Gossiping Dream Interpretation

Gossiping Dream Interpretations: Insights from 2 Unique Sources

Gossiping Dream Interpretation

A desire to feel a connection with the person with whom you’re sharing gossip.

A desire for acceptance, feeling included, or feeling more important.

Crossing someone’s boundaries (as in trying to “get into their business”).

Using information as a currency or weapon.

Trying to gain power (or take power away) from others through revealing secrets, information, or misinformation.

A judgment of the person you’re gossiping about.

A desire to be closer to the person you’re gossiping to.

Someone gossiping about you can represent a feeling or fear of judgment, hostility, or a loss of privacy.

See also: Interfering; Telling on Someone; Lied To, Being; Lying

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

Gossiping Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 05-11-41-42-45-47

about others: are undergoing an annoying anxiety.

being the object of gossip: pleasant surprises are in store.

telling others: wil be making an important change shortly.

enemies, about you: wil suffer through own foolishness.

friends: your confidence is being deceived.

relatives: family arguments.

friends, from: beware of deceit, and trust few people.

of hearsay: unhappiness in the home.

others, from: unhappiness in your business.

20 dream interpretation about gossiping related.

1- To be gossiping in a dream can mean that one is spreading information, but in a way that is not necessarily appropriate.To be in a group of people and listen- ing to gossip gene...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Vision: Seeing or hearing a parrot: curb your need to talk and you can avoid other people gossiping about you.A tattletale friend is about to divulge a well-kept secret.Depth Psyc...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

Smoking tobacco forecasts success in business and in studies, although little luck with love. Seeing it dry alerts you of gossiping from close persons; as a plant, it signals that ...

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Bonnet, denotes much gossiping and slanderous insinuations, from which a woman should carefully defend herself.For a man to see a woman tying her bonnet, denotes unforeseen good lu...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a cradle, with a beautiful infant occupying it, portends prosperity and the affections of beautiful children.To rock your own baby in a cradle, denotes the serious illn...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of whispering, denotes that you will be disturbed by the evil gossiping of people near you.To hear a whisper coming to you as advice or warning, foretells that you stand i...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Receiving them symbolises evil gossiping about oneself and imprisonment. It could also mean unwholesome rizq and a lowly trade....

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

A Chihuahua can symbolize a yappy, gossiping person, Prov. 20:19 NLT ...

Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols

Difficulty or tricky situation in life; a situation you might fall into’; a place to hide or feel protected in—therefore womblike feelings; an escape route; a way of ‘seeing ...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Anything you regard as ugly, foul, or repulsive, especially in a moral sense.Gossiping (e.g., “having the dirt on something”).Guilt or negativity that tarnishes an otherwise lo...

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams

To dream of eating a sack-posset signifies to women much gossiping; and to a man that he shall obtain his sweetheart, of whom a sack-posset is the emblem....

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

Someone will cause you great embarrassment if you dream of using a switch on a child. You will have to make an important decision If you dream of a railroad switch. A woman who dre...

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

Vision: Watching others drink coffee: people are gossiping about you. Drinking coffee by yourself: get ready for a great vacation; or you will have a pleasant conversation. Grindi...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at or wearing a muzzle: keep your extraordinary habit of gossiping under better control in the future....

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a neighbor: somebody is gossiping about you. Speaking to a neighbor: a confrontation is about to take place.Depth Psychology: In most eases, a male neighbor repres...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

Dreaming of a journalist represent that you are interested in people and value the lessons and blessings of everyday life. Alternatively, this dream may signify that you’ve been ...

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

To dream that you get into an argument suggests that you will have unpleasant encounters with social rivals.To see other people arguing means you are wasting your time and money in...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Symbol: The river indicates that “everything is moving along well.” The river is a symbol of universal hope, fertility, death, and renewal.Vision: Dreaming about a big river ...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: If you are a woman dreaming about a female sex-symbol; you are unsure of your partner and questioning your own femininity.If you dream about a “motherly” type of perso...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

If you dream about autism, whether it was you or others who were autistic, suggets unhappiness, unpleasant changes, and painful emotions. This dream may symbolize your inability to...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

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