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Dreams starting with the letter S

Solutions of dreaming losing teeth

See evil image destroyed

Sapna me pars koi uphar me de to kiya tote h sanket

Smoked fish in spirit

Soldier ants in dream

Stolen cooking gas and music system

Shaving face as a women

Saw two monsters at the window

Someone apologise to you

Selling fish dream

Surah inshirah

Seeing dead love one squeeze her gold chain

Seeing yellamma devi in dream meaning

Someone shooting your sister

Shoes and shoe laces

Spiders out of nose

See myself ovulating

Someone saying something but i cant understand what theyre saying

Spitting out soil

Smelling fried pork

Stealing from you

Shoring with a gun

Someone gave me delicious foods for kindness

Smoldering hay

Seeing crush as my husband

Sapne mein kata hua sir dekhna bakri ka

Some one in dream,giving me mango fruit,what it means?

Sudden appearance of ice that melts rapidly separating me and my partner

Scared in total whiteness

Someone licking my forehead

Seeing someone make a potion

Seeing people getting chopped

Seeing people getting kidnapped and chopped off

Sister boyfriend dating me as well

Sister boyfriend sleeping with me

Seeing goat

Seed, growth, skin

Soap eating

Seeing unknown person marriage and i m dancing dream meaning

Shillong teer dream number interpretation of zero one

Son going to abroad in dream means

Seeing someone short height than usual

Someone giving me brass kachaura

Seeing a lot of colourful bean seeds

Seeing a pile of thrashed ripe beans

Seeing allah pak name on walls of the apartment glowing

Seen knife in dream

Seeing yourself in a different place

Seeing my sister inside the church

Seeing green lemons in your dreams what does it mean

Seeing green lemon in your dream what is the meaning

Seeing green lemon in your dream what

Snake farm kid

Shoestring tied in a bow

Seeing fishes

Seeing you boyfriend younger self

Searching lost person by dream in islamic religious interpretation

Soft walls

Seeing my elder brother wearing my shirt

Selled new dresses

Seeing a snake during a funeral service

Same tattoos

Scorpion death

Seeing my deceased mother wearing white clothes in a dream

Small light

Swinging on swingset

Snake being pulled from nose

Someone giving you coffee

Sharing sweets to children in a dream

Someone leaving carrying a suitcase

Someone carrying a suitcase

Selling water in the dream meanings

Spoiled yogurt

Seeing your mothers feet in a dream


Sweater falls down

Seeing bucket full of rice in dream

Squirrel hits by dog in my dream

S of different sizes

Sonhar que roubaram minha geladeira

Skinned skin of a lamb with blood

Snake gift dream

Saying soulmates

Snakes rolling around

Sweet flowers

Speaking to father as a child

Speaking to child

Seeing wounded in dream

Spoiled can of black eyed peas

Seeing unknown girl

Someone asking what my name in a dream

Snuggling and camel dream

Singing happy birthday to a friend

Stood up at the alter

Someone i knew

Spiraled teeth demon girl child

Screw in cheek

Screw in boys cheek

Seeing qibla

Seeing the prophet

Someone seizing your shofar

Someone looking good

Someone i know having a moustache

Sloppily dressed

Sloppy dress

Someone trying to blow your shofar

Spiritual meaning of cutting spoilt tuber of yam in the dream

Seen five six seven on license plate

Sepia tones

Seeing seating inside car the floods coming car floats on the water

Seeing needless in a dream on bed

Saving brother but i die instead

Symbols of calamansi and fruit seen in a dream.

Shaving my pubic hair but am not married

Sitting under the sun

Seeing urself packing carnel

Small gold cubes

Sonhar com chinelo

Seeing myself having horns on my head

Spiritual meaning of selling garden eggs

Seing a momma fox and baby

Seeing water from tap


Someone bought parker for me in my dream

Someone calling for you chapatis in adream

Someone calling for you chapatis

Sowing maize seed

Sowing corn seed on the small field

Someone is cutting my heels

Snake bit my son

Snakebitemy son

Snake around my son


Snake chasing me and then becoming a puppy

Snake turning back into a puppy

Someone asking me to pray for children in a particular age ra

Spne khud ko gobhi khate dekhna

Someone online

Stitches in the head

Star five points

Sleeping with tiger

Someone spraying something on me

Stealing beans in dream

Snail going up on my leg

Scorpion and centipede crawling in bed

Sewage in the house

Seeing a ded person your left leg in dream

Scared dying

Someone giving me pawpaw in my dream

Shadow yellow eyes

Stomach stabbed

Stomach stabbedd

Seeing someone else named

Someone doing black magic ritual

Summer, villa, sea, beach

Saliva mixed in sand

Sculpting jesus

Secret group

Secret superpower facility

Snake mouth

Seeing someone crawling with a stomach

Seeing a maize in a dream

Something big and small

Sand timer

Somebody parks their car in my garden,they wont move it. she says she can because six people in her family work

Seven one eight five

Seeing cow in cloud

Snake coming from goat mouh

Stealing flower

Searching for a large pot

Sapan mein sharap dene

Sharing sweet to children in my dream means what?

Seeing four mad men in the dream coming towards me

Seeing four men in the dream coming towards me

Stampede bears

Seven means in dream

Snakes with seven head

Seeing urself picking ukpaka in ur dream

Smell in a dream and everyone is saying is me

Sleeping outside with someone

Sharing bed with a friend

Shooting a loved one

Spoon tied

Sof biting heels


Seeing nipple in dream

Someone trying to kill my friend

Seeing a gold ingot in a dream

Someone bought a expensive wrist watch for me

Satta ka number

Seeing a rich man

Someone stab my palm in the dream

Someone seeing himself becoming a kafir

Sold of a life chicken

Some one give betle nut and leaf in dream

Shrapnel on hands

Snail clamping my clothes

Seeing fames man

Snail tag on my clothe

Snail in dream

Steal money

Seeing you self wearing old torn shoes in a dream and not able to find your new ones

Swimming in the dream

Snake god idol

Showers falling

Someone gave me dead grass cutter

Sapne mein herat attack aate dkhna kisiko

Seal entered house

Shaving a portion of eyebrow

Seeing mangalsutra everywhere at goddess temple

Shedding someone tears in a dream

Shedding someone tesrs

Sein coconut trees with huge coconuts n a

Sand hills and valleys

Seeing philadelphia in my dream

Stabbing my dog with dagger

Stamping on potty in my dream

Snake with a crocodile head that turns into a dog wants to enter our house

Seeing a picture of st antony

Snake ina bag with apples n bites me

Seeing red eye boy

Steel fingerless armour

Swans in the garden

Swimming bees

Spider person

Someone eating my foot

Spider weaving

Seeing grass cutting in a dream in islam means

Someone putting black tika to us

Seeing the dead person dancing

Sapne me kisi dusre k purane kapde dekhne k kya matlab hai

Someone spit on me on the face

Singing ganesha aarti

Someone angry with me

Seeing mahadev dream

Spoue acting cold

Spouse actibg

Spne m alsi dekhna

Sapne m also dekhna

See malai in dream

Snake giving pearl from mouth

Surviving accident

Sitting with super star

Snake killing a rabbit

Snake bite in hands

Snake plant meaning

Spoil fish in pices and one hold large fish

Shirt with multiple patterns in a dream

Stuck inside plastic drum

See sweet melon in the dream,what is the meaning

Seeing my one slipper floating in the river

Sick father dead

Squirrel head

Seeing blule onions in a dream means what

Seeing the same shop

Same people keep occurring in my dream

See peolle with four legs in a dream

Swearing in name of allah

Seeing explosions of vehicle and after cleared saw mecca madina

Small phone, but i am with my friend

See body

Saibaba idol fell down in dream

Seeing two new born tortoise in dream

Seeing new born tortoise

Seeing popcorn

Separating chicken intestines


Someone eating green chillies

Seeing someone blind from one eye

Seeing eye in belly button

Someone buying things for me

Small pine trees in winter snow

Selling gari in the dream means what?

Selling gari in the dream

Stock market insider

Stock market broker

Someone wearing me a black dress in a dream

Stock market s

Stock marketer

Seeing sai baba udi in dream

Seeing soil of karbala

Saving some in a dream

Seeing other people with cracked and dirty heels

Sanjati fotelju

Sitting on sand hill in desert and it falls on top of me

Smurf zombies chasing me

Smurf zombies playing in the washing machine

Someone gave me cowries

Seeing cowries inside my mouth in the dream

Seeing a spirit being romantic with me

Solve something

Someone sharing their blanket

Same dream one night

Someone gave me a purse

Seeing a person in a trash can in a dream

Seeing a person in a trash can

Spiritual meaning of dreaming flies

Satanic black and brown goat

Selling my old clothes and shoes

Standing next to the river people one he is a pastor


Spirits and baby crying

Seeing yourself old

Someone getting out of jail

Selling person

Sprying money inside a river

Squeezing out pus from nipple

Seeing a soldier ant in my room dreams.

Seeing a soldier ant in my dreams.

Strange man in your house

Searching for daughter

Standing on top of a waterfalls

Special medallion

Slice of wedding

Showerhead water spraying hard on you

Seeing scrambled moving letters

Standing i ankle deep clear water

Spot in the face and hands

Sun getting closer to earth

Stealing but returning the car

Scalp infection

Sapne me onion ke chilke dekhna

Seeing octupose in a woman vigina

Security guard shooting arrows to you when your running towards him

Seven five x five in the dream means what

Sharing a house with your significant other and two strangers

Spectator at championship basketball game

Somebody give me cocoyam in a dream meaning

Star fruit in dream

Sleeping in a group

Seeing a guy and running away from me but i want to see him

Seven eight nine in playing card

Slashing in adream means

Saying salam and did not reply

Stuck on waterpark ride

Selling ken key in market

Saw my daughter at funeral in her casket and her children crying

Seven suns

Soldiers fighting

Seeing red cap police in dream

Someone trying to grab my phone out of my hand

Seeing white maize meal in a black in a dream

Seeing a vaishnav at home in dream

Seeing a black dog dream teer nagaland

See the horse in dream and horse injured

See a shinny gold snake playing with you

Sewing ur slippers in the dream means

Seeing your frenemy

Someone else washing my bedding and i asked to take it off

Somebody stealing plants from my garden

Snake flying goose

Seeing pig in dream biting you

Spitting mucus in a dream

Sitting mucus in a dream

Sapne me khud ko bacho ke jhule par chdte dekhna matlab

Selling palm nut in my dream

Sagging s

Searching for aunt

Smoke without fire in the kitchen

Sun and voice same time

Suicide but being stopped by loved one

Stranger praying over me

Small ant coming out of skin

Saying goodldbye because going to another country

Saying goodbye to my family

Sapne mai jangli suar dekhne ka kya matlab hota hai

Someone offering milk

Seeing crocodile and goat together


Someone you visiting you

Someone digging grave to others

Skin healed

Someone used razor blade to cut my stomach in the dream

Seen former president in dream

Smelling burnt flesh

Some one vomiting over me

Swimming pool, half part muddy, half part clear, swimming like a professional and able to float and turn swiftly

Soider ant in dream

Stolen property being returned

Seeing a girl in dream and she more happy

Selling goat in my dream

Sweet snack preparation

Seeing getting caught stealing veggies from my garden meaninh

Small ball in a dream

Seeing myself wearing pink blazer

Seeing a deceased friend on a train

Seing someone unknown dead in an accident

Stepped on toes

Seeing all.my fadreaming about my son happy in a dreammily happy together at home

Seeing all.my family happy together at home

Sheding skin

Snake n ladder game

Showing friend got bankruptcy

Seeing my boss bankruptcy

Song in a dream

Supervision of casting concrete walls

Snake and knife tattoo

Statue crying

Someone asking for help

Sinking down the well

Sleeping on grave meaning

Seeing someone pushing a wheelbarrow in a dream

Shattered drinking glasses

Snake caught in fish net

Seeing a friend buying a diamond ring for $40k

Someone asks me out in my dream

Someone asking me out

Sagging boos dream

Someone buys you in gift purple pants

Saying la ilaha

Sliding in slope with fear

Stepping on a nail

Strawberries for pubic hair

Snake inside a vigana

Someone snatched my wig off

Seeing lizard in two pieces

Seeing a tegu

Snake inside the body

Sa powerball

Sword stab

Skin lesion all over body

Spitting in the dream

Seeing dynacocer

Simulator dream

Seeing big dianasocer

Seeing big discover


Spitting on you

Shoes buried in dirt

Seeing a valley

Someone scratching their face off

Selling chappal and shoes

Snakes inside clothes

Saibaba idol breaking

Spouse drives us off a cliff


Small stone elephant figurine

Seeing my deceased mother in a mirror

Sespnat raj jyotishi mala mangalsutra detana diane yacha artha kay

Seeing jewish alphabet

Sikimi yala gotumu sik

Sitting with my lover then we saw parrots and wave them

See allah name in the sky

Seeing boyfriend with a master key

Seeing dead son and roses

Seal and water

Something hold your feet

Sapne me parents ko anniversary manat hue cack katte hue dekhana jabki maa mar chuki hoaa

Seeing a person photo with dried garland

Seeing in a dream a president

Seeing president

Silver trishul

Someone getting hit by a ar

Sapne me khud ko rishwat dete dekhna

Surgically removing a lung

Sleeping with my dog

Saw my husband another wife crying

Someone saying hello

Someone telling me to give bone to someone

Solving a mirder

Seeing someone laying in kafan

See mehndi in dream but mehndi colour is light

Sister outside

Seeingan eagle taking away chicken in a dream

Someone pulling my toes

Saw a big hand signing a document

Saw a hand signing a document

Signing consignment with date

Sesame seeds in dreams

Self amputation of the clitoris

Sitting on a high plane area later saw snakes around me

Snakes around where i am sitting

Sharing rice in a dream

Surrounded by snakes unnoticed to me

Someone giving you picture of jesus in dream

Somebody punched you

Swamp dream interpretation

Sink drain and refill

Someone putting sindoor on my forehead

Seeing planes falling

Seeing short hair

S ed clothes

Someone giving you expensive thick drink in the dream

Seeing loose hair on my lawn

Selling an umbrella meaning

Seeing getheri in dream

Standing by a river full of stones and rocks in a dream

Stealing sperm

Seeing friend perform umrah

Smearing diarrhea on me

Seeing a boat on frame

Stolen comb

Seeing someone have a mental breakdown

Seeing someone have a breakdown

Sosiaalinen laid punaiset hiukset

Seeing two persons romance in my dream

Seeing myself falling from tree

Sheep eating my flour

Sapne me sangitkar ko dekhna

Shot someone with rifle

School ahooting

Seeing a women showing her private part

Shillong teer grand father death shillong teer number

Small baby girl

Seeing new house

Set of soldiers in a tense atmosphere

Seen separate my shoes

Seeing volcano

Son impregnated someone

Show maize in dream

See my dead wife with gold in hand

Sending kite up and the sky open

Swimming in the muddy flood

Sharing a banana with a late brother in the dream

Scorpion snake

Structure of the neuron

Someone gave me foreign currency in my but i rejected it in my dream

Spne me ice cream bina इच्छा ke khana

Silver watc

Shilong teer number war dream

Sangoma coming to my house

Sangoma sitting infront of my gate

Spouse panty


Seeing meat and blood in dream

Sikh boy

Shima with kapeta

Someone avoids a kiss

Shivling fallen in the ground

Seeing old pious man offering prayer

Someone death by accident dream

Someone on your back

Saturday dream meaning

Sapne me motr bike

Someone laying on your back

Snake in tree pot

Someone eats raw meat

Singing dream in childhood school

Seeing my mum being stampeded by people coming at her

Sapne me videsh yatkra krna

Seeing a bathing a woman in a dream

Snake eating honey

Seeing a female colegues bathing in your house

Seeing a woman bathing in your houae

Searchind for a wallet in clean water

Someone stabs and kills someone i know

Shooting each other

Slushy road

Someone is wiping your sweat

Sand in eye

Saving dad

Seeing pomelo in dream

Singa makan sapi

Sweet fruit in own grave yard

Sapne me yellow boondi k laddu dekhne ka matlab

Someone putting ring and removing a diamond on it

Sinking in black goo

Shooting a gun at someone

See my brother slaughtering a sheep

Scate boarding with my girlfriend

Scatting with a gal on my back

Something drop in the deep well

Sea water on kaaba

Someone dreamt wearing a white uniform

Shopping abou shoes earrings food

Statue lion appeared

School me adhikari mujhe bina mile चले गये

Seeing father healthier in life dream

Statue lion and

Snakes falling from the sky

Swimming icy water

Sun and moon dream biblical meaning

Someone else blood

Snake entering h

Small babby girl is seen in my dream

Snail picking

S oil kitchen floor

Son bleeding nose

Snail in the dream

Saw dead deer pieces on road

Someone behind or following me

Slipper falls from a motor


Shooting yourself in a dream

Seeing a character in my dream

Scold in dre

Store moved

Sing national anthem at school in dreams

Seeing black plantain in the dream. what is the meaning

Seeing someone died and burry him in dream what does it mean

Shrinking item

Security airport

Shopping with an ex partner

Sailing on a ship to north west

Sinking in rice

Sky blue cape

Soil, backpack

Somebody give me a perfume

Someone eating placenta

Scorpion scalpture

Shoeing a horse

Seeing my live place near mosque

Sanitaty napkin changing

Send amasi to someone and that time was angry becouse you take so long

Seeing guava in dream

Smell of mustard

Sealed package of pad

Scent of pine

Slicing foot open

Someone photograph our family

Someone pays off your s

Shouting at girlfriend

Sleeping in t junction

Someone living in my house

Someone was hanged in my dream

Someone shaking a ladder you are standing on

Shooting wounding intruder

Somebody gives you a prize possession like a marble

Shower bathing

Stool with worms

Seeing three bags

Shine eye

Someone ask me to get some cat food for them

Selling and receiving money

Shaking with madman

Sand thrown at you

Seeing leapad in side your house

Seeing a deceased friend purple suede casket

Sadak ka gatar

Strange angry old woman

Scratching someone fight

Science class

Severed right thump

Sweeping my ex boyfriend home in my dream

Someone making naan bread

Spanking baby

Soaking baby

Someone harming a turtle

Someone harming a baby turtle

Sangoma in my home

Someone told me that i have a bad smelling in a dream

Soorah furqan

Soorah shamsu


Shape-shifting owl

Seeing kabah and crying

Significance of white clothes

Significance of white

Stranger eating

Somebody else eating raw fish

Seeing ex boyfriend with new girlfriend and walking away from them and get hit by two card

Saw tiger and snake bite me


Sprayingg okazi leaves on newly married couple

Sun symbols

Sheep attacking me

Selldropping s

Seeing an ill pegion with her two eggs

Seeing group of elders

Someone ate my food

Small skinks

Sweeping and packing of feaces

Shrunk chest

Snake giving birth hatching an egg on me

Squid pulled out of throat

Selling of orange in dreams meanig

Smoke fish in a dream

Saving girlfriend

Sniffing a snuff


Seeing your sister dressed like a bride in a dream islam

Seeing a cat head in a dream

Shaving someone else beard

Shaving someone else

Smells muti burning

Seeing coconut in my dream

Smell of body odour

Staying with your step children in a dream

Staying with your cowife children

Symbols of chilli and body seen in a dream

Son beating mother in dream in islam

Son beating mother in dream

Seeing cowrie

Sit and talk to president

Seeing football correct scores accurately

Sacking my friend

Someone i know pour me water in my dream what means

Sewing blind people reciting quran

Someone removed your front car seat cushion


Slicing unripe pawpaw

Suger dream

Serv food

Seeing a man sleeping on the floor and his ex wife and children on the bed

Someone cut my shoes in a dream

Seeing a dragon sceleton under the water

Someone using small paint brush to rub a transparent substance on your forehead there after perked your leg

Someone asking u why is the onion uncooked

Seeing a powerful scarab fly into my mouth

Sky blue color

Seeing nzu n edo on the floor in dream means

Spne mein khud ki photos akbar m dakna

Spider in an eye

Spying on my dead ex girlfriend in a dream

Spying on a dead person in dream

Serving food to my pastor in a dream

Stealing without being caught

Showing new house

Sleeping two men in a bed one of them is of my friend

Small ring

Smell in the dream

Shillong teer dreams i saw nine zero zero zero

Stranger vomiting on a known person

Someone vomit on me.

Seeing cocoyam

Spitting fish scales out of my mouth

Skinny self dream

Someone steal oil bottles in dream

See opposite of how i look

Seeing lord ram and sita picture frame in dream

Saving children from wild boar in dream meaning

Spider crawling

Spider home

Seeing ripe plantain in the dream

Stoning of the devil

Someone i like getting hurt

Shadow woman scary

Son is hungry

Seeing a crab lucky number

Snakes in pant

Sitting with your exgirlfriend ina same area

Someone closing a manhole

Stuck in car

Someone getting shot in the shoulder

Showering run out of water

Santo ni no image inside pocket jeans father of my son mean

Selling dry fish by the roadsaid

Spouce chops off my fingers

Smearing dead cat

Seeing monkey

Seein a huge golden alam of hazrat ghazi abbas a.s and doindua under it

Shopping with an ex

Snake biting a horse

Seeing mother, exposing, private parts seen in a dream

Sunflower oil

Share saliva

Skull made of fire

Someone trying to take my house key


Sayung kun faya kun in dreams

Snake going inside my pants

Seven finger women

Sharing fried meat

Smells in slee

Smell tea tree oil

Standing on flat roof

Selling brown bread

Selling bread in my dream

Stabbing a deer woman

Sergeant in the army

Seeing snake around money

So my great aunt had a dream of my grandma that had passed away standing by her bed with a white envelope and no expression what does that mean

So my aunt had a dream about my grandma over her bed with no expression and a white envelope what does that mean

Staying inside all day

Seeing a bright sun and a dim sun

Seeing a sun

Someone borrowing money from me

Sapne. me botal me bathroom krna

Space vehicle

Spreading turmeric paste on my body meaning

Sleep on couch

Sleep on coucg

Sleep on cougg ct

Stream of rocks

Sitting near the presidents family

Shot in mouth

Shooting boyfriend in the head

Seeing my wife taking off hijab in my dreams

Sleeping mat

Swinging telephone pole

Safety harness

Sideswipe car on left

Stopped from praying

Sweet patoes in the dream

Seeing a green shirt

Son and father

Seeing hanged cloth in my class by dream in islamic religious

Stab someones eyes

Street racing

Shooting a deer number

Staring dream



Someone with an infected hand

Saal ko pata in dream

Saveing gold in dream from thif

Saveing gold in dream

Stone and silver ring

Sand in bed

S ed food

Sewing a dress in a dream

Seeing dead person with dark wye

Snake on a plate

Someone swinging a full of fruit tree unyil it falls down

Stealing a gun

S ing olive oil on the floor

Someone checking

See moon with river in dream

Sister wearing flying shoes

Shouting old woman

Someone give me garlic

Seeing yourself wearing good clothes and hijab

Seeing a matching thread in the dream

Seeing myself setting up for party

Skin peeling of the soul of my feet

Saving cat

Seeing ewedu soup in a dream meaning

Someone offering me white garri in dream

Stabbed eye

Someone trying to shoot me but i missed the bullet

Slime bird in dream

Someone kicking my food

Slim bird in dream

Spne m pig ka bachcha dekhna

Stones falling out of ring

Seeing myself more beautiful in the dream

Seeing myself beautiful in the dream mean

Seeing your dead mother bag of clothes in a dream meaning

Send on errand by an elderly man of god

Slaughtering a white chicken

Send on errand by a famous person

Sister inlaw welcoming me

Selling meat to a a butcher

Send on errand by a star

Sailing onto the beach

Sailing at night

Sailing onto land

Someone bringing panga in your home

Seeing large weeds

Someone being free from jail

Seeing a cluster of yellow lemons

Swallowing jackfruit seed means what

Sheep liking you

Shri krishna crying picture in dream

Sleeping with step mom

Sueno de

Sonar con velo blanco de novia

Successful exam result of child

Staples in hands

Scorpion holding a fish

Seeing an idol of god surrounded by flame of fire

Seeing a dog meat meaning

Snake entering a hill that is next to the river


Seeing a big snake entering the hill of a moutnain

Seeing gulab jamoon

Seeing a young woman fashionably dressed

Swallowed bh a whale

Spiritual meaning of killing grass cutter in dream

Saw my deceased father ignoring me in a dream

Sachet tomato in dream

Someone turning into snake

Spiritual activities in dreams

Spirutual fair dreams

Silver and gold money

Seeing octopus

Spne me tota pocha dekhna

Sweets man of god

Symbols of lizard cooked with rice

Seeing enomous sores filled with pus on my forehead

Shortcut and realised it no access

Soil falling from heaven

Someone hiding his clothes

Seeing mom through a binocular

Someone hangs herself with a rope and dies

Seeing brother nikkah in dream

Someone waiting for me to run to them

Scream it burns

Seeing kailash parvat

Shillong teer dream number for short hair

Sitting up in the bed

Sitting up on the bed

Sitting up on the bed mean

Seing rich family

Standing by afire that is burning

Someone you inappropriately but you likes

Seeing a shooter shot someone and shooter then follows you

Small fire turning into big

Seeing impala

Screw a hat in my head

Snake eating iguana

Saw coins in a dream

Seing gun shoot dream number

Swing gun shoot dream number

Something repeats three times

Seeing dead saint in dream

Space car

Snake protecting puppies in war field

Selling of palm fruit in the market

Some put some thing in my ears

Seeing army with guy in a dream

Seeing bronze in a dream

Safety pin open

Six, thousands

See cooking salad in dream

See cooking oil in dream

Seeing ex on current partners face

Snake falling from sky

Sharing sweets to kids in the dream ?

Seeing a shark

Snitch on someone

Someone borrowed my clothes and sell

Shooting two enemies

Snakes and jungle

Snakes and forest

Socks in a dream

Survived in a war with help of brother

Sharing snacks to children

Sperm donor black

Seeing chin in dream

Smell gas

Stealing bananas

Sores no the head

Sirs on scale

Seeing a lamb being slaughtered

Standing alone

Suckling and nipples

Snake bear and tiger

Sago seeds

Seeing someone with two noses

Seeing a mad man one of your s in a dream

Soap in dream in islamic way

Sleeping on a cardboard box outside

Sweet lime

Spaceship landing in dream means

Shrine dream meaning

Snakes torn

Snail on left foot

Selling frying pan

Sucking someones tongue

See bag of sugar in a dream

Smelling yam

Shot in the left shoulder

Slate irish medallions

Skeleton woman

Seeing king, queen, jack and ace of diamond

Saying the number three eight

Saying the number three seven

Saving injured animal

Swimming in shit

Stalking my ex

Seeing a beast trying to attack you

Sister being bald

Seeing ants in dream

Sitting drinking?

Star sky shaking

Seeing a sick person looking young and healthy

Small fish in a water

Someone promise me a car


Smoke coming from big toe

Stealing generator i the dream

Sugar washing machine

Seven devine trumpets

Someone biting a stranger

Seeing my late father getting married to an alive step mother

Someone trying to burm

Stealing your mother money in a dream

She smelled good in my dream

S ing mealie mealie

S ing mealie meal

S ing mealie mesl

Seeing your self in the church at village and the church is leaking

Someone spitting on white dress that i was wearing

Shillong teer petrol dream number

Scattering wheat grains on a field

Seeing someone with blue eyes

Stolen fish

Sapne me akash dekhna

Sores on the feet

Sangoma wearing beads

Someone stealing my glasses

Stirring pap

Seeing someone carrying a load on her head

Shillong teer dream group of girls

Splinter in my foot

Seeing carabao bitten by snake

Selling kerosene in dream

Sun and together

Soil sand and dust

Star sun and

See a man no of god in dream

Speaking english in a car

Seeing star and

Seeing a dead pastor in the dream praying for me

Snake eating bird

Someone gave me muti to eat meaning

Spitting out small gold chain

Sores on legs

Ship collide