Jasper (gemstone) Dream Meanings

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Jasper (gemstone) Dream Interpretation

To dream of receiving a jasper stone is the greatest omen of good luck.

If you then dream that you lose it, or it is stolen from you, then you will see your luck fade away and turn to ill.

To place a jasper stone in your mouth means you will soon hear the truth about a matter.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams

3 dream interpretation about jasper and gemstone related.

One wearing a gemstone is extra special. ...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

To dream of seeing jasper, is a happy omen, bringing success and love.For a young woman to lose a jasper, is a sign of disagreement with her lover....

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 01-05-17-29-35-38amethyst, buying: wil be jilted after lover conceives of contentment in intel ectual fancy. aquamarine: having the affection of a youthful friend. b...

Dream Source: Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

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