Packet Dream Meanings

Packet Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

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Packet Dream Interpretation

A disappointment is in front of you—work hard or you will have to face trouble.

The bigger the Packet that comes to you, the greater the trouble.

It is a good sign if you open the Packet.

Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book

Packet Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing a packet coming in, foretells that some pleasant recreation is in store for you.

To see one going out, you will experience slight losses and disappointments.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Packet Dream Interpretation

To dream of a packet coming towards von denotes jovfal return of friends; if, on the contrary, it sails from you, look for loss of friends and confidence.
Dream Source: The Mystic Dream Book

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1- Wages are normally paid in exchange for work done. In dreams, to be receiving wages signifies that we have done a good job.To be paying somebody wages implies that we owe that p...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

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