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Dreams starting with the letter H

Hearing a door closed

Hearing a voice unknown in a dream

Hearing the athaan

Hathi palne ka matlab

Holding calabash

Homeless talk give food

Home in chinese word

Hotel glass

Husband forgetting who i am

House sinking in mud

Holding a female minister hand

Having hiv positive

Having hiv

Human turning into snake

Honeycomb on skin

Having three children and a husband

Hiting by my friend

Hiding grandson from a roman soldier

Herd of puppies

Held as hostage

Hearing hasbi allah

Holding key holder

Holding a head

Higher ground and rising water

House collapse by earthquake

Husband died in car crush


Husband marries someone

Hem sewing

Helping blind men what does mean?

Hurriedly packing

Horse with contorted face

Having dinner with close friends

Hanging dresses

Holding a bus

Holding onto bus

Holding onto fast driving bus driven by mom

Hateful thoughts

Home technology equipment friend

Hawk ring

Hawk ri

Humiliating my spouse

Husband no shirt

Husband bathing

Husband in a rain

Holding a cutlass

Hooded head lady

Horny in a dream

Husband who passed on returning wedding ring

Husband wearing a black skirt

Harvesting piches with my late grandmother

Heard ball drop

Hear burning smell

Hot water break the cup

Horse gram food eating dream

Hunting drone

Hearing chime when speak with dead

Hidden information

Having a glass eye

Husk pile

Having a bible and a gun

Hybrid black bear human

Hearing train sound

Hammer head shark

Hammer head

Husband masterbating in private

Head stone

Hand clock

Hand weakness

Head in fridge

Heavyweight objects

Honey on a hair

Hibiscus growing from feet

Hole in middle of a photo

Husband fighting another man

Husband and his friends my co worker

Husband mastubating in dream

Hyena eating dog

Hand burning using crackers

Having foreign currency in dream dollar and sterling pound

Hair not ready and dress did not fit for a beauty pageant

Horny melons

Harvested kiwano

Hooded shadow

Hanging clothes in a football field what it means

Hands over face

Half man half fish

He was a young man in my dream and he embraced me tightly

Helping a cripple mum

Husband wearing sangoma clothes

Hitting someoness head of

Hanging of white clothes on washing line

Horse without limbs

Having a rat tail

Healed scars on leg

Having a circle bald patch in my dreams

Husband n his ex were in hospital for hiv test in dream meaning

How do i stop sent photos and videos to be saved on my phone

Husband sees his pregnant wife giving birth to healthy baby girl

High landscape path

Hair splinter finger

Huge moon changing direction

House door has been shot at

Hiding evidence

Huge many green apples

Handbags and shoes together

Husband asks for baby

Horses butt

House near water

Holding two old cutlasses in my left hand means what

Horse loses a hoof

Horse pulling carriage with no harness

Half horse and half kangaroo

House under witchcraft drea

Heap of gravel

Hair pulling from mouth

Hand cuff put in garage

Horoscope meaning

Having a baby but not your own baby

Husband having and affair with sister

Hair styled two different ways

Hip.hop artist

Having people looking at me as i look odd dream

Heavy rainfall with me asking god for mercy

Harmattan mood in dream meanings

Hear number seven in the dream what does it mean

Happy died baby swimming

Hindu wedding invited

House and church

Holding and patting a brown and white owl

Holding a cooked chicken and being chased by he hogs

Having intimacy with someone you know but not in love with and falling pregnant

Hedge being cut down

Having two admirers in a dream

Hair messy, tangled

Half packed on the dream

Hickey in arm

Horrible state of sanitary pads on the day of my exams and me crying

Hair shaving by wife

Half cut cow

Hediye renkli kalemler

Handed a baby

House and utilities

Hair on a towel

Hawking sachet water in a dreams

House filled with people

Husband being inprisoned

House with damp wall

Hair shag dream

Having a bbq

Hiding in a room

Husband giving his wife envelope with lot of money

Hollowed out

Holding a tortoise

Helping a decieced love one cross the road

Helpong someone cross the road

Helpong so.eo e cross the road

Having a metal jawbone

Husband cheats with my mother

Home when ill

Holes in a wall flooding

Husband shaving

Husband as father

Hole in moms head

House cliff storm

Hand coming out of the wall

Half body black

Half orange in the dream

Hiv dreaming

Hats, cap

Hearing deaf

Hearing and speaking

Having six gold in hand

Having lots money

Had a a dream i had a affair patrick

Holding a persons head

Hiding a body that wakes up

Hurting you by grabbing

Husband cheating in dream

Hans ka dikhna

Had a dream i was cleaning my moms toe nails

Had a dream i was cleaning my moms toi

How to overcome stroke

Holding or produced ababy

Hiding good deeds

Husband marriage

Having twins in adream

Hundreds of black bird flying in the sky in a dream

Hug with pirsdent

Helping cleaning a house

Husband walking past your car you in it

Husband well groomed walking past

House warmt

Husband walking pass

Husband leaving barbershop

Husband coming out of barbershop younger

Handing out sunglasses

Husband was accused of molesting a one three year old

Husband in kitchen

Husband and wife playing tag tour ot

Harvesting colocasia

Having a dream and been raped by a mad person.

Harvesting egg plant fruit

Harvesting yellow garden eggs

Hear leviticus when passed a pen

Hiding from police because of

Hanuman ji idol fall in water

Hairless baby pink mice

Holy quran ayaths disappearing

Hoop being chased by a stick

Huge amount.of jaggery in dream

Harvesting sweet potato and carrots

Home in thumb with worm coming out

Home in thumb with work coming out

Having spit rub on a callous on a foot

Hit man after me

Heel bone

Half of moon and stars

Human pygmie

Heaps of soil

Holding a empty glass

Hell hound stalking me

Holding cutlery

Hiding dope

Huge settlement of money

He wanted to give me a ring i rejected it

Husband drowned

Hole in ceiling in bedroom

Hiding from galloping horse carrying someone

Hailmary prayer in my dream

Having to climb down a ladder and lots of water surrounding

Hanging cut vines

Horses and dogs

Husband kissing another man

Heel on fire

Husband brings dog in home

Home next to railway station

Hear a door slamming

Horse and rider lined up

Hole towel

Hearing the our farther in dream

Honey coumb

Hired strippers for a party

Hat does it mean dreaming about someone stealing your sanitary pads?

Hearing singing

Hearing a baby

Honeymoon with your ex

Half glass of water

Half dog and half goat


Hear footsteps

Hoyfriend sitting by window

Hat falling

Helpimg to protect somebodys property

Hear an amount of money

Helicopter accident dream number

Hear somebody say they will give me ten thousand rand

Hear a pertinent number


Hearing amount of money

Horror movie being the villain

Hit in throat with arrow

Honor in my dream

Husband giving new wedding ring

Hurt baby cow with big red eyes

Helping a drunk husbanf

Hole in palm of hand

Hitting a child/baby in dream

Hand on my head that is not letting me go

Hiding money inside my private part | dream interpretation

Human with snake eyes

Having hair bangs

Hiding people from danger

Hiding people from eveil

Husband shopping for another woman dream meaning

House steps

Huge parsnips, turnips,

Half snake half human

Hugs dream

Holes all over my body

Head of the estate

Huge gorilla


Human entity

Helping someone crossover

Hiding behind tree from germans then being knifed in the stomach

Hearing a name called out

Home in israel

Hairs on the arms

Huge fish being cut

Handwritten writing dream

Horse poop left outside my door


His with another woman,we have the same dream at the same time

Hes with other woman,we have the same dream

Hickeys on your own neck

Half human with bull hind legs

Hat as gift in dream

Holding the golf stick wrong

Holding the golf stick the wrong way

Holding sword towards the sun

Holding sword and microphone

Holding sword

Happy posthumous birthday

Holding a golf stik wrong

Hard skin on feet

Had a dream of building new house

Having teins and they die


Husband has a broken leg

Husband has an leg cast

Husband has a cast

Horseshoe cut off

Holding ditaola

Holding a silver wrist watch

Helping a paramedic

Holding a gold in your hand

Horse making mayor pregnanat

Had a dream i was at mount sinai and found people worshiping

Hug a crocodile

Husband shooting

Hosting acrusade

Half soft drinks

Hiding a head in a dream

House burnt down in islam

Henna on nails of alady

Henna on nails

Henna on the nails of a lady

Hanging outside a window

Husband sleeping with my adult daughter

Hair frame

Having dinner in restaurant on a sea shore

Handicap woman

Holding a bird

Hanging wall clock

House floor breaking and letting water in

House floor breaking

Holding blue rope what does it mean

Hurting my cat

Holding a newly born baby and then the baby then dies

Hot girl dream

Hiding car

Hot water in a melting water flask

Hawking boiled eggs

Heaps of utensils

Hold necklace

Havinga new acket

Had i dream i was becoming a spy

Hair remover

Having a family get together with both living g and dead family and friends

House stealing

Had a dream of my dead wife telling me to come with her

Hippo becoming candy

Hoes in money

Holes in money

Half full sack

Hand attached to my forehead

Having with a cow


Half shaved half bushy body

Hearing a name mentioned

Husband and beating

Husband beating me

Hindu elephant mask on estranged son

Holiest of holies

Had a dream that my deceased husband sent me a text

Husband flirting with other

Hug and smell

Hearing sofar in a dream

Holding microphone

Heartbeat in a cocoon

Hair frames

Having a wife and a child

Hair rounding

Heart moon

Humming during dream

Humming duurung dreams

Husband angry

Hands stuck down pants

Hole and water

Harvesting corn in antarctica but local government catches you

Hiv tablets in dream meaning

Hole with water

Hands grabbing

Having romance with someone u love

Husband gets second wife

Hole in flesh of my body

Holding milk

Huge ocean fish swallows a loved one

Hairy body

Hiking boot with a tear in the sole

Hairy legs and top of feet

Husband looking down over you in open grave

Helping an old man to his wheelchair

Hasbiallah wa nimal wakeel

Hollow toe

Huge red waves flooding

Haunted store

Husband holding a baby girl

Harvest carrots

Hurt child

Hearing someone cursing in your dream

Help someone shit

Happy walk around


Having boil in my dream

Hanging kids clothes on the dryingline

Husband elephant killed herd

Husband elephant killed hers

Hold chalk in a dream

Holding a dog back

Holes in wall at home

Heartbeat suddenly stopped

Hearing heartbeat and it suddenly stopped

Husband having a hicky

Husband having affair

Husband n wife love

Huge shivling

Half face in mirror

Hearing your cousin has died

Hearing an owl hoot at night

Husband won

Hear knock when just wakeing up

Holding raw meat

Having in a dream

Harvesting banana

Hurting a pedophille

Hiding your motorbike due to different state registration

House surrounded by old grave

Husband give money bundle to mother inlaw

House fire intruder with knife

Husband wea female clothes

Husband wearing female clothing red scarf

Highly swollen phallic

Hair on the floor

Harvesting sweet potatoes

House rebuild

Husband getting blessing

Hospital lights

Having sec x with your ex

Harvesting a tamarind tree

Harpy eagle feather

Head cut

Hearing a loud alarm in dream

Hav8ng a crush

Head split in two

Head trauma

Horse biting

Husband standing behind wife

Hook hands

Hearing door closing

Hanging on a cliff side by a rope

Henna tattoo on left forearm

Husband was shot in front of me

Half face is numb

Huge money was given to me

Human body animal face

Headset and phone base

Headset and base

Hawk or bird of prey landing on your arm but not attacking

Hiding with gun

Hacer ablucion

High perch

High perch fear of climbing down

Huge wasp

Hair stuck on teeth

Have white paper with fire

Huevos de avestruz

Huge dogs

Hit run

Harvesting ripe plums on a plum tree

Husband being beaten with baseball bat

Hairy feet dream

Hands full of muddy dirt

Had a ginger baby boy

Human eye inside ruby

Hands possessed drawing on its own

Husband seeing beautiful woman in dream

Happy big family on a same house

Hanging coat

Hearing a deceased person calling my name twice

Husband released from prison and my house is a mess

Hole in ceiling someone looking through

Holding a new baby

Horse and water

Holes in the floor

Human cow head

Having fun

Hearing unknown sounds

Headless body in water

High ranking soldier gives you lots of money

Holding hands with somebody who has passed

Hidden rooms of interesting things

Half necked neighbor having herpes rush laughing

Humanoid creature

Holding a torch with a lot of light

Hole in a bowl

Hole in the foundation

Husband peeing and bed

Having meat on the plate and matooke plus rice at school

Highway driving lost

Hole on head

Hammer nails coming out of ears

Hear oh israel

Having a drink with a friend

Half decorated christmas tree

Half decorated christmas tre

Husband dancing with another woman

House without doors

Have not packed for a trip

Having abdominal muscles

Hyellow snake

Having abba

Hole in side of shoe

Holes in a wall

Hole in my finger

Hit curb while driving

Hit curb

Hearing light switch in dream

Helicopter ride

Helpjng someone cook

Humming bird mening

House on a hill

Hole in waistline with black grease coming out when i squeeze

Holding torn shoes in your hand

He meaning of the symbols of husband, sucking, , milk seen in a dream.

Having my lip pieced

Had dream about munkar nakir

Hot bath water throwing on face

Holding a lot of gold

Having a staring competition with your crush

Having being pursued by a python countless times

Hunting and kills a wild animal with dogs

Head and wound

Hand in head

Hijabless girl

Husband dead body covered in white bed sheet

Husband dead body only the feets i can see

Half if a man

Hearing a cat in my dream

Hearing sound of snake in dream

House smashed

Hearing wolf like growling

House attacked by insects and fairies

Hole in the ground in my backyard

Human got ate by iguana

Hiding a corpse in the wall

Hiding in the forest

Having blue teeth

Holding on to the side of a tall building

Hiding from terrorists

Hanging pardon

Hiding from mother

Hiding from dead mother

Having green lemon

Hair growth face

Having twins while you are unmarried

Holding others cap

Havan kind

Hear quran

Husband got fired

Hidden face in sky

Hijra askingfor help with money in dream

Helicopter landing at water

Houses to rent in kathu

Half human and half snake

Hard dry feet round edges

Horses and fish

Horses and fishes

Husbands baby to another woman

Holding red waist belt open

Holding red waist belt ope

Harvesting black plums in dream

Hunting cat dream

Husband loses mind and hurts family

Hearing loud trumpets, end of the world

Hooded raven

Horse in the rain

Hot air balloon rolling out of control

Hear cats meowing

Handcuffed to a parent

Haunted dol

Haunted windmill

House filling with dead leaves

Help someone cover up murder

Having a dream and seeing the person in a blue suit who was just killed

Have been lost in the markwt place

Holding a crown

Hands tried-up

Having some okra in your hand in dresm

Having flu in the dream

Hanging by door child

Hebrews letters ons the wall

High wall heights

Husband being secretive

Having a shower in the dream

Head lizard sound

Half clear crystal half rose quartz

Husband has impregnated other woman

Holding my cv

Had a dream of a long green and brown nature colored snake falling out of a tree while the wind was blowing the rest of the leaves off

Holes in your skull

Hybrid animals being bullied

Hearing a very loud motorcycle

Hair, trash,floor and cleaning

Hear death

Horse and colt

Herd of whites sheeps

Herd white sheeps

Horn sticking out under writs in dream

Happily harvesting nice sorghum with a friend

Huge white closeup moon

Hand duster

Huge deer

Husband puts wedding ring

Hazrat fatima s grave in dream meaning

Halloween night

Hair draem

Horses and goats

Horse shoe engraved on gold ring

Had a dream a witch was after me and i was screaming at her to leave me alone and to quit me

Harassed by a black man at work

Husband cheating with girl named jlll

Half spider half scorpion

Half burned on duty card on my neck, in a dream

Half burnt on duty card in my dream

Having huge black pores on skin

How much is the sumsang galaxy a3

Honey bee landed on my eye

How to dream of my girlfriend sitting on my lap laughing at me

Hitting head on floor

Hand holding by neck

Holi color purple

Husband giving birth to baby girl with teeth

Husband in bed with other woman

Had a dream about rain and river what is the meaning of it

Having period in dream

Hole in finger made by a kid on forefinger

Half human and porcupine

Handcuff on ground

Handcuffs on door step

Hyena attacking poodle

Hidden squash

Helping a bridal party dress

He meaning of the symbols of talking, dead, twin and brother seen in a dream

Huggs and smelling someone

Head covered with money

Huge baked chicken

Hitting sign with car

Helping people in church

Hearing the hail mary in my dream

Holding a white sheep

Holding swan

Hiv test showing positive

Holding triangles in hands

Handcuffs broken from my ex hands

Husband buying you new clothes

Horse poo


Having to get dressers for someone

Havesting plumes

Husband having other girl preanant

House washed away

Holding a child hand walking away

Hair straighting

Having an argument with a dead person

Having a break up with a dead person

Healthy goats eating a green field

Holding a knife in the dream

Haldi kumkum to mangalsutra in temple

Husband hand and feet coloured in red aalta

Holding a huge aggressive fish

Holding albino baby

Husband had babies with other woman

Hands slipping

Holdin wrist of crush

Holding steering wheel then it disappears

Hand stitches

Hand impalement

Husband looking at u with smile

Holi colour face of my husband

Head in ground

Hurt toe

Highschool reunion

Hearing a clear sentence not your voice

Husband made a bed not in convenient place

Holding quran

Head falling off animal

Honey from wasp dream

Hitting a bike rider

Husband looks different

He called me my luna and another positive words that my heart melt and feel he so inloved in me tlin my dream but in reality im not luna and i dont know him

Having injection on both arms

Husband with lots of other women, laughing, pushing me away

Home was robbed

Held by wrist

Hiding a head

Held hostage dream

Havesting young okra meaing

Hand turned backwards

Hand turned backward

Huge figure wearing translycent royal blue garment

Handphone exploded

Headphones smoke broken

Husband being president

Hearing of the death of a former classmate

Having a bj in dream

House on fire with family

Hunuman in white

Hen eating ant

Hospital with rose walk way

Hanuman feet in dream


Husband bathing with maid in dream

Hired kidnapper

Having period during ramadan

Hands window

Harvesting ripe sugar apple

Hasbunallah wanikmal wakil

Handful of gems

Husband and i were talked

Huge in dream

Hall of records white waiting room

Hold hands and they are cold

Hole in the sky then fire on the edge of it

Hearing a hyena

Hyena panther and rattlesnake sounds

Helping poor

Handing keys to someone

Hearing the same name

Hearing the name bartholomew

Horse eye

Husband cooking for others

High five a dead person

Horse eating my baby


Husband dumps sugar cane waste in the toilet


Hair up do

Husband was dying

Hands cramped together

Hotel game

Hard sweets

Husband removing wedding ring

Head full of lice

Hole in arm dream

Hearing, night, lord vishnu

Husband healing back with a chiropractic adjustment


Husband sleeping with om

Hat pins

House without foundation

Hose without foundation

Hen given to someone in a dream what dose that mean

Headless baby in car crash

House dream number

Having a food festival at church

Hearing a person name in a dream

Husband shaved his head

Having affair with a madman in the dream what does it mean

Having a yellow teeth in the dream

Hearing hanuman chalisa in dream

Humanoid black monky

Head shout

Helping an elderly man to have bath

Hollow cat leg

Herd of camels being raised by me and a single baby camel following me

Hearing a different language in my dream

Hands coming out of walls

Hamster revive

Hamster drink water

Hair tuning into snakes

Helicopter blade

Human body fracture

Heavens doors

Holding a fat baby

Holding tibetan prayer wheels

High hilled shoes

Heron dream

Hearing hello and being awoken

Husband calling wife a liar

Hiding from tiger

Higher school

Holding gods hand in green pastures

Husband beating a wife in a dream

Hold elepant

Home address

Holding honey in both hands full

Harvesting bitter gourd

Holding hands with non mahram

Hunting dogs

Husband kissing niece

Hole in han

Humble building

Hero of an attempted car jacking

Holding two potatoes

Husband had an eagles head

Having keys that are not yours

Hiding from attacker

Head bald spot

Hair growth on face and neck as a woman

House hoarding

Husband gave wife an item to give away

Husband gives my item away

Hospital parking garage

Hiding in toilet

Healing a broken


Hot water in bucket

Husband name david

Having twins girls

Holding a boys hand

Harry potter rainbow feet

Had a baby and was out shopping for it

Holding water host to water the surroundings


Huge pig sleeping on the side of a road

Human size pig sleeping on the side of the road

Having good time with ex president

Home god in dream

Heavy rain and a lot of rain i was wet and when i got home there was other lady working at our house shop but she seemed lazy or crippled for she always set st the church

[email protected]

Handing over an old file

Hunting birt number

Hnd has double fingers

Hair turning into twigs and moss

Husband has overdose

Hand in window

Husband being gay

Home new with black

Hole in a large tree

House floating in space

Having to dream won a three golden batche in my school and with numbers on the test i wrote

Husand giving a wedding ring

Heard lady of the lake

Hearing a lady voice

Holes in floor

Holding spear

Hunting for rare animals

Holes in nails

Horse nibble

Hole in a stomach

House with lights on radio playing


Helping someone with taxes

Hair and bun dream

House keys

Hole in saree

Hitting dart board with darts



Husband dreaming wife is pregnant

Half human half snake demon

Hea d between legs

Home with many rooms

Hole in skin red thread sewing

Hole skin red thread sewing

Homeless people

Husband picking two eggs in the wife dream

Husband picking two eggs

Hairly teeth

High quarter


High bleachers

Hanumanji smiling dream

Husband pregnant

Husband choking on food

Holding priestly rod

Holding a newborn girl

Hiding from a lion

Helping pope


Hurting someone you love

Husband sent to prison

Heart transplant

Half bottle of coconut oil

Huge cream pie

Husband laying down with another woman

Hooded rider

Hail that is rocks

Holding antelope in my arms in dream

Happily grandmother

Hen drinking water in my house

Handshake with kzn

Hit a car

Hold by brother in law instead of my guy holding me

Heaven and angels fighting


Hens and chicks in a dream

Hearing majorets drum and girls dancing

Heard knocking and woke up

Having a dream that you see four moons

Husband and daughter affair

Husband caught by police dream

Hearing his name

Husband dreaming about wife having affair and beating her

Having a palava sauce in your hand in your dream

Have been given many calendars

Having many calendars

Humanoid with beak

How about dreaming myself breeding

Hasbunallah written by clouds

Hasbunallah written on sky

Having the tools to fix a train to move it forward

Hearing some ones voice in there head in mine

Hearing some ones voice

Holding a double edged sword

Horse stall

Helping someone with cleaning

Hair extension dreams

Hebrew verse

How dream

Heart attackto a dead person

Husband lying about previous

Husband beating me up

Home paranormal

Having hundred ps of pins put into you


Holding a book, a wizard in white with an old woman and a young girl n a house with two hollow vaults in two bedrooms

Having difficulty to enter the house you have to use a ladder stairs but still difficulty

Holiday with someone else

Hook dreemno

Hearing voice of allah

Hilang two baut

Head boy in a school

Hear cut

Hold hand with someone

Hippo attacking a person

Hippo attackingva person

Holding baby girl dream

Husband dream hold a baby girl



Husband bathing with my sister

Husband denying me in public

Horn cutting of goats

Handcuff being released

Holding demon baby

Hanging off a tall building

Hearing of sangu sound

Hizra dream no

Had a dream and in my dream i made a wish of being great when i saw a fire moving from the heavens to the earth

Held by gangster

Hands and feet covered in candle wax

Half moon with stars

Height husband in dream at a height

Hot pool

Husband build a new house

Husband is building new house

Hearing the name lucifer

Horse raddish leaves

Horseradish leaves

Horse raddish

Horse radish leaves

Hitting ball to a young lady means what

Hitting a ball on a young lady means what in a dream

Hippo and croc floating on clean water

Hippo and croc floating

Honeycomb with skulls in them

Hand running

Heart and moon

Hanging plant falls

Half onion

Hybrid cat snake

Hindu god pictures

Having a ice-cream in dream

Having to go to the back of a line

Hurrying carpet in new house

Hearing my name called

Hanuman black idol dream.

Husband cheats with enemy

Hitting mailbox with car

Helping someone escape from bondage

Hearing a mans voice with my wife

Heavy rain and children sitting and playing in rain

Hip cyst burst

Having a devil tattoo

Having misunderstanding with your wife and letter in dream hearing your mother inlaw voice telling someone that your will travel very soon

Horses appearing in the sea

Hey a

Hand gesturing come here

Healing a madman dream

Hearing the talk of engagement

Hawking meaning

Hospital under siege

Had a dream that my wife cheated on me by kissing another man

Haldi ka pani kalash se bahana

Honeycomb above my bed

Husband swap

Hit and run car accident

Heavy white dupatta

Heart tumor in dream

Hickey on

Havig letter l in a dream

Having legal land documents

Hair on younger

Hindi song

Hollow knees

Hollow knees in dream

Having a chain round my feet