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Dreams starting with the letter V

Virus six four three three

Vishnu god

Vomiting balls of rice

Vomiting cowrie

Vomiting stone teer dream numbers

Vomiting dreams stone numbers

Vomiting stones dream numbers

Vomiting stones dream


Very small clock




Visa arrived

Veggie burger

Village vallyrie

Visa approve

Volcano in snow

Vessels are stealing by their that are child

Vomit plant

Vision of lion and eagle head meaning

Visiting someone in hospital

Voodoo doll burning

V mv.

V mv

Void or abyss

Visiting perumal temple in dream

Verbal spawrrow eat grain


Vineyard on a wall

Video of dream interpretation

Vacation with enemy

Vicious gray dog dream

Vomiting blades in a dream

Vomiting old blades in a dream

Vomiting pieces of blade in a dream means?

Vomiting two pieces of broken blades in your dream what is the meaning

Vomiting old broken blade in your dream what does it mean

Vegetarian animals eating meat

Vehicle impounded

Vinegar dream meaning

Vessels of cooking mandazi

Virgin mary in white dress with a white horse

Venomous snakes bite my knees

Vows eating green maize


Vomit lungs

Visions of a claw when awake

Visuals of claws while awake

Vacuuming up black widows

Vomiting black liquid

Vintage toys

Viewing abnormal child

Vidwa woman having food in my home




Vice president visit at home

Very sick person is healthy

Vomit metallic ball

Vomting uncooked eggs

Venomous snake biting my

Vegetable in dream

Visit a friend in prison

Vom balkon fallen

Voir un heron

Vicious black dogs

Vomit seven white precious stone in the dream what is the meaning

Vomiting elephant

Video call in a dream

Vomiting because i heard bad new that a white women who i loved was playing a big role in my life i ended up crying for her and she gave me everything in her will a house , money and every thing she owns what is the meaning of it

Vomiting in dream jn islam

Vomit seven white stone in the dream what is the meaning

Vanilla smell in a dream

Village meeting

Vomiting chalks in dream

Voting watermelon seeds


Video plate

Visiting my late grandmother house

Vitiligo on my neck

Vomiting of elephant in the dream

Vomit off white coloured fat-like substance in a dream

Venus ring in dream

Vaccinated in the dream

Visiting my aunt in the hospital

Vomit pink glass

Vision of a blind girl in dream

Visiting a maternity hospital and hearing mothers giving birth

Virginity daughter being raped

Visit by a leader

Visiting former school

Visiting house dead person

Vrindaban temple

Vrindaban prem mandir

Visiting sick people

Visiting sick people in a dream

Vegetables market

Vehicle ball joint repair

Vehicle ball jointr


Vultures eating flesh

Voodoo liquid poured on my clothes

Virgen mary statue talking to you in a different language

Valkoinen hevonen

Vip section

Very good flat house

Violence against parents

Visiting my dead grand father he ask for money

Vacation with bird landing on my head

Vitiligo dosage in dream

Vegina me onion slices insert karna


Vase breaking

Vast oceans

Viande cabrit

Vegetable stew in a dream

Visit of old classmates

Visiting unfinished mansion with a friend

Vine covered childhood home

Visiting unfinished mansion

Veritable dreamers

Volkswagen bug

Visiting my two friend of me because i am pregnant

Vomiting poop in your dreams

Venomous snake biting my daughter

Vomiting out something other than food

Vomiting live fish

Vitiligo feet

Very bright light

Vegetable marrow

Viking ceremony

Vomiting raw meat dream

Veil wearing

Vomiting earth worms


Virgem guadeloupe

Vegetable oil in dream

Vehicle follows me

Vomiting white and black beads

Vaseline getting finished in a dream

Vomiting white better kola in my drea,means what please

Very nice carpet and coffee s s

Vomitting hair

Vomitting cowries in a dream meaning


Vehicular accident dead soldiers

Visiting peer baba in dream

Voice from above

Vinegar on

Vice president wearing me coat

Visa approved in my dream

Vomiting black tarr

Vice president attacked

Vacating house in dream


Visiting temple in dream and not seeing idol of god

Valentines day

Vomit nails

Van being dameged and tools being stolen


Vitiligo skin

Valkyrie saving you

Vomiting needles and razors

Vomiting lots of needles

Vomitting needles

Violent dark horse


Ver young baby trying to crawl


Vomiting brown teeth

Vomiting teeth

Vision of a spiritual metal rod being broken by someone

Virgin women seeing her own baby boy in a dream

Vision of bees around waist

Vomiting dream interpretation

Vomiting and substance

Vomiting white substance

Vomiting a pumpkin seed

Vibrating mirrors

Volcano blowing up

Vomiting two eggs

Vitamin e

Van with engine trouble

Very colorful big bird

Vomiting traditional beer

Vishnu ji broken murthy in hands in dream

Vilaku from pooja room missing dream

Volin string broken

Vitiligo in dream

Vomiting raw egg




Visiting a man friend in hospital

Vote teer dream number

Vishnu varaha avtara

Vomiting snakes

Vomitting seed of corn in your dream

Vomitting seeding your dream

Vomit green moong dal

Varahi amman

Violet aura

Vulture soaring

Vagetable oil sales in the dream

Visiting a house

Vulture eating a lamb

Variety of foods


Visiting in dream ajmer

Vasectomy reverse

Voice saying i see you

Visiting doctor in the hospital

Vegetables growing on legs

Very hairy armpits

Vomit dreams

Visiting temple with partner

Video from cellphone

Vomiting and smells bad

Vac cats

Vomiting feathers

Vehicle tires stolen

Visit kaaba with parents

Vomit bird

Very big fruits

Vomiting blacks beads

Visa approval in a dream meaning

Vishwakarma puja

Vomiting ex boyfriend


Vivid family

Velo negro en la cara


Visiting a grave

Vomiting a purple liquid in a dream

Vulture entering house

Very black woman in very white bright dress

Voice of deceased mom

Veggitable soup

Voice of a dead mother

Visiting a masoleum, to see someone alive now dead in the dream alive, while sewing their lips closed

Visirting a masoleum, seeing an alive person dead, while sewing their lips

Vangueria tree


Vommitimg my heart and liver


Visa issuance

Visiting an old building

Visiting old place

Visit to a historical place in dream

Vomiting up organs

Vomiting organs

Visiting the grave of a person who is alive

Vehicle smoking dream

Visiting a graveyard with high school friends

Vacuuming the ceiling

Velvet red plant in dreams

Vomit slug

Vidhwa stri ko sapne me dekhna

Visiting temple with girlfriend

Vegetables in a dream meaning


Vomiting black strings like wool what is that

Vomiting black strings

Vampire fighting

Vegetables nd religious place donation

Visiting hanuman mandir in dream

Vegetable buying

Vomit by a dead

Vomit by a dead people

Vomiting egg maggot

Vitafer l efectos secundarios

Volcano eruption while collecting lost loved ones belongings

Varecores vains

Visiting someone in a hospital

Visa in my passport

Virgin mary statue and praying

Vomiting metal in my dream

Vomit glass

Violence between lovers

Vines on a tree

Vines with large ivy leaves

Viking gods

Veins coming out my toe


Venomous cater ars

Visiting temple in dream

Visited by family

Vessel clean

Vacuuming a yard

Visa application

Vomiting tomatoes

Visa in passport

Very late exam

Visited by a three legged man with gifts

Ver outra pessoa perder dinheiro em um sonho

Vice president forcing me to get married to him

Vehicle license e

Vortex or a tornado?

Violet sun

Visa approval

Vomiting water in a dream

Vomiting up pieces of my liver

Voice of a lion in a dream

Very small baby i was carrying around

Visions of rings

Vine budding

Vomitting foam

Visiting in gurdwara in dream means

Vandalised villa

Vape concealed in baby socks

Vigina itching

Visarjan dream

Vomiting and toileting

Very sick person in my family in ma dream

Vomiting brown stuff

Visiting unknown old lady home in dream

Vomiting in dream

Vision of someone paddling a canoe

Vitamin a


Vakeel ko dekhna

Vision of seeing cheese multiplying out of a hole in solid ground

Victim of a motorcycle

Vegetarian eating meat

Vegetarian meat

Vip group

Vomiting a cow dung in a dream

Verrry hot outside


Visiting the past to see my dead dog alive

Validity of student license

Vanishing purse

Very hairy feet

Van driver man in dream




Vomiting on a ship

Visit apartments

Victorian lady with sowred fish

Visited by the president of the country

Varicose veins on the leg

Visa approved dream

Visiting afriend

Vision of my friend popped up with loud knocking sound

Virgin de guadalupe

Vomiting seeds

Veins in my neck

Vehicle permit to be printed

Vomit a cow dung

Vomit on main my dream he was laughing

Vitthal rakumai

Volcano erupts in yard

Vist crashing

Vomit poop

Vulture bite

Vishnu god statue broken in dream

Visiting my home

Very fast elephant

Voodoo dolls placing curse

Vusiting daughters

Vomiting herbs

Vilvam fruit in dream

Visiting families in the countryside on four-wheelers

Visiting villages in the countryside on four-wheelers

Vomiting a black snack

Vitthal rukhmini

Vitthal rukhamini in dream

Vomiting dog poop

Virgin mary appear in my dream

Very high porch

Violet flowers

Van gough

Vases on stairs


Vendors means

Vomiting up shit

Visiting graveyard

Very whit teeth

Vulture fly just above my head

Visiting a tea farm

Vacation with passes away dad

Volcano erupting lava seeping under door


Vomiting after the priest gave us food to eat

Vacation with ex-friend

Vegetables and oil in my dream

Validation, proof

Vibrant colorful portholes suspended in the air

Van doors closing

Vomiting poridge


Vomitting flowers

Visit your pregnant daughter in hospital


Vampire interest in me

Very golden


Vroom vroom

Virgin feeding a new born baby

Visit from friends

Vomiting up worms

Violent father

Varying a baby in a dream

Vulture eating fish

Victorian boy

Vulture holding snake

Village in crater

Vietnamese person


Vomiting sponge

Vision about special turon

Vert tall woman

Vomit on floor

Vulture eating my clothes

Vomiting a bad taste and smell in dream

Vomiting slugs

Vomiting worm in the dream

Vacuum cleaner throwing dirt on you

Vision of someone throwing water with milk

Vanilla wafer

Vomiting out water

Virgin brother

Vacuum sealed

Vacuum seal internal organs

Vehicle tow

Vision of a pretty ghost in a bog

Vulture turning into man

Vavinci blue print

Very long room

Viewing kaaba while raining

Varicose blood

Very old carpet

Vomitting pink

Visiting temple with my crush in dream

Vomit crab

Visitor coming to stay

Velvet curtain in dream meaning

Virginity test by my parents in a dream

Visiting shiva temple

Vomiting clothes

Visiting shiva temple with boyfriend

Vermillion in partition

Visa grant

Visa granted

Vomiting of hair

Vomit in water

Vittal and rakhumai in dreams

Vals tanden

Vals gebied

Velvet clothes

Vehicle tail lights



Visiting grandfather

Visiting your mother unexpectedly

Vomiting worm from ur side jor

Vomiting worm stain with blood

Voilet hijab

Voilet dress make up in dream

Very dry and old toilets and bathrooms

Vibrator dream meaning

Visage flou

Visa in passport of foreign country

Viscous water

Vintage bicycle leaning on brick wall

Vomiting organs like haert or liver and vibrate in my hand

Vomiting internal and organs seen on a dream

Vomit pins

Visiting sikh gurdwara in dream ?

Visiting china

Vomits in my hair


Vinyl broken record

Visting the planet saturn


Vitiligo dream

Vomit and tooth loss

Vomiting something white


Visa dreams

Voodoo doll in

Virgin mary taking my hand

Vision of my partner cheating

Vision of cleaning blood

Valentine candy

Vintage jeans

Vulture entering your home

Visiting temple and holy river during periods in dream

Visitation in vehicle

Vehicle dream

Vehicle glitch

View of a lake or sea

Victoria girl hurting me

Very swollen left leg very bad edema

Vows dream meaning

Virginia mary

Vulnerable woman

Vulnerable woamn

Vultra birds


Very long table cloth

Virgen mary necklace

Vampire dream in islam

Visit psychic


Virgin pregnant dream


Vice president visited my home

Verse of words

Van accident

Varsity jacket

Vavoriztore ambientale



Visiting gurudwara

Violet clouds

Vomiting while on a cruise ship

Vomiting while on a cruise

Vision of blond girl next to bedside

Vbchi nl nv un mo lol my

Virgin mary neck falling

Visit to kashi

Vomiting lounge

Vomiting placenta


Vein clot

Violet flower

Viewing a big house in your dream

Viewing a big home from outside

Very long hair

Vampire dream meanings


Volcano and lava

Visit to mt kailash

Voice message phone

Verses hell

Vomiting eggs in dream

Visiting a colleagues house

Versions of myself

Visiting temple in periods

Veads coming out from my mouth


Visiting someone in prison

Voice saying check in the back

Vomiting white stuff

Vision of climbing up wall

Vision of climbing ceiling

Van going to fast and a tire comes off and wrecks

Van going fast and wheel coming off and wrecking

Vehicles thrown


Vacation house

Vomiting salt

Vithal dev in dream

Violent girlfriend

Viking fleet ship

Visiting hospital


Vision of sapphire breaking to pieces

Vomit maggots

Vietnam seen in a dream.

Vehicle rolling backwards

Very tall dead tree

Vacation payed for

Vision: if you are talking to either one: you have made a wise decision, and a specific project is going to be successful.if both your

Visiting your home country

Visiting your hiomeland

Visiting country of origin

Visiting home country and random persons house

Value number if carabao in a dream

Valye number of carabao

Vibhuti from temple in dreams

Visiting the toilet

Vomiting pain and razor blades

Vodo magic


Vomit spiders

Vehicle number

Vel and muruka

Vk dream

Visiting a blind woman and her children


Vitiligo on the hands of an ex-boyfriend

Vegetable plot

Visual novel

Visiting a loved one after death

Very long and thin snakes walking fast and behind every snake was followed by a camel and my classmate killed one snake and camel was powerless

Van dream

Vulgar lady

Visit past

Voice telling me i need to meet a boy

Visited my house politicians

Vomiting smaller fish

Vomiting young fish

Valuable stamps



Vermillion flycatcher


Visiting darga

Vista of a lake


Vision of road blocked by big red truck

Vitiligo in my face

Veg in temple

Visa on hold in dream

Veg and temple

Vomiting eggs

Vegetable pest

Visiting istanbul

Vulvitis in private part


Visiting two deceased friends at their apartments sitting on their couch

Visiting dead friend at their home

Valentine charms

Virgin mary broken


Vivara word


Violence using bones

Violence with antlers

Violence with my brother appearing in my dream

Vomiting oil in a dream

Vulva and yoni

Vomit cotton

Vibration room

Vampires at a ski reaort

Virgin mary statue broken in my dream what does ur mean

Vortex or whirlpool

Virgin mary pictures

Voting male in jail n they touch my


Virgin mary smiling

Voodoo dolls, forest


Vomiting olive oil

Video calling

Vomir un scorpion noir

Vomir un scorpion


Vomiting stones

Vibhuti received and temple

Valentine day


Vascular diaease

Vacation and friend

Vomiting lizards and snk

Vigiana dreaming

Vomiting porridge

Vomiting coffee ground

Velvet ribbon made into a large bow

Voice telling me i was going to die

Voice wakes you up

Visiting temple with my bf

Vomiting photos in drams

Vacuum bathroom

Vacation with children

Violin strings

Voice gone after match

Visiting kashi dream meaning

Violet and yellow flowers

Virgin mary in the clouds

Vomiting white debris


Vermillon dream

Vineyard with grapes

Vomiting cowries in dream what does it mean

Vegetables during first trimester



Vomiting turtles

Vomit found all over

Very tall friend

Village in dream

View of mountain with dark blue sky

View of a mountain with a tree on the left and a dark blue sky

Voulenterly jumping off a tall cliff into to sea

Vase dream interpretation

Very beautiful green fruit

Visit your in number



Vegetable plants in garden

Visit from dark skinned man

Very tail people

Vampire was someone i know

Vision from a ghost

Vivid color yellow meaning

Visit a marabou

Vomiting coin

Voices telling you to follow them

Village dream interpretation

Vomitting up a gold chain with a cross

Vehicle night without

Vacuuming abd harrying up

Visiting cousins

Vegetables soup


Visiting my grandparents and feeling happy and content

Visiting my grandparents

Vomited green leaf

Vertigo in my dream

Visiling voice in demanding

Ventriloquist talking

Vale sound

Vomit in pit latrine

Vomiting ars of salt

Vefat etmis halani gormek

Vomiting nonstop


Visiting a friend at their house and finding their mother

Visiting my village

Vid being eaten alive in the house

Vid being eaten alive

Virus puking

Visa granted in dream meaning


Vandalized bicycle

Vandalized items


Virgin mary figure

Visiting mecca with mother in dream

Visiting hairdresser

Varahi amman four times dreaming me

Visiting dead friend at their house they lived in before death

Visiting deceased friends at their homes

Visited childhood home

Visit old home


Visited by the king in dream

Vomiting pearls

Video game console

Vajetable butter beans


Video collage

Velvet box and key

Very shiny floors

Vehicle smoking

Vering to the side of a bridge

Vomiting silver coins

Virigin mary coming to my friend and entered her body

Voice message from dead husband

Virgin mary in black dress

Visting temple in periods

Vaishnav tilak dream

Vintage furniture

Vibrating legs

Visiting prisoner

Visiting son

Vegetable on trees

Vibuthi and kumkum

Vision of a chicken turning into a dead woman

Vein bursting

Vegetables in urine

Visnu sangu

Visiting kashi vishwanath temple in dream

Vomitting needle

Very fruitful small house garden

Very small fruitful garden

Vanishing words on a letter in your dreams

Vanishing words in your dream

Visiting a person you dislike

Visiting a partners ex

Villian with superpowers

Victorian house by a river

Victorian house by the lake

Visiting someone in their house

Visiting someone

Visited home town; saw my seniour brother

Virgen mary

Virgin mary hug baby jesus

Vomiting nail to me

Vomiting braids

Vortex in your dream

Vintahe car

Vortex meaning in a dream

Vomit seashells



Violently scratch head

Visiting partner in hospital

Vegetables growing on you

Viper bit brother

Vehicle crossing and

Vehicle crossing a

Vampire squid


Visiting ex boyfriend

Vomiting cowries in the dream

Visiting relative tombstone in a dream meaning

Vomiting intestine in a dream

Vacuum cleaner in utility room

Vaal sprout

Vehicle registration

Vietnamese people

Vertical street

Variety animal bones

Violent riot

Vultures attacking me

Visiting a friend and serves you roasted ground nuts

Vampire bat bite

Virgin of high grace

Virgin mary in blue clothing

Vegetable garden meaning

Very likable

Very likeable

Vomiting cowrey

View through trees on top of mountain

Van with no door going over waterfall

Virgin mary in all black

Vergin marie said to me only me can see her

Vishnu broken arm

Video of interpretation of seeing melon seed in the dream

Vinvitation from dead ones

Vulture bird

Vomiting up a placenta

Valley with clear deep water



Vomit squid dream

Vomit squid drem

Vomit ringworm dream meaning

Very naughty things happening than me and my friend are going to sleep very late and we’re at my house but it apears to be someone else’s house

Vintage cars

Vomiting choking

Vitthal dreams

Vomit dream kissing


Vomiting girl

Victorian man riding horse

Vomit kissing

Violeted, abused or mistreated in my dream lucky numbers

Volleyball match

Voice through a water pipe

Very shiny white eighteen wheeler with a very bright light shining

Very white and shiny eight teen wheeler

Visit work when have not been there for years

Vehicle carter ar

Vw bug dream meanings

Visiting ancestors

Vegetable and cow meat soup

Vur tree

Vomited dream teer number

Vishwakarma acharya in dreams

Voices in head overwhelming numbers

Visualization of a book am obliged to write

Vision of tree with gold leaf

Vision of tree with golf leaf

Video game ing

Varahi amman in dream

Vehicle window

Vehicle moon roof

Vegetable worm

Vomitting blood and sperm

Video voyeurism


Vibrant earring piercing on arm

Visit the same home in twice in dreams

Visit the same hime

Visit a home regular for two day in drwam


Visiting former house


Vaccum salesman

Vibrations trying tocwake me

Visiting grave of prophet muhammad saw

Virginia suck by a man

Vomiting fat in dream


Viper bite

Visiting someone room while absent

Voice can’t be heard

Vines growing to face

Visiting place of worship in a new country

Vomit wet sand

Vel in dreams

Vitex payo

Very tall hotel counter

Vascular blockages

Vomit found on the bed sheet

Van stripped and vandalized

Video calling with 4 people

Valampuri under ground

Violently wrapped in blanket

Visiting, temple and ex seen in a dream.

Vantage old clothes

Voice talking in my ear

Vegetarian eating chicken curry in dream

Verbal abuse dream meaning: from 1 different sources.

Verbal abuse dream meaning: from 1 different sources

Vacuuming water



Vomiting a thick substance dream

Vegetable and tomatoes

Vortex after death

Vomiting of hair in the dream

Visiting former friend family

Vomit one cowries in my dream

Vendor refused to sell me sweet potatoes

Very clean compound

Viewing a house

Vandalizing things

Video talk with my ex

Voodoo and letter u

Visit dead parents for holiday


Vomiting in virgina

Vigana bleeding in dream

Vomiting rainbows

Valley flooding mean


Violent family ceremony


Visiting kedarnath with my girlfriend

Van floating in the sea

Valueable from trash

Voice saying bomb

Viper skull

Virginia hair

V shape


Vaping a vape

Vanilla flavoring

Virginia in dreams


Visa interview

Vomiting blade in dream

Vomiting seafoods

Vomit copper

Vibooshi and kumkum

Visa grant in dream

Vice president dream meaning

Visit temple but didn’t see in god ganesh in it tamil astrology

Vomiting sea glass stones jewels

Vines growing upward over house

Venus pink smoke

Vomiting black bird

Voice call hello

Village submerged in water

Vulture eating flesh

Vulture eating fleah

Vergina exposed

Vomit bee


Volunteer in mandir

Violet colour flowers near a river

Vomit keys

Vomit keys girl

Viking ship

Voodoo pin

Vanilla bearing flower

Virtiligo in a dream

Visiting krishna temple with my crush

Vomiting raw squid

Visited by a blue tit

Vomit snake in your dream

Voodoo doll with needle

Vanilla flower begins to grow

Vanilla flower shoot growing out

Vanilla begins to bear

Vomit in bowl


Visiting temple with ex in a dream

Velasco stephanie

Vulture dream number

Very tall man shook my left hand

Vomit of a cat

Visited varanasi temple in my dream

Virgin mary and flowers

Viirgin mary with flowers

Vomit sand

Visit to hairdresser

Visit to aloof hairdresser

Voice telling me to say it the lesson is learned

Vomitting fish dreams biblical meaning

Video coverage

Vicar in creased clothes

Violence at wedding

Visitor refusing to leave my house after welcome

Vagunal wound dream meaning

Visiting a former area and noticing developmental changes

Varahi amma

Violent storms

Vice president

Vertical road that is easy to fall from

Vitiligo on face

Very long red snake

Voice saying hello

Vice saying hello

Vomiting demon

Vomiting black beads in the dream

Vitiligo on the face and hands

Visiting the cemetery with my two kids

Vermilion on head

Village fete

Vomiting water baloon with tiny fish inside

Vehicle stop working