Dream Simulations: Exploring "what If" Scenarios

Dream Simulations: Exploring "what If" Scenarios | Dream Encyclopedia

Dream simulations: exploring "what if" scenarios

Dreams can act as simulations, helping you answer questions, resolve issues, and solve problems by asking, "What if?"

  • What if you marry your high school sweetheart or pursue a different career?
  • What if your crush takes an interest in you?
  • What if you win the lottery or become famous?
  • What if an estranged friend or relative suddenly reappears in your life?
  • What if you are walking down the street and are suddenly confronted by a person with a weapon?
  • What if it’s the final moment of a big competition and the ball is in your hands, literally or figuratively?

When no other explanation seems to fit the meaning of a dream, consider the possibility that it’s a simulation. Dreams can preview upcoming events, acting as a sort of dress rehearsal. They can simulate threats and future situations, acting as launching pads for you to use your imagination to decide and prepare for future events or possibilities. Visualize yourself making the big play, adeptly handling a situation, or reacting skillfully to the unexpected. It's the first step to making it happen.

Additionally, there are precognitive dreams, which are previews of the future. For more about that subject, see: Precognitive Dreams.

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