcycle

Opening the gate

Old school friend teer number

On fast moving wheelbarrow

One eating alligator pepper and kola nut

On the sea bed

On sea bed an talking

Old lady with white hair in a bun

Owning logs

One zero zero% in an exam

Opaque drapes

Other want sweet

Old horse laying down

Old sick man

Overturned truck not driving rainy street alligator

Old actress

Opheodrys aestivus

Oil rig

Organs out

Opening a car bunnet

Opening a hell door

Oil hair


Overpowered by negative

Overpowered by some different power

Old ugly woman pointing at me

Offered to coach a football team

Older women flirting with me

Out of school

Open sorea

Old lady form

One three four

One four zero eight five two

Oil s ing and turning to white fat

Offering water to sun

Orange peels in the floor

One zero ruppee

Old beans and bugs

Off load in aircraft

On the beach buy


One person entering another one

Opening mummified body in coffin

Ornate easter eggs

Octopus arms

Overflowing creek, water spouts, trespassing cattle

One zero zero naira in dream