Zeppelin Dream Meanings

Zeppelin Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources


Vision: Seeing a zeppelin: you will reach great heights. Flying in a zeppelin: you are climbing to the top of your profession.

If the zeppelin is crashing: beware, your livelihood is in danger! See Blimp, Flying.

Depth Psychology: Transforming sexual needs into spiritual energy increases creativity and allows you to rise above everyday monotony and achieve something special.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary


A dream signifying an ambition far beyond your reach.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book


lucky numbers: 03-04-07-36-39-40

being in a: wil be molested for achievements causing a great hazard.

on fire: your passion, not your intel ect, wil achieve your goal.

coming down in a: wil receive good news when your feet are on solid ground.

crashing in a: your indecision is the maker of your failure.

flying through the clouds: your evaluation of yourself is not true.

going up in a: wil be insulted by a poorly mannered man.

helium, inflating a, with: safe and profitable investments.

of a, airship: have ambitions far beyond your reach.

watching a, moving slowly: people are meddling in your affairs.

2 dream interpretation about zeppelin related.

Flying, weightlessness. Being or having often been depressed, now is the time to conquer depression. But this is a warning that you are losing ground.It is also a symbol for arroga...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

Vision: Flying in a blimp through clouds: it is not just you—but your plans and goals—that are up “in the clouds”—get hold of your imagination! Crashing in a blimp: the ...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

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