Gown Dream Interpretation

Gown Dream Interpretations: Insights from 7 Unique Sources

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Gown Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you are in your nightgown, you will be afflicted with a slight illness.

If you see others thus clad, you will have unpleasant news of absent friends. Business will receive a back set.

If a lover sees his sweetheart in her night gown, he will be superseded.

See Cloths.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Gown Dream Interpretation

A dream of contrary—the more handsomely you are dressed, the worse the omen. In fact, the most fortunate dream a woman can have is to imagine herself naked.

See EVE. If, however, your clothes are shabby or torn, it is a fortunate sign, though not so good as nakedness.

Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book

Gown Dream Interpretation

To see or wear a gown in your dream, symbolizes your embrace of your feminine side. You are freely expressing your femininity and using your female intuition to guide you.

If the dress is white, it suggests that you want to appear pure and angelic toward others.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Gown Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a gown represent a special occasion or a rite of passage.

A gown is an outer reflection of an inner preparation for the next level of your evolution in consciousness.

See Bride, Dress and Goddess.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

Gown Dream Interpretation

An academic gown featured in a dream is a sort of contrary omen in that it signifies achievement although of a lower order than anticipated. Other- wise, see Clothes, Colors, and Dress.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Gown Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 02-13-20-33-41-42

being pulled away and left naked: wil be superseded in the arms of your lover.

own shabby: are provoked to exasperation over the inabilities of those identified by you.

torn: secret wil be exposed, limiting your advancement.

wearing a beautiful: your need to be the center of attraction limits your love affairs.

5 dream interpretation about gown related.

To dream of wearing one denotes an honorable career; to dream of tearing it, hasty action (Gypsy). ...

Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream

The image of evening dress combines enjoyment and culture, a cultivated passion that one can either experience or long for.See Suit, Ball, Dress.The color of the evening gown has g...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

A nightgown is submissive, pajamas are authoritative, representing a situation at home...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Symbolic of being prepared for marriage ...

Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols

Something is dragging behind you.See Shadow.To take somebody in tow. But also dignity, splendor, and worship. Often this image refers to Bride. Sometimes it may suggest time is “...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

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