Zeal Dream Interpretation

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Zeal Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are manifesting much zeal in a cause which vou have espoused, signifies that you will have a great disappointment in a matter in which you were very sanguine of success.
Dream Source: The Mystic Dream Book

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It is more likely that we would dream of a terrorist rather than a zealot, yet they both have the same fanatical belief in and love for one principle. There comes a time in spiritu...

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile

Symbolic of someone who has an intense fervor and drive for a cause, Matt. 10:4...

Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols

Located to the southeast of Australia, New Zealand consists of two main islands and a number of smaller outlying islands so scattered that they range from the tropical to the polar...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

lucky numbers: 02-07-17-31-33-50being a, zealot: wil fight for your cause to the detriment of the world. not: peril and misfortune when you let sentiment rule your decision. others...

Dream Source: Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

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