The meaning of the symbols of agriculture and exams seen in a dream.

Agriculture Exams | Dream Interpretation

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7 dream interpretation about agriculture and exams related.

Insecurity about oneself. ...

Dream Source: New American Dream Dictionary

Working in order to bring about or improve one’s life manually or spiritually; see “cultivate”...

Dream Source: Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Self criticism or attempts to live up to moral or intellectual standards; habits of concern over ac­complishments; worry about some coming test of self value, such as a new job or...

Dream Source: A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

If a student is taking exams, this is a common anxiety dream meaning you don’t feel ready or prepared for the test.If you’re not taking exams in real life then this dream is a ...

Dream Source: The Premier in Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of a medical exam can be a prophetic warning from God to show you an injury or illness about yourself or others ...

Dream Source: Christian Dream Symbols

Dreams of tests of any kind can indicate some form of self-assessment.If you are a student or about to take some kind of test or exam in waking life, dreams in which you are actual...

Dream Source: The Element Encyclopedia

When we are tested in dreams, it follows that we have similar feelings in our waking life. You may feel under pressure at work, anxious about your performance, or simply that someo...

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