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Dreams starting with the letter I

In my dream my ex had a hickey and i started crying

Install as a chief

I dream my sander cut

I had a dream were me and some kids were playing with swords and i had a little one

Intambo emhlophe ichazani

In dreams ants eating your food

I saw a white tiger

I dreamed i was kneeling before a pastor what does it mean?

Illegal in

I dreamt about the dates fruit multiplying whiles turning white

I was wearing hijab it covered my face nobody could see it until i remove it

I talk angry to own wife

I talk angry to brother wife

I angry with a man

I dreamt of someone telling me they know me in my past life and i was a royalty in my past life and she has something to tell me

In my dreams krishna bhagwan was poking me with his finger nails

I had a dream of a line up of men and there was a counselor i know and he was using a label marker of some sort and then putting the labels on the mens head. while he was doing that he had a book of knowledge next to him and it wasnt opened..


Ice stone falling from the sky

Iotus flowers

Iotus flower

I rejected eggs in dream

I saw a snake hissing on me

I change into someone else

I saw my nephew had a baby boy

Ice creams

I dreamt that my wife and i had a baby girl

I was sleeping in a bathtub

I dream of seeing monitor lizard and my friends try to kill it

Im wearing army uniform in my dream mean

Interpretation being given

In church by

I was surrounded by trash and hungry cats

In labor

I drink maltina in my dream

I dreamt that i pick garden eggs

I was driving with my mom and then i flew away into a forest

In dream in your enemy talking with friendly what does it mean

I kill three babies in my dream

I dream lures by my self

Inveterate mangoes

Italy in dream

I saw mola ghazi alam in my dream

I bought fried yam an it fell and dog ate some

In the air

Interpretation husband bleeding

Interpretation big floating

I dreamt mice inside of a sapodilla

If you see betal leaves and betal nut in dream

Interpretation two snakes

Interpretation mattress on

I was dreaming i was at church with my mother she passed away what does that mean

In uniform


Interpretation soup with

I had money in my noise

Inside a kraal

I hang someone

I had a dream and i was removi my pictures from my album

Id number in a dream written with red

I am wearing a mangal sutra in my dream but i am a unmarried girl

I dreamt carrying a jerry can of water on my head what does it mean

If you dream of a newborn baby dying

If the deceased dreams of dying again

If the deceased dreams that he is alive again

I dreamt bathing in a kraal

I am going and on my shoulder i had hold a lamb

I dreamt of snake killing rats

I saw it was eid day and instead of goats i was killing humans

If kinner give money in my dream means

I dream my son was vomiting

I saw jahannum


I terpgaring someone

Italian man in your dream

Interpretation eating spinach

Interpretation raw green

Intention candles

Interpretation cater ar and

I was given a black book

I dream about seeing money

Interpretation horse bear

If you dream of for sale

I dreamed i was living with a boxer

I used a $three bill in a dream and money came spurting out of a machine

I had a dream that i had a big hair knot in my hair

I had a dream that i had a big knot in my hair

Interpretation muslim long

International terrorist attack

Isra suresi eight zero. ayet

I saw my ex giving me a teddy bear in my dream

I which to scan my balm

I phin ifs

Interpretation smothering a

Initiation in the dream

I lost a gold earring

If you see you girlfried making call with another boy and you try to stop her in a dream what is the meaning

Icircular bed

I was living on a story building in an island with beautiful views

I see murugan in my dream raja alankaram seen in my dream

I saw my cousin holdingknifein my dream

I saw a dream where i visited temple with my ex lover

Interpretation shaking a

I dream i was flying in the sky over blue ocean

Invigilate exam dream

Interpretation pouring salt

If you see many oranges in the tree all are green


Interpretation purple goddess

Interpretation chicken flying

Interpretation pink storm

Interpretation smothering strangling

In the backseat of a car while priest is driving

Interpretation dead mom

I put on a black and gold ring

Interpretation oil rig

Interpretation being attacked

I dreamt that i was a winner of a certain scratch off ticket

I was hanging out with the president

Interpretation black mist

Infection hand

I saw that someone tried to kill me and broke in my house

I collect soft drink from someone

I saw ivory elephant tusk on my kitchen counter in my dream

I dreamt of bathing my son in water with many mucus in it

If u die in your dream

I dreamt my mother gave me a young pawpaw plant and i dig the ground and planted it

In hospital surgery

If a baby fall in someone hand in a dream

I had a dream of eating pancakes

I gave a dead person cooked meat and we both eat it

I give someone fruit in dream what does it mean

I dreamt of egg without yolk

I had dream of me wearing black top but i was in temple

Injected on head

I dreamt killing termites

Incomplete grassthatched house

I see my self in the dream digging out snail and eggs from underground meaning

If you see someone shooting someone

I dreamt that my brother in law was shaving my armpit

Interpretation snake and

I saw my neighbor driving license on my living room floor

Invited to be a bridesmaid in a wedding

I see my self in the church in my dream what those it mean

I always have dreams in particular stream in my village so what does it mean

Important documents found

I dream about my mother in law get 3pots from me by foce

In dream she see that mosque has open with brightness

I see rainbow with white horse sheep and beautiful weather

I have seen someone wound someone chest and taking his organs out but when i get closure to them he was alive

In dream a coweb in house on wall

It means rejoicing, reunions, pleasures and respect

I saw the pastor checking my tongue in a dream

Interpretation salawati and

In the midst of white men in the dream

I was on a plane and became a cat girl

Islamic meaning of calabash dream

I dreamed about having a abundance of money just falling from the sky

I dream of carabao

I saw my lover on my dream

I dream carrying a baby running away from snakes

Id cards

In the water playing with maid

I dream that someone is chasing me with cutlass

Inside lighthouse

I had rows of seeds growing in my ear

I saw that my gold hoops tarnished and i took them off and i was looking at myself in the mirror

In prison holding a gun

I dresm i was eating chips and salsa

Iron crown

I am giving azan in dream

I saw my dearest one is cutting his hair so nicely

I saw holding an okapi knife in a dream

I dreamt i was sucking a woman i love and milk coming in my mouth | dream interpretation

I dreamed lost gold in the sea

In a vision

I was praying and some one was pouring mealie meal in my dream

I dreamed that pus was releasing from a pimple on my

I saw a dead popular islamic religious leader who died a long time

I was bathing with sugarcane peels

I dream that my husband was deported

Interpret me this dream if you find three dry fire wood on a heap of sand

If you dream and find a heap of sand and three dry firewood on it

If you find a heap of sand and three dry firewood on it

If you find a heap of sand and three dry wood on it

I went to gurudwara, lights turned after after a while switched on agai, prasad was passing by and i chose one besan ladoo, but after while someone wrapped me with black blanket, and i kept it aside

I dreamed last night that i was eating wild honey

Isha yoga center retreats and courses

I dreamt with a pastor she was so hungry and i gave her food what might mean

Ironing an abaya

I saw a girl keeping kumkum to the gummamm

I kill my frend

I saw a red ribbon

Interpretation killing the

I dreams i caught someone tampered my property

I saw myself when someone took me to a garden said all garden and palm trees are mine and all the palm trees are ripped. what does it means?

I gave away broken things to other

Immersion of lord rama idol

I see shroud

I received thirupathi laddu prasadam in my dream

I saw followers of krishna tying tulsi malai around my neck

I had a dream about being willy wonka

I dream that my finger is bleeding from the needle meaning ring finger

I dreamt of giant walking towards me wearing a white gown and brass sandals on their feet

Isphandla on my left hand means

Imbecile pour urine on me

If pastor give you microphone in the dream what is the meaning

I dream sangoma

I dream of me selling eggs, what does it mean

I dreamt about my mom faking my illness

I met a stranger talented kid in singing and he called my name in dream

I was pregnant but i cant give birth

Instructing models

I had a dream buying yam which had number three zero on it

In dream deceased wants to touch your hair to make it grow

I dreamt my boss talking to me over phone telling me that my colleagues are angry that i took a leave

I wanted to kiss my crush but he said i will not let you kiss me yet

Interpretation selling bottled

I see my left fingers become two

Ignite fire to prepare injera by dream in islamic religious interpretation

Inspector dream

I kissed a pregnant girl and im a girl

I dreamed my husband gave me large pieces of meat

I witnessed someone get stabbed with a knife

In uk am.i allow to work in the house where there are cameras

I am putting on blue disposable gloves in a dream

I killed my pet tiger

If i see a heartener in my dream what that mean

I was getting an ultra sound and there was a snake and rabbit in my stomach

I sew a rainbow snake in mydream

Interpertation of someone snatching a baby out of your arns in dream

Is house with old light switches

I was throwing bloody eggs

I was rescued from an attacker with a police man

I had a dream my ex lover came back to me and said we had a child together

I am praying under the sky while hearing magrib adhan

Is it hard to fly in your dreams

I swallowed a knife in my dream

I was with my late brother and other siblings swimming in a river, our parents were in the other side of the river so we swam towards them and suddenly saw wild animals and ran after them and my late brother killed the big animal while someone else killed the small one, what does this mean

I made puf puf fried it and also ate from it

Insect under skin

I saw the marble stone in the sea

I saw the white like marble in the sea

I was put into a trunk asfter the man tried to assault me

I am vomit white worms

I dreamt of going temple with my boyfriend

I got mango leaves in dream

I see some nasty looking people waiting to gret me in the waking of day,are these my enemies from witchcraft as well?

I dream black nazaren

I had a dream, that was a explosion in the sky, we was moving to get out of town, we came to this trail, looking like we was going the wrong way

I dreamed i was jewish. i am christian.

Index finger cut fully and lying

If u see being imprisoned in a golden cage

I gave an old woman food when she begged me

It mean in

Interpretation saw many

I dreamed of elon musk

I saw a few people trying to do sihr in me

I had a bucket where i was putting sand for lying another flour in my shop on the other side i had already begun putin g another flour already

In my dream coconut oil mill

If you maanage to chase mad dog in a dream

I received a photo of mine from her with a number zero seven zero one behind

I dreamed from having a big tv by getting a smaller tv

Islamic dream meaning of seeing bucket with water in it

I dream that i removed the hair of the black nazarene what does it mean

I had a dream my sister had a baby girl

Inside friends house

Inside of house

In dream to see husband and holding baby girl

I saw my ex lover

In school wearing uniform

I was spitting out in my dream and woke up spitting

I married my brother in dream

I had a dream thy some people were looking for my brother because he took their but did not pay them back

I was covered in algae under a bed hiding and my brothers who were hiding as well were tooken

I dreamt of an young black boy what is the meaning of that dream numology

I was tricked

I have dreamt of a mira what does that means numerology


I was dreaming and see my neighbor chasing me with cutlass what does it mean

I dreamt myself buying ripe tomatoes, and i recei ed a lot than i paid for

If someone tells you that you are not the one they wanted in a dream

I dream i was in tornado

I dream of being in the same space with my bf gf/babyma


I had a dream where am carry a baby girl

I saw my aunt in a dream i hug her, but it seems she is not happy

Injured leg bleeding

Injured horse dream

I dreamt myself carried a cowdung in a bag

I dreat

I bought and ate yam porridge in my dream with fish

I see one orange bird is broke a indian god statue

I saw my ex boyfriend on the table putting the plastic spoons like red and lime green

If ur middle toe is being cut of

I dreamt vomiting black and red beads

I have some piece of cloth on my head in dream

Icebergs and sea

Ink on hand

I hit the person and the person want to do is own back i started begging him and he forgive me

I dream about my deceased brother wanting me to buy him cold drink so that he can work

I became old with one tooth missing

I was going in scooty then suddenly scooty stopped and i heard anklets sound then i came to realization that she is goddess and i ran into temple different goddess tried to attack me but i safely came outside

I saw a gajjalu sound

If a girl give you pencil

Iser elephant

Icy ledge

Intruder in the garden

I saw my self surrounded by diamond so many

I ate alligator pepper in my dream

I was giving alligator pepper in my dream

Interpretation uphuza drink

I dreamt that me and my boyfriend are enjoying together then my father caught us and follow us we ignore him

Inside the underground hole

Interpretation cats fighting

If i find my self in a ship with allot of people in dream

I dreamed i had lots of hair

Interpretation miscarriage and

I dreamed i was bow legged what does that mean

If you dream that someone gives you sodom leaf what does that mean

I dreamed that one of my dead brothers was cleaning the dining room of my house

In the car as a child

If a baby peep on you in the dream

In the spiral of dreams

I stole orkide flower for plans my home

I stole orchid from other home

Interpretation dreaming about

Interpretation living in

Iron nails in wrists

Ink cartiages

Interpretation grey dress


Interpretation drawing a

Interpretation grey hair

In skyscraper and

Ilallah dream interpretation

I had a dream about my ex.girlfriend disappearing when i go to

In a school shooting

I lost my back tooth on a trip

I was dreaming of a dead person giving me some iicream

I met my mum and she was a child

I saw my own face without beard in dream

I dreamto

I saw some muslim men praying in a way that scared me in the dream,what does it mean

I was kill snake dream

Ironing someone s clothes

If you talk with the femil dog about home

If you dream that you talk with dog in draem

If your husband give you gerlic

Interpretation seeing wife

I saw my pastor beating me in the dream

I had a third nipple

I had a grey hair in my dream

Indian chanting

I heard knocking during a storm

I dreamed i was shot to death

I shot somebody in the head

I saw that i was performing umrah with my friends

I wanted to help an injured white pigeon

If you dream a brother turn mad meaning

Interpretation having big

I dreamt that i was dead but i coul still talk to people who were still alive and even one friend of mine her nameis pearl who was also dead and u was attending my own funeral seeing both my body and pearls body in coffin

I dreamt that i was dead but i coul still talk to people who were still alive and even one friend of mine her name

In a congregation

I was serving food to be given out and then a person comes with money to give me

I was given money

I was chasing a cat

I was selling crack

Interpretation turkey rearing

I marry three girls one was ugly second average and third was beautiful


I married three faceless ladies

Infidelity secret

I saw last name in my dream.

I smelled vinegar in my dream

I dreamt of falling in love with female twins

Im in the toilet

I was wearing aso oke

I dreamed of a kpop idol in a school

I dreamed of a kpop 8dol

I fr

I dreamed of my brother sheartless and he stared at me

I dreamed of my brother sheartless

In beach with

I lose my clothe i put on and go home with the other person own , what does mean

Ivory lace

Inside house with no way out

Inside building with no doors

Inside house without doors

Inside hose without doors

I saw my exs little siblings

Ironing a dress

I had a dream of a watered plant

If you dream about baby

I had a dream about rats jumping off my roof. i found myself trying to sprayed them with water but my water nozzle never worked

Is it good for a man to suck my private part in the dream as a girl

I dream my get married to new women

I made coffee for someone in dream

I made coffee for someone

If a mortician phones you in a dream

I dreamt of seeing my kid sister unhappy

Islamic interpretation of dreaming of the moon

Interpretation chicken egg

Interpretation someone wearing

I was given new pig pens in a dream

I am real life widow but in my hair in dream flower jasmine throut islam

In dream i found condom in his purse


I have dream former death precedent

I was searching for a door to avoid someone

I was running on a path trying to hurry before it got dark outside

I seen my late father with two bufellow in my dream

I was a god

I stole a lemur

In dream widow wear flowers nature and toe ring

I saw in my dream my phone is being confiscated by the police

I saw gurudwara in my dream and we were distributing parshad there

I saw temple but in complete darkness

I dreamt i was flogging my wife

Interpretation a little

I had an abortion in my dream and i confessed to a priest

If someone dream that soldier ant bite him what is the meaning

In your teeth

Im the one whos running in a tag and im very fast then im outsmarting anyone

In my dream a monkey was peeing on me

I got stab from my grandfather who passed away

I am removing wool on my hair

Islamic meaning to see a dead monkey in dream

I saw two tulip bulbs in a dream , what is the meaning spiritually

Injury accident escalator

I have a tail


I wrote a letter before dying to wife

I see jesus in my dream

If u see jesus statues in dream

I dreamt forgetting

I saw in the dream applying a body spray perfume

I dreamt picking up pegs what does it mean

Ironing school uniforms then they get burt wat does it mean

I dram my baby is walking

I dreamed buying lot of cokes

I saw my crush doing

I was with my millionaire husband wearing his clothes in our house

Interpretation someone put

If a mad woman enter your house and you offer her food what is the meaning

If you dream giving a mad woman food in your house means what

In labor but keep going to wrong hospital

Impressing girls

I saw in my dream that my house was robbed

I saw that my right feet get an evil eye on it when i was sleeping

If a woman feeds in a dream, what does it mean

I was leading sallah in my dream and was unable to recite a prayer verse

I dreamed of two tulip bulbs ,

I saw wife i and another man on my bed

I saw we are three on my bed then iand ileave.

I was wearing blue face paint

Injıred eye

If u dream plucking better leaves

I was gifted jewlery from two people

Interpretation yellow spider

If u dream plucking better leaves

I dreamt of my young grandma being very old in my dreams and i called her and she replied but never looked

I slept with my wife in a dream

I dreamt i was sucking a woman

Image of snake in dreams

Image of aadishesh snake innl dream

Insects coming out from cheeks

I kiss a boy in cheeks in dream

Interpretation black hooded

Interpretation grey cloud

I was dreaming that there was a flood comeing so people were evacuating

I like i guy i met online and suddenly i dream of him coming home at my parents house. is he my soulmate?

Is the guy i dreamt of a soulmate?

I dreamt of a guy i met online coming to. my parents house what could it mean

I dreamt of a guy that i like dmd me online coming to see me and got me wine and beer

Interpretation blood clots

Ink stamp on right bicep

I dream i give birth half snake half dragon

I let my mom drive my truck to give her independence

I went to get my mom to bring her home but instead of me driving i asked her if she wanted to drive.i

Imarti lakdi ko sapnay main dekhna kaissa hota hain

In big riv

I urinate in big quantity in a bag and alm

Interpretation eating black

I dreamed a sha

I dreamed my girlfriend had a shadow behind her

Interpretation walking towards

Interpretation couple walking

In the back seat and the pastor is driving

I had a dream me and my family were killed by dolphins

I see someone when he advised me

I escaped when a woman drove me crazy

I dreamed my girlfriend was my sister

I chanted wrong hanuman chalisa in dream after seeing a shadow

I dreamed my husband had aids and was cheating on me

I have been hated by people who likes me

I dreamt that my hands are clean

I dreamt of my deceased sister and brother in law climbing the stairs to the upper portion of a house

I dreamt of my s

If you see slipper in temple wall

I saw multiple eagles and one that was silver flew towards me and woke me up

I saw a wet cement in my dream

I bought a plane in my dream

In my dream i saw i went to masjid wedding ceremony

Im team leader

I was given new clothes while dreaming by a visitor, what does it symbolize

In my dream my crush was consuming

I dream eat rost chicken with my very old friend from primary school , the rost chicken cooked by his mother

I see lots of fish in my dreams

I dreamt i was in a meeting and suddenly a frog appeared from no where and a chat came to ca

I dreamt that i almost got kidnapped with my friend

I was caught cheating in an exams in my dream

I saw someone shot elephant and if falls into a well

I dream seeing ppl wearing torned zcc blue female uniform nd selling it

If someone buy groundnut oil while dreaming what is the meaning

If someone buy groundnut oil in the dream

I dreamt of going to matric dance

If you dream someone give me amasi

If i dream no bed in my room

In dreams you saw bag means

In dream you saw bag means

In dream you swa

In dream you saw bilum means

I dreamed of a boy coming for me that my dad was fixed a date with him?

I saw a car

In dream i see paddy

I show four wheelers

I found a pink diamond

I dreamt that i have a child

Islamic interpretation sura ar rahman in a dream

Investigate murder

I i see a woman standing holding a plate

I went to market to buy plastic bags but cant find what i want

I let myself be taken by the monster a sacrifice for others not to be killed

I had a dream that people were in half

I had a dream that i seen half people

Infected ear piercing ear that has doubled in size

I got satyanarayana swamy pooja in dream

Instrumentele agressie

I was kissing husband feet

I had a dream that i jumped into a swimming pool i pulled the plug so the water could drain what does that mean


Initiated in satanism

If you deam you are in the middle of white sheep taking care of them

I got shot no blood

I was gifted two pair of mocassins

I going to marriage

Indian burial

I u d

I dream of greenery

I dreamed of squash and flowers

I dream of squash a d flowers

I dreamt i had zina

I saw myself with one hand cut not no blood

In a dream where you find yourself on am island where people live

I lost my left earring in the dream

I came out of a house two doors down and my house was gone

If you dream about someone sleeping in hut

I dreamt of i and my brother in law cutting down tree leaves

I witnessed strangling

I dream that my wife is pregeant

Injured nose

I saw a psychopath

I was in bath with water full of sugar

Index finger in glove

I got thrown a signed baseball

I had a dream and bought plenty of fresh bread fruits nuts seeds in my dream

I bought a big and fresh bread fruit seeds nut

I dream and i bought bread fruits seeds in my dream

I saw myself eating rice with hand and after that i start sucking priwinkle?

I usually see dirty toilet seats which are full of stools

I saw my self brooming a relegious place

I saw myself brooming the ground of a shrine

Interrupted prayer

I saw myself grooming the ground of a shrine

I dreamt of cultivating with a hoe

Ing mad woman in dream

I sleep with mad woman in my dream

In palestine

I will be the one who pull out the post of the house.

I am a married man but i dream i was bathing with three women in the same bathroom with other two men

I see 7elder

I dreamt my late mom has been released from jail

I seen my grandmother who allredy died

Iguana full of eggs

I flying to high in dream

I saw myself eating a sweet jackfruit in one of the old gardens in the village yet am abroad right now

I dreamt someone i know ironed my clothes but burned my shirt

I dreamt of someone stealing my cat

I dreamt of sacking a pied scrow

I saw keke napep in my dream

I dreamt someone told me that i have been bounded by blood

Itch tooth in dream

I was chase in my dreams

If monkey urinating on you in a dream

I dreamed of giving a woman a black shoe, black mini pants with a belt, a brown rosary, a black veil for her head and some money

I had a dream i cummed in my hand and ate it

I saw my boyfriend masterbeuting in my dream

I mean baby clothes

I need baby clothes

Iron chain

I wanted to cross but every were they was durawall

I wanted to cross but every were they was durawallbehind they was like river

I saw many wall gecko crawling on my chair what does it mean

I dreamed of a triple rainbow

I have seen four girls children comes to my house as guest

Ignoring my friend

I dreamed a new bussiness in my town a corner lot to the right and to the left apears as a hedged fence perfect square shape diamond .ahalf of a star was center between both hedges and made of diamonds halfed sta made of diamonds

I dreamed a new bussiness in my town a corner lot to the right and to the left apesrs a hedged fence of perfect square shape diamond .ahalf of a star was center between both hedges and made of diamonds halfed sta made of diamonds

I dreamed a new bussiness in my town a corner lot to the right and to the left apesrs a hedged fence of perfect square shape diamond .ahalf of a star was center between both hedges and made of diamonds halfed sta made of diamond

I dreamed a new bussiness in my town a corner lot to the right and to the left apesrs a hedged fence of perfect square shape diamondswith afencing was made of diamond halfed sta made of diamond

I dreamed a new bussiness in my town open the cornerlot with afencing was made of diamond halfed sta made of diamond

In love with a prophet

Injured tongue with splinters

I had a dream where a creepy hand was reaching for me from under my bed. what does it mean?

I saw skink lizard in my dream

Inside a bullet train, long ride

Inside of a crocodile in dreams

I was crying in the dream and my mother was unbothered

I had two birds in my dream one of them couldnt fly

I had two birfs

I saw my dead brother in law holding white clothes smiling because her alive fiance is pressing her white clothed for their nikkah

I dream that mu boyfriend go to abroad with permission

I dreamed giving birth to a chicken

I had a dream when i was carrying a three legged pot

Insect bite on leg

I saw christian lady in my dream

I popped snakes

I see distruction

I had a dream of blood clots coming out of my private part

Inflatable toys

I dreamed that i was having a wedding with my baby daddy but he was forced to do it because he had a girlfriend what does it mean

I faile a glass with red eine

India name

I shot ex boyfriend in the stomach

I visited temple with my crush and his family

I dream i was leading hyenas in a strange world

I dreamed i was leading dangerous hyenas in a certain world

I saw tht i was collecting a bag full of pecans

I dreamt two of my grandkids had freckles all over their face

Interpretation blue powder

I saw a dead old women in my dream last night

I dreamed that my pastor gave me an empty bag he dusted off out of his garage

Islam dream of woman biting your back

I sang a song and even wrote the lines on the board

If you are giving coconut to someone what does it means in dream

Index finger gun

Intruder rape child

I dream that someone knocking my door

I lost my arm and had the wild three swords

I dreamed that my ex girlfriend is sleeping with someone i know

I dreamed of a man that i know

I got a dream that my crush got engaged other women and going for shopping in the same dream i have seen a person killing born baby and also in the same dream i have someone is celebrating some festival

I dreamed of visiting my old apartment

I saw three pigeons in my dream sitting on my window will and a baby owl

Interpretation spiritual woman

I dream my car innova was changed to fortuner

Im in a fast downstream rapid

I dream about me covering my self with a white blanket and i was afraid to make it darty

In car with

Interpretation driving in

Interpretation receiving a

Interpretation walk beautiful


I had a dream and my own wife gave birth to a baby boy in my hands

Iphupha utywala besilungu

I had a dream about a boy touch my dress

I had a dream that a boy touch my lips

I had a dream i was being kidnapped by unknown boy

I had a dream about a unknown boy staring at me

In adream meaning

In dream are

In the night am running down from hills and i saw black cow along the road (by the left and by the right) anyone of them i run to , they run away from me

I found my telephone

Inkukhu engqoqo

Insects coming out of my back

Inside hevey rain there is a fool moon circled with fire dream interpretation

Ing one of my friends in the asd

I pulled my father from a burning car

I dream of giving a mad man food

If someone cut the goats headache in dream meaning

Injection of blood

Ihram on a dead person

I saw one zero frogs in my dream

If you are not feeding but dreamt someone sucking your s

In my dream i have about ten sticks of sugar cane and i shared some with my mother

I dreamed a goat screaming

If we saw sweets in dream what will happen

I eating banana

If iost one pair my shoes in a river

If you dream a man who is go to your toilet and when he went out he fell with the toilet down

I was being taught how to swim and was swimming in a pool and the pool ended up breaking

Interpretation dreaming talking

I saw my crush in my home with her husband

I saw honey bead fly on my dream what does that mean

I saw soldier ant on my dream what does that mean in the dream

I was given money in my dream

I was eating an egg with salt and red oil and was also given some money

If one dreams that their husband brings another man into the house what does it mean

I am see my her lover

Irish setter

Indian headdress horse

I saw a numbers

Indian chief in full headdress on a horse

I kill bush rite in my dream

If dreams were batel leave what does it mean by number

I have taken a wicket

I healed a mad person who used to hurt people, he was walking with a panga knife and axe. he gave all those to mee

Important event got cancelled

I am a third wife in a dream

I have a dream of cleaning school compound

Invade house

I dream my sister is skinny

Impregnating a woman

I dream about two oxen ploughing and one were chasing me

Interpretation plant pot

In a dream digging two pit latrines may mean what

I dream that i was in a room circled by four unknown people looking at one known person with a oddly shaped butterfly necklaces made a wood.around my neck like a mexican

Installing a big television

Iberia airlines

Images of babies bodies on top of sky

I got shorter

If i heard someone is bites by snake and dies in my dream what does it mean

I had a dream that dwayne johnson was trying to beat me up

I had a dream that the rock was trying to beat me up

I harvested mangoes from a mango tree

I dream a potato leaf

In my dream i saw cutting of coconut tree. what does it mean

I dream of my self in back seat with a car engine

I see last light that in my sister hand 2gold ring

I picked three guava fruits on a dream

Idol of godess wearing marron saree

I was arrested by amry in my dream and crying and begging them to leave me

I have sewn footballer leonel messi spending time with me

In the middle of winter

I had a dream bathing in my childhood neighbors house

If you dream bathing infront of people what does it mean

Inspecting unfinished house and drive a motorcycle in crowd of people

Islamic dreaming of pooping inside the mosjid

I dreamed of stumbling over a plastic clear bag containing plastic clear bottles with crystal clear drinking water. the water was in my suv before. what is the meaning?.

I dreamed seeing army helicopters flying and small coffins falling down

I dreamed that i was giving atestmony in church and many people were listening to me

Injured girlfriend

I found a mobile

I dream of wheelbarrow

I dream my car tire is change

I see shooting stars ang i make a wish

If you dream about your wife cheating

I dreamt i married another woman

Ing step siste

I chase a girl because i like her in real life to but she going away from me every time but she want to meet me

I saw black snake and black rabbit in my dreams

I bought pink hair clutcher for myself

Insect laying eggs in my hair

I was promise to be given a car in a my dream

Invading army

I dream last night that my bilas had miscarriage

I picked a losted phone in my dream but i later give it back to the owner, what does it means

I saw dead body of my dead father

I dream of eating coconut meaning

In that room they were lots of visitors and i take out blanket to give them and we sleep there all of us

Izigebengu zingena endlini

If i see erasers everywhere in my dream where ever i see i see erasers and in real life too ?

I was giving a paper and i gave it to someone to help me interpret

Interpretation woman wearing

Interpretation crying and

I wearing a yellow saree in my dream

I see someone i love in a mosque by fate

I saw the guru granth sahib ji covered in golden cloth in my dream

I dreamed that my best friend gave me ripped plantain when i was hungry

Ishwa in dreams means

Ice and bridge

If you drink apple juice in dream

Icy bridge

I saw someone i know on the cover of a book


Ibhayi eli blue

I heard loud footsteps

I saw my son married his gf

In a dream i saw my friend wearing a black turban

I had a dream donating money to poor people to buy food

I saw that i was greeting einstein

I dream that my friend had triplets

I was given salt to rub on my face

I saw an old woman praying for me

I was a super hero that was apart of a team of other hero but they left me before the battle

I cut my self and gave the blood to a dog to drink in a dream

I had a son with the neighbors wife

I was gonna have surgery

I picked a rose from a garden and put in in my pocket

In a dream i saw a eagle family in my house hatching their eggs and also to their babies coming from eggs

I strangled someone

I had blood worms in my bed

I had a dream of rice beers with friends

I was robbed but i caught the thieves and bring back my items

I was take a nap and i was dream about going to another country without planing in kazakstan

I was take a nap and i was dream about going to another country without plan

If dead mother comes and ask for water in dream

I sell pap in my dream

I got you

I got you note

I dream i scratch my girlfriend back

If i see musroom in dream number

Interpretation seeing mariyamma

I climbed out of pit hole

I think i was attacked in my dreams spiritually

I see in my dream a unknown person give salam to me

I dream when my mother wearing my clothes

I saw mud house in my dream what dose that mean

I destroy mahadev statue in my dreams by myself

I saw myself as a fox being hunted down

If you dream about a bread

I dream mushroom

I dreamt being chased by a mad man trying to show me how much he loves me

I saw hanuman ji in my dream it was black coloured figure and then he disappered

I saw myself standing in the mortuary

Iam doing in the puja of temple

In my dream i had seen my husband become mad, what could be the meaning

I saw eagle and owl both in one in one particular individual what does it mean

I saw myself eating akara in the dream

Interpretation killing bats

I was put in a cage to train for a job

I was peeling cassava in a dream what does it mean

I have a big rool pf stool dream meaning

If someone dream of agidi (eko) what does it mean

I saw a gold

I dream that i perform a direction as instructed by a native doctor

I saw many ducks in river and i catch one

I saw many ducks in river

I catched duck in my dream and later it dies

Inside the bilding elephan

Items four axe in my dream

Is it okay to burn the dry leaves in our dream

Issuing a company id for me

It was full moon day i saw a big python goin to backyard i was screaming because my sister was in the backyard

I killed a prince

I saw a bull

I am popular

Incense received

Incense stick received

I ate cat poop in dream

I exchange slippers with my boyfriend

I saw aggregate nine on all my courses results in tetiary in dreamsults on tet

I dream of a toenail

I dream a man gave me a pap smear and his assistance was a lady that i know.

I dreamed a nan doctor gave me a pap smear and his assistant was i the room who was lady that i no

I pulled my clothes and i saw plenty snails in there

I was in the dream a man brought a rap of five zero naira note and give me, then i began to count it, what does it mean

I dreamt mopane trees

Interpretation eating sweets

I dream about accident three times

If your head warp leave your head

I had a dream abt badminton

Inyoka e yellow nobumhlophe emsileni

I went to a party and my mom died

I had a dream someone gifted me a bag of rice

I had a dream my dad tried to marry me

I got dream about hitting my head and bleeding

I asked a girl out

I asked this really cute girl out

I was very sick with chest infection coughing and temperature

I am plucking long hair from under my chin

I dreamt my sister crushed her car by my gate

I shot someone in my sleep

I dreamt like cows eating elephant in a lake

Islamic dream interpretation some one working as bin collector


I fed a model of rice to my late husband in my dream

If i see sick mother sick in my dream and death means

I saw seven moons and a red fox was standing near me and was talking that today is the day of seven moon rising

Infertility dream

I stole a book in my dream

I dreamed someone stole my bed

I dreamt that i own a black bentley

I had a dream of eating bread with sobolo

Irish potatoes plantatiom

I realized there was a snake in my room and i stomped on this middle section while my brother look on

Injection given to an individual

I saw a injured elephant in my dream

I saw a she male as imam in dream

Ing someone wife in the dream

In fertility

I dream of giving a mad woman child money

I see two people being shot infront of me

I am you

I saw a big scab

I saw a nun dead in my school and another nun asked me and other girls to carry her i took her on my sholder her corpse then idk why but we bought her to our place since it was ranining fhen another num started a fight with me.

I dreamt when my in-laws who rejected me, refused to show me where they stay,took my child ate wellcoming me very happily to there home what does it mean

Injection needle

I saw aboy

In a dream seeing someone drunk in it

Inside a tree

I dreamed of calling my late sister name

I asked dry maize for chicken to my friend he give me

I dreamed try maize

I deamed asked dry maize to my friend for chicken he give me

I dreamt that i was sitting on a stool then an animal having two face that is the face of dog and of pig lean on my neck as if the meat of the animal were in my throat and suddenly i woke up.


I dream fortune teller told me a bad omen

Iam unmarried but seeing someone as my husband in dream

If so

I am cooking in dream for lot

In total whiteness scared of something you see coming towards you

I was bleeding feeding and at the same time kissing my boyfriend in a dream

If one pour one sand at dream mistakenly what does it mean

If one sees someone pour sand on him at dream by mistake

I picked a lost phone in the dream but later give it back to the owner, what does it mean

Infinite purse

I was playing a role in a movie as a fetish priest i won award in my dream

I was alone in a dark place crying and asking for help

I saw two doors with numbers 11am number one three

If we see a ring a silver flower with yellow stone on ot

Index finger dream

I had a dream with a owl who had a injured wing. the owl looked at me for help followed me.

I was using profanity in the dream

I was washing my own feet in my dream

I dream about i was in the house. i heard someome screamed who needs two zero chairs. so i was in a rush to get the chair. i saw chairs but there were stuff on it. i went to the lady who asked for it

I die

Idrem amermaid while i was at school with school children n was in a glass with small water coming in saute of fire like glass or stars


I was getting married to a white man

I dreamt about my ex husband vomiting blood what does it mean

I smell like eggs in dream

I went ouț with my crush ar night and we kissed

I dreamt about my ex husband vomiting blood what it means

I caught a donkey and someone cut the tail of it

If i kiss my crush in my dream

If i kiss someone in my dream

If a man see ayesha r.a in dream

I saw a man giving flower to my sister in my dream

Intense feeling

I dream my bible was eaten by termite

I dream that ceramics are going to fall down of the wall

I dreamed about hannah on my head

In a graveyard

Illusionary horse painting

I saw picked up lot of money in a dream what is the meaing

I saw a transgender in my dream

I dreamd about my brother coming to me with bag ofcotton wool

I was eating chicken in my dreams what does it mean

I dream i was given a pot of cooked rice and i refused to eat it what does that mean

I dream i was eating cooked bananas in my dreams last night , but i bought it to somebody in the same dream before eating it

I dream i was eating cooked bananas in my dreams last night

I kill pig in my dream

In a very fast moving bus

I saw my mother in my dream uprooting yam

Ing the phone

If you see hen in your dreams

I always see soldiers shooting on top like a war

I lost my purse and found it

I was collecting scallops in my old school

I stabbed my pet dog

Insect repellent

It was horror dream and i was chanting hanuman chalisa

Iron armoured fist covering

I have gold bars

Injured parrot

Idli dosa batter in deam

Intersection but walking straight through

In dream linseed

I dream of sacred relics

I fetched a black mealies from the tree and ate it

I am being a king.

I saw three yam set on a tray but one of the yam is spoiled

I was chewing gum

I had a dream that my ring was tatnished

I had a dream my ring was dirty and black

I have to chose between three roads while holding hands with my ex

I dreamed about my husband in bed with another woman and his family was there

Ice falling from sky

I pick money under water i breathing

Insane drive thru

I saw you being ushered into your office in a dream

I dream dead woman

I had a dream my baby was hit by a bus

If i bring a old woman stick what number is that

Ink on dreams

I saw myself spreading sunflowers into a calm and peaceful river

I am inside a building that is spinning and floating

I got my visa

I dreamed mad woman

I dream my girlfriend had a vacation in another country



I was bit in the arm by a monkey

In dream i saw big mithun

Interpretation of uncircumcised dream

Interpretation plants being

I dreamt my died friend remove my cap from my head and put it on her head

Inheritance dream

Infection ear in dream meaning

I dreamt i was bathing a dead person

In my previous school

I dream dressing a child with 4legs

I dreamt of mud on my one s

I dreamt of mud on my one side

I saw a very tall person janaza but he was moving and a women was properly covering him

I was bitten by a green snake while i was with a woman

I dreamt about seeing a dead albino girl

I was with a girl in a road trip in the see where i was hearing a voice tells me that go end take that gold end a million