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Dreams starting with the letter I

I gave my parents my fallen tooth

In my dream i saw this man caring a big welding box on his head, so i asked him if he was selling it, and he said yes so i bought it from him in my sleep. what does that dream means

I saw white cat in my dream

I dreamed taken out of a lucky bean in my pocket

I dreamt singing with my dead cousin brother

I dreamt singing with my late cousin brither

I kill parrot in my dream

I was dead

I dream about my brother attacked with anemy and finally l killed him whi apanga meaning

I dreamt when i joined illuminati

I saw my friend left her husband at the altar

I killed my big sister

I dreamt i was using red pen to right exam

Ice wave meaning

I dream arguing with my cousin brother was serious and i saw him holding a knife frm far distance

I dream arguing with my cousin brother lose serious argument and i c him holding a knife frm far distance

I saw in the dream i was blind crocodile in the dream

If eating toilet baby in dream number

If baby is eating toilet in dream what is teer number

If someone is going to kill us what number will be that

I saw myself with people around me pushing wheel barrow in valley that is wet sand trying to make a way until we climb the hill

I was driving a car and car crusher crushed it

Ing a dead body

Impalas killing tigers


Impalas defeating tiger

I have no ears

I dream my son in-law having a motorcycle accident last night

Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajiun

I was shot by a gold gun with a good bullet

I get the three eggs

I heard a lot of knocking in my dream

I heard my mom said my name

I dream someone screw off my front door

If someone death give you dates

Ingesting fine gold chains

Intestines s ing black feathers

Ihelp somone carrfire wood

I dreamt i was gifted a phone was dies it means

Impaired eyesight

I saw my friend sad and in need of materials

If you dream your partner cheating

In my dream i was fighting black demons with prayer

I dreamt of eating meat with a white worms or maggots on it

I had a dream my stepdad was molesting my little brother and i tried to kill him

If someone see bean and cassava in dream

In police

I saw a sheikh in my dream

I saw myself pouring water in the grave what does it mean

I saw a blurred boy looking at me the background was white and it felt like i was about to leave

I saw a bleeding cat in my dream

I exchanged raw food with someone

I saw myself cutting guava in my dream

I dreamed about a woman with a man and a baby in bed

I dream giving my brother inlaws son for

I dreamed of yellow birds singing for me happy birthday song

I dream about giving food to my brother inlaws son

Ice cube maker

I saw myself in a crusade

I was myself in a crusade

In the dream i was myself in a crusade

I dreamt about sucking and fingering a girl private part in the dream

I saw shivling and then when i offered water to it maa parvati appeared and gave me blessings

I dreamt me and my dog killing a sringbok

If someone is selling is property in the dream

I dream when i am carrying iron rod in my car

I saw chickens that looked died and then saw health ones and i decided to bring them together and start over by feeding them with starter feed

I dream my dead father that he called my name wath is mean

Islamic enterpretaion of billy goat tied up a rope but i was leeping

I dreamt of putting a plate of bread in front of my dead brother but he was alive

I dreamt hunting with my dog

If you dream two church leaders grabbed money on your left hand side

I dreamed of apan and plate

I see myself ill again n again in dreams

I dreamt taking pictures in a balcony that fell

I dreamt ft

I dreamt st

I dreamed i shot two fingers off

I was crossing a bridge over a lake which looked icey and white the it suddenly melted and i plonged in the water almost drowning when someone saved me and i came to shore

Iv infusion in the head

Indian woman kept throwing a beaver

I had a dream of my mom selling her house

Ice cold swimming pool

Inside the house the pented green and gold line and everything in the house were green and gold

I saw a dream jacket shirt for men

I bit off someones pinky finger dream meaning

I saw my dead cuzzin on a train in my dream

I dream i was bathing my father

I dreamt someone that was pregnant telling me she gave birth to a baby boy

I dreamt about being disvirgined but i am a virgin in reality

I dream about jesus but he did not say something

I dream about jesus but je did not say nothilfe

I saw a tall tower collapse

I saw a dream telling not to accept the proposal marriage

I dream of killing rabbits with my brother and an old woman was offering to buy it from us and we refused what does it mean

I dream my cell phone caught on fire

Injured octopus

Ivy leaves

Ivy vines on a tree

I dream about me and acolleage that is a boy,

Intravenous block

Iv block

I deam of biting my index finger and i truly did

I dreamt when my husband was giving me meat

I dream of me and my friend wearing torn clothes

I killed a butterfly

I saw myself carrying two bags in dream

I dream a backet of water falling from my head the time i was about to climb mountain

I saw a goblin in my dreams

I saw solar eclipse in my dream

I was dead fall from cement buried

If see we both people talking in dream then whats teer number

If someone wash your back

I dreamed that i caught someone stealing eggs and brought them back

Insects coming out of my nose in mucus

I saw a dream that i scored low marks in my jee exam

I saw many black bulls sitting around and a huge statue of a black bull

Issueing you primary school certificate

I had a dream i was at shembe church

I see a man cleaning sand from my feet

I brush my teeth by him brush

Increment in his rizq meaning

Inna lila hi wa inna hi rajunun

I saw my sick husband in my dreams ok, well and had taken a bath and wear clothes as usual ashe do.

I see some one i know selling quran iwant to buy quran but they were all old

I have a sore on my on my right in my dream trying to hide for no one to see

I saw my dead father in dream with long braid

I dreamed someone giving me a box of match

I see my self carrying a bag of sarchet water in my dream


Im pregnant and i dream about a panty that has blood stain

Installing long new copper pipe

Intestine are falling out

I have seen my mother alive in the grave in my dream.

In the dream water on street

I was driving a submarine

I dreamt someone cutting my clothes

I am a topper of my class

I dream someone touch my belly

I dreamed of buying a new bed and it was delivered buy a truck only to find out that the bed was not new but old

I am near a monolith in the ocean

I dream someone pays lobola for me

I saw a half white half black japanise person in my dreams what dose it mean

I was praying for my late fathet

I dreamed that i travelled to uk

I dream an egg coming out from my ear

I.dreamed that some snakes bit someone

Inverted sight

I dream saw pastor walk with two children other one is the strolle pram and other one walking by his foot and i greet him seems not happy then greet him with hand and he was he dont want shaking my hand

I dreamed of the word couscous

I dreamed of a word i have never heard before

I help astrologer in my dream

I had a dream that a man ask me to give him coins and i give him a gold coin and silver coins than he give me 100us dollars i return

I had a dream that my sister and i was frame by a man the we stole gold and got arrested

I saw my two inlaws tighten a rope on my compound

I dream of seeing my two inlaws with arobe on my compoung

I had given children cake inside the house while doorclosed,by the time i wanted to open the door i saw mad people young and old saying unless you giue us cake ,we shall not open the door for you.

I see the govenor

I pooped whole eggs in my dream

I pooped whole eggs

I dream and i saw wretched man struggle to buy things

I dream my ex wife sister taking a video of me

Invisible cloak

I had a dream of giving birth

I want it to last this time

I had a dream that my brothers both legs were injured

Inzila emnyama

In the spotlight

I dream of a pope dead but like like a monster

I am digging and found jade stone

I see lion is eating to me

I dreamt of my admirer speaking in my mother tongue

I dreamt that one lady was licking my vigina

I dreamed of a baby doing number two to me

I dreamed of a new born baby

I am washing my deceased mother

I dreamed signing

I dreamed as an mc at a event

I saw a seraphim floating in an all white background

Istri hampir diperkosa

If you laugh when someone dies

In my dream there was a zombie following me wanting to kill me and i survived cause i could stop the time for a second but when i survived i texted my boyfriend and he said he had to marry someone else

I went to work in my pajamas

I.was worshipping snake with something in an open area

I sow myself packing garden eggs in dust bin the garden egg was very greenish and fresh

I killed lizard in dream meaning

I was master beating my boyfriend in the bed and some people i know where laying in bed around us

I fall inwater with hors also faldown in water

I dreamt of where my fone switched off

I saw that there was group of cows and one black cow with horns was hitting me for few minutes and then a white cow arrived and start protecting me

I see my dad i hug him and we both cry

If you dream of loosing your torchlight in the dream what does it mean

I was eating a dead body in freezer

If you dream foundation

I beating my grandmother with a stick

In my dream the madwoman was following me then i turn nd gave her mango then she gave me high-five said i should seat down was happy saying she want to talk to me i said am busy what does it mean

I dreamt of two mongoose standing on their hondlegs protecting me. but i cannot see from what they are protecting me onon their ondlegs

In my dream the mad woman was following me then i turn nd gave her mango then she gave me high-five said i should seat down was happy saying she want to talk to me i said am busy what does it mean

Immersion of god

I collected my keys from my younger brother what does it mean

I was crying because an old ex bestfriend was leaving

I see lazar

If me kill somebody in dream

Inappropriate behaviour

I have a dream i was standing under the rain and it was heavy wind

I saw a big jesus standing

I had a dream of my son with sore on his leg, what is the meaning

I dreamt marrying my wife again

Isiphoka esimhlophe

I saw some known person roasting meat in dream , he was in pain and his eyes was pale yellow

I saw my crush in the mosque

I saw pink star

If you dream a new planet

I dreamt am eating food and vomited it back

I dream am eating but i vomited it and drop the food

I was in the river with a friend and a crocodile wanted to bite me

Ingive to someone my handwatches

I had dream about two grey snakes

I see my death poster in my dream

I was given a kerosen cooking stove which they kept for me for long time

Instrument given to mom throgh bus ladder in bus roof seen in dreams

Invitation in weeding

I saw people chanting mantra in dark near my body

I dream of a madman professing love to me

I removed my clothe and dressed it to teacher

I gave my above hudy cloth to my teacher

I shave my 2months daughter hair in my dream

If u see many battle nut tree broken then dream number

Intentionally breaking the obligatory fast of ramadan in a dream

If see broken battle but tree them what is the result of dream number

If u dream of your best friend that has died three years ago and he is covered in human poop what does it means

I dreamt that i was peeling the skin on my face

In car with dead person

I dreamt of a king giving me money

If we see the dream of biting us and us throwing water on it to protect ourselves what is the meaning of history

If you dream about found the six eggs what does it mean

I have a dream seeing lot of eggs

I saw a human who becomes rat but half human and half rat and he falls in love with me what does that mean

I have a dream when i was stealing lots of bunch of bananas .healthy ones there were so many

I have a drw

I have a dream when i want to buy lot of sugar canes

I lose my front teeth

In dream one two

I dram my daughter in law upset , walking down a long hallway with a rolling school bag going to school nd she very upset, my son sat on the couch sad looking at his phone. i felt bad and sad when she was trying to leave

Insults in a dream

Inside water swimming

In dream i saw two iphones



I dreamt that i was sharing biscuits and sweet to children and i was inside the car with one guy

In your employees house

In your bosses house

I figured out how to levitate

Ipad fell in water

I dreamt about a mad person

I was pulling plants out of my back teeth

Inside the church flowers

I dremet of the uoly quran words disappearing in front ofy eyes

I broke two slab

Interrupted fast

Interrupted fasting

I had a dream my boyfriend was two of him

I had a dream that there was two of my daughter

Item vanished in dreams

If u dream of catching mud fish what is the meaning?

I dream about my dad waiting on my mom to come

If you are any army commander in a dream

I took a way gate in dream

I cant find my office desk

I dreamt i was packing palm kernels

Ill parent

I dream of my deceased mother

I dream of my dead mother

Istigfar infront of kaaba

I was given bitter kola in the dream

I had a dream that i was trying to get away from my husband in a car and he was following me trying to catch me

I had a dream that i was trying to get away from you in a car and you were following me trying to catch me

I give monggo beans to others

In dream you see your self treat like a queen what is the meaning of this dream explain in urdu

I dreamt seeing a lady neighbor frowning and not responding to my greetings

I saw my cap with someone

I dreamt of having a conversation with someone who is not sick but have five iv infusion on him, can it be me?

In a dream i saw my little brother so hairy on his back

I was gifted one zero thousands

I dreamnt facing the sun then out of the clouds appeared a huge chair taller than most trees

I dreamt that someone tried to cut me with razor blade but they ended up cutting themselves

I dreamnt of a big chair and a key appearing from the sky means

If someone gave you malon in the dream what dose mean

I dream seeing bleeding in my left hand

Iong mushroom

I dreamt about seeing a pot of palm-nut soup in my bathroom and i transferred it into another pan

I dream i was giving a car key

I dresm of my deceased father

I dream about swollen stomach

In my drea.

I dreamt my late brother praying what does it mean

I dream a small amount of money on my wallet


I hear god voice in the dream

I dream of carrying a cutted timber

If you dream of taking kids to a competition without readiness

In a house gathering possessions for an evacuation

I had a different surname

Indian laburnum blooming

I dream saw someone with four eyes, four hands and three talking like a girl.

I was fighting and shooting gun in dream

I saw a pawpaw tree and about to fall and the leaves hsa turn yellowish in color, and the fruit are on the tree

I had a dream like going to temple and immediately going to death ceremony

I dream about unknown person propose on road and i ran away

I built a big house with so many cars i bought

Intimate dream with fictional crush

I was fighting with a lion. and i won and eventually tamed the lion.

I dreamt that two girls were passing through a broken window in a house that my boyfriend was staying instead of passing through the door what does that mean

I was fighting with a lion. and eventually tamed the lion.

I am a girl if i see a monk teaching me and myself as a monk in dream what is the meaning

I dreamt that i was passing somewhere with lots of chicken with their chicks what does that mean?

I was in cat fish marathon hook with my friends and i keep catching more fish

In dreams what

Interpretation father dead

Interpretation we saw

I dreamt my mom was wearing a mask

Interpretation my girlfriend

I saw in dream i am selling raw meat

Invasion and items and loved ones captured

I kild a men

I always dream when am back to high shcool,with my old friends

I dreamd i was fart

I cried for having low marks in boards

I dreamt that my partner was lying on the floor covered with ground

If a leader is seen in dream


Intestine falling out

If u dream u are in the field getting cassava reliefs

If u dream cassava ref

If u dream field with green maize what does it mean

I wanted to buy a maroon jacket but some girl took it before me

In dream means

Interpretation duck eggs

Interpretation being chased

Interpretation pink lipstick

Intloko yemfene ivutha

I saw cooking red oil in dream

Injured crow

Ironing a shirt

Infiltrating secret society

Infiltrating secret school society

Interrupting me qgule u use the bathroom

I wrote an exam in a dream the results scoi was good but it was cancelled

I cut my tongue

If you dream of a moth in personal belongings or a personal laundry archive

I dreamt i was going a christenings what does that mean

Introducing my ex wife to my girlfriend in a dream

I stand with two people in a salon

I am in between two persons

I had a dream lion,elephant fighting in the forest im also next to it

I had a dream elephant and lion fighting next to me

I dreamt that i received gifts from a man including a carpet

I dreamed a white lady planting onions and then later at the harvest of onions she became a millionaire, she called me to teach me how to do it too

I have seen a dream that i wan laid down on tomb and others were putting dust on me

I protect you

I will protect my loved ones

I was dajjal in my dream but there was no fitns

In a bus

Iron silver

Invisible pet

Invisible animal

Invisible horse

I dreamt of me facetiming a boy we used to talk but no longer

Interviewed to work on the radio

Isiwasho esi and

I dreamed that i saw former president for my dream and interact with him

Interpretation dreaming bathing

Isiwasho and other

I was running away from the police

Isiwasho colours dream

I saw a her chasing me i my dream and i also bite by it

I shot someone in the head

In bible i dream about the scorpion biting my husband ley

I dream about my husband biting his leg by scopion

I dream about my husband biting by scopion

I dreamed something greeting me with her left hand

I dream i saw apple and guava fruit on the some tree what does that mean

Inability to stand up

I killed two rats in my dream. what is the meaning

I dream my enemy give me an headboard

I see my husband got a job

I dreamt a man wanted to harm me, then later he french kissed me then a woman also kissed me.

I saw my dad house in a dream

I dreamt that i was selling white soil and people were really buying to an extent that demand was more than my supply

I managing the shop that is not mine

I had a dream where i was sleeping under a tent with my daughter and three mad men

I dream of my friend who was pregnant in the dream, then she fell down the building

I dreamt that i was selling white soil

Irritating things

I dreamt someone sucking my what does it mean


If i dream about my late father showing me a plot to build a house in

Im killing somebody with a gun

Ikamera elinogesi okhanyayo

I dreamt discovering gold and silver treasure

I dreamed of two suns and one moon

I dream of blood clots

I dreamt of group of soldiers chasing me

Insects dream meaning

If see a insect in dreaming

In dreams when a person leaves and turns left meaning

In dreams when a person leaves and turns right meaning


I see the name of allah in sky with full brightness

If you dream of running star mac

Ipha uhuda

I dreamt of a giant red fluffy hat

In dream seeing idli and vada meaning

Intestine came out out of body

I saw a dream crow chasing son and yelling disapproved at him

In my dream i fought a young lady and went with her shoes and her phone

I see jesus christ statue and hes head is detachable

I mate a cow in a dream

I see god statue and hes head is detachable

I saw in a dream that it was heavy rain and thunderstorm and lightning was on the minar of masjid

Ian mckelken

Interpretation my late

Im the head of a company

I dreamed my sun has a baby on the way

In my dream my late granpa gave me money

I dream my late brother is in jail and planing to visit him, while in real history son is in prison

I beat up my ex

I was running away from my house because ninja attacked

I saw ninja attacking in my house

In the dark with creatures attacking me

I dreamt of my boyfriend and another woman with a baby

I dreamed see one capsule on top of my bed just at my side of the bed

I dream that my body smelled bad


Interpretation descending a

I kissed the neck of a man i had a crush on in the dream

Interpretation selling raw

Interpretation water horse

I found st anthony statue in an hindu temple

I won a gold bar worth nine million dollars

I dream my father try to kill me

I was teaming up with the islamic union and we got into a fight with israel

I was in the country all dimension

I dreamt my gray beard turned black

Ibhayi lenngwe black an white

Insects burrowing into skin

I was bit by a rattlesnake twice, first on the the thumb then my index finger. i was in a school and then i was in this like machine room where all the doors had snakes in front of them??

I dreamt my dead plato ic friend came to my bed in the night and made wonderful love to me and he kissed me and it felt so real and wonder


I dreamt that my husband was shot on the face

I am protecting a small dog from an eagle

I was doing the splits

In front of men

Image of a pond

Interpretation glass of

I dreamt that i gave birth to rice in the toilet

I dream of sharing kolanut with some people

I am red

I saw skinwalker in my dream

If you dream you shoot someone with a gun means what

I dreamt that i turned into an eagle and rescue my boyfriend and we both turned eagles and flew away

I was enjoying roof top view of city and then in the attic i found soemone and came at me

In the dream i am dressed like queen esther for a walk down to the ball gala

I was in a car with a monster

If i saw my child acting silly in a dream who is now passed away what does that mean

I dreamed that i was in a church sermon service and a women hugged me and then started rocking with music and then went down and she put my in her mouth sucking it


Interrupting a dream within a dream meaning

If you see double of any thing or person in your dream, it predicts an unusual event on your horizon.

I forgot to feed my patient

I dream my dead mom was still alive

I dream my dead mom

I dream my deaf mom

I dream i almost got molested

I was wiping my husbands ex wifes bloody finger nails where she was biting them so i could polish them?

I was wiping my husbands ex wifes bloody finger nails so i could polish them?

I see my wife drinking alchol

I dreamt someone threw a white snake and egg in my property

In the dream my current journal was being taken by water in a flowing river past the bridge

Iron box for clothes

I saw a woman to be dead begging me for money

In the dream someone insists on straightening my black hair even with an iron box and we are to go to the salon but it closes just as we get there.

I see two brothers fighting while my sister is being hurt and i call for help


I saw my ex girlfriend her face where red

In my dream native place name

I dreamt walking in water

I had a dream i am feeling sick and my mother gave me different types of medicine

I had a dream taking different types of medicine

Injured grey horse

I dream about a king giving me a lot of money


I chased ugly creatures

I killed the snake

I saw myself pounding pepper with onion inside the mortar in my dream

I electrocuted

I got electric shock in dream

I shoot police in my dream

I dreamt a flock of pigeons were attacking me

I dream urinating blood and then that urine turn to worms

I dream deflowering vergin girl

I dreamt of someone giving me satchet water

I hold many nzu in my dearm

I dreamt about selling pap and i sold four five zero zero to one person and two zero zero zero to another person

I hear my son call mom

I hear son call mom

I shot someone

I dream my sister carry a cassava stem

I dreamed fixing trombone

In a static car while the seat belts are fastened

I dreamed that my little brother killed my little kids in a dream

I wear red dress on my wedding there is no husband on my beside my realtive say congragulation and then one of my relative give me a hand watch as a gift

If you dream seening and umbrella on oppen

I sacrifice with goat

I saw some people with me and a pot containing gold on the floor, as we were quarrelling the pot just vanished

Itching palm

I dream that my child fainted and she was taken to the hospital and then the doctor said she has brain tumor

I dream of changing my hair into white

Is water shovel

Is shovel in the water dream

Is water and card throne

Is card being thrown at you

I died using mouthwash

I dream of picking ripe soursop

Inflating tires

Inflating tures

I had a dream that it has left one day for me to die so i was looking for those who will dress me well and do me makeup because i saw that the person has done makeup on two dead peoples face which is so nice when i die in the dream.

I had a dream that it has left one day for me to die so i was looking for those who will dress me well when i die in the dream


I was in my periods,the pad was full of blood and i had stained myself with no one to help me get a new pad or bath

I had a dream of wearing rudraksha

Islamic dream interpretations

İ cpuldnt speak and it was dark

I saw the word reformed upside down

I dream my daughter hit by a truck

I had a dream that i saw a rattlesnake and then he turned into a fish

I felt someone squeezing my ribs

Indian items

I dream when am not promotedamong others

I wored a torn pant in dream meanings

I saw a dream in which i saw my own pussy but filled with a little bit of green color fennel the sweet ones, it was feeling uncomfortable but idk with some kind of pleasure maybe what does it mean

Interpretation shrinking and

Injected drug

Interpretation seeing church

Interpretation hitting belt

I saw my mother begging someone to help her to sell her old shoes for her to get money.

I had a dream i was shot by my sister multiple times

I dreamth of picking the eggs of guinea fowl

Itchy worm crawling on my back

It mean when

I dream the moon during the ramadhan

Its so hot outside that i cant go out

If someone you an alligator pepper in the dream what does it mean

I deamed of havin a ot of acn on my back

Illness that shows in ur dreams that you have

I beated the man who tried me inappropriately

Illness of self

I always fine myself in an empty shop

I see dead person singing in the church

If bear attacks a dog and kills him

I had a dream that i had a rash on my chest what does it mean ?

I had a rash on my chest

In a big boat on dark rough water

I saw a pool full of dead sting rays

I was crying out for someone to help me

I dreamed of my deceased father at an old workplace but he had a stroke

Islam angry

I saw a round hollow goatskin like a ball infront of me

Individual entry in

Individual entry

In a car and someone in a dark hoodie on the outside of the car broke the glass in towards my face.

It is not dream but you can define about a blood footsteps of a baby but a baby feet have not blood

Itchy hand bump

Itchy red bumps

I eat a piece of lapris crystal

Indian chief amer5ican

I called the name ezekiel in my dream

I dream about cat eating lizard in my bed

Isiphika red and blue

In moving car

I dreamt of dead mom

I am pregnant and dreamt when i am preparing a nice meat meal for my family

I dreamed about visa interview and take back to home without my passport.but visa interview taker is gordon;)

I dreamed about visa interview and took back to home wo

I dreamed about us visa interview second attempts at morning

I was struck by a fire ball in my right leg which burns my leg i was seeing fireworks and the ball was using for fireworks

I was struck by a fire ball in my right leg which burns my leg

Inyama yangaphakathi usu

India woman in dream

Indian woman in dream

I sailed away to find you

I hit a green snake and change into a duck at home

I dreamed of people hanging themselves

In dream unable to fetch water

In dream i unable to fetch water

I am a female and i dreamt fresh beans in the gardens

I dream that the pastor offers food in church and everybody refuses except me

If you see someone who is out of the country in your dream

I have seen my ex loved ones text me and call

I have seen that i changing my golden ring by beautiful silver one

I saw the cat inter in my room

I saw tht my sickness is cured in dream

I saw tht ky sickness is cured in dream

I dream pigs what number

I dream pigs

In love with mermaid

If you dream about old house with big windows glass

I dreaming trvel in ocean by bus

I won but no one cared

It means what when u dream while removing same one from the grave

I dreamt that my pastor put a silver ring on my finger

Indian and a feather

In dream i saw crush with his family

Intercourse with someone other than spouse

I dreamed of my avocado tre bearing fruits meaning

I dreamt of teacher slapping me infront pf the class

I dream of blood and murder of my friend

In my dream die someone

I hit a man

I saw dream eating with my mother and sister in a table

I am a teacher writing on the chalk board and keep misspelling words

Infection on face

I see myself in a ferry and cross the water with meany people in the dream

In acdream sompne say me lucky

I had a dream in which iam filling water in a steel container

I was a scientist

I had a dream my country president hovering over me in bed

I had a dream that the president of my country sleep with me

In front of rosa e rasool saw

I slap a necked girl friend with temper

I saw elephant destroyed house

Ice trays in a dream

I saw soil

I saw a tree bearing eggs in my dream

I saw broken ganesha idol

Iron burns cord

I saw myself in danger but i survived

I was intermittently mute

I dreamt of trying to say the word pilgrimage

I dreamt of the name mercy in bold black letter

I dreamt that i killed someone and injured another

I dream someone built their house in my front yard blocking my window

I am wearing my mothers panties

Intentionally breaking fast dream meaning

In an elevator going to the sky

I keep seeing my ex

If mother in law driving a scooty in dream

I dream my husband loss weight

Injection in armpit

I see a bible in my dream

If you bought pear fruit for someone in ur dream what does it mean

I dream of filling a hole on the ground with concrete and rod iron

If u see dreams in day time

I dream of filling a hole in the ground with concrete and iron

If u see river in ur dream

If u see a stopped time on ring

I dreamt listening to rumba music

I had a dream my husband was gay

I saw three moons

Index finger purple

Is it a good thing to see tortoise in dream

I killed someone and covered it up

Itchy foot

I dreamt seeing two kids eating scrumble eggs while a dog was trying to bite me but the owner stoped it

Itchy chin

I dreamt i want to plant coriander but did not have a good soil

I was in a forest green and a black panther demanded my attention with nuzzling and rubbing his head gently on my leg while purring his teeth never showed

If you get blocked by someone

Injured black snake

Impaled in heart

I crossed over black magic in dream

I dream my husband and i waking at a water locked area he was leading the way and we crossed a place like under the bridge and we arrive where we have to use a rope and we pulled up

In front of father

In the dream my mum and sister does not like the clothe i wore, so my sister gave m a an elegant green outfit of hers and my mum collected mine, what does that mean

I have a which i marry to a person who i want

I saw mt friend wearing black clothes and i am trying to catch him but i cant we cant meet in the dream

I dreamt of going to the market to buy dry fish

I dreamt of a large hole inside my mouth above my upper teeth and a banana was pulled out of it

Injured people in accident

Implant breaking


I put something in oyibo man grave in my dream

In dream seeing double number

I dreamt of saving someone shot by a gun

Infected old surgical wound

In a dark room wearing black clothes pouring dirt

Interpretation head wound

Interpretation someone drinking

I speak one guy

In a dream, he saw a very large snake dragging a child

I turned into imbecile in the dream

I dreamt of being sent a positive hiv message after texting

I was pregnant and lactating

I dream about lacoste meat

I saw in dream i cut my wrist with khife

Interpretation maggots coming

Insects and fairies attacking

I see my deceased son pushing ships and is tired

I dream of myself and my dead brother fixing his grave

In my bag

I dreamt the pastor beating me

Interpretation money and

Infected nails

Interpretation about someone

Interpretation someone placing

I am a man in my dream

I have been sodomised in a dream

I dream with my dad but he is dead i sow him cover with a white blanket

Isis kidnapping you

It was a empty thermos without a lid

I get to see in my phone every time what i manifested for

I got see the institution i want to get in my dream

I saw someone collecting the boxes of tiles

I am dieing

I just driving on my bus after that my friend the staring in ihs left hand he turn out left side after that accidend

I dream that i am pulling out my liver from my mouth

Invisible but voice could be heard and i could communicate with the dead

I fed a dog and it bow before me

I saw sun eclipsed and then clouds moving then i saw a crescent moon with star again i saw sun left side and monn right side in my dream

I climb and i catch the lantern star

I caths the lantern star

If u see a grasscutter in a dream what is the meaning

I saw my father selling soya meatin my dreams


I saw my father selling roasted meat in my dreams

I dreamed about my death cousin and that i went to stay with him what does it mean

In my boyfriends school

If given a three seed of okro in your dream what does it means

In invited people in my home

I dreamt getting into an ambulance

I dreamt my ex boyfriend came to my house and we hugged ourselves and also he was reporting me to my dad that i broke his heart. what does this dream signifies?

Is shaving your private part in the presence of your ex a good dream?

Inviting someone to have a drink with you

Inverted crescent

I saw droppings in my dream

I saw rats droppings in my dream

I saw droppings in my dream all over my bedroom

If i think pocong or kuntil anak they come after me

Injure one men care accident

I dream aeroplane number

Intercourse with beautiful woman

In my dream am told that before i go to the next stage they will find me a female partner

I dream about poop

I dream i went to bath but there was poop every were i have to sweep the bath room but yet there was stay poop in and out of the bath room

I was listening to music and driving

I am stalking someone

I am stalking my ex

I did handsaje with my deceased brother

I dream that pastor was praying for my womb yet i have no child

I dreamt when am prepping sliver fish and posh

In hut

I saw women with genitals exposed in a dream

Ice to water

I run away someone help me gat away meaning

Infection my leg

Injected with a novan in the neck

I dreamed of my spirit transcending into a golden light

In dream someone put my money in black nylon

I have seen arested and realsed

Im teaching quran and tafsir in my dream islam

I am sucking a woman in a dream

Image of virgin mary appearing in the sky

I dream my hands colour is lite

I had a dream i was running away from some frightful people along a bush with the guy i love,we were running while holding hands until they finally took him away from me

I dreamt when my mum and uncle were staying on the roof of a thatched grass house and my mum was coughing nonstop. what does it mean?

I had dream that i gave someone sweater

I had hallucination dream about a ghostbride holding a bouquet of flower

Ice melting in glass of water

I dreamt that i grazed fat and healrhy cows but some of them died because i grazed with the feeding calves.

I saw a hole in my chest which was bleeding really weirdly

I dream that i have searching my goat in dream

I cleared all the bush by the road side in my dream

It looked we were fighting between good and evil and l started flying into different worlds

I dreamed that my ex who im still in love with had traveled away for ever

I throw away my bible at someone

I am a music disc jockey that is unprepared to perform.

I am a party disc jockey that did not know it was my turn to perform.

I went to meet my big sister and her house was so shinny and bright looking but she was looking dark

I had a dream walking with a girl at night on a sand dunes. the dunes were tall and the moon was very bright, hitting the light on the dunes making them almost transparent. the feeling i had was that i was very calm. the dream felt very real. at the sand dunes i saw a dark castle and a lady who was yelling to close the gates.

I dreamt the president holding my left hand what does it mean

Insects coming from the skin

I drank oil made from donkey that i saw in my dream

I dream the president was driving me in his car

Invaded by monkeys

In a car and your father is driving the wrong way around a roubdabout

Ill father

I was buying trousers in my dream

I seen four green fingers not mine just green fingers

I am saying that i will give charity

I dream ground nuts was given to me not fresh

I dream lime was given to me why people came to beg and i gave them some

I saw my self wearing nysc uniform on my dream what does it means

I dreamt of my dead friend who hung her self and i seen her in her coffin idk

I need money

I had black eyeballs

I dreamt that i am pregnant

I bought maggi cube hundred for my sister my a dream

I saw a alive half burned chicken and a house on fire

In my dream i see fireworks

I was laying on a boys stomach

Injured white pigeon

Ice mountain

I saw myself almost getting in saccided but got saved

I dreamt i chopped an onion into tiny bits. was about to use it to cook, and immediately i felt nauseous with the smell and was about to throw up. i just kept on spitting and that was all

I see old water well playing children

I saw a ghost in a wedding dress

I dream that i was sleeping ona bed and i saw some a bride woman wearing a wedding staring directly at me.

I dream that i was sleeping on a bed and i saw some random woman wearing bride gown dress

I dream about a bride woman body wearing a weddingdress

Islamic kili savasta savasmak

I saw dog

I dream of getting two gold coin and give to an older woman

I see putting tika to many people

In dream pesticides smelling

If my photos were taking

Intestine went out of navel

Intestine went out of belly button

I dreamt of a cedar plant along the way i uprooted it and took it to home

Ironing and burning holes in the garment

Infant boy dream

I saw a dream of an injured angel who kissed me suddenly during our conversation

Iron staff meaning

I dreamed a snake biting my

I dreamed of an unfamiliar picture of my dead parents also dead husband and my self in this very bright photograph what does that dtem mean?

I dream a woman dress in a bride turn her back away from me

I dream that i was sleeping on a bed while some random woman wearing bride gown dress staring at me and suddenly turn her back at me what does it mean

I dream that i was sleeping and some random woman wearing bride gown dress staring at me and suddenly turn her back at me.

I dream that i was sleeping and some random woman wearing bride gown dress stsring at me and suddenly turn her back at me.

Insects on your tongue

If a lady offered a guy food in the presence of her parents.

Ingrown toenail pulling

Intruders in your home

I was walking in a forest as i was walking suddenly birds started clearing the bush what is the meaning

I cut off my cats tail

I had a dream my left eye fell out rapped in a bubble looking at myself in the mirrior

Is cutting animals in half

I had a dream my left eye fell out rapped in a bubble

I had a dream my left eye fell lut rapped in a bubble

I dream i was tie my head with a head tie

I had a dream of i see it was raining and there was a river

I had a dream i saw that it was raining and there was river

If you dream someone plastering your friend room what that mean

I dreamed of an unknown man sowing some brow beans and the coming back to me

I dreamed of an unknown man sowing brown beans

Insect called chi- chi

Ironing white shorts

I dreamt i was walking in the dark and saw gods face in the stars and then i entered a room filled with light and god shook my hand and then gave me a hug

I saw rocks being shifted by gods and suddenly a temple is built where lord ayyappa is the murthy

I was a bank teller who accepted lots of shiny silver and pennies

I am a girl .and i dreamed of an unknown girl tried to kill me

Itching from bug bites

Immature egg in dreams

If a dead person talking about investing money in dream

Inverted image of god

I saw a dream like i was operating my hand all over with blood

I was i the paying masque

If i was name philip in a dream

If someone stole your television set meaning

I saw myself eating cheesecake in my dreams

If lost wallet

I dreamt whilst l was preparing to travel with some people but l disappointed them and i just travelled to travel alone because l had a bad feeling about traveling with them,,,buh wen i got in that

In my dream i was crying in my mothers grave

If someone is pulling your feet in dream

I dreamed of seeing a pile of clothes

I dreamed seeing a pile of clothes on top of the table

I broke statues of mama mary in a dream

I was with my brother finding where to dig a grave means what?

Insects flying into your hair an infestation while you vacuum them up and killing them

I kill a thief in my dream

I received a glass of water

I saw a black growing in my mouth which later turned to tongue and conjoined with my already existing tongue

I saw a girl loving me purely

I dreamed it was laytul qadr

I like someone mehandi design

I dreamt about someone stealing three fishes out of my fishes, what does it mean

I got into a lift without realizing it was underconstuction and as soon as it started lifting, i got stuck in walls. as a result, the lift was unable to lift me up

I dream that i disvirgin my girlfriend

In love with

I have been talking with african rich person and he was very proud person talking about his wealth

Inserting family planning in dream

I am a sinner dream

Infertile dream

In the dark beach

In the beach catching a crab

I dreamt seeing myself performing ablution in football field twice while people are around islamic meaning

Incurable illness

Interrupting a demon

I dream that my husband sleep with my neighbour and wealth had a big fight

In a dream what is the meaning when someone is riding you on the back of a galloping horse going very fast and ran second in a race

Ibhayi black and white meaning

I had a dream hitting someone heard on the well and blood stared come out and i was asking her to wake up

I called bhagban in my dream

I called for god

Isa and dajjal

Isiwasho esiblue and white

I saw an old man with white hair and beard

Interpretation of seeing fried soya seeds in a dream

I dreamt that i was plucking kotomire in a farm

I dreamed my husband

Invisible hook

In my dream, some muslim people worrying because, black ants are gone into the mosque

I dreamt all my dreadlocks was been cut off

I was eating pampers while sleeping but in the dream i realized it was pampers that has urine

If u dream u go to a village and work

I am mahdi

I had a dream where my both the legs are rotten and there was dirt inside

I see my crush with my best friend what is it mean

I see my crush with my best friend

I saw darkest dream in every night, what does it mean

Infection foot

I ate egusi soup and pounded yam in dream

I dream of flood destroying buildings but was not hurt in the dream

I dream snake enter my stomach

I asked for a fox to make a decision and saw a hedgehog

Im eating a lot of biltong

I had a fish hook i wanted to pull it out the same way it went in but instead i ripped it out of my arm causing gushes of blood

If you see two animals fighting gorilla and dragon fight and you are inside a caravan

If you dream and see gorilla and dragon fighting outside your house and you are inside what does it mean

In the race

I was shot on both arms in the dream, what does it mean

I saw a dream where i saw my clothes in bed but before dream i never saw them and during dream i saw them and after the dream they appeared in the same position in bed

I pick a rip mango in my dream and suck it

I saw some people clearing grass

I had my baby dedicated in the dream when i do not have a child in reality

I lobolo

Izinxoxo zamalobolo

I dream of being ambush by gun men was shot but survived and was on a red carpet celebration at de end

I dream of being ambush by gun men was shot but survived and party at de end

I dream that i bought a ram or a sheep give it to my parents to give out to people

I dream that i bought a ram give it to my people to give it out for jadama

I had a bag of maize in the dream meaning

Insect bite in under leg nail

If i dream of my man washing a class of water

I dream my grandpa asking me to come and eat with him

I dream of hearing allahu akbar

I steal slipper

I dream going to a boy ouse and they want to use me for money ritual

I c my husband has others wives and one delivered a healthy child and still having a 2nd abnormal child in her belly and i do operate for dat and i shouted on him

I dream of losing my direction going somewhere and i lose my slipper but then i steal a slipper

I steal a slipper

I dreamed my husband was shot

In my dream i lost my slipper but eventually i found slipper that belong to other i steal it

I dream of losing my direction in going somewhere

I saw me and my partner went to river, my partner got into the boat but i slipped and my phone fell into the water. i went into the river to chase my partner and them my phone floats up and my partner saves me and the phone

I saw some of us driven out of the classroom because of the school fees in my school

Intimate with rams

In a third world country with your friend

Infant jesus and stjoseph

I had a pet ball python

I had a dream about receiving a computer

I found s in church

I was looking for a home to put a snake in

I took care of a pet snake

I found a snake and tried to care for it

Insect laying eggs in ear

If you watch monkey and dogs in dream

In dream see sparrow nest with five eggs in that four are fallout and one is injured but surviving

I see my sel taking off my higab but then a boy sees me

I saw my late brother was eating

If by lack snake wrapping around your legs and biting

I saw someone reading quran in my dream

I saw someone reading quran

I saw talking to my countries prime mhnister

Injured eagles

Injured egglets

I dread of house riding

I saw bringer in my dream

I dreamed of cooked meat gave to a dog he would not eat it

I always run and hide at mexican restaurant

I dreamt my deceased husband attending a party and carrying a baby boy

I dreamt my deceased have

Indian with white face

I deamed of my deceased mother that i already forget herreamed that i am the mc at the party and my bag was left

Isiphika esi yellow and blue

I dream my sister new born baby blanket was bloody

I dream of blood on my sister newborn blanket

I dreamed a cat was spraying pee on me

In castle town

Infant jesus of prague

In dream in my village

I was praying tajjud

I have been stopped from seeing my wife

I dream about someone giving me paper and i wrote numbers

Insects full of hand

I had a dream my mom was shot

Illuminati in dream

I dream eaten bread and beans

In wheelbarrow

I dream wearing a metal sandals

I dream wearing metal sandals and i was their were good

I had a dream my wife was messing around

I dream my deceased father sweating


Itchy private parts

Introducing yourself to pple in a dream

Itchy in my dream

I was a child and saw my friend who was an american indian man die


Irish bar spitting

I dreamt my deceased mother giving me a baby boy