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Dreams starting with the letter G

Gray bedding

Gathering kola nuts in dream means what

Green color

Green elephant earing

Giving someone roasted plantain in a dream

Girlfriend becomes a lesbian


Guinnie oh bite me in my dream

Gulafay kab

Grab cheeks

Giving a dog a bath and getting bit by fleas

Getting around an obstacle

Growing onion on left leg

Greeting a mad girl in the dream

Get money in parsad from temple

Giving cocoa

Getting a dog as a gift

Grilling a cat

Gold plate and cup

Girlfriend wearing torn skirt

Giving a laptop computer

Going on a voyage

Giving someone your cloths to cover himself

Giving masquerade money


Grated cassava

Ground nut

Gold beads

Grey airoplane

Giving something to a dead person

Going insidfe the house through a window

Green viper

Grounding with mortar

Getting a mortgage

Green dog bone

Giving someone a hot drink


Giving breakfast to your father

Gold block

Golden eyes of god


Grandfather raw meat

Given cooking oil by woman

Gray bird with plastic flying toward me

Given men shoes in the dream

Given a fade gold ring by a boyfriend

Giving someone grinding melon in a dream

Getting bp test

God giving gemstones

Golden murmur

Giving you advice

Guest dream interpretation

Gate half open

Getting caught smoking weed

Given money by vice presint

Golden card

Guy washing pant

Goddess worship

Giving someone onions for birthday gift

Giant clam

Giving a post office money order

Giving someone onions as a gift

Goat leg gravy

Given melon in a dream means what

Giving silk sarees to a married woman in dream

Green feathers changed to white

Girlfriend beating boyfriend

Getting bunch of pens as gift in dream meaning

Grey car car accident

Gay ka kuye me kudne

Guava fruit meaning

Giving a silver watch to same one you love at a party

Giving your girl friend a silver watch at the party

Going to bath

Given a coin

Goat under water

God karrupar

Green trees covered with white tissue

Ground coffee

Golden light breaking

Going puri

Giving a drumstick

Green sandals

Girl blowjob

Getting stung by swarm of bees

Gypsy s

Gpoing up a ladder

Gathering calycle blog

Giving and gift

Grandmother giving and

Grandmother giving gift

Grey orange and

Getting in fight

Going to gurudwara with shoes on

Gold colored grass

Guving direction to your boss

Grinding grandnut

Getting gods of fortune wealth and longevity in my dreams

Getting fu lu shou in my dreams

Giving blessings and

Growing hair in bald man dreams


Green meteor

Green meteor rain

Gift of maize

Gather dried leaves and burn them

Gutting fish in dream

Got gift of silver spoon

Getting tricked

Giving a small bag of rice in the dream

Grand mediterranean house

Grand old house with mosaics

Grandmother mistreating your child

Growing a new tongue

Golden sandles

Give quoran book

Getting married to someone you know

Girlfriend an brother being intimate

Grounded pepper

Getting kidnapped by three men

Giving someone tissue paper in a dream

Going thru lots of jewelry

Going through jewelry

Grave and grass

Giving someone a torn gown in market

Girl baby clothes

Green faced woman

Giving old mat in a dream

Getting toucherd by a cult

Getting screws put in your thoat

Giving someone maggie in the dream


Green anointing oil

Giving people clear soft drinks in small bottles

Going to the brathroom in public

Given a plant with no roots

Gold cars

Gray ball

Gecko eating

Greek memes about unfairness

Golden vestment

Girlfriend takes my towel which she puts into a knot

Gift from ex

Giving someone your bed

Getting bit by a white cricket

Giving a man snuff

Grub dream

Girl with a black face

Green maize field burning

Group of native american in dream

Grey angels

Gas leak and turn it off

Giving maggi in a dream


Get baby

Growling and attacking dog

G9 banana tree with banana trees in dream

Guy i love is driving and looking at me in thef ront passage seat


Giving someone nutmeg in dream

Getting a job in a bank

Going groceries then going to an airport

Going to the mall to get new clothes with your friend

Gum on my shoe

Gold carp fish

Grape on soles of feet

Given cooked yam in dream to eat

Giving away nectarines

Generation z

Giving key

Given pap in dream

Give quran


Ground dragon

Getting caught doing adultery by your brother

Getting old

Given a pears in dream

Given a pear in dream

Green cater ars

Giving qurban

Grown men

Going the embassy

Guest speaker

Green zion uniform wearing

Girl in a stream of water praying

Giving birth of horse

Giving a madman food

Girlfriend walking away in the tunnel

Getting attacked by a chees grater

Giving a man toothpaste in a dream

God phots broken

Green star

Gold seashells

Grabbing for my husband ankle and not able to grab

Giving my artificial jewelry to someone


Glass toilet door

Giving money by politician in a dream

God hungry

God spoke with me

God asked food and water

Going to the drug stop to buy a particular medicine which was not available

Gas cylinder blast dream meaning

Gas cillender blast in the dream meaning

Gold earring dream number

Going to spoil your name

Greengram in a dream

Goat number

Green stem

Giving mad man food in your house

Giving money to a cat but with a bobby pin

Goat biteing fingers

Grab arms

Goth girlfriend

Given a tambourine

Given a sword to me

Getting alliance

God telling you must repent

God saying you have to repent

God saying who said i have forgiven you

Given a sim card in a dream

Guru rinpoche

Grounded prunes

Getting into a as a second girl

Groom killed himself before marrying me

Greek god funeral

Group of woman shilong teer dream number

Google uk

Garland of grass

Glass pulled out of left thumb

Grandmother called me in my sleep

Grey animals

Grandmother, asking and money

Going to eat with my dead grandma

Group of baby chicks

Glass dream

Gifted a gold watch

Getting hit

Getting hit in the head by a friend

Getting mud on white clothes but washing infront of crowd

Gallon full of clean water

Giving child to another

Getting married in a hindu temple

Given dorcas name in the dream

Getting stabbed by a snake

Gold nut

Grinding mellon seed together with crayfish

Getting married to my friends friend

Geometric tools

Growing a second toenail on same toe

Gold arowana catching by eagle

Grinding ogbono in dream

Ghost appearing in form of my family members

Ghost putting pressure on my stomach and i was not able to wake up

Grandma being shot in chest

Getting on my knees and calling out to god for help

Gray cloth

Green scorpion



Gathering seashells

Geathering of peoples in dreem represent

Giving you water with muthi

Girlfriend trimming her hair

Glitter green

Giving birth to girl child

Grey hair and eyebrows

Giving food to mad man

Grinding mellon for someone in your dream means what

Grinding mellon in your dream means what

Glass cutting me

Giving five zero peso bill

Ghost telling me she is cold

Giving peole water drink

Goat giving birth to babies

Going home from vacation with motor

Going home from vacation with motoe

Girlfriend putting feet on chest

Gifting arrowhead

Girl dream interpretation

Getting a visa and been happy

Getting a visa and been happa


Getting sacred ash in dream

Getting vibuthi in dream

Graveyard mushrooms


Going to jell

Green maize lucky number


Guava tree nambar

Given dried cassava

Guinea fowel

Gold eyes

Giving out toilet paper in dream to people i know in car

Grandmother weaping

Green colour kiswah

Ghost attacking my child

Gonorrhea testing

Giving birth to a healthy baby girl but some parts of the placenta gets stuck inside

Given guava to woman

Gap between the teeth

Grain seen in a dream

Getting caght vaping

Gum inflammation

God photo suddenly collapse

Ghost hunting in the cemetery

Greasy skin

Ground caving

Garlic sprouts

Green parrot no eyes

Giving me one

Give me a

Given more change money at shop

Giving one and

Give gold and

Gold and coin

Goat head in dream

Gargoyle chasing me while hell on earth?

Given keys in a dream

Giving away tvs

God tyr

Gun without bullet

Gifting a sweater to my wife

Growth on the body falling off

Guy and caring

Guy caring for

Gifting in a dream

Giving someone pork meat in dream

Going to see a football match, chapati are served and a fall to the well

Going in to a drain at christmas time

Getting asked out in a text

Gold jewelry under water

Going to church with someone who loves me

Gold necklace in water

Grey coat and grey tracksuit

Gun person sleeptin getting shot

Grocery store overalls woman

Giving someone else a sanitary napkin

Getting my ass eaten

Grabbed by the hand

Granddaughter got rap

Giving dog a drink

Giving dog a soda

Given cooked jollof rice

Grandma passed. away but giving you money

Getting to the wrong place

Gold bulb

Green light meaning

Girlfriend hurting animals

Girlfriend flirting with other guys

Given two tubers of yam

Going for hajj but crying for my granny

Gold chain turning into fake chain


Giant wasps

Get back with ex wife

Getting kissed on your forehead by an unknown perdon

Given rotten eggs

Given a rotten eggs

Granted a visa

Giving coins to aghoris in dreams meaning

God statue stallen

Going to a tailor and asking to mend a suit

Grandnut oil

Green gungo what does it means in a dream

Gold cobbled street

Giving water to cow

Golden bowl

Going blod

Gods idol in toilet

Gay encounter

Graduate dream meaning

Grinding pepper and tomatoes on a pot

Grinding pepper and tomatoes

God asking to wear thali

God asking to wear manglasutra

Giving birthday cake to my death mom

Going through a garage door and being somewhere else

Green slime on grave

Goat for qurbani

Guilin barre syndrome

Goddess dream

Goat sucking my blood in drea

Ground exploding


Getting bit by a gecko

Granddaughter sing

Got in trouble on the bus to school

Gem foot

Golden bijoux

Grey front teeth

Gum stuck in your hair

Going to hospital for poisoning

Green cap

Giving birth to two boys and one girl

God falls in dream

Golden three between two people

Gold and train

Getting slippers

Green dog in my dream

Goat follows me


Garden spraying spiritual meaning

Gibran buruh to a banu girl

Goats giving birth to four child

Giving out two walking sticks

Giving birth dream by female teer number

Giving arishina to a boy

Gun sillong teer

Giving money to someone who needs it

Graveyard of an alive prrson

Goat bleat

Gifting a toothbrush to someone

Garden tools

Girlfriend cheat midget

Giving a mad woman cooked food

Goddess lakshmi on coin

Girlfriend killing me

Grey cap ad gown

Goldfish in bag of water

Giant worm

Grinding stone.

Ginding pepper on a grinding stone.

Giving food to prophet

Green palm

Glowing orb in tubes

Given cpr and see the person die

Grandma asking for clothes

Gun hunting

Go kart dream meanings

Greenplucking hog plum from tree

Going up stairs that end before you get to your des

Going up stairs that end before y

Giving someone cocoyam

Gifting a dead person

Giving birth to a bird


Gifting a dead person a mirror

Get a phone from my late father

Glass shards cutting face

Golden flying horse

Giving women sindoora

Glass dooe

Goat attacking dkg

Growths on head

Goddess dancing

Giving biltong

Giving someone two doll babies

Grave dream interpretation

Girlfriend and grave

Gold tipped wings on a crane

Gettong cheated on

Grandmother sihr

Going underground into fire

Giving snacks to kids

Giving a man man food

Green chilli fruit

Going to dargha in dreams

Grain in dreams

Gate falling down

Giving mad men food in a dream

Got someone pregnant

Going back to rehab

Gargoyle attacking

Getting rid of a placenta

Going to high school

Give food to a mad person in a dream

Green fungus sores all over feet dream

Gizzard in a dream

Giving my dead husband water

Giving igba aje in the dream

Giving someone silver ring

Giving candle and

Greek priest

Gun dream number

Gifting silver jewels

Getting stove and cylinder pipe fire bt not burst

Girlfriend builled

Gifted date fruits

Gun aimed at you

Grandparents home

Glowing four

Got out of a car i was driving

Green clear river water

Grinding cassava in a dream

Gospel singing

Guy got jealous

Getting stabbed with a fork

Gate dream interpretation

Genital wart

Gf and mom arguing

Goat with no hair but red in colour mating

Giving someone bra in a dream

Gladys knight midnight train to georgia

Gladys knight midnight train to

Grandfather being shot in head

Golden faucets

Giraffe eaten

Ghost strangling you to death

Giving tastless drinking dream meaning

Ginie pigs

Gecko bite my middle finger off

Going back to my old job

Giving spouse a handjob

Goat and sacrifice

Getting goat to

Getting married to brother in law

Goat to sacrifice

Grass soaked with water

Giving a dead person haircut

Gun in hand

Goldfish in the bowl at home

Gift dream interpretation

Given child shoes

Gunshot wound

Gun pointed at head

Group of wealthy woman

Gumuguhong lupa

Gave me money

Give me money

God hitting me in dreams

Giving a policeman money

Gargoyle attacking me

Giantteak wood tree

Grinding against someone

Giving birth to a headless bird

Ghee falls down

Getting married and dead father in your dream

Getting married and dead father also in the dream

Getting bangs haircut

Green school skirt

Green flashing lights

Giant jade tree

Giving haldi and kumkum

Giving money to deceased

Grandmother was in pain

Giving someone coconut in the dream

Getting white saree as gift

Getting cheated on dream

Gad cylinder

Gender change

Golden wheat vision

Group of youth laughing at you in church

Getting married sometime random

Glass broken with writing on it

Given a mad food

Golden engagement ring with black stone

Giving people cook yam in a dream

Getting threatened by a gun

Got a job

Giving banana to cow in dream

Getting shot three times

Going to work in a very top building and then all-over the sudden am holding onto building edge while a girl and hero attempting to help me out

Getting married under water


Girlfriend left me for another man

Green chilies in dream

Gas smell cough

Green corn cob

Girl asked for my phone number

Getting a raise at work

Giving children money in the dream

Gynecological exam

Gravestone floating on water

Giving chocolates to kids

German alasation

Girl with black eyes

Giving food to a dead person

Game with fish

Going to the native doctors place in the dream

Grabbed by neck

Growing branches from kidney in dream

Growing branches in dream

Galloon of water

Greeting and hands

Giving candle to

Grey and dog

Get cut

Glass gong

Green seeds coming out my face

Garden with a large lake


Give water

Giving colour to the beard

Giving fruit grandma dead seen in a dream

Girl video and

Girl in video

Guy i like pushed my mom away when she tried to hug him

Guy i like push my mom away when she tried to hug him

Giving out different kind of items to people in the dream

Giving someone a sanitary pad

Giving out different kind of items to different kind of people in the dream

Gods idol falling in dream

Girl with earphones

Girl gold dream

Grass inside room

Gold broken necklace

Golden cups

Getting vegetables

Glue peeling off


Guy friends at old school

Giving water to drink

Given skin of cat in a dream

Giving police people food in dream

Gathering ogbono seed in a dream means what

Gold hair fall out

Gamo gamo in a dream

Glass ring with red and blue gem

Got first in cycle race

Giving a man a fruit basket

Green snake in dream

Green snake with my baby was getting chicken pox


Green snme

Giving jade necklace

Graham powder dream meaning


Gold oriole

Griffin and i touch his peak

Giving a dead person a dirty soap means?

Gum hair


Gaping hole in my body

Grandmother dancing wearing church uniform

Give some one medicine

Garden overun with weeds

Giving something

Guy smelling my nevk

Giving the highest currency in the dream

Giant contact lenses

Given rosarie with a cross symbol

Given rosaries by someone in a dream

Getting humped at a school

Greeting me after

Gold ring with black stone

Giving food to my late husbad

Greeting an elder

Green stick and

Giving of feces continuously in dream

Giving of feces in dream

Green stick insect

Gold feater

Gravel vomit

Give someone a quran

Girl friend has a boyfriend

Grandpa chasing me

Girlfriend stuck on a roof


Goddess kumari of nepal

Giving birth to a baby boy in dream during pregnancy

Got a job in school

Going to your crushes house

Grand father death

Grandfather is death

Gaming on the telephone wire

Green be a chicken

Got huge profit in trading in stock market

Getting thrown out of places

Grave yard dug

Grab the shoulder

Golden arrow

Goat giving birth to twins in a dream

God idols in toilet | dream

Gloves in a dream

Gey eye

Getting put into a meat grinder for me to be food

Getting put into a meat grinder to be made for food

Getting punched

Getting red bindi

Gold candles lit

Gain admission in my dreams

Grinding flour

Getting married to a rich and loving man

Gold bring and eating dream number

Gold bring and eating

Green salamandar

Garden lizards

Golden ring on my finger

Giving gold chain and rings to your friends in dreams

Gold rings in water

Grey skate fish

Gathering stone for decorating

Giving my ex food in dream

Graduating school again

Group of lady guests

Ghost and cat fighting

Getting botox

Great grand father being angry

Ghost pushing you in a diffrent way youre trying to go

Getting put to sleep

Ghosts chasing you but win

Giving saffron to someone

Golden cherries

Groceries shop

Giant hail

Green gardamom saw in your dreams

Goose chase

Given someone my phone number in a dream

Grease catching fire in a skillet

Gushing oil from ground

Given burnt money

Given burnt paper money

Given a baby to carry

Gifted a mirror

Green boroi eating

Governor visited me

Getting biriyani packet from husband in dream meaning

Greeting say people

Giving someone ghee in dream

Giant gears

Golden ants meaning

Golden ants in the dream

Granadilla tree in my dream bible

Going out to lunch with my deceased mother

Gold finger rings

Gums and teeth

Gregory adam garrett

Godmother dream meanings

Girl dressed in white

Girl muffung a girl

Going to class

Going to swimming wiht crush

Gifting the river in the dream

Gold ring lost

Green sto. nino

Girlfriend is actually a boy

Going through labour pains

Garlic with blood

Garden beds planting

Getting shot in the head while werewolf

Gathering peggs

Glowing stones

Giving raw meat to a dog

Genie in a bottle

Giving a house .eans

Glass bricks

Giving your sister pad

Grandson dead

Grandma visiting

Grinding melon in a dream

Getting out of a pit

Golden hive

Gold colour ant

Getting gun pointed at you

Gold ring with green and white stone leaves

Ghost of a living person

Grandmother shouting my name

Give children money

Girlfriend split into two of herself

Garbage on your lawn

Green passion fruits and ripen passion fruits

Getting chased with machete

Golub dolls

Giving money to children in a dream

Getting a green dress from deceased

Green rice

Group of dark figures circling

Garlic on body

Giving free title in dream meaning

Girl with her mom

Giving people fruit

Give back wedding ring


Getting a new car

Green chequered flag

Growing extra and

Glowing flowers as a necklace

Getting late for appointment

Going in a shiny lift to the real world

Going in a shiny lift

Giving my grandmother money in dreams

Giving two eggs to someone in a dream meaning meaning

Giving a patient wrong

Gift of a new towel by the nurse

Give some one clothe in the dream

Gift of cow feet and head

Garden lizard

Grass under water

Glass table break

Give new wrapper three

Grape vineyard with snakes

Grandson with dead father

Get another marriage

Gift and bags

Getting off of a ship

Goat giving three kids

Godess maisamma

Growing into a flower

Giving birth to a stillborn baby girl


Girl showing foot

Girl sleeping with ne

Giving oranges to someone in a dream

Given shelter from rain

Given shelter and confirt

Grey and white cat on the roof

Greeting man lf god in a dream

Growling in ear

Guidance like a sangoms

Getting coin

Grazing zebra

Getting caught with law

Gray doberman sitting near me

Gold colored sheets

Given oinions

Grave dig

Gold harp

Green emerald stone and one eight six four between six seven nine six and six seven nine six

Green emerald stone and three five three eight between three five three eight and three five three eight

Green emerald stone and nine four six five between three three five seven and three three five seven

Getting sucked down bathtub drain

Green maize plants green vegetables

Going down a steep mountain with ease

God speaking to me

Gooseberry in dream mean

Giving cor

Green ocean beach

Green oceandream

Grahm crackers

Giving someone sperm

Granddaughter who is alive found dead in the dream

Green lights in the sky

Giving birth to twin male puppies

Getting married as a unmarried woman seeing in dream

Governor dream meaning

Getting shot in a dream wake up to ears ringing

Getting off the liuft in a secret exit

Giving new slippers after stolen mine in dream

Going up a lift and then going on another lift

Gems coming out my mouth and tooth

Guy holding feet

Gold wedding band/ ring

Giving poisonous flower

Given rotten tubber of yam

Given spoit yam in the dream

Getting shot in my leg

Getting abundance on one hundred dollar bills

Giving gold to a dead

Getting hit by a big object

Godmother dream

Getting married to stranger

Goat take my sponge in dream

Given jollof rice in dream means

Green cup

Good giving birth

Getting saree from widow lady

Green spinach in a dream

Girlfriend, male organ

Giving my mother in law my palm oil in the dream means

Grey and coat

Grandmother giving me honey in a dream

Given muthi in a dream

Getting killed on your bday

Giant soider killed by bird

Gangster women

Girl with a gun

Godess photo frame is broken in dream


Given plant

Game winning shot

Great amount of puss

Gift exchange

Give fish

Getting rid of purses

Grooves in hands

Ghar banvate hue dekhna

Genius child

Genie shoes

Getting wrist watch from my father

Grinding yellow corn in the dream

Grandmother pounding mahangu in dream

Glowing fruit and tree

Giving food out

Given a well baed cake with hairs inside

Giving food to wifr

Giving a bottle coke that was hidden for 5years

Giving pasupu kumkuma

Greyish snake

Golden goose with eggs

God saying that he is always with me

Giving money to transgender in dream

Grey dogs

Group of hijras attacking me doing misbehaving in dream means?

Guest and eating good food

Giving fruits to dead mother

Green door with fruit

Grandadela fruit fol on me

Garland over living husband photo in dream

Golden bee

Golden bee in a dream

Giving dead ex husband a chicken dinner

Giving money to dead mother in dream islamic interpretation

Group of crocodile and fishes

Gecko with missing leg

Glass of water and ice throwing at wall

Give birth dream meaning

Giving prophet water in a dream

Getting a hickey in dream


Gas stove ablaze in kitchen

Gray mangoes

Giving old blind woman in the dream


Grandmothers ring

Ghost went back to body

Give eggs dead

Giving chikoo to friend

Grim reaper entering ahouse

Gargle with black dirty water

Getting ackee fr someone who died in a dream



Giving a certificate to someone

Grape popsicle

Gathering fresh green maize curb


Giving a dead person snuff meaning

Getting a job in a foreign country

Green plants growing on the bed meaning

Given birth to a baby girl

Goat delivery

Giving flower to a dead person

Giving floer to a dead person

Garland to my photo in dream

Gas cylinder burning

Giving panchamrutha in dream

Gray thistles

Glycerine in a dream

Gentle eagle lays two eggs in my hair and one blue egg breaks

Grandmother house

Get irritated

Grey horizion

Gray horizion

Giving nzu in a dream by some one

Green and spinach

Grinding pure white cassava

Ground cloves

Grandson asking for vending machine

Giving my dead mother banana in the drea

Green and orange room

Getting married to my brother

Giving money to my dead nephew

Gifts from priest

Geri a

Guy dressed in white

Guy converting to islam


Going to gamora

Gathering iron scrab up and sell it in my dream means what

Goat qurbani dream

Giving honey

Giving a friend a matchesbox and mix sewing needle

Giant tortoise got released from pain

Gold embedded in center of a tongue

Giving a seat for someone

Grey cloth

Going into the sea

Green orange in the tree

Grandma killing me

Gallon of red palm oil in d dream

Going to a movie theater

Giant eggs along shore

Giving bath to a lady in the dream

Giving phone number to lady in dream

Grass tunnel

Green and red wool meaning

Gathering cinder blocks

Giving a child porridge in the dream

Giving birth to one zero children while you are still a virgin

Getting in a fight

Gram vegetable cooking dreams meaning

Gold tin foil

Giving birth to a turtle

Getting married and crying in dream


Gateway birth

Got in my dream

Group of people in rooms

Garden fork in dream

Go forest father with son

Grinding egusi

Going to buy bread

Glass in window

Group and girls

Golden pants with two rows of button on each leg.


God idol fell down in my dream

God idol fell down in my dreams

Giant black bird sitting its back to me on my path

Gold owl sitting on your stomach

Growing loose large growth on knee

Grandma hands

Grandfather standing and disappearing

Gypsy stealing jewellery

Grey wig on another person

Going into a purple vortex

Guy kissing me after vomitting

Gave me her prayer books