The meaning of the symbols of wet , stain, pooped and panties seen in a dream.

Wet Fart Then Stain Pooped In Your Panties | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Wet Stain Pooped Panties

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To see stain on your hands, or clothing, while dreaming, foretells that trouble over small matters will assail you.To see a stain on the garments of others, or on their flesh, fore...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are wet, denotes that a possible pleasure may involve you in loss and disease. You are warned to avoid the blandishments of seemingly well-meaning people.For a yo...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

1. Lucky at love.2. A change for the better (to change into clean ones).3. Exposure, shame, embarrassment (to be caught in).4. Feminine self; an exploration of sexuality. ...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

Because a wetsuit resembles marine life, this dream signifies your desire to connect with the ocean of your emotions or to go swimming in the deep end of intimasea. Dreams of a wet...

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations

interpreted upon 5 sides: (family) dependants, wealth, blessing, entourage, servants....

Dream Source: Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

1- In dreams, we often regress to a former state, and to dream of wetting the bed indicates anxieties over lack of control. In some cases it may also indicate a problem with sex or...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

To dream you see or have many wethers, sheep, she-goats, etc. , signifies health and plenty....

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

A woman who dreams that she is wet from rain or any other cause is iikely to be implicated in some disgraceful affair....

Dream Source: The Complete Dream Book

Stain remover means that you should not hold a grudge towards someone with whom you have had a confrontation....

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams

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