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Mother’s lap Dream Interpretation

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about being on your mother’s lap: you don’t want to take responsibility for yourself. Is life, with all its responsibilities, tasks, and problems too much for you right now? Did you—psychologically—go back to the early stages of childhood in order to work through experiences from the past? Would you like to “give birth” to something new in your life? Try to find the appropriate answer for the present situation, taking into consideration the rest of the dream symbols.
Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

To see your mother in dreams as she appears in the home, signifies pleasing results from any enterprise.To hold her in conversation, you will soon have good news from interests you...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

see Religious Imagery...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

The symbols are Virgin Mary, sometimes one’s own mother, a divine female, an old or ageless woman, the Earth, a blue grotto, the sea, a whale, a cave. Whatever the image, it ofte...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

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