Zinc (metal) Dream Meanings

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Zinc (metal) Dream Interpretation

If you dream of working with, or if you see, zinc in a dream, it indicates that your business will go through a process of renewal and become a better enterprise.

To taste zinc may mean you are in need of food suppliment tablets to correct an existing health problem.

Dream Source: Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

10 dream interpretation about zinc and metal related.

Gold and silver are wealth and wisdom purified by fiery trials; brass, iron, and tin are strong...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

To work with or to see zinc in your dreams, indicates substantial and energetic progress. Business will assume a brisk tone in its varying departments.To dream of zinc ore promises...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

1. Feelings of heaviness, discomfort, usually emo­tionally.2. Discontent, arguments.3. Possible health issue, lack of energy. ...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

(see Copper, Gold, Iron Ore, Silver) Strength and resiliency.How is the metal used in the dream? Are you building with it, and if so, what? For example, building a wall out of meta...

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams

Dreams of a metal detector either symbolize that you are looking for treasure or looking for fault. You may be feeling cynical as you look for a hidden agenda and/or feeling on the...

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

What has been close to you is opening up....

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

To dream of working with or seeing zinc indicates that your business will go through a process of renewal and become a better enterprise.To taste zinc may mean you are in need of f...

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams

Dreaming of gleaming new pipes denotes intelligence and good fortune. Old and broken pipes represent ill health or difficult times at work or school....

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Fixed thinking...

Dream Source: Expansions Dream Dictionary

1. Redemption;2. Wisdom (hair)3. Second place negative4. Weakness,5. Compromise; Exod. 30:11-16; 36:24; 1 Kings 10:31....

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

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