The meaning of the symbols of refuse and errand seen in a dream.

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To go on errands in your dreams, means congenial associations and mutual agreement in the home circle.For a young woman to send some person on an errand, denotes she will lose her ...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

If you send someone else on an errand, you are fearful that your spouse is being unfaithful.If you are sent on an errand, you are planning on being unfaithful....

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary

(See Garbage)...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

To refuse in the spiritual sense is not to recognize the long-term benefit to ourselves or others of what is being offered or suggested. We may need to identify what fears are hold...

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile

Vision: Falling over garbage: Let go of deceptive assumptions and double-check old attitudes. Replace them with new ones.If other things are falling on top of you and you can’t ...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

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