Blessings, to bless Dream Meanings

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Blessings, to bless Dream Interpretation

Depth Psychology: Blessing someone in your dream is a sign of your generosity and willingness to help. Receiving a blessing: new, powerful energies are rising from within and will help you greatly.
Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

If you dreamed of receiving a blessing you can face the future with confidence. You are beginning to come into your own, especially in the realm of creativity. Alternately, this dr...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

To dream of a blessing is an auspicious sign that you are recognizing and acknowledging the divine.See Bodhisattva and Prophetic Dreams....

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

(Benediction; Grace; Light) In a dream, blessings represent one’s life, hearing, sight, good health, wealth, good qualities, contentment, gratitude, faith, guidance, submission t...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Divine protection, given as a gift of love. Form of initiation; self-acceptance or recognition of progress in growth and understanding....

Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols

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