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Dreams starting with the letter P

Plucking gooseberry in dream

Poisoning a horse

Pastor eated food in my house

Playing gun rummy

Pink bed cover

Pick up small girl and women

Praying thahajjud

Pink yarn

Pee on someone

Puzzle of a house

Praying for the dead and they got back to life

Plucking pumpkin leaves

Pink dress being oroned by my grandaughter

Put on weight

Posture and back

Person changing

Pastor gave me flower in my dream

Preparing a hot bath for husband

Picking snails from river

Pasto giving a bible

Phone getting stolen dream meaning

Phone getting stolen

Pig face on a dead person

Painted flowers

Peeling skin on your hands

Prime minister giving me money


Partner belting you with chains for locking the gates

Praying for a demon possessed baby girl

Preparing to clean

Pap in the pot boiling under it in a dream meaning

Pulling snake out of my throat

People bit

Pruning a tree

Putol na rosary

Puto kutchinta meaning

Picking calamansi in my dream

Pigs dream interpretation

Police cars lights

Picking lint from sweater

Pregnant woman giving me money in my dream

Pink lilipop

People taking rice inside a coffin with human remains

Preparing palmnut soup

People stealing a dead body of your father

Picking pearls in ocean

Pengguin as a pet

Peases of bottle

Piese of bottle

People entering

Planting beans in a dream meaning

Plate with full of rice

Pouring white substance on head

Powers dream interpretation

People as ghost that fade

Pastor on cheating a person with aids

Playing carrom

Playing carrom board

Past sin


Playing with the pope

Preparing land for farming

Potato paratha dream number meaning

Prawn fish catching

Pointed sticks

Painting ceiling and

Petunia purple

Painting a ceiling

Putting a baby to sleep

Princess diana getting married to me on october 7th, two zero two two

Paper shoe

Pepper meaning

Praying for mad man

Peeing someone on me

Poison my fish

Picking food items in the dreams

Perro muerde a tu hijo

Perro muerde a ti hojo

Pushing someone in a river

Playing baseball in a dream

Protective light

Pulling tooth blood

Pulling out my tooth , vein blood

Pooping dec

People trying deceiving to you

Pitbull adoption protection

People trying to be mean and deceiving to you

Person who died in dream

Pair of elephants playimg in rain

Photo of a death person burn in a dream

Polar bear in a pool

Peaking ripe plum from the tree eating it and sharing it with other people

Pregnancy someone else

Packing and not having enough room

Pinned snake

Pennis snake meaning

Performing deliverance

Picking okwe seeds meaning

Petrol tanker fall and burnt see in a dream

Princess dying

Pink seat cover

Praying and anointing your home dream meaning

Pay loader turning over

Putting pegs in once hair

Palm trees budded

Picking oysters and snails in the river

Peeling and cutting yam and cocoyam

Pregnant woman at funeral wake

Porcupine in dream what number is it

Photo album of my self given by a person ad a gift

Pick leg

Planing to pay me lobola

Plucking out chicken feathers

Pray over the dead to come alive


Phone charger losing

Plant poison hands

Putting money to church

Purple cake

Peaceful white birds dead after the rain

Pre matric dance celebration with people from you past

Papa and water

Pus from toe

People appear from mountain caves from the east

People appear from mountain caved from the east

People appear through valves bt

Panther with glowing eyes

Pumpkin gourd


Packing palm fiber in drea

Pumpkin leaves curting

Planting casava in the dream

Pandits asking donation

Pulling rock out

Period in the dream

Playing cricket and catching ball

Playing cards one zero diamond

Putting pepper on someone eye in the dream

Physcopath attacks family dream

Pink icing

Purple pitcher in a dream

Peircing being ripped

Purchasing betel nuts in dream

Picking of palm kernels



Porcupine thorns

Poop necklace

Pulling thin white hair out of arm

Prophet isa

Pulling out your teeth that are gemstone

Peeing pus

Pedestrian crossing

Pendulum saw blade

People in straight jackets

Partner parents

Plucking pepper

Perfect shooting

Pond ecosystem

Perfect shot

Paralyzed not running away

Paralyzed danger

Pot plants falling over

Pot falling from the stove while you are cooking

Pus from finger

Pastery cake

Plenty ofbowel

Picking udara in the dream what does it mean

Picking my child up from school

People carrying sugar cane sticks on their heads and walking peacefullymean in a dream

People carrying sugar cane sticks on their heads mean in a dream

Poor house in dreams

People from hija

People wearing black tshirt

Pay check

Precious item stolen

Pregnant woman washing hands with an egg in the dream

Picking snails that was bunt in a farm that was burnt

Practicing lesbianism in my dream. what is the spiritual meaning

Peoples coming in home dream

Pinchin on back

Palm wine in dream

Plan wine

Pinched dead mother in my back

Person with clown face

People in your bed

Paying ticket for traveling

Purple bruise on thigh

Purple bruise on leg

Plucking cashew

Picking cherries and giving to lovers

Pulling something out of your eye

Preaching bible in the dream

Person going out of sense

People biting

People barefoot in my house

Passing limosine

Police in house

Preparing to go varanasi

Propane tank in bottom of pond

Pushing chest


Prevent fight

Playing with other men phallus

Pity kiss

Pilot bag with a behead inside

Pretty white camel

Parent handcuffed

Peach bouquet

Playing with rabbits and cats

Pile of dead people in cellar

Piggyback some one not alive

Picking udara under the tree

Parking kolanuts in dream

Perumal dharshan

Perumal water abiseham

Perumal water bath

Perumal abisekam

Police in uniform at my door

Png coms kwap

Peeling skin from bones

Pimento in foil

Pulling out hair out of hair dryer

Phone box


Pressure washing a house

Pooping worm

Pointing a rifle

Pa kour


Pictures of my grandma

Picking shea but fruits

Paranormal powers

People try to kill me and i fly up?

Paid the fine

Palm with excreta

Pulling a worm out of my right palm

Picking coin in the toilet bowl

Pig tail

Plates breaking into two in a dream

Pastor introducing marriage in church

Party in bedroom

Ping pong ball red

Putting ball in mouth

People in a box

Peeling unripe plantain in a dream means

Paying tithe to pastor

Peacock feather shoes

Preparing fufu in a dream

Putting execive oil in my son ear

Putting execive oil in my skn ear

Pastor on top of me trying to kiss me

Partners mom

Plague doctor trying to kill me

Pyar karna karna sapne mein

Piki fruit

Physical intimacy dreams

Praying at mountain uhud

Plant growing in palm skin


Possesed son

Possed son

Planting a yam

Peeling ski of a cow

Peeling in a dream

Peeling a fat cow

Peeling cow

Peeling black and white cow

Pregnant woman water breaking

Pulled by strings

Peeling hard boiled eggs

Planta de hade

Princes diana

Pickup wild chives

Pooped an octopus

Putting pink granite of the wall

Pouring tramaric water on the head

Partner, annoyed

People shooting at you

Putting hand in

Positively receiving an invitation card

Performing an exorcism

Peacock feather caught in fire meaning

Puking out blood

Playing card un dream

People falling into muddy water

Pictures of tacos

Plucking three hairs that were connected

Picked up a stick and it turned out to be a snake

Pregnant with an ugly face but happy

Picking alot of snails in the dream

Passed father saying goodbye and smiling

Parting of the ocean

Plastic hangers

Price sticker

Pet bird flew awsy

Plant growing from belly button

Person breaks my funger

Partner drunk

Posing someone

Pregnant woman dreamt of picking snails

Pulling wire from my teeth

Passenger in bus

Planning a party birthday

Psychedelic mushroom

Pick,snail,aim,using to cook soup

Phone falling into gutter and picking it up

Paint a painting

Picking a sorghum seeds

Picking a seeds

Plucking turkish berries in dream

Pidgeons talking to me

Praying without ablution islam

Praying without wifi

Pealing boiled eggs in a dreams

Pitbull dog sucking your thumb

Panding charcoal in dream?

Porcupine attack dog

Police shooting people around me

Panding chacco in dream?

Possessed man coming after me

Preparing ground for visitors to come

Previous best friend

Picking up kenkey

Pen not writing

Penguin dream

Partner caught in the act

Pregnant while unmarried

Picking oil bean(ukpa)

Protecting someone from being hurt by the goat

Protecting someone from being hurt by goat

People shouting numbers

Police arresting a friend

Purchase figurine

Picking mobile android phone in dream

Pulling out a niddle from my thigh

Pather chasing

Poops and egg in my dreams

Pagal hote he

Pinched leg

Picking ugiri seeds in dream

Papa leg bra

Printing documents in a dream

Pushing wheelchair up with friend

Paraffin in a bathtub in my dream

Passenger, car landing on river

Person shaking my head

Pouring ink on man by dead person

Pink and hair

Playing with hyenas and lions

Png kwap group

P with check mark dream

Pulled into hole

Pulled from family

Painting walls red

People romving the cealing

Picking up red and green bell peppers and flowers

Pinky toe in half

Petting a kangaroo

Plucking kolanut in the dream

Praying for a sick

Playing soccer for a well known team

Parking a car in a dream

Packing for a move

Pregnant woman picking ripe udara

Pig biting other animals

Plucking of cashoo fruits in the dream .

Plucking of fruits in the dream

Pastor visiting your house

Purple milky way

Pain on my lips

Pet cat dead

Passed away mum can heard me talking to her beside 土地公 altar

People come to help you digg

Police man wearing uniform carried a guns looking for you?

Pay sheet

Partner impregnating another woman

Possessed family member

Puss from inside body

Pigon peas

Plantain falling on my zinc

Pig food

Paying tithe

Pounding simsim

Pounding simsim...

Painting white wall

Punched in left eye by mom

Pigs mating in a church area

Prophet name in sky in a dream meaning

Purple sun burning the city

Priest with top part of ear missing

Pulling a cord out of my thigh

Pile of leafless branches

Pulled from bed by feet

Picking money in dreams

Passed, mother, car, sideswiping other cars

Pulling never ending chain out of water

Picking good and removing spoil ugba in a dream means

Picked a breadfruit in the dream

Pants on hanger in closet

Pulling out a staple in my finger

People think you are crazy

Phoning dead person

Plant falling over in the night

Planting and seeing the growth of fenugreek seeds

Pooping rats

Pruned shrub

Pruned bush with leaves

Partner got someone pregaunt

Pruned tree with lots of growth

Preparing for a battle

Pulling a worm out of your big toe

Pink apples

Po anaginip ng isang lalake


Pimple on nose

Packing of ripped mangoes and banana with snails

Poo in pants

Pos and money

Picking money in bathroom

Pyramid near my house

Passed person giving white bandages

Picking cashew nuts

Pouring sperm on my body

Putting coal in mouth

Pooping a snake

People help me carry my luggages in a dream

Potato farm

P series

Possible futures




Pregnant woman seeing cultivating coco yam i n the dream

Putting gifts under bed

Praying namaz in imam shrine


Playing tennis ball in the school


Painting your legs

Picking ripe mangoes

People standing lining what does it mean

Praying mantis jumping on you

People thought i was dumb

Pain wen i pee

Pee in dream

Plant knocked over

Pounding eardrum

Pulsing ear

Phone falling in feaces pit latrine

Pull a tick of skin and lots of pus comes out

Pink powder

Pushing shoulder

Pastor killing fishes dream interpretation

Pastor killing fishes cutting it with cutlass

Pastor catching fish wife and son

Person begging me to not wake up

Postman dying

Putting myself in kitchen shelf

Putting myself in plateshelf

Partner losing job

Putting yourself in a shelf

Pushed and end up with a broken neck

Peaceful snake

Pull bone

Picking ripe plums from the tree

Palm nut tree falling in a dream

Praying tahajjud in a dream

Pin the wall dream

Prison but free

Paying others for services rendered

Preparing and banku seen in a dream meaning

Parents running away from you

Parachute dream number

Peeling of coconut

Pray for love

Pray for someone

Pumpkin in my dreams

Plotting husband

Pregnant teacher dream

Pus discharge

Pet python

Playing soccer in the water and being good in the field

Pinching hands

Pinching you own hands

Pinch vision

Pinching your hands

Pending death warning

Posthole diggers

Praying for a man of god

Previous school

People saying you are wearing ugly shoes

Pig and dogs in the dream means what

Prophet giving you money in dream

Prediction in dream

Pastor putting three suit jackets on me dark colors

Pastor putting jackets on me

Pet stop breathing

Parent citing

Picking seeds in the dream

Picking seeds

Picking seeds from seeds

Purring milk into my glass

Packing your bag

Pushing wheelbarrow full of mango in dream

Prompt and uncomplicated gratuity

Planting cashew plant

Pouring palm oil into bottle

Packing dirty in dream

Popped balloon

Picking stones in the dream

Picking ripe plums

Pepper money

Pulling foreign object

Python crossing a path

Picking udara from the tree

Pastor making love with me

Picking up paln fruits

Pee woman

Potato dreem meaning

Playing holi with dead person

Propher ibrahim digging grave

Police baton

Pus coming out of my wound

Pua coming out of my wound

Pulling white hair from mouth

Plastic cups dreams meaning

Putting on a headsock

Putting on a head sock

Planting in a dream

Person with snake head

Picking galbanum in dream

Prepations for going abroad to work

Popping balloons

Planting spring onins in the fream

Pearl for ring

Perfects supervisor

Puckered kiss

Peck kiss

Polish off toes

People leaning over me

Pink colour cloud

Puri oddisa

Package of coffee

Pap and milk meaning

Pick up large fruit

Porcelain broken white and gold horse broken

Playing football but not allowing anybody to take it until i finish the game

Pushed in wheel barrow

Pouring of drink

Pull thick sticky stuff from my tongue

Pouring red palm oil on your body when being held captive


Person killing you dream

Person trying to kill you

Picture of yellow flowers in dream

Pregnant male child


Passed away dad asking a question

Pink and white color

Pregnant mother honeybbee

People wearing black trying to beat or kill me but cousin screams

Picking pepper

Picking pepper in the dream

Picking up deceased partner from train station

Peeling cassava with unknown people inside my shop in dream

Pull on toe

Phone fell in well water deep meaning

Purple towel

Pave turn to balloons

Pastor of church eating buffalo meat

Pile hair on bed

Pulling daisy petals


Purple hat


Pychological mother

Picking foreign currency in church

Purple paint o a white sheet

Partner forgetting me

Pressed down

Painting a chair in a dream

Pouring water on the floor

Pulling worms out of my

Putting forehead red tika

Putting red tka forehead

Picking money from sewage

Picking up gold jewery

Picking up gold necklaces

Put red tika on forehead on dream symbol of

Pus from the body

Prepping cinnamon rolls

Plucking tulsi leaves in dream

Peculiar moon

Puppy swarm

Palms of hands

Preparing for your nikah

Pregnant by sneaky link

Pan melts while cooking

Pot handle melted backwards

Pot handle melted

Pups being born

Pups being birn

Prophet mohammed name

Pastry making

Png latest koap

Priest kissing

Pants blown by wind

People jumping from a tree to kill themselves


Person looking from far

Pulling rocks from your hair

Planes, birds, marching, police

Planes, birds, police, chanting

Protecting someone in a dream from being handcuffed

Piranha cat

Painting destroyed

Pool cover up

Packing of palm kernel in dream

Playing a trick

Pink corner bath

Praying for food

Picking the clothes

Pushing somebody down the stairs

Pink salmon

Pushing my dad down the stairs

Pushing wheel barrow full of stones

Poking a gaborone viper

Pinching my spine old lady

Pinching my spine

Party in the house

Parti in a house

Picking up a dead sister in my car

Playing with bulger wheat grain

Playing basketball on empty stadium

Pregnancy mein kisi ko papita khate hue dekhna

Painful eye

People wearing black and a group wearing white

Picking gold from a mine

Peeling of face dream meaning

Peeling if skin like new

Planting corn in the dream

Poop in sand

Pigs skinned alive butchery

Pig skinned but alive

Pigs skinned alive left to die butchery

Planting church

Parasites on floor and coming out with my poop

Pulling intestines out of mouth

Pulled down a hill

Pulling intestines out of moutn

Passing in front of a school, i heard a kid raise a song of thanksgiving. the school owner was sitting in front of the school as i passed.

Pictures slidding up and down

President showing affection towards me

Pooping while sleep

Pussy cat poop

Pastor, kissing and cheeks seen in a dream.

Plate meaning


Playing tennis with a crush

Poached eggs dream meaning

Pain below navel

Parents died in flood


Pulling endless string from your butt

Peeling and washing of beans in the dream

Pouring anointing oil in my ear

Pouring olive oil in my ear

Pouring olive oil in my left ear

Person with runny nose

Pruning of a tree branches

Person that doesnt look the same

People eating slaughtered cow

Potash eating

Pulling stuff out of mouth stuck

People getting stabbed

People eating meat at your home outside



Pins and needles near elbow

Pins in arms

Pastor taking money from my hands

People being stabbed in the back


Picking of hair beads

Physical boil in the eye

Physical therapist

Periwinkle animal

Praying with many people

Plants in dream

Painting oozing evil

Poop droplets

Pulling out my organs through mouth

Peaceful bear and deer

Protecting children dreams

Pushing off a ledge

Prophet gave me a microphone cover and referred me to the wife for a microphone

Puppies hatching from eggs

Puss coming from private area

Pass coming from private area

Praying with mom

Protecting a woman from fight

Pink bougainvillea dream means

Paying school fee for someone

Post partum bleeding

Possum bite

Person smelling bad


Pulling someone ona bike

Praying for a dead child untill she is back to life

Pieces of palm trees in a dream

Personality hook attack

People in town

People alongside the road


Penguasa sungai

Preforming hajj in a dream

Poring hot water on a huge snake

Picking onions in dream

Paying for roasted palm kernels


Parents hurt in front of you

P ng kwap movie

Putting off prison clothes and breaking chains

People promising me money in my dream means?

Pastor asking you to preach


Partner possessed

Primary certificate

Play baseball

Prayer cap

Photo of deceased father

Putting together four white saucers

Peanut butter and puppies

Pink color

Pipe broken

Patung bunda maria terbakar

Proposing marriage

Picture frame string broken

Pregnant in the dream and cooking meat in two different pot

Paddy field alongside wife some part of the field are ripe with birds trying to feed in air

Processing cassava

Predicted that train will be missed while chasing a train

Professional wrestling

Plant stolen

Pushing a empty trolley

Pushing a emr

Purple night sky and two large moons

People coming out of my car

Palm etching


Pregnancy m sapne m aam ka achar dekhna

Play stage

People throwing fish back into the sea


Packing charcool in a dream

Put bag of papers in the bin

Pubic waxing another woman

Pubic waxing

Planting bananas in a dream

Phone seize

Picking of diamond

Pooping in pants while in bed

Pig human eating

Putting sanitizer on a baby


Poop in my plates

Paralysed and voiceless

Popping rice

Purple witches

Picking ones self up off the floor

Person telling you news

Playing flag football

Put in garage

Pregnant woman buying yam

Purple, yellow, and green snake

Poop floating in water

Person with flashing light coming to me

Pounding carrots

Picking calabashes

Picking calabash to make bowls

People running after you in dream

Playing a piano with broken keys

Puss coming out eye


Pricked by a porcupine

Picking cashew in a dream

Praying for my late father dream meaning

Picking and eating red apples

Puppy dog bite

Playing ludo game with someone in the dream meaning

Pulling boat

Poured shit in dream

Poured shit water in dream

Planting w

Planting sorghum

Planting white sorghum

Picking bible up off of the ground


Picking up off the ground

Picking up shoes on zinc

Picking up a bible in a dream

Protection love

Playing the violin

Putting a person in a coffin

Preparing mqombothi

Puting water from a well in your eyes

Picking ripe bush mango in the tree for dream?

Payslip dreaming

Picking money from the toilet in dream meaning

People i know turning into plant monsters

Plucking ripe cashew fruit in a dream

Planned to be beaten by cultist dream

Poop in the plate

Peice of cloth

Past friendship

Planting a red rose

Planting a red roas

Passing gas in dream islamic interpretations

Pulling poop out of your butt

Paw prints on ceiling of garage found cougar hiding in attic

Prasad being denied by a priestess

Peeing into a washing machine full of washing

Photo burning dream

Presidential motorcade dream meaning

Papad seen in a dream meaning

Prophecing in a dream

Pregnant woman gives money to buy sugar

Pulling out mushrooms

Peacocks swimming

Poop in drea

Para tener mucha leche materna

People trying to hurt me but have super powers


Pulling gold from necklae from neck

Pink colour of tishirt dream

Prophetess a dream

Paan tree

Prophet kissing you in a dream

Porcupine walking beside me

Purple money

Picking up money randomly countless times

Pulling barrel of water from

Passed on love ones and others

Picking open ackee

Picking ackee

Performing miracles in the dream

Performing miracles in dream

Protected information about a queen dying

Policeman knocking

Phone call from a male

Phone call from a male on my friend phone

Priecing a hole in shield

People throwing food and objects at me

Poop in my sink

Playing with a mad man in dream

Picking up my deceased mother-in-law in my car

Pussy eyes

Picking peas in dream

Pregnant eunuch

Protected in battle

Parent moves into your house

Pink bathrobe

Pregnant fall

Possible broken bone

Protection raven


Pregnant by ex boyfriend

Premature birth in post menopause

Purchasing boiled eggs

Parachutes on the rocks

Poop in the bathtub

Pink baby booty


Poo on oneself

Puss out of gums

Parents death in four zero days

Picking up and collecting pearls means

Period blood. and dirty sanitary towels

Pink demon with horns

Planting yams

Pulling out clumps of hair

Pastor giving you bread and milk

Picking mango in dream

People making me drunk to loose control

Police man take of my gun

Proposal in bed

Pink rose petals falling from the sky

Python sucking blood on my

Poop drems

Pegasus rescue you from falling

Parents being murder

Perforated intestines

Pastors big pussy peeing

Perfume bottle perfume

Picking up a grave

Picture of someone who died long ago

Phone robbing

Puppies leaving

Pragnent to a pig

Pockets of darkness

Phone time in dream

Puss comes out of eyes

Platting my daughters hair

Playing hide and seek with a teacher

Prengnat in islam

Pulling out the tongue

Packing up a tent

Piles of dirt heap up

Playing with vigina in front of kids

Purple door with a number eight


Person revealed

Pencil inside your stomach

Police officers try to rape me and i escape

People coming into your house

Purple fence


Picking oil been seed in the dream means

Protecting a boy

Pink paper airplane

Possessed children

Prophetess praying for me in a dream


Practical jokeshoes

Pocket books

Praying in the dream meaning

Packing palm kernels in the dream

Prophet giving you money

Praying for someone you detest

Present at a meeting

Plowing mushroom

Planting mushroom

Print upside down

Picking green bushes

Period blood stains on pants

Pacing back and fourth

Playing monopoly

Puss from wedding finger

Phone call from decent loved one

Person gives me gold bangles

People neb miles

Pregnant women in her 7th month tearing her own clothes and

Pearl oyster

Pouring water over fire

Purple snot

Praying salaah not facing qiblah

Pool at night

Prophet isa in dream

Prophet osa

Prostration mark on forehead

Pus coming out of toes

President daughter

Picking up maggi

Pull out my all teeth

Peacock feathure

Peacock feathure in water

Pulling worms from ears

Proposal by a mad man

Passion plant

Pounding fufu with friends in a dream

Pulling arrow out of throat

Pulling arrow out of neck

Pulling salt from the mouth

Petting an ostrich in the dream

Purple passion fruit in a dream

Pink flower tree

Pink flower treee

Plastic bags means

Pouring boiled oil on some one body

Peeling red coco yam

Picking cashew but in the dream and army people was not happy about it

People trying to flog me

Person with one arm

Plucking thorns out of your teeth

Plug unripe pawpaw and throw it away

Plugging a native pear in dream

People gathering in happiness

Parents caught me with girlfriend

Puffing while sleeping

Praying in the market place


Puling a parasite out of the mouth

Pooing in a pot

Palm weevil dream meaning

Pregnant gaay ko spne me dekhna

Pastor making love to a church member

People chasing you to kill you

People having a ritual mass outside house

Pulling jaw

Planting corn along a river bend

Planting corn and uprooted by a river

Planting corn

Passed love one on a blimp

Picking of many ripe palm fruits in the dream

Picking of many ripe palm fruits

Purple stains on back of trousers

Purple glow black snake with orange belly

Pink lipstick in

Pink and lipstick