The meaning of the symbols of grey and smoke seen in a dream.

Grey Smoke What Is The Meaning For The Grey Part Of It | Dream Interpretation

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To dream of smoke, foretells that you will be perplexed with doubts and fears.To be overcome with smoke, denotes that dangerous persons are victimizing you with flattery. ...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

See colours. ...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

also see Fire1- Smoke in dreams suggests that there is a feeling of danger around, especially if we cannot locate the lire.If we are smoking. we are trying to control anxiety.If we...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1. Phallic symbols.2. If stacks are smoking, a situ­ation must be dealt with (“where there’s smoke, there’s fire”).3. Hard work is being conducted.4. Thoughts from the un...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

(Adversities; Fight; Pollution) In a dream, seeing a cloud of heavy smoke over a town represents a calamity from God Almighty or a harsh punishment of a ruler. However, if one sees...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

These signs of advancing age are most fortunate, especially if you are in the company of a Grey-haired person in your dream.If you imagine that you yourself are Grey, it is still f...

Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book

Pipes seen in dreams, are representatives of peace and comfort after many struggles.To dream that you smoke a pipe, denotes that you will enjoy the visit of an old friend....

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you or someone else intalls a smoke detector, you are suffering from confusion and anxiety. You are not seeing things clearly.If a smoke detector goes off in your...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Smoke, embers and ashes are associated with fire in dreams but they also have their own associations.If clouds of black, choking smoke appear and there is no fire, what are you mis...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

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