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Dreams starting with the letter G

Giving birth to a baby boy by someone

Getting manila tamarind in my hands

Giving money to dead sister in dream

Gifted a catapult

Giving condolences

Girl seen in dream

Gold on carnival tent

Going out of house with unknown persons

Green snake attacking a bear

Grey afce

Green sisal plant cutting in a dream means

Growing five fingers on my left hand

Given a key

Giving red hangerchief

Green rotten fruit

Goes dark

Given bundles of money by a former colleague

Giving sweets to children in a dream

Give back engagement ring

Getting married and left at the alter

Getting married and being stood up

Given a old red bicycle

God crying in dream

Giving birth to bear

Girlfriend others private parts era

Getting money from a dead person in dream means

Giant white crab

Giving a new packer in a dream means

Given packer in a dream

Good water coming from tap

Gold dreas

Glass cabinet

Gathering and burning of grass in the dream means what?

Giant one eye on the mirror

Going to a friend house and collecting fruits

Giving pawpaw to you in a dream

Gdy śnią się niemowlęta

Guy throwing eggs at me

Green blazer

Getting salvation

Green snake wrapped around a sword

Golden color monkey

Golden color of ants

Green marula fruit strapped in clean long wire on the tree

Giving someone once yellow lemon in dream

Given lion mean by your father in a dream to cook

Green mahangu plant

Graffiti on shower walls

Gold bengles

Girl wearing yellow saree in my dream

Ginger in dream means

Ginger in dream no.

Giving water to baby hummingbird

Girl sitting on my lap

Goddess lakshmi ideal in hand

Gifting cardamom and oepper

Getting saved from demons by woman

Girl farts on face

Gray armpit hair long

Girlfriend running away

Good and river

Getting married on a beach

Growing new right thumb

Glass front door two broken pane

Getting blessed

Getting blessed by a priest in a dream

Girlfriend hitting me

Gave birth to a monkey and i ran mad after

Glowing necklace

Gift form mad women

Grinding seeds

Grinding seedz

Goat give birth to four in dream

Giving my decent brother money

Green suitcase

Given a knife

Goddess kali floating in water

Giving someone a snake

Goat eating a dog meat

Giving birth to patatoes in the dream means what

Going in a train to go far away from something with your family and seeing a person you knew from your home country

Growing old with someone


Giving birth to seven childrens ,four is normal ,and three is abnormal what that means

Grandma,beating and sjambok seen in a dream

Gold color hair dye in the dream

Getting ready for a function in a dream

Green lizard in your head

Gossip landlord

Giving coins to mother in dream

Girlfriend is cheating

Given food by a mad man

Giving birth to child

Girlfriend in church

Gold represents which number

Ground nutoil

Gf is crying

Group of man holding cutlasses dream meaning

Getting visa of australia in dream

Getttong stabbed my my old mate

General sob

Green grass blade

Given white melon seed in the dream

Getting jumped by people

Green lema

Green lemia

Giving someone a clean glass of water

Getting purple pants in a dream

God putting two rings on my ring finger

Giving my dead brother a motorcycle to my mother who is also pastaway

Getting lost from my family and not remembering

Gun tattoo

Giant pickle men

Go get trouble go to the jim

God idol breaking

Grey towel

Giving palm oil in dream

Giving birth to big snakes

Giving someone a cookie

Giving some one a mug

Getting dressed for celebration

Giving a gift if cheese to someone

Glass bottle exploding

Ghost in a wedding dress an vail

Gusband says he in love with someone else

Given alligator pepper in the dream

Garden kale

Ghost in a wedding dress in my room

Gift of several gold wrist watches

Gift of several wrist watches

Girlfriend cheating with friend dream

Grand father death shillong teer dream number

Given a sliver coin by my dead mother

Gd cutlery

Given muthi to chew in a dream

Getting engaged in your dream

Given a baby to protect my female angel

Garden ruined

Giving birth to only blood clots

Guaking black goose

Grandma gives me maroon and pink material

Green tomato tree planted in the middle of an empty land

Girlfriend sister

Getting a ride home

Grey horse talk to me

Godess mangalarati in dream

Goat urinating on husband

Glasses old women

God is looking at me

Guava tree with too many fruits in it

Girl friend kissing my friend

Giving me wrapper

Giant blue bird

Ghee dreaming in dish

Grand daddy sprider

Gold and finding

Getting a perfume gift

Gold finding and

Gift unknown and

Gold falling off from the teeth

Getting pay rise

Genital shave

Girl shaves my genital

Ground dream interpretation

Golden watch in a dream meaning

Green salad and green cucumbers

Girlfriend playing with me in dream

Greeting eid but nobody was present

Gifted by dress from someone

Giving someone cat food


Going to isreal

Giving a bag

Giving a bag to a big mother in a dream

Given bad taste water in a dream

Good item rolling off table

Girlfriend man creepy

Giving chair to as many to sit on dream

Getting envelopes with a yellow lemon in it

Getting shot by red revolver

Green ugly wall paint

Giving me orders to pick the mic and do opening prayer

Giving me orders to pick the mic and pray

Gold nekless


Geene login

Giving kunkuma and haldi with new saree to earth meaning

Giving my belt to someone

Goal keeper dream meaning

Governors plum

Goal keeper dream

Gibing birth

Given airtime

Green plantain in dream

Giving your id card

Girls promise me in my dream

Grown hair

Green or red rope on hands

Green or red wool on hand

Goddess killing me

Giving money to my dead sister


Goat eating a child

Getting bound by rose thorns

Getting teeth destroyed

Gums falling out of mouth

Gold and white rabbit in a dog cage with five snakes

Girl stabbing my stomach

Green toenails

Golden word

Getting chikki

Green dove

Giving people sweet in the dream

Getting water pot from a person

Getting married after married for along time

Grass out of my hands

Green maize in a farm

Gang adolescents thieves

Garden gate being stolen by adolescents

Ganesh isol has caught fire

Golden illuminati sign

Getting people out of your home

Growinf from the house next door

Goddess lakshmi coin

Giving out blood in a dream

Going downstairs in my house to check for a lion

Giving lion in my house sleeping s

Giving a sermon

Group of sangomas

Glitching face

Giving someone my remaining cooking oil

Gray snake looking spirit

Giving someone bed

Getting caught by parents

Gargle and dream interpretation

Getting my throat slashed in my dreams

Grandfather with foot infection

Grandmothers things

Glass curtains


Goddess chandrika

Golab jamun khana

Green bulldog

Grandma giving birth

Gold or silver ring

Gold eagle saving you

Giving fried and

Given scripture to read in my sleep

Getting married to your friend

Given a red feather in a dream

Green and gold stone

Girl in boys toilets

Given airtime recharge

Giving someone fanta in a dream what does that mean

Going unconscious in dreams

Giving birth to twin

Gold boxers

Giving an empty pot to get water from each

Ghost whispering ear

Gold cape on fire

Giant purple snake

Geve someone money

Gentle man

Getle man

Gramma and refusing to have her die

Getting a piece of your face cut off because of someone you love

Gray hair on a child

Giving mad man packages of food

Getting letft leg stitched

Given a gift to raffle

Golden ring broken

Gate fall

Grabdmother giving dress

Giving quran in my dream

Getting onions

God giving onions

Giving birth to a dog

Gold meaning of the number

Giving money to kinner and he gave me blessings

Going to temple with crush dream

Groundnut in dream means

Giving a statement about another person

Giving an oath or testament of a person

Give money to a child

Grandmother (dead) gives me a plate of roasted chicken

Green small bananas in a tree

Gem on my tooth

Godzilla ko sapne mein dikhne ka arth

Guru ji dwarw broom se beating

Group of women praying in my house in my dream

Grandmother asking for sweets

Given wallet in a dream

Giving gifts to a dead father

Gown of disney princesses in dreams

Giving the old pant for the poor

Girl fart face

Green peas in dream

Girlfriend asking for money in dream

Green and red warts on my back

Green grass and white lillys

Green foliage

Greetings in a dream symbolize

Girlfriend big nose

Gulab jamun in dream

Getting beaten with a quran

Grandmother asking money

Genet animal

Gift of sandals from elder brother

Getting kissed on the lips

Ginger and white kitten

Gold bangle

Going for walk with toddler

Garland round someone neck

Gold toe ring

Glycerin in dream meaning

Giving backshots

Green eyed female angel

Giving loads of bread sticks

Green bracelet

Gold pendant chain

Gold coin chain

Growing youn brother my suit on his wedding day

Green packer in a dream

Girlfriend kissing her boyfriend

Gold jewellery and saree saw in dream

Giving out fanta, coca-cola on a big truck to many people

Gold fan

Giving bed to a niece

Getting vitiligo

Green and red swamp

Giveing money to somebody

Greenhouse with no plants

Green colour bangles broke down

Grocery store car park

Gud quality tractor

Green face dream

Girl farts on boys face

Giving food to old people

Giving neighbor chacoal

Giving away your pearls

Giving away tour pearls

Gunman laughing

Giving still birth

Giant apple

Given cloth peg

Getting caught sneaking into house

Ghost girls walking

Giving someone moi moi and eko dream meaning

Getting oil rubbed on your back

Ghost girls

Guest bringing food in a dream

Guest coming in house in a dream and bringing noodles

Ghost mop

Giving khake shifa

Ghost moping floor

Girl fart on boys face

Guinea pigs escaping

Ghost carrying me

Gold and diamond

Giving cpr to dead

Green dog

Got canada visa

Group of lionless passing by

Goat being butchered

Giving starch in dream

Given a bag

Going back to your old job

Grey ball

Green vegetables and ugali

Green necklace

Ghost hugs you

Giant house spider

Going to the grave yard

Give powered milk in a dream

Giving birth in a airplane

Garbage and water

Green honeybees in dream

Governor giving you his clothes

Giving coconut flower to dead person

Glowing skeleton in dream

Gavetas bacias

Green moss on top of hand

Gift of three different types of perfume

Grave and light beaming from inside

Getting lecjon in a dream

Green frog jumping on me and shitting on my blankets and leg

Giving testimony in the dream means

Goat tripe

Giving an onion

Gold and diamond dream

Gray dog with red eyes

Going a to funeral of someone already deceased

Giving bitter kola to my pastor in the dream

Gangajal water from sky s ing on ground

Green coriander

Getting chased by murderer

Growing tomatoes

Getting peed on in the face

Girl steal my boyfriend

Going on vacation with dead father

Going on vaction with deceased loved one

Getting rinsed by my mom with cold water

Giving bus vehicle key by a church leader

Given old shoe in a dream by the person you know

Given ola shoe in a dream

Gift in dream

Goddess eating ragi ball prepared by me

Gipsy wallet

Gipsy wallwt

Green bathsalt

Giving back clothes to someone that l used to keep for them

Grow white furthers

Group of girls with naket

Green chilles

Giving food and a pack of water to a mad person

Given food by your father

Giving bmy brother brother roasted yam

Giving hairband in a dream

Gold vission means

Given cooked pieces of meat

Gifting a quran to a deceased christian family member

Gold earring broken

Girlfriend death

Gold teer nambar

Going to work and im disabled

Group of bull coming from the road to infront of my home

Girl laying down

Giving my uncle a golden spoon

Gallons of cooking oil

Grandfather give me a piece of cabbage

Giving me flowers

God eating ragi ball prepared by me

Green saree

Gangrene in big toe

Getting lost underwater

Getting wrongly accused

Getting yeller at

Gas starting fire

Getting yeller at at school

Gum stuck on treaty

Girlfriend cheating with uncle

Giving a sweet crmela for my child and my dead mother

Giving away a deck of cards unopened

Giving a necklace

Getting farewell from collegues

Green metal cow

Ginger cat in water

Glass eyes

Girlfriend disappeared

Green and black wool

Gold chain fading

Giving a man cpr

Green bird sing

Girl asking for bangle

Getting saree as a gift

Gun jamming during a bad time

Gas explosion at home

Going abroad to visit brother

Getting nose pin as a gift in dream

Green poop on you

Glowing symbols in the sky

Green worms on my body bitting me and i tr removing it by help of someone

Green worns on my body bitting me and i tr removing it by help of someone

Grey velvet

Grandpa giving haldi kumkum in dreams

Getting ready in dream

Getting burnt by hot water

Green chilies garden

Gold stolen by black man

Getting choked and nobody helps

Girl sucking

Girlfriend scratches head until it bleeds

Green high heel shoes

Golden leather jacket dream

Golden leather jacket

Girlfriend faded away like a ghost

Gf faded away


Getting your period in the toilet in islam

Greeting a sagoma

Giant horse

Giving homage to someone

Grandfather giving you a gift

Girl farting in persons face

Grandfather asking for food

Grazing cows

Grazing a cow

Giving birth child

Girl i like

Gasoline/petrol tank cap

Given an opportinity

Gasoline/petrol cap

Gas station design

Getting in a clothing store to shop

Go to hospital

Good smelling hair

Getting burned by hot grease by a deceased loved one

Golden throw ow

Giving a mad man food in mydream

Given a cheppies in a dream

Glowing yellow man standing before me

Glowing yellow man come from the sky on a beach

Give cow water

Granding dry egusi in the dream with manual machine

Given a toe ring

Giving me two white towels

Getting marriage

Giving money to my dead grandmo

Green maiz

Gardering oil bean in the dream

Goat delivered twins in dream

Gringing iron rod in a dream with big engine

Giant serpent

Gun shot to head to human

Gort hair

Glasses in river

Growth on foot

Giving three guys gold chains

Giving out gold chain

Getting into a fight because i lied

Give and potash

Getting married dream

Green park

Gold white ring in dream

Gathering horses

Goalkeeper saving goals

Giving bert to my partner

Given tropical plant

Going downstairs and the greenery past

Given a plant with long roots

Green chayote

Getting ceremony with my current boyfriend and at same time see death of his grandmother

Gold pear and leaves

Garden of ripe beans in adream

Green poncho

Green wigs

Given a letter with red word

Giving partner a piggyback

Green vineyards

Gold hands brightly shined

Getting a boyfriend in a specific date

Good times

Golden bears

Goats with red eyes

Guvwa rifen

Guvwa eating rifen

Ghost fall in love with me

Ghost dream

Green crops maize and sourghum

Greeting a king

Girl gave a letter in my dream

Go along with the dead in dream

Giving army money in dream

Given wrong directions

Given wrong direvtions

Going on vacation with an ex

Go in the woman

Growing a tusk

Giving bag of charcoal in your dream

Grease being s ed on you

Grabbing walet

Guy in car no face

Given plate of food

Gave birth to triplets boys

Giving money reject

Getting into jail

Grahm cracker

Giving lost phone to the owner in a dream

Grandma bad spirits house

Garuda attacking my daughter

Going back to work.

Given curtains

Getting engaged to crush

Goo goo ga ga

Guy in hair

Giving a birth to a child

Giving birth a baby

Giving a sweater meaning

Giving a sweater dream

Giving a sweater

Giving someone fruit to eat

Green car with trailly filled with soil and it was open on top with shiny things in side

Grey skies and dead trees lined side by side on a hill

Greeting your mother in law

Giving someone your phone number

Goat eating dates from a tree

Going to funeral when she is already dead in real

Giant goat

Goat eating hay

Going to a tavern with my friends

Groping by stranger

Groping attack

Green plants growing out of my ankles

Gold nicless

Green mango eating in dream

Goat dead

Giving account number

Guard tackling down

Grocery store aisle

Given a fresh roasted corn in a dream?

Giving back the tasbeeh gift to me

Giving back the tasbih to me

Ghost pulling my hair whilst i was sleeping in my dream

Given banana bunch

Given a bunch of banana meaning

Giving mad man food do that he should go away

Golden light in sky meaning

Green wooden table

Giving water to children

Given s to friend

Giving milk to snake

Giving a baby to another person over a small fence

Goat dead drime number

Giving back tasbih

Giving salt to someone in dream meaning

Glass stem

Grapping a hand

Getting something stuck in eye dream


Got out of bed but wasnt in my house repeating its self over and ove

Grandfather protecting me


Gray cloak

Golden bowl with blood

Grey snake bite in back

Griffen with a eagle head and two lion heads

Ghost chest heavy

Griffen with a eagle head and a lion head roaming in my apt complex the griffen took two bite out of a mountain the griffen walked past my apartment and left

Get soaked in the rain

Grave by the river bank side

Gathering dry coffee seeds

Grave on fire

Giving birth bayawak

Give back engagement ting

Girlfriend left me

Grey face in a dream

Grandma dream interpretation

Gold telephone

Glass stuck in the side of my lip

Getting a contract on former school

Given cocoyam as a gift in the dream, means what

Ghost at the door

Girl cutting wood

Growing bed

Garden full of chairs

Grandma giving me something in a dream and praying for me

Giving my late mother money

Getting ready to do wudu

Going into a room to find it starts moving as if on a journey

Going to batbroom

Giving a person many eggs

Ground moving underneath me

Goat poop dream

Ganesh and shiv idol in dream

Guy two five year older took me on a date

Gray hair in nose

Getting zero in exam in dream

Going to shiv temple

God statue in temple misplaced

Golden cobra snake

Grapes and apples

Giving birth to baby girl and laughing

Ghost pulling my quilt off me

Geometrical frog

Gone fishing without pole

Golds ans popoo

Ganesh temple

Getting a blood transfusion

Gun shots fired in my dream

Given garri in the dream

Got injury to lower lips

Guns blazing

Going against impossible odds

Granddaughter death

Grand daughter death

Given peanut in dream

Green octopus dancing

Gethsemane water

Glowing man in my dream

Give light

God ganpati partally immersed in water

Grilled bread

Graveyard and dead dogs

Giving arm

Goblin dreams

Getting punched in stomach

Getting punched in stomach and being held down

Giving sweater

Gabriels horn

Golden horn

Gold mask of pharoah

Golden pharaoh mask glowing no body

Gold and diamonx

Gushing oil

Going for umrah on a plane

Giving marked papers

Google boots

God photo burn

Grinding in earthenware

Glass ducks

Giving a gold chain to a relative

Giving birth to a clean baby girl

Giving barth to baby

Golden fork meaning

Giving out money to people

Getting lost in the woods

Getting a quran from someone

Grabbing a fish and i see a ring in it

Giving pies

Giving mineral in the dream

Genetor green door

Giving a beautiful rug to my dead mother

Golden hairwist in the head

God of all seeing eye

Given wrapper

Giving people my clothes in a dream

Giving family friends clothes in a dream

Giving food to a madmab

Giving food to amadmab

Getting stabbed in the heas

Girl boy face

Girl fart boy face

Giving an egg to a dead person

Giving a egg to a dead person

Give bible verses that talk about water

Girl come to me health center in dream

Given a one three million dollar check


Gorilla destroy house

Giving dirty looks

Giraffe cuddling


Guys private

Groping a guy

Got periods and i am in temple

Giving money to the dead meaning

Giving my maid onion skins in my dream

Giving money a disabled happy man

Gifted fried and boiled meat and chicken

Got fake gold

Gooby to people

Grandmother serving food

Girlfriend marriage

Goblin in car

Getting mushroom

Getting lost and a lady helps find my way home

Giving silver coins to someone dream

Giving money to someone

Giving money to girl

Giving rs200 to a girl

Gold bullets mixed with gold bolts

Goant crayfish chasing

Girlfriend taller than me

Going down stairs to get something

Gold wrest watch

Going to haj with sister

Gave money to two dead persons

Grandmother in a dream

Grandma in a dream

Grabing my hands tightly

Getting bit and fighting off a snake

Gospel music sung by child

Getting angry at kids

Growing another toe

Girlfriend sleeping with my cousin

Goat man

Goat man telling me to change

Getting rid of dirty blood from the jar

Getting bangles from fiancee

Golden fiddle water

Glass full of dishwasher water

Getting trained by partner

Giving milk to your deceased father

Grass stickers

Grass stickers in my shoelaces


Giving flour to dead person

Green pig/hog

Giving flour to a dead person

Given chilli

Given amortar and apestel

Got stabbed in my chest and was a big hole and was able to see my heart pump

Grapes growing in house walls

Going to sit on school chair to write a d it broke

Going to an interview

Giving birth a baby girl in dream and meaning in numbers

Giving birth a baby girl

Golden face dream

God in bathroom

Gray angels in a dream

Getting engaged but seeing another man

Gated property

Green women

Ghost moving objects in my dream

Grandparents with a baby

Gerding carrots to a horse

Giving moi moi in a dream means what

Gifted with sleeping bag

Grandma my belly

Growing clitoris

Ground nutcake

Gold getting stolen from temple

Gramma is asking me to help bathe her

Getting rapes pawpaw on the tree

Girlfriend wearing black clothes

Giving your enemy a nice cloth in a dream

Give bangle to god

Giving out raw meat

Gold bells

Giving someone cooked yam in the dream denotes

Giving birth dead baby

Gold biscuits

Goose berry

Gooseberry seen

Getting a car

Giving toilet papers to people in a dream,spiritual meaning

Given a torn clothes

Getting poked in your eye by daughter in law

Girl ask help

Going for fishing

Give birth to a premature baby in a dream

Give birth to a premature baby

Grease on arm

Gud ke sapne

Group of people slaughtering a camel

Group of people sacrificing a camel

Group of people walking through hills and grass lands

Giving a frozen flower

Golden swan

Goalkeeper in a dream christianity

Gay guy kissing the back of my neck

Green digital person

Going to a wake in a dream

Ganesh idol in dream

Green lion

Getting a check from someone

Green and walls

Giant falcon

Grren paint in hands

Giving cpr to son

Golden skin

Gril fart on face boy

Green leather bag

Gang raped by pigs

Giving hotdogs away

Giving hotdogs to my niece

Getting bit by a woman

Girlfriend and i have a playful dog

Gallon bottle of bleach

Girl dress burn

Getting accepted in your dream university

Glassy spider

Gave diamond earings

Ghost closing doors when i left open

Guy with long black hair and blue eyes

Gave me diamond

Grandfather slap

Goat bite my neck

Great greg owl landing on me

Grey owl landing on me

Giving a gift on wedding

Gathering personal belongings

Giving gold

Girl in black hijab

Going to my old work place

Going to my old working place

Giving an injection

Getting orange bag

Giving money to dead brother

Getting spit on in my dream

Giving water to grandmother

Ganje sir par ball dekhna sadness me

Giving scrunchieseaning

Gift of a lighter

Gravel cat smoke throwing

Giving a loved one who passed away a ride on my scooter to see the world

Given white and yellow goun

Golden grass or wheat

Ground cracking under my feet

Golden robot

Golden alien

Giving time

Giving money to trans

Giving my cat cpr

Green old hoodie

Granddaughter falling from cliff to ocean

Ginger plantation with green leaves

Girl watching and invading family

Gathering warm boxes


Giving a police man my phone number

Girlfriend has hairy legs dream meaning

Giving collard greens

Gold cross pendant in my dreams

Gold eye glasses

Get many

Getting married to a monster dreameams

Gold necklace mother

Going for an operation

Getting beaten by my wife father using stic

Going to hospital

Green bangles appear

Ganapathi visarjan

Getting bathed by a therapist

Gunk body

Giving birth to two piece of meat

Gifted poha by mashi

Ghost and mirror

Give someone handjob

Gun shot and blood

Gun shots and bleeding

Goat in rain

Goat noise in dream

Green snake dream

Ginger as a gift

Given peanut in dream mean what in islam

Gushing bleeding dog eyes

Giving someone cloth and money

Giant genie

Green rose in dream

Goundnut dream

Governor in a dream

Giving food to a mad man

Gnut frying someone

Garden partly turned to concrete

Giving a testimony in church

Giving a testimony in the house of worship

Goat peeing in house

Gift pendant

God giving me a second chance

Gravestone with date and epitaph

Group of people dressed as furries acting things out

Glasses of orange juice

Giant hawk flying away with me

Getting invitation

Giving out old pants

Green turai in dream

Getting marriage proposal in dream

God photo falling in dream

Grand father sweating

Girl sitting on your lap

Gouging someones eye

Getting lotus in a temple

Green coat meaning

Green dressed angry dwarf


Gold pan

Gents appear like lady in dream

Garden lunch

Guard tackling a running man

Girlfriend using cocaine

Giving a foot massage

Getting snitched on by someone

Grandmother wearing blue cloth

Getting engaged to my crush

Garage fire

Giving my wallet back

Girlfriend giving back my wallet i lost

Guinep dreams

Good food reserved from a friend

Girls playing

Getting dressed for church

Ganga river flowing fast

Ghost entity

Girl death

Grinding cassava with mill machine in the dream

Giving a new chair to some body

Green leaves hedge

Going to masjid

Going to masjud

Going in trance in a dream

Greeting message from my lover

Ghee fell down on floor and i tried to restore it in utensils

Ghee fell down on floor in huge quantity and i tried to restore it

Getting watch in gift

Gifting gold ring in dream

Goddess statue falling down in dream

Grandma coffin

Giving white cup to older woman

Getting cut by knife by someone else who is a stranger in dream in your upperback

Getting a call for a job

Gold in dreams number

God in dream

Given fresh four groundnut and i ate it

Gold razor blade

Guest come to my home

Grinding cassava in adream

Gold stick bar

Giving a bath to a cat in dream

Girl with three

Grain head

Grinding cassava flour in dream

Gold and jewelry

Ghost sucking soul

Giving someone red clothes

Getting raided for three nights in a row

Giving a dead person a drink

Giving a gold necklace to a dead friend

Getting given a swirlie

Grey wool nit