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Example: ‘After our first baby was born I had such nightmares my doctor gave me a tranquilliser to take before going to sleep. I have taken one at bedtime for 36 years! I am too afraid not to take it. But I still have dreams’ (Margaret S-W). Although this is not a dream about being trapped, Mar­garet is trapped by fears which she never faces. Such fears can stay with us a lifetime, so it is much more economical and satisfying to meet the difficulties they represent. In a dream, Margaret’s fears might be represented by a trapped dream, such as the next example.

Example: I am trapped in a small brick room with no way out. I shout for someone to help me. Then either a huge bird or creature with arms tries to catch me and I scream myself awake’ (Karen S). Karen had lived through a divorce, an un­happy love affair, the loss of a baby. In the dream the figure who comes after she has called for help might save her, but her fears make her reject it. Perhaps Karen’s feelings about men paint them as monsters. Whatever her past males may have been like, with such feelings it is Karen herself who is the prisoner and suffers loneliness. Trapped dreams can also depict feelings we have about work, about lack of opportunity, and so on. It must be remembered that the dream puts into images one’s own feelings about the situation, not the external thing itself.

See imprisoned; cage; cell; wolj under animal; escape; holding.

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


This dream is probably expressing how you feel in real life. Perhaps, you are trapped by marriage, dependence on your parents, or in a job without future. In this case you need to reformulate some aspects of your own situation. On the other hand, you might be trapped on your own conservatism or obstinacy.

If you change the way you do things, you will surely experience a feeling of liberation.

Gypsy tradition says that if you dream that an animal is caught in a net you must act with caution. Otherwise, your plans will fail.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams


To be trapped in a dream suggests you feel trapped by your current circumstances. It means you feel unable to see a way of escaping your current problems.

• It reflects feelings of frustration perhaps due to being trapped in your job or a difficult relationship.

• If you are trapping something in a dream be aware of holding onto things too tightly.

• Sometimes dreams of being trapped relate to the paralysis mechanism that affects the large muscle groups during dream sleep to stop us acting out our dreams.

Dream Source: The Premier in Dream Dictionary


If you dream of being trapped, it means that you feel confined and restricted in a friendship, career or romantic relationship. You may be feeling bad physically because of your emotional worries. This dream can also mean that your rivals will get the best of you if you are not careful.

If you successfully escape the trap in your dream, you will triumph over your rivals and your relationships will improve in real life.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation


A feeling or fear of: Being trapped or cornered (literally or figuratively).

Having no options.

Being forced into a certain action or decision.

Someone trapping you with an intention to harm you can be an indicator of a Toxic Dream, or of your subconscious mind playing out a fear (such as based on imagined events or something you saw on TV).

See also: Prison; Restrained; Caught, Being

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


A feeling of being trapped may indicate a jobrelated problem or a stifling personal relationship. Pregnant woman in their last cycle of pregnancy often have a dream of being entrapped in small places.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Do you feel trapped - in your marriage or in your work situation? See also Prison.
Dream Source: A Dictionary of Dream Symbols

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