Pastor Dream Meanings

Pastor Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources

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Pastor Dream Interpretation

To see a pastor in your dream, or dream that you are a pastor, suggest that you need to be more compassionate and understanding in some situation or relationship. Alternatively, it indicates that you have overstepped your boundaries and invaded another person’s rights.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Pastor Dream Interpretation

To meet a pastor in a dream symbolizes spiritual guidance.

A pastor in a dream may give you advice or lead you to further symbols which are meant to help you solve a problem.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis

Pastor Dream Interpretation

Religious person of authority; if substituted, research the name
Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Pastor Dream Interpretation

To dream of a pastor signifies that you are yourself insincere, or are surrounded by insincere friends. If he is performing the marriaoe ceremony, prepare for your own nuptials.
Dream Source: The Mystic Dream Book

Pastor Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 19-31-33-38-42-52

being a: must admit a previous failure to solve the problem.

giving advice as a: others have to learn for themselves.

of a: must pay more attention to property holdings.

taking advice from a: increase in possessions.

talking with a: must take better care of personal affairs.

1 dream interpretation about pastor related.

Vision: Seeing a pastor: your constant “preaching”—or telling people what to do all the time—is making you increasingly unpopular. Being the pastor: even if it is difficul...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

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