Gangway Dream Interpretation

Gangway Dream Interpretations: Insights from 3 Unique Sources

Gangway Dream Interpretation

This passageway in your dream represents a period of transition in your life, and if the surroundings were gay and happy (as for instance a cruise or holiday atmosphere), you can expect the future to be much easier than the past; however, if the general atmosphere was one of worry or distress (as with emigrants), you can expect some difficulties in making the change.

If you walked the gangway, up is, of course, better than down, and if it was a level one you crossed, progress is indicated, but you will first have to cope with some reactivated enmity from the past

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Gangway Dream Interpretation

Should you cross it you have aroused the hostility of a rival. Take care not to lose what is now your own through over-confidence.
Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book

Gangway Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 04-21-25-28-30-35

coming down the: social disgrace and disadvantageous industry in every realm.

others: loss of friends’ confidence.

crossing a: wil receive hostility from a rival.

going up the, of a ship: a transition out of a difficult past into an adventure.

others crowding to be: turn back, don’t change; make the best of the status quo.

sailors or officers being on a: being restrained by your environment.

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