Geisha Dream Interpretation

Geisha Dream Interpretations: Insights from 4 Unique Sources

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Geisha Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a geisha symbolizes connection to your femininity, sensuality and service. You may be deliberately using your femininity and/or playing a subservient role in hopes of winning someone’s affection, getting your needs met, or seducing someone.

See Japanese.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

Geisha Dream Interpretation

To dream about a geisha signifies allure, attractiveness, grace, and elegance.

To dream that you are a geisha suggests that you are stable in your private and social life. You adapt to well to different situations.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis

Geisha Dream Interpretation

To see a geisha in your dream represents beauty, charm and grace.

If you dreamed of being a geisha, you are well-balanced in your personal, social and academic/work life. You also adjust well to various situations.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

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