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Dreams starting with the letter P

Picking oilbean seed in my dream

Picking oilbean in my dream

Producing goat

Phone fall out my hand and cracke and i remove the cracked screen and put it part as a conjunction

Pluck cocoa

Pink stolen car

Priest writing on my hand

Playing with dead children

Picking beans and it turns into maize

People in room

Planting red peas

Praying in other relegion

Playfield in dreams


Proposal for marriage

Pet dog choking

Plate black and green

Pooja at home

Purple empty bowl

Peeling dry eyes

Popping cysts on feet

Puja mensuration

Part of finger falling off

Phantom hat

Poison seeds, i sowed

Pulling a long string/worm like thing out of my hip

Pounding fufu in a dream what does it means

People dancing in front of kaba

Picking udara fruits under tree

Pee in my shoe

Packing palmcarnel



Plucking white feathers from facial hair

Police letter

Parker in a dream

Purple dress/hotpants

Piercing your belly button

Potty in toilet numbers

Prayed for in dream

Princess on horse

Princess on horse gives me watch

Pelas bastante platano amarillo

Plucking lola it in the dream

Purse taken

Pigeons in my left shoulder

Purple powers

Pie in dream

Preparing pork meat

Pan too small

Preparing a wet land for planting

Pepper fruit


Plug oranges drink

Passing in a garden full of beautiful fruits

Pointing gun at me

Promotion at work

Pushing a wheelbarrow with rocks

Piss on leg

Pictures of a girl in his phone

Puja and attending rituals

Poison teer

Phone breakdown

Painting fruit

Putting indoor in forehead

Piglet as a pet

Porta poty

Plant growing on body

Picking ishwa in a dream

Paying landlord

Paying rent


Pink suitcase

Picking diamond cubes in the dream

Pricing banana and plantain in the dream

Picking something in the dream

Picking oilbean seeds in the dream

Pounding akpo fufu in the dream

Pink feather earring

Potty in toilet

Pinky finger nail flimsy

Pulling crystals from mouth

Picking up ripened mangos on the ground and sharing them

Picking ripened mangos


Pasangan kita jadi pelacur

Pacar saya jadi pelacur



Police and

Putting clothes on the fying pan


People wearing solid black suits with a red tie

Pretty seashells on the beach

Publication company

Pacing in dream

Poop fish

Poop out fish

Praying in a church

Peeling potato


Parents broke up

Punching old lady

Person glowing

Phlegm stock in throat

Pooping solid objects

Person telling me to wake up

Pregnancy me aam ka achar dekhna sapne m

Pilot suit means in a dearm

Plugging a ripped tomatoes in a dream

Police chasing you

Putting flowers in a grave

Painting the house

Passenger door broken

Playing card seven eight nine run


Pimple on chin

Praising god by singing for healing my died grandma

Picking perinwinkles by the river what does it mean

Praying and breaking a kola nut in a dream

Potatoes skin

Person walk with horse to the desert

Profeting n crying

Priest christian

Pooping in a dream on a farm

People fetching water in my house

Picking ugiri fruit mean

Pig delivery nine

Pig giving birth nine

Plugging ripped tomatoes in a dream

Packing for train

Picking of oil bean in the dream

People shattering/disappearing

People around me turning into dolls

Pink blood

Pad in dream

Pouring coffee into bowl of water

Pee on you

Pulling rats out of my butt

Pus coming out of

Puff fish

Payudara mengeluarkan asi

Putting medicine on fathers wound

Pulling out long piece of body hair

Packing out my current boyfriend house

Pulling up carpet

Person come out of grave

Public sign with my name on

President giving me money and clothes

Puja being performed in house

Pocket size alcohol bottle dream meaning

Petting a crow

Police badge number

Piercing with a spear

People trying to harm uncle

Pink candle aphrodite

Parents falling off cliff

Possessed tree nightmare

Peoples talking underground

Purple eclipse

Picking unripe strawberries

Promise help

Planting maize in the dream meaning

Parrots and love

People please

Paso del jazmin

Pink room, being hushed, being told to go into the room, hearing the beast is coming

Picking up the black pens in the empty garden

Picking up the black pens in the garden


Pattern of snake skin color around me

Picking avos from a tree in dream

Pull gun out

Peeing glass

Pig bite hand

Police gun running

Peting a white cat

Paper money in plastic bag

Pregnant male

Plane crash building collapsin

Picking ugba in my dream

Plastic bag of water with small fish

Pooping uncooked beans

Prophet dream

Pregnant women see a young boy in her dream

Playing with leopards

People fetching tap water in my compound

Peeing in apit toilet in a dream

Pulling a metal rod from clitoris

Person covered in coal

Partner looking for a job

Person refusing helping

Purchasing new clay lamps in dream

Pithon in a cage

Pithon as a pet in a cage

Pot poke

Peeling of vegetables

Police woman on a white horse

Pain dream interpretation

Pale old blood in a cotton in ending the dream

Praying hands inside a purple bubble

Putting peice of necklace in pocket

Partner cjeating

Poisons dart blue frog

Pie is too big

Plants growing from my skin

Playing the game of cricket

Picking up dead relative

Paying money to a collector

People falling out of plane

Putting out a small fire means

Person repairing electric seen in a dream


Pulling out heart

Procedure changing light bulb


Plugging contton and cloves


Purple slippers in dream

Pluck, udara and fruit seen in a dream.

Pickup truck was given as a gift

Pooja in the house


Pouring milk on head dream

Packing a weeded grass

Pulled to the bottom of the ocean

Protecting my daughter from an evil source pulling her towards it

Pouring water from a jerican to a drum

Paint blistering

Policeman trying and

Plucking tulasi leaves in dream

Pulled big toe nail off to find new nail

Palm of the hand

Picking up onion in dream

Playing trivia and dangerous games but being safe

Pastor intentions to marry you

Picking up egg from nest

Puja festival

Putting nail polish

Pulling out rope in a virgina in a dream mean

Pond dream meaning

Pretending to be my mom

People dead

Parents going for hajj

Polar plunge

Picking udara fruit in dream means

Pelican death

Person fell in bore hole

Parents in childhood home

Person stabbed to death

Pocket of father of my son dream mean

Pocket dream meaning

Patterned almost bleeding pus

Plucking of green pepper

Phobia feet

Putting clothes in drawer

Pinching bum


Palm o

Predatory bird

Picking up different types of vegetables in a gadern

Playing football and scoring in the same match

Public transport dream

Pen that looks like a bird

Pen in birds beak

Person dressed with a raven mask and hoodie

Playing basketball with professionals

Peeling of melon

Pink carpet with rose on it

Pink carpet with roses on it

Parents say not love marriage in dream

Parents say no to love martiage in dream

Parents died in a dream

Powder on the head

Prince loving me

Prisoner throwing mud at me

People shooting each other

Parasite entering a child head

Playing ball with my following girls

Playing ball with my follow girls

Playing a ball

Parrot in bathroom

Poisonous plants

Purplish and brown fresh maize


Putting food and


People stealing your body lotion meaning

Piling yam in the dream

Peeing on yourself in dreams

Peeing a lot on yourself infront of people

Plane flying through bridge

Peeling cassava and cutting them to pieces and my phone got missing so i was unpacking bags to look for the phone and mess the whole place

Pecking nose birds

Pour libation

Peeing leeches in dream

Pot dream numbers

Person and playing

Pull own toe nail and skin off

Police and son

Police makibg your sons house

Playing dream interpretation

Piercing body

Pushed into pool

Palm fruit in dream

Plucking bittercola in the dream

Pulling a blood clot out of nose

Picture of family member in house

Potful of gold coins

Picking up two folded umbrella from the floor

Pulling a piece of cloth from your nose

Porcupine quills stuck in body


People in forest

Posinous water pool

Play sand

Parasites dogpoop

Parasites in dog poop

Playing with a child in a dream

Playing with children in a dream

Playing with a boy in your dream

Purple coin in dream

Plaster falling from ceoling

Pale woman with a half smile

Paying with cash

Puma cat

Purple lipstick

Pooping on the floor

Pastors apprentish in a dream


Praying with husband

Plane hijack

Panga means what in spiritual

Petting a mountainlion

Painting in a new house


Plucking udara from the branches

Ppl sitting on porch

Plucking a grey hair

Priest dream meaning

Pink ribbon

Pulling a snake out of my rectum

Pulling a snake out of my tectum

Pet bird eaten

Pouring sugar

Playing with baby in dream



People that have passed away

Parallel lines in adream

Praying in riyaz ul jannah

Push into a river

Photo of dead husband stolen

Pipe throat head stomach pump

Pushing a wheeelbarow

Putting roli tika on my forehead

Putting t shirt on backwards

Person with animals face

Perming in the dream

Peeling egusi melon in the dream

Praying in riyazul jaanah

Parrot pet killing a snake

Picnic with family in countryside

Picnic family countryside

Plastic slippers in a dream mean

Plucking ube, native pear in the dream means

Plucking and eating of ripe mangoes

Peelings of sugarcane

Peelings of sugarcane all over the place


Picking fruit on the ground

Polishing my shoes

Poked in the eye

Pooja in dream

People blowing trumpet for me inside a church


Passenger jeepney

Petting a sheep

Peeling white rose petals and they regenerate

Party in my house

Praying in the rain

Pouring red oil in a bucket dream meaning

Paper and prin

Person changing his appearance

Porch and railing

Palaver sauce leaves

Palm oil on my head

Pink fullmoon

Pass a subject and you feel happy

Putting in contacts lens

Picking many kola nut from it tree


Playing piano badly

Picking up gold from the river

Partner threatened to be eaten by snake

Pet feeding

Parents rejecting partner

Phonograph dreams

Peeing myself

Purple mark on chair

Pulling a tick out your ear

Pink cat in dream

Person turning into doll

People carrying icon of jesus


Procession of people


Pile of broken bones

Pounding fufu and needed help

Pulling tapeworms out of your throat

Possession about the devil

Plucking ripe avocados from a tree

Pooping small fish in dream

Paying my dept


Pulled on ponytail

Picket sign

Pulling bug out of ear

Picking money from the god temple at dream ? is it good or bad ??

Photos blured out

Putting money in the pocket

Passing board exam on dream

Pushing down someone


Parked cars in my yard

Protesting family conspirarcy

Popstar boyfriend

Popstar is your boyfriend

Pulling your heart out of your chest

Protecting myself with sea salt

Pulling black strings from ankles

People dying in dream from terrorist

Puppy in oven

Packing cowries in the dream

Pulling toilet paper inside my noise

Picking lobsters out of the sea

Pulling long booger nose

Patio o terreno

Pohon besar

Picking and plucking tangerine in dream

Pulling a white string out of a cookie

Pulling cactus from earthy ground

Parties in my house by others

Planting and watering water leaves

Pig eating paper

Priest in my dream

Pulled tooth

Planting a money plant

Piebald pony

Pinkish white snake

Prophesying and praying to congregation


Peeing on the quran

Politician giving you money

Penelope dream meaning

Pineapple cut

Plaiting hair in the dream

People plaiting my hair

People plaiting hair

Planting peanut in dream

Plum tree bearing eggs

Pregnant and saw an unripe plantain

Police coming to find that you are guilty

Police, investigating, smuggling home

Pink rose boque

Planting rice

Pulling hair on my legs

Protecting ones self

Potato carrying in dream

Pastor death

Pubes being gone


Pervert misbehave

Paraffin overflowing

Preaparing meat dishes in dream meaning

Pot on top of fire

Pink hibiscus flower

Parent leg

Pushy person falling

Parent breaking legs

Parent killing child

Pregnant and bit by snake

Pesticide dream

Petting as cat that was actually a human

Pins and knives

People eating raw fish in my dream

Parting ocean


Pasor wering black clothy

Pregnant women in a dream means

Purple bruising

Police officer on guard duties

Putting labels on a can from another can

P diddy

Placing white cloth under ow and sleep on it


Peple living in my ttic


Peeling melons in the dream means what

Playing with duck in dream meaning

Perfume in the eyes

Pink sun

Partner run mad in a dream

Playing as goal keeper in a dream

Protected by the lion

Putting roses all over a grave in my dream

Purple candy

Pouring alcohol in my head

Pizza slicers

Picture of a tree with branches

Putting something under a plate

Ploughing luck number dream

Plucking oranges from a tree

Poop in wedding dresses

Pooping human flesh

Ploughing field with father

People disrespect my father in dreams meaning

Prophesying in adream

Plane falling out of sky

Pigeons attacking


Playing with wet clay

Pinky nails

Palm with light

Person chocking

Peeling bored egg

Peace in your dream

Picking up valuable luxury items rich people have thrown out in a dream

Playing draft in a dream

Passport been damage



Poop in the bath tub

Picking from the rubbish dump

Peach snake

Person you love engaged someone else

People getting raped

Puling white worm from the mouth

Picnic bus

Pant dream

Pooping at the bush dream

Pus toenail

People burning alive

Plastering my house

Pixie told me something in my dream

Poison kiss

Pincher bug

Passed loved one with darkness behind them

Pulling out long strands of wire from hands

Passed away grandfather

Pot full of dumplings

Pressing nipples of young woman in dream

Pressing in dream means

Public in socks no shoes

Passion fruit ripe

Puppy turn into baby boy

Police wires

Pot water in dream

Plucking bitter guard in drea

Photo take

Plucking ripe fruits from a tree

Picking up periwinkle in a dream

Pastor flogging noise makers in the dream

Pastor flogging his members in the dream

Pastor flogging people into the dream

Pulling cotton out my hand

People jumping out the window

Picking a kola nut under kola nut tree

Pastor giving me a black and white garment

Pastor giving you a black and white garment

Playing dead in dream

Powdered white melon seed means

Pati ko mara thappad

Pooping a hip of rice

Palm fruit on my head

Purple energy

Python swallowed two goats and a child

Passing through the market at night in the dream

Plucking betelnur

Poop on legs

Popo on legs

Parrot in dreams

Phone technician

Parasite on my body bitting me and i try removing it by help of someone

Parasite on my body bitting me and i tr removing it by help of someone

Parents hating me

Preparing grounut soup in a dream meaning

Picking up termites

Picking up of the flying termites

Person splitting in two in dream, what to do?

Ponytail falling off my head

Photo taken against will

Pinching baby

Poo in my hair

Pigs with tails that spell words

Pastor riding bicycle

Pregnant woman buying unripe plantatian in the dreams

Pregnacy labor

People melting into each other

Peeling skin of the soles of feet

Pushed. into water

Pushed into water

Pushed into water.

Plane spirling

People at the door

People i know in my dream

Pooping sweetcorn

Playing soccer with professional players in the mold

Planting in the backyard

Pink headboard

Palomino horse in a dream

Pricing dried fish without buying in the dream

Plant under the bed

Poop in cooking pot

Pinching a baby dream

Pulling worms and flies out of skin leaving holes

President giving me cheque in a dream means

Packing oil bean in the dream

Picking up spelt sausage rolls

Pot of milk breaking

People eating severed heads

Pus forehead

Paycheck dream number in lotto

Photo of mother

Picture of my young mother

Picking a blocked nose and a pebble coming out

Pregnant in a red dress

Picking up a mathematical set

Picking a mathematical set on the ground

People getting hurt

Plugging red peppers in the dream

Praying in the holy mosque in mecca

Picking ukpaka in your dreams what does it mean

Purple and red sky

Plate of coconut

Putting signature in my dream

Pieces of gold

Plastic bag of water with small fishes

Purple sunset dream


Pounding beans with pepper

Preparation to bathe

Person never speaks

Praying a amma murti in a dream

Planting maize dream interpretation

Pulling hair out ear

Pooing yourself at the table

Pooing at the kitchen table

Paragliding above the lake

Pig blood stain in a car

Purple sloth with long hair

Pouring out elephant from your mouth

Purple glowing light

Planting seeds in the field with dead mother

Protecting chipmunk

Protecting a chipmuvk

Partner lie

Pimple seen in a dream

Praying god in dream

Police officer chasing me and catching me

Police chasing me and finally caught me

Pounding red pepper in a mortal

Pasupu ,kunkuma and coconut

Pounding red pepper in a mortal and people dragging it

Photo of late grandfather

Png highlands kwap

Putting white rice tika on forehead

Prophetic or visionary dream

Pomelo and watermeon

Pomelo and watermelon

Pulled legs

Person rolling

Pus liquid pouring from my chest

Putting on a shoe


Playing cards dream number

Palm wine in the dream meaning

Piercing your throat

Pulling boat on the river

Public accusation

Petting a lamb

Pooping out snakes

Palm tree stumps

Pink jeans on husband

Png latest kwap live video

Peoples faces being blacked out

Person having many nipples

Positive and negative both see in a dream

Pulling a single long black whisker

Powers in your hand

Pregnancy timeline

Parkour and running from the cops

Plant needing water

Pastor dressing me with his jacket in a dream

Paying of tithing in your dream

Pastor. drinking and smoking

Plucking of coconuts in the dream what is the meaning

Plucking of coconuts in my dream

Plantain sucker falling in a dream

Piles of shoes

Plain black waist beads and black and red wrist beads

Passing an iv in a dream

Pap and akara on a de

Pastor giving you atm card

Picking some valuable things that people has thrown

Pastor dying

Picking guniep

Picking white wild flowers

Possessed son

Piting cloves seed in the dream

Pig someone else yard

Picnic blanket red

Painless bloodless wound

Paying tuition fees for someone

Painless open wound

Putting something under mattress

Panties torn around ankle

Pooping out white worm

Pit feaces

Passing behind me on right

Passing behind

Pus squeezed from left arm

Putting on white cloth in the neck

Person with horse legs dream

Puking coffe beans

Preparing for war

Petting dolphin

Pistol dream no

Party and integration dreams

Plate of sadza and chicken

Plate of pap

Paneer bhurji

Purchasing books

Praying during a earthquake

Preparing roti

Pouring water into the black pot

Putting water in the pot

Plantain on the bed

Pulling, toothpicks and throat

Painful back massage giving to someone

Popping blisters

Painting a push button


People dressed like poor country foke

Pants on a clothesline

Plucking ripe pepper

Planning to buy a new umbrella

Picking chicks

Picking chicks in a dream

Pink house on a lake

Palmyra seeing dream meaning

President promise

Paying installment


Prince of sussez

Putting finger print on bible

Paper towel wraped


Pigfish dream

Pregnant person committing suicide

Pound sterling

Pins in ears

People watching me go to the bathroom

Pounding herbs in dream

Praying salah with your brother in dream


Pus coming out of private parts

Putting pink color lipsticks on mother

Pulling black rope meaning

Poop with blood

Pouring gasoline on someone

Pencil inside head

Pastor wearing me his coat

Packing palm fruits in dream

Peter gbeneweleh welh judge i say he in my dreams

Plant growing out of my ankles

Plants growing out of my feet

Palaking bottle gurd

Punished by someone else

Pimple on all over face

Pedofile and stabbing

Pulling out fresh fish from a hole

Playing in rain with children

Paranormal activity happening in my house


Pregnancy accusations

Palm tree falls in a dream. meaning

Palm tree falls off

Passing a bay over a white fence

Playing games with children

Phone snatching

Pus in sores on some ones back

Performing ruqyah on someone

Preparing materials for coffin

Plan meaning in a dream

Pine needles on floor

Poop smell dream

Party with only the dead family

Party of dead family

Pulling thread out of tooth gap

Power black out while running

Plucking finger hair

Pullinh hair from fingers

Pusy cat kill chicken in the dream

Picking a needles in adream

Plowing with dead person

Parallel wound

Picking seeds of neem

Pregnant with aliens

Pregnant and contractions

Pujari giving flowers in dream

Praying and fighting spirits


Pink cow dream

Possessed nun

Pregnant women taking a bath in public

Pencil dream meaning

Pouring kerosene side

Painting of native american man

Pouring out kerosene

Promising in dream

Pregnant woman asking challimidi in dream meaning

Pooping blood

Peeled skin

Pigeons dead

Play with black dog


Public school

Pooping green and red apples putting in a bowl

Plucking and eating riped fruit in dream

Paster stopping me from leaving

Pastor stopping

Praying in dream in islam

Putting baby in the microwave

Pot making

Princess of wales katherine

Pricked index finger

Protecting and securing the president

Pulling giant wart off foot

Pressure wave

Picking ripe and unripe soursop from the ground

Personal mental breakdown

Picking four ripe udara in the dream

Plugging jackfruit

Pregnant women doing tawaf in mecca

Pregnant women doing tawaf

Pice on dustbin

Punching ow

Peeled egusi seed

Picking cashew seeds in your dreams

Poop of lizard


Picking walnuts in a dream

Praying ball in a dream meaning

Praying in my sleep

Pastor kayanja riding a bicycle

Pastor riding a bicycle when am seated on

Poisonous bubbles

Pig nose

Papaya indicate which gender male or female?

Pecked by bird

Parts of vehicle

Pleasure teachings

Pastor beating you

Pastor brsting you

Picking mopane

Puppies breathing and sleeping underwater

Pink face

Plastic veins filled with poison

Peanuts on hair

Peeling broken screen protector off phone

Party on boat in dream

Peanuts in adream

People with ill intentions with your picture

Placing hankecieth on me

Pulling out of bed

Pulling of robe in a dream

People drinking and eating discharge

Pussy of a

Pushing a rock

Place never lived

Pregnant woman plucking mango in her dream

Policeman wearing blue jumping from appke tree

Pigs chasing me


Pigeon flying to my hands

Panaginip at kahulugan ng putol na rosario

Pots floating on flowing water

Pinned by car

Pinned between car and rollershutter door

Plucking red hibiscus flowers from a garden

Picking mushrooms

People torturing my cats and trying to kill them

People tr

Painting home walls


Picking up mushroom

Painting of a legs as a man


Peach color bungalow house

Paying money to the relatives of a person they say i have killed

Plates falling off my hands

Pulling mushroom from legs

Pulling out iron nails from my head

Pregnant and dreaming of yam

Playing planting game with kids in a dream

Playing with kids and they are laughing

Poodle dogs

Protect baby

People projecting

Princess giving me a gift

Protect from tabitha

Picking black currants

Person i love but cannot have saying hes not over someone

Pizza and couldnt get box for it

Pulled by dog

Palm kernels

People hiding information from me

Pulling snake on nose

Photo of older sister as a child

Packing to leave without help and lots of clutter

Possum in dream

Png kuap vedio

Pastel yellow

Pulling out black hair on tongue

Peeling skin off

Proposing a girl

Paint bubbles on house

Pheasants fighting

Pour milk

Passenger on motorcycle

Picking naira notes from the ground

Painting watercolor

Pants bulge


Passing stool in toilet teer no

Photo of ex

Pregnent women dream about dried flower

Pregnant lady slipping

Private parts of children in dream

Pinky promise

Pulling things from your bum

Paint falling from ceiling

Picking ogbono fruit in the dream

Poor lady with baby

Priest wearing bright red

People attacking me

Picking a guava


Praying to angel statue

Pus and small worms


Packing harvested maize in bags

Passenger in a car drivig fast

Pulling things out of the ear

Petrified man

Period pad

Popping a blackhead and a lot of blood with red and blue and black color on it

Pretending not to know someone in a dream


Pooja kalash fell down

Purple and yellow watercolor flowers

Putting me in a bag

Putting a bag over my head

Puppies flushed down toilet

Phone call form prophet muhammad

Parents getting killed by a gun


Pass card

Parasites in my toe

Pulling worms out of my toe

Placing beads on girls head

Picked a bug out my nose

Peacking money

Pizza slicer

Pastor in my dream giving holy communion

Pulling plaque off teeth

Possessed father

Pangolin saw in dream

Pull in by the ocean


Plucking lots of green walnut

Plucking green walnut

Phone charging cable burn

Picking palm kanel in the dream signify what

Poo pants

Pastor gives clothes

Pastor giving me clothes in dream

Purple cap

Pregancy dream

Puja thali is fallen

Palm leg

Plant in knee

Painfully feet

Pre bridal ceremony

Private part bleeding

Picking egggs of enkofu with my brothers and sisters

Pasi howa hai

Plasma removal

Purple desser