The meaning of the symbols of buying and mortal seen in a dream.

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8 dream interpretation about buying and mortal related.

In a dream, buying something means selling it.(Also see Sale)...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

1. Acceptance of a situation, how it is presented.2. Financial caution is needed (purchases for self ).3. Good fortune ahead (purchases for others). ...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

If a person sees himself as buying a donkey, paying hard cash for it and handling such cash with his hands it means he will speak words of wisdom in the presence of people. And if ...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person dreams that he has purchased meat from the butcher who delivers it to his house it means he will experience ailment in that portion of his body which is linked to the m...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Selling a slave means he will find relief from his grief and sorrows. Buying him means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow.It is said that buying a slave girls is better tha...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Buy a house, and a short but pleasant love is on its way. Sell a house, and you will soon be released from some current responsibility.If you get a receipt for your purchases in yo...

Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

New soul-personality characteristics. ...

Dream Source: Expansions Dream Dictionary

Universal Landscape: Equitable contribution.Dreaming Lens: Were you the buyer or the seller? What was being purchased? Was the transaction a final sale or an agreement to rent or l...

Dream Source: Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream

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