The meaning of the symbols of sheets and vomit seen in a dream.

Sheets With Vomit | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of vomiting, is a sign that you will be afflicted with a malady which will threaten invalidism, or you will be connected with a racy scandal.To see others vomiting, denote...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

vomiting without an unpleasant odour, taste and colur is a glad tiding that the person will cease to commit sins and that he will resort to sincere repentance. But if has an unplea...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

A protective covering for one’s situation according to colors, cleanliness, design, etc.; Research accordingly; see “bed”...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

If you dream of sheets on a bed, then this represents unconscious behavior or a veil to cover your unconscious and intimate feelings.If the sheets are blowing in the wind, then you...

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

The color is important.Folklore: Good omen....

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

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