The meaning of the symbols of passport, stamped and two seen in a dream.

Dreaming And Seeing Your Passport Stamped With Two Stamped Meaning | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Passport Stamped Two Stamped

8 dream interpretation about passport, stamped and two related.

Confirmation of a trip, but not necessarily a trip abroad...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Unity and division...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Twenty-two is the number of a spiritual master. It signifies mastery of all planes—intuition and mental power combined into action....

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream

The dreamer himself. Wanderlust; often also saying good-bye to old habits. In addition, it may mean fleeing from something, or indicate an inferiority complex, because you have to ...

Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia

Vision: Looking at a mountain pass: real-life problems can be handled successfully with patience and concentration. Going over a pass: you now get to see the “other side of the ...

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary

To dream of things or people splitting in two can mean you will struggle to achieve your goals.A person splitting in two can also represent someone who is “two-faced” or dishon...

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation

Healing energy....

Dream Source: Expansions Dream Dictionary

Passports identify us and seeing one in your dream suggests you’re finding out who you are and learning something new about yourself. To lose your passport is like losing a part ...

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