The meaning of the symbols of arabic, words and sky seen in a dream.

Arabic Words On My Arm | Dream Interpretation

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(Speaking; Speech) In a dream, using good, wise and beneficial words means benefits, improvement and amelioration of one’s life.If one speaks incomprehensible words in his dream,...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

also see IntroductionWhen in dreams we arc conscious of a word being repeated, it can be either the sound that is significant or the meaning.Certain words have esoteric meanings, s...

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

(See Language)...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Calling out the athaan in words unknown to the caller suggests that he is a great thief....

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

Amber: Ancient wisdom, knowledge. Amethyst: Transition to spiritual awareness, higher knowledge, insight. Apple Green: Powers of healing. Apricot: Admiration. Aquamarine: Commu...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

This indicates social attitudes towards others. Close words are a sign of sociability; large spaces between words indicate a person who is most comfortable alone....

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

Dreams have many meanings in Arabic culture. According to some, sleep is a preoccupation of the soul, which detaches itself from external things and experiences events taking place...

Dream Source: The Dream Encyclopedia

(Lunar months : 1- Muharram; 2- Safar; 3- Rabi-’uIAwal; 4- Rabi’u Thani’; 5-Jamadul Awwal; 6- Jamadu Thani’; 7- Rajab; 8- Sha’ban; 9- Ramadan; 10- ShawwaI; 11- Zul-Qi’d...

Dream Source: Islamic Dream Interpretation

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