Eye of horus Dream Interpretation

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Eye of horus Dream Interpretation

An ancient Egyptian symbol, this stylized eye represents the all-seeing eye. Associated with Horus. the son of Isis and Osins who was birthed after the death of Osins. it is the symbol of the resurrected king. Emerging out of the archaeology of the soul, it comes to signify the enlightened view, all things being understood through spintual sight of an opened third eye penetrating the principles of higher truth.
Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream

A dream of riches (Artemidorus); ears of corn, symbol of the Holy Eucharist (Clement); ear of corn also the symbol of Horus bringing light and plenty to the world (Churchward). ...

Dream Source: The Fabric of Dream

(see Body, Face)As the window of the soul, these reveal truth to us. So, how do the eyes appear? Are they fully open to see things as they are really?Judgment from others, or judgi...

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams

(see Archway, Buildings, Concrete, Stones)While these are sometimes considered phallic due to their shape, in ancient Greece pillars were regularly carved in the shape of a woman w...

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams

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