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Dreams starting with the letter Y

You are choking g on food

Yellow and purple

Your crush being in the same room

Yellow bird turning into fire

Younger men

Yellow rabbit

Yellow rose on shivling dream

Yourself bathing with honey in your dream

Your right

Younger girl yells at me

Yellow parachute


Year one nine four eight dream

Yellow house with mirror wall at night

Yard of the church

Your friend being a pedophile

Yard filled with deer

Yellow cap

Your sister eating chicken in a dream

You find a barn owl at door

You clean fridge

Yellow fishnet stockings

Your mate wants to have two women

You dream of having a blood clot

Yajoj majoj

Yajoj and majoj

Your crush holding you from the waist

Yellow flower falling on your head

You that someone pack your charcoal in your dream means what

Yellow card


You drink with your family

Yellow and white njeti

Your page is ridiculous

Yellow ducklings

Your head filled with sindoor

Your deceased mother talking to you

Yellow skin

Yorkshire puddings

You are being pinned down

Yellow dinner ware

Your pastor giving you a gift in a dream

You been laid of work and you keep seeing your boss nd your job on your dream\\\\

Young boys entering ur house

Yellow eyes on decease relative

Yellow horse with human face

Yellow banana means in a dream

Your ex partner misses you

Yellow jeep

Yawning cat

Your child wood girl friend kissing

Yellow snack

Yellow buildings

Your daughter being beaten by her husband

You are blind and someone helps u criss the road

You become blind and someone cross you over a bridge

Younus as in difficulty

Your girlfriend kiss you

Yellow school forms

Yelling screaming

Your aunty used you for money ritual dream meaning

Yelping dog


Young girl happy to be married in her dream

Yellow and white paper

Your dead husband holding a sheep on a leash

You dream about a funeral ⚰️

You dream a funeral ⚰️

Young man dreams sucking milk from a lady

Your mother giving her clothes to her daughter

Yellow books

Yellowish eyes standoffish just the head

Yellow thread get tied by stranger

Your big cousin raping lil sister

You washing someone feet

You dreamt your boyfriend is avoiding you

You dreamt you touched your boyfriend he removed your hand

Younger self falling in love

You see your x sister n law who acts very cold and she is wearing a pale pink sweater

You hug but the other person does not hug back

Your dogs getting into your

You see benny in your what does it mean

Yellow top

Your mom approving your crush

Your grandma

Yellow squash

Yellow food

Young maize plants

Your kid pulling your hair out

You were reckless in my dream

Your ex crush crying

Your deceased father coming to fight you in the dream

You are offering haldi kumkum to a lady

Young fruits

Young guinep

You feel the coffin of the buried relative shake

Yellow bead

Your body as a meat

Your mom giving you a new white dress

Your hair is dirty

Yellow chicken plucking

Your pastor praying for you make in your dream

Yellow eyed wolf

Your boss is in your house

Yellow ugly denture

You dream they nominated you for a catogary

Yourself in a coffin

Yellow and black worms

Yellow sanke

Yellow suitcase

Your house is at israel

Yourself traveling in bus but people fighting with each other

You are a butterfly

You didnt want

Yellow discharge flow out of eye

Your fhone is ringing whit a name black dead

You isiwasho esi

You are soaring in a dream

Yellow paddy field

Yellow sparrow bird

Yellow feet

Yellow fert

Your beloved and you travelling in two different buses

Yellow anklet

Your child dies in a car accident

Your dead father burning with hot water meaning

You are being removed jiggers from your feet

Youn baby

Your house stuff away such as pots

You are holding hand of non mahram with love

Your boyfriend removing a picture of you

Yelling somones name

Young and beautiful mother


You are stealing holder

Yellow vomiting

Your crush biting you

Ya hayyu ya

Your friends become rats and climb up walls

Your friends become rats and climb up wapls

You dream about entering office in farren county

You are chasing by elephant

Your girlfriend is necked

You were asked to pick up scattered pearls in a dream

Young white man

Your house being spiritually cleansed

Young child running in opposite direction

You are in a court room showed different serial killers and you are one of them.


Your son calls and tell you he is in jail

Yard covered with a green quilt. there appeared to be a white cat on it which turned into a white dog, then a white small child. i tried to get rid of it and hurt it in the process. i then tried to cover up the hurt.

Your old boyfriend is dead

Your wife dies

You have a lot of sugar cane

You have a lot of maize

You are lost

You mother dies

Young nun

Yellow sharp cheddar by your head night stand

Yo partner with his ex wife

Your family disowning you

Yajuj and majuj

Yellamma thalli came in dream

You killed someone

You brother wants to use you for money ritual

Yellow beach trees

You dream being forced to work as housemaid in another country by your mom and u run away yet your doing school

You were told to get a candle from someone n the person gives u two candles

Young girl running on edge of break water

Your son being thinner than he is

You get a second chance at life

Your head pastor giving junior pastor his trousers

Yellow light in brain in dream

Your boyfriend piercing his ears

Yellow lily

Yellow lly

Young girl walking backwards to meet you

You friendzone them

Yak chasing dream

Young blonde woman standing at my door

Your crush giving you momey

Younger version of dead husband

Youngest son and his friend

You are experiencing an identity crisis or are suffering from some sort of loss in your life

Yellow ear discharge


Your ex bf gives you flowers

Yellow snake coming out of toe

Your hair being combed

Your death

You died

You classmate helping you carry your shoe box

Yoni massage

Your mom cuts your wrist

Yellow urine

You are dog shit mofo

Younger version of myself chasing me

You are on a mission with you friends to steal a magenta diamond and you succeeded

You wanted to buy a cloth but it was torn,so you left for another place

You dream a waman passing you on street with a load on an hand

Younger grandma

Your boss saying things of now she understand

Your nails on your right are bitten down

Younger brother dream

Your loved ones with another

You having a pizza party with david icke meanwhile you see what people are searching

Yapmak veya İnşa etmek; Şekillendirme; sorun; yaratıcılık;

Yawm al qiyamah


Yellow tears discharge

You boyfriend denying you in public

Yelling at daughter

Your husband leaving you

Younger beautiful mom

Younger lover

Your car disappearing but then reappearing after a while

You cannot find your toothbrush

You cannot find your toothjbrush

Your friend getting caught in murder

You pranked your mother then she grounded you for seven years

You see yourself in difficulty and recite first kalma

You see yourself in difficulty and recite first kalma meaning dream in islam

Your favorite actor i your dreams with you

Your favorite actor i your dreams

Yesterday i saw a priestess in my dream she was talking to me so nicely she asked me two questions in first one she asked me about my lord and in second one she asked me about my last holy prophet pbuh

Yellow hair and yellow teeth

Y clothes

Your hand in a dogs mouth

Your family is hanging

Yew tree in your room

You have reoccuring dreams of getting kidnapped or running from something

You save someone from eating poison

Your mum smashed your cake

Yellow tile

Young mother

Yellow pease

You dream that you are shot

You de

You dream that you are short

Your face been covered with cobweb in the dream

Your son being in a co.a

Younger male lover

Younger version of wife

You are you dreaming cute police man in a dream what does it mean

Your bf taking you to meetings and social gatherings

You seeing ex dead mother n law but her not noticing you

You are getting engaged

You make a dead person alive

Your boyfriend being drunk

Yellow stone bracelet

Yelling demon

You dream a deer licks your face

You and a entertainer together marijuana

You and a entertainer together smoking

You and a entertainer together

Yonger self , happy dream

You dying

Your child is kidnapped

Your soul getting swept out of your body

Yellow pant suit



Young lion

Young luon

Yellow olw eyes and yellow cat eyes

Yellow tie

Your love partner is cheating on you

Your partner is cheating

Your wedding

Your enemies laughing at you

Yellow soap gift

Your things has been stolen

Your marriage discusion

Your friend being raped

You see your husband, but you are not married in reality.

Your sister kissing your boyfriend in dream

Yellow and black dress

You packed bottle water in a bus and the vehicle and you movingi

Yr dying dogs tail falls off in yr dreams

Ylang ylang

Yelling to god

You cut carry tree

Your life imitating someone elses

Your dream question gets posted at bottom


You ask the person to end you money

Yellow room death

Young coconut plant

Young coconut

Young plants in soil inside an opened coconut

Yusuf as

Your young child in jail

Yini umvuthwamini

Your mother celebrating you

You are having superpowers and are fighting something evil

Your gun being stolen

Young mom

You are on a beach with your lover standing on a white sheet and see a beautiful sunset

Yellow and green short fatty snake moving in to water and stay on tree

Yellow egg york

You father drowning stones at u

Yellow brick road and garden

Young child entering your house

Yellow brock road in my dreams

Yellow discharge

Yellow key ring

Your friends eating your food

Yellow big fish in aquarium

Young girl older man

Young girl pursued by older man

You hit someone hard

Young women with thee brest

Yellow vegetable

Your girlfriend impregnated by another man

Your mom flushing a sibling down the toilet

Yield traffic sign

Yield sign

You hurt

Yellow jacket stinging

Youngest daughter being raped at school

Your ex wife washing your feet

Yellow clothes that are too small

Yom kippur

You soul leave my body

Yellow sputum with cough

Yellow plastic hangers

Yellow hanger

You were diving in a pool and found money

Your spirit leaving your body

Your armpit being shaved

Yoga music

Yellow gold color

Young father

Yellow small bird

You see rich home furnishings

Your wife is pregnant with your friend baby

You are wearing black parachute pants and a red t-shirt you are a boy with short red shaggy hair, you are tall and lanky. with black devil horns and a string like tail.you have a sharp cone at the end of your tail that has paralyzing venom in it. you can control ink

Yelling at my dad

Yellow vines

You dream someone giving you a drink and you accepted it

Your brother was shot and killed

You see in a dream an army colonel dressed up in combat uniform what does it mean

Your eating the big cow fat foot

Young on one side older in other

Your ex pouring water on your body


Young face of self

Yellow luggage dream

You are indeed no longer worth of my association.

You are indeed no longer worth my association.


Yellow hornet

Yellow jornet trying to sting me

You have a very grown hair

Yellow powder

Yellow feces

Your friend removing her hijab

Young man a stranger

Younger, version husband in a dream

Yellow teeth and bad breath

Yellow and black banded snake tying to bite me in dream

Young girl running towards me

Your head starts suddenly blending

You in thr top floor of w building knock of by tower crane

You in thr top floor of building hit by tower crane

You can fly

Yellow fringe tree

Yellow heart with hollow center

Yellow hollowed out heart

Young girl stranger sleeping in my bed

Your ex saying goodbye in your dream

Your mother in law saying she wants you to marry her daughter

Young auburn cow

Your partner making love with a mad woman

Yellow horse net

Yellow horse with a net cast to you

Yellow swimsuit

Your parents screaming your name

Your wife dancing with someone else

Young adult man

You he

Yard sinking

You dream your pastor is not in your hand and have you to repeat your prayer behind her over your head what does that mean

Yellow feather upright in sand

You dream and your slipper is damage by someone

You watching your friend and her boyfriend making fun of someone

Your three fingers git cut

Your husband gave you a betel nut and you ate it what does it mean in a dream?

Your husband gave you a betel nut

Yellow eye girl

Yellow aura around a friend who passed

Your husband destroys a photo of you

Your husband tears up a photo of you

Your crush has a picture of you

Yea it was a flashback of me in high school playing football. i ended up becoming an all american. it was random lol

Your lover admitting you in school

Yellow horse

You and o pop renee looking for egg timers

Your dad looking over his shoulder at you in a dream.

Yourself in the

Young ducks

Your youngest child have no feet

Yellow peeps

Your ex

Yellow hair ornament

Yellow hippo

Yellow scorpion bite

Yellow and door

Your daughter is kissing someone

Your boyfriend kissing your sister

Your wife

Your girlfriend wearing boyfriend trouser in a dream

Your majesty

You dream for

Yellow chip

Yellow bulbul

Yellow cater ar

Your exes freckles

Young girl giving me a cashew nut

Yellow in dreams

Yeast dough

Your wife that is deceased

Your new ceo

Your in a comic book

Yellow robe

Yellow placemats

Yellow skeleton

Younger brother missing

Younger version of husband

Your uncle wearing shirt back facing front

Year of the monkey

Your brother tingling you in the dream

Your sister dreaming about you being raped without your knowledge

Young woman with kid

Yellow unite not mine

Yellow soil

Young dog trying to bite me

Yellow snake on bed

Your boyfriend cheating you


Yandere boy

Yellow crab

Your coach praising you

Your boss giving you money

Yellow ducks which nomber deos it represents

Your dad be rich


Yellow glowing room

Yew trees

Your face is changed and you bump into someone who has your face

Yellow shirts


Yam dream teer no

You helped someone for getting relief from pain

Yelling and picking up a bowl of soup and throwing it at this person

Your search - what does it meaning when someone gives you okazi leaf in the dream - did


Young petite

Your organ

Your phone dropped and screen shatter

Your wife kissing another man meaning

Yellow clothes dream

Yellow crayons

Your bf with your bsf

Yellow discharge eyes

Your feet finger is roting

Youths beating up my brother

Yellow leaves on tree

Your girl seeing your cousin

Yoga danda

Your mother wearing a pink headband

Yellow roses

Your ex with two faces

Young boy talking to me at a diner

Your girlfriend shows you dead bodys

Yellow bird trying to get my attention

Your lover is common

Your brother trying to rape you

Yellow and rust colored clothing

Your friend being kicked out of a bar

Yatra to kaveri river


Yellow hammock

Yellow snake with brown dots

Your wife is sleeping with your enemy

Your deceased husband wants a divorce

Your boyfriend doing your washing

Your son being eaten by your dead father

Your senior pastor visit you at your house

Your child dropped at the stairs

Young oak tree

Your geography teacher is directing frozen the musical and you are elsa

Yellowgreen big rat

Your old car buried in concrete

Yelling a deceased person name

You dream a soldier urinate on you

Younger version of my guy friend

Your cousin give you a beer to drink with a centipede inside it

Young children are adults

Ya maniu ya allah

Yellow sphika

You are an actor

Yelling at my niece

Your own mother

Your bother kissing you

Yellow liquid coming out of

Young boys licking

Yellow baby chicks

Y ebony

Younger brother mad in a dream

Yellow thread on hand

Yellow thread on right hand dream

Yellow thread tyingon right hand

Yellow bird eaten alive

Yellow dressed baby

Yellow and black bug

Yellow demon eyes

Your clothes z being taken away by someone

Your father going madg


Your mother giving you chicken meat

Yelling at a cat


You child is rich

Your boyfriend drowning you

Young girls falling

Your husband giving massage to another woman

Yellow carnation flower

Yellow fat snake

Yellow candle melting on face

Yellow teletubby

Yellow finch

Younger mother

Young girl death

Yellow rose makes me cry dream meaning

Yellow hound dog

Yelling at my deceased father

Yelling for my boyfriend

Ya hayyu ya kayyum

Young man marrying old woman with a son

Your car is on fire

Your step mother

Yellow room giant spear

You are visited by a premier of your province

You see your apostle

You see your apostel

Yes i want help

Your son being eaten by crocodile

Your friend buying millets for her baby

You kill your significant other

Yellow rubber ducks

Your wife being beaten

Your partner being beaten

Your bf leaking your s

Your pontoon sinking

You are cursed

Your cursed

Yong women death dream

You having a tail

Your wife calling another man in dream meaning

Your wife call a man in dream meaning

Your cut crossing a river

Younger man

Yelling help

Your dead sister giving you a baby

Yellow baby clothing

You see urself beaten and told them ur waist is paining u they should stop

You see urself beaten up and then u hear purgatory

Your own tongue comes out of your mouth and in your hands

Your grandfather being sucked down the bathtub drain

Yellow mug

Young married couple

Young woman one leg cut

Y symbol dream

Yellow suit green shirt

Ypunger version of mom

Yogurt in ata

Your boyfriend showing another girl his pin

Yellow isphika

You found a stray dog and when you wash it turned into a goat and you killed it

Yellow file folder with name on it

Yellow tomato

Your crush is handing you money

Yellow mustard

Young low status woman just bathed

You are free

You are fee

Yellow dog with long snout

Your mom in red dress in a dream meaning

Yam farm land with maize plants

Your ex partner huggin their current partner

Yellow bread


Your body ripped apart

You are in a dream where you are a amazing digital circus mascot

You are in the amazing digital circus

Your rival wearing your clothes

Yellow blanket on someone

Yellow dots

Yellow iris eyes

Your step son dying

Young group in a dream

Yound age dead

Young hands

Youtube channel

Young chicken

Year blood

You can t run cuz the wind it take u down and u can t climb and someone is running after you

Young child driving towards a cliff

You become the manager

Your boyfriend running away from you

Yelling or hurting daughter

Yellow baby basin and bucket

Yellow snake kisses me

Your car got flooded

Your dog eating your lizard

You are in a public restroom and there are no partitions

Your girlfriend brothers in dream

Your girlfriend brothers in dre8

Your house is collapsing

Young parent

Younger cut

Your house sliding after removing a log

You need to pull over

You see yourself pale in a mirror

Your ex on the roof

Yellow mocha

Your husband giving another landy money

You dream that you drunk mokoyo the meaning

Your large toenail missing

Yellow chand an

Young girl with hair on her back

Your friend converting to islam

Young sister get married in a dream

Young man marrying an old lady dream meaning

Yelling someone in church

You washing dishes

Your ex mother-in-law asking to come inside

Yello slippers

You dream of carrying hand bag made of gold

Yellow stone ring

You get brother screaming for me to come quick to his rescue because there is someone

Yellow rag

Your crush gets mad at you

Yellow snake turning into dog

Your friend is your lover in your dream

Young girl dream but you talk to them

Yellow mango turning into snake

Your mom being dragged in a dream

Y dream with boyfriend

Your own lips

You can do anything

You die while going upstairs

Your ex-wife next to you

Your kid recovering from an illness

Your husband being forceful with u

Your best friend being forceful to you

Yelling at lady

Yellow vintage car

Yellow big snake

Your ex boyfriend running towards you with only one shoe on his right leg

Your family being pulled by sea weaves

Young partners

You dream of a dead family member sleeping nd you waking her up

Your daughter being pregnant

Yellow cloth meaning

Your mother being replaced

Yellow snake white egg

Your cousin flirting with you

Yellow light eyes warrior

Your mum giving you candy that you don’t have often

Yellow cloak meaning

You dream you smell smoke and you need to get up and check your stove

You dream youneedto get up and check your stove

Yellow halo

Youre in a group of people

Your inlaw want to kiss you

Your father giving used shoes

Young man wearing golden necklace


Your child getting hit by a bus

Young daughter

Your mother giving medicin to you

Your deceased husband becomes shorter than you

You see one one:four eight in a watch

Your new mate selling potpourri

Yellow thick urine


Your child under sliding glass door

Yellow suit man

Your groundnut oil is been stolen in a dream

You were stung under your big toe by an unknown creature in the bush while

You saw two pricks under your big toe that looks like a snake bite

You saw two pin pointed ends under your toes while walking in a bush


Your boyfriend escorting

Your shoe bottom is melted

Your own funeral

Your back of head bitten with the crocodile

You help your crush wear her sandals mean

You hel your crush wear her sandals mean

Your neighbors are mad at you and pouring traditional medicine on your house

Your late mother smearing spit on your wound

Young boys in a school

Your pet dog


You are preparing someone for an exam in the dream

Yellow cushion written my name

Yellow cushion written my nam

Yellow snake with egg

You and your husband together in a poor state

Yellow painted flowers

Yelling at doll

Yelling toy

Yelling at toy

Your bathing sponge falling now

You and girl inside water talking meaning

You dream you are in another country

Young brother curcumcision

Yo dream a dead love one

Your husband served food in dream

Your mother in law saw you in her dreams

Yello car gift

Your closed friend is bald

Your sister being hiv positive

Your friend gives birth to quadraplute boys

Yellow tree

Yellow sparks in my body

Young kid

Your dead mom sweating

Young man preaching

Yellow doek

Your mother asking you to come home

Your ex girlfriend washing clothes for someone

Yellow sheets on bed

Your father in a dream

Your deceased parent pulling you with them

Yama gives chocolate to my son

You are avery

Your ex in a poor condition

Your girlfriend have another face in her back

Yellow heart with a name

Yellow cake to save man in water

You’ve been given a baby to bury

Yellow toy rubber duck dreams mean

Your boyfriend carrying you on her back

Yellow fever

Your mother pregnant and vomiting

Young man marrying an old woman

Young griffen and a red dog

Your child

Yellow doek meaning

Your boyfriend dreams about working in a casino

Y girl

Younger woman touching me

Young policeman on motorcycle

Yellow silk turban

You and the person grunting at each other

You don& 39;t belong here

Yellow small banana



Yotal phone

Young woman riding a horse dream

Your bible stollen

You meet a new friend when you’re drunk

Your in a game board

Your phone is heating up

Yellow jackets

Your boyfriend buys you a big dress

Yellow enamel bowls

You assisting your pastor in church

Young boy heart stopped

Yucca flower

Yellow lily flower means

Year up pants bottom

Your grandmother giving you white dress in your dream

Yellow pepper

Your mother and someone giving her flowers your mother is dead

Yellow barking snake

Yam being destroyed

Your driver drives off without you in the car when you drop off and you are not wearing clothes

Yam dreams

Younger sister got a job in overseas

Young russian pussies

Younger version of boyfriend

You were switched at birth

Your boyfriend being mad

Your king giving money and promising you a love relationship

Your boyfriend wearing old clothes

You see a robbery in armoured car

Your muti being exposed

Your testis being held

Young woman tied up with ropes rising from the ground but l prayed and over came her from rising out completely she then disappeared back into the ground meaning

Young woman tied up with ropes rising from the ground

You catch friends stealing from you in your home

Your feet being pierced by you

You and some friends climb out of a window of a club house restaurant to be on the roof

Yellow cat attack me and was dying


You see each other in the church

Young almond trees

Yellow color cloths wearing brahmin couples

Yellow chana daal

Yellow doek and sphika

Your wife and other woman fighting over u

Your deceased mother standing at your doorway

Yellow cat with fleas

Yellow brick wall

Young unmarried girl

Yellow dress and laughing

Your ex boyfriend being hospitalised

Your wife shaving pubic hair in front of other men

You and your friend group are split due to apocoliptic situation and your friends brother tries to kill you with a knife

Your let mother giving you a white cloth

Yellow sheets

Your pastor gives you an assignment in the church

Young unmarried lady seeing unmarried old women in her dreams

You begged frogiveness from a boy

Ya fatahu in a dream

Yellow flood

Your mother giving a red clothes in the dream what the meaning

Your mom buying you nee shoes

Yellow flowers being place around a neck

Your ex beating current girlfriend

Your ex boyfriend give u his old shoes

Yelling out to my mother

Your former wife hit you with a broom in a dream

Your boyfriend laughing and happy to see you

Your ex wife hit you with a broom in a dream

You are safe

Your bf slapped you twice in dream

Young babie on the front porch

Yellow taxi in a dream

You dream that your friend along with her future husband

Your boyfriend getting shot in the chest

Your dreaming that your wife is having an affair with another guy

Your dreaming that your live in partner is cheating on you

You and your partner walking in different directions

Yellow double pair of heels



Young ladies in the house

Yellow confiters

Your love with someone else

Yellow slipers

Yellow shiny jacket

Yellow berry hat

Young baby standing

You and your best friend going to same place but taking different path dream meaning

Yam flour preparing

You are sick


Yellow girl

Your ex crush gives you food

Yellow cotton gloves

Young banana trees

Young banana breed

Younger brother marrying elder brother

You see your brother in the dream give you a key

Yashoda bathing krishna

Your mum sharing hot jollof rice in your dream

Yellow snake in toilet and the lid is put down

You saw under you bed was dirty in dreams

You are a fruit

You saw someone gave you a green flower and you start rejoicing

Your enemy giving counterfeit money

Yellow tulip

Yelow green

Yachts on water

Young men driving train

Your crystal brok

Your loved ones being kidnapped in a dream


Your death aunt pulled you water in your dream what does that mean

Your dead mom packing your clothes

Young families nudismv free hd

Yellow exclamation mark

Yo dream that i conduct an orchestra

Y fiance has two pens in my dream

Y finace has two pens in my dream

Your boyfriend cheating again

Your husband buying meat in your dreams

Your soul leaving your body

Yam leaves

Yellow soft clay person in a glass jar

Yellow clay person in glass jar

Your wife is pregnant

Your girlfriend dream of her best friend

Your friends fraud you of money and you cry

You are sinking in sand

Your family got a timeshare on mars

You’re stealing things

Yellow bright light

Young frank sinatra

You spit and someone telling you that your going to have a boy baby

Your dead husband peeing on the bed

You re surrounded by snakes

Yeti chasing

You are going god house in dream

You are so strong

Yellow farm house

You dream about someone that he’s already died you dreama about him that he is died because of broken bones

Your father running mad


You being executed in jail

Your wife sleeping with your brother

Young girl standing in a doorway

You dream to step down from the boat carrying your child

You parthner mean you and he with another woman and he pretend he does know you

Yellow glowing skeleton

Yellow isiphika mean what

Your partner cheated on you

Young strangers

You dream of being a queen trying to get from one place to another to meet someone

You dream of being a queen trying to get from in place to another to meet someone

Yemeni corner

Yellow dream meaning

Yelling angrily at jesus

Young daughter driving me in my van

Your fortune will be at the banks of the river

Yellow snake wrapped around a goat

Young beautiful servant girl in dream


Your private parts with no hair

Your ex is moving on

Your dead mother looks very thin

Yellow colou4d food

Your dog gets lost


Yellow field of ripe crop

Yourself locking a door again and agin but later found it open

Your own living child but having black eyes

Yellow fruits

Your partner sleeping with someone in dreams

Your pastor give you lotion

Yelow toad eating you

Yellow house

Yellow shirt

Your dead

You dream you’re flying on top of trees in mount olive

Your boss has affair

Your crush waits at you

Yellow urine seen in dreams

Young boy falling to his death

Young boy falling though a crack and dying

You dream of digging tombs

You see both roses and chocolate in dream

Yeiding a sceptor of power

Your cock feels so good

Your mom sold her tv



Yellow snake boiling

Yellow whole snake being cooked in a saucepan

You dream that you are high rank in the police force meaning


Your children in yellow

You climbing a tree away from a lion

Yelling at dead mom

Yellow and green dog dream

Yelled at work

Yanking hair scalp

Your mothet told you not to do something you intended to do in your dream

You keeping a lion

Your ex boyfriend sweeping and arranging your bedroom

Yellow cardinal

Your friend walking away from you

Your boyfriend coming to your house with his sister

Yellow pagoda

Your dead parents

Young boys

Yellow thread

Yourself standing in front of you

Your old crush kissing you

Your amn playing holi with womens

Your friend bites your gold necklace in your dream

Young adult

Your friend is tied to a tree with a pinecone in her mouth

Youngest son swollen face

Yellow champaka flower in dream

Young girl in a cage

Your mom floating facedown in water

Yellow sacred thread in dreams

Yesterday i dream about planty lotto number on screne i pick from it after picking the number i become scared


Young ch

Yellow canopy of leaves

Young man with old woman

Your sister was strangled

Your teeths falling off in a dreanm

You friend accidentally smeared cow poop on you

Yellow void

You saw


Young girl kills her little sister and she becomes a happy gohst girl

Yellow eyed decreased person

Yellow aye

Yellow cherries ornament

Year 1995