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Dreams starting with the letter S

Silt water

Sand falling from hands

Seen someone being shoot by gun

Seeing fowl in water mean what

Sangoma throwing orange stuff in my room

Shoot outs and killing people gang related.

Seeing two women fighting in a dream mean what

Seen my dead mother getting out of her coffin

Snake in a bush

Seeing seraphim flying

Sharing the bed with a prophet,meaning

Someone i love was drinking bitter coffee

Seducing girl

Slit throat murder

Seeing five floes

Sadism of dreams

Shot in the left side rib while been conceived

Swallow goldfish

Short stature doctor

Small ows

Scars on s

Seeing praying thahajjud

School bombing

Someone protecting you from a gun

Singing under ube tree

Sharing salt to people

Seeing grandparents laugh in a dream

Skating one leg

Selling cassette tapes

Someone opening a door for me

Seeing empty gallon of palm oil in dream means

Son taller

Son taller than me

Seeing my son grow taller in the dream

Swallowing a fly and spitting it out

Seeing some of my friends in dream

Seeing some of .1q

Seeing familiar faces

Steep steps

Stealing a table

Sky blue aura

Sky and clouds

Sangoma showing me muthi on a dream

Snakes wedding

Splashed with water in my face

Spotted frog

Seeing yourself with immigration officer in dream

School building floor

Seeing alligatorpepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means what

Seeing alligator pepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means what

Seeing alligator pepper and kolanut in a burial gathering means when

Someone wife ask me to help folding blankets

Someone close to me digging flowers in the garden

Someone close digging the flowers out the garden

Spit on eyes

Selling grounded melon in a dream meaning

Spit put on eyes in dream

Someone in bed with you

Shuttle cock

Seeing a native doctor

Silver pot

See person transform into something else

Someone killing me with koodothram

Slippy ice

Scenery changes

Stash of coins

Sleeping in forest snake on top


Spraying money in dreams

Sleeping on a thumbtack

Snake come out while cooking food

Swollen lip burst

Seeing actor and actress in my dream

Someone buying a fake phone

Someone giving you coconut

Selling vagetable oil in the dream meaning

Selling vagetable oil in the dream by someone

Seeing someone becoming short

Someone giving you a gift of alcohol

Seeing skmeone become a miget

Seeing someone decreasing in height

Slapping a child in my dream

Snail in river

Seeing pregnant woman

Searching for shells with daughter

Sikh nan come home in dreams

Shillong teer dreams number brinjal

Someone trying to attack me with beer bottles

Someone trying to attack you with beer bottles

Seeing and eating dagaa in the dream

Sheep and blood dream meaning

Seeing my cowife pregnant

Sister in a black dress

Stabbed with a sharp needle in the hand

Stabbed with a fish hook?

Seeing your self pooing on bush

Seeing you getting married

Seen time table in the dream

Someone put condom in your hand

Seeing evil spirits in dream

Shoe clean

Seeing the statue of st.joseph in the dream wearing golden color malai on his neck

Stabbed with knife in foot

Seeing a chimera during battle

Shami flowers

Seaming about an ex

Smoke in the house

See blood in bathtub

Snatching manglasutra in my dream

Swet vairab

Some one is trying you to get you out from house

See splattered brains

See splatted brains

Seeing a bear and dog in my dream

Seeing brains

Someone is been arrested

Smell of leather

Someone is stabbing

Shaggy brown

Sacks of chicken feet

See my enemies

Scary dream of a talking head on living room floor what does it mean

Seeing yourself giving azaan and get criticised by several other men

Snake kills mongoose outside my door

Sword falling from the skyon to the ground

Someone lunging at me


Seeing pap boiling in pot

Someone ask me a question

Seeing my ex wearing a red cap in a dream

Spider catching a rat

Snow and blood

Supervisor dresses in kazoo

Someone hiding

Saying yaseen

Steps and blood

Stop loving someone

Soaring over mountains

Someone separating your legs

Someone parting your legs

Smell bad odor on man in a dream

Someone dream your leg is cut

Seeing red roses on a dream


Seeing a dead person in a fight with someone

Someone in casket

Someone in caskey

Scoring goals in soccer

Seeing i get cut

Six blank papers on green door

Seven trompets from bible

Sapo dream on self

Sapp use on me in dream

Son decapitated

Someone pound your cassava into a lot of fufu in a dream

Someone ejaculate

Sitting on elephant in a museum

Shortage meaning in a dream

Shortage meaning in

Sharing a home

Saw two goddess in a temple and i was bowing to her to help me

Someone i know vomiting white

Scent of orange oil

Swallowing razor blades

Silver coins in a glass jar in a dream

Seen cashew apple in pregnancy in dream

Scrolling on phone

Seeing kinner giving blessing

Sewing neddle

Stealing drink

Someone replace taps in the house

Snakes all around with no escape

Stanley is coming for you die die die

Santa and sleigh in clouds

Stolen jwellery by thief

Shot by a gun in the head

Snake turn into cater ar

Suddenly barefoot

Seeing a stabbing

Seeing metal door

See visions in dreams

Something hilding

Seeing amla in the desam

Someone poured a liquid on my deeam

Sound of doirknob opening

Skin coming off abdominal area

Someone hit to you of bottle

Seeing a roof

Saw helicopter in a dream

Seeing a poacher in a dream

Shoe slipping off

Saw some random people dying in a water body , i cried in despair and ran to rescue them , but when i reached there were only dead bodies with no water on it

Sapne m karja dekhna

Soup plate

Someone propose to someone else with ring

Someone gives you pictures of their self and piece of the hair

Someone murdering my daughter

Sister gray hair

Shine writeing at the wall

Seeing writing in wall

Seeing hazrat abbas alam in dream

Seeing my husband in d dream puting his signature on a document

Swing one person again and again

Stolen pant

Saw a hole in my house

Shaking hands dream

Saving gold from their

Summoning a spirit in your dream means

Seeing school children

Stolen cows

Something whispered in my ear as i was falling asleep

Saying got powers

Skinwalker dream interpretation

Sseing too many marula fruits and taking away only two of them

See late governor in my dream means

Shiva moustache beard

Stopping houses with people

Seeing plucking pears in dreams

Small marsupial

Saying got and

Seteal car


Seein someone removing sand in water

Seeing a black catholic cross

See dream in pokora eating at market

Seeing someone who has vitiligo in dream

Seeing a dead person without left hand

Seeing a alam e abbas in the dream

Swimming in purple water

Seeing nose ring

Shitting and shit

Save glass

Showing the dead and living you have chickenpox in islam

Snakes and rabbits


Snake driven away by mangoose

Snake with fat neck

Sewing a mosquito net in dream in islam

Seing ahip of dry firewood in a dream

Second hand bag with no hole

Sleeping in a kraal with my girlfriend

Something keeps putting there finger in my belly button

Saw my dead brother

Sand and house

Seeia dead person crying in a dream one-sided

Seeing a servant whose body is full of ashes

Screaming in my ear

Sweeping maggots in dream

Shivan and buffalo

Seeing red colour jackfruit in a dream meaning

Stranded toddler

Seeing yourself with your love in mecca

Seeing someone glowing happy

Searching a lost woman

Stone arched bridge

See beetroot

Swallowing fingernail

Selling second hand items

Someone is peeing on you

Snake puppy

Seeing my shoes outside the compound in the dream

Someone hiding under my bed

Seeing chicken outside and the hen is in shelter dream meaning

S house being extended

Saw my young child sleeping and he suspended in the air

Serving myself food

Serving spoon

Squeezing pus out of thigh

Smiling while peeing on rocks throwing the rocks at cara

Sit in wanda while flying

Statue with black tear

Stoat in bedroom

Some many anit under my bed

Sucking four

Spicy dream

Suden river

Someone grabs me from behind

Seeing dirt in a cv

Stuck tights

Storm blixtars

Seeing fanta drink in dream

Sperm and maggots

Surface of the ocean

Seeing someone crying

Someone grabbing me

Someone trying to kill me in my dream

Someone catching me and trying to kill me

Sending money to the wrong account

Stranger stealing radiator from truck

Someone putting gold necklace on enemy

Someone asking you to leave them alone

Sailing with person who died

Snake coming through ceiling

Seeing gurudwara in dream having parasad

Seeing emir in dream

Seeing prophets graves medina


Someone throwing

Seeing a photo of a death person burn in a dream

Saying no to alcohol

Searching for a lost automobile

Selling bars of gold

Selling large amount of gold

Sister stole and money

Someone else flirting with spouse

Sister give birth

Sun and moon walk in the same direction zero

Saw some old friends

Starting over then dying

Scary statue

Sailing in boat with dead person

Someone having bruises and a bite mark on their body

Smelling breath

Someone cut me open and i could see inside my body

Slain in spirit dream

Saint stephan

Seeing my mom beaten in a dream means

Snake fangs open

Seeing poop in a plate

Seeing kola nut


Slain in spirit

Standing in a churchyard

Someone laying on my back spiritual meaning

Spitting in dogs nose

Stealing shoe

Someone asking me for salt

See your spouse in a new black slippers

Seeing power point fire

Sack of groundnuts

Sack of maize meal in a dream meaning

Skinned lamb

See dead father taking a shower in the dark

Seeing lions male nd female

Someone is giving me toothpaste

Saw a highway in dream

Sucking on nipples

Snake around a deer

Someone save my life

Signing a cheque for dream amount

Signing cheque

Seeing a dead mad person in a dream

Smiling man following

Sister in law growing a beard

Someone putting weave in your hair

Snake thrown at you

Saw police in dream

Snake thrown to you and wakes you up

Sheer cliff

Selling akara beans

Sweet eating dream teer number

Selling expensive watch for a car

Someone giving camphor dreaming

Seeing a mermaid sleeping in your bedroom

Sapne mein admi ka kankal dekhne ka kya matlab hai

Stalker, fight,

Struggling to climb a stair case

Stowaway on a plane

Seeing rice

Sleeping with three sisters

Sitting in a kraal with cows

Seeing a mad woman and her son and making them to sleep month floor

Supportive husband

Sp police

Seeing new aluminum big size sauce pans

Seeing lost my tiffin

Stalactite dreams

Seeing my self in a car

Seeing my self in double cab car

Skin cuts

Stalactite dreams meaning

Stalactites of dream

Saw mother fall into a bottomless shaft

Saw morher fall into a bottomless shaft

Stalactite dream

Seeing myself in a dream in conference

Screw in a tyre

Soldiers attacking a work place

Seeing myself chasing out a mad woman from the house meaning

Seeing komodo dragon and snake fight in water

Saw and talked with a foreign president

Seeing shooting star and starting to make dua

Seeing white cat with blue eyes

Seeing a dead friend in dreams

Someone lady and guy laying on me


Sister in law forcing to sleep with me

Sleeping with sister in-law

Seeing a paraglider

Seeing steroid in dreams


Strangling a dog

Seeing a dead yoing girl

Snake plants in dreams

Symbol of ramphal seen in dream

Stepping the feet in cow dung

Someone ejaculate on my face

Sapne mein apraadhiyon ko fansi per chadhte hue dekhne ka kya matlab hai

Spiritual leader being epileptic

Seeing yourself as an antihero

Shoes scattered on lawns

Seeing yourself as a specific hero

Sachet water in dream as gift in dream

Sick horses

Someone rejecting money the you gift them

Somebody gave me diving mask

Someone handing me bread

Seeing a brown spotted cock

See you soon

Someone saying see you soon

Smelling paint when awake

Someone who is running away from you

Sea sheel

Sea shels

Snail stuck up

Snake eaten by a duck

Shaking hands of multiple corspe

Stome wall

See drunken son

Seven eight six

Snipper dream

Seeing huge green pipal tree

Somy brother lying face down in a dream?

Skiing downstairs

Suicide, s, me, fiance

Sticker dream interpretation

Stones in water

Sapna mein mare hue pati ke sath vhumban

Spouse gave our child away

Son in love with aunt

Sound of goat

Seeing torch light lit around your place by night

Someone crushes your feet in your dream

Sucked by sea

Someone gives me a hair band

Sturgeon fish

Suffocating by husband

Seeing oneself inside or near toilet

Seeing oneself in near river

Sin being exposed

Seeing yourself near river

Someone giving parcel

Sharing kola nut with someone in a dream

Seeing a boy child feeding him

Seeing fish and chips

Sangoma gives concoction to drink

Skeleton keys in different sizes

Sweeping floor with hair

Swollen temples on son

Skeleton pointing at me

Sapne mein pitaji ka janmdin manana

Shower with girlfriend

Sparks and fire

Small child on coffin

Someone killing my g

Swimming with horses

Sticking arm

Seeing clouds in dream

Swimming meet

Seeing the prince of wales and family

Stage setup

Someone returning a wallet

Seeing snow looking from a window

Sitting in a chair with wheels going down hill fast

Somebody dreamt about you surviving car accident

Somebody dreamt about surviving car accident

Saving people from a burning building

Survive a car accident in a dream

Signing an invoice

Seeing topless friend

Spouse going blind

Silver bullet

Son going to prison

Seeing peacock

Seeing a clothes peg in your dreams

Screaming and swearing

Shot cow to feed family

Shot giant cow

Soiled with excrement

Someone snatched food from you

Seeing some help a duck give birth

Suitcase not fitting

Shakey ladder

Soldier killed by me

Stabbing is hznds

Some q mi sobrino se queries el brazodercho

Someone poisoned my spouse

Speeding train

Soldier killing me

Soldier kill me


Seeing a friend wearing your cloth

Saving animals from being attacked by tiger

Sleeping crocodile meaning

Stone at me

Shillong teer dream no rhinoceros skin dry

Seeing checkers game

Seeing two familiare people dressed in light coloured clothing

Steamed or pudding bean

Saw a person hanging

Seeing someone in a mountain with a river

Someone else drowned

Someone droaned

Sheet in dream

Spider making web in mouth

Seeing poo in dream

Skeleton hands

Seeing me sister in my dream asking for egg to eat

Someone runing mad

Seeing my sister killing butterfly that is around me

Seing that ovulation in dream

Successfully walk through some narrow passages

Shutting people meaning

Sitting on ow

Seeing ripe paw paw fruit in dream

Seeing your self in a cave but scared at a point in a dream. what does it mean

Saying satnam waheguru in dream

Seeing when someone is slaughtering a baby in a dream. what does it mean

Seven seven seven seven seven seven seven


Someone is breaking into my house at night to hurt me

Saw soldiers marching

Small paper with my name on it

Septic tank with flies

Serving your pastor food in a dream means

Spiders in a web

Spiders mating

See school in dream

See the sea with rocks jutting out

Spider eats dead beetle

Shooting my dead sisters name in my sleep

Soup making

Sweeping in a public toilet with margot

Sweeping in a public toilet

Seeing breaking ar

Someone else vomiting worms

Sleeping on the bed

Someone giving me money to help others

Sleeping with coworker

Some leaving hickey on neck

Sweet drink

Seeing missing god idol from its place

Seeing pink pearl in dream

Symbol of bottle of olive oil

Seeing a woman with a twist hair

Seeing a woman with braids hair

Seeing a sun and moon together

Seeing dargha in dream

Seeing palm wine in dream

Seeing direct number

Surgery in own

Seeing electricity high tension falling down in dream

Sister has a kid

Someone cutting tail of cat

Serving dish

Seeing a cutted hand without blood of someone else

Snake with square jaw

Stain removal

Sliding on bear fur

Snake bite on hand

Seeing my ex husband died in my dream

Seeing someone dead in an accident

Seeing cantaloupe in dream mean what

Seeing a dead person knocked but with blood

Seeing a dead body with blood knocked in accident

Sura yasin

Someone giving bus tickets in dreams

Someone giving me one

Someone giving me a cigarette

Some one robbed my meals in a dream

Stop crash

Sick person sleeping in bed

Seeing a member of parliament praising

Sick pet cat


Seen late brother helping you in a dream meaning

Spitting poop

Shown different kinds of isiwasho in a dream

See ox

Shown one four as a number

Shown a number in a dream

Seing a girl in dream

Someone pouring powder in my head

Someone that you know

Someone that you hate

Sorting boxes

Snake in empty bathtub

Someone slapped my sister

See my house been rebuilding dream

Seeing oneself multiple

Someone breaking in and restrain him

Stumble in a dream and your slipper breaks

Son getting shot in the head

Someone pee

Sangoma in a dream meaning

Sangoma wearing red beads dream meaning

Sangoma wearing red beats dream meaning

Sister shooting herself

Sky blue color bracelet

Snakes eating lamb

Subhramanyeshwara swamy

Seeing someone giving me a cashewnut

Sneak back into prison

Selling shampoo

Spoon with water

Seeing a woman following you in your dream with a box of match

Seeing pooja thali in dream

Smelling honeysuckles

Sapne mein mare hue vyakti ko bagal mein sote dekhna

Screw hand

Sleeping baby and fly insects

Shining light makes me unable to open eyes

Seeing a sea captain

Spitting out a spider from my mouth

Seeing someone in uniform at my door

Ski disorders

Skin disorders

Seeing my ex boyfriend

Sangoma looking at me in my dream

Seeing someone throwing a gun away

Searching for paper to write on

Steamroller flattening people

Someone moving in to your home

Sister kisses my fiance

Someone tried to kill me and shooted me on my shoulder.

Someone tried to kill me and shooted me on my shoulder what does it mean

Someone tried to kill me and shooted me on my shoulder what does it mean in islam

Spaghetti noodles two one

Siren head ate me

Someone stealing soda

Shaking of a coffin

Someone give you already made pap



Swimming in sewage

Sharp weapons

Sitting on a vip sit on a bus

Someone was shining a flashlight in my eyes

Seeing biryani in dream

Soldier boy

Seeing myself in front of me

Seeing a lot of tangerine and eating them

Seeing maa parvati murti in dream

Sheep kills husband

Snske broken tooth

Shaving beard off

Strangers walking into home through window

Stranger walking in my house

Strangers knocking on my window

Sitting under the tree with other people

Slowly die


Shooting range dream number

Shaving my eyebrows tu look smart

Seeing sanf in dream

Seeing a math teacher in dream

Seeing. sanf in your dream

Spoon and death

Shopping with my friends and family

Sneakers holes

Speakers holes

Sneakers hoes

Shillong dreem betel nut number

Seeing someone dead and you faint

Set fire

Seeing someone you know and i fainted

Set fire to cook

Set fire for cooking

Someone filling my mouth with marbles

Spitting out milk and bread

Stored beef in an underground natural fridge

Singing gospel music in a dream

Spiders coming out of my ear

Someone braiding my hair

Secret compsrtment

Shiny blue dresses wearing by other people

Selling mellow in the dream interpretation | dream interpretation

Shiny blue dress

Shiny dress

Surname n

Saying estegfar

Selling mellow in the dream interpretation

Some one protecting me

Someone selling sachet

Snatching taweez

Seeing the person you sent abroad coming back on your dream

Small finger smaller

Swapping cars


Seeing my dead mum wear all white cloth in a dream


Shaking hands in dream by evangelist joshua

Shopping for tea cups

Seeing physis in my dream

Seing old people

Sun sitting on my lap

Stolen gold

Sea watet

Speaking with someone who died long ago

Silver pots in the rain

Sitting on my face

Scratched neck

Strached neck

Sparkling pink couch

Some pressing my neck

Seeing a president in the dream is what number

Someone washing my back

Somebody give me a wine in my dream

Silver ring dream

Silver dream

Semi truck pulling three trailers

Seeing kukuma and harris hi a in dream

Someone is asking you to marry him

Seeing stone of riaz ul jannah

Seeing caterers in the dream

Spiritual meaning of eating mixture of beans and maize in a dream

Seeing father committing suicide

Slitting tgroat

See my son and grand daughter fat in my dream

Someone wanting to tell me a secret but woke up

Stairs leading to home

Someone open her and give me to sock in a dream what does it mean

Someone just open her break and gift me to sock in a dream what does it mean

Socking in a dream what does it mean

Saw my husband wearing clothes in the dream

Saw my husband wearing torned clothes in the dream

Some one protect me

Shillong teer dream death

Seeing your own dead body

Sorting beans

Silver cooking pots with water

Spiritual meaning of automobile

Seen mad woman in a dream

Stepped in a bucket of cat urine

Seeing ragi in dream

Sharing sweet for children

Sister shot killed chest

Sister shot in chest and killed

Seeing a baby leg in food ready to eat

Small black carabao number

Small black carabao

Small black carabaon

Seeing my children father

Snake/snakes dream

Surrounded by sea water

Singing hymns in church at funeral

Search for lost glasses

Spring onion

Sharing food with neighbors

Speaking to jesus

Saying six six six over and over in your dreams

Seeing two ladies dressed in white with hoods on

Sleeping with aunty friend in dreams mean what

Smoky black spirit follow me

Score a goal

Smelling a landfill or garbage

Standing on top of a mountain

Smells bad of sewage

Sewage outside house

Singing gospel

Symbol of ugwu leaf in a dream

See moses standing near me in dream

Symbol of suck, away pit in a dream

Sleeping with old fling

Seeing a lov

Seeing a died love one i. th

Single file gold fish

Someone i almost dated said hi and smiled at me

Scorpion in fridge

Swim in grassy water

Stabbed in my dream

Sucking my ex girlfriend

Someone give me worshipped hanuman keychain

Saw myself as an old woman

Seeing myself as an old lady

Show stork

Shoe bill

Saying lahaula walaquata ilabillah in my dream

Seeing scribe in the dream

Scratch by tiger but i escaped

Silently crying with deceased male cousin

Silver machine

Stick pins

Some one promise me to give me money and now he is not remembering me again

Seeing a earthquake in islam

Seated lady in red

Seeing a clock

Shingle disease

Selling dope

Selling illegal

Selling cocaine

Seeing someone spreading muthi on the rocks or yard

Scenery change

Stones on head

Seeing someone who has been smoking weed

Sun sets

Seeing someone who is high

Staying in a nice house

Someon wearing a hat

Sunset with clouds in the sky

Sperm and fire

Sleeping on concrete

Stage coach at a church

Seeing debase mom and son-inlaw in a dream

Someone insulting your handwriting

Seeing a moonstone in dream

Seeing a moonstone

Someone giving you sandalwood cones and flowers

Sorrel plant

Someone giving me pants to wear

Stick turns into snake

Stabbed grandpa

Someone hair

Sister in dream screaming

Seeing somebody pushing a wheelbarrow

Sister in hospital happy

Saw jackfruit but not giving to eat

Saw jackfuit but not givong 5o eat

Snake round neck

Sickness cancer

Solider covered in white paper

See myself prophesying to a girl in the dream

Stitches on hand open wound

Shooting using firearms in an unknown house

Shorthand written on a wall

Seing someone sweat

Seing someone sweat in dreams

Seeing imbecile in dream

Shot by a gun on my leg

Shooting star in dream

Seeing someone smoke a cigar

Selling a bed

Stain on silk saree

Small giraffe

Swimming in the sea with family

Shot deer

Swimming sea with mom

Son going to live abroad to live

Shaking hands with dead father

Slaughter cow

Saw king in dream with fight

Stranger badly injured

Stealing dead body parts

Seeing mom in a dream wearing you her clothes

Seeing a life goat entering into soup

Singing in a choir

Seeing snares in your dream

Seeing my dead baby resurrected

Seeing myself praying salah in mosque

Seed sorghum

Snake swallowing tortoise

See a pregnant woman at school as a student

Seeing myself peeling of my nipples

Seeing myself peeling of my lipples

Sorelegged girl

Seeing a down syndrome child in your dream

Seeing yourself in the foreign country

Sangoma dressed in black

Suratul shams

Snake in lotus opening

Sharing groundnut in a dreams

Some one pushing my radio down

Sqeezing lemon on.hhe head

Seeing kenkey

Sangoma giving you sweet

Shaking in dream

Someone offeering food

Scattered poker chips on the floor

Swimming in sea but pure water two-three people around and my friend.one person ate the raw fish, i saw a dolphin there in sea with someone also.

Swimming in sea two-three people around and my friend.one person ate the raw fish, i saw a dolphin there in sea with someone also.

Seeing an alive person

Seeing r50 note

Scary young woman comforts me

Sea urchin in deep sea salt water

Soldier pointing a gun in me

Solar flash

Seeing goddess idol missing from the place

Sees snake on a tree

Scratching by your feet

Silk gowns

Seeing red and white flag

Sagging and

Snake coming out of a woman nipples

Swearing and being scared

Seeing a life skeleton snake

Seeing a life skeletal snake in the dream

Son voice

Son calling daddy

Snatched food from my hand by someone close to me

Someone wearing daring clothsles

Some with a. bruised eye

Someone tearing my money in a dream

Shirtless husband in my dreams

Sea and coconut tree

Sujood in a dream

Shaking a fruitful tree with healthy fruits falling

Shooting of a family member

Swirling dirt in a bathtub

Steel pin in hand

Small steel rod right hand


Shaking hand of a dead partenal uncle

Someone throwing water in your face

Some one tried to rape me but failed in the dream

Slippers has cut

Slippers has cut in my dream

Smell in hospital dream

Sacred heart jesus

Seeing someone walking towards you in your dreams

Swam of bugs

Sweet n root

Sheet on body in dream what did it mean

Sapne me apni gardan par teer laga hua dekhna

Seeing sister in dream

Seeing mustard plant more in dream

Shredding gold

Someone pinched me in the thigh

Stepping on a frog

Squeezing puss out

Spouse being indifferent

Squeezing out filth from skin

Standing on flowing milk

School fees being fully paid

Sheering sheep

Slash tires


Slaughter white sheep seen lots of blood

Slaughter white sheep

Sitting bear

Seeing a house

Seeing peaple getting accident


Seeing a dead girl

Seizure in dream

Someone following you

Someone trying to get in your window

Someone stealing my laptop in dream

Smelling the dead skinned wolf

Stealing clothes from someone

Statue of mother mary

Statue of our lady

Seeing others dance in a dream

Somebody putting shaving cream on me

Some one putting shaving cream on me

Sandals string cut off

Smearning jelly on face



Shaking hands with a chief

Seeing my mum hawking in the dream

Seeing someone preparing palm nuts soup in your dreams

Seeing your self standing in a que

Seeing yourself in a line

Stick set and

Stick match without

Seeing making of cheese in dream

Stick that is

Sharing okpa with someone in the dream

Seeing in a

Set on a

Seeing hina cone by someone else in your dreams

Sitting at the front seat in a church and given an oil to use on my eyes

Set and line

See a well without water

Seeing a match

Saving school mates

Saving school friends from an evil scientist

Seeing ripe cocoa fruits on his tree

Swipping our compound gates means

Swooping on compound gates

Sewing needles in my foot

Sharing a bed and sleeping with a random classmate

Seeing bank statement of someone in dream means what.

Someone shorter than they are in real life

Staring at back of someones head

Staring back of head

Seeing am with prime minister

Some one see me in their dream when i have big salon

Searching for slippers means

Spheres falling from the sky

Storm wind and rain

Slap girlfriend

Straight lines

Son got someone pregnant

Sindur got erased in dream

Swalllow glass

Serving others chapati

Store with christmas decoration when its not the season

Stab with glass

Saw a pregnant woman scapping from some people who wants to kill her then after sometime she was spotted by gun then in dream i was telling my to mom and her face was dark purple

Second story floor

Smudging home

Someone you know doing black magic on your family

Singing deceased grandm


Singing a baby a lullaby while gently rocking them to sleep

Steel nails in mouth

Somebody gets the corn

Spending time with a tiger

Seeing dog with big head