Coconut Dream Meanings

Coconut Dream Meaning: From 8 Different Sources

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Coconut Dream Interpretation

This tropical fruit is a very positive sign for lovers as it announces quick and happy marriages.

If the image is an empty shell it warns you against the bad ending of your projects due to betrayal from people you considered allies. And the dried fruit on the tree, mourning a loved one’s death.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams

Coconut Dream Interpretation

Dreams of a coconut represent that you are being hard headed and stubborn. Perhaps your ego has been bruised and you’ve been protecting your vulnerability with a tough shell.
Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

Coconut Dream Interpretation

Whether you ate it, saw it, smelled it, or opened it coconut in a dream forecasts an unexpected gift, probably money.
Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Coconut Dream Interpretation

To see a coconut in your dream, foretells that you will receive an unexpected gift of money.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Coconut Dream Interpretation

1. One wants to go on a long trip.

2. Someone is being hardheaded about something.

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

Coconut Dream Interpretation

lucky numbers: 04-10-20-29-41-50

buying, a: wil have a love affair.

eating, a: wil receive a large sum of money.

large tree full of, a: women are gossiping.

tree, a: wil receive a fortune from parents.

Coconut Dream Interpretation

Eating a coconut in a dream means that one may have the potential to become a fortuneteller or he may befriend one. Coconut in a dream also indicates the possibility of contracting intestinal inflammations.
Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

1 dream interpretation about coconut related.

To dream about a coconut signifies that you may be given an unexpected gift of money.An unexpected circumstance may also result in unexpected money....

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis

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