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Bully Dream Interpretation


The archetype of the bully manifests the core truth that the spirit is always stronger than the body, and your relationship to this archetype should be evaluated within a framework far more expansive than evaluating whether you bully people or are being bullied. Consider whether in waking life you are giving up on things and people too easily. Conventional wisdom holds that underneath a bully is a coward trying to keep others from discovering his or her true identity.

If the theme of cowardice or intimidation by a boss, teacher or gang of thugs appears in your dreams, perhaps your unconscious is urging you to stand up to being bullied by your own inner fears.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Bully Dream Interpretation

Actual, feared, or imagined abuse of power or authority.

Someone who continues a cycle of abuse passed to them from someone around them.

Perceived lack of compassion or ill will.

See also: Violence; Attacked, Being; Abuse; Attacking; Hurt, Being

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

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If you bullied someone in your dream, you can expect some happy social times to follow.If you were being bullied, you are likely to hear some pleasant financial news shortly.To dre...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

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