Reindeer Dream Meanings

Reindeer Dream Meaning: From 11 Different Sources

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Reindeer Dream Interpretation

The reindeer’s sensitivity, poise, and nobility are attributes that may influence your character.

A team of reindeer can represent a team of leaders delivering products or gifts to the world. Its mystical association with Saint Nicholas or Santa Clause associates reindeer with one who bnngs gifts and fulfillment of the deepest wishes.

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

As in the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, if you dream of a reindeer, then you are realizing that your unique and “strange” qualities are your greatest gifts to your community and to the world. Your subconscious mind is giving you the message to let your light shine in the unique way that only yours can.
Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

These dignified animals in your dream forecast a surprise gain.

You are likely to recover something you thought lost (possibly a forgotten loan) or to discover that something you thought worthless is, in fact, quite valuable.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

To dream of a reindeer, signifies faithful discharge of duties, and remaining staunch to friends in their adversity.

To drive them, foretells that you will have hours of bitter anguish, but friends will attend you.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing a reindeer denotes your loyalty to friends, especially those who may be going through turbulence in their lives.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

Symbolizes giving part of self.

If Rudolph, means let your light shine and dare to be different. Lead the way.

See Deer.

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

1. A drive for the fanciful, mystical.

2. The return of some­thing thought lost.

3. The help friends may offer.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

Always a fortunate dream (Gypsy); the association with the Christmas legends accounts for this interpretation.
Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream

Reindeer Dream Interpretation

To see a reindeer in your dream, signifies your loyalty toward your friends who may be going through a tough time.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

3 dream interpretation about reindeer related.

Being in nature. Points to the basics of life and longing for freedom and simplicity; if held captive, you are unable to live out your physical urges, your male instincts, your nee...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

The deer and the reindeer herd have a strict hierarchical structure.The deer symbolizes pride and nobility. We recognize our place in the world....

Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile

The gentle side of oneself that can be hurt or wounded easily by cynicism and aggression or criticism. Generally, a deer symbolizes vulnerability and, in some cases, lovesickness. ...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

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