The meaning of the symbols of pastor and past seen in a dream.

A Pastor Of The Past | Dream Interpretation

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Religious person of authority; if substituted, research the name...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

lives While there may be some evidence for reincarna­tion in the work of Dr Ian Stevenson, dreams which clearly state reincarnation in their theme most likely represent pres­ent ...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

(Affront; Attract attention; Criticize; Excavate; Probe; Sideswipe; Stir up) Digging up the past in a dream means an argument or exposing one’s dirty laundry, blocking the road, ...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Vision: Seeing a pastor: your constant “preaching”—or telling people what to do all the time—is making you increasingly unpopular. Being the pastor: even if it is difficul...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

If your childhood home or a home from the past continually features in your dreams, this does not necessarily mean you are stuck in the past or long to return to the security of ch...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

A dream that plunges you back into your childhood or an earlier stage of your life may indicate nostalgia for happier times or regret for the lost years. Alternatively, your dream ...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Images of people from your past not your present can link you with that period in your life, as well as with specific memories and experiences. A first boyfriend in a dream, for ex...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

A symbol is a vital element in dream interpretation, serving as a critical bridge that connects different aspects of the dream. It represents a connection between a past memory and...

Dream Source: Dream Encyclopedia

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