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A Greek god of healing, especially in relation to dreams.

The people of Epidaurus claimed their city was the birthplace of Asclepius. L.R. Famell suggests he was a hero who was elevated to a godlike status.

See dreams and ancient Greece.

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

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Sigmund Freud was the founder of modern therapeutic analysis of dreams. Freud encouraged clients to relax on a couch and allow free associations to arise in con­nection with aspec...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

The idea that dreams can be healing is not new. In the ancient civiliza¬ tions of Egypt and Greece, patients who failed to respond to medical treatment could arrange to sleep in a...

Dream Source: Dream Encyclopedia

Aesculapius (or Asclepius) was the most popular healing divinity of the Hellenistic world. He was a mortal son of Apollo, who was slain by Zeus for daring to bring people back from...

Dream Source: Dream Encyclopedia

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