Ballroom / dancing Dream Meanings

Ballroom / Dancing Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

Ballroom dancing Dream Interpretation

Dreaming that you are on the floor, dancing in Ballroom style indicates a deep inner grace and sends the message to trust yourself more. Your life is unfolding as it should and any changes that you desire to make will potentially go well at this time. Having faith in yourself is sometimes the hardest task of all but a dream of ballroom dancing signifies that you have every reason to, as you are naturally moving with the flow.

To dream that you are clumsy on the floor indicates that you may be feeling over anxious about your next move and need to relax and let yourself take the next step despite your fear.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis

Ballroom / dancing Dream Interpretation

A ballroom filled with dancers indicates a happy family life.

An empty ballroom shows a longing for company and / or family. Intricate dancing symbolizes an ability to do well in anything you try.

To see others dancing means you will get pleasure from someone else’s good fortune.

To be dancing yourself means you will get pleasure from work that you do yourself.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Ballroom dancing Dream Interpretation

Who was your partner? If the two of you were dancing together as one, this could suggest your longing to get closer to the person you were dancing with.

If you didn’t know the identity of the person with whom you were dancing, it could suggest longing for a relationship or greater intimacy in the relationship you already have.

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

18 dream interpretation about ballroom and dancing related.

Dancing in a dream means a calamity.If one sees himself dancing for someone else in a dream, it means that he will share his problems with him. Dancing alone in one’s house in a ...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

1. Usually a good omen, often to do with inheritance and legacies.2. Social standing and financial status.3. A measure of friendships and social activities.4. Communication, intui...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

1- Dance has always represented freedom and been symbolic of other actions which were necessary for survival.To be dancing in a dream portrays the creation of happiness, feeling at...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

To dream of a dancing master, foretells you will neglect important affairs to pursue frivolities.For a young woman to dream that her lover is a dancing master, portends that she wi...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dissatisfaction with the social situation (similar to Aristocrat), or enjoying social recognition.A ball also is considered the place where one is introduced to social / cultivated...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

A frequent dream of women. Expressing joy and sorrow about one’s body.The rhythm of life, specifically the female’s.To this day, many native peoples depict important life event...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

Strange experiences with the opposite sex may be expected by Those who dream of attending a school for dancing. Social or ballroom dancing instruction is connected with private aff...

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

If a girl dreams that her betrothed is a dancing teacher, she will have a good reason to suspect him....

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

Suspicion is indicated by a dream in which a fan dancer performs. Either a man or a woman having this dream should beware of unseemly couduct that may lead to criticism from jealou...

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

Vision: Dancing in a ballroom: a fun-filled social event will lift your spirits. Seeing a large auditorium: you will have to deal with many people. Participating at a conference: ...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

If you dream that you are Dancing, it is a sign that money is coming to you, or that some cherished plan will meet with success. But if you merely watch others Dancing, then you wi...

Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book

Dreams of belly dancing or of a belly dancer represent sensuality, sexuality, and a desire for the expression of your goddess femininity in your life.See Goddess....

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

Exciting romantic adventures are forecast in a dream about hula dancing....

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

To dream of seeing someone tap dancing is a positive omen, forecasting new friends and fun social times ahead.If you were the one tap dancing, you may be feeing a bit overwhelmed w...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

If you were dancing alone, this could be a simple expression of joyful feelings in waking life.If you were dancing with a group of people, this could suggest good team spirit in wa...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Were you dancing in line with people you know in a country music scene? If so your unconscious may be reflecting on your tendency to conform or else your habit of stepping out of l...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Dreams that feature movement could indicate that you need to move on take another route, or speed up your progress in some way.Dancing a jig or waltz can suggest simple, innocent p...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Have you had that feeling of zooming through the air, feeling free and unhindered? Flying is one of the most popular dreams because such images can inspire the dreamer, lifting the...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

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