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Dreams starting with the letter T

To dream of red water

Told to burn rosemary

To dream gas tank on e

Torat reading

Throat cut mistaken identity

To see a see through hat

Theft of drivers license

Tattoo rainbow

Trying to eat baby with fork and saving it

Tree trunk stump

That someone is seat with me in a bus

Time travel capsule

Time travel machine

The meaning of the symbols of millions, bank and account seen in a dream.

Tornado storms then clear skies

Two beer bootle

That does it mean for some one to drink palm oil in a dream

Taking bath in a dream

To dream about

Tying wrapper in dream meaning

Three leaved yam

Three-leaved yam

Three-leaved yaw

Turning on and off lights

Tiled road

To dream fetched termites hills

To dream about termites hills

Test for illness

To catch a dove with your own hands trying to kill it bt never die and release it to go

Teer bycycle dream number

Two zero zero money

Thatching a hut house

Two men break into my house

Tie gele for someone

Talking to a king in a dream

To have your lips peeled

Trying on bras

Taj mahal in the dream

To two brown horses

To disvirgin a girl

The boys tells me,she has rude and cheating on me

The meaning of the symbols of cow, meat and intestine in a dream

Thigh infection

To see leopard in a dream

Teacher flogging in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of reciting, hasbunallahu, wa, nimalwakeel seen in a dream.

Two cows were fighting in dream with a small calf

Three comodo dragon

Tearing cap

The meaning of the symbols of jewish celebration

The meaning of the symbols of jewish, celebration

Two sunnyside up eggs

Two rosaries

Taking sand from a graveside


Theft of clothes

To see blood in snow

To see you self as a baby

To run someone over

Two babies in egg shell

Traveling in foreign country in dream

Three yellow moons

Threatening to strangle

The meaning of the symbols of wearing, white clothes and river seen in a dream

Two white men walk up to my boyfriend and get in a jeep with him and they leave

Trapped in a room by a lion

To recieve sapo

To dream of someone walking that cant walk

Two hearts connected

Two white horses fighting

Tiger and black panther

Two guys fighting the one god tired evil and he was saying stanley is coming for you die die die and everyone was running

Tiny spideres

Talking care bosses shoes

Trees with sugar

Thousands of purple roses

To dream about a broken honey bottle

Toenails peeling off

The meaning of the symbols of green and ball seen in a dream

Tie the chain and toes of death body in islam in dream

The chariot

Tall building with hole in the floor

Tarmite eating my clothes dream mean

Trotting horse

Traveling in plane dream

Two friends got murdered

Talking to albino in dream

The meaning of the symbols of mother selling, palmoil in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of tying, head, tie seen in a dream.

Traveling in an aeroplane

Toilet: lucky number

Tiger and beat fight

To eat earthworms

The meaning of the symbols of girl, wearing and chura seen in a dream.

Tulsi mala broken

Tieing health black cows in green pasture

Time moving backwards

Teer dream old friend

Table and shrine

Teer dream loose motion of myself

Teer dream losemotion

Turtle and snake hybrid

Tie someone gele

To pluck ripe pepper

Tow new car buy

The meaning of dreaming mahlwehlwe using the water to the house

Trying to burn my ex letter in my dream

Travel to moon

Throwing up poop

The meaning of symbols of plucking , ripe pepper fruit seen in a dream

Theowing somone in

Throwing someone in dirt

To dream that my sister refuse me not to plait her hair

Taking pictures with my mom in my dream

The meaninig of the symbols of black and white cat seen in a dream

Throwing dirt at the cemetery

Trapped in loop

Throwing stone at green mangoes in a tree

Toe turning black

Third marriage

Turning a bag upside down and cloves falling out of the bag

Torn wrapper

Traveling with a friend to another country

Twin flame carrying me on his sholders

Trench digger

Tall woman at my door

To dream your spouse wearing a new slipper

Ticket (train )

To pluck riped fruits in a dream mean what

The meaning of dead grandma giving gifts to another person to be given to me

To receive white pebbles

The train i m traveling falls into a river

To dream whil rating raw fish as source

Two three zero

To dream my dead mom wearing my clothes

Ten commandments on grey stone

Ten commandments on gey stones

Turn back from a dirty black color water gutter

Three dead lion cubs and two large dead eagles

Turn back from a dirty gutter water floow

Toilet poori dream number

The dead being still alive

Toddler missing left arm unknown to me

Two birds n one die

Tree made of chains

Treasure coming out of a land in drean mean

Treasure coning out of a land

To catch a big rat in dream

Treasure in drean mean

Toy babies

Translucent fish dream

Talking in phone

To dream swollen pens

Two black bird

Titanic ship

That my mother gave me a comforter

Turmeric water poured on me

The meaning of the symbols of shouting and sister seen in a dream

Temporarily blinded

The dreaming of the symbols of a great apostle lay his hand on you and you fall under power in a dream


Toilet fire

The meaning of the symbols of discuss governor seen in a dream.

Thirty one

Three hundred thirty three

Three three two

Three three one

The boy that you like

Taj restaurant se

To give a native doctor money in a dream. what does it mean?

Toes falling off my feet

To queue and find that food is finished

Tortoise inside a purse

To dream when your marriage partner is cheating on you

To seem when your partner is cheating on you


Teddy wearing bloody gloves

Teddy ea

Thred and needle sewing something and someone yeach me

The meaning of the symbols of recite, rabana, ati, na, fid, dunya seen in a dream

Torch light made light to see spiritual

Turtle and snake in a dream

The meaning of a dead person giving me garlic in a dram

To giving money dead person what does ti mean

Thrown in the sea


Tater tots

Trickling tap


To roast meat in dream

Two right sandals

The card queenof hearts

Two snakes moving in circle in from of me

The meaning of the symbols of stone and egg seen in a dream

Two blankets sewn together

Talking with alan ex

Two card stolen from wallet and addition wallet in purse

Train stop scattered miss stop

Train station miss

To angry with small sisters

To angry with small sisters and kill them

To put very much oil in hairs

Teacher asking me a question but i dont know the answer

To shollow maggots in dream

To drink maggots

Talk about dead bodies

Two men together

Tilling the soil in the dream

Two women one with little girl having black heena in hands

Travelling on the bus

Throwing a tasbee

To visit gurudwara with ur bf

The meaning of the symbols of giving, arishina and kumkuma

Teaching assistant

Tortoises copulating

Throwing raw goats meat in a black kavera for me to just to the other side of the slope

To dream about mum giving me a very nice roasted cassava

Talking about death people

The meaning of uprooting coco yam in a dream

Two boys one girl eating

To receive energy from god

To fuse energy

To fuse and create new source of energy

To be called ruth in a dream

Three headed asian

The meaning of the symbols of dead, person, live, ill, hospital seen in a dream

Theft happened at home of my loving pet but i managed to catch the thieves as i looked at them from far away. i was very emotional. hate and grudge towards the thieves.

Theft of a pet, caught theives, anger

Theft, pet, caught theives, anger, grudge

To dream where my wife off generator that is on

Three pans of spaghetti sauces cooking at once

Today in my dream i laughed heavily around my clg friends

Three intruders throught window

Two women death body

Take off layers of tight clothing

Two lizard fight

Two diverging roads

Torn parchment

To dream of marble slabs

Trapping a wasp

Two pupils in one eye

[email protected]

The galaxy and other sky things

To see sangoma in a dream meaning

Talking about money

Trumpet sounds and angels in the sky

Tiny spiders coming out of my ear

Tired horse with one missing leg

To dream of a large boar

To dream of a large wild boar

Talking to dead uncle

Trying to reattach body parts on a dead woman

Take bath in salt

Thief in a black coat

To see milk fanta coke

Teachers training

To be flying

The number two one

Thresher sharks

The meaning of picking oil bean and seed in a dream

Transported cooked food in a washing machine

Two snake black and white

Two bears dream

Tank tracks

The meaning of the symbols of forgetting, passport and traveling seen in a dream.

Tearing waist beads in my dream

Truck delivers tree to house

Trucke delivers large tree

Train track inside my house

The old man give me a bundle of sampaguita

Toaster catch fire

Three person discussion

Three person taking

Traning kids to swim

Traning kids in water

Throwing object at indian woman

Therapist my home storm

Turtle biting ankle

To have the tangue in dream what it means

Tying the shoe laces of a dead person

Tying shoe laces of a dead person

Talking teddy bear

Transforming woman

Thorn on breat meanining

The meaning holding, onto, flying, plane in a dream.


Tongue ring fall out in a dream

Tomb stone unveiling

Three black small fish on forehead

Toddler eating boogers

Three hen in the road

Teer dream number mushroom

To see millet garden in a dream

To kill wall gecko in dream meaning


To see beads scattered all around you in the dream.

Three zero zero,zero zero zero

To feel loss person

Three dogs blocking my path

Tw cats fighting

Three stampeding horses

To see eid in a dream

Two eggs in a basket

The meaning of white chalk in a dream

The meaning of nzu in a dream

Three worms

Taking white feather from me

The meaning of river carried away one of my slippas


Toilet meaning

Threesome with two female co worker friends

To fight a lion in a dream

To give my ex iron nails

Taking off a fursuit head then putting snow gear on with people then ice skating on a lake for fun

Truck in spiritual

Three lane road going the same direction,middle road is longer

Triple homicide

Tug sister

Taking shelter during storm

Taking shelter

Toy solider

To myself prophesying in the dream interpretation

Traumatic event that happened

Three zero dollars

To dream diseal

To dream cows hanging from a tree

Throwing faeces

Throwing faeces at someone

Tutor dreams about student

Third position of competition

To dream dead uncle at wedding

To pick snails and cook soup with it together with your family.

Taking yogart

To pick snails to cook soup in a dream

To catch a grasscutter in dream mean what

Talking robin

Tree that separates in the middle and there is light penetrating in the middle.

The number four

Thing placed in ur butt while medicated

Two can malt

To dram about someone given you stucked padlock to open

To catch a big grass cutter in the dream

Talking in my dream with the queen

Tall friend being shorter

Taking injection in the dream

Tooth pain in dream

Taking people to hospital

To pick palm kernel

Taking silver anklet from pond near temple

Two golden tortise

To be stained by blood

Top sheet folded

The mean i ng of spraying your spray on your body in dream means

The unexpected visit of ex boyfriend temple seen in a dream

Tasting sea water

Two friends in night our house and run away because our dog is open

The meaning of the symbols of saw, karuppasamy and god seen in a dream

Talking to the moon

The number two three

Three legged dogs

Three white horses in dream

Two loaves

Two large beautiful white butterflies

Two hundred and

Thousand dream interpretation

Timer countdown in the sky

The dead apologizing

Two female enemies

The word ending


That not lit

The biblical mean

That is set

The meaning of seeing your self in a big shop filled with building materials

Three eyes in a row

Throwing out the window

Tongue ring falls out of mouth

Tongue pierced falling out

Throwing a baker of dirty water in a dream

Throwing dirt baket


Termites tracks on a piece of wood

To dream of a sphere falling from the sky

Turtle, snake, beach

Three two play what is the next number

Three sticks trying to get them to stand up

Teacher telling u failed in exam

Two dead men chair the interrogation of alive person

The meaning of seeing a broken glass in the dream

Three dog following you in the dream

To see someone sleeping in your dream

The dream of painting a house

The word felafel meaning in a dream arabic

To make a picture

The word felafel meaning in a dream

To maket a picture

Thorn plants

Two gain snake climbing in tree

Taking water from temple pond

The meaning of the symbols of processing palm, nut and oil send in a dream

Transgender say bad thing in dream

Trying to kill me using a gun

Thriplets banana

Two face dream

Trees made of light

To dream coins which number is it

The meat and flesh of a horse

To dream conversing with the president

Throwing stones to a mango tree

Two boy and one girl

Two lizard snakes

Throwing out spoiled meats

They kiss and bute kiss

Traveling to a foreign country

To dream of boil on the private part meaning

Tef pile

Two sisters in dream

To dream of my husband to be riding a car and pushing me out of the car

To dream of a kitten and baby

Theatre and stage


Transparent silver snake

The dining room ceiling fell

Taking your bedroom door and putting on your car

The devil biting me

Token left ankle

To dream having big pimple under urmpits

To dream and see oneself leading praises

Tree gift

Tree goft


Three women in a bed

Three men in a bed

Team pearls ring

To see a whistle but not heat it

Taking out my ring on my fingers

Taking out my ring i

Tree in room

To see alive mother wearing new purple saree with bajra

To swallow egg

To reconcil with family

Toddler that dream about kangaroo

The meaning of the symbols of niel seen in a dream


Traveling back to the past

To dream of washing a celebritys counter off

To share boil egg

Throwing away rotten egg

Top of a head only hair

Two zero:two two two

The meaning of seeing sangoma in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of isiwasho esi, pink seen in dream

Tender to a white horse

Three eggs number

Toddler crying

To giving book by bishop to read in churh

Talking to a strange person in a shop

Theft of temple jewellery dram

Temple jewellery theft me and my wife what is the meaning

Tied up legs

Tying rakhi to someone

The dead in their house

The meaning of dreaming your co-wife

Ties on a rotating glass tray

Two zero zero number

Tall skinny relative

Transgender coming nd giving blessing

Toes being licked

Taxi hit me from behind

The meaning of the symbols of white, background, room and setting seen in a dream.

The meaning of the symbols of mum, going, mad and insane seen in a dream.

Taking three contain of tea and bread and coconut

Taking full contain of ovaltine in the dream

Two family members fighting

To be given leg of roasted cow in the dream

Turmweic and kumkum in dream

Thieves attacking you in the dream meaning what?

Taking photograph

Turning back from the walk

Travel to korea

To head official convoy in a dream

To head official convoy in a drea

Taken family, fighting, weak, cant move, crying

To leave

Thick cold from mouth

Theater home

To shoe the lizard

Throat slicing

To dream bitter gourd plant

To see cooked rice mix with vegetables and serving it

To see angels fly over the ocean

Talking black snake

Tip of toe falling off

Torn in hand

The daughter who dreamed about being in the phone with my biological father living on the same side of the house washing clothes.

Thirsty and about to faint and lost in a hot desert alone

Two police talking to me

Tortoise with black eyes

The meaning of the symbols and abdomen seen in a dream

To front cloth at the back

To thumb the pin in wall dream interpretation

To see someone sneeze in a dream

To be given pap in exchange of liquid gift in dream means what

The meaning of spoil generator

To see your colleague in a stained white dress

To pray for something

To buy a team mike in my dream what is the meaning

Two open palms

Toothbrush pinned to another toothbrush mouthpiece meaning

Tongue being suck out of mouth

To see the virgin mary statue on fire

The meaning of the symbols of pomade seen in a dream.

Three s

Taking a pic with celebrity in the dreams means what

Tiger licking

Tree with ants

Tongues on fire

Taking something back

Tongue falling from the mouth and when i checked i can see my tongue

Triangle pupil

Taking thertha

The death numbers

Three big biro being giving to someone in the dream what is the meaning

To be on interchange in dream mean what

The meaning of the symbols of saw, husband, giving, money and sister seen in a dream.

Two senior widows pregnant

Toddler in bathtub

Treated by sangoma in a dream

Tibetan bells

The foof by small but big mouth fish

Two baby boy

The three kings

Time stops and random entity appears

Two five zero cents

Trojan house


Two note one zero zero rupees

The people hostage me in my dream

To dream of my deceased parents stealing my car and crashing it

Taking care of a baby girl

Two man one women

Task being too easy

The meaning of the symbols of spraying people money

To dream of stealing the clothes

Two man male dreem number

Taking care of someone business in a dream

Text from a guy that states mik and honey

Turtle aqua

To see raw fufu in a dream means what

Two sealed envelopes addressed to myself from my passed son

Talking to dogs

Two eagles sitting in an apple tree in the rain

Tree in the rain

Taller spouse

To win on the coast. a ranner

The prophet

Toilet bowl with poop

Three leaf clover

To be a bank teller

Travel to country side with the love one

Tieing your leg with chain lock

Trying to call dead husband

Throwing a rag

Two one zero dream



Trashed alley

To dream of finding dimes on the ground

To see white bearded in dream

Towel falling off someone

Three watches

Them laying their head on my shoulder

Tell me to build a house

Train chasing you

The dream of doing chores

Talking to a rich person from a phone

To die with shahada

To dream of foot steps in the sky

Toe nail fall off and you get a new one

Tree bear eggs

To pour away fresh peppers and tomatoes in a dream means

Took of phone cover in my sleep

The meaning of cat eating eggs

Trying to find toilet

Take mic from pastor


Transformer toy

Taking your friends man

Travelling with deceased mom in bus

Treculia africana tree

Torn testiclee

Torn scrotum

To dream of seeing a dead woman

The meaning of the symbols of snake, eating a lamb seen in a dream.

The snake enters the hole

The descent of the clouds

Talking with ex girlfriend

Two mango

Taking care of sick elderly women

Trapped in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of scratches and face seen in a dream.

Tangkap ikan guna tangan

To see others tooth extracted

Trains, railways

Two rooster on fighting

Two rooster fights over hen one was attacked at the back and the skin was off

Teaching a pup to swim

Taped car window

Taped window

Toned cloth

Taking up pictures with friends

Turn into demon

Too many kitchen tables and chairs

Three hot pink crescent moons going in a circle and criss cross patterns

Three hot pink crescent moons going in a circle and cross patterns

Tongue kiss with an unknown boyfriends

Turning off boiling water

The color of the socks

Tasting your sister laws feet

To kill a thief or someone whos about to attack you in a dream meaning

Teacher going closer to you

Tea creamer

The meaning of abf giving u ajackfruit in adream

Threading a sewing machine with a violet colour

Two elephant

Together with gf

Traveling ni car

To see a woman slip out an open window and fall off a roof

Two man sleeping in abat

Three odd lines in my dream about my deceased love

Three horns cows in a kraal

To be married in a dream

Taking care of a sivk person

To dream of attacking a demon

The meaning of bush rabbit in the dream

Torn garment


Tumeric flow water

Tabij ka dhaga tutte dekhna

The meaning of the symbols of denied, visa seen in a dream

The meaning of the symbols of queue and atm seen in a dream.

Tongue kiss teer dreem num

Taking jewels and going to shop

Tanned skin

Travel in car with dead person

Trimming of nails

Taking picture with deceased mother

Trimming finger nails

Traumdeutung positiver schwangerschaftstest

Two color roses

Two tigers attack a cat and eat it right in front of me

Theaf entering house

Tapping palmwine

Three impalas

To have lots of stitches

Tamarind dreaming

Tree on fire with animals

To dream of eating saltfish pizza

That husband died

Tree suicide jump

Trapped in a maze while desperately searching or calling out my mom

To dream of drink tra;.

Train not moving and death

The meaning of the symbols of mad man entering your house

Transferring to a new work station

To vomit a key

Traveling fast moving bus

Two white strawberry seeds embedded in hand

Trapece newbie

Thatched roof on fire dream meaning

The meaning of the symbol of baske off mangosinin h

The meaning of red palm seeds in your dream?

Throwing a chair at me

The meaning of receiving soya milk in the dream

Toilet breaking

Talking to a celebrity about making plans

The meaning of the symbols of spiritual, rubbing, powder and face seen in a dream.

To see a hiring manager in a dream after the interview

Tweed caridgan

To see my brother releasing sperm

To dream of seeing a baby die


Texting apps

Talking to a deaf person

Transplanting apple

Teer num sapna wife exp

To dream of crying over food

To see a person limping in the dream

Tones of maize grain

Two zero seven and one one four

Two bottles of wine in a dream

Taking abolition at the to of a tree

The meaning if you meet your dead mother inn a dream, and i am in my nderwear

To see a hand full of precious gemstones

The meaning of the symbols of scraping and feet seen in a dream.

Thick vomit

Teeth are falling out

Toilet with bugs in it

Talking to my co wife

The most high

Traveling to italy to study

Trying to get killing me

Theif get metal plate

Trans gender

Tornado made of water

Thief mobile dream number

Turtle biting finger

Turtle biting my finger

Taking shawer in river

Trying to save animal from cars in road

Trying to save opposum from cars in road

Telling you enemy to resign

Taking pee in flowing water

Terrified of father

Tying mauli on my wrist

Trapped in a hospital

Tick in your ears

Three burning bushes

Tie up long hair

Transport and truck

Tonsil stone dreams

The meaning of the symbols of eating, donkey and meat seen in a dream

Tool bag

Teenage with friends dreams

Taking off layers of clothes and putting on new ones

Talking with a priest

Twin bolts of lighting in a clear sky

Tying husband shoes

The meaning of the symbol of white pig and black pig ina dream

Three dreams

Two dreams

Three in the morning

Three a.m.

Tub stopper

Three gentle tigers among herd of deer

To dream of your father moving furniture

Taking clothes out of a dumpster

Taking clothes out of a skip

Throwing up metal

Tumbble weef

Tiger licking my daughters neck

Touched by a man on chest in the dream

Twin calfs

To dream of crying tears of joys

Tower collapsed

To dream seeing yam

The meaning of the symbols of cut, down, palm and tree seen in a dream

Tinted dreams

Taking photos of dead parents

Tortoise dream meanings

Thief stealing gold

Taking holy communion in dream

Trapped friend

To dream of a plants roots following you

Throat being slit

Taking pictures selfies of yourself

Two wheeler key lost in home

Two wheeler key lost at home

Two different jobs

Throwing bread rolls

The meaning of the symbols of sorghum, grain seen in a dream.

Teeth shifting

Train over water

Three seperate tables with crockery on

Two fish in glass bowl

Taking to rich people i know

Taking yoghurt

Trapped in a small space

Traveling to america without visa

The meaning of the symbols of red, dress and shoes seen in a dream.

Talking with two women in a shop

Traumdeutung kochen

To see ur self in ur secondary school chapel

The meaning of banga

To be told by the priest that u were to be appointed chapel prefect

The meaning of bang

The meaning of the symbols of picking, sprayed and money seen in a dream.

Truck loose control and sliding towards me

Talking to ex girlfriend father in dream

The meaning of the symbol of ex,boyfriend , gave me a key in my dream

The meaning of the symbols of husband, give and food seen in a dream.

Two red moons

To dream that red pepper is s ed on you

Taking pictures of moon along with all planets in my phone

Taking pictures of moon along with the other planets in my phone

Taking pictures of moon along with solar system

Taking pictures of moon

Throwing a plums seed in water

Talking with old friends

Tomato stew mean what in the dream

Traveling to rome

Tattoos on back

The meaning of the symbols of buy and udara seen in a dream.

Three unkown womens

Tearing quran

Types of pregnancy dreams

Termite soil failing on top of the blanket while sleeping dream means

Teeth broken by partner


Three glasses cup

Trapped under frozen water

To be in a fight with an imbecile

To see plate fallen and broke

Theath brush

The meaning of the symbols of boyfriend, sleeping, bed and cover blanket seen in a dream.

Tartar being removed

Tired in a dream

To dream about banana lovutsiwe

The ground split


To dream of home door being shot



To dream of a robot dog

Tick on my dog

To dream of life and death cocks in a car


Trying to take my flags

Tore clothes meaning

Two snakes with eggs

The meaning of mother in law urinating in her pants

To dream jumping dum water

Throwing up tomatoes

To dream about my boyfriend has money

To dead my grand daughter died suddenly

To dream my granddaughter died


Talking haystacks

Three men in robes

The bible

Tall half black half white and has japanese clothes. also she was scary and came out of my closet

Tall half black half white and has japanese ish clothes

Throwing rocks at someone out of anger

The meaning of the symbols of god, writing in the sky in a dream

Two spiders making a nest

The meaning of the symbols of photo, lord and dattatreya seen in a dream.

Two white spiders making egg sack

The meaning of bathing in the dream

To dream holy communion with blood on it



To give money to someone to buy sadin to eat with rice

Talking to late husband, late sister, black cat recently past

The grey lady

To dream of eclipse and delay in what one is meant to be in time means

To dream of eclipse and backward in time means

Two man male

Teer deathbody number

Tying wrapper in the dream as a single girl

Tennage girl smoking a large cigar

Tree dripping in a dream

Tickeling feet

Tickeling girls feet

Time management

To drem hard work

Toilet full of water

Tafsir mimpi tentang batu, putih, masuk, ke dalam dan dada .

Traditional dancing and promised an envelope of big sums of money from president

Tafsir mimpi tentang batu, putih, masuk, ke dalam dan dada yang berhubungan.

Trying to control unruly children

The meaning of the symbols of washing, someones and feet seen in a dream.

To see two young ladies all of a sudden they die in dream meaning

The girl you like laughs in your dream

Talking with teacher

To see a reproductive system in a dream

Traditional beer dreaming

Two men gun shoot dead by two women

To see the word rejoyce

To have a real mink fur coat

Two jew men walking along in a huge green field. one jew is falling over edge of a cliff. i was holding onto his ankles wanting to save him.

Two elephants fighting one elephant died

Thooth broken

The threat is coming out of damascus

To watch a moive

Temple next to house

To carry someone in the dream

To collect vegetables

To dream getting married

Torn someone

Teer dream.number

Toilet bowl meaning in dream

Teacher being disappointed at me

Thorn growing from hands

Taking shirt off

Taking shirts off in dream

Taking multiple shirts off

Turns into flower

Three headed person

Taking money from bank

Trying to climb up huge dirt hill i fell

Tall skinny man

To dream about picking open ackee

The meaning of the symbols of mom, law, watering and plants seen in a dream.

To swallow phone

Tail number of plane

Two bottles of bleach on the couch

The dead gave me a box with their belongings to go through

To dream of maggots

Taking a child to school or college

Threatened gum

Taking a child to college and making a deposit in a dream

To dream of losing jewellery

To receive a letter

To receive a little

Tractor dream

To be destitute

Talking with a new born baby

The word cottonmill

Temple in dessert area

The feet of loved ones and crying

Temple in empty space

Throwing away sword in deep water

Transferring my grandparents into another tomb

Two different coloured eyes

Talking bad about my ex

Toothpicks falling

Three headed person kind to each other

To received a black high heel boots from a prophet from another nation in drem

To received a black high heel boot from

Tibetan monk

To eat uncooked melon in a dream

The symbol of hypocrisy in dream

To dream a ploughed field with clear furrows and pumpkins and watermelons on sideways

To dream of birds eating others birds

Tore face person shout loud

The meaning of the symptoms of teeth and cleaning seen vin a dream?

Two chiken

Telling one about someone dead

Tattoo on butt

Trapped and people draining your blood and small body organs and trying to scape

To dream of planting yams

Three beds in a room

The meaning of rubbing body cream in yhe dream

Tongue sucking

To be given a stove

Tomoto slices

The meaning of the symbols of transfer,job, another and place seen ina a dream

Trying to resuscitate someone and they die

The meaning of receiving bitter kola in dream

The meaning of baby peeing on my face in my sleep


Two white shoes

Three people died

The meaning of the symbols of soaking, cassava, cassava seen in a dream.

Trees are falling

Travelling on a bus coming back home

To dream while washing the road with water

Tearing a black jacket

That you and your boyfriend are working in the same job

Thread tied on index finger

To measure u lower your sight and liaison what does it mean

Throwing up shit

Taking yellow lemon and green ones

Transparent fluid from body

Transparent fluid from belly

Thar and bike accident

To hear leviticus

Truck of palm fruit down

Told to wear white

Tied to table


The meaning of the symbols of bloody,nose,dead and grandmother seen in adream.

Traditional beer and candles in my dreams

Therapist betrayal

Temple gopuram in dream means


The two medallions and the 2gifted

Touch and scream of anguish

Time in dream

Touch someone and they burn

Two king cobras protection from wife and i kill both

Two friends sharing beer

The living dead

To dream that you are walking in the river

Two cops catch vicaland fined

Taking your eye out and cutting it with scissors

To have a deceased parent have a compromise for you in a dream

Taking care of an old woman

Tiger pet

Tree coming from house floor


Talking mannequins

Talking dummies

To see a hen with herching eggs in draem

Tv talked to me

Teacher dreaming about testing

Three knocks at 3am

Three knocks at 3am that wake you up

Taking blood pressure

They sell my baby

Truck full with black sandal

Tombstone in a house

Train accidents

Train suicides

Taking money out of pockets

There was two of my boyfriends in my dream

The meaning of the symbols of fungus, hair, head seen in a dream.

Traveling to eat ice cream

Two of you

Translucent orb