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Dreams starting with the letter L

Leech, blood, shower

Lady bugs in my hair

Lost my belt

Labia majoraplasty

Long brown snake

Leading worship songs in your dream

Laptop in water

Ladies room

Lion hunting a cow

Lady call

Loved one disappearing from a photo while looking at it

Looking out a window and someone watching me from outside


Looking for directions

Letters disappearing one by one

L bleed

Lacust beans in dream

Librarist man idont know loving me in drem

Librarist man

Large pizza box


Leaking sperm in a dream

Little boys in red shirt

Laughing passed away grand mother

Lost a phone and later find it again

Lion attacking my dog


Laughing in dream and wake up laughing

Lady boss



Long bone happy

Lord shiva moustache

Long armpit and

Looking into eyes of eagle

Lichazani iphupho intombazana ngesizulu kuchazani idakiwe

Lichazani iphupho intombazana idakiwe

Lossing teeths

Loosing big toe

Lake with a monster and a baby fell in the water

Loved one not seen in years

Look after grandfather

Lsu in dream


Large varicose vein in leg

Lip cut in half

Lesbians having twins

Loss of dog

Lost and finding an object

Late in packing

Love one vanish

Lion, kissed, my head


Lost car key

Left leg tortoise

Losing then finding a bag in my dreams

Lobster red

Light going on and off in an office

Looks like someone else

Long worm

Left side

Left plucked from my chest

Lost leash

Lost in a school dream

Love cealing

Lord vishnu

Lose and find someone

Lose and find my daughter

Lighting a jiko

Light sky turns dark and lightening and explosions that look

Lost in a city r shopping center and lose my truck

Living with other people

Laying in bed in the kitchen

Licking ex ass

Losing my toes

Lost my lawsuit

Losing cards

Long silver nail

Leader from another world

Losing a child falling in a sinkhole


Losing a can opener

Loosing a can opener

Late husband holding up to decorative plates and very happy

Little animal turn into jewelry

Late grand mother buying shoes

Leaving dog behind

Loving a gypsy

Loving a gupsy

Late train station

Landslide coming towards me

Lots of octopuses in different bags

Large golden disc

Left eye bro lost

Living at child hood home after had to sell when dad passed away

Loving at child hood home after had to sell when dad passed away

Losing your paper

Leaving a movie theater

Long legged man trying to ho inside the bathroom, creepy and pervert

Lump behind ear

Left leg swollen

Left handed writing

Left handed

Late for daighters wedding


Lost and crying

Lost it

Letter good news

Light bulbs and light fixtures

Large tree root view

Large tee on truck

Large healthy tree

Loud noise from sky in islam


Liking a woman

Looking for okpa to buy

Lion licking my ring finger with no harm

Large pool of water

Long neck goose

Large leaf left under my windscreen wiper

Lady giving haldi and kumkum in dream

Leaving behind a cat

Leave behind a cat and snake


Last night i saw a green water and in the water there are fishes in green colour

Losing in a cock fight

Licking body

Loud clunky sound

Landline phone

Ladder on boat

Lion attacking bear cub

Late for class and had missed weeks

Last person alive

Loosing control of a bus

Loosing my watch

Live and dead relatives and dying dog

Looking for a church

Light bulbs burning out

Large part in upstairs

Lumps on my ovaries

Losing a tooth in a dream

Last one

Love and wealth

Lot of cakes

Lady praying salah

Logs above

Love bite by husband

Licking pussy in the dream

Lazy eye dream

Late husband urinated the bed where i sleep

Light above

Linen sheets


Late grandmother asking for airtime

Looking through curtains

Lit end dream

Lit until the

Line dream interpretation

Large wolf man

Look for the red soldier

Long sword person i dont know trying to stab me

Light in the palm of hand

Locked cabinets

Loosing a game

Lizard ran under my

Long forgotten friends

Leaving the husband with his colleague

Lettuce going bad

Losing both of your shoes

Leaving store with items just purchased and bag falls through water drain

Lot of cut meat

Living on a boat.

Long thin spikes of glass on my hands

Leaving my daughter on the bus

Leaving homes because of war

Lost in jungle

Long line in a restaurant getting stuck to go out and lincoln mercury levitating running from some monster while hearing my ex girlfriend call my name

Large safety pin on fire

Large safety pin on fire in the middle of a wheat field

Leaving house into garden

Lost of black crow

Leaning on something

Lucky number dead

Lying near a deep round hole in ground

Lion caged in my dream

Lion eating a live lamb

Landmine explode in army in dream

Lesbian gf pregnant

Lost his way

Layer socks


Lots of shoes in a pile in a dream

Lots of logs

Life to god

Lizard in milk

Licking arm

Licking arm in a dream

Low flying large airplane

Looking for slippers in the dream

Looking for foit wear in the dream

Local market

Losing at basketball

Light inside my stomach

Lion dream number shillong teer

Lime picking

Lord rama came into dream

Loss and cannot find my way home

Large sea snail

Long hug

Lizard poop into you

Lizard poop inti you

Low rider cas

Licking my own nipples

Left shoe missing

Love one being lost

Love one is on other side of locked door

Loosing engagement ring

Lips of an angel

Limbs of the horse

Lice on dogs body and your are feeling itchy in a dream meaning

Lice on dogs and feeling potty as well as itchy in dream

Lost while hang gliding

Leaving my daughter up in a dream

Lizard biting my father in my dream

Lizart bite in right dinger

Licking blood off the floor

Licking blood

Leaving an old job in city and not being able to get home

Large crystal bowl cracked

Loosing hair through a ringworm

Losing earrings

Lost a child

Looking tattered

Lover falling for someone lying to them

Little girl dead dream

Little boy elephant head corner of shower


Left side bedroom slippers

Libros y audiolibros de autoayuda y desarrollo personal

Living insect entering through ur nose

Looking for my child

Lot of shopping stores but cant go inside

Looking up from falling

Liquid pouring on the ground from a container

Looking into brother window and caught by camera

Lorry stuck

Lord shiv

Lord shiv picture in sky

Lightening strike

Looking for garden of bitter tomatoes

Leeches sucking all over my body

Lizard inside my water bottle

Ladder and sky

Lost and found pen

Lemon stand

Lady old

Leg was cut off

Loss of a leg


Lite pink roses

Lucoderma of a near one

Light blue colors

Leech sucking my leg and bleeding

Locked in a fenced alley

Large flames

Leapot bite a woman

Littering curd

Letter to the dead

Lord datta in dream


Lawyer friend

Looking for a job in school

Lost motorbike dream

Lost my motorbike

Late father train dream

Late father paying bill

Late father wife

London law book

London book of law


Left and right

Lava turn to balloons

Lost younger brother in office building

Lake full of algae

Large cockroach

Long strings of pearls

Lifting someone high

Looking me ghost

Licking sister in laws feet

Lecture room

Loosing a job

Langgar monyet


Little white girls playing

Lanzones ripe fruit and trees

Lightning earthquake

Late grandma praying for me


Loud surrounding

Lady minister

Loosing a voice

Laughing at the demon

Lost a phone crying

Lost a cattle and goat

Lspitting water on me dream

Lighting striking a mountain

Laptop stolen from back pack

Lighting mountain

Lighting hitting a mountain

Lips blisters

Late father speaking with my boyfriend

Letting an undertaker in your home

Long sweater

Loosing your mind

Loosing yourself

Large computer monitors

Lady wearing green saree

Loose diamond got lost in anighyclub

Laundry bag with clothes

Looking in a mirror

Leaving bar

Leaves in nose

Losing a gun and finding it again

Loosing both slippers

Living in a vintage dream

Late father wearing torn shoes and the t shirt

Lshape house


Lizard dying in water

Loose bowels

Late husband returning wedding ring

Lost wrist watch in dream

Loloba negotiates in dream

Lacrimacao trabalhos espirituais

Looking myself beautiful on a wedding

Left testicle sagging

Lost my son

Licking legs

Lip piercings

Lip rings

Leaving something behind

Looking through hole

Lying in fetal position

Lip gloss

Lying infetal position and father violent

Lump on neck and leg

Lying in fetal position terrified

Long parade

Lady wearing yellow green dress

Large fox

Late father wearing different shoes

La tombe

Lots of people eating meat of a cow that has been slaughtered

Lost a hoe

Loss my id card while traveling

Left ha

Late boss offering me a job

Lion killing goat

Lack of hand strength

Lump in a

Lost and hungry moose

Lion face in the clouds

Lots a number in the sky meaning

Lobster sized lice

Last dream

Lost key two wheeler

Lot of people in town

L mucus

Lying on the street

Light brown snake wrapped around left leg

Lion leaking hands

Lake side

Lego village

Late for audition

Lots of pigs

Levelling of the pond bottom

Listening to a pastor

Lose the stop

Loosing a testicle

Licking virginia

Licking a young woman ass

Left handed hand shake

Leg bruised

Lossed loved one

Lights off and on

Living water

Late to a daughters wedding

Leopart want to hurt you

Lamb doll in my dream

Licking of someone virgina

Losing my home by forclosure

Lizard head

Lucky number for dream mad woman

Leaking oil from tge roof to the office room and my head

Lose a horse race

Looking odd with erected nippels

Lose wig

Lose of ow in dream

Losing of ow

Large broken shrub

Lock barrel

Lots of open doors

Lots of snakes all around , lot of people all around , friendly dog saving me ,snake bites and leaving poision i think , think of my sister that she led to my death

Licking dog

Learning to become a medium

Liquid faeces

Leonardo da vinci

Losing gold rings in a dream

Loss socks

Lost on a road

Lion footsteps dream

Losing slipper in toilet

Little children playing with me

Little girls heel cracked

Light lift you in air as you move from one place to another

Light to left you in air as you move at ahigher spead

Light lefting me up walking inthe air

Light in palms in the dream

Light snow falling

Light coming out of my both hand palm and left me up

Light snow outside office window

Loving an affair with white lady

Lose diamonds

Losing diamonds in wedding ring

Live wire in water

Lobola in a dream

Long head

Lion near miss

Long hair pulling out of teeth

Losing hearing

Lizard on my body in dream

Leaking honey

Lions drinking water

Lioneses drinking water in a community

Leeches and parasites suxking on me

Losing a sapphire

Living in a miniature world

Losing everything house job cat

Loosing purse

Losing the left arm

Lost, no being able to get to where i should go

Lady rocking in a chair smiling

Look a like

Late dad giving me beads to give to my son n little sis

Lobola by your baby daddy


Lobola with cows

Lobola with two cows red nd grey cow

Lost the way home

Long scary bug

Leaving someone in danger

Lotus flower dream number

Lose flower

Licking tongue

Large house that l an redecorate

Losing football match dream

Looking for a room to rent but you find all rooms are occupied

Lot of blocks

Live wire that sparks

Licking white clay nzu

Luck number for big fish in the sea

Losing pinky finger

Losing an earring but finding it

Long flowerbed

Long flowerbed and a door filled with darkness

Loosing a pare of slippers and finding it later

Losting slippers and then finding it liter

Lost on beach

Left phone at home

Large black bee

Lost in a clay narrow trench

Looking healthy and fresh

Legs in a web not been able to separete


Light goes out

Light truck

Light dont work

Long bowel movement in dream

Leather robe

Lawn care sounds outside

Lost and cannot find my way home

Lumps in body

Lotus flower garland

Lost wallet was returned by the police

Lights turning on and off

Legs with hair

Long distance

Looking old

Lock broken

Lderly woman praying with bottles of coke for a poisoned person

Looking for someone then finding them

Lose a contact lens

Language errors

Looking at the date on eye drops

Losing a fight in a dream means

Lady giving gold bangles and receive me that

Loising my dentures in a dream

Log gloating

Late fatherbuilt a beautiful house forus

Large mouse

Lose spider

Lucky number to dream forensic car

Leading praise in a large gethering

Lizard in a dream

Live bird in cat mouth

Lucky number of experience bf in dream


Lumps under skin


Left side of body

Lizard jumping to my face

Lucky number keya hey

Lost leg silver chain

Long insects

Left eye hurting

Leading a prayer

Looking. football

Loss of wedding ring

Living in a s

Loved one throws red ball to me

Layaltul qadr in dream

Loading jeepney

Leader dream

Lying islam

Luxurious and car

Late grandmother


Lipstick dream interpretation

Lipstick in dream

Lost and found gold necklace

Left arm had writing on it

Lake cottage

Light skin man

Looking for your hair in the dream meaning

Looking for your hair in your pastors house in the dream meaning

Lots of nits in someone head

Lady holding a small skeleton head

Log bridge

Lost oil

Loosing palm oil

Lost in house

Large diamond rings

Light falling from sky

Large bird skull

Licking your loving person feet in your dream

Loss appetite meaning

Loss appetite meaning in yoruba

Lump on friends shoulder

Looking for a lost suitcase

Lost and left behind from an excursion in a foreign country

Licking of feet

Lobola blanket covering ur shoulders

Lobola blanket

Large stingray

Lady my pennis


Lovers wife being mean to me

Left wrist pain

Losing tooth filling

Lord krishna and gopikas dance in dream

Lock box easily able to break into

Lady giving me a bottle of wine

Light blue and

Light blue pink

Left u bear footed to walk

Licking of right palm by spirit

Land mine in a dream


Letters or words melting means

Lizard in my room and it was killed by a friend dream meaning

Losing left earring @ church

Light, spiritual

Leader in school

Looking for phone and charger in the dream without seeing it

Leaving a shop for me to manage

Looking for your keys

Laylul qadr

Laylatul kadar

Lizard attack

Leading taraweeh

Lower arm grabbed

Lion and tiger both attack and some how escape

Listening allah voice that recites a verse of quran

Landslide and river and running away

Lord subhramanya swamy

Late father taking a shower

Lost gold in a dream

Lots of wands

Lot of suitors

Losing windshield wiper

Lightning hit masjid minar

Lying beside dead

Leaning building

Late husband and

Late husband beating

Launching a rocket

Landing plane safely

Leaving my pocket book behind

Lost in a parking lot

Left pinkie toe falls off

Laying down on the floor

Long hair strand coming out of ear and cutting it

Lemon green colour

Lizard holding on to index finger

Long horn bull

Left foot finger wound and bloody

Local government

Leopard spot rabbit

Line of women using restroom

Lion in the sky

Learning how to drive in the dream meaning

Leading a pig to a slaughterhouse

Little children running to a ferris wheel

Lazy river waterpark

Lost jacket


Losing a favorite toy

Lion tiger

Low tied

Lover turns into a black widow

Leaving my pocket book behind

Locked in the room

Losing a leather purse

Locker in in locker room open

Locker door removed

Locking keys

Limb cut by someone else

Lilac flowers on ows

Looking for church dress to wear to church

Left passport at home and realized as pulling up to the airport

Lizard turtle frog

Lots of spiders hatching big and small

Laying head on cousin sister

Lots of fish in sea

Large potato

Lizard escape

Lover dirty old shoes

Leaking celing

Lover surname written greenpaper hide greenalmirah

Lack dogs entering

Little boy need help

Little boy needing help


Lost at temple

Limestone hills

Land seen in a dream

Lucky number of fishing in dreams

Lentil soup

Leech in finger

Lights from right hand

Lost my favorite pants

Light of god

L touch

Losing a toe ring in dream

Loaded vehicle with kenkey

Large lake

Loin and tiger chasing you

Lost truck

Lost car or money

Locker dream

Lighter by eye

Lost tire

Levitating off the bed

Lemon tarts

Lotus dragon ring

Lump in neck

Lizard jumping on left shoulder

Losing your kids in a building

Late mother came to do ironing

Loving a he goat

Licking tits

Losing a red wig

Light mud colour and light grey colour snake in wet mud

Lost backstage theatre


Ladies dream number

Long white and green dress

Lord ayyappa devotee comes in dream

Lemon tree cutting

Lion and pregnant

Lots of burning candles to give light

Lots of csndles

Looking down stairs

Loss leg limb mean

Locust plant

Licust tree

Latrine dream

Loosing teath

Lizard biting my buttom

Lost and found my mobile phones

Leading crowd in prayers

Lunar eclipse and stars

Lighting a torch for others

Laughing in namaz

Lliquid metal eruption

Lying down in front of a church

Leave a house

Leaving toddler in a car

Long yellow/gold dress

Large stones

Luau hawaii

Loosing car, people can find things

Lightning striking a car you are in

Lion of gold

Lying down face up

Low flying airplanes

Lupin flowers

Lost a glove pushed back to find it


Lizard biting you

Losing back lock earring

Larvae coning out of hair

Leeches sucking my body

Lost souls

Large hole in abdomen

Late grandmom

Loosing house

Lucky number for half moon

Lost dogs returning

Listening to music with ex crush

Lord, shiva, nandi, walking and together

Long distant friends

Lockbox with code


Looking for masdjid

Leading the wayat a very dangerous place

Lock code

Left big toe falling off

Labour pains

Lawyer office


Lawer and documents

Lady panty on washing line

Laughing fox

Lucid, demons, hand grabbing face, childhood home, killing that demon, saving your loved ones

Losing my watch

Long call dream

Leg being rubbed by crush

Living situation

Loving situation

Looked in the mirror and there was a pimple on my lip

Looked in the mirror and there was a pip

Litter of six kitterns

Loud motorbike

Laying down on surf board

Loots if mold in house and having to tear the house down

Lost and weight

Love one in a blue dress

Lover leaving you with a suitcase

L cream

Luxury ballroom

L infection


Llaves buzon cajon

Logs flowing in river


Lantern star in my dreams

Lump in my throat

Leaving my boyfriend

Lion tiger leopard cubs

Late in flight

Loch im fuszeh

Loch im eigenen fuszeh sehen

Lantern floating

Leopards tigers

Leg laceration

Lower teeth being separated and getting a gap

Lizard transform into snake then transform into a dog

Lizard turns into snake then a dog

Lost gold jewellery and found

Light being turned on and off

Lord ganesha glass idol broke

Legs being pulled by joker

Laylatul qadr signs in a dream

Looking for a relative in a foreign land

Left behind lost

Lailatul qadr

Late anutie gave me rip fruit in my dream

Lip bite

Lover getting married to someone else

Lost right diamond earring

Lighted lamps going up

Lamp going up in the air

Large black toad

Long silver and black dress

Loud motorcycle


Leg wash

Listen death

Losing something while swimming in the river

Leaving a ceremony with six fried eggs pinned on both legs, three on each leg

Little bear

Live fish

Losing sight of a baby

Legs covered on different coloured moles

Lion fighting a dog

Left hand silver amethyst ring with hands on it

Lion etched on metal

Longhorn cow

Leaving kids behind

Live insects on your tongue

Late sister marrying her husband

Lady blowing smoke

Lemon meringue pie

Lower lip split in half

Lion did not chase

Losing gold in dream

Left shoulder tap dead relative

Laylatul qadr in dream

Lavender seeds

Lien paper

Light eye

Left shoe detach

Lips ring

Lose of tests paper

Letting people down

Located in kfc

Large crow flying beside walking bear

Loosing a teeth

Loosing a limb

Lost cane

Losing travel document

Lesbian proposal

Lower lip pulling it off


Late mother switching on lightbulb for you in a dark room

Lions and tiger together

Loading a diamond

Lying down with children in a dream

Lion. and tiger sleeping in my house

Lebonese singing

Lion brown eye

Lion biting hand

Little girl dead in dream teer

Little girl dead teer

Light pink dress

Lizard fell on left hand in dream

Luck number daniel meaning

Lion bites me

Lion under water

Listening sain name in dream

Listening some pious saint name in dream

Lady wearing shiny dress

Leaving the oven on

Losing weight in numbers

Loosing my bible in the dream

Lizard shapeshifter

Living your bag in the bus

Loosing your shoes

Lending a car in a dream

Laughing in your sleep and slapping the dirt

Lost concert ticket

Loved one telling you smell

Lost my bed

Leaving bus


Lion,kudus and cattle spiritual

Lazer lights shining in your eyes

Loved one falling to death

Loss of eyesight

Little pink garden

Lucky number for writing in a dream

Lucky number for dreaming five.five six rounds

La madonna va contro di me

Locus leaves

Ledies paraivet part

Ledies paraivet pats

Lemon suit

Lucky number of chicken and hens

Losing a wig

Large objects falling

Lailatul qadr in dream

Lightining and thunder

Learning sitar

Lost leg of my boyfriend

Lost limb my boyfriend

L bleeding in adream

Looking for a trash can

Large area load

Lying in brothers arms

Laying in a mat

Losing teeth dentist


Lost in an unknown place

Light bulb exploded

Low gas dream

Lizard pee in hand

Long pointy nipples

Losing a football match

Letting go and grabbing hands on a dream

Little hairy red creature running at me in my bed

Losing inherit

Lilith message on paper

Lilith fortune cookie

Looting an hostel

Lilith left me a message

Light pink fabric

Leaving behind

Lost flight home

Lots of dead buffalos

Long hair under the arm ,arm pits

Looking at mango

Looking at leeches

Living entombment

Load bang when asleep

Lots of dry fish in a godown

Lost of ear ring gold and seeing glasses in a dream

Lover choose me over next woman

Looking at curtain materials

Licking body parts


Lying between two women in a dream

Light off

Love accept by my parents in dream

Lost in your own colledge

Lots of dead cats

Lost in an airport

Lit candle under bed

Losing my legs

Lighten hitting a car

Large bear prints in dreams

Licking hand by snake

Lump on stomach

Large black bulls

Lion on eagle

Lion eagle

Licked by dog on cheek

Locked in the bedroom

Lost of gold ring

Lost a gold ring

Lizard jumping and turning to fish

Little boys playing

Lizards crossing roads

Laylatul qadr

Losing eyeballs

Lion grabs penguin in his mouth

Large sailing boat

Loved one truck accident

Limes in my dream

Lie about age

Lot of salty water

Looking for monsters

Looking for something in dried lake

Lots of slugs together on. a wall

Lots of slugs on a wall

Leopard biting you

Leaped biting you

Lump in the mouth

L had a dream and someone l know at my work place gave me one type of six pieces of colourful shirt what does it mean

Lizards and spiders

Large group of people gathered in a room

Leaving slippers

Lost in the way going to meet my mother

Looking at empty bed

Living in slums

Leading worship in a class

Lots of money in my handbag

Lots of ground provision around you

Latest kuap

Losing an award

Lights in the night

Lines making a v shape

Letting karte hue dekhna kya matlab hai

Left highway

Lots of worms coming out of broccoli

Lice dream meaning

Lies dream meaning

Looking over a dead body

Lowtide collecting coins

Large amount of water being emerald green

Losing mop and mop bucket

Losing your gun

Little boy throws a frog on my body and then i dusted it away

Looking in my dead mothers wardrobe

Loosening screws

Loosing srews

Lizard having babies

Little red riding hood

La hawla wala quwata illawarra bilah

Last one standing

Lost travel ticket

Leopard kills lion in water

Learning to swim in blackness

Little kid having diarrhea on you

Lamb choos

Loosing voice

Late father sleeping

Lord hanumaan smiling dream

Lending your umbrella to another person

L am four zero years old woman and l saw my mom cussing me in a dream?


Lots in a house

Lauki drem number

Lizard attack on neck

Little girls finger jammed in house doir

Lost my gun


Leg potty me girna

Lep potty me girna

Lion tiger leopard fighting